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Graphic Timeline Assignment


									  CHC2D: History

        Graphic Timeline Assignment: Events Leading to WWII

  Materials: Blank Paper (8 ½ x 10 or 8 1/2 x 14)

  Instructions: For this part of the assignment, your goal will be to create a graphic timeline
  based on the information the class activity concerning the evolution of democracy. On your
  timeline, you will need to indicate:
  i) The date (year) and name of each of the events that lead up to World War Two
  ii) The key idea (or ideas) relating to the event (ie. Brief description)

  The key to creating an effective graphic timeline is to design an appropriate picture around
  which you can organize the necessary information. In the case of the steps to war, there
  are many pictures that may prove effective. For example, you might build your timeline
  around a picture of a road. If you chose to use a “road” as your organizing picture, the
  developments in lead up to war might become “milestones” or “signs” along the road. There
  are many other pictures that might also prove effective in terms of designing your timeline.
  For example, you may want to design your timeline around the construction of a building, the
  growth of a plant, an ascent up a mountain or traveling through time. The key to this
  assignment is to be creative and think of a picture that will help to reinforce the idea that
  your timeline deals with the “development of WWII”.
  In constructing your timeline, you may use computer graphics or you may rely on your own
  artistic creations. In either case, while this is not an assignment for art class, your work will
  in part be assessed for its artistic merit. More specifically, your creation will be evaluated
  based on the following criteria; creativity, evidence of understanding the stages in the
  development of democracy, accuracy of information, neatness, completeness, and the overall
  effectiveness of your design relative to the task that you have been assigned.

A Simple Linear Time Line Showing the               A Simple Graphic Time Line Showing the
Development of a Child                              Development of a Child

1990    1991   1992    1993    1994                        1993     Running

Birth                                                      1992     Walking

        Crawling                                           1993     Crawling

               Walking                                     1990     Birth


                    Level 1                Level 2                  Level 3                 Level 4             Points
Knowledge/Under     The historical         The historical           The information         The information
standing:           information is         information is           displayed represents    displayed goes
completeness of     accurate in most but   accurate but not         all of the documents    beyond the
information         not all cases and is   complete                 in the                  provided
                    incomplete.                                     assignment and is       documents.
Communication:      The overall product    The overall product is   The                     Overall format
format and          is somewhat messy      competent and shows      overall look is neat    is original and
design              and                    effort but is careless   and typical of          the design is
                    careless.              in spots.                graphic timelines and   eye-catching.
                                                                    shows clear evidence
                                                                    of effort and
Thinking:           Timeline meets some    Timeline meets most      Timeline is clear in    Timeline shows
planning            expectations.          expectations.            its presentation.       clear evidence of
                                                                                            planning and

Application:        The graphics are       The graphics             The graphic             Graphics are a
graphic             connected to the       are not always           accurately portrayed    creative
interpretation of   dates or events and    connected to the         the expected            interpretation of
metaphor            ideas to be            dates or events and      metaphor.               the metaphor
                    portrayed in some      ideas to be portrayed.                           .
                    cases. The metaphor    The metaphor
                    may not be             portrayed by the
                    recognizable in the    graphics is
                    graphics.              recognizable.

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