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									    By INSEAD MBAs, for the INSEAD community                                                                          April 2003

                                                                                                                      Volume III Issue IV

                                      AT         HOME W/                        EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS ?
CMS report                     2      — BY A RNOUT
Alumni Fund                    3
                                         At the offices of this newspa-        wave effect. Time for a six-sigma         All of the above can be very
Ms. & Mr. OB                   4      per, it is sometimes hard to re-         plan?                                 annoying, but it hardly is a sur-
                                      sist tabloid temptations. Espe-             2. Discrepancies between in-       prise. Similar stories could be
French language                4
                                      cially if your audience sends you        formation on website, and the         written about any service-related
Fashion report                 5      quotes like the following: ‘I feel ill                                         company in these parts of the
                                                                               actual house. Houses frequently
Sports & Social             6&7       will towards ES and speak badly          seem to be nicer presented than       world. In the end it all comes
                                      of them whenever possible’.              they really are, and the rent men-    down to a simple observation:
Dear fellow MBA’s,                    Other students mention ‘broken                                                 unlike more service-oriented cul-
                                                                               tioned is sometimes lower than
                                      promises’, ‘blatant arrogance’,          what is actually paid. Given that     tures, the French don’t smile
   Somehow we are surviving the       and ‘lies’. Yes, the response to         most students have only a short       when they screw you (or make
National Week overload… who           our call for content was pretty          time to make a decision, this can     that: extract your surplus). And by
decided to put some of the            emotional, and a picture                 lead to nasty surprises. To be        the way, ES is not a monopolist;
world's biggest party nations         emerged of an evil monopolist,           fair, the website does have a         only about 30% of students find
three weeks in a row? Does our        the predator of a defenceless            formal disclaimer that says that      their house through them.
health insurance cover liver dam-     transient population of innocent         every description is potentially        And aren’t we being a bit naïve?
age?                                  students. But let’s look at the          untrue.                               Some people give only verbal
                                      facts. What are the complaints                                                 notice to their French-speaking
   On top of that, I wonder how                                                   3. Termination of contracts. ES
                                      really about?                                                                  landlady and are surprised if their
much coverage I get from the                                                   has a formal policy of how rent
insurance company for SARS              1. Service in general: letters         should be cancelled, and sticks       trust is broken. Issues that really
infection. Let alone a heart attack   that disappear, requests for             to it in a bureaucratic way. Con-     went beyond proportions were
caused by housing stress/job-         forms that turn out not to be            flicts emerge when ES receives        eventually resolved with the help
hunting anxiety/INSEAD dues… I        necessary, appointments that             cancellations through other           of ES (as even ES-bashers admit).
would not even try to claim dam-      are forgotten. It is hard to say         channels (e.g. email, standard        The golden tip is: follow the rules
ages from fashion mistakes…           from our sample if the majority of       mail). These are not always ac-       to the letter, and thou shall not
                                      ES clients are unhappy. However,         cepted, even if there is physical     be disappointed.
    That is why we have devoted       as Eurodisney experienced, an
this month’s issue to your health                                              evidence that they were re-              So far we have talked about
                                      inability to keep a vocal minority       ceived, leading to cuts on depos-                    (Continued on page 2)
and wellbeing!                        happy can have a disastrous              its.
   So that you don’t suffer from
any of the above, we have put
together a few pieces that tell you   SARS               AT        INSEAD— B                      Y   H ASSAN
more about SARS and how IN-
SEAD is dealing with it, feedback        Finding jobs, getting on or off       just becoming close or that liv-      should
from our Executive Solution sur-      some Dean's list or over Fernando        ing in France is not that bad         h a v e
vey, a report on the CMS revamp-      Bartolomé's "Private & Profes-           once you accept the fact that         b e e n
plans, another on why INSEAD will     sional Life" sessions, enjoying the      the French are here to stay.          history. Or
need your money after gradua-         last few months at INSEAD, decid-        Unfortunately for them, the ad-       so      we
tion, an evaluation of fashion on     ing whether to take 3 or 4 classes       ministration could not help           thought.
campus and of course Ms. & Mr.        next period: for us P4s, this pe-        since the amount of people on            On March 15th, the World
OB, social & sports reports, etc.     riod has been much more hectic           each campus had to be planned         Health Organization reported that
                                      than anticipated. But the uncer-         ahead of time, and there was          an outbreak of a virulent form of
  So that the team that is in-
                                      tainty does not end here. After          not enough space to accommo-          pneumonia had been traced back
volved in this venture does not
                                      spending a few months here in            date their newfound love for          to a Hong Kong hotel where a
die of overwork in the process of
                                      Fontainebleau, some have been            Fontainebleau.                        medical professor from southern
getting you these issues and for
                                      wondering whether signing up for            People pleaded and begged,         China was thought to have car-
your better enjoyment of the Citi-
                                      Singapore for P5 was the best            using reasons ranging from job        ried the flu-like disease. Six other
zen, we are planning printing and
                                      decision they could have taken.          search to unplanned travel and        guests of the hotel contracted the
we are also planning the transfer
of the Citizen to the next genera-       A few months after their arrival,     lodging costs, but the message        illness. Today, only a month later,
tion.                                 they were a total of 23 to have          from the administration was           the Severe Acute Respiratory
                                      either realized that it might not be     clear: find a place to live in Sin-   Syndrome or SARS virus has
  Yours sincerely,
                                      worth it to move everything again,       gapore, because that’s where                         (Continued on page 6)
  The Editor                          to leave behind friends that were        you'll be. The rest of the story
The INSEAD CITIZEN                                                                                                                              Page 2

CMS — INSEAD                                IS A        GAME —                   B Y PIERRE
    The undisputable truth of this    Malaviya over the last 5 months.            We prepared a questionnaire        nies based in Europe in the com-
game is that at the end of it, we        We started this marketing plan       that was basically trying to under-    ing two years, target to be broad-
will go back to the real world. And   as an Independent Project last          stand why and how companies            ened in the future), a clear posi-
getting back to the real world in     November. Both of us were CMS           recruit young executives with          tioning (INSEAD as a pool of fu-
better shape than we left is the      Reps and got the feeling that           some experience, MBAs, IN-             ture board / executive committee
most important reason why we all      what CMS was most lacking was           SEADs and future top managers.         members) as well as some sug-
play the game. However, a lot of      a professional marketing ap-              The aim was to understand            gestions for 4Ps.
us have the feeling that exiting      proach to what they call                how we fit in these different re-        Obviously, some of the ele-
INSEAD is the worst managed           “Industry”. By the way, this label,     cruiting targets in the eyes of        ments of the plan are controver-
process of the entire game. Ca-       which is supposed to cover the          industrial recruiters.                 sial; but our plan is understood
reer management services do not       whole world economy plus all                                                   as a first building block towards
                                                                                Mary Boss asked us to manage
meet the standards the school         non-profit sectors, shows clearly                                              the type of CMS approach to in-
                                                                              the survey without mentioning
meets in most other areas.            the positioning implicitly chosen                                              dustry that we dream of. And
                                                                              explicitly it was done on behalf of
    There are a lot of reasons for    by CMS: 99% (at least) of the           CMS. We therefore continued to         somehow, we felt that action
this. The most important one is       world economy is “Industry” (read       conduct it on our own behalf, but      based on an imperfect plan was
the flipside of INSEAD’s success      “other”), 1% (maximum) is I-            nevertheless got very valuable         better than no action or some
so far. Very early, INSEAD saw the    banking and Consulting.                 help from the CMS team mem-            action with no plan.
growing demand for consultants           This incredibly vague label also     bers in charge of the survey. We           If you haven’t yet had the op-
and investment bankers and            shows the first challenge               asked them as well as students         portunity to read the study,
surfed on this wave by building       (impossible mission?) that CMS is       to get in touch with companies         please do not hesitate to drop me
education services tailored to the    facing: where to start? If we focus     and have the survey answered.          a mail: I will be happy to send you
needs of these businesses: the        on Europe, the non-Europeans                                                   another copy. But do not forget to
                                                                                  The CMS team and the MBA
admission process, the curricu-       students will rightly complain that                                            send me your comments and
                                                                              students responded to our re-
lum, career management services       they came to INSEAD because of                                                 input, without forgetting to cc the
                                                                              quest for help with mixed enthu-
all focus on these industries.        its global reach. If we focus on                                               BdE and CMS…
                                                                              siasm. 67% of the CMS people
   Given this positioning, it is no   the media industry, the engineers       from whom we requested help              Anyway, this paper was sent out
surprise that job hunting has         of this world will complain that        actually helped us. In the student     to all students as well as to
been very difficult for INSEAD        they cannot find the Arthur Keller      body, this ratio plunged to an         Deans Hawawini and Hietala,
MBAs in the last couple of years:     type of work they dream of. Why         interesting 1,5%.                      Inger Pedersen, Mary Boss and
consulting, investment banking        not adopt the only strategy that                                               the CMS teams in Fontainebleau
                                                                                One could argue (with some
and other wind-selling businesses     MBA students all over the world                                                and Singapore.
                                                                              bad faith maybe) that this dem-
are among the hardest hit indus-      will agree upon: keep options
                                                                              onstrates two things. First, nei-         I am writing this article 3 weeks
tries in the current economy.         open. Avoid focusing…
                                                                              ther CMS nor the MBA commu-            after delivery. So far, we got a lot
  Much more surprising is the            The first step of our work was to    nity considers unanimously the         of feedback from fellow students,
absence of reaction to the            listen to clients, e.g., talk to com-   job market a priority. Second,         some positive as well as some
change in the economic climate.       panies about their recruiting           CMS is on average 45 times as          negative ones. They have given
After all, the economy has been       needs and understand how IN-            interested in our finding jobs as      time to analyze our proposal, to
bad for two years already. Com-       SEAD graduates can be a re-             we are. Weird.                         see the positive and negative
placency? Lack of interest?           sponse to those needs. We tried                                                consequences of the choices we
                                                                                 In our paper, we outline a con-
   On March 28th, Benjamin Perez      to address a vast array of compa-                                              proposed. On the other hand, we
                                                                              crete action plan for CMS to start
and I, two Septembers, delivered      nies, big and smaller, from sexy                                               have had NO feedback whatso-
                                                                              exploring the job market beyond
a proposal for a corporate mar-       and boring sectors, with and with-                                             ever from the administration.
                                                                              investment banking and consult-
keting plan for CMS. This project     out relationships with INSEAD,
                                                                              ing. This plan includes a priority       Complacency?              Lack of
was done with the help of Prof.       with and without INSEAD alumni.
                                                                              target (the biggest 300 compa-         interest? Or is it is just a game?

EXECUTIVE SOLUTIONS —                                                CO N T ’ D F R O M P A G E 1

annoying quarrels that leave little   will ever see back their deposit. As    issue. Preliminary research            Second, someone could introduce
room for structural solutions.        it turns out, one third of students     seems to work in their favour:         a competitor. Well, new ventures
However, there is one issue that      leave their houses without paying       students who have a serious            people, be our guest. It probably
is more serious: the question of      one or more months’ rent, and           problem with getting deposits          would improve service. However,
deposits. Here are the facts:         more may follow, responding to          back actually seem to be a tiny        bear in mind that the pool of pos-
French law says that a landlord       certain recent mass-mails. This         minority, and ES has jumped in         sible clients is not that big. Be-
can keep a deposit for two            situation is not sustainable for ES.    on a number of occasions to            sides, who will prevent them from
months after departure of the         To break this death spiral of mu-       mediate in the conflict.               colluding? The rugby team?
tenant. Having an instinctive feel    tual distrust, it would be good if ES      To conclude: it might be true          I hate to say it, but the status
for the time value of money he or     made it a firm condition for land-      that the service and practices of      quo is probably the most realistic
she will of course do so. Two         lords to leave the deposit in con-      ES leave to be desired, but let’s      option. This does not mean that
months after graduation, INSEAD       trol of ES. After all they have a       look at the alternatives. First, we    we shouldn’t keep nagging ES
graduates are in strange places       powerful bargaining tool: a con-        could have a similar firm, but         whenever we are treated unfairly.
like London, Beijing, or wherever     stant supply of renters that are        then directly controlled by the        We are a group of consumers
it is their parents live. It is not   willing to pay a significant pre-       school’s administration. Hon-          critical enough to cause some
that strange that many students       mium. Also, it would be beneficial      estly, fellas, do you think it would   serious headaches. Let’s use that
have serious doubts whether they      to communicate openly about this        be any better?                         power.
The INSEAD CITIZEN                                                                                                                              Page 3

IT’S       NOT JUST GETTING A                                     SALAMANDER —                              T H E I A F ’ S M E S S A G E FOR

   You probably think that your kind of basic university or govern-           The third big area is in on- make an impact on the way the
€42,000 was a pretty decent ment               grant that some other       campus facilities, notably in Sin- world worked, and to foster open,
financial contribution to the IN- schools receive. And in relative         gapore of late.                     diverse mindsets among influen-
SEAD community. But even well terms INSEAD’s endowment is                  Q: What’s the salamander stuff? tial people who could make a
before MBAs graduate we’re be- small – a mere fraction of HBS’s            R: A recognition of alumni who difference they included INSEAD
ing encouraged to think about huge reserve for example. Another            have made significant contribu- in their plans.
giving the school more – hope- striking comparison with other              tions. Originally they were intro- What we are aiming for is not to
fully lots more over time, via the schools is the low participation        duced for one-off donations – as have INSEAD as the exclusive
INSEAD Alumni Fund                            Endowment size               part of a capital campaign. But it recipient of funds, or even be
(IAF). Present students                            (€millions)             is more critical for the school to necessarily number one or two on
probably remember the                                                      have consistent gifts, even if the list. Rather it is get people to
white and green coffee Havard                                       1613
                                                                           smaller, so the levels were made include it on the list and recog-
mug they got a while         Stanford                634                   cumulative. That’s also why the nize the value of whatever sup-
back and everyone has Wharton                  400                         levels went up a bit, since port they can mange. The key
seen the boards listing      Chicago      212                              €5,000 is now getting to be fairly thing is to get even small, but
donors around the Cam- Columbia          160                               low for regular givers who gradu- consistent support so the school
embert but in truth many INSEAD 42                                         ated a number of years ago.         can plan for improvements.
of us only have a vague                                                       The salamander symbol is Fran- Q: Is not joining the Alumni Asso-
idea at best of what, if any, role rate (15%) of INSEAD alumni in          cois 1st‘s symbol from the cha- ciation enough ‘giving back’ to
alumni giving plays in the school, giving campaigns, although it var-      teau, where the first INSEAD INSEAD?
or whether we’d want to get in- ies greatly by promotion and geog-         classes were held. If you reach R: The Association is clearly a
volved in it.                         raphy. Some of this probably         the appropriate level you are great way to get involved in the
                                      stems from different U.S. tradi-     presented with a salamander INSEAD community, but it is actu-
    First thing to get sorted out is tions in philanthropy. But the aim
the various alumni focused or- of the coffee mugs et al is to try          statuette of the appropriate ally separate from the IAF. Obvi-
ganizations. The school has an and get the participation rates up          color.                              ously we try and coordinate with
alumni relations office which co- and try and increase the flow of          Q: Why would I give to INSEAD alumni in the various promotions,
ordinates interactions with ex- alumni money and sense of ex-              since I’ve already spent a fortune and some of them, even quite
students and INSEAD – helping MBA involvement in the program,              coming here and it must be recent ones, get very involved in
people track down old contacts, despite us only spending a com-            loaded anyway? What about the giving, others less so. It seems to
keeping details updated, reunions paratively brief ten months here.        starving in Africa or all those have something to do with a few
and the like. Then there are the The question is are we convinced?         other schools I went to?            keen volunteers in the promotion.
Alumni associations, run by the                                            R: INSEAD actually needs to fund It’s much better when giving is
alumni in various countries and,         So we went along to the IAF to    its development essentially very alumni driven and organized
until a recent association agree- get their response to some of the        through the various education and they feel the sense of com-
ment, technically independent more skeptical MBA views on giv-             programs – which is very difficult munity and contribution – we
from INSEAD proper. INSEAD MBA ing extra after we graduate:                if we are to keep up with other don’t what it to get too much into
alumni have a reputation for very Q: What’s in it for me as a student      top institutions. There is some a pattern of the school constantly
strong and active inter-alumni apart from a coffee mug and a               research funding but no major contacting people for money.
relations but relatively weak con- chance to win champagne?                steady governmental or univer- We are now starting to commu-
nections to the school compared R: For start the IAF funds 50 odd          sity support. Nor is the endow- nicate a little differently to more
to, say, U.S. schools. As evi- MBA scholarships – half of the              ment really that big in compara- recent graduates and older ones.
denced by the association agree- total. (The other half are mainly         tive terms.                         Just after graduation, the main
ments, there are efforts underway company scholarships such as Eli            So if you value the INSEAD aim is just to keep the idea in
from both sides to try and Lily or L’Oreal’s). The average                 experience and the things it people’s minds and let them
strengthen the direct link to the amount is €9,000, which is seen          represents – international diver- know that if they want to give
school. And the most concrete as being a significant help, par-            sity, independence and the asso- something it’s not about mini-
example of that connection is ticularly for some students from             ciated entrepreneurial streak, mum amounts but about any
alumni giving. This comes in two developing areas of the world who         and your personal stake in the regular support they can manage.
parts – there is a permanent en- can use whatever help available to        program’s brand equity - donat- The Citizen would like to thank M-
dowment, presently of about €42 reduce the financial burden of an          ing to the IAF is a worthwhile A. Cagna & S. Robertson of the
million (generating about €1m in MBA.            The School itself only    contribution to make.               IAF for helping with this article.
interest) and the annual giving,      funds PhD studies, and scholar-         The big donors that do ap- More questions: Cercle RW-12
which last year amounted to ships are an important MBA fund-               proach us always emphasize;
€1.7m (i.e. the equivalent of 40 ing alternative to loans, which are       those points. One recent exam-
odd MBA tuitions), which goes regularly refused and a perhaps              ple, who had made a
toward current projects.              declining proportion of sponsored                                to give
                                                                           fortune, said they wanted Alumni participation in annual funds
                                      places.                              significant amounts                       (Percent)
   In real world terms that sounds      The second major area of impact    to really worthwhile
like a good amount of money but for current students is in expand-         causes and those Havard                                              75
the school feels that if it is to ing electives and endowing chairs        that were truly suf- Stanford
remain competitive with U.S. busi- in new areas. The IAF recently                                                                            70
                                                                           fering, so they had
ness schools in terms of MBA funded the chair in Entrepreneur-             not initially consid-  Wharton                 30
student quality and rankings it ship and the number of entrepre-           ered business edu-        LBS               25
needs to compare itself in fund neurship electives has increased           cation. But when INSEAD
raising terms too, especially since to ten with its funding.                                                      15
                                                                           they thought of the
INSEAD does not have the same
The INSEAD CITIZEN                                                                                                                                        Page 4

MS.OB & MR.OB                                        INSEAD’ S A G O N Y A U N T A N D U N C L E A N S W E R A L L YOUR B U R N I N G Q U E S T I O N S
Dear Mr. OB,                         means possible. Yours, Mr. OB,             cause I always hear two sides to Dear Mr. OB,
   What is SARS, and should we be                                               every story, which one should I Where is Ms. OB?
scared of it? Fearfully yours,       Dear Mr. OB,                               believe?
                                                                                                                 Devotedly Yours
SARS-phobic                             My ding list is now three pages         Politically confused
                                     long, should I worry? Dingfully,                                                     Dear Devoted reader,
Dear ignoramus,                      Ding Master                                Dear politically confused,
                                                                                                                          Ms. OB is suffering from a hang-
    SARS is the Sexual Activity Re-                                                I know what you mean, I watch          over as a result of the Aussie
duction Syndrome. It affects those Dear Ding master,                            CNN and Al Jazeera and some-              Week party. She is trying to re-
MBA students who have seen a                                                    times I feel they are talking about       cover to be ready in time for the
considerable decline in their sexual Can you say: Would you like                two different planets. There is no        Scandinavian Party. At the same
activities. It can even affect those fries with that?                           universal TRUTH out there, for            time she has to pretend she is
who had no prior sexual activities Yours, Mr. OB                                example, INSEAD ranks 6th on FT           sober for her consulting inter-
but had aspirations of such activi-                                             but further down the line in the          views. So the last thing she
ties prior to coming to INSEAD and Dear Mr. OB,                                 Economist. So if you're faint at          needs is to hear you whining
consequently faced a disappoint- After IPA class I always decide to             heart I suggest you stick to one          about your troubles. She will be
ment. To avoid contracting the get more informed about current                  source, the one that makes you            more than glad to talk to you,
disease we urge you to immedi- events, but I get confused be-                   sleep better at night. Mr. OB             however, if you have any job
ately fulfill your needs by any                                                                                           connections. Yours, Mr. OB

MUM            SAID          I   WOULD NOT LEARN                                          LANGUAGES! —                                 BY   L YN T ERN
   I have been learning some use-       dent. However, user beware, it can      means to strike out with a                 Bien sur: A useful term, espe-
ful French terms as well, which         have strong consequences if you         'bombe' because you are too              cially when the French teacher
may not help me pass my third           are looking to impress a stranger.      drunk (ie she heard you calling          asks you if you have done your
language requirements for IN-             Elle est une bombe - As the           her a bombe) or your lack of             homework... the answer is always:
SEAD, but at least will aid me in       Americans would say: She is Dy-         culture preceded you (using              Of course!!
surviving the French jungle. I          yyyynoooooooooo- mite!! Yes, it is      'merde' instead of 'petain'). Ei-         Ensemble: means together. I use
guarantee that if you learn these       most likely a translation from          ther way, you have scored a              it a lot when I go to Paris, in
terms, you may not know how to          crude American culture from the         rake. Congratulations. Your only         strange bars. Firstly, to get into
look for a doctor, but you will be      70s (The American Good Times            option is to slink away back to          the place without a reservation
an instant celebrity amongst the        sitcom has had a lasting effect on      the pack, or to yell insults, which      (imagine reserving a table in
French people around you (and,          the French population so it             is the next topic.                       French) and then when I order
depending on the order in which         seems), they have adopted it as          Ta mere est a poil dans ... : the       drinks, I usually look around for
you say the terms, you may get to       their own and use it only in certain    French are not one to use vulgar-        the dirty old man with a young
see a doctor anyway!!).                 occasions: ie in male hunting           ity in the extremes like other           entourage, point and say
  Putain       - pronounced             packs, where the point is not to        cultures, so the normal Oedipus'         'Ensemble'. Seems to have
'Petaahn'. A very useful term for       seek and acquire, but merely com-       references are thankfully absent         worked so far.
all occasions, it is used to express    ment from the sidelines while           from the swear word vocabulary.            Ca suffit: A fitting end to the
sudden dismay and surprise,             getting progressively drunk and         Instead, they rely again on im-          chapter, it is simple in its pro-
much like the Australian/British        incomprehensible. If, indeed, you       agery and ridicule as a prime            nounciation and application: it
word: bugger. I use it quite a lot in   decide to pursue the 'bombe', you       insult mechanism. Take the cur-          applies everywhere, and means:
trains when I have stepped in dog       will most probably encounter the        rent example, which means: your          it is enough for me. So at the food
poo left by the German Shepherd         next useful term.                       mother is naked in ... (insert           counter you say: Ca suffit, and the
owned by the Neo-Nazi sitting              J'ai prends une ratau - I have       place name). I will not hypothe-         cook stops heaping boiled fish in
next to me. In other less threaten-     taken a rake. Yes, that is what it      sise too much as to the historical       beer on your plate, or at the gas
ing cases (i.e. poodle owned by         means. Simple yet elegant, it           undertones of this insult, but its       station 'ca suffit' is commonly
old lady) use the next term..           is filled with imagery, once you        relative innocence is quite sweet,       used to express discontent at
  Merde - literally, when you step      understand what the hell it is. In      and if uttered in front of the           paying 1.10 euros per litre of
in dog poo, it means the stuff that     the interests of cultural under-        'bombe' who you just 'prends une         petrol. Finally, to bring it back to
you have just stepped in. Faecal        standing, it means to step on a         ratau' with, it may endear her           our analogies, ca suffit will be
matter is a big thing in France - its   rake that is lying on the floor, and    enough to see you in another             most probably used by the
omnipresence is sometimes over-         as you attempt to go forward, the       light (either that, or she's won-        'bombe', who is tired of you butch-
whelming. With close friends,           petit 'petain' comes and hits you       dering why you are imagining her         ering her language, and suc-
Merde can signal your strong            square on the head. Does this           mother naked in the supermar-            cumbs to speaking English with
disapproval at a particular inci-       make more sense? In effect, it          ket)                                     you.

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    INSEAD FASHION EXPOSÉ —                                                                 C L O T H E S T H E D E A L — B Y C A N D Y M O S S -J O V O V I C H
       In the third in my series of busi-      Mr. Suave                                  tended lunch in the cafete-
    ness school fashion, I arrived at              does it                                ria and found a table of try-
    the INSEAD campus in Fontaine-             again in a                                 hards attempting to match
    bleau, France (just 67kms from            blue cham-                                  Zegna pants with blush
    Avenue Montaigne in the 8th – oh         bray shirt by                                pink Polo shirts and cream
    la la!) fully expecting the              Zegna. Polo                                  cashmere sweaters slung
    “cosmopolitan blend of east               Ralph Lau-                                  ever so fastidiously over
    meets west and euro-grunge with             ren cash-                                 shoulders. It just didn’t
    an unexpected Scandinavian                       mere                                 work.
    twist” that the charming Dean                 sweater                                   I saw perhaps three
    Pekka had so earnestly promised                around                                 women during my campus
    me.                                        waist and                                  tour and to my horror all of
      Oh Lord, Wharton had been                  Paul Cox                                 them sported grotty lace
    hideous. Grey days started out                loafers.                                up shoes and no lip gloss.
    with cheap grey suits and that             Confident                                  The new dean has a way
    was just the women, the guys                pose sold                                 with fuschia pink lipstick
    dressed like librarians – yes, I         separately .                                 and power pink twin-sets
    counted 28 hues of brown cardi-          “it is what is                               to match but she is making
    gans – and there was barely a            inside    that                               no impression on the fash-
                           hint of perky     counts” be-                                  ion sense of her charges.
                           tush in tai-      fore laughing                                Cool Britannia is dead.
                           lored pants       and inform-                                    OK – now we come to
                           of either sex     ing me that                                              INSEAD. The
                           visible any-      “high heels                                              ladies     here
                           where – little    are just not                                             may represent
                           wonder the        sensible                                                 just 25% of the
                           school rates      when I have                                              student popu-
                           poorly in the     s e v e n                                                lation but –           Our hero gets some bar service with
                           campus -sex       classes and                                              whoa mama! –           ZARA cargo pants that can always be
                           stakes.      It   three group                                              these    babes         paired with a vintage Levi’s denim
                           seemed as         meetings                                                 can dress! I           jacket, black GAP hooded top and
                           though any-       daily all over                                           mean, it is not        scuffed white trainers. Hair by Alfonso.
                           thing    circa    the campus.                                              like they need
                           1985 was de                                                                                       of titanium stilettos were difficult
                                             We are very                                              to make any
                           rigeur here –                                                                                     to miss!
                                             practical here                                           effort with a
                           I asked one       you know.” –                                             gender imbal-             From my extensive on-campus
                           young lady        yes my dear,                                             ance like that         interviews and personal global
                           why       she     practical and                                            but most of            fashion insight, here is the fash-
                           wore a track-     tragic.                                                  these    babes         ion barometer for spring/summer
                           suit      and                                                              were out to            2003 at INSEAD (or P4 and P5 as
                                               LBS      had
                           trainers    to                                                             impress.        I      a tall charming Italian guy re-
                                             potential but
                           school, she                                                                could     have         ferred to the season). Apparently
                           told me that                                                               sworn I spotted        the P stands for “Pretty girl, I can
                                             squandered       Fitted Agnes B tops are matched
Yes, that is a Gucci jacket matched                                                                   three pairs of         take you to Paradise” .
                                             all chances      with Versace denim & Jimmy Choo
with snakeskin Manolos and Chloe
                                             when I at-       pumps – the pointier the better. The Manolo’s on my            WARNING LADIES! Hot flush com-
jeans. Nathalie enjoys prêt-a-porter.                                                                visit – the pair        ing on…
                                                              industrious look is priceless.

    LADIES – the word in fashion                                                    GUYS – the haves and have-nots
     IN                                      OUT                                    IN                        OUT
     Mini skirts – the shorter the           Kitten heels – too common              Soft linen pants – girls still han-       ¾ length anything – DO NOT
     better                                                                         ker for the Ricky Martin beach            wear those dreadful mid-calf
     Halter necks – summer is for            Pashminas – so 1998
                                                                                    Anything pink – be daring, be             Any free T’shirt (i.e. Dutch
     Stilettos – anything you can do         Fitted jackets – too many              different, enough of the navy             Week, Bain) – shows poor per-
     to attract attention to your            around campus just aren’t tight        blues and blacks                          sonal grooming
     toned calf muscles is good              enough                                 Cowboy boots – oh yes, ride me            Javier Gimeno Cardigans -
                                                                                    (I mean, “ride ‘em!”)                     shapeless
     Feminine floral designs – girly         One shoulder tops – too J-Lo           Funky T’shirts – make a state-            Baggy Denim pants – sorry
     is in                                                                          ment, deliver a message with              boys: no ass, no lovin’ – get the
     Anything pleated – folds and            GAP scarves – awful cheap              your chest                                picture?
     folds                                   striped nooses                         Hipsters – a good-fitting pair            Ralph Lauren ‘Polo’ shirts of
                                                                                    can go a long way w/ the ladies           any colour – too establishment,
                                                                                                                              shows no fashion flair
The INSEAD CITIZEN                                                                                                                              Page 6

FTB SPORTS AND SOCIAL REPORT —                                                            BY   SUZANA AND GUY

BRITISH WEEK                                                                 One of the unforgettable moments of the week was the “boat race”.
  This year’s Brit week was a resoundingly successful mix of politics      The event was a huge success. The cafeteria was packed with crazy
and populism. Highlights included a traditional British ‘pub night’,       supporters of all the teams. Competition was as tough as it could be,
complete with real ale and pork scratchings, and culminating in the        so congratulations to the Germans, South Africans, Indians, Brazilians
lurid delights of ‘Blind Date’. Peregrine Hood was the suitably debo-      and Japanese who made it to the final. Maybe some of our Professors
nair host of this delightfully dirty event, as budding Casanovas vied      can derive a formula to explain how they were able to drink so fast….
for the chance to win a dream date at exotic Fontainebleau venues.           One question didn’t get out of my mind during the week: Tim, where
   The counterpoint to this festival of smut was the visit by Sir John     did you find that amazing outfit you were wearing in the Amphi Storm-
Holmes, the British Ambassador to France. Sir John outlined what           ing??? You looked really sexy. Everyone was jealous of the lucky guy
Britain considers its role in the international community should be in     who had the privilege of holding you on his lap. The boat race turned
these difficult times, and fielded direct questions about British in-      out to be more Latin than Australian in the end.
volvement in the Iraq conflict. Thanks to the co-operation of                All the rules were broken and the winners were the Americans who
INDEVOR, this was combined with a talk from Dennis Halliday, for-          had not even qualified for the final...
merly head of the UN’s Oil for Food program in Iraq. Due to the
transport strike, the much-anticipated debate was cut short, but
both men contributed to what was nevertheless a fascinating eve-
   The climax of the evening was the ‘School Disco’ themed party at
Chateau Bellefontaine. The girls looked delightful in their school
uniforms, with pigtails and freckles de rigueur, while the boys
looked suitably mischievous. The Chateau was rocking with songs
from the likes of Wham until the early hours of Saturday morning,
and the number of sore heads the next day bore witness to a suita-
bly British evening. Special mention must go to the principal organ-
izers of the week, Alistair Phelps and Vicky Davies, for all their hard

  The Aussies definitely innovated by bringing to INSEAD not only a
movie night, but a Festival with 12 great Australian movies.        The queens of the Amphis, with their lifesavers , sheilas, and bushmen

SARS             AT        INSEAD —                          CONT’D FROM P A G E 1

killed 119 people worldwide.           issue. To the question “How in-         trayed in a comment by Holger           Its direct effect on Europe
About 3,000 cases of infection         formed are you?” about 3 stu-           Fink, an Asian-campus based             seems for now contained to a
are reported; mainly in South East     dents out of 4 felt knowledgeable       student: “Following the intense         few cases. But the case is far
Asia, but North America and            about SARS (with Singapore obvi-        opinion exchange of the last few        from closed here in Fontaine-
Europe are getting infected as         ously scoring close to 100%) and        days, I have somewhat changed           bleau. With a campus that was
well.                                  the same proportion believing that      my opinion expressed on Monday          already grossly overcrowded, we
    How bad are these numbers?         it is a global health crisis or risk.   and accept that people might see        should prepare ourselves to fight
According to the Singaporean               At the same time these results      SARS differently and don't feel         for every inch of space in the
government, the health risk has        were coming out, the MBA admin-         like coming back to Sing.”              next few months. The record
been under control for the last        istrators were sending messages            That same day, the MBA Dean          number of students that will be
week or so. However, with the          like the following: “The situation in   took a decision that seemed un-         on campus has already affected
number of infections increasing        Singapore is stabilising, and con-      avoidable: “We fully understand         our choice of electives (have not
by 50% during that period, my          tainment measures taken by the          that individuals have different         heard about cut-off points yet,
POM cheat sheet tells me that          Singapore government appear to          comfort levels when it comes to         but expecting to set new stan-
this process is not exactly "in        be working.” At that point, our 23      traveling in uncertain times [and]      dards) and will translate into
control". Many pointed out that        waitlisted switchers had organized      therefore, we will leave it up to       overcrowded classes, ever-full
death rates of basic flu are far       themselves quite well, even bring-      individual participants to decide       parking lots and rare available
above those of SARS. But the two       ing doctors’ notes into play, and       whether they wish to change their       cubicles or seats in the cafe.
are not exactly comparable. SARS       creating a rare movement of so-         campus choice for the May/June             While not finding a seat in the
is a new disease; it is not known      cial support at INSEAD.                 period.” This resulted in a mini-       latter could be considered a
how it spreads or how to cure it,         Of course, this had to end up in     diaspora of the student body            blessing, a question remains:
nor how we can effectively protect     a mass-mail sprawl, but for once -      towards Fonty and according to          will the quality of education de-
ourselves.                             ignoring the usual extremist out-       the MBA office we should expect         livered by INSEAD –and its repu-
    So in order to gather a less bi-   bursts- we, the students, voiced        a record 725 MBAs here next             tation- be negatively affected by
ased opinion, we went to you, our      our unanimous concern for those         period.                                 SARS? Or will we benefit from
readers, both in Fontainebleau         who were being forced to go to             As I submit this for printing, the   having shown that we have been
and Singapore, to ask you what         Singapore. The arguments were           spread of SARS seems to be at           able to tighten our belts when
your thoughts –if any- were on the     tense, but constructive, as por-        least stagnating -if not receding.      push came to shove?
The INSEAD CITIZEN                                                                                                                                  Page 7

FTB SPORTS AND SOCIAL REPORT —                                                                  BY   SUZANA AND GUY

RUGBY: INSEAD hang on for victory                                                 Marathon, with 13 entrants including a Wharton exchange student, a
   Following a rousing rendition of the Marseillaise and the custom-              faculty member and a partner. Despite the freezing and overcast
ary farewell kiss from Pascale, the INSEAD Rugby team set off for                 conditions, the level of performance was outstanding, and special
Amsterdam in high spirits and berets. The potential ennui of the                  mention must go to Carol Johns who completed her first ever mara-
long coach journey was alleviated by cultural tips from our own fly-              thon in a fantastic time of 3:24 to become the INSEAD champion –
ing Dutchman, Wouter Staatsen, who also taught us some key                        and one of the top 3% in her age group!
phrases for getting by in the Netherlands.                                          The INSEAD results in full were (* denotes first time marathon run-
   After an overnight stay in Leiden, where the local students invited            ners):
us to their famous bar, the team arrived at the Amsterdam Rugby                   *JOHNS Carol 03h 24' 15"; ZOTT Christoph 03h 24' 53"; GOERTZ
Club ground – home of Ascrum, our opposition - feeling well-                      Alexander 03h 42' 18"; MILLAR Samuel 03h 43' 39"; *DOHERTY
refreshed and ready for action. The INSEAD pack quickly estab-                    Mélanie 03h 54' 44"; BRADAMANTE Enrico 03h 54' 44"; STILLMAN
lished control of the game, and marshalled by the omnipresent Dan                 Laura 03h 57' 03"; FAWCETT Simon 03h 57' 03"; *VOELLMY Lukas
Paltridge the rookie forwards gave another display of commitment                  04h 02' 00"; SCHOSSMANN Bernd 04h 12' 04"; THOMPSON Scott
and athleticism.                                                                  04h 57' 33"; HA Marie 05h 07' 16.
   This gave the backs a platform from which they ran in two early                  Special mention must also go to Olivier Benichou, who after several
tries, one particularly well-worked as a long pass allowed the un-                                                    months of hard training was
stoppable bulk of full-back Gideon Rutherford to slice through the                                                    forced to retire with a knee injury
defense like a hot knife through butter.                                                                              – better luck next year Olivier!
   The Dutch started to get back into the game, but with Club Presi-
dent Geoff Hutchinson powering the pack on with several surging                                                              Some of our star runners:
charges, and Pete Mason capping an all-action display with a virtu-
                                                                                                                             From right to left, Enrico, Lu-
oso try, INSEAD went into the final 10 minutes with a 29-7 lead. At
                                                                                                                             kas, Scott, Carol, Alex, Bernd,
this point some fitness issues arose, but despite the close final
score the rampant first half performance proved enough to secure
   Final score: INSEAD 29 (Tries: King, Rutherford, Gomes, Bateman,
Perry; Conversions: Cecil 2), Ascrum 24

                                                                                                                     SQUASH: Jan-Sept Showdown
                                                                                                                        After narrowly losing to the past
                                                                                                                     promotion, the Septembers are
                                                                                                                     anxiously awaiting a chance to
                                                                                                                     finally put the Januaries in their
                                                                                                                     place during the upcoming inter-
                                                                                                                     promotion squash tournament.
                                                                                                                     As always, the motto is "no pris-
                                                                                                                     oners taken" so get ready to
                                                                                                                     sweat it out in the only 'real' sport
                                                                                                                     on campus and be there to play
                                                                                                                     or support your team. FYI, in the
The Dream –Team goes Dutch                                                                                           last tournament, one match
                                                                                  ended up with a September landing a big blue mark on his behind
RUNNING: Paris Marathon: INSEADers keep on runnin’                                and a January with a big lump on his head...this is not a match for the
  The INSEAD community was well represented at the 2003 Paris                     faint-hearted! (Please contact Saurabh Saklani for more information)

                                THE INSEAD CITIZEN: OUR CODE                                       AND      OU R TEAM
   We aim to provide the INSEAD stu-     individuals. Therefore any criticism     paper do not reflect INSEAD policy.     Thomas Dobson       Staff Writer
dent community with a forum to voice     will be built on facts rather than                                               Pierre Boscq        Staff Writer
their interests and concerns as well     merely opinion and whenever possi-       Contributors to this edition include:   Valerie Pritchard   Staff Writer
as a place for sharing experiences       ble, will be accompanied by alterna-     Pilar Junco           Editor            Anila Gramashi      Staff Writer
and opinions, and learning from each     tive suggestions.                        Arnout Jacobs         Publisher         Guy Pascoe          Staff Writer
other and about each other.                 We will maintain complete editorial   Rohan Barnett         Staff Writer      Suzana Kertesz      Staff Writer
   At the same time, we acknowledge      independence while striving to im-       Nabil Nazer           Staff Writer      Daniella Alpher     Staff Writer
that every issue has at least two        prove the INSEAD experience in a
                                                                                  Andrew MacMillan Staff Writer           Adele Sulcas        Staff Writer
sides, and we will therefore strive to   mature and objective manner.
maintain a balanced discourse be-                                                 Leandro Almeida       Staff Writer      Gregory Cox         Business Dev.
                                            The INSEAD Citizen is an independ-
tween different opinions and claims,     ent initiative by the INSEAD MBA         Pan Pan               Staff Writer      Simon Murrell       Business Dev.
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response.                                free of charge to the INSEAD audi-       Annemarie Van Neck Staff Writer           to send us a letter with our opin-
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