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									               SIMPLE FORM FOR MONEY DUE

Date: ____________________


Dear_____(name of recipient)_________

This letter will serve as formal notice to you that you are in default of your obligation to repay
the Principal Amount of Rs._________________________ (Rs. ____________) plus interest in
the amount of __________which was advanced to you pursuant to and upon the terms of the
Loan/Mortgage Agreement dated __________________. This amount has been overdue since
_______________ and you have failed to repay the same despite of repeated requests for
payment by us.

Unless payment of the above mentioned principal amount and interest thereof is received by us
in full within ________ days of the date of this letter, we will have no other option but to
exercise whatever rights and remedies we have under the law to enforce such payment, including
but not limited to institution of legal proceedings against you to recover the above amount,
together with accrued interest and legal expenses.

We are hopeful that you will act promptly and forward payment of the outstanding amounts as
quickly as possible, but in no event later than ____________________.

Yours truly/Sincerely,


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