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Dear Students:

Welcome to the 2009-10 school year! Black Hills High School is a wonderful school, and we are proud of the programs that
have been established to date. With your active participation and support, we have the potential to grow even stronger.

The policies and procedures contained in this handbook are designed to establish a positive school climate and to ensure your
success at Black Hills High School. Alll students are encouraged to demonstrate confidence, display a high degree of
responsibility, make a contribution in the classroom, and make a commitment to involvement in the programs offered at BHHS.

We look forward to this school year with great enthusiasm and wish you a rewarding and productive school year.
Best wishes!

Kerry Mance               Darice Bales                        Chris Cain
Principal                 Assistant Principal                 Assistant Principal

                                                OFFICE NUMBERS

                                    The Main Office hours are 7:00 to 3:00
                        Administration                                              709-7800
                            Main Office Fax Number                                  709-7802
                        Activity Line                                               709-7812
                        Attendance                                                  709-7815
                        ASB / Athletics                                             709-7810
                        Counseling / Career Center                                  709-7820
                            Counseling Center Fax Number                            709-7829
                        Library                                                     709-7830
                        Wellness Center                                             709-7816
                        District Office                                             709-7000
                        Food Services                                               709-7835
                        Transportation                                              709-7700
                        School Closure Information                                  709-7999

                                                HOLIDAYS 2009-2010
                 November 11: Veteran’s Day                       February 16: Mid-winter Break
                 November 26-27: Thanksgiving Break               January 18: MLK Day
                 December 21-January 1: Winter Break              April 5-9: Spring Break
                 May 31: Memorial Day
                 *Please check the school website for additional dates of importance.

A.G. West Black Hills High School opened in the fall of 1997. The school was named after Arthur Garret West (1886-
1979) because of his commitment and interest in good schools, roads, and community improvement. Black Hills is a
comprehensive high school which is establishing an excellent tradition of academic programs and a broad range of
activities to meet the needs of our student population.

BHHS will serve approximately 800 students each year. The Black Hills High School staff is composed of 3
Administrators, 55 teachers, 2 counselors, 1 Social Worker, 8 Educational Assistants, and 6 Support Staff.

                                                MISSION STATEMENT
The mission of Black Hills High School, in partnership with the community, is to provide students with the opportunity
to acquire knowledge, skills and personal qualities required to be a successful and contributing member of a changing
and diverse world.

Black Hills High School is a community built on the foundation of helping students meet established standards and
preparing for their preferred future.

                                                      CODE OF CONDUCT
                                        I will come to school prepared for learning.
                            I will treat everyone and everything with courtesy and respect.
                                 I will maintain a physically and emotionally safe school.
                          I will act responsibly and accept the consequences for my actions.
                                               I will contribute to school spirit.

                                                  SCHOOL SPIRIT
School spirit accompanies every phase of school activities, whether it is athletics, arts, academics, or community
involvement. We must contribute to possess it. Because we are a part of it and have helped make it what it is, we are
     •  School spirit is a feeling of togetherness and belonging
     •  School spirit is teamwork at all times – in the classroom, in the halls, and in activities.
     •  School spirit comes from courtesy and pride.

School spirit is the feeling that will keep memories of our high school days precious to us throughout the years. Let’s
strive to make each year at BHHS a better year than the one before.

                                                   BELL SCHEDULE

Monday                   Tuesday                   Wednesday                Thursday                  Friday
Nutrition Break          Nutrition Break           Nutrition Break          Nutrition Break           Nutrition Break
7:35 to 7:44             7:35 to 7:44              7:35 to 7:44             7:35 to 7:44              7:35 to 7:44

Period 1                 Period 1                  Period 1                 Period 1                  Period 1
7:44 to 8:50             7:44 to 8:30              7:44 to 8:40             7:44 to 8:40              7:44 to 8:40

Period 2                 Period 2                  Period 2                 Period 2                  Period 2
8:54 to 9:40             8:34 to 9:40              8:44 to 9:40             8:44 to 9:40              8:44 to 9:40

Period 3                 Period 3                  Period 3                 Period 3                  Period 3
9:44 to 10:50            9:44 to 10:30             9:44 to 10:40            9:44 to 10:40             9:44 to 10:40

Per 4      Lunch         Per 4      Lunch          Per 4      Lunch         Per 4      Lunch          Per 4      Lunch
           1                        1                         1                        1                         1
10:54                     10:34                     10:44                    10:44                     10:44
           10:50                     10:30                     10:40                    10:40                     10:40
    to                       to                       to                        to                        to
               to                       to                        to                       to                        to
11:40                     11:40                     11:40                    11:40                     11:40
           11:20                     11:00                     11:10                    11:10                     11:10
Lunch      Per 4         Lunch      Per 4          Lunch 2    Per 4         Lunch      Per 4          Lunch      Per 4
2                        2                                                  2                         2
           11:24                    11:04                      11:14                    11:14                     11:14
11:40                     11:40                       to                     11:40                     11:40
               to                       to                        to                       to                        to
    to                       to                     12:10                       to                        to
           12:10                    12:10                      12:10                    12:10                     12:10
12:10                     12:10                                              12:10                     12:10

Period 5                 Period 5                  Period 5                 Period 5                  Period 5
12:14 to 1:20            12:14 to 1:00             12:14 to 1:10            12:14 to 1:10             12:14 to 1:10

Period 6                 Period 6                  Period 6                 Period 6                  Period 6
1:24 to 2:10             1:04 to 2:10              1:14 to 2:10             1:14 to 2:10              1:14 to 2:10

                                            ACTIVITIES AND ATHLETICS
Assemblies: Assemblies are held throughout the year for a variety of reasons. Mr. Reeves, the Activities
Coordinator, schedules all assemblies. Students and staff are required to attend assemblies for Veteran’s Day, Martin
Luther King, Jr. Day, etc. and have the opportunity to participate in student–led assemblies to promote school spirit
and to recognize student achievement. All assemblies are held during the school day; therefore, attendance is
Expectations for assemblies are as follows:
    1. Go directly to the assembly and be seated in a designated area.
    2. Stand and remain silent for the National Anthem or join in the Pledge of Allegiance.
    3. Remain attentive, courteous and silent during any speech/performance.
    4. No signs, posters, toys or noisemakers may be brought to the assembly. Electronic devices must be turned off
         and put away.
    5. Use applause or cheers to show appreciation or recognition.
    6. Return directly to your assigned classroom immediately after the assembly.
    7. If the assembly is in the PAC, there is no food or drink permitted. All electronic devices must be turned off
         and put away.

ASB: Associated Student Government is an essential part of BHHS. All regularly enrolled students are considered
members of the student body. Every student has a voice in student affairs through an elected representative. New
students can become involved in school activities by joining committees and clubs or by being an advisory

Associated Student Body Card: General costs of operating the school are met by district funds, but our student
activity expenses are paid by the student body. The expenses for the student body include awards, assemblies,
conferences, dances, band uniforms, student supplies for signs and posters, drama productions, band, debate, vocal
ensembles, newspaper, yearbook, athletic equipment for all varsity sports, intramurals and school improvement
projects. One of our major means of supporting these costs is from the sale of student body cards. The ASB Cards
cost $35 per student per year. The ASB Card not only helps the student body, but it is also an outstanding buy for the
individual student because it admits the student free to all athletic events at BHHS, admits the student at a reduced
price to BHHS league high school athletic events, and admits the student at a reduced rate to school plays, talent
shows and other school activities where admission is charged. Students are encouraged to purchase an ASB card.
ASB cards are mandatory for students participating in any school sport, club, or organization. A limited number of
scholarships are available to students in need. Contact the ASB Office for more information.

Athletics: BHHS offers a range of opportunities for students in athletics. Prior to turning out, students who wish to
participate in these programs are required to complete an Athletic Registration Form and Packet each year and
purchase an ASB card for $35. There is a $60 pay to play fee for each sport. Students on free and reduced lunch may
have the pay to play fee waived. The forms and packets may be obtained from the ASB office. All necessary
paperwork MUST be completed and returned to the ASB office BEFORE ANY ATHLETE WILL BE CLEARED TO
PARTICIPATE. To remain eligible, a student must be passing 5 out of 6 classes. Students who have a grade of “F”
and / or who have a GPA of 2.5 or below will be placed on academic probation.

Clubs and Activities: Clubs and activities are available to all students. All clubs must be chartered through the
school prior to any club activities. Scheduling of all activities, fund-raising drives, dances, and use of the building is
done through the Activity Coordinator. All contracts, agreements and purchases made for a club in the name of BHHS
must have the prior approval of and be signed by the principal and/or his/her designee. Information about co-
curricular activities for the 2009-10 school year can be found on the school website.

Colors: The BHHS school colors are navy, accented by scarlet (red.)

Dances: Dances are school-sponsored events for the social and recreational development of our students and their
guests. BHHS students may bring only one guest and must obtain a Guest Pass for him/her. Guests must be at least
9th grade and under the age of 21. Any guest who is no longer in high school must be approved by the administration.
Informal dances are held on a periodic basis. Semi-formal dances are held for Sadies, Homecoming, and Tolo. The
Prom is a formal dance for juniors and seniors, with their dates. All detentions must be completed and fines must be
paid prior to purchasing a dance ticket.
All rules and standards of behavior that are in effect during the school day are also in effect at all school activities.
Students must demonstrate the following at all dances:
     •    Be courteous and respectful to the other people around you.
     •    No excessive rubbing or other inappropriate intimate contact. (Examples: grinding, freaking, etc.)
     •    No out of control/inappropriate dancing within a group.
     •    No extended kissing, open mouth or otherwise.
     •    Dance in a safe manner. (i.e. no moshing, head banging, etc.)
     •    Remain upright at all times (excluding break dancing).
     •    No readmission to the dance upon leaving.
There will be consequences for inappropriate behavior: 3 strikes, you’re out! A copy of the dance code is provided with
each ticket sold. Students who are removed from the dance for inappropriate behavior are not entitled to a

Victory March: Cheer for the red and the blue
               To you the Wolves will always be true
               Send our rally cheer on high
               Shake down the thunder from the sky
               Although the odds be great or be small,
               Our fighting team will win over all
               While our mighty Wolves go marching onward to VICTORY!

                                              GENERAL INFORMATION
Accidents and Injury: Every accident in a school building, on the school grounds, at practice sessions, or at any
athletic event sponsored by the school must be reported immediately to the person in charge and to the main office.
After an injury, report the accident immediately to the teacher/advisor/coach in charge and report to the Wellness
Center. An accident report must be filled out by the teacher/advisor/coach in charge and signed by an administrator.
Note: Coverage under some insurance plans may be jeopardized if the procedures are not followed.

Celebratory Items: Flowers, balloons, and other gifts often present a class disruption, and therefore, will not be
delivered to students during class time. Such items, if delivered to the school, may be kept in the main office until the
end of the school day.

Daily Bulletin: The daily bulletin provides up-to-date information about school activities, special events and schedule
changes. The bulletin is presented periodically over the PA and daily on classroom monitors. A staff member or an
administrator must sign off all announcements placed in the bulletin. These announcements must be placed in the box
in the main office before the beginning of 5th period of the day preceding the date of announcement. You may access
the bulletin at the Black Hills High School Website:

Emergency Procedures: Emergency drills are conducted throughout the year to ensure the safety of students and
staff. Directions for exits are posted in each room. Students are reminded that in the event of an emergency (fire,
earthquake, power outage), they must closely follow the direction of staff. In the case of a fire, staff and students
should exit the building in a quick and orderly fashion to a predetermined location. In the event of an earthquake,
students are expected to drop and cover. When it is safe, the staff and students will exit the buiding to their
designated area. All students are expected to adhere to the following: Remain calm, follow staff instructions, refrain
from using a cell phone or other phones needed to communicate with emergency response teams, report to the
assigned area with your teacher and class, and remain in assigned area unless granted permission by staff to leave.

Emergency Stations: If schools are to be closed or the start of classes delayed because of weather or other
unfavorable conditions, radio stations will broadcast the information frequently starting at approximately 6 AM. These
stations include:               KIRO (AM) 710               KIRO (FM) 97.3        KOMO (AM) 1000
     KGY (AM) 1240              KLAY (AM) 1180              KPLU (FM) 88.5        KVTI (FM) 90.9
     KLSY (FM) 92.5             KMPS (FM) 94.1              KXXO (FM) 96.1        KGY (FM) 96.9
     KMTT (FM) 103.7            KING Channel 5              KIRO Channel 7

Information about school closures may also be obtained by calling 709-7999, or from the Transportation Department
at 709-7700.

Fees: Some elective classes may charge a fee. The fee covers a minimum cost for projects or materials students
consume. Appropriate refunds will be made when a student transfers out during the school year. A limited number of
fee scholarships are available for students in financial need. Please contact the ASB Office for more information.

Fieldtrips: Some activites and trips are planned by faculty to supplement the normal classroom instruction.
Participation in field trips is a privilege and students must obtain both teacher and parent permission to attend a
fieldtrip during the school day. Students are expected to follow the directions of the adult(s) in charge and to behave
in a manner that reflects positively on BHHS.

Fines: Fines will be issued for books and other school property not properly returned. Students with fines will lose
athletic eligibility, parking and school dance privileges, and will not receive transcripts, yearbooks, or diplomas until
the fines have been cleared through the ASB office. The ASB Office is open for students before school, between
classes, at lunch and after school. Students are not to leave class to go pay fees, unless they have been given prior
approval by the teacher.

Foods on Campus: Students who have eaten a well-balanced meal and are healthy are more likely to be prepared to
learn in the classroom. Adolescents can increase their productivity and reduce their health risks by adopting healthy
lifelong nutritious habits. Childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels, and nearly one in five Washington
adolescents in grades nine through twelve were recently found to be either overweight or at risk of being overweight.
Overweight and obese children are at higher risk for developing severe long-term health problems, including but not
limited to Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and certain cancers. Overweight youth also
are often affected by discrimination, psychological stress, and low self-esteem; and obesity and subsequent diseases

are largely preventable through good nutrition and regular physical activity. Frequent eating of processed foods with
high sugar content or drinking sugar added soft drinks/sodas also increases the risk for dental decay.

Schools are a logical place to address the issue of nutrition and exercise in children and adolescents. Therefore, foods
and beverages that are sold on the BHHS campus prior to 2:30 each day may not include soda or other carbonated
beverages, candy or other high sugar or high fat foods. Questionable items will be approved by the District Nutritional
Foods Committee. Students are also highly encouraged to include regular exercise in their daily routine.

Food Service: BHHS offers a daily breakfast and lunch program. Free/reduced meals are available to those students
who are eligible. Students may obtain applications for free/reduced lunch in the main office. Please note the
applications take up to 10 business days to process. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch will also qualify for
the breakfast program.

Identification Cards:   All students are required to carry their ID card with them while on campus or at any school-
sponsored event. Cards must be presented upon request.

Immunizations: The State Board of Health requires students to be fully immunized against diphtheria, tetanus,
pertussis, polio, measles, rubella and mumps. A completed Washington Certificate of Immunization Status form must
be on file with the school. Exemption status must also be on file. State regulations prohibit a student from attending
school until these requirements are met.

Lost and Found: A lost and found service is maintained in the Main Office. Any person who finds an item is expected
to turn it in to the office so the owner may claim it.

Medications: If it is necessary for medication, either over-the-counter or prescription, to be taken during the school
day, the medication must be stored in the locked cabinet of the Wellness Center. Authorization of medication at school
must be completed and signed by a Licensed Health Care Provider and parent/guardian. The school cannot provide
any medication. A student is permitted to carry certain emergency medications only with specific written instructions
from an authorized Health Care Professional.

Messages: Classes will not be interrupted to take care of personal messages. Messages of a non-emergency nature
will not be delivered to students. We urge parents to restrict calls to students during school to unusual or unforeseen
circumstances. Students who have received verifiable emergency messages will be contacted by the office staff. The
school reserves the right to inquire as to the nature of an emergency message. Students may use a cell phone to
respond to an emergency call between classes or at lunch.

Skyward: Students and parents have access to individualized information such as grades, attendance, and credits,
through our online reporting system titled ‘Skwyard’. Students and parents needing a log in and password should
contact the Career Center for that information.

Student Pick Up: Students who ride the bus will be dropped off and picked up behind the B bldg. Students who will
be dropped off / picked up by a family member or friend need to meet their rides in the circle by the Perfoming Arts
Center. Students should not be picked up or dropped by the gym between 7:15 AM and 2:30 PM to
accommodate buses.

Student Information: To ensure a student’s safety, we ask all students and parents to inform the Main Office of any
changes in address or emergency information. Parents/guardians are also asked to keep school staff informed of
authorized persons to pick up a student in case of an emergency.

Title IX: Equitable Participation Opportunities
The Tumwater School District does not discriminate on the basis of age, national origin, race, color, religion, sex,
(sexual orientation), marital status or non-job related sensory, physical or mental disabilities in its educational
programs, activities, or employment procedures and personnel practices, as required by state and federal law.
Inquiries or complaints regarding compliance with these laws should be directed to the district’s compliance officer, Dr.
Susan A. Haskin, at 419 Linwood Avenue SW, Tumwater, WA, 98512, or call (360) 709-7000.

Visitors / Guests: For the safety of all students, visitors are not allowed on campus during the school day.
Visitors with school business have a separate designated parking area located in the front parking lot, and must check
in with the main office to acquire a visitor’s pass. Student visitors are generally not approved, unless there is a clear
educational purpose for visiting. The first and last weeks of school and finals week are considered “closed” weeks. No
visitors will be approved during “closed” weeks. The administration reserves the right to deny visitors/visitations to our

Withdrawing from School: Students who plan to leave Black Hills High School to attend school elsewhere must
withdraw from Black Hills High School. A parent/guardian must contact the registrar to sign a withdrawal form,
indicate the official withdrawal date, and provide the name of the school to which the student will relocate. Students
must return textbooks/materials, ASB Cards, and parking permits. Fines must be cleared in order for BHHS to release

official transcripts to the new school. Students who withdraw from BHHS and fail to enroll in another school will be
referred for further consequences, as outlined in the BECCA Bill.

                                                 STUDENT SERVICES
Campus Supervisor/Advocate: Students may access our campus supervisor throughout the day as a resource to
prevent and/or resolve conflicts that may affect their ability to concentrate on their in-class work or feel safe while on
campus. Students may also discuss concerns about parking or theft with the campus supervisor.

Counseling/Career Center: Guidance services are available for every student in the school. These services include
assistance with educational planning, interpretation of test scores, occupational information, career information, study
skills, help with home/school/social concerns, or any questions a student would like to discuss. The BHHS Counselors
and / or Social Worker will provide names of outside resources when long-term assistance is appropriate. Students
wishing to visit a counselor or social worker should sign up in the counseling center. The Counseling / Career Center is
open from 7:15 to 3:15 daily.

Library/Media Center: The library offers a full range of media services to students, including information
technologies for computer-based searches on CD-ROM, Electronic Encyclopedia, computer labs, printers, VCRs,
camcorders, and a wide range of other print and non-print reference materials. Students using computers must
furnish their own diskettes to store materials. Timberland Regional Library offers additional resources for students and
staff. Students wishing to access to the library during instructional time must have a pass from their teacher. Please
note that food and drink are not permitted in the library. The Library is open from 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. daily.

LINK Crew: LINK Crew is a student group composed of juniors and seniors who work to promote connections
between freshmen / new students and the BHHS Community. Every new student at BHHS has a LINK Leader. LINK
leaders are selected through an application process and participate in extensive training. LINK leaders assist new
students in the transition to BHHS by facilitating LINK Day (Sept. 8) and by interacting with new students throughout
the year during Activity Periods, special assemblies, dances, etc.

Math Center: The BHHS Math Center provides after school support for students at any level of
mathematics. Tuesday-Thursday, from 2:15-3:00, a team of 4-5 peer tutors are available to answer questions and
assist with homework. Peer tutors undergo training to learn how to work with students, how to maintain a learning
environment, and how to explain concepts. This is a great place to sit and do homework, catch up from an absence,
or have someone walk you through a few problems.

Special Services: Special Services are offered to students who have a documented disability and require support to
succeed academically. Eligible students may receive academic support through a 504 Plan or an Individualized
Education Plan. Students or parents with questions about Special Services should contact the Counseling Center.

Student Assistance Program: Trained drug/alcohol interventionists are on the BHHS campus two days per week.
Through school, self or parent referral, a student may be recommended for a complete assessment by this counselor.
Results of the assessment are used to determine the level of substance use and subsequent referral for additional
education and intervention, if indicated. Students may contact a counselor or an administrator for more information.
There is also a tobacco cessation program offered which follows this same format. Information about current activities
or “awareness” weeks can be found on the BHHS website.

Student Court: The BHHS Student Court provides students with alternatives to traditional consequences. The
Student Court uses a Restorative Justice model, which means that students choosing Student Court are held
accountable for their actions while providing for personal development of the respondent through community service.
Students may be referred to Student Court and / or offered a choice to attend Student Court instead of a traditional
school consequence. Additional information can be found on the school website.

Wellness Center: The Wellness Center is located off the main arcade near the Attendance Office. A health assistant
is available during school hours to assist ill and injured students on a first aid basis. Hall passes are necessary
whenever a student leaves a classroom for reasons of illness or injury. A certified school nurse provides assessment,
consultation, and referral as needed. Health concerns that affect student learning or class participation should be
discussed with the nurse or her assistant and appropriate planning will be provided.

Black Hills High School is a comprehensive high school that has established an excellent tradition of academic
programs and broad range of activities. The academic program provides a full continuum of coursework from
Advanced Placement, Honors, and college prep coursework to fundamental skill development.

Academic Goals:
   1. The Building goal is to reach 62.4% on the 10th grade Math WASL in 2008 and 81.6% by 2012. 100% of
      students continuously enrolled for 4 years or more will be eligible to graduate in 2012.
   2. The Building goal is to reach 74.3% on the 10th grade Reading and Writing WASL in 2008 and 87.2% by 2012.
      100% of students continuously enrolled for 4 years or more will be eligible to graduate in 2012.

Graduation Requirements: To be eligible to graduate from Black Hills High School, a student must earn a minimum
of 22 credits and meet the course requirements established by the Tumwater School District and the state of
Washington. To attain 22 credits, the student must successfully pass a minimum of 44 sesmester classes.
A complete description of the BHHS graduation requirements can be found in the Course Catalog. To earn a diploma
from Black Hills High School, students must successfully complete 22 credits in the following areas:
    English                     Health                    Visual and Performing Arts
    Math                        Physical Education        Science
    Occupational Ed             Social Studies            Electives

4Ps: In addition to the 22 required credits, students are responsible for the satisfactory completion of the 4Ps. The
4Ps include the selection of a career Pathway, the completion of a post-high school graduation Plan, the development of a
Portfolio, and a culminating senior Project / Presentation. Students will begin working on these requirements in their
freshman year and are expected to continue making progress toward their completion throughout their four years at
Black Hills High School. The final component of the requirement is to complete a presentation before a panel of adults
in their senior year. More information may be found on our website at

Class Changes: Students are expected to select their six classes in a serious and responsible manner, as every effort
will be made to insure an individual student is scheduled into their pre-selected classes. Students may request a
schedule change within the first ten days of the semester. If the request is approved by the teachers, parent,
counselor and administrator and if space is available in the class desired, the student may be allowed to change
classes. Unless an error in course placement has been made, such as misplacement in math or foreign language,
courses dropped after the second week of any given semester will be transcripted with a failing grade. An appeal may
be made to the appropriate administrator if extenuating circumstances need to be considered. Students who wish to
change classes (drop one course to enroll in another) must be in good standing at the time, including good attendance
and appropriate conduct. This policy includes part-time as well as all home schooled students that take one or more
classes at Black Hills High School.

Grading Policy: The BHHS faculty issue progress grades for all students at the mid-semester/8 week mark. Final
grades are issued at the end of each semester.
         Incomplete: Incompletes (I) are offered to students who have extenuating reasons for not completing the
    requirements of the class in a timely fashion. The student must conference with the teacher to develop a written
    plan which details the requirements for completion of the class within two weeks. If the student does not fulfill
    the requirements, a grade of F will be issued prior to the next semester. Incompletes may not be made up after
    that time.
         No Credit: Students may be issued a grade of “NC” in extenuating circumstances. Extenuating
    circumstances include inappropriate placement in a course and/or a lengthy prolonged illness which prevented
    regular attendance. Students may also receive a NC due to excessive absences (policy 5240).
         Fail: All students have the right to fail a class. A student may earn a grade of F (Fail) when he/she has not
    met the requirements of the course with satisfactory progress, as outlined by the teacher. Failure to meet the
    course requirements include failure to turn in class work/ homework, failure to make up work from excused
    absences, continual absences, and inappropriate behavior in class.
         Note: Students who are on IEPs or 504 Plans have equal right to fail a class. Before issuing a failing grade to
    an IEP/ 504 student, the following considerations should be made: whether or not the IEP accommodations or
    placement are appropriate/implemented, whether or not there has been adequate communication between special
    education and general education teachers, whether or not attendance is a result of the disability, and in the case
    of IEP courses, whether or not the curriculum was individualized.
         Partial Credit: Students who have mastered only half of the required components may be awarded partial
    credit (i.e., 0.25 credit). Partial credit is awarded only in extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the
    individual teacher and the principal’s approval.
         Pass: A grade of “P” is issued only in courses where letter grades are not issued, e.g., TA positions. A “P”
    grade is counted toward elective credits and does not positively or negatively affect a student’s G.P.A.

Homework: Homework is considered to be an integral part of academic life and is a basic component of the grade
received in a subject. Instructors plan meaningful assignments to practice skills for improvement. Failure to complete
homework will impact learning. Each student has the responsibility to submit all assignments in a neat, accurate, and
timely fashion. Students are responsible for obtaining makeup work from their teachers for excused absences.
Unexcused absences may result in no credit for assignments given on the day of the unexcused absence.

                                           ACADEMIC OPPORTUNITIES
Credit Retrieval: From time to time, students may experience difficulty in maintaining academic progress. This is not
unusual, and in most cases, spending more time studying or intensifying one’s efforts can remedy the student’s
situation. Students who have fallen behind in credits should meet with their counselor or social worker to discuss
credit retrieval options.

New Market Skills Center: BHHS is part of a cooperative that offers advanced job training to 11th and 12th grade
students through the NMSC. NMSC functions as an extension of the high school and allows students who have
received clearance through the BHHS Career Center to pursue course in programs such as Auto Technology, Auto

Body, Electronics, Medical Professionals, and many more. Contact the Career Center or your counselor for further

Secondary Options: The Tumwater School District offers a Secondary Options program. This program allows middle
and high school students to enroll in courses of study presented outside of the traditional settings. Students will earn
credit by accomplishing designed competencies presented to meet their educational needs. Special education and
related services are available to Secondary Options students. No student will be denied access to the program or
otherwise be subjected to discrimination on the basis of a disability. For more information about the program, contact
the Counseling Center.

School-to-Work: Tumwater School District’s School-to-Work Transition System will assure relevancy and provide
preparation and connections to the workplace and community so that all students recognize that the present is a part
of their future.

                                                 ACADEMIC ETHICS
Academic honesty is an important value in your education, and one that will help develop positive characteristics for
your future. Doing one’s own work, being truthful and maintaining confidentiality about the contents of a test is
expected of all students. If academic dishonesty occurs, parents will be notified and a referral will become part of the
student's record. Academic ethics includes but may not be limited to the following:

Cheating/Unauthorized Collaboration: A student who is guilty of dishonesty on an assignment, test, or quiz may
receive a zero on that project. If students work as a group on an assignment or test that has not been approved by
the teacher, both or all of the students involved will receive a lowered academic grade or zero on the
project/assignment for unauthorized collaboration. Sharing the contents of a test is considered unauthorized
1st Offense: Student will receive a zero or lowered academic grade on assignment, test or quiz and parent
2nd Offense: Student will receive an “F” for the course that semester. The Progress Report and Report Card will show
the “F” is due to academic dishonesty.

Fabrication: If a student is found guilty of falsification of data or information, the student will receive a zero on that
1st Offense: Student will receive a zero on the test or quiz. The zero will be averaged into the student’s grade.
2nd Offense: Student will receive an “F” for the course that semester.

Forgery/Misuse of School Documents: A student shall tell the truth and present him/herself honestly. A student
shall not forge any signature or make false entry or alteration of any documents, either paper or electronic, that is
used or intended to be used in connection with the operation of the school.
1st Offense: Short-term suspension (1 day) Parent will be notified
2nd Offense: Short-term suspension (5 days), Parents notified
3rd Offense: Long-term suspension

Plagiarism: Plagiarism means implying that the words and ideas of another writer are yours. It is defined as "the
false assumption of authorship: the wrongful act of taking a product of another person's mind, and presenting it as
one's own" (MLA Handbook 26). In your writing, you must document everything that you borrow -- not only direct
quotes and paraphrases -- but also information and ideas. Citations, however, are not required for familiar proverbs,
famous quotations and common factual knowledge. (MLA Handbook 29). Any student guilty of plagiarism will receive
a zero grade on the project/ assignment. If the student makes minor errors in documentation, this will result in
lowered academic credit.
1st Offense: Student will receive a zero on assignment. The zero will be averaged into the student’s grade.
2nd Offense: Student will receive an “F” for the course that semester.

Test Avoidance: If a student develops a pattern of avoidance, the parents will be notified. At the teacher’s
discretion, any further absences may result in a forfeit of the makeup opportunity.

Theft or Alteration of Materials: A student guilty of stealing or altering test materials, calculators, books, computer
disks/files, Internet or other course materials from a teacher, the library, office, or another student will be subject to
being dropped from the class with an “F” for the semester and/or suspension from school.

                                    ATTENDANCE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES
Regular attendance is important to school success and to establishing patterns of work ethic and responsibility. Many
times it is impossible to make up the missed instruction caused by an absence, at least in its entirety, because of
unique involvement in class participation.

WAC 392-400-235 and RCW 28A.600.030 establish responsibility for attendance at school as resting primarily with
students. However, parents / guardians and the school also share responsibility for prompting and encouraging
positive attendance habits in students. The successful completion of classes depends greatly on a student’s
punctuality and regularity of attendance. While a small number of absences might, on the average, do little harm,

there is a point where attendance directly affects learning and thereby affects the grade a student receives. Further, if
an absence is prolonged, either by a collection of sporadic absences or one continuous absence period, there comes a
time when it cannot be said that the student has taken the whole class. The student who has only taken part of a
class cannot receive credit for the whole class. The following policies and procedures are designed to help students
develop and practice responsible attendance habits and increase their potential for academic and employment success.

Procedures: If the student must be absent, the parent / guardian can either call the attendance office or the student
can bring a note upon return to school. In order for the absence to be excused, the absence must be cleared
by the attendance office within 48 hours of the absence.

Excused Absences: An excused absence shall be verified by the parent / guardian or school authority responsible for
the absence. Students 13 and older have the right to keep information about drug, alcohol, or mental health
treatment confidential.

The following are valid excuses for absences and tardiness:
    Illness or a health condition;
    A religious observance, when requested by a student’s parent(s);
    Family emergencies; and
    Required court proceedings.

On the tenth (10) high school excused absence within a semester, the school may request medical documentation of
illness. Without this documentation the absence may be considered unexcused.

Pre-Arranged Absences: Students who will miss school due to family trips may be excused from school by
completing a pre-arranged absence form. The student must get a pre-arranged absence form from the Attendance
Office and circulate the form among his / her teachers, who will sign it and indicate to what extent the student’s grade
will be affected by the proposed absence. The parent shall sign the form and return it to the Attendance Office two
school days prior to the absence. The Attendance Office will notify the parents/student if the absence will be excused
according to the policy criteria. In addition, major extenuating circumstances may allow the principal to excuse
absences through this pre-arrangement process. Parents and students are responsible for evaluating the effect of the
absence on the student’s grade and progress and his/her standing with the attendance policy. An absence shall not be
approved if it causes a serious adverse effect on the student’s educational progress. Please note that although pre-
arranged absences may be excused, they are counted in the total number of absences and the student may lose credit
for excessive absences.

School-Sponsored Activities: Students who will miss class time due to a school-sponsored activity must submit a
completed Field Trip Permission form with a parent / guardian signature. Athletes complete this form as part of the
Sports Clearance packet for sports related absences ONLY. Teachers may reqest that students refrain from
participating in a school-sponsored activity as a result of academic concerns.

Unexcused Absences: In order for an absence to be excused, the absence must be verified by the parent / guardian
or school authority responsible for the absence within 24 hours. If the absence is not verified within 24 hours, an
absence has not been properly pre-arranged or the absence does not meet the criteria to be excused, a student may
receive an unexcused absence.

Early Finals: Students are not allowed to take finals early for any reason. They are expected to be in class during
final exams, or they will be required to return to school after the semester has been completed and take the final
exam under the supervision of a teacher or administrator. Students who believe they have extenuating circumstances
that would allow them to take their semester finals early must submit a prearranged absence request and meet
individually with the principal prior to final exam week.

Early Dismissal Procedures: When possible, parents need to notify the attendance office in the morning when a
student needs to leave early for an appointment. With the exception of students participating in Running Start and
NMSC, any student who leaves campus during the school day (even if it is before school starts) must check out
through the attendance office. Students who do not properly check out will be marked truant from the classes missed
and will be given the consequences noted on page 11, under “Closed Campus.”

Make-up work: If an absence is excused, the student shall be permitted to make up all missed assignments outside
of class under reasonable conditions and time limits established by the appropriate teacher. An exception is that in
participation-type classes, a student’s grade may be affected because of the student’s inability to make up the
activities conducted during a class period. A student shall be allowed one make-up day for each day of absence.
Students who need to collect assignments due to absences that exceed three school days may request assignments
from the Attendance Office. Parents or designated students may pick up the assignments at a time agreed upon by
the parent and the Attendance Office Secretary.

Students suffering from extended illness should contact the Counseling Center to assist them in making arrangements
to complete the assignments. Students with chronic health conditions may qualify for placement in a limited
attendance or participation program. The student and his/her parent should contact the student’s counselor for more

information. Students may also apply for an Administrative Waiver through the building principal. Students can
obtain an application from the main office.

Students who are removed from a class/classes as a disciplinary measure such as ISS or short-term suspension have
the right to make up assignments or exams missed during the time they are denied entry to the classroom if the effect
of the missed assignments shall be a substantial lowering of the course grade.

Attendance Policy: The Tumwater School District Policy #5241 Attendance Regulations – High School states, “When
a student accumulates eleven (11) or more absences, excluding school related activities and religious observances, in
any instructional period during a semester, he/she may lose credit in that class.”

Attendance Appeals: Teachers will keep a record of absences and tardiness. When a parent has not notified the
school of an absence, a computerized message will contact households in the evening informing parents that their
student(s) missed one or more periods that day. At the 5th absence in a single class, parents will be mailed a letter
along with a copy of their student’s attendance record. At the 8th absence in a single class, parents will be mailed a
letter encouraging them to schedule an appointment with a counselor to develop a plan for success if that is
appropriate. At the 11th absence in a single class or any absence thereafter, the individual teacher will notify the
student and parent in writing and inform them that the student has lost credit in that teacher’s class. The letter will
also include information explaining the Attendance Appeals process if a student wishes to contest loss of credit(s).

A student will not be penalized with loss of credit for absences noted below:
    Pre-approved school-related activities;
    In-school and out-of-school suspensions; and Juvenile detention.

Once a teacher has notified the parent and student of a loss of credit, the student may appeal the loss of credit. The
student must obtain an Appeals Packet from the main office and return it completed to the main office within three
school days. Students appealing loss of credit will remain in class by demonstrating good attendance and class
participation. When the Appeals Packet is returned, s/he will be scheduled for an Appeals Hearing. Hearings take
place during the last 2 weeks of a semester. Students will have 10 minutes to appear before the Attendance Appeals
Committee to discuss his/her case. Students will be notified within 3 school days of the Committee’s decision.

Tardies: Tardies to class are disruptive to the learning environment and may adversely affect students’ progress in
the class. Students more than 10 minutes late to a class are considered absent, not tardy. The following consequences
will be imposed for tardies:
1st & 2nd tardy – teacher will address the concern in the classroom
3rd & 4th tardy – teacher assigns detention and make parent contact
5th or more tardy - Office referral, resulting in Wednesday Workday assignment (on ACT days)

Truancies: Students who accumulate excessive truancies will have additional consequences as defined by RCW
28A.225, commonly called the “Becca” Bill. Truancies are unauthorized absences for which parents and/or school have
not given permission. Truancies also include being 10 or more minutes absent from a class without authorization.
Students are assigned school consequences for each truancy from each class period, based on an escalating discipline
policy. Parents are informed in writing of the 2nd, 5th, and 7th truancies in a single period. In compliance with the
Compulsory Attendance Law, the school is required to file a petition with the court at the 5th truancy in a month,
and/or the 10th truancy in a school year. The following school consequences will be imposed for truancies:

Truancies equaling less than ½ of a student’s day:
1st Offense: 1 hour of detention per period marked truant
2nd Offense: 2 hours of detention per period marked truant
3rd Offense: Wednesday Workday assignment (on ACT days)
4th Offense: Office Referral, resulting in student contract

Truancies equaling ½ or more of a student’s day:
1st Offense: Wednesday Workday assignment (on ACT days)
2nd Offense: In-School Suspension with parent contact
3rd Offense: Administrator schedules parent conference to develop an attendance contract which may include
shortening of school day

                                                   COMPUTER ACCESS
The District Technology Policy (4411) is published annually in the Student Rights & Responsiblities Handbook. The
policy is available in the library and computer labs on campus. Compliance with the published district technology
policy and procedures is expected for all students using these resources.

Computer Security:
   1. Students are not to reveal their or others’ personal information. Personal signature on any email must use
      the school address only.
   2. Students must notify parents(s)/guardian(s) and system administrator immediately if any individual is trying
      to contact them for illicit or suspicious activities.

    3.   System components, including hardware or software, shall not be destroyed, modified or abused in any way.
    4.   Students must strictly adhere to federal, state, and local copyright laws. The illegal installation, use, storage,
         or distribution of copyrighted software or materials on district computers is prohibited.
    5.   Students are to exhibit exemplary behavior on the network as a representative of their school and
    6.   So that others may not easily guess passwords to the system, it is recommended that students create
         passwords that contain letters and numbers.
    7.   Attempts to log into the system using another member’s login, or as a system administrator, will result in
         termination of the user account. Users who forget their passwords should contact a network administrator or
         see the librarian.

System monitors have access to all material on their network and will monitor students’ use. The Tumwater School
District reserves the right to remove a user account on the network. Any user identified as a security risk, or as
having a history of problems with other computer systems, may be denied access to the BHHS network. Violations of
the Technology Use Agreement or the District Network Policy are cumulative and will not be erased at the end of the
school year; rather they will follow the student throughout his/her years at BHHS.

Unacceptable Uses
     1. Revealing your user ID and password to others or gaining access to another person’s ID and/or password;
     2. Editing or changing the files of others, or reading another’s mail;
     3. Reposting personal communications without the author’s prior consent;
     4. Using the network for personal and/or private business; or political lobbying;
     5. Using false names or pseudonyms;
     6. Playing games or using Internet relay-chat is prohibited unless authorized by a teacher for classroom
     7. Using school equipment to dial into other networks or bulletin board systems (BBS), local or remote, that
          have not been approved by the teacher.
The consequences for violating the network and Internet agreement as listed above are as follows:
First Violation: Student is reminded of the agreement and parent/guardian may be contacted. Student will lose his/her
account for one week.
Second Violation: Student will lose his/her account for 1 month. Parent/guardian is contacted.
Third and Subsequent Violations: Student will lose his/her account for the remainder of the school year or
permanently. Parent/guardian is notified.

Criminal or Prohibited Uses
The following infractions may result in appropriate disciplinary action in addition to the immediate suspension or
termination of access privileges:
    1. Using profanity, obscenity, or other language which may be offensive to another user;
    2. Downloading and uploading pirated or illegal software in violation of copyright law;
    3. Using the network for personal financial gain or for any commercial or illegal activity;
    4. Uploading or creating computer viruses, which is considered a criminal offense;
    5. Destroying or modifying data or committing any form of vandalism;
    6. Developing programs that harass other users or infiltrate a computer or computing system and/or damage
         the software components of a computer or computing device;
    7. Sending hate mail or chain letters, harassment, discriminatory remarks and other antisocial behaviors;
    8. Accessing or processing pornographic material, inappropriate text files, or files dangerous to the integrity of
         the local area network;
    9. Transmitting any material in violation of state or federal law.

The Tumwater School District will not be liable for any damages due to information gained and/or obtained via use of
the network, including, without limitation, access to public networks.

                                                        SCHOOL LIFE
Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is professional and respectful of others in the school
community. Students are expected to dress appropriately, follow classroom rules, follow the rules specified in this
handbook, use appropriate language, eat in designated areas, clean up their areas after use, attend classes regularly
and on time, demonstrate integrity by avoiding cheating/plagiarism, use school computers appropriately, and refrain
from possession of or participation in illegal activites/substances.

This handbook offers guidelines by which consequences may be assigned. Consequences implemented may include
parent notification, parent conference, lunch detention, after-school detention, loss of participation in school activities,
community service, Wednesday After School (on ACT days), in-school suspension, short-term/long-term suspension,
expulsion, referral to a drug/alcohol counselor, and/or referral to local law enforcement.

Assemblies: Assemblies are held for the education and enjoyment of students and faculty. It is the responsibility of
each student to maintain high standards of conduct and to give every courtesy to the speaker and to the program.
Attendance at assemblies is an expectation.
1st Offense: Immediate office referral and 1 hour detention

2nd Offense: Immediate office referral and In-School-Suspension during assemblies for the remainder of the year.

Care of School Property: Students are responsible for the proper care of all books, supplies and furniture provided
by the school. Intentional disfigurement or destruction of school property may constitute vandalism. (See Criminal
1st Offense: Restitution, 1-3 day suspension, possible police referral.
2nd Offense: Restitution, 3-10 day suspension; police referral
3rd Offense: Restitution, long-term suspension; police referral

Closed Campus: BHHS maintains a closed campus. Once students have arrived at school, they are expected to
remain on campus, even if classes have not yet started. Students may leave campus if they have properly checked
out through the Attendance Office, or if they are involved in an off campus educational program, i.e. Running Start or
New Market Skills Center.
1st Offense: Student is reminded of the district policy and is held responsible for completing one hour of community
service. If the student also missed any classes (“skipping”) while off campus, s/he is also responsible for completing 1
hour in Detention for each period recorded absent. Community Service and Detention need to be completed within
three days of the reported violation.
2nd Offense: Student is short term suspended from school for 1- 5 days. A conference with both the student and a
parent/guardian is held with an Administrator and a letter will be mailed home.
3rd Offense: Possible long-term suspension. Long-term suspension is defined as a suspension longer than 10 days. A
phone conference with a parent/guardian will be held with an administrator and a letter will be mailed home by
certified mail. In the case of a long-term suspension, this letter is also accompanied by a long-term suspension

It is the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to make sure his/her passengers have clearance to leave campus, or
s/he will face the following escalating consequences:
1st Offense: 1st offense above, plus loss of parking permit for one (1) week
2nd Offense: 2nd offense above, plus loss of parking permit for thirty (30) days
3rd Offense: 3rd offense above, plus loss of parking permit for one calendar year
4th Offense: Any additional violations beyond the third offense will result in long-term suspensions and permanent loss
of driving privileges.

Disruption of school environment: Students are expected to contribute to a safe and effective educational
environment. Showing a willful disregard for the rules or behavior that interrupts the learning environment anywhere
on campus will not be tolerated.
1st Offense: Removal from situation and In-School-Suspension for remainder of day
2nd Offense: Removal from situation and 1-3 days suspension
3rd Offense: Removal from situation and 1-3 days suspension

Distribution and Posting of Materials: Any postings of signs or materials throughout the school must have prior
approval and an ASB stamp.
1st Offense: Office referral, student must remove signs and complete 2 hours Community Service
2nd Offense: Office referral and Saturday School

Dress and Physical Appearance: A student’s choice in matters of dress should be made in consultation with his/her
parents. Students are asked to wear clothes that are neat, clean, and suitable for school. Keep in mind that BHHS is
a work place for nearly 100 employees. We are preparing our students for the world of work, and our dress code
reflects appropriate attire for the work place. Therefore, the students’ dress and/or grooming should not lead staff to
believe that such dress will disrupt, interfere with, disturb or distract from school activities; and should not create a
health hazard or other hazard to the student’s safety or the safety of others.

To ensure that the health standards, safety conditions, and the proper educational decorum are maintained while in
school or at co-curricular activities and dances, the following clothing items are prohibited:
    1. Items directly or indirectly depicting or referring to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, death, profanity, nudity,
         vulgarity, obscenity;
    2. Revealing or provocative clothing, such as tops that expose bare midriff, cleavage, and/or undergarments;
         Tops which have spaghetti straps or are backless;
    3. Sagging pants that fall below the hipbone; Shorts/skirts with high slits or that expose more than half of the
         thigh, shorts/skirts that are shorter than fingertips when arms are extended downward while standing;
    4. Metal accessories (multiple chains, spikes, etc.);
    5. Gang symbols, as interpreted with the assistance of local law enforcement, and other offensive symbols (e.g.,
         Confederate Flag). Please note that bandanas (limited to paisley patterns) are not permitted at BHHS;
    6. Shoes must be worn at all times; and
    7. In addition, binders and book bags are considered to be part of your attire. Any pictures, drawings, or written
         words displayed on binders and book bags are subject to all dress code rules.

If a student’s dress or appearance or accompanying behavior is objectionable under these provisions,
staff/administration will request the student make the appropriate corrections.

1st Offense: Change clothes (Borrow clothing from the main office or stay in ISS for remainder of the day if change of
clothes is not possible) and parent/guardian contact.
2nd Offense: Change clothes and complete dress checks for 1 week
3rd Offense: Short-term suspension

Electronic devices: We are committed to providing a safe, positive and productive learning and working
environment. The use of electronic devices on campus has increased classroom disruptions and resulted in an increase
of threatening and inappropriate communications. The term “electronic devices” shall mean any and all devices which
accomplish their purposes electronically and include, without limitation, cell phones, pagers, electronic emailing
devices (e.g., Blackberry), radios, tape players, CD players, DVD players, video cameras, iPods or other MP3 players,
laser pointers, portable video game players, laptop computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), cameras, and any
device that provides a wireless, unfiltered connection to the Internet. Speakers for electronic devices are not
permitted. Therefore, students listening to music via electronic devices before / after school, during passing periods
and during lunch, must wear headphones. While students are not prohibited from possessing electronic devices,
unless otherwise prohibited by law or District policies, rules or procedures, the electronic devices must be turned
“off” and stored in a student’s backpack or purse, or vehicle except before / after school, during passing periods and
during lunch. This Policy does not apply to the sanctioned use of electronic devices by teachers, or students under the
direct supervision of their teacher, for educational purposes. Additionally, students are not permitted to photograph,
film or record others without their explicit permission. Students who photograph, film or tape incidents of student
conflict are subject to school displine. The District is not liable or responsible for the loss or damage of Electronic
Device pursuant to this policy.
1st Offense: Confiscation by teacher until the end of the day and parent is contacted.
2nd Offense: Confiscation by teacher with the phone sent to the main office until parent picks it up.

Hall passes: All staff will be provided with an approved hall pass. Students must possess and display a hall pass if in
the halls during class time.
1st Offense: Student will be returned to class and assigned 1 hour detention
2nd Offense: Student returned to class, loss of hall privileges for up to 60 days.
3rd Offense: Short-term suspension
4th Offense: Long-term suspension

Identification Cards: All students are expected to carry their BHHS identification cards with them while on the
school campus or at school events. Students are also expected to display their ID upon request by school personnel.
1st Offense: Warning and 1 hour detention
2nd Offense: Wednesday After School (on ACT days) and $5 fee for replacement ID
3rd Offense: Short-term suspension

Library: The Library is available for students who wish to pursue research or quiet study. Students must present a
pass from their teacher upon entering the Library
1st Offense: Denied access without a pass, student returned to class
2nd Offense: Student returned to class, Office referral and 1 hour detention
3rd Offense: Office referral and Saturday School

Parking and driving: Parking is a privilege that BHHS students must earn. Vehicles parked on campus are required
to have parking permits attached to the rear view mirror. To obtain a parking permit, students must pay
$10/semester. To obtain the permit, the student will need to provide his/ her Driver’s License number, proof of
insurance, license plate number(s), and make and model of the car(s) that will be driven. To ensure a safe and
orderly driving environment, BHHS models its parking in collaboration with local safety authorities. The following
guidelines are expected to be followed: Park in designated student stalls with permit clearly displayed; during the
school day, do not sit or loiter in the parking lot; and obey posted signs on campus. Students will lose the right to
park on school grounds if reckless/negligent driving is observed. (See Criminal Activity for Driving Violations.) Failure
to follow guidelines with respect to parking will result in the following sequence of discipline:
1st Offense: Written warning
2nd Offense: Assessed a $10 fine
3rd Offense: Assessed a $20 fine, and loss of parking privileges for 30 days.
4th Offense: Loss of parking privileges for 1 calendar year.
Students who do not comply with disciplinary actions and park regardless, will have their vehicle towed at their

PDA’s: The inappropriate “Public Displays of Affection” are frequently embarrassing to adults and students. Students
are expected to exercise self-control and respect for the reputation of others. Specifically, kissing, long embraces,
inappropriate touching and displays of affection are not allowed. The following consequences will be applied to
students who fail to respect the PDA policy:
1st Offense: Warning to students of appropriate behavior, referral to a counselor or social worker, who will contact
2nd Offense: 2 hours detention
3rd Offense: Short-term suspension

Repeated Misconduct: Students who habitually show a willful disregard for the rules and the learning of others have
no place at BHHS. It is tiresome for students and faculty to repeatedly deal with the same misbehaving students. As
a result, consequences for serious offenses will be compounded.
1st Offense: Short-term suspension, parent conference, behavior contract
2nd Offense: Long-term suspension

Senior Skip Day: School district policy does not permit a “school skip day” or “senior skip day.” Students involved in
such an act will be regarded as truant from the school and subject to disciplinary procedures.
1st Offense: Follows consequences explained under attendance policy

TA Responsibilities: Teacher assistants will not be outside of the classroom without a hall pass. No TA will be given
possession of school keys.
1st Offense: TA will be returned to the classroom
2nd Offense: TA will be returned to the classroom and assigned detention
3rd Offense: Loss of TA position for the remainder of the year

Transportation: The TSD provides trsnsportation to and from school for all students who reside within our zone.
District transportation is also provided to most school events. Students are expected to comply with all the bus rules
while riding, and may receive both school and transportation consequences if they fail to abide by the designated
rules. If a student travels to an event on a bus, she/he must return on a bus.

Wheels and Rollers: Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, wheeled shoes, or personal transportation items are
not allowed on campus. Students may ride a bike to school, but it is to be placed on the bike rack and used only to
arrive at and leave from school.
1st Offense: Confiscated until the end of the day
2nd Offense: Confiscated for 30 days, student may pick up in main office
3rd Offense: Short-term suspension, parent can pick up item after 1 year

Willful Disobedience/Failure to Comply: Students are expected to follow all reasonable requests from staff
members, including identifying oneself upon request. Any student who willfully defies, disregards, or disrespects any
staff member will be given the following consequences:
1st Offense: Short-term suspension (3 days)
2nd Offense: Short-term suspension (5 days)
3rd Offense: Long-term suspension

The following cultural diversity outcomes will promote belief statement(s) as outlined in the District’s Strategic Plan:
    • To appreciate the ethnic and religious diversity of, understand the richness of, and function appropriately within
      a multicultural society.
    • To treat every individual with dignity and respect.
    • To provide culturally diverse role models.
    • To recognize, understand, confront and deal responsibly with prejudice and related attitudes and behavior.
    • To make responsible decisions, anticipating their impact on self and others.
    • To promote a strong sense of self-worth and respect for one’s own cultural heritage.
    • To include people with disabilities and special needs in the full range of school and community activities.

                                                BULLYING & HARASSMENT
The Black Hills High School Code of Conduct leaves no room for bullying or harassment between members of the Black
Hills community. All students and staff have the right to attend school and feel safe from verbal and physical assaults.
School Board Policy 5461 states: “Harassment, intimidation or bullying” means any intentional electronic, written,
verbal, or physical act, including but not limited to one shown to be motivated by any characteristic in RCW
9A.36.080(3), (race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or mental or physical
disability), or other distinguishing characteristics, when the intentional written, verbal, or physical act:
     • Physically harms a student or damages the student’s property; or
     • Has the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s education; or
     • Is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening educational environment; or
     • Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school.

Nothing in this section requires the affected student to actually possess a characteristic that is a basis for the
harassment, intimidation, or bullying. “Other distinguishing characteristics” can include but are not limited to: physical
appearance, clothing or other apparel, socioeconomic status, gender identity, and marital status. Harassment,
intimidation or bullying can take many forms including: slurs, rumors, jokes, innuendos, demeaning comments,
drawings, cartoons, pranks, gestures, physical attacks, threats, or other written, oral or physical actions. “Intentional
acts” refers to the individual’s choice to engage in the act rather than the ultimate impact of the action or actions.

This policy is not intended to prohibit expression of religious, philosophical, or political views, provided that the
expression does not substantially disrupt the educational environment. Many behaviors that do not rise to the level of

harassment, intimidation or bullying may still be prohibited by other district policies or building, classroom, or program

The following behaviors will not be tolerated at Black Hills High School and will result in school discipline:

Assault: Verbal: Acts of harassment or intimidation such as threatening to cause bodily injury or maliciously
threatening to do any other act intended to substantially harm the physical or mental health of another. For physical
assault see page 16 under Criminal Activity.
1st Offense: Immediate administrative referral and 3-5 day suspension; mediation between parties.
2nd Offense: Immediate administrative referral and 5-7 day suspension; mediation between parties; demonstration of
learning or growth around this issue; Behavior Contract to assure that incidents do not continue.
3rd Offense: Immediate office referral and long-term suspension or expulsion; mandatory participation in Anger
Management program or therapy; demonstration of growth and commitment to refrain from assault behavior.

Bullying/Intimidation: When one person forces another person to do or say something that is inappropriate or
disruptive to the school environment. Bullying typically leaves the victim feeling uncomfortable or coerced.
Regardless of intent, intimidating actions and words are harmful to both the recipient and the educational community.
Students who direct profanity toward others, bully or intimidate others will be subject to the following consequences:
1st Offense: Immediate office referral and 3-5 day suspension; mediation between parties.
2nd Offense: Immediate office referral and 5-7 day suspension; mediation between parties with the goal of
demonstrating learning or growth around this issue; Behavior Contract to assure that incidents do not continue.
3rd Offense: Immediate office referral and long-term suspension or expulsion; mandatory participation in an Anger
Management program or therapy; demonstration of growth and commitment refrain from bullying.

Discrimination: To unfairly treat another person or group on the basis of prejudice or bias. State and federal law
prohibits discrimination. Black Hills High School complies with all non-discrimination rules and regulations and does not
permit discrimination against students on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation,
or disability. This holds true for all students who are participating in educational programs and/or co-curricular school
1st Offense: Immediate office referral and 3-5 day suspension; mediation between parties.
2nd Offense: Immediate office referral and 5-7 day suspension; mediation between parties; demonstration of learning
or growth around this issue, Behavior Contract to assure that incidents do not continue.
3rd Offense: Immediate office referral and long-term suspension or expulsion; demonstration of growth and
commitment to non-discriminatory interactions.

Disrespectful Language: Profanity, cursing, swearing, abusive or offensive language at school, as in the work place,
is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. This includes profanity in general conversation. Profanity directed at a
person constitutes Bullying/Intimidation or Harassment.
1st Offense: Teacher intervention that may include restitution that is acceptable to the offended person; office referral,
documenting the intervention.
2nd Offense: Immediate office referral; restitution that is acceptable to the offended person; In School Suspension for
the remainder of the day; Behavior Contract to assure that incidents do not continue.
3rd Offense: Immediate office referral and 2-10 day suspension; demonstration of growth and commitment to
respectful interactions.

Fighting: A verbal or physical altercation between two or more people, causing a disruption of the education process.
Any student involved in fighting or promoting fighting shall be subject to disciplinary action. Fighting may constitute a
crime and legal authorities may be notified. See Criminal Activity.
1st Offense: Immediate office referral and a 3-5 day suspension; Mediation between parties.
2nd Offense: Immediate office referral and 5-7 day suspension; Mediation between parties; Demonstration of learning
or growth around this issue; Behavior contract to assure that the incidents do not continue.
3rd Offense: Immediate office referral and long-term suspension or expulsion; mandatory participation in Anger
Management, Conflict-Resolution Program, or therapy; demonstration of growth and commitment to refrain from

Harassment: Intentional acts, statements, or conduct, which has the purpose or effect of negatively interfering with
an individual’s school performance, or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive school environment. This may
include deliberate and unwelcome touching, cornering, stalking, pinching, or pulling clothing; graffiti, pictures, or
offensive photographs; disparaging remarks about someone or use of demeaning, offensive negative terms; offensive
jokes or teasing; hazing, pranks, or other intimidating behavior.
1st Offense: Immediate office referral and 3-5 day suspension; Mediation between parties.
2nd Offense: Immediate office referral and 5-7 day suspension; Mediation between parties with the goal of
demonstrating learning or growth around this issue; Behavior Contract to assure that incidents do not continue.
3rd Offense: Immediate office referral and long-term suspension or expulsion; Mandatory participation in harassment
education; demonstration of growth and commitment to respectful interactions.

Lewd Conduct: Any indecent, sexually suggestive or obscene act, expression or gesture. Students shall not possess,
distribute, nor attempt to acquire pornographic material. Exposing one’s buttocks or private areas at school or during
any school activity is prohibited.
1st Offense: Removal from the school environment; written apology that is acceptable to victim; 3 day suspension.
2nd Offense: Removal from school environment; 5-7 day suspension.
3rd Offense: Immediate office referral and long-term suspension.

Racism: Any acts, statements or conduct, deliberate or otherwise, that target one’s race or ethnicity. This may include
deliberate and/or unwelcome words, terms, gestures, symbols including the Confederate Flag, graffiti, pictures, or
offensive photographs; disparaging remarks about someone; or offensive jokes or teasing.
1st Offense: Immediate office referral and 5 day suspension; Mediation between parties with the goal of demonstrating
learning or growth around this issue; Behavior Contract to assure that incidents do not continue.
2nd Offense: Immediate office referral and 10 day suspension;
3rd Offense: Immediate office referral and long-term suspension or expulsion; Mandatory participation in harassment
education; demonstration of growth and commitment to respectful interactions.

Sexual Harassment: includes all unwanted, uninvited and non-reciprocal sexual attention. This may include but is
not limited to:
          Sexually suggestive looks or gestures             Deliberate touching, cornering or pinching
          Pressure for dates or sex                         Sexually demeaning comments
          Sexual jokes, pictures, or teasing                Attempts to kiss or fondle
          Threats, demands or suggestions that favors will be granted in exchange for sex or tolerance of sexual
1st Offense: Immediate office referral and 3-5 day suspension, mediation between parties.
2nd Offense: Immediate office referral and 5-7 day suspension; mediation between parties; demonstration of learning
or growth around this issue, Behavior Contract to assure that incidents do not continue.
3rd Offense: Immediate office referral and long-term suspension or expulsion; demonstration of growth and
commitment to non-harassing interactions.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important for members of the Black Hills community to get along and show respect for each
other, and to learn how to resolve differences and tolerate disagreement in a diverse world. All students and staff have
the right to attend school and feel safe from verbal and physical assault. Because we view our school as a community,
we encourage all students to take responsibility in reporting concerns to a parent, teacher, counselor or an
administrator. Sharing concerns with adults ultimately creates a safer school community. Students who are subjected
to these kinds of behaviors should inform a counselor or an administrator.

                                                 CRIMINAL ACTIVITY
Any student who willfully performs any act that interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operation of the school,
a school-sponsored activity or any other aspect of the educational process shall be subject to discipline. Any act of
exceptional misconduct, noted in this section as “criminal activity”, that is of such frequent occurrence or so serious in
terms of disruptive effect upon the operation of the school, will warrant an immediate resort to suspension or the
contacting of law enforcement. These acts include, but are not limited to the following:

Arson: Any intentional or unintentional act resulting in the unsupervised combusting of materials on school property.
1st Offense: Emergency Expulsion; investigate, long-term suspension, police referral;
2nd Offense: Emergency Expulsion; investigate; expulsion; police

Assault: Physical: To intentionally cause or attempt to cause physical injury or behave in such a way that could
reasonably cause physical injury to another person. Assault may constitute a crime and legal authorities will be
notified. For verbal assault see page 14 under Bullying and Harassment.
1st Offense: Emergency Expulsion; investigate, long-term suspension, police referral
2nd Offense: Emergency Expulsion; investigate; expulsion; police referral

Drugs and alcohol: Use, abuse and/or possession of alcohol, and/or intent to distribute controlled illegal, addictive,
and/or harmful substances.
1st Offense: Emergency expulsion with investigation; May be converted to short-term or long-term suspension with
Drug and Alcohol assessment and follow-up activities
2nd Offense: Emergency expulsion with investigation; May be converted to expulsion or long-term suspension

False alarms: Endangering the safety of others by falsely announcing or reporting a fire alarm, bomb or weapon on
school property. This includes but is not limited to pulling a fire alarm, creating a disturbance during a lockdown, or
exaggerating or embellishing a dangerous situation.
1st Offense: Emergency expulsion; short or long-term suspension; restitution with local emergency response team
2nd Offense: Emergency Expulsion; Long-term suspension/Expulsion; restitution with local emergency response team

Forgery: In addition to federal/state violations in matters of forgery, documents, written or verbal, submitted to the
school for record keeping that is forged. (e.g. notes submitted to the attendance office, to a teacher, etc.) Procedures

regarding papers and work submitted within the classroom that are forged are outlined in the Academic Ethics section
of the Student Handbook.
1st Offense: 1-3 day suspension, police may be notified
2nd Offense: 3-5 day suspension; police notification
3rd Offense: Long term suspension
**Consequences for actions committed within the classroom are outlined in the Academic Ethics section of the Student

Gambling: State law prohbits gambling for persons under 18 years of age. Playing games for money/prizes is not
acceptable on the school campus, unless authorized as a school activity.
1st Offense: Teacher intervention that may include confiscating the game(s); office referral, documenting the
2nd Offense: Immediate office referral; In School Suspension for the remainder of the day; Behavior Contract to
assure that incidents do not continue.
3rd Offense: Immediate office referral and 2-10 day suspension;

Gangs: A group of three or more persons with identifiable leadership, which, on an ongoing basis, regularly conspires
and acts in concert mainly for criminal purposes.
1st Offense: Referral to police for evaluation/community coordination
2nd Offense: To be determined

Malicious mischief: Any act which causes a disruption of school life through damage to property or the school’s
normal routines.
1st Offense: Restitution; possible 1-3 day suspension; police referral
2nd Offense: Restitution, 3-5 day suspension; police referral
3rd Offense: Restitution, long-term suspension, police referral

Reckless driving: Any unsafe driving practice. Drivers are expected to operate the vehicle according to all posted
speed limits and to drive in a manner supported by the safe and sane driving codes of the State of Washington.
1st Offense: Loss of parking/driving privileges for 1 week, appropriate police involvement
2nd Offense: Loss of parking/driving privileges for 30 days, appropriate police involvement
3rd Offense: Loss of parking/driving privileges for 1 calendar year, 5 day suspension from school, and appropriate
police referral

Theft: Willful taking without permission, of student, staff, or guest’s property during any school sponsored activity.
1st Offense: Restitution, police referral, 1-3 day suspension
2nd Offense: Restitution, 3-10 day suspension, police referral
3rd Offense: Restitution, long-term suspension, police referral

Tobacco: Smoking or the use or possession of any kind of tobacco product shall be prohibited on all district property,
including athletic fields and district vehicles. Defined as the use of any pipe, cigar, smokeless tobacco, cigarette or
any other smoking equipment, or the chewing or sniffing thereof. Offenses accrue year to year.
1st Offense: 1 day I.S.S.; work on smoking education packet;
2nd Offense: 1-5 day suspension; Drug and Alcohol assessment;
3rd Offense: Long-term suspension.

Trespassing: To enter, to be on district property, or to be present at a school related activity without the expressed
permission of school or district officials.
1st Offense: Verbal warning, and file note made
2nd Offense: Trespassing notice sent, copy filed with police
3rd Offense: Police referral

Vandalism: Causing or attempting to cause damage to school, or another person’s property while on the school
1st Offense: Restitution, 1-3 day suspension, possible police referral
2nd Offense: Restitution, 3-10 day suspension; police referral
3rd Offense: Restitution, long-term suspension; police referral

Weapons, firearms, firearm look-alikes, dangerous objects: A weapon includes, but is not limited to: (a)
firearm, which is a weapon or device from which a projectile may be fired by an explosive; or (b) an air gun, which
includes any air pistol or air rifle, designed to propel a BB, pellet, or other projectile by discharge of compressed air,
carbon dioxide or other gas, or any items which appear to be realistic firearms or air guns; or (c) a slung shot, which is
a small, heavy weight attached to a strap or thong, used as a weapon; or (d) a sling shot, which is a Y-shaped piece of
wood, metal, etc. with an elastic band attached to the upper tips for shooting small stones, pebbles, etc.; or (e) a sand
club, chains or metal knuckles; or (f) a device commonly known as “throwing stars,” multi-pointed” metal objects
designed to embed upon impact from any aspect; or (g) any knife which is a cutting or stabbing instrument with a
sharp blade; or (h) a dirk, which is a type of dagger; or(i) any device commonly known as “nunchucks,” consisting of
two or more lengths of woods, metal, plastic or similar substance connected with wire, rope or other means..

Students who possess a weapon or who carry, exhibit, display or draw any weapon or any item apparently capable of
producing bodily harm in a manner which, under the circumstances, manifests an intent to intimidate another or
warrants alarm for the safety of others shall be subject to discipline up to and including expulsion. Students carrying
or possessing a firearm shall be expelled for a period of not less than one (1) year. The superintendent may modify
the expulsion of a student on a case-by-case basis.

Behavior Contract: An agreement that clearly states the behavior expectations for a student. The student agrees to
abide by these expectations. If a student violates the contract by deomonstrating unacceptable behavior, the student
will be further consequenced, including short or long term suspension.

Community Service: Assigned before or after school. Students work with custodial staff on cleaning the campus as
a result of discipline imposed by an administrator.

Confiscation: The act of taking away items that are inappropriate for school (i.e., tobacco, radios, weapons, etc.)

Detention: 2:15 to 3:15 as assigned; monitored study hall in Room 207

Emergency Expulsion: The removal of a student from school for an indefinite period of time. An emergency
expulsion may be necessary if a student poses danger to self or others. Parents and students may request a hearing.

In-School Suspension: Located in the Main Office, students are assigned ISS by an administrator as an alternative
to short term suspension. Students are expected to complete their class work while in ISS.

Long-Term Suspension: The removal of a student from one or more classes for a period of 11 – 60 school days.
Missing schoolwork is NOT available, and students lose credit in all classes. Parents and students may appeal the
long-term suspension by contacting the District Office.

Restitution: The act of making good or compensating for loss or damage. The damaged or stolen item is replaced or

School District Property: All property of the Tumwater School District and Black Hills High School (i.e., campus,
parking areas, stadium complex, other school in the Tumwater School District)

Short-Term Suspension: The removal of a student from one or more classes for a period of 1 – 10 school days.
Missing schoolwork is available upon request. Parents and students may request a meeting with the building principal
to appeal to shorten the terms of the short-term suspension.

Wednesday Workday: 12:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. on ACT Wednesdays. Monitored by the Campus Supervisor,
assigned by an administrator or Mrs. Keller.


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