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									                          Procedures for Requesting a Language Interpreter

When the need for an interpreter arises, please follow these instructions. We have access to interpreters in
person and through a conference call over the phone.

To request an interpreter
   1. Contact Jackie Zeigler by email ( (please cc your principal and ELL
      coordinator Cheri Cooke ) Provide the following information:
          a. The name of the person making the request, telephone and email address of staff they will
             be meeting with, if applicable
          b. name of family interpreting for, if applicable
          c. name of child, if specific to one child
          d. language requesting (specific dialect if applicable, ie Mandarin vs Cantonese Chinese,etc)
          e. type of request (written, in person, telephone, combination, parent night, IEP meeting,
             assessment assistance with child, etc) (if written, please attach document template in
          f. date and time window needed (if you need to use an interpreter to confirm
             a date for an in person meeting, please give 2-3 dates and times that will work for you,
             along with the family contact information, and we can pay to have the interpreter do that).
          g. place name and complete address if applicable
          h. telephone number for interpreter to contact at the time of appt if they need driving
          i. whether this is a special education or ELL request (for payment coding)
          j. if you have used an interpreter before, you may request a certain person.

Jackie will contact you by email once the request is confirmed, with the name of the interpreter and any
additional information. If you need to cancel or change the appt, please give 48 hours notice to Jackie.
(We will have to pay the two hour minimum if you cancel or change the appt within 48 hours). If you are
ill on the day of the appt, please call Jackie at (651) 351-8383 to let her know and she will contact the
agency (and the family if you make that request).
How to Request a Sign Language Interpreter

Send your request by email to (cc:

The following information is needed:
   1) All the dates you will need services.
   2) Start and end times
   3) The location of the event (address including zip code)
   4) Explanation of event: i.e. parent meeting, IEP meeting, play, workshop, open house. etc.
   5) Name of student or parents who need services. If it is for a parent, provide both parent and student
   6) Requests for individual interpreters will be honored if available.
   7) Billing information will be provided by Jackie Zeigler .

2 weeks notice of services needed is highly preferred. There is a 2 hour minimum for all jobs.
Cancellation must be provided at least 24 hours in advance.

How to use the Language Line (Phone access to an interpreter).

1. If you receive a call from a Limited English speaker, place that call on hold
Dial: 1-800-367-9559
2. Enter or provide our Client ID : 509052
3. Press 1 for Spanish
 Press 2 for all other languages. (You will be prompted to speak the name of the language needed)
4. Enter our Access Code: 20700

An interpreter will be connected to the call. Summarize what you wish to accomplish and give any
special instructions. Add the limited English speaker to the line. Say “End of Call” when the call is

The following are important tips to help you optimize your experience.
If you do not know what language to request, our representative will help you.
Give the Interpreter specific questions to relay. Group your thoughts or questions to help conversation
flow quickly.
Sometimes interpreters comments run a bit longer than English phrases. Interpreters convey meaning not
word for word.

Our interpreters identify themselves by first name and number only.

If you would like a recorded demonstration of over the phone interpretation, call 1-800-996-8808 or visit
our website at

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