Address 603 Jiefang Bei Lu_Guangzhou 广州解放北路 603 号 Tel0086 by abstraks


									                                                     Directions from the Airport
                                                     Distance: 30 KM / 18 MI North to Hotel
                                                     By Taxi: About RMB100.00 yuan
                                                     By Driving:
                                                     Take the airport express road toward south about 14 miles, exit at Xinshi Entrance.
                                                     Then Along Jichang Road about 2.5 miles toward Downtown, continue to 1.7 miles
                                                     on Jiefang Bei Road, Guangdong Guest House is on your right.
                                                     By Airport Express Coach:
                                                     Take Express Coach of No.5 Line at No.3 Entrance of Arrival Hall A or No.8
                                                     Entrance of Arrival Hall B to Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre(First stop, near
                                                     China Hotel and Dongfang Hotel, 45 minutes driving), then take 3-minute taxi to
                                                     Guangdong Guest House. The Airport coach fee is RMB20.00 yuan and taxi
                                                     charges about Rmb8.00 yuan.

                                                     Directions From Guangzhou-Kowloon Train Station(East Station)
                                                     Distance: 10 KM / 6.2 MI West to Hotel
                                                     By Taxi: About RMB30.00 yuan
                                                     By Driving:
                                                     Along Linhe Xi Road about 0.3 Miles, turn right to Linhe Xi Heng Road to
                                                     Guangzhou Da Dao Avenue, then turn left, continue driving to Zhong Shan Yi
                                                     Bridge, turn right to Dong Feng Dong Road, continue to 3.7 miles to Panfu Bridge
                                                     and make a U-turn, turn right to Jiefang Bei Road. Guangdong Guest House is on
                                                     your right.
Address: 603 Jiefang Bei Lu,Guangzhou 广州解放北路 603 号   By Metro:
                    Tel:0086-20-83332950             Take No.1 Line Metro to Gong Yuan Qian Station from Train Station Metro
                    Fax:0086-20-83332911             Terminal, then walk about 3 minutes to Guangdong Guest House.

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