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Free Tax Seminar for Nonprofit and Exempt Organizations


									1100 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 203                                                                     450 n Street, miC:72
monterey park, Ca 91754                                                                             SaCramento, Ca 95814-4421
pHone: 323-980-1221                                                                                        pHone: 916-445-4154
FaX: 323-980-1236                                                                                               FaX: 916-323-2869
WeBSite:                                                                  e-maiL:

                                                     The honorable
                                                 JUDY ChU, Ph.D.
                                         CHair, State BoarD oF eQuaLiZation
                                                     The honorable
                                                     Mike Davis
                                          aSSemBLymemBer, 48tH DiStriCt
                                           cordially invite you to attend a

                                                   Friday, July 18, 2008
                                          9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (check-in at 8:30 a.m.)
                                          Los angeles Southwest College, theater
                                               1600 West imperial Highway
                                                  Los angeles, Ca 90047
Presentations include:                                                   invited to Present:
 • Property Tax Exemptions                                                • State Board of Equalization
 • Sales and Use Taxes for Nonprofit Organizations                        • Internal Revenue Service
 • Tax Laws and Compliance for Nonprofit Organizations                    • Franchise Tax Board
 • Employment Taxes and the Nonprofit Organization                        • Employment Development Department
 • Recent Developments in Charity Law                                     • Office of the Attorney General
 • Grant Writing                                                          • Center for Nonprofit Management

                    Free Tax Seminar for Nonprofit and Exempt Organizations – July 18, 2008
                                                     Registration Form
                              (Please complete one form for each person attending - please print)
Name ______________________________________________                    Title ______________________________________

Organization________________________________________                   Phone ____________________________________

Fax _______________________________________________                    E-mail ____________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________________________
                             Pre-registration by July 11, 2008 is recommended.
Register online at
E-mail your registration information to
Fax your registration to 213-593-1317
Mail your registration to: State Board of Equalization, Attn: OSD, 450 N Street, MIC:19, Sacramento, CA 95814-0019
                               For additional information, please call 213-593-1311.
       The location is accessible to the disabled. If you require special assistance, please call 213-593-1311.                  C S E A L O C AL 1000

                                                                                                                             U N I O N L AB E L
                                                                                                                                S E IU                    C LC
                                                                                                                                         AF L - C I O ,
                                              los angeles southwest College, Theater
                                                   1600 West imperial highway
                                                     los angeles, Ca 90047

                             Please park in lot 3, adjacent to the student services activities Center.
                             see Campus map at
                             Parking is $2.00—bring exact change.

DireCTions                                                                             From 110 n
                                                                                       Take exit 13 for El Segundo Blvd.
From 105 e                                                                             Turn left at West El Segundo Blvd.
Take exit 3 for Prairie Avenue.                                                        turn right at South normandie avenue.
turn right at South prairie avenue.                                                    Turn left at West Imperial Highway.
Turn left at West Imperial Highway.                                                    make a u-turn at South Hobart Blvd.

From 105 W                                                                             From 110 s
Take exit 7A for Vermont Avenue.                                                       Take exit 14B toward Imperial Highway.
turn right at South vermont avenue.                                                    Merge onto South Grand Avenue.
Turn left at West Imperial Highway.                                                    turn right at West imperial Highway.
make a u-turn at South Hobart Blvd.                                                    make a u-turn at South Hobart Blvd.
                                                                    S Normandie Ave
                                      S Western Ave

                                                                                                     S Vermont Ave
   Van Ness Ave


                   W Imperial Hwy                                                                                    W Imperial Hwy

                                                      Los Angeles
                                                       Southwest                                                105

                                                       W 120th St                                                      W 120th St
                                                                    S Normandie Ave

                                                                                                     S Vermont Ave
                                      S Western Ave


                  W El Segundo Blvd                                              W El Segundo Blvd

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