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* Mature Readers

Paul’s Top Five Favorite Comic Book Titles
   1. 100 Bullets* (DC)
   2. Planetary (DC/Wildstorm)
   3. Runaways (Marvel)
   4. True Story Swear to God* (AiT/Planet Lar)
   5. Ultimates (Marvel)

Paul’s Top Five Favorite Graphic Novels
   1. Between the Sheets* / Erica Sakurazawa (TokyoPop – 1591823234)
   2. Blankets / Craig Thompson (Top Shelf – 1891830430)
   3. Starman: Sins of the Father / James Robinson and Tony Harris (DC –
   4. Superman: Red Son / Mark Millar and Dave Johnson (DC – 1401201911)
   5. Watchman / Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons (DC – 0930289234)

Kevin’s Top Five Favorite Comic Book Titles
   1. Ex Machina* (DC/Wildstorm)
   2. Invincible (Image)
   3. JSA (DC)
   4. Superman/Batman (DC)
   5. Ultimate Spider-man (Marvel)

Kevin’s Top Favorite Graphic Novels
   1. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns / Frank Miller & Klaus Janson (DC –
   2. Bone: One Volume Edition / Jeff Smith (Cartoon Books - 188896314X)
   3. Pedro and Me: Friendship, Loss and What I Learned / Judd Winick (Henry Holt
       – 0805064036)
   4. Sandman: The Doll’s House / Neil Gaiman (DC – 0930289595)
   5. The Tale of One Bad Rat / Bryan Talbot (Dark Horse – 1569710775)

            The Ultimate, Must Have, Don’t Get Caught
                   Dead Without These, Comics

        Comic Title             Publisher     All   Super-    Media    Mature
                                             Ages    hero    Tie-Ins   Reader
100 Bullets                   DC/Vertigo                                 X
Amazing Spider-man            Marvel                  X
Astonishing X-Men             Marvel                  X
Authority                     DC/Wildstorm
Batman                        DC                      X
Batman Strikes                DC              X                X
Battle of the Planets         Top Cow
Birds of Prey                 DC                      X
Buffy the Vampire Slayer      Dark Horse                       X
Captain America               Marvel                  X
Cartoon Network Block Party   DC              X                X
Daredevil                     Marvel                  X
Ex Machina                    DC/Wildstorm            X                  X
Exiles                        Marvel                  X
Fables                        DC/Vertigo                                 X
Fantastic Four                Marvel                  X
Flash                         DC                      X
G.I. Joe                      Image                            X
Hellboy                       Dark Horse              X
Incredible Hulk               Marvel                  X
Invincible                    Image
Iron Man                      Marvel                  X
JLA                           DC                      X
JSA                           DC                      X
Justice League Unlimited      DC              X                X
Looney Tunes                  DC              X
Marvel Age Fantastic Four     Marvel          X       X
Marvel Age Spider-man         Marvel          X       X
New Avengers                  Marvel                  X
Planetary                     DC/Wildstorm            X
Power Puff Girls              DC              X
Runaways                      Marvel                  X
Scooby-Doo                    DC                               X
Smallville                    DC                               X
Spider-Girl                   Marvel          X       X
Star Wars (Various Titles)    Dark Horse                       X
Superman                      DC                      X
Superman/Batman               DC                      X
Teen Titans                   DC                      X
Teen Titans Go!               DC              X                X
Ultimate Fantastic Four       Marvel                  X
Ultimate Spider-man           Marvel                  X
Ultimate X-Men                Marvel                  X
Ultimates                     Marvel                  X
Uncanny X-Men                 Marvel                  X
Wolverine                     Marvel                  X
Wonder Woman                  DC                      X
X-Men                         Marvel                  X
Y – The Last Man              DC/Vertigo                                 X

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