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					 Library portals
Andrew Cox,
     Loughborough University

COLIS/JISC meeting
28th February 2003
          Overview & limits
• What are library portals ?
• What issues do they raise?

• Based on survey May 2002

• Only portal systems offered by LMS
         Library portals are ...
• Searchable, browsable & customisable
  presentation of library valued electronic
• Cross searching / familiar interface
• Authentication/Authorisation
• definition excludes Content location
          Library portals are:
• One of a number of LMS suppliers
  responses to Internet/electronic resource
  – Library portals
  – Open linking solutions (eg SFX, Linkfinder+)
  – E-Journal level services (eg TDNet available
    through Talis, Serials Solutions)
  – Bibliographic enrichment
  – Digitisation management tools
        Library portals include:
•   FDi’s ZPortal
•   ExLibris’ Metalib
•   Innovative’s MAP (WebFind, WAM)
•   Endeavor’s EnCompass

• More listed @
• Common familiar interface / Cross
  – Is it desirable to promote such imprecise
    searching? - not that imprecise and its popular
  – Problems with Z
     • some publishers cant / wont allow searches
  – Integrating layer adds a layer to explain?
• Authentication &c
  – Most do not support Athens
• Statistics:
   – Only traffic through the portal
   – Doesn’t give you COUNTER level data, eg
     does not know whether a download is full text
     or abstract
• Are they mature technology?
  – Some are
• Do the companies have the resources (and
  interest) to develop these products
• Are they standalone products?
• What do the systems cost?
• What is the licence model?
• Are you buying a system or a service or
      Library portals & VLEs ?
• Little evidence of interest, except:
   – EnCompass / Blackboard, WebCT

• But is that because we never asked for it?
     Library portals & VLEs ?
• Service to embed in VLE or within other
  services/ portals
• Library portals for researchers not UGs ?
• E-mailed services (over dues, new books,
  TOC, stored searches)
 Library portals
Andrew Cox,
     Loughborough University

COLIS/JISC meeting
28th February 2003