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									   Warning Signs Of Autism - Classic Signs
         And Symptoms Of Autism
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Warning Signs Of Autism

Symptoms of Autism usually present during the first year and a half of a child's life.

Early diagnosis of autism can make a dramatic difference with the outcome of the child's
Although Autism does not typically show up until at least 14 months of age there are some
earlier warning signs that can act as red flags to watch for.

All of these signs and symptoms may be indicative of several disorders so it is important to
get your child properly evaluated by a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

The head growth in children with Autism seems to increase exponentially in the first twelve
When you have your baby evaluated at their clinic appointments, if they do not do so, ask
them to measure the circumference of the child's head and have it plotted on the growth chart
so that you can see exactly where your child is in proportion with other children's expected
growth. Warning Signs Of Autism

If your baby is still having trouble sitting up at 10-12 months and has a tendency to tip or not
put their hands out to catch themselves as they fall forward then you may want to mention
that at your Doctors visit.

Autistic children generally develop otherwise just like other children, then somewhere
between 14 months and 3 years they start to regress.

Autistic children usually have problems in the following areas:

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A number of children with Autism lose any speech that they have already developed since
birth. Others speech becomes repetitive and rather than have an actual conversation, as much
as a child will, they will repeat things they have heard or repeat the same words over and over
again. They may also develop echolalia which basically means that the last thing that you say
is what they will answer. For example if you ask if they want a hamburger or a hot dog they
will say hot dog and if it was the hamburger that they really wanted they will become upset
that you misunderstood them.
They also have difficulty with non-verbal communication as in reading facial expressions and
have difficulty understanding humor or sarcasm.

Social Interaction

Usually Autistic children withdraw. They have difficulty making or maintaining friendships.
They lose eye contact. They are happier keeping to themselves and appear uncomfortable in
large settings of people. They are unwilling to be touched or held and will pull away when
you try. Warning Signs Of Autism

Unusual Way Of Playing

The Autistic child sees play objects in a different way and will use them differently than
another child. They may like cars but will spin the wheels over and over again for hours.
They have a tendency to organize objects and will spend hours lining them up and placing
them in an order known just to them. Sometimes it is obvious to the casual observer but
oftentimes not.

The child with Autism plays solitarily unless they are needing another person to use as an
object e.g. they will sit on your lap at the table if they know that they need to be higher up on
the chair to reach it. At these times they will simply back up and climb as they would an

Autistic children may engage in repetitive movements such as flapping of their hands or
wriggling their fingers in front of their eyes.

They like a routine and will get upset if something is moved or if there is a change in the way
things are usually done.

Note well, however, that these are just warning signs and a proper evaluation by a physician
or psychologist is important to determine if it is truly Autism or another disorder.

It is also well to note that Autism is a Spectrum Disorder meaning that there can be a very
large scale difference between one Autistic child and another.

Early intervention is important when dealing with this spectrum, the success of the child
depends on it. Warning Signs Of Autism

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