AAH by abstraks


									             ALL ACCEPTABLE THREES IN COLLINS 2007 DEFINED (new words in bold)                      1

AAH   to exclaim in delight                          AYS   [ay] (affirmative vote)
AAL   East Indian shrub                              AZO   containing nitrogen
AAS   [plural AA] (rough, cindery lava)              BAA   [baa] (to bleat)
ABA   sleeveless garment                             BAC    the university degree of bachelor
ABB   properly weft-yarn                             BAH   intj. expressing disgust
ABO   aborigine                                      BAL   type of shoe (balmoral)
ABS   [plural AB] (abdominal muscle)                 BAM   to strike with a dull sound
ABY   to pay the penalty for (abye)                  BAP   small roll
ACH   interj. Expressing disgust (Scots)             BAS   [ba] (eternal soul in Egyptian mythology)
ADO   bustle                                         BEL   unit of power
ADS   [plural AD] (advertisement)                    BEN   inner room
ADZ   cutting tool (adze)                            BES   Beth, a Hebrew letter
AFF   off                                            BEY   Turkish ruler
AFT   toward the stern                               BEZ   The second tine of a deer’s horn
AGA   Turkish military officer                       BIB   to drink alcohol
AHA   intj. expressing sudden realization            BIO   biography
AHI   a marine food fish                             BIS   [bi] (bisexual)
AHS   pl. of AH                                      BIZ   business
AIA   a waiting-maid or nursemaid                    BOA   large snake
AIN   Hebrew letter (ayin)                           BOD   body
AIS   [pl. AI] (three-toed sloth)                    BOH   same as bo (intj.)
AIT   small island                                   BOI   (slang) a boyish lesbian
AKA   (Maori) a New Zealand vine                     BOK   South African word for buck
AKE   old spelling of ACHE                           BON   French word for good
ALA   a wing                                         BOO   to deride
ALB   long-sleeved vestment                          BOP   to hit
ALF   (Aust. Slang) an uncultivated Australian       BOR   East Anglican form of address meaning
ALP   high mountain                                        neighbour
ALS   [pl. AL] (East Indian tree)                    BOS   [bo] (pal)
ALT   high-pitched note                              BOT   botfly larva
AMA   Oriental nurse (amah)                          BRO   brother
AMI   friend                                         BRR   intj. used to indicate coldness (brrr)
AMP   unit of electric current strength (ampere)     BRU   (South African) a friend
AMU   atomic mass unit                               BUB   young fellow
ANA   collection of information on a subject         BUM   worthless
ANE   one                                            BUR   to remove a rough edge from (burr)
ANI   tropical American black cuckoo                 BYE   free advance to next tournament round
ANN   stipend payable to a parish minister’s widow   BYS   [by] (side issue)
APO   a type of protein                              CAA   (Scots) to call
APP   a computer programme                           CAB   to drive a taxi
ARB   stock trader                                   CAD   ungentlemanly man
ARC   to travel a curved course                      CAG   a cagoule (an anorak or parka)
ARD   a primitive plough                             CAM   rotating machine part
ARF   dog's bark                                     CAW   to caw like a crow
ARK   large boat                                     CAY   small low island
ARS   [ar] (letter 'r')                              CAZ   (slang) casual
ARY   any                                            CEE   letter 'c'
ASP   venemous snake                                 CEL   drawn frame of animation
ASS   donkey                                         CEP   large mushroom (cepe)
ATT   Laotian monetary unit                          CHA   tea
AUA   the yellow eyed mullet                         CHE   dialect form of I (Shakespeare)
AUE   interjection (Maori) n. exclamation of pain    CHI   Greek letter
AUF   an oaf                                         CID   a chief, captain or hero
AUK   a diving seabird                               CIG   short for cigarette
AVA   at all                                         CIS   having certain atoms on same side of
AVE   expression of greeting                               molecule
AVO   monetary unit of Macau                         CIT   contemptuous term for someone who is not a
AWA   away                                                 gentleman
AWL   pointed punching tool                          CLY   old word meaning to seize or steal
AWN   bristlelike appendage of certain grasses       COD   to fool
AYE   affirmative vote                               COL   depression between two mountains
              ALL ACCEPTABLE THREES IN COLLINS 2007 DEFINED (new words in bold)                          2

CON   to swindle                                    EAS   plural of EA
COO   to make the sound of a dove                   EAU   water
COP   to steal                                      EBB   to recede
COR   intj. expressing surprise                     ECH   to eke out (Shakespeare)
COS   lettuce variety                               ECO   contraction - ecology
COX   to direct a racing boat (coxswain)            ECU   old French coin
COZ   cousin                                        EDH   Old English letter
CRU   French word meaning vineyard                  EDS   educations
CUE   to signal a start                             EEK   intj. expressing fright
CUM   together with                                 EEN   plural of ee
CUZ   obsolete form of coz                          EFF   letter 'f' (ef)
CWM   circular basin with steep walls (cirque)      EFS   [ef] (letter 'f')
DAE   Scots form of do                              EFT   newt
DAG   hanging shred                                 EHS   to eh
DAH   dash in Morse code                            EIK   Scots form of eke
DAK   transportation by relay                       ELD   old age
DAL   lentil dish                                   ELF   small, often mischievous fairy
DAN   a level of proficiency (in judo/karate etc)   ELK   large deer
DAP   to dip into water                             ELL   letter 'l'
DAS   plural of da                                  ELM   a type of tree
DAW   to dawn                                       ELS   [el] (letter 'l')
DEB   debutante                                     ELT   dialect word for a young sow
DEE   letter 'D'                                    EME   uncle
DEF   excellent, brilliant                          EMO   rock music with emotional lyrics
DEG   (dialect) to water (e.g. a plant)             EMS   [em] (printer's measurement)
DEI   of, from (in names)                           EMU   large, flightless bird
DEL   differential calculus operator                ENE   obsolete, dialect for even
DES   of the {names}                                ENG   phonetic symbol
DEV   Hindu god (deva)                              ENS   entity
DEX   sulfate used as stimulant                     EON   long period of time (aeon)
DEY   former North African ruler                    ERE   previous to; before
DIB   to fish                                       ERF   South African word for garden plot
DIF   DIFF, a difference                            ERG   unit of work or energy
DIN   to make a loud noise                          ERK   slang for aircraftsman
DIS   to disrespect                                 ERN   erne
DIT   dot in Morse code                             ERR   to make a mistake
DIV   an evil spirit of Persian mythology           ERS   European climbing plant (ervil)
DOB   to inform or betray                           ESS   letter 's' (es)
DOC   doctor                                        EST   a programme designed to develop human
DOD   dialect word meaning to cut the hair of             potential
DOF   (South African) stupid                        ETA   Greek letter
DOH   a musical note                                ETH   Old English letter (edh)
DOL   unit of pain intensity                        EUK   dialect word for itch
DOM   title given to certain monks                  EVE   evening
DON   to put on                                     EVO   (Australian slang) evening
DOO   Scots word for dove                           EWE   female sheep
DOP   a kind of brandy                              EWK   same as euk
DOR   black European beetle                         EWT   an old form of newt
DOS   [DO] (first tone of diatonic musical scale)   EXO   (Australian slang) excellent
DOW   to prosper                                    FAA   (Scots) to fail
DOY   (dialect) a beloved person                    FAB   marvellous
DSO   same as zho                                   FAE   (Scots) from
DUH   used to indicate that something is totally    FAG   to make weary by hard work
      obvious                                       FAH   same as fa
DUI   [duo-pl] (instrumental duet)                  FAP   drunk or fuddled (Shakespeare)
DUN   of a dull brown color/to demand payment       FAS   [fa] (fourth tone of diatonic musical scale)
DUO   instrumental duet                             FAW   a gypsy
DUP   to open                                       FAX   to reproduce by electronic means
DUX   a leader                                      FAY   to join closely
DZO   same as zho                                   FEE   to pay a fee to
EAN   to give birth (Shakespeare)                   FEG   (dialect) a segment of orange
             ALL ACCEPTABLE THREES IN COLLINS 2007 DEFINED (new words in bold)                         3

FEH   Hebrew letter (pe)                           GOX   gaseous oxygen
FEM   passive homosexual                           GOY   non-Jewish person
FEN   marsh                                        GUB   Australian word for white man
FER   for                                          GUE   a kind of violin
FES   a Hebrew letter                              GUL   design in oriental carpets
FET   to fetch                                     GUP   gossip
FEU   to grant land to under Scottish feudal law   GUR   unrefined cane sugar
FEY   crazy                                        GUS   plural of gu
FEZ   brimless cap worn by men in the Near East    GUV   governor
FID   topmast support bar                          GYP   to swindle
FIE   intj. expressing disapproval                 HAE   to have
FIL   coin of Iraq, Jordan                         HAH   ha
FIR   evergreen tree                               HAJ   pilgrimage to Mecca (hadj)
FIZ   hissing or sputtering sound                  HAN   Spenserian plural form of have
FLU   virus disease                                HAO   Vietnamese monetary unit
FOB   to deceive                                   HAP   to happen
FOH   intj. faugh                                  HAW   to turn left
FON   warm, dry wind (foehn)                       HEH   Hebrew letter (heth)
FOP   to deceive                                   HEP   hip
FOU   drunk                                        HES   [he] (male person)
FOY   farewell feast or gift                       HET   Hebrew letter (heth)
FRA   Italian word meaning brother/friar           HEW   to cut with an ax
FRO   away                                         HEX   to cast an evil spell upon
FUB   to fob                                       HEY   intj. used to attract attention
FUD   old-fashioned person                         HIC   intj. used to represent a hiccup
FUG   to make stuffy                               HIE   to hurry
FUM   a fabulous Chinese bird                      HIN   Hebrew unit of liquid measure
GAB   to chatter                                   HMM   intj. expressing thought
GAD   to roam about restlessly                     HOA   intj. expressing exultation
GAE   to go                                        HOB   to provide with hobnails
GAL   girl                                         HOC   Latin word for this
GAM   to visit socially                            HOD   portable trough
GAN   [gin-conj] (to begin)                        HOH   same as ho
GAR   to compel                                    HOI   intj. used to attract attention
GAT   pistol                                       HOM   an ancient Persian sacred plant
GAU   under the Nazi regime, a German political    HON   honeybun
      district                                     HOO   Shakespearian intj. expressing boisterous
GED   food fish                                          emotion
GEE   to turn right                                HOS   plural of ho
GEN   knowledge obtained by investigation          HOX   Shakesperian word meaning to hock
GEO   a gully or creek                             HOY   heavy barge
GEY   very                                         HUH   intj. expressing surprise
GHI   liquid butter made in India (ghee)           HUI   a Maori gathering
GIB   to fasten with a wedge                       HUN   barbarian
GID   disease of sheep                             HUP   intj. used to mark a marching cadence
GIE   to give                                      HYE   obsolete form of hie or high
GIF   old word meaning IF                          HYP   hypochondria
GIG   to catch fish with a pronged spear           ICH   fish disease
GIO   same as geo                                  ICK   intj. expressing distaste
GIP   to gyp                                       IDE   same as id, a fish
GIS   plural of gi                                 IDS   [id] (part of psyche)
GIT   intj. used as an order of dismissal          IFF   if and only if
GJU   same as gue (type of violin)                 IFS   [if] (possible condition)
GNU   large antelope                               IGG   to ignore
GOA   Asian gazelle                                ILK   kind
GOB   to fill a pit with waste                     INS   [in] (influence)
GOE   an old form of geo                           ION   electrically charged atom
GON   a geometrical grade                          IOS   plural of io
GOR   intj. used as a mild oath                    IRE   to anger
GOS   plural of go                                 IRK   to annoy
GOV   short for governor                           ISH   Scottish legal word meaning issue or expiry
             ALL ACCEPTABLE THREES IN COLLINS 2007 DEFINED (new words in bold)                           4

ISM   doctrine                                  LAB    laboratory
ISO   equal                                     LAC    resinous substance secreted by insects
ITA   the miriti palm                           LAH    6 note in the musical scale
ITS   possesive form of [it]                    LAM    to flee
IVY   climbing vine                             LAR    Roman tutelary god
IWI   (Maori) a tribe                           LAS    [pl. LA] (sixth tone of diatonic musical scale)
JAG   to cut unevenly                           LAT    former Latvian monetary unit
JAI   (Hindi) victory                           LAV    lavatory
JAK   a tree of the breadfruit genus            LEA    meadow
JAP   to splatter or splash                     LEE    shelter from the wind
JAY   corvine bird                              LEI    flower necklace
JEE   to turn right (gee)                       LEK    Albanian monetary unit
JEU   game                                      LEP    leap
JEW   to bargain with {offensive}               LES    a lesbian
JIB   to refuse to proceed further              LEU    monetary unit of Rumania
JIG   to bob                                    LEV    Bulgarian monetary unit
JIN   Muslim supernatural being (jinn)          LEW    lukewarm
JIZ   a wig                                     LEX    law
JOE   fellow                                    LEY    lea
JOL   (South African) to have a good time       LEZ    lesbian
JOR   the second movement of a Hindu dance      LIB    liberation
JOW   to toll                                   LIG    to lie about
JUD   a mass of subterranean coal               LIN    waterfall (linn)
JUN   coin of North Korea                       LIS    [LI] (Chinese unit of distance)
JUS   legal right                               LOD   the odds of a logarithm
KAB   ancient Hebrew unit of measure            LOO    to subject to a forfeit at the card game loo
KAE   crow-like bird                            LOP    to chop off
KAF   Hebrew letter (kaph)                      LOR    lord
KAI   food (Maori word)                         LOS    pl. of LO (behold)
KAK   (South Africa) faeces, rubbish            LOU    (Scots) to love
KAM   awry                                      LOX    to supply with lox (liquid oxygen)
KAS   large cupboard/pl. of ka                  LOY    a long, narrow spade
KAT   evergreen shrub                           LUD    a minced form of LORD
KAW   same as CAW, the cry of a crow            LUM    chimney
KAY   letter 'k'                                LUR    a long, curved, Bronze Age trumpet
KEA   parrot                                    LUV    sweetheart
KEB   of ewes, to reject a lamb prematurely     LUX    unit of illumination
KED   a wingless fly that infests sheep         LUZ    a supposedly indestructible bone
KEF   marijuana                                 LYE    solution used to make soap
KEN   to know                                   LYM    Shakespearian form of LYME (a leash)
KEP   to catch                                  MAA    to bleat as a goat
KET   carrion                                   MAC    raincoat
KEX   dry, hollow stalk                         MAE    more
KEY   to provide with a key                     MAG    magazine
KHI   Greek letter (chi)                        MAK    make (Scots)
KIF   marijuana (kef)                           MAL    pain, sickness
KIN   group of related people                   MAM    a mother
KIP   to sleep                                  MAS    [ma] (mother)
KIR   alcoholic beverage                        MAW    to mow
KIS   pl. the vital force in Chinese thought    MAX    maximum
KOA   timber tree                               MED    medical
KOB   reddish brown antelope                    MEE    a Malaysian dish containing noodles
KOI   large Japanese carp                       MEG    a million
KON   to study carefully                        MEL    honey
KOP   hill                                      MEM    Hebrew letter
KOR   Hebrew unit of measure                    MES    plural of ME
KOS   land measure in India                     MEU    a subalpine plant
KOW   a bunch of twigs                          MEW    to meow
KUE   letter 'Q’                                MHO    unit of electrical conductance
KYE   Scots for cows                            MIB    playing marble
KYU   a novice grade in judo                    MIC    a microphone
             ALL ACCEPTABLE THREES IN COLLINS 2007 DEFINED (new words in bold)                         5

MIG   playing marble                                NUR   a knot of wood on a tree
MIL   unit of length                                NUS   [pl. NU] (Greek letter)
MIM   primly demure                                 NYE   obs. spelling of NIGH
MIR   Russian peasant commune                       OAT   cereal grass
MIS   [mi] (third tone of diatonic musical scale)   OBA   a west African chief
MIZ   short for misery                              OBE   African sorcery (obeah)
MNA   a Greek weight                                OBI   African sorcery (obeah)
MOA   extinct flightless bird                       OBS   pl. of OB (an objection)
MOC   soft leather heelless shoe (moccasin)         OCA   South American herb
MOD   one who wears boldly stylish clothes          OCH   expressing impatience (Scots)
MOE   a wry face                                    ODA   a room in a harem
MOG   to move away                                  ODE   lyric poem
MOI   French form of ME (used facetiously)          ODS   [OD] (hypothetical force of natural power)
MOL   unit of quantity in chemistry (mole)          OES   [OE] (a Faroean wind)
MOM   mother                                        OFT   often
MON   man                                           OHM   unit of electrical r       esistance
MOO   to make the sound of a cow                    OHO   intj. expressing surprise
MOR   forest humus                                  OHS   [oh] (to exclaim "oh")
MOS   [MO] (moment)                                 OIK   an ignorant, inferior person
MOT   witty saying                                  OKA   Turkish unit of weight
MOU   mouth Scots)                                  OKE   Turkish unit of weight (oka)
MUM   to act in disguise                            OLE   shout of approval
MUN   man                                           OLM   a blind, cave-dwelling salamander
MUS   [MU] (Greek letter)                           OMS   [OM] (mantra used in meditation)
MUT   mutt                                          ONO   a large mackerel
MUX   to spoil/botch                                ONS   [ON] (side of wicket in cricket)
MYC   a gene that transforms a normal cell into a   ONY   (Scots) any
      cancerous cell                                OOF   intj. expressing effort
NAE   no; not                                       OOH   to exclaim in amazement
NAH   no                                            OOM   uncle
NAM   [nim-conj] (to steal)                         OON   a Scots form of OVEN
NAN   Indian flat round leavened bread              OOP   to bind round with thread or cord
NAS   Spenserian for “ ne was”                      OOR   Scots form of WE
NAT   short for nationalist                         OOS   pl. of OO (Scots form of wool)
NAW   no                                            OOT   out
NAY   negative vote                                 OPE   to open
NEB   bird beak                                     OPS   [op] (style of abstract art)
NED   a young hooligan                              ORA   [os-pl] (orifice)
NEE   born with the name of                         ORB   to form into a sphere
NEF   a church NAVE (main part of a church)         ORC   marine mammal (orca)
NEG   a photographic negative                       ORD   a beginning
NEK   a COL (a mountain pass)                       ORF   a zoonotic viral infection
NEP   catmint                                       ORS   [or] (heraldic color gold)
NID   a pheasant’s nest or brood                    ORT   table scrap
NIE   obsolete spelling of NIGH                     OSE   ridge of sand (esker)
NIL   nothing                                       OUD   stringed instrument of northern Africa
NIM   to steal                                      OUK   Scots form of WEEK
NIS   contraction of NE IS (“is not”)               OUP   same as OOP (to bind with cord)
NIT   insect egg                                    OUS   pl, a man, a bloke
NIX   to veto/water sprite                          OVA   [ovum-pl] (female reproductive cell)
NOB   wealthy person                                OWT   anything
NOG   strong ale/to fill space with bricks          OXO   containing oxygen
NOH   classical drama of Japan                      OXY   containing oxygen
NOM   name                                          OYE   a grandchild (Scots)
NON   prefix NOT                                    OYS   pl. of OY (Scots form of grandchild)
NOO   now                                           PAC   shoe patterned after a moccasin
NOS   [no] (negative reply)                         PAH   intj. used as an exclamation of disgust
NOX   nitrogen oxide                                PAL   to hang around with as friends
NOY   to annoy                                      PAM   jack of clubs
NTH   pert. to item number n                        PAP   soft food for infants
NUB   protuberance                                  PAS   [pa] (father)
                 ALL ACCEPTABLE THREES IN COLLINS 2007 DEFINED (new words in bold)                               6

PAV     contraction of pavlova, a type of dessert          REI   erroneous form of former Portuguese coin
PAX     ceremonial embrace given to signify                REM   quantity of ionizing radiation
Christian love and unity                                   REN   run
PEC     pectoral muscle                                    REO   (Maori) a New Zealand language
PED     natural soil aggregate                             REP   cross-ribbed fabric
PEE     to urinate {offensive}                             RES   thing or matter
PEH     Hebrew letter (pe)                                 RET   to soak in order to loosen the fiber from the
PES     foot/pl. of pe (Hebrew letter)                           woody tissue
PHI     Greek letter                                       REV   to increase the speed of
PHO same as FOH (expressing disgust)                       REW   same ROW (a line of objects)
PHS     pl. of PH (a number expressing acidity)            REX   animal with a single wavy layer of hair/king
PHT     intj. used as an expression of mild anger or       REZ   short for reservation
        annoyance                                          RHO   Greek letter
PIA     brain membrane                                     RHY   RYE (a cereal grass)
PIC     photograph                                         RIA   long, narrow inlet
PIR     a Muslim title of honour for a holy man            RIF   to lay off from employment
PIS     [pi] (Greek letter)                                RIN   to run or melt
PIU     more used as a musical direction                   RIT   to scratch
PIX     container for the Eucharist (pyx)                  RIZ   rise (USA dialect)
PLU     a beaver pelt                                      ROC   legendary bird of prey
POA     a large genus of grasses                           ROE   mass of eggs within a female fish
POH intj. expressing disgust                               ROK   legendary bird of prey
POI     Hawaiian food                                      ROM   male gypsy
POL     politician                                         ROO   shortening of kangaroo
POM English immigrant in           Australia {offensive}   RUC   legendary bird of prey
POO same as POOP (excrement)                               RUD   redness of complexion
POS     short for positive                                 RYA   Scandinavian handwoven rug
POW explosive sound                                        SAB   to sob
POX     to infect with syphilis                            SAC   pouchlike structure in an animal or plant
POZ     old slang shortening of positive                   SAE   so
PRE     in front, in front of                              SAI   the capuchin monkey
PRO argument or vote in favor of something                 SAL   salt
PSI     Greek letter                                       SAM   together
PST     (interjection) to draw attention                   SAN   sanatorium
PUB     tavern                                             SAR   Scots form of savour
PUD     pudding                                            SAU   xu (Vietnamese coin)
PUG to fill in with clay or mortar                         SAV   a contraction of SAVELOY, a type of
PUL     coin of Afghanistan                                      sausage
PUP     to give birth to puppies                           SAX   saxophone
PUR     to purr                                            SAZ   a stringed instrument of Turkey
PUS     viscous fluid formed in infected tissue            SEC   secant
PUY     a small volcanic cone                              SED   Miltonic sp. of SAID
PYA     copper coin of Burma                               SEG   advocate of racial segregation
PYE     book of ecclesiastical rules in the pre-           SEI   large whale (rorqual)
        reformation English church                         SEL   self
PYX     container for the Eucharist                        SEN   monetary unit of Japan
QAT     evergreen shrub (kat)                              SER   unit of weight of India
QIS     pl. of QI (an individual’s life force)             SEY   sirloin of beef
QUA in the capacity of                                     SEZ   slang for SAYs
RAD     to fear                                            SHA   intj. used to urge silence (shh)
RAH     intj. used to cheer on a team or player            SHH   intj. used to urge silence
RAI     a modern north African form of pop music           SIB   sibling
RAJ     dominion; sovereignty                              SIC   to urge to attack
RAS     Ethiopian prince                                   SIF   (South Africa) syphilitic, nasty
RAX     to stretch out                                     SIK   (Australian slang) excellent
REB     Confederate soldier                                SIM   simulation
REC     recreation                                         SIS   sister
REE     female Eurasian sandpiper                          SKA   Jamaican music
REF     to referee                                         SMA   small
REG regulation                                             SNY   a side channel of a river
REH     an efflorescence of sodium salts in the soil       SOC   the right of holding a local court
               ALL ACCEPTABLE THREES IN COLLINS 2007 DEFINED (new words in bold)                        7

SOG    a soft, wet place                               TOR   high, craggy hill
SOH    the fifth note of the musical scale             TSK   to utter a scolding exclamation
SOL    fifth tone of diatonic musical scale (so)       TUI   bird of New Zealand
SOM    a monetary unit of Kyrgzstan – KIRRG-           TUM   tummy (a stomach)
STUN                                                   TUN   to store in a large cask
SOP    to dip or soak in a liquid                      TUP   to copulate with a ewe
SOS    [so] (fifth tone of diatonic musical scale)     TUT   to utter an exclamation of impatience
SOT    habitual drunkard                               TUX   tuxedo
SOU    former French coin                              TWA   two
SOV    colloquialism for monetary pound                TWP   dimwitted or stupid (Welsh)
SOX    [sock-pl] (knitted or woven covering for the    TYE   chain on a ship
       foot)                                           TYG   a twitch
SOY    soybean                                         UDO   Japanese herb
SRI    mister; sir used as a Hindu title of respect    UDS   in oaths, for “God save”
SUB    to act as a substitute                          UEY   a U-turn
SUI    himself                                         UFO   unidentified flying object
SUK    marketplace (souk)                              UGH   sound of a cough or grunt
SUP    to eat supper                                   UGS   pl. UG (to loathe)
SUQ    marketplace (souk)                              UKE   ukulele
SUR    above                                           ULE   a rubber tree
SUS    suspicious behaviour                            ULU   Eskimo knife
SWY    a 2 year prison sentence                        UMM   intj. expressing hesitation (um)
SYE    to strain                                       UMP   to umpire
SYN    syne                                            UMU   a type of oven
TAB    to name or designate                            UNI   short for university
TAD    small boy                                       UNS   [un] (one)
TAE    to                                              UPO   upon
TAI    a Japanese sea bream                            UPS   [up] (to raise)
TAJ    tall, conical cap worn in Muslim countries      URB   urban area
TAK    Scots form of take                              URD   annual bean grown in India
TAM    tight-fitting Scottish cap                      URE   use, operation
TAO    path of virtuous conduct according to a         URP   to vomit
       Chinese philosophy                              UTA   large lizard
TAS    [ta] (thanks)                                   UTE   utilise
TAT    to make tatting                                 UTS   [ut] (musical tone)
TAU    greek letter                                    UTU   a monetary settlement
TAV    Hebrew letter                                   UVA   a grape-like berry
TAW    to convert into white leather by the            VAC   vacuum cleaner
       application of minerals                         VAE   a creek
TAY    dialect form of TEA                             VAG   (Australia) to arrest someone for vagrancy
TEC    a detective                                     VAR   unit of reactive power
TED    to spread for drying                            VAS   anatomical duct
TEE    to place a golf ball on a small peg             VAU   Hebrew letter (vav)
TEG    yearling sheep                                  VAV   Hebrew letter
TEL    ancient mound in the Middle East                VAW   Hebrew letter (vav)
TES    pl. of TE (same as TI, a musical note)          VEE   letter 'v'
TET    Hebrew letter (teth)                            VEG   vegetable
TEW    to work hard                                    VET   to treat animals medically
THO    though                                          VEX   to annoy
THY    possessive form of the pronoun thou             VID   short for video
TIC    involuntary muscular contraction                VIG   charge paid to a bookie on a bet (vigorish)
TID    a mood                                          VIM   energy
TIG    a twitch                                        VIN   wine
TIL    sesame plant                                    VIS   force or power
TIS    [ti] (seventh tone of diatonic musical scale)   VLY   a VLEI (shallow lake forming in rainy season)
TIT    small bird                                      VOE   small bay, creek, or inlet
TIX    (slang) tickets                                 VOL   2 wings displayed and conjoined in base
TOC    telecommunications code for the letter T        VOR   to warn
TOD    British unit of weight                          VOX   voice
TOG    to clothe                                       VUG   small cavity in a rock or lode
TOM    male of various                                 VUM   a corruption of VOW
             ALL ACCEPTABLE THREES IN COLLINS 2007 DEFINED (new words in bold)                         8

WAB   web                                       ZAG    to turn sharply
WAE   woe                                       ZAP    to kill or destroy
WAI   (Maori) water                             ZAS    a pizza
WAN   to become wan/ unnaturally pale           ZAX    tool for cutting roof slates
WAP   to wrap                                   ZEA    a genus of cereals
WAT   hare/wet                                  ZED    letter 'z'
WAW   Hebrew letter (vav)                       ZEE    letter 'z'
WEE   short time/very small                     ZEK    inmate in a Soviet labor camp
WEM   the womb                                  ZEL    a form of Oriental cymbal
WEN   benign skin tumor                         ZEP    a long sandwich
WEX   wax                                       ZEX    see ZAX (a tool for cutting roof slates)
WEY   a measure for dry goods                   ZHO    hybrid domestic cattle in the Himalayas
WHA   who                                       ZIG    to turn sharply
WIS   to know                                   ZIN    zinfandel
WIZ   wizard                                    ZIT    pimple
WOF   (Australia) a fool, an idiot              ZIZ    a nap
WOG   dark-skinned foreigner (offensive)        ZOA    [zoon-pl] (whole product of a fertilized egg)
WOK   cooking utensil                           ZOL    (South Africa) a cannabis cigarette
WOO   to seek the affection of                  ZOS    pl. of ZO (same as ZHO)
WOP   Italian {offensive}                       ZUZ    a silver coin of ancient Palestine
WOS   [wo] (woe)                                ZZZ    used to suggest the sound of snoring
WOT   to know
WOW   to excite to enthusiastic approval
WOX   wax
WUD   insane
WUS   a wimp
WYE   letter 'y'
WYN   rune for 'W' (wynn)
XIS   [xi] (Greek letter)
YAD   a pointer used for reading the Torah
YAE   (Scots) ae
YAG   a mineral (synthetic garnet)
YAH   intj. used as an exclamation of disgust
YAK   to chatter
YAM   plant having an edible root
YAP   to bark shrilly
YAR   yare
YAW   to deviate from an intended course
YAY   to this extent
YEA   affirmative vote
YEH   yeah
YEN   to yearn
YEP   yes
YEW   evergreen tree or shrub
YEX   to spit
YGO   ago
YID   a Jew {offensive}
YIN   feminine passive principle {Chinese}
YIP   to yelp
YOB   hoodlum
YOD   Hebrew letter
YOK   boisterous laugh
YOM   day
YON   yonder
YOS   pl. of YO (a call accompanying effort)
YOW   to yowl
YUG   one of the Hindu ages of the world
YUK   to laugh loudly
YUM   intj. expressing tasteful pleasure
YUP   yep
YUS   pl. of YU (a precious jade)

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