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                                                                                 16th May 2007

                                          QUARTER OF

A Quarter Of, the Lancashire based old fashioned online sweetshop is celebrating this week with
the news that the EU has taken a U-turn on its plans to enforce the replacement of Britain’s
traditional imperial system in favour of metric.

A Quarter Of which sells nostalgic sweets, has had to list both
the metric and imperial weights on its website, although it
took the decision to compare the metric weight to everyday
items to make it user-friendly. Anglo Bubbly, one of its best
sellers can be found described as ‘£1.77 for a quarter of a
kilogram (250 grams) - that`s an old fashioned half a pound
plus an extra 10% (8.8 ounces)… or the weight of a block of butter’!

Michael Parker, A Quarter Of founder commented: ‘I am absolutely delighted at the news. We
                                                   believe that stepping back in time and finding old
                                                   sweets should be a nostalgic journey; one that
                                                   strikes a chord with peoples childhoods and
                                                   happy memories.
                                                   ‘Asking for a quarter of Cherry Lips or Kola Kubes
                                                   is part of the charm of sweets and one which will
                                                   now be kept alive. No one remembers cycling to
                                                   their local sweetie shop, pocket money in hand to
ask for 250 grams of anything. We are just pleased that we won’t have to change our name to ‘250
Grams Of’.

A Quarter Of sets its values and principles with a simple way of life, steeped in tradition and
everything nostalgic. It may be a small issue for many of its metric-taught younger customers but
one which it knows the majority will appreciate.


     For Further details please contact Vanessa Clarke on 0161 408 0204 or email

Notes to Editors:
A Quarter Of was founded in The Plough Inn, Winchmore Hill, Bucks with a nostalgic chat between Michael
Parker and his brother about the sweets they enjoyed as children and lamenting the fact they were not around
anymore. Waking, thinking some more, and a spot of research later Michael Parker discovered to his great
surprise and delight that many of his childhood favourites were still available and so A Quarter Of was born.

Michael wanted the website A Quarter Of to be the online version of an old fashioned sweet shop, a lot like
the one he grew up with: ‘The Chocolate Box’. He decided that the site would bring fun and enjoyment as well
as a large measure of nostalgia and so he thought back to what he would be reading while eating a bag of
space dust – Whizzer and Chips! And with the artistic help of Colin Whittock, an original Whizzer and Chips
cartoonist, opened its (virtual) doors to the public in 2002.

The quirkiness of the online sweetshop, good old fashioned service and authentic products are what makes A
Quarter Of truly unique.

A Quarter Of is the gateway to around 600 sweets ranging from Wham Bars, Anglo Bubbly, Black Jacks and
Chelsea Whoppers to Fizzy Cola Bottles, White Chocolate Fish and Chips, Fruit Salad Chews and Sherbet
Pips; so see if you can find your childhood favourite at