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									SOCIAL WORK

           Presented by:
       Vanessa Sakadakis
    Social Service Department
      Royal Victoria Hospital
Focus of Social Work
   Interaction between the individual and
    his/her environment (Person in
   Assess individual strengths and how to
    use these strengths to problem solve
   Help obtain services in the community
   Provide counselling to individuals,
    families and groups
In a crisis situation….
   Client: What am I going to do now?
   Social Worker: This is what we’ll do…..
   Three year BSW
   Two year BSW
   One year MSW
       Practice option
       Thesis Option
Where you find us
   CLSC
   Hospital
   Nursing Homes
   Schools
   Rehabilitation Hospitals
   Private Practice
   Prisons
   Community Groups
   Employee Assistance Programs
Hospital Social Work
   Work with an interdisciplinary team
   Focus on the needs and strengths of
    patients and their family
   Help patients and families cope with
    illness and treatment recommendations
   Case management to help plan
    discharge and access needed
    community resources
   Leadership role
   Flexibility
   Working with an interdisciplinary team
   High Risk Screening
   Lexicon
   Professional collaboration
   Role clarity
   Discharge pressures
   Communication
   Bureaucracy/Paperwork
                       The Stress Management Consult

"I'd like you to see bed 14 and give her some stress management resources. She's experiencing
significant levels of work-related stress and she's having trouble coping on the job," says the ER
doc. And how does the Fried Social Worker respond?

"Listen, I've been working my butt off this entire shift trying to get your patient in bed 12 into a
nursing home! There's a domestic in 8 who's been waiting over an hour to see me. The medics just
brought in a suicide attempt, and I still need to get medical equipment for your patient in 19. Triage
is paging me to see a walk-in who's in crisis, and you want me to drop what I'm doing to see
someone with work stress? Lemme tell you about work stress, doc ..."

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