FRIDAY SERMON
            5 MAY 2000 M / 1 SAFAR 1421 H
              Youth are pillars of the nation

Let us fulfil our responsibilities as the khalifah of this earth by
increasing our level of conviction and Iman to Him. Hopefully, we
will be put together with this servants as told in surah At-Talaq,
verse 2-3:

Which means: And for those who fear Allah, He (ever) prepares a
way out, And He provides for him from (sources) he never could

Dear Friday congregations,
The human race has always been burdened with all kinds of
responsibilities. Obligation towards one-self, his religion, family
and his society. Whether we like it or not, we have to fulfil these
responsibilities. We would be held accountable in the life here-
after towards the fulfillment of these obligations and whatever that
we have done in this life. What would our answer be if at this
moment we are still lost in the temptations of this world.

Dear respected audience,
Let it be known that the most challenging and testing stage of
one’s life is the youth. That is the peak of one’s life and thus
should be used to good benefit as stated by Rasulullah saw which

Seek five things before five things: your youth before our old age;
your health before your sickness; your wealth before your poverty;
your free time before your busy time; and your life before your

The foremost thing that was highlighted by Rasulullah in that
hadith is that we must utilize our youth. If were to think deeply
about it, youth is the most appropriate stage to start something, to

mould a life and the society. It is this stage that we have ample
time and energy. If only the youths today are aware of this fact
and contribute accordingly to the nation. Let’s flip back the pages
of history at the time of Rasulullah where the youths were actively
contributing to the cause of Islam and at the same time built a
harmonious society. Great examples would be Saiyidina Ali ibn
Talib, Bilal ibn Rabah, Ammar ibn Yassir and others. They were
the youths that carried the daunting task of da’wah Islamiah,
striving for the glory of Islam and the welfare of the society. The
same applies to Saiyidatuna Aisyah, Asma’, Fatimah and Ummu
Salamah who made contribution, especially to the woman of that
time. They were the noble and honourable generation of Islamic
youth, who truly loved Islam and His prophet. Thus let us not just
assume that our responsibility is only towards ourselves and it is
enough to just perform daily ibadahs. Please be informed, my
dear brothers, that serving for the benefit of the society is our
responsibility as well.

Dear Muslimin rahimakumullah,
As explained earlier, the youth is our hope. A lost youth means a
lost nation. It is our responsibility to nurture and guide them to
become a righteous youth who takes pride in Islam. Unfortunately,
the opposite is apparent today. What we are witnessing is the

scary fact that some youth are totally drifted away and lost. They
are not helping to build a nation, rather they are adding more
problems to the society. The problem of moral degradation is
mounting. They are willing to stay awake all night to spend time
with peers. Drinking has become a norm. Drug-abuse, flirting
around and free mixing among the male and female, frequenting
discos – there is no longer any feeling of shame and
embarrassment among them. When they are bored, night-clubs
will be their destination. To have a change or atmosphere, they
claimed. Whereas these are the places that will destroy them,
their morale values, their families and ultimately the society. What
is most sad about this phenomenon is that many of these youth
are Muslim youths, the minority in this country. Where has their
rational gone to? Can they be labeled as societal pests? And who
is to be blamed? Themselves, the family or the society as a

All of us have to play our roles in tackling this problem. For
instance, at home, the parents should constantly create the
awareness in their children of their responsibilities through advice,
reminders and by leading through good example as well as
providing a balanced secular and religious knowledge. In
friendship, we can remind our friends about the consequences of

going beyond religious limitations. The role of the society in turn is
to abstain ourselves from encouraging them to be swayed and
taken in by the negative influences of the media. We have to be
selective in our choice of entertainment for without us realizing it,
such programmes can create confusion and do leave a negative
impact in the heart of society, especially among the youths.

Dear honoured congregation,
We could not separate knowledge from our lives. Knowledge is a
very important asset in moulding the way one lives. It is not
sufficient to just perform the ibadah’s without the knowledge for
such practice may lead to blind faith. It is only with knowledge that
one is able to distinctly identify the rights and wrongs. Coupled
with noble akhlaq, such youths’ da’wah could reach to the
masses. This is stated by Allah swt in surah An-Nahl, verse 125;

Which means: Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and
beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best
and most gracious: for thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed
from His Path, and who receive guidance.

It is only through being a good role model that our youths could
leave a positive impact in building the society and nation. That
would be the role of our youths today in building a progressive
and cultured society that can in turn create a proud nation.

                      Khutbah Kedua

Sidang Jumaat yang dirahmati Allah sekalian,

Marilah kita tingkatkan ketaqwaan kita kepada Allah s.w.t dengan
bersegera membuat segala suruhanNya dan meninggalkan
segala tegahannya, semoga diri kita, keluarga kita dan
masyarakat kita tergolong dalam golongan orang-orang yang
berjaya, amin.

Sidang Jumaat yang dirahmati Allah,
Di dalam khutbah yang pertama tadi, saya telah menyentuh
tentang peranan pemuda pemudi sebagai tonggak negara.
Mereka adalah harapan masyarakat dan negara bagi
kemakmuran ktia pada masa akan datang dan bagi memastikan
kesinambungan ajaran ugama Islam di negara ini. Rasulullah

dalam satu hadithnya pernah menyuruh kita merebut waktu muda
kita sebelum datang waktu tua.

Kita lihat bagaimana Rasulullah menekankan pentingnya waktu
muda kita. Waktu inilah kita seharusnya mengisikannya dengan
ilmu. Waktu muda inilah kita seharusnya habiskannya dengan
persiapan bagi mengahadapi masa akan datang. Waktu muda
datang sekali. Maka janganlah kita sia-siakannya dengan perkara-
perkara yang tidak bermanfaat seperti mengahbiskan masa
dengan hiburan dan berbual-bual kosong atau menghabiskan
masa berborak-borak . Para remaja perlu ingat bahawa
kenikmatan yang mereka rasai ketika berhibur atau
menghabiskan masa dengan berbual-bual adalah satu
kenikmatan yang sementara. Akhirnya apabila mereka dewasa
kelak, mereka akan sedar bahawa alangkah baiknya waktu muda
itu diisi dengan perkara yang bermanfaat seperti mencari ilmu.
Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada gunanya.


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