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									Alternative Energies
Author: Toks J
The dependant of human race on the generation of electrical energy via fossil fuel is the distruction that is on the forefront of bringing the
human race to an abropt end we can all not foresee, imagine the extent of damage we have brought home on "Mother Earth" our only
hope for the life that we have today, damages ranging from the tsunami's to climate change.
Think about this, like every thing found under the ground which we all know should be regarded as dead, fossil fuel dug from under the
ground is on the verge of bringing the human race to a dead end if we do not change our approch to the source of energy we really on
and embrace the new world of safe and reliable alternative energies.
However with alternative energy everything is as safe as is required of it, from it's green gas production to it's aboundance of
accessability for every individual/industrail usage in the form of solar,water and wind system that surronds us.
Alternative energies are by far the only true source of energy to outlast the human race if we seek it's usage for our day today use of
energy on demand with it's renewable properties that is hard to come across with fossil fuel.
Moreso almost all homes today world wide are now embracing the fresh nature of alternative energies to power their day to day
activities requiring electrical power generation, somuch so they have become a point of envy amongst their nighbours. I strongly believe
we can make a change and embrace alternative energies for a better tomorrow, see below.
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/recycling-articles/alternative-energies-1947725.html
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