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Improving Health and Healthcare In
Brighton and Hove-Our first progress
           11th November 2009
                 Jury’s Inn
Improving Health and Health care-
          one year on
       Progress, challenges and
  Our Vision and Promises

This PCT is passionate about keeping
people well and making sure that high
quality care is provided when they are not

The PCT will do this by listening and
acting on views of the public, patients and
clinicians, and through its excellent staff
and great partnerships
                       Our Progress
• One of the 13 most improved commissioning
  Organisations nationally (CQC)-Resources and Quality
• Assessed as being in the top 40% organisations delivering
  world class commissioning competencies and for our
  overall strategy and governance
• Increasing service quality, access and choice
   – New Health centre for the City
   – New diabetes pathway
   – Quality of Primary Care and Urgent care services (A/E and
     Roving GP for urgent daytime visits)
   – Continuing to deliver maximum waiting times of 18 weeks
     across the patient journey
                    Our Progress
Improving Health and wellbeing
  • Increasing access for people to psychological therapies,
    brief interventions for alcohol related admissions and
    social marketing
  • Targeted interventions to reduce teenage pregnancy
  • Increasing the uptake of childhood immunisations and
    vascular screening through primary care
  • Childhood obesity-Healthy Weight action Plan including
    Access to dietary services and physical activity at
    children’s services/Community based clinic within the
       We still have much more to do
• Death rates are decreasing but we still have higher rates
  amongst men
• We have strong partnerships aimed at tackling inequalities-
  needs of individuals and families rather than just
• Obesity is below average amongst very young children but
  still too high when they leave school
• Drug misuse, hospital stays related to alcohol related
  admissions and suicide rates are amongst the highest
• We still have too many early deaths from cancer
• We need to continue to reduce variation in the quality of
  experience and outcome-across and within in primary care
  as well at our local hospitals.
                    New challenges
We’re making good progress on changing the way we work

But the economic situation means change is now urgent:

• Probability that the NHS will not receive increases in funding
  for the next few years but demand is rising

• £15bn-20bn nationally; locally about £25-£30m per year

• Impact right across the public sector

• Only by working together can we succeed
Opportunities :Improving quality and reducing
• Reducing costs does not mean reducing quality-we cannot
  afford poor quality care.
• This is not about spending less, but spending more wisely.
• We need to better target our preventative health
  interventions to prevent future ill, improve better long term
  health as well as reduce inequalities
• Care that is safe and effective means fewer visits, hospital
  admissions and shorter stays
• This is not just better for our patients; we can re-invest our
  money to better meet local needs and improve outcomes
         We can all make a difference
• We face challenging times but we have an opportunity
to secure a strengthened local NHS for the future.
• Talent and commitment of our staff is our greatest
• All staff have a responsibility to look for ways to
improve quality and cut out waste.
• We all have a responsibility to create the culture and
environment to make this happen.
                  Programme – Workshops
                         Session 1 - 10.15 – 10.55
                           Refreshments 11:00-11:20

                         Session 2 – 11:20 -12:00
    • Room 1 - Transforming Primary and Community Services
  Key themes and challenges in improving primary and community services

                   • Room 2 - Adding Years to Life
             Improving life expectancy and reducing inequality

   • Room 3 - Maximising Life Chances for Children and Families
                       Future strategies for the city

             • Room 4 - Delivering a healthy young city
Mental health wellbeing, prevention and treatment for people of working age