Key skills and employability

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					              CV writing

• What are your concerns about your CV /
  writing your CV?
          CV writing

Kathryn McFarlane, Careers Adviser.
        CV writing - purpose

• Discuss structure and style of CV
• Explore examples of CVs - to inform your
  own practice
             Careers course
• Career Management Skills
• CV writing - 30th October
• Application forms and covering letters -
  22nd January
• Interviews - 19th February
Targeting your applications

    Your skills,
    experience The           Their
        and       overlap   criteria
      Types of CV - conventional
•   Personal details
•   Education and qualifications (in reverse)
•   Work experience (in reverse)
•   Skills
•   Interests
•   Referees
    Types of CV - Skills based
• Personal details
• Personal profile - optional - prove it!
• Skills profile - draw a match between your
  skills and the employers requirements.
• Education and qualifications, work
  experience, interests - factual, very brief
• Referees
              Types of CV

• Academic
• Electronic
• Visual / creative
                      CV tips
•   Positive (your advertisement)
•   Targeted at opportunity, highlight relevant areas
•   Appropriate style
•   Interesting content - no clichés
•   Brief and punchy - 15 - 30 second attention span
•   2 pages maximum
•   Spell and grammar checked
•   Arms length test
     Comments from a recruiter
What is the first thing you look for?
• Layout - logical, easy to follow

What is likely to make you reject a CV?
• Spelling mistake / lack of information.
• Bland CV
     Comments from a recruiter
 What is likely to make you consider a CV seriously?
• Good academic record; something about you as a
  person, e.g. extra curricular activities, hobbies,
• Practical work experience (not necessarily law
• Other evidence of ability to work with people or
  showing initiative
    Comments from a recruiter
What is your preferred format for a CV?
• Typed
• Personal details; academic history; work
  experience; personal information.
• Include personal profile, skills section
  outlining skills and evidence, hobbies and
               CV howlers
• I have an excellent track record, although I
  am not a horse.
• Received a plague for Salesperson of the
• Am a perfectionist and rarely if if ever
  forget details.
• Marital status: often. Children: various.