JCR Cruise JR165 Scientific Programme by sdfwerte


									  RRS James Clark Ross Cruise JR165
               Scientific Programme

       ACES-FOCAS Bellingshausen Sea
     Physical oceanography & sea ice studies
Port Stanley (15th Feb 07) → Rothera (24th March 07)
South Pacific & West Antarctic Topography


                    EAI S

              Topography data north of 72 oS courtesy of W.H.F. Smith (NOAA)
              Antarctic topography data from SCAR Antarctic Digital Database
        Forcings from the Oceans, Clouds,
             Atmosphere and Sea-Ice

                Objectives relevant to JR165
   Understand the processes causing decline in sea ice and
    land ice cover in the Bellingshausen Sea
   Determine primary locations of Circumpolar Deep Water
    delivery to the Bellingshausen Sea continental shelf and the
    driving processes
   Quantify the associated heat flux
   Investigate modification of seawater below floating glacier ice
   Determine the role of the regional circulation in melting the
    floating ice shelves
                         Equipment & Sampling

Conductivity-Temperature Depth (CTD) casts
 Provide vertical profiles of ocean temperature, salinity and
  dissolved oxygen
 Bottle samples taken for
    • Salinity calibration
    • Dissolved oxygen calibration
    • Oxygen-18

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)
 Measures the speed & direction of currents to 1000 m below
  the ship

Sea Ice Corers & Drifters
 Cores provide measurements of sea ice thickness
 Drifters track sea ice motion through the subsequent winter

 Also, underway ice observation
                                 JR165 Cruise Plan

67.5°S                                                                         JR170

                                                                                   Ice obs.
                                            Ice                                *   Mooring
72.5°S                                            Island

                                           George VI
                                           Ice Shelf

         90°W   85°W   80°W   75°W       70°W               65°W        60°W
                Shipboard Scientific Party

Deb Shoosmith (PSO)    BAS   Oceanography
Paul Holland           BAS   Oceanography
Steve Harangozo        BAS   Oceanography
Mags Wallace           BAS   Oceanography
Ted Maksym             BAS   Sea Ice
+1 (?)                 BAS   Oceanography

Sheldon Bacon          NOC   Oceanography
Mark Brandon           OU    Oceanography / Sea Ice
Karel Castro-Morales   UEA   Oceanography (Dissolved Oxygen)

Mark Preston           BAS   AME
Peter Lens             BAS   ICT

+1 (?)                 BAS   Geophysical Data Manager (Swath)

Five week research cruise (~4 weeks on site) to the
Bellingshausen Sea

To investigate the oceanographic regime of the
Bellingshausen continental shelf, in particular the
processes that…
• introduce warm Circumpolar Deep Water to the shelf,
• drive its circulation on the shelf, and
• regulate the amount of heat it gives up to the overlying
          ice cover and atmosphere

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