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					                         PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION
                           CITY OF GREENWOOD VILLAGE
                           MINUTES FOR THE MEETING OF
                                    JULY 17,2007

The regular meeting of the City of Greenwood Village Planning and Zoning Commission
convened at 7:20 p.m. on July 17,2007, at City Hall, 6060 South Quebec Street, Greenwood
Village, Colorado. Chair, Gary Kramer, called the meeting to order, with a quorum of six
members present.

Members Present: Gary Kramer, Thomas Bishop, Kim Morss, Jeffery Roemer, David
Seserman and Susan Strauss

Members Absent: Marshall Garner and Susie Roy

Staff Present: Steve Hebert, City Planner; Heather Day, Current Planning Manager; Robert
Zuccaro, Planner 11; Thomas Reiff, Planner 11; Mark Westberg, Engineer and Karen Struss,
Administrative Assistant

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the July 10,2007 meeting were approved as presented.

New Business:

Case #07-11-ZC and Case #07-12-MP -The Plaza at Greenwood, 5150 S. Quebec Street;
Rezoning and Master Development Plan - Request to Rezone from B-4, Service Business
District to TC, Town Center and a Master Development Plan for a Mixed Use Development
to include Residential, Office, Retail and Restaurant Land Uses

Robert Zuccaro presented the applicant's request to rezone from B-4, Service Business District
to TC, Town Center and approval of a Master Development Plan for a mixed-use development to
include residential, office, retail and restaurant land uses. Mr. Zuccaro said that the 6.2-acre site
is located south of Belleview Avenue, between 1-25 and Quebec Street and is within close
proximity to the Belleview and Orchard Light Rail Stations. The surrounding properties are in
Greenwood Village, Denver and unincorporated Arapahoe County and include a mix of uses as
outlined in staffs report dated July 11,2007.

Mr. Zuccaro said that a mix of land uses is consistent with what is called for in the
Comprehensive Plan for the Corridor. The inclusion of office, retail, and restaurant uses will
help to provide a fiscal balance between tax revenue and the additional residential services that
the City would need to provide. He said staff is concerned with allowing residential
development within close proximity of the Interstate and two arterial roadways because of the
potential for excessive air, light and noise pollution. Mr. Zuccaro indicated that the site is
designed to provide buffers and setbacks between the roadways and the residential units. In
addition, the Design Standards include a performance standard to limit noise to 35 decibels
inside residential units. The plaza and storefronts are oriented toward the center of the site and
will be significantly buffered from the roadways by the buildings. Staff finds that, although the

site is in close proximity to the highway and arterial roadways, the proposed development will
provide adequate mitigation of the potential negative impacts.

Mr. Zuccaro said the applicant is proposing two mixed-use buildings. Building 1 is proposed
along the east and north side of the site with a maximum height of 200 feet and 42 1,400 square
feet of floor area. Building 2 is proposed to be located on the west side of the site adjacent to
Quebec Street with a maximum height of 100 feet and 101,800 square feet of floor area. He said
the Master Development Plan outlines minimum setbacks for buildings and the structured
parking. The proposed concept is to have the buildings lining the north, west and east sides of
the site, and creating an internal plaza buffered fiom the roadways. The buildings will be
setback a minimum of 25 feet from the west and south property lines, and 70 feet from the north
and east property lines. Above grade structured parking will be set back 50 feet from the north
property line and 6 feet from the east property line. Above ground structured parking is not
anticipated on the south and west sides of the site. Staff finds that the proposed setbacks meet
the TC Zone District standards, which require a minimum 25-foot setback from the district
boundaries. Staff finds that the 6-foot setback proposed for the parking structure on the east side
of the site will not negatively impact adjacent properties and is appropriate considering that the
 structure is adjacent to the fly-over structure for the light rail and the Interstate.

Mr. Zuccaro said the applicant is proposing that the building closest to Quebec Street, Building
2, will have mandatory stepbacks to ensure that the lowest portion of the building is located on
the south end and the highest portion of the building on the north end. Building 1, along the
Interstate, is also proposed to have a step down on the southern end. Even with the proposed
building stepbacks, staff is concerned that the buildings will be out of character with other
buildings in the vicinity and that the view of the buildings from properties to the south and west,
and the view from Quebec Street, will appear disproportionate.

Mr. Zuccaro indicated that a minimum of 30 percent of the site area will be open space. A
significant amount of the public access open space will be provided with a plaza internal to the
development. Staff finds that the proposed open space and landscaping design standards in the
Master Development Plan are appropriate and meet the criteria of the TC Zone District.

Mr. Zuccaro said that portions of the mountain views for office properties located east of the site,
across the Interstate, will be impacted by the development. However, because there are no
nearby residential developments on the east side of the site, it is anticipated that residential views
of the mountains fiom the east side will not be impacted. He said that the Master Development
Plan requires that a view shed analysis and site sections be provided as part of the Site
Development Plan review process.

 Mr. Zuccaro said that access to the site is proposed from two right-inlright-out driveways
 connecting to Quebec Street. He said that for southbound traffic on Quebec Street, a U-turn
 movement will be required at the Progress Place intersection. A stop light and additional lane on
 northbound Quebec Street are planned to accommodate the U-turn movement. A continuous
 center median within Quebec Street is proposed between Progress Place and Belleview Avenue.
 Mr. Zuccaro said that the applicant is proposing to dedicate a sidewalk easement and build a
 detached sidewalk along the east side of Quebec Street and to find and build a pedestrian bridge

over Belleview Avenue to improve pedestrian access to the site and provide regional

Mr. Zuccaro said that staff has several concerns regarding the existing conditions along Quebec
Street as it approaches Belleview Avenue. The primary concern is the safety of the public. The
existing full-movement driveways along Quebec Street, a regional multi-lane arterial roadway,
are conflict points and create a potential for accidents. While the raised center median will limit
the turning movements from driveways between Progress Place and Belleview Avenue, and the
Progress Avenue intersection to right-idright-out, driveway locations are not proposed to
change. Only the Diamond Shamrock gas station at the southwest comer and the Grease
Monkey at the southeast comer of Belleview Avenue and Quebec Street would be limited to
right-idright out driveways. The office buildings southwest of the Progress PlaceIQuebec Street
intersection would be limited to a three-quarter driveway. Should motorists need to access
Belleview Avenue or 1-25, they can exit Progress Avenue.and make a U-turn at the new Progress
PlaceIQuebec Street traffic signal. Access for the three office buildings along Belleview Avenue
 is not proposed to change. Because the northbound traffic on Quebec Street will not be able to
make a left turn onto Progress Avenue, access for this site will need to be achieved via Belleview
Avenue and the potential traffic signal at Niagara Street. It is important that both the Quebec
 Street public improvements and the potential traffic signal at Niagara Street be coordinated to
 improve circulation and access for area.

Staff concurs with findings of the traffic analysis provided by the applicant that the proposed
improvements would improve the function of the street network in the vicinity of the Belleview
AvenueIQuebec Street intersection. Based on proposed and existing right-of-way around the
site, anticipated future roadway improvements could be accommodated. Based on the proposed
roadway improvements, safety and mobility would be enhanced and the capacity of Quebec
Street would be increased, as well as the intersection at Belleview Avenue. Even without the
proposed development, the improvements identified in the traffic study would be necessary
based on the existing LOS at the Belleview AvenueIQuebec Street intersection and the projected
background growth in traffic volumes.

 Mr. Zuccaro said that according to the Drainage Criteria Manual, this redevelopment proposal is
 classified as a "Major Redevelopment" based on disturbing more than 10 percent and more than
 2,000 sq. ft. of the existing impervious area and being more than 2 acres in size. Therefore, the
 redevelopment is required to provide flood attenuation and water quality facilities for the
 redeveloped area. Mark Westberg, Community Development Engineer, indicated that he had
 reviewed the conceptual drainage report and finds it meets the Drainage Criteria Manual

 Mr. Zuccaro indicated that staff finds that the proposal meets the application requirements for
 rezoning to Town Center; meets the planning requirements for the Town Center Zone, except for
 the maximum building coverage; and, that the proposal also meets the review criteria for a
 rezoning. He also stated that the requisite neighborhood input meeting was held on February 12,
 2007 and appropriate posting and mailing notices occurred.

Mr. Zuccaro said that staff recommends that the Planning and Zoning Commission recommend
approval of the rezoning and the Master Development Plan to the City Council with the
following conditions:

   1. No building shall be allowed to exceed 4 stories, or 64 feet in height, within 125 feet of
      the west property line.
   2. No building shall be allowed to exceed 10 stories, or 160 feet in height, within 125 feet of
      the south property line.
   3. Note No. 4 on Sheet 3 shall be removed or modified to indicate that setbacks shall be
      measured from the property line.

Staff also recommended that the Planning and Zoning Commission recommend that the City
Council waive the requirement outlined in Section 15.38.070, which states that the gross floor
area for the district not exceed more than three times the maximu.mbuilding ground coverage.
Staff also recommended that the dedication requirements on the Master Development Plan be
referenced in the Commission action.

During and after Mr. Zuccaro's presentation, Commission members discussed the following
issues with staff:

       Maximum number of stories allowed for each building and parking structures
       Uses allowed in the B-4 zoning district
       The enforcement of the dB sound limit standard
       Access from Progress Place
       The length of the left-turn stacking lane southbound to eastbound at Progress and how
       many cars would it allow
       The increase to a.m. and p.m. traffic
       The level of commitment from Grease Monkey and Extended Stay for a shared driveway
       and for right-of-way
       The impact on schools
       Access at Belleview Avenue and Niagara Street
       The proposed pedestrian bridge
       The existing sidewalk in front of the Extended Stay
       The proposal for underground detention
       Tax revenue generated by the project

 Mr. Kramer called for a ten minute break.

 The meeting reconvened at 9:30 p.m.

 Candy Figa, with the law firm of Bums, Figa and Will, 6400 S. Fiddlers Green Circle, #1000,
 Greenwood Village, represented the applicant.

 Mr. Kramer asked if the applicant would like to continue the cases so that the applicant's
 presentation could be heard in its entirety.

Greg Lewicki, Greg Lewicki and Associates, 11541 Warrington Court, Parker, indicated that he
would like to continue the cases to August 21,2007.

Mr. Kramer moved in Case #07-11-ZC and Case #07-12-MP, The Plaza at Greenwood,
5150 S. Quebec Street, Rezoning and Master Development Plan, to continue the cases to
August 21,2007.

Ms. Strauss seconded the motion. The motion carried with six affirmative votes.

The meeting adjourned at 9:47 p.m.