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									                                       SIMPLE WILL

I, ______________, aged __ years, Son/Wife of ____________________, resident of
______________________________, do hereby revoke all previous Wills, Codicils and
Testamentary dispositions made by me and declare them as null and void. I do hereby declare
this instrument to be my last Will and Testament.

1) I am in good and sound physical and mental health. I am making this Will out my own
independent decision and free mind and volition. I have not been coerced or pressured or
influenced by any person in the making and execution of this Will.

2) I hereby nominate and appoint ____________ as the sole Executor and Trustee of my Will. If
the Executor is unable or unwilling to act, I then nominate and appoint _____________to act as
the Executor of my Will. My Executors shall upon my death, administer my estate and affect the
bequests and distributions out of my estate as directed hereinafter.

3) I hereby direct my Executor to pay all my legally enforceable debts, all inheritance, transfer,
succession and other taxes, funeral expenses, expenses of my last illness and administrative
expenses from the assets of my estate as soon as practicable after my death.
4) I am married to ______________________, and I have _______ children by name

5) I own following immovable assets.

i) One House/Flat located at _______________________.

ii) One Plot/Land located at ________________________

iii) _______________________________________

[Add more if more properties are owned]

6) I am seized and possessed of various movable assets, a brief list whereof is given below:

i) Household utensils, furnitures, antiques etc.

ii) Jewellery, ornaments, valued at Rs____________.

iii) Cash in savings A/C no._____________ with _________ Bank, ___________ branch

Simple Will                                                                                    1
iv) A sum of Rs__________ in PPF A/C no.__________ with __________ bank etc.

v) National Saving Certificate valued at Rs. ________________as of ______[Mention date]

The present aggregate value of my movable assets is approximately Rs.____________

7. All the movable and immovable assets owned by me are self-acquired properties. No one else
has any right, title, interest, claim or demand whatsoever on these assets or properties. I have full
right, absolute power and complete authority on these assets, or in any other property which may
be substituted in their place or which may be Acquired or received by me hereafter.

8. I hereby give, devise and bequeath all my properties, whether movable or immovable,
whatsoever and wheresoever to the following persons:

[name the beneficiaries to whom bequests are made along with the share or percentage]

9. I hereby give, devise and bequeath all the balance of my property, both movable
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