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									East Study Area
current elementary enrollment
G. Washington Carver HS
e ut Ro 50

elementary catchment areas A. Lincoln yellow- below 350 students blue A. M. Winn between 350 and 450 students

O. W. Erlewine
o ls fo m

d blv


I. Cohen Sacramento State University

Edward Kelley

green- 0ver 450 students

J. Marshall H. Bancroft T. Jefferson Sequoia
pow er inn road brad shaw ro ad

A. Einstein MS Mather AFB

jack son roa d

Golden Empire Rosemont HS

saramento city unified school district

wa tt avenue


18 401 Vo n Karman Ave - sui te 1 10 Irvine C A 9 261 2 w ww.ib igro up.com tel fax we b 94 9 833 5 588 94 9 833 5 511 ww w.ibi grou p.com

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