RAYTOWN BOARD OF ALDERMEN
                                REGULAR SESSION NO. 43
                               JANUARY 16, 2007 – 7:00 P.M.
                                  RAYTOWN CITY HALL
                                10000 EAST 59TH STREET

                                     OPENING SESSION

Mayor Frank called the January 16, 2007 Board of Aldermen meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
David Cliburn, Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church, led the opening prayer and pledge of


The roll was called and attendance was as follows:

                                                     Present          Absent
               Mayor Sue Frank                          X
               Alderman Greg Walters                    X
               Alderman John Ness                       X
               Alderman Jim Hamilton                    X
               Alderman Jim Aziere                      X
               Alderman Jodie Smith                     X
               Alderman Charlotte Melson                                X
               Alderman Barb Schlapia                   X
               Alderman Sandy Hartwell                  X
               Alderman Pat Riehle                      X
               Alderman Marilyn Fleming                 X


Mayor Frank asked if there were changes to the published agenda. There were no changes
and Mayor Frank asked for a motion to adopt.

Alderman Schlapia, seconded by Alderman Hartwell made motion to adopt published agenda as
is. The agenda was approved by a unanimous voice vote.


Mayor Frank opened the floor for public comments. There were no public comments.

Mayor Frank opened the floor to Mr. Frazier for an update on storm.

David Frazier, Interim Public Works Director, stated he wanted to give a brief rundown on the
last storm. He said crews began salting the primary and secondary streets on Friday morning
about 8:00 and one of the problems they had faced was the quickness of it becoming icy. He
stated the night crew was sent home at 11:00 a.m. so they could begin the 12-hour shifts and
have been running 24 hours since Friday morning. This storm had posed several problems:

Raytown Board of Aldermen                Page 1 of 15                          January 16, 2007
the quickness in which it had started and then the periods in which every different phase of the
storm had hit. He said they had to keep pulling out of the residential areas to begin salting the
primary and secondary streets and at this point, every residential street had been treated and
crews were continuing to go back and plow the residential streets as they slush up. Mr. Frazier
felt that the crews had done a great job with the conditions they had to deal with and thanked
the citizens for being patient during the storm.


Proclamation regarding Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Celebration Service

Mayor Frank read the proclamation that proclaimed November 2, 1982, third Monday of
January, shall be observed as a national holiday that would commemorate the birth of Rev. Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr., he was instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement, started the tyranny of
segregation in the society, was a respected leader for human rights for all, promoted change
throughout nonviolent protests and, whereas, the Board of Aldermen for the City of Raytown,
City Staff and community join the nation in celebrating the birth of one of the nation's most
valued national treasures. Mayor Frank signed the proclamation in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr. and asked citizens of Raytown to join in celebrating his life and work.

David Cliburn said the event would be January 28, 2007 at 4:00 at Blue Ridge Presbyterian
Church (6429 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Raytown). He said this was the fourth event they have
had at Blue Ridge and grateful to serve the community. There would be a lot of different
speakers and music. He felt it was important that the community would have a service such as
this because it would be an opportunity to work together for justice, to celebrate with others that
worship differently and have an opportunity to hear inspirational speakers and to challenge to
live together in a more peaceful way, result conflicts with nonviolence. He felt that Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr. would be pleased that there are so many efforts that go on in the country to
continue the message that he had brought but also felt there was still a long way to go. He
encouraged everyone to take the opportunity to join on January 28th.

Presentation by Rupert Thomas regarding "City Spirit"

Mayor Frank stated a presentation regarding "City Spirit" was scheduled. She said that Mr.
Thomas had a conflict and was not able to attend. She stated that the discussion was
rescheduled for the next Council meeting.

Presentation by Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance

James Prim thanked for allowing him to come talk about some exciting work that they will be
able to do in Raytown. He said the Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance was about a 25-year-old
organization, a private nonprofit organization and believed that great cities are built on strong
neighborhoods. Over the last four to five years they had been working with different people
within the Raytown community to talk about how to make neighborhood groups stronger and
how to develop and buildup neighborhoods. He said they had worked with the Mayor and the
Development Department and discussed what could possibly be done this year. They had
submitted a grant to the Truman Heartland Foundation and were awarded a small grant to do
some basic grassroots, neighborhood development, within the City of Raytown and partnership
with the City. He stated the main reason he wanted to talk about it tonight was that if
constituents asked what was going on that the Board of Aldermen would have a good idea of
what is going on. He said there was a piece of paper in front of everyone that gave a basic

Raytown Board of Aldermen                  Page 2 of 15                          January 16, 2007
overview and said they were looking at doing some training sessions that would do three things:
help people develop leadership skills, help people organize their neighborhood and help
constituents better understand the internal operations of the City of Raytown government. He
stated there would be five sessions to begin with and in each session they would have one
component for each one of those: a leadership component, a neighborhood component and a
City of Raytown component. He said it would start in February. He also said that if anyone
would like to attend to please do so. Another thing that the Truman Heartland Foundation had
done was they had allowed to having a small grant of $100 - $250 per neighborhood groups that
go through the training, fill out the application where they would be able to go out and implement
their plan. He said they had found with small grant programs and neighborhood groups that
usually that money would get leveraged to about seven times. He gave an example if given
$250 grant that there would be about seven times that much work done in the neighborhood.
He continued that it would start the third Thursday in February.

Mayor Frank commented that she had returned from Washington D.C. on National Safe Routes
to School Taskforce and wanted to get with his group regarding that and make sure they were
aware of what works very well in connectivity to what they are trying to do with the communities.

Alderman Melson arrived at 7:15 p.m.


Alderman Aziere stated in October he had brought to the Board of Aldermen a proposal to
establish a set of operating procedures for the Board of Aldermen and that was referred to
Committee. He did attend the Municipal Committee meeting and volunteered that he would
write a sample set of procedures and present it back to the Committee. He stated he had
completed that and had submitted it to the City Administrator and the City Attorney to look it
over. After it has been discussed, he said he would prepare a final draft that he would submit
back to the Municipal Committee and also give copies to the members of the Board of
Aldermen. He said he would have that complete next week.

Alderman Schlapia stated the Finance Committee would be meeting in February.

Alderman Hartwell stated that the Counsel on Aging would be meeting at 4:15 p.m. on January
18, 2007 at City Hall in the Conference Room.

Mayor Frank referred to the Safe Routes to Schools she had anticipated providing a report to
the Board in regard to the program that took place on Thursday. She said the federal
government had allocated about $612 million to grant and was unusual from a federal grant
standpoint that it was not a matching sort of fund but a straight grant out of the state with the
exception of one state. All 49 other states had setup a state liaison to help allocate those grant
monies and decide on worthy projects. She continued that the overwhelming task of the group
was they could not get it geared up and spend the money fast enough. Mayor Frank said it was
a straight out grant not only for the Public Works Department for crosswalks and infrastructure
needs related to schools but also allocated an educational program to help children be safer to
schools. The issues were that in the '70s that more than 80% of children walked to school and
20% rode. Now looking at is a complete reverse of that and more than 80% of children are now
being delivered to school. They want to make sure children's are safe, encourage children to
walk to school or ride their bikes and make sure those safe routes are provided.

Raytown Board of Aldermen                 Page 3 of 15                          January 16, 2007
Alderman Fleming said they were getting calls daily from cities all over the State of Missouri
looking for school flashers because smaller cities that MoDOT does not provide signage for and
are working on getting grants and they were smaller cities that have not been able to afford
before and this would make a huge difference.

Alderman Walters assumed that it would go to sidewalk construction.

Mayor Frank said it would.

Alderman Walters asked how to participate.

Mayor Frank said the grant application would go through the State of Missouri. She said 80% of
the $614 million would be available for infrastructure and other 20% available for education.
She stated it is a great program and through Public Works which would make an application to
the State.

Alderman Walters asked if had already made application.

Mayor Frank said they were in the process.

Michael Miller, City Administrator, said Mayor Frank was correct and the last meeting they had
finalized the Committee that will meet to do that which would be a joint committee between City
staff, school district staff and young person from one of the schools and are starting to meet and
put together an application. He understood the money would be available for five or six years
and would continue to make application for that over the course it would remain available.

Alderman Walters stated he would like to have an opportunity because there were certain
specific areas he would want in the list that would go forward to the State.

Mr. Miller stated that this year probably not going to be available to the Board of Aldermen
because the timeframe. He believed it had to be in by January 31. He said if the Board would
want to look at a list of priorities ...

Alderman Walters wanted the opportunity to at least forward to Public Works Director so it could
be considered.

Mr. Miller said if he wanted to send a list to the Committee that would be fine and the Committee
would look at it.

Alderman Walters stated he would develop the list tonight.

MINUTES – November 14, 2006

Mayor Frank asked if there were changes to November 14, 2006 minutes. There were none.

Mayor Frank asked for a motion to adopt. Alderman Riehle, seconded by Alderman Hamilton
made motion to adopt November 14, 2006 minutes. It was approved by a unanimous voice

Raytown Board of Aldermen                 Page 4 of 15                          January 16, 2007
                                   LEGISLATIVE SESSION

                                  RESOLUTIONS – 3 ITEMS

       ADJUSTMENT. Sponsor(s): Mayor Frank.

The resolution was read by title only by Teresa Newton, City Clerk.

Alderman Riehle, seconded by Alderman Ness made motion to adopt. The motion was
approved by a vote of 10-0-0.

         Alderman                        Aye             Nay          Absent/Abstain
         Walters                          X
         Ness                             X
         Hamilton                         X
         Aziere                           X
         Smith                            X
         Melson                           X
         Schlapia                         X
         Hartwell                         X
         Riehle                           X
         Fleming                          X
         Tie Vote: Mayor Frank

It became RESOLUTION NO.: 1538-07

       COMMISSION. Sponsor(s): Mayor Frank.

The resolution was read by title only by Teresa Newton, City Clerk.

Alderman Aziere, seconded by Alderman Schlapia made motion to adopt. The motion was
approved by a vote of 10-0-0.

         Alderman                        Aye             Nay          Absent/Abstain
         Walters                          X
         Ness                             X
         Hamilton                         X
         Aziere                           X
         Smith                            X
         Melson                           X
         Schlapia                         X
         Hartwell                         X
         Riehle                           X
         Fleming                          X
         Tie Vote: Mayor Frank

Raytown Board of Aldermen                Page 5 of 15                        January 16, 2007
It became RESOLUTION NO.: R-1539-07

       COMMISSION. Sponsor(s): Mayor Frank.

The resolution was read by title only by Teresa Newton, City Clerk.

Alderman Ness, seconded by Alderman Schlapia made motion to adopt. The motion was
approved by a vote of 10-0-0.

         Alderman                        Aye             Nay          Absent/Abstain
         Walters                          X
         Ness                             X
         Hamilton                         X
         Aziere                           X
         Smith                            X
         Melson                           X
         Schlapia                         X
         Hartwell                         X
         Riehle                           X
         Fleming                          X
         Tie Vote: Mayor Frank

It became RESOLUTION NO.: 1540-07

                                  OLD BUSINESS – 2 ITEMS

4.     Continued Public Hearing: Application for Approval of the Development Plan of
       Downtown Raytown Redevelopment Corporation for the Redevelopment of the Central
       Business District, Downtown Raytown Redevelopment Corporation. Applicant.

Staff requests a motion to continue the public hearing to February 20, 2007.

Alderman Riehle, seconded by Alderman Melson made motion to move to public hearing on
February 20, 2007. The motion was approved by a vote of 10-0-0.

         Alderman                        Aye             Nay          Absent/Abstain
         Walters                          X
         Ness                             X
         Hamilton                         X
         Aziere                           X
         Smith                            X
         Melson                           X
         Schlapia                         X
         Hartwell                         X
         Riehle                           X
         Fleming                          X
         Tie Vote: Mayor Frank

Raytown Board of Aldermen                Page 6 of 15                          January 16, 2007
5.     Second Reading: Bill No. 6039-07, Section XXI-E-8. AN ORDINANCE AMENDING
       CODE OF ORDINANCES. Point of Contact: Acting Public Works Director, Dave
       Frazier. Sponsor(s): Aldermen Schlapia, Melson, Riehle, Walters, Ness, Aziere,
       Hartwell and Hamilton. (First reading January 2, 2007).

The ordinance was read by title only by Teresa Newton, City Clerk.

Alderman Melson, seconded by Alderman Schlapia made motion to adopt.

Alderman Fleming reclused herself from the dais due to a conflict of interest.

Mayor Frank asked for a roll call. The motion was approved by a vote of 9-0-1.

         Alderman                         Aye             Nay              Abstain
         Walters                           X
         Ness                              X
         Hamilton                          X
         Aziere                            X
         Smith                             X
         Melson                            X
         Schlapia                          X
         Hartwell                          X
         Riehle                            X
         Fleming                                                                 X
         Tie Vote: Mayor Frank

It became ORDINANCE NO.: 5177-07

                                  NEW BUSINESS – 2 ITEMS

       AMOUNTS. Point of Contact: Police Chief Jim Lynch. Sponsor(s): Aldermen Walters,
       Schlapia, Riehle, Ness, Melson, Hartwell and Fleming.

The ordinance was read by title only by Teresa Newton, City Clerk.

Jim Lynch, Police Chief, said this was a budgeted item that needs the approval from the Board
of spending the threshold of $10,000.


Raytown Board of Aldermen                 Page 7 of 15                               January 16, 2007
       Point of Contact: Acting Public Works Director, David Frazier. Sponsor(s): Aldermen
       Riehle, Schlapia, Hartwell.

The ordinance was read by title only by Teresa Newton, City Clerk.

Mr. Frazier stated they had budgeted $125,000 matched with a grant of $375,000 for
construction at Gregory and Raytown Road. He said that they were calling it the Central
Gateway Project to do enhancements to that intersection. An agreement had already been set
in place for design and is approximately 50% completed. He said that in order to receive the
$375,000 from the Missouri Highways and Transportation Enhancement Fund Program, the
agreement must be agreed by the Board.

Mayor Frank stated she knew medians were included and presumed white topping for the
intersection ...

Mr. Frazier interrupted and stated they were looking at white topping.

Mayor Frank asked if there would be traffic lights, etc.

Mr. Frazier said there would be new sidewalks. He stated the traffic lights were fairly new and
were looking at some type of powder coating to make black to match the rest of the
intersections. He further stated there would be landscaping, handicap ramps and decorative

Mayor Frank asked when they anticipated breaking ground.

Mr. Frazier said they were looking at mid-summer.

Alderman Fleming she recalled it would take some matching funds.

Mr. Frazier stated that it would.

Alderman Fleming asked what that would be.

Mr. Frazier said they would have to match $125,000 that is budgeted in capital improvements
and the total showed $500,000 but it would put it to $375,000 in that fund.

Alderman Melson asked if there would be different striping.

Mr. Frazier said that was correct.

Alderman Melson stated there was a problem at 63rd Street where all the striping had peeled
away and wanted to know if there would be a different type of striping at that location.

Mr. Frazier stated they were going to look at something different and stated the white topping
was easier and the contractor said that there would be problems with that particular type of
striping and had tried to do different things with it but it did not work and so they are looking at
different options for crosswalks.

Alderman Melson asked if they were looking into fluorescent striping that could be more easily
seen at night.

Raytown Board of Aldermen                   Page 8 of 15                            January 16, 2007
Mr. Frazier stated they would look into that.

Alderman Melson said she had asked for that several years ago and it was expensive then and
hope that the cost had come down since then.

Mr. Frazier said they use is white reflective that they use, but would look into the different

Alderman Walters asked if 70th Terrace on the east side of Raytown Road would be able to turn
left and right at the intersection.

Mr. Frazier answered that the length of the isle would stay the same.

Alderman Aziere mentioned the project at Raytown Road and Gregory and asked if there was
an estimated time of completion from start to finish and how much of that road would be
shutdown at one time.

Mr. Frazier stated that the intersection would be open at all times, whether it be one lane, and
will adjust the traffic signals to accommodate the length in the lanes. He further said he did not
have an estimated time of construction on that project as of yet.

Alderman Hamilton was concerned whether or not the isle as one turns off of Gregory onto
Raytown Road if it would be shortened in any fashion.

Mr. Frazier answered that one of the things the designer is looking at moving the crosswalks
back and it could shorten the isle. He was going to check into that and return with an answer.

Alderman Walters stated currently the traffic going south could complete a U-turn just beyond
that intersection and asked if that would change.

Mr. Frazier stated it would still be a no U-turn intersection.

Alderman Walters stated it was a U-turn intersection.

Mr. Frazier reiterated that it was marked as a no U-turn intersection.

Alderman Walters clarified that he meant beyond that section. He stated that if you go down at
the end of the median to the street that it would be possible to make a U-turn.

Mr. Frazier was not aware of that.

Alderman Walters clarified that there is no U-turn at the intersection, but going beyond that
approximately 50 to 100 yards that a person can make a U-turn. He wondered if that was going
to be changed.

Mr. Frazier stated he thought the Police had told them that there was no suppose to be a U-turn

Alderman Walters stated he did not believe it was currently marked.

Raytown Board of Aldermen                   Page 9 of 15                           January 16, 2007
                                  OTHER BUSINESS – 2 ITEMS

Discussion Item – Regarding a Rental Inspection Program – Requested by Alderman Riehle.

Alderman Riehle stated that in the Board packet that everyone should have received a thick
copy. He stated it had been used for about 10 years in Kansas City, KS and Wyandotte County
and seemed to be the one that most of the municipalities around town were patterning their
programs after. He said the packet was in regard to licensing rental property as businesses so
that they could be code inspected on a regular basis along with a Crime Free Program that the
Raytown Police has on multi-housing and rental housing and that landlords and tenants could
use as a tool to keep their neighborhoods up to shape, keep the criminal element out and gives
the landlord and tenants a tool in case they are dealing with bad landlords or tenants. He stated
he had handed out before the meeting a comparison of some of the municipalities around town
that he had talked with to see if they had any programs in place. He stated that Lee's Summit
did not have a program like this in place but Independence does. He said Independence had a
program in conjunction with what is called "The Landlord/Tenant Guide". He said information is
provided on www.indepmo.org. He stated the fees in Independence is based on an applicant's
actual or projected gross rents for the calendar or fiscal year and said that $25 was the fee for
the first $25,000 in gross rents and would cover most small and medium houses. He continued
that when get into more square footage and revenue that it would be +.29 cents per $1,000 for
gross in excess of $25,000. He gave an example of Lenexa, KS and stated they have a
program in the works that is patterned after Kansas City, KS and Wyandotte County and in
conjunction with the International Crime Free Program where they have what's called a "14/30
Program". He said if the police were called to a rental property to investigate a problem that
they would have 14 days to cleanup the problem and if they are called back out within 30 days
that it would be an automatic eviction notice to the tenant. He said that city was still looking at
the pricing and what they are looking at is $75 for single family residence or duplex as long as
the duplex is a one-owner and $20 per unit for multi-family. It would make that program self-
sufficient through the fees they collect. He then moved to Olathe, KS stating they do not have a
program; although, they will inspect the interior at the lessee's request and will cite for violations
when found. He felt that was similar to what Raytown has in place right now. He then referred
to Mission, KS that has a program in conjunction with a particular landlord association in Kansas
City and their information can also be found on their website at www.missionks.org. They
charge $62 for single family or duplex that has one owner, $90 for a triplex and $10 per unit for
multi-family for apartment complexes. He said these are used to inspect and to do codes. He
said they had found it successful in dealing with crime issues and some property that had been
let go by landlords that do not want to keep their property up or could be absentee landlords.
Alderman Riehle stated he had talked with Chief Lynch and stated that Lieutenant Strack was
the officer who was in charge of the Raytown Crime Free Multi-Housing Program and had
explained how Raytown Police deal with issues. He explained that each officer has a particular
zone area that they cover and each are trained in the program to work with the landlords.

Alderman Riehle proposed to ask Staff to look into the possibility of establishing a program in
Raytown where the rental property would be licensed as businesses, set a fee structure, see
what would be needed to make it self-sufficient or allow codes persons to be able to do the
proper inspections on a regular basis and try to correct problems. He sees that with the housing
stock running anywhere from $50,000 and up that there are older areas that are attractive to
some problem renters and landlords. He would like to see this as a quality of life issue for all
citizens, protect health and safety and to protect the character and stability of residential areas,
particularly the older areas in Raytown.

Raytown Board of Aldermen                  Page 10 of 15                           January 16, 2007
Alderman Hartwell said recently when going through the dog ordinance that there was a
question regarding entering the property. She asked if this program would make it possible to
inspect not only the outside but also the inside because, more often than not, the problem will
be inside as well.

Alderman Riehle referred to the packet from Kansas City, KS on Page 1400 at the bottom that
showed KCK Section 19-512 – Right of Entry and stated that absent, exegete or emergency
circumstances that if there was reasonable cause to believe that there exist in any dwelling
which is required to be licensed by the article that any condition or violation which would make
such building or premise unsafe, dangers or hazardous that the public officer has authorization
to enter such building or premises at all reasonable times to inspect. He said that the legal
department would have to take a look at the document to see what rights were but felt it could
be considered in a dangerous situation.

Alderman Hartwell stated she used to own rental property in Independence and asked when
their program had started.

Alderman Riehle said he had forgotten to ask Independence, but guessed since he has a friend
that has rental properties, it had been at least two or three years since the program has been up
and running.

Alderman Hartwell felt it was a good idea and wanted the Staff to take a look at it.

Alderman Aziere stated that during his second term he had made a similar proposal because
there is a problem in Raytown with housing standards and at that time he had taken Mr.
Truesdale on a tour of some of the houses being rented. The proposal at that time was to allow
the City to go and inspect property every time the property had a turnover. He also said that at
that time that the Staff did not support that proposal because it required additional Staff to do
the inspection. He said he does support the program.

Alderman Schlapia echoed Alderman Aziere and stated she was in favor of supporting but
believed when Staff looks at fee structures that there would need to be an idea of what is
currently in the city for rentals. She assumed that this could be taken on by the Staff and
department already established but would have to hire at least a full-time person and the fee
structure should be based on some type of a premise dealing with the Animal Control Ordinance
that will put an additional burden on the department.

Alderman Ness also supported the program. He mentioned the inspection fees and on a house
inspection that you could be looking at anywhere from three to six hours on a single-family
home as far as doing a thorough inspection. Also, he referred to Page 1395 that it set out
inspection fees but never covered it. In a residential real estate inspection, a person would be
looking at $295 - $300 on a single-family home for charges along those lines and felt provisions
needed to be made on coverage in the inspection fees.

Alderman Walters stated that this may have been part of the same program that Alderman
Aziere had spoke up because he had remembered visiting Chief Lynch and members of the
police department about background checks on people who would be renting. He felt a
program like this is needed but also would have to realize the strain that would be put on the
manpower presently have at this time.

Raytown Board of Aldermen                 Page 11 of 15                          January 16, 2007
Mayor Frank said there are private services that landlords could signup for to do
credit/background/criminal checks but stated that it would not be the police department's prime
function or focus. She did not know it would be necessarily wise to tax the Police Department
with that sort of service.

Alderman Walters said if want to catch the problem at the source to catch it when it moves into
the neighborhood. He felt everyone was in agreement to do it but needed a lot more study.

Alderman Riehle said he was given some information from Lieutenant Stack that there was
recently a free seminar, in advanced management techniques for the Crime Free Multi-Housing
Program that was presented by the Blue Springs Police and the Kansas City Police
Departments on January 11, 2007. He said the training for apartment managers and rental
property owners is available and is taught by the police department. He also said on January
10, 2007 was a Raytown Apartment Management meeting in conjunction with the Raytown
Police Department. He felt right now it is handled by the department as currently set up. He
also said the officers are on constant alert for these types of problems or situations and was
taught to identify and address the situation.

Alderman Aziere said that because the growing number of companies that require background
checks that it could now be done online for the price of $25 or $30.

Alderman Melson stated it was a good idea and felt it warrants having to look more into it and
seeing how it could be adapted for Raytown because there are quite a few apartment buildings
that have problems. He felt it would be worth the time to look at it and see how to adapt to

Mayor Frank appreciated Alderman Riehle bringing the issue before the Board. She said the
cities that were listed that Mission, KS was the most recent to pass their ordinance. That city
did work closely with the landlords and tenants association and felt if to have a responsible
landlord that they would be supportive of this type of situation. She said that in Mission's case
that their greatest concern had came from tenants that were worried about allowing the door to
be open for an interior inspection for a couple of reasons, not only a right to their privacy but if
the problems were fixed that the rent would go up. Mayor Frank understood that concern but by
the same token there is a responsibility to make sure the City has minimum housing standards
for tenants or children living on the premise. She knew there were compromises worked out
such as a code complaint that it gave an open door policy to do an interior inspection and to
look at further problems. Mayor Frank commended the effort.

Alderman Hamilton felt it was much needed but had asked if Alderman Riehle was suggesting
the Staff to look at personnel in terms if this would be something that would occupy some unit of
personnel substantially, need a full-time person and if that was considered.

Alderman Riehle felt it would be feasible to put a program in place and would have a cost
benefit analysis on whether need additional people and have a fee structure to support
personnel to do the job.

Michael Miller, City Administrator, stated as working with the Municipal Committee on this issue
that Staff would be looking for some feeling of scope of what the Committee would be looking
for and that would help put the numbers together. He said they would be looking for guidance
on how robust of a program that the Board would like to see.

Raytown Board of Aldermen                 Page 12 of 15                           January 16, 2007
Alderman Riehle did not think it would be a situation to make sure the door lock is placed
properly so the key's teeth goes up as opposed to going down. He said what would be
considered major codes violations would be the issue.

Alderman Hartwell stated she could understand how might be able to do it on an apartment
complex or multi-family but the City has many single-family homes for rent and as far as she
knows that there was no list of who rents and who actually is owner occupied.

Mr. Miller had a conversation about that issue internally and would have to develop some sort of
mechanism to get people to register that information with the City. Otherwise, they will not be
able to follow through, but felt the vast majority is the single-family operation.

Mayor Frank stated the last statistic she remembered hearing that they were looking at about
74% in Raytown of homeownership on about 20% of rental that included apartment units. As
that compares to other cities, she stated that was a very solid and sound number and at the
time was given caution in terms of maintaining a high percentage of homeownership and doing
the things that the Board could do to maintain property values and quality of life issues so that
homeownerships could remain high because that is the heart and core of the community.

Alderman Riehle thanked the Board of Aldermen for consideration on the issue.

9. Discussion Item – Regarding Newsletter Bidding – Requested by Alderman Walters.

Alderman Walters did some investigations into the bidding procedure which was used to bid the
cost and production of a newsletter on a quarterly basis in the City of Raytown. He had found
the winning bid went to a company that had done it in a process that was not similar to those
done by others that did web offset printing versus regular offset printing on the other two bids. It
would be in comparison to bidding a concrete road to a gravel street and go with the lower bid
because it cost less money. He felt the job needed to be re-bid for better pricing in the future.
He suggested to look into coupling the mailing of the newsletter with the sewer bill because the
bulk of the money is going to the post office in the form of postage going to the same people.
He felt it would save the City a lot of money to do it this way.

Mayor Frank stated if the newsletter is coming out soon that obviously it would give the
opportunity to compare the prior one with the current one in terms of quality concerns.

Mr. Miller stated he would not dream of debating printing processes with Alderman Walters
because it would be a losing battle. However, he said they were using the same process as last
time and was a little hesitant to change gears because the City's internal structure is learning
the process as well. He would like to put a couple of issues behind and repeated that the vast
majority of the money is going for the postage. He also said the layout cost was approximately
$360 for the initial and assumed the next layout would be a little less because the person would
not have to put in as much time. He stated approximately $960 of cost for the printing. He
knows that every penny counts, but until having possibly a year under the belt that it would be
time to take another look at the issue.

Mayor Frank stated the sewer bill comes out on postcards and was concerned if that went into
an envelope with a newsletter that people might miss their sewer bills.

Alderman Walters said to put the information on the envelope that the sewer bill is enclosed.
He had talked to Mr. Estes about the issue and the postcard is not the best way to do it. He

Raytown Board of Aldermen                 Page 13 of 15                           January 16, 2007
stated he had not received his sewer postcard last month or he had lost it. He also pointed out
that it was not $960 annually but $3,600 annually or closer to $4,000. He did not feel there
would be any real deviation on the price of the layout because there was not much to the layout
in the first place.

Mr. Miller stated regarding the mailing that they had chose the least expensive proposition
which was postal customer and the postcards goes out address specific and thought when
talking about the mailing of one versus the other that he did not know any money would be
saved. He said it could be looked at, but did not feel there was going to be much money saved
if at all.

Alderman Walters said could go bulk rate and would be delivered directly to address and would
ignore the name of the postal customer, but if list is clean he asked what difference would it

Mayor Frank also stated that the sewer bill would go to an owner of property and may be
sending newsletters to California where the postal customer tenants would get a newsletter.

Mr. Miller stated Mayor Frank had a good point that many multi-owners would get the newsletter
as a sewer customer as a person who lives in the City who would need to know about codes,
safety, etc., would not need any of that information.

Alderman Riehle asked who received the bid.

Mr. Miller said it was Press Room Printing who was doing the printing and Sarah Tucker was
doing the layout. He forgot who did the postage and handling, but was a service they have
used before.

Alderman Aziere said he did not think there was any doubt to save money by mailing them
together. He said the cost of a postcard is less than an envelope, but there is a different
between the two and he was concerned that postcards state specifically "sewer billing" and if
enclose in an envelope and change the process that there would be those who would throw
away what they think was advertising but their bill was included. He said it could create a big
problem for the Sewer Billing Department if they had people that were pass due and did not
want to make up the difference.

Mr. Miller felt one element needed to keep in mind was how well the newsletter is being
received, whether or not the citizens are reacting positively to it, etc., before getting into cost
because if it is succeeding and the citizens are pleased with it then it would be worthwhile.

                                        CLOSED SESSION

Notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen may conduct a closed session,
pursuant to the following statutory provisions:

610.021(1)     Legal actions, causes of action or litigation involving a pubic government body
               and any confidential or privileged communications between a public
               governmental body or its representatives and its attorneys;

Raytown Board of Aldermen                   Page 14 of 15                           January 16, 2007
610.021(2)    Leasing, purchase or sale of real estate by a public governmental body where
              public knowledge of the transaction might adversely affect the legal
              consideration, therefore;

610.021(3)    Hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of particular employees by a public
              governmental body when personal information about the employee is discussed
              or recorded; and

610.021(13)   Individually identifiable personnel records, performance ratings or records
              pertaining to employees or applicants for employment.

Mayor Frank asked for a motion to move into closed session.

Alderman Riehle, seconded by Alderman Schlapia made motion to move into closed session.
The motion was approved by a vote of 10-0-0.

         Alderman                        Aye             Nay         Absent/Abstain
         Walters                          X
         Ness                             X
         Hamilton                         X
         Aziere                           X
         Smith                            X
         Melson                           X
         Schlapia                         X
         Hartwell                         X
         Riehle                           X
         Fleming                          X
         Tie Vote: Mayor Frank


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.

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