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					Graphics Assignments

For each of the assignments below, begin your program with the following:

/* your name
 title of program
 Chapter 3
 assignment #1


Short explanation of the purpose of the program */

Note:/* symbol indicates a comment line. This tells Java not to execute this line, it is only for the
purpose of giving information to a person reading your code. You can also use comment lines
throughout your program to explain the commands in your program.

                    Example:      // drawing a white star
                                  drawStar (100, 100, 50, 50)

Another word for commenting your code is called documentation. In the following assignments
document the code you write.

Your assignments will be marked for Application on correctness and the quality of graphics and
for Communication on documentation.

** For these assignments, use the paper grids to draw out your designs
before programming. The filenames are given to you.

1. Write a program that will create a picture of two traffic lights side by side. (
   (Application 5 marks Communication 2 marks)

2. Create a new stamp for Canada Post. Use the maple leaf and star in your design.
   ( (Application 5 marks Communication 2 marks)

3. Write a program that will create a three dimensional die. (
   (Application 5 marks Communication 2 marks)

4. Create a futuristic scene that may contain stars, space ships, aliens, rockets, astronauts,
   other planets. You can add any futuristic image to the scene. (
   (Application 10 marks Communication 5 marks)


    Create a scene that contains mountains, a sun or a moon, clouds, stars and a small cottage.
    You may add other images to the scene (trees, animals, a river, etc) (
    (Application 10 marks Communication 5 marks)

Note: To make various sided polygons use and modify the provided polygon program

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