Health and Safety

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					Health and Safety at Work

  Everyone has the right to work
  in safe and healthy conditions
What do you expect to find?
   Clean toilet and washing facilities
   A pleasant well lit working
    environment that is neither too hot
    nor cold
   No dangerous hazards such as toxic
    substances lying around, dangerous
    materials or faulty equipment.
Legal Responsibility

   Risk Assessment
    “a study of all the possible risks
      associated with carrying out work
Why are we safer today?
   Modern work is typically safer and
   Trade unions put pressure on the
    government and employers to create
    healthier and safer working
   Health and Safety laws
The Health and Safety at Work
   Regulations for Employers
   Set up emergency procedures
   Provide information for employees
    about Health and Safety, which is
    easy to understand
   Provide training for all employees
    including those starting work for the
    first time
   Employees also have
    responsibilities for
    Health and Safety
     Employee Responsibilities
            You must:

   Use equipment and dangerous
    substances in accordance with the
    training and information you receive
   Report dangerous situations and any
    weaknesses in Health and Safety
    practice at your workplace
      Health and Safety
   Employers appoint competent people
    to help them comply with Health and
    Safety regulations
      Appoint a Health and Safety

      Have Trade Union safety

     Glossary of Important

   Health and Safety at Work Act
   Health and Safety at Work
     Glossary of Important

   Risk Assessment
   Trade Union Safety
   The Management of Health and
    Safety Regulations 1999