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					                                              EXHIBIT "A"

                                (REV. 11-01-2006)

          Provide appropriately equipped and well-trained security personnel at Rest Areas and/or Florida
          Welcome Stations along the Interstate Highways, for the protection of the General Public,
          Department personnel, and all property at locations specified in this Contract (see Exhibit _____, for
          locations). Ensure that Security Officers properly carry out the primary duty of safeguarding the
          General Public, the Department's personnel, and all property. This General Order supersedes all
          The Department may request services on an as-needed basis. Such services will be initiated and
          completed as directed by the Contract Manager. A "Letter of Authorization" will be issued by the
          Department for each project scheduled.

      A. Provide uniformed, armed Security Officers licensed pursuant to F.S. 493, to provide security
      B. Verify that the scope of operations is sufficiently broad and well-defined to ensure the maximum
         protection of property and life and is consistently managed in an efficient and professional manner.
         Provide security services as stated herein, within the physical limits of the rest areas and/or welcome
         stations. The limits begin at the approach taper of the deceleration lane, extend through the rest area
         and/or welcome station from the edge of the paved shoulder of the main roadway, and terminate at
         the end of the acceleration taper. The Security Officers will be responsible for monitoring the
         grounds surrounding the facility, including, but not limited to: all parking lots, picnic areas, and
         restroom buildings. Ensure that all employees comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules,
         and regulations set forth by the Department.
      C. Provide security services for a continuous sixteen (16) hour period from 4:00 PM to 8:00 AM, seven
         (7)-days-a-week (including all holidays). Provide back-up personnel and equipment to immediately
         replace personnel and/or equipment that may fail. The Department may modify the type of service,
         number of hours, beginning and end times or number of employees upon twenty- four (24)-hours-
         notice in writing.
      D. Furnish one or more Security Officer(s) per each Rest Area unit and/or Welcome Station. There are
         _________________________ ( ) units in District ___________ (see exhibit ______ for
      E. Comply with the security industry standards referenced in Chapter 493, Florida Statutes.
      F. Provide materials and equipment as specified herein.
      G. At all times, Security Officers will be courteous and display a professional and friendly manner. The
         Security Officers will provide a visible presence in and around the Rest Area facilities, out of their
         vehicle except when patrolling the Rest Area, and readily accessible to the public.

      A. Maintain appropriate and comprehensive insurance covering any incident arising from the
         Contractor's operations; such insurance will include, but will not be limited to:

          1) Bodily injury liability: $2.0 million each occurrence.
          2) Property damage liability: $2.0 million each occurrence.
          3) Personal injury coverage: $2.0 million each occurrence.
          4) Automobile liability insurance: $2.0 million.
      B. Loss and damage: Maintain safety and security of all Department personnel and Department-owned
         property located within the facility or upon the grounds of the facility. Replace, when required by
         the Department, any items and/or equipment and facilities damaged or destroyed in the act of
         providing security services by the Contractor, or as a result of the negligence of any employee or
         agent of the Contractor.
      C. Cooperate with all other contractors and Department personnel performing work adjacent to or
         within the physical limits of the rest area and/or welcome station, and coordinate all activities with
         them which may affect the security of the facility or its occupants.
      D. The Department reserves the right to require the Contractor to relieve an employee from duty
         assignments, and/or bar an employee from further service under this Contract. No reason need be
         given by the Contract Manager.
      E. The Department will not compensate the Contractor for the cost of any and all licenses, permits,
         registration, and inspections, etc. required for this project's proposal and performance. Comply with
         all laws, ordinances, regulations, and code requirements applicable to the work contemplated herein.
          Damages, penalties, and/or fines imposed on the Department or the Contractor for failure to obtain
         any and all required licenses and/or permits shall be borne by the Contractor.
      F. The Contractors Project Manager, Contract Supervisors and Security Officers must be able to read,
         write, speak and understand English.

      The Department will provide a Contract Manager, Contract Administrator, or Contract Inspector to
      administer the terms of, conditions of, and payments for this Contract.

      This Contract will commence after the "Letter of Authorization" has been issued, but not before
      and will remain in effect until ___________________. This Contract may be renewed.

      Meetings will be held at the discretion of the Department for the purpose of discussing any and all issues
      relevant to the performance and/or administration of this Contract. The Department reserves the right to
      call for additional meetings at any time during this Contract period by notifying the Contractor at least
      one week in advance. However, in emergency cases, advance notice is not required.
      A representative authorized to act on behalf of the Contractor must be present at all meetings scheduled
      by the Department.

      No Security Officer will work more than twelve (12) consecutive hours, in any twenty-four (24) hour
      period. This limitation may be waived by the Department in emergency situations that are beyond the
      control of the Contractor, i.e., weather conditions preventing the next shift from getting to the facility.
      The Contractor must notify the Contract Manager about any emergency situation and request a waiver
      for each occurrence.

       All Security Officers must have access to Post Orders at all times while on duty. The Post Orders will be
       stored on-site; or, if no secure storage is available, the Post Orders will be delivered to the site at the
       beginning of each shift. Written Post Orders will contain complete duty instructions for each individual
       post identifying the basic work to be performed by the Security Officers at the site. Post Orders must be
       prepared by the Contractor, and must be consistent with the specific post and operational requirements
       provided by the Department. Post Orders may address the following matters:
       A. Facility information (e.g., hours of operation, chain of command, etc.)
       B. Facility rules and regulations
       C. Operation of equipment
       D. Vehicular traffic control
       E. Access control procedures
       F. Emergency procedures
       G. Security and fire control/alarm systems
       H. Responses to injury or illness
       I.   Safeguarding property
       J.   Legal limits of authority to detain, restrain, and search individuals
       K. Use of Cellular Telephones
       However, Post Orders may address additional matters not specifically listed herein.
       Train personnel to properly interpret and carry out Post Orders in a manner consistent with his/her duty
       to protect the General Public, Department personnel, and all property.

       Security Officers will not leave assigned posts at any time during or at the end of a shift, unless relieved
       by the appropriate duty personnel, or unless specifically authorized by the Department to leave the post.

       Security Officers may be diverted by the Department from normal assignment duties to respond to
       emergency situations or special duty assignments. No additional costs shall be charged to the
       Department for such diversions; however, the Contractor will not be penalized for any regular daily work
       task not completed due to such emergencies. All emergencies will be reported in accordance with the
       procedures listed in the Post Orders.

       The Department reserves the right to require the transfer or rotation of any or all Security Officers at time
       intervals specified by the Department.

       A. Project Manager - Provide a Project Manager to manage and coordinate the Contract and act as the
          central point of contact with the Department. The Project Manager will have full authority to act for

           the Contractor on all contractual matters relating to the daily operation of this Contract. Change of
           the Project Manager will require approval by the Department.
       B. Contract Supervisors - Provide active, on-duty supervision for every shift covered by the Contract.
          Change of the Contract Supervisor will require approval by the Department. Contract Supervisors
          will be armed and equipped in the same manner as Security Officers. The Contract Supervisor will
          use a vehicle equipped with a cellular telephone with airtime to patrol and respond to site locations
          as required. The Contract Supervisors will make inspections on all shifts, answer questions, resolve
          problems, respond to emergencies, and otherwise complete tasks required by the Department
          pursuant to the Contract. The level of supervision provided must be sufficient to ensure a
          supervisory visit to each on-duty shift.
           Contract Supervisors will patrol no more than fifteen (15) locations per shift, unless waived in
           writing by the Department due to special circumstances (e.g., multiple locations within concentrated
           geographic area). The above-described inspection schedule may be revised by the Department
           whenever necessary.
       C. Contractor Security Officer - Provide appropriately equipped and trained personnel to fulfill the
          Contract requirements.

       A. Any unusual events will be summarized briefly in the Post Logbook maintained at each site for
          identification of the principals later if further investigation is needed. The bound Post Logbook will
          become the property of the Department upon termination of this Contract. Preserve the bound Post
          Logbooks for each post from the inception of the Contract and make the Logbooks immediately
          available to the Department upon request.
       B. An Extraordinary Single Incident Report must be completed when a firearm is discharged, someone
          is injured, or a major criminal act or significant event occurs. Security Officers should consult with
          Contract Supervisors to determine when a special report may be required. Any incident that requires
          an Extraordinary Single Incident Report will also be verbally reported to the Contract Manager
          immediately after the incident occurs. Fax a copy of the Extraordinary Single Incident Report to the
          Department no later than the start of the next business day.
       C. Prepare written monthly reports for the Department detailing the previous month's security-related
          activity and crime incidents that occurred at each post. Specific tables, charts, summaries, etc. will
          be included in these reports. Summarize and submit these reports to the Department on an annual
          basis on the anniversary date of the commencement of the Contract.
       D. Provide a detailed tracking and investigation system ensuring the thorough and professional
          monitoring and resolution of all complaints brought forth regarding the performance of the work
          pursuant to this Contract.

       All Security Officers and Contract Supervisors employed by the Contractor under this Contract are
       required to meet the following requirements.
       A. Training Requirements: Security Officers and Contract Supervisors must meet the training
          requirements as listed in item 1) or item 2).
           1) Must be a graduate of a certified federal, state, county, or local government agency training
              program as follows:
               a. Law enforcement agency training program, or
               b. Correctional officer training program, or

               c. Military police training program.
           2) An equivalent training program which presented the individual with the appropriate certificate or
              diploma that would be accepted by government agencies stating eligibility for employment as a
              Law Enforcement or Correctional Officer. Law Enforcement Officer and Correctional Officer
              shall be as defined in Sections 943.10(1) and (2), Florida Statutes.
           The Contractor is encouraged to seek services of security guards licensed pursuant to Chapter 493,
           F.S., who are former members of the armed forces of the United States and have been affected by
           military downsizing or base closures, and shall be further encouraged to contact community colleges
           or other educational institutions which provide training for security guards for candidates meeting
           these qualifications.
       B. Licensing Requirements:
           Contract Supervisors and Security Officers, while on duty, must possess upon their person and
           present to Department personnel upon request the following:

           1) State of Florida Class "D" License (security guard license)
           2) State of Florida Class "G" License (license authorizing individual to bear a firearm). The
              Department will limit the use of a temporary Class AG@ License to six (6) months.
           3) State of Florida Driver's License or other State Driver's License which permits the individual to
              operate a vehicle in the State of Florida.
           4) No Security Officer will be permitted to work under this Contract using an Acknowledgment
              Card from the Department of State.
       C. Proof of Current Employment and Approval to Perform Off-Duty Activities:
           A Security Officer or Contract Supervisor employed as a Law Enforcement Officer or Correctional
           Officer must have documentation showing proof of current employment and approval from his/her
           employing agency or department to perform off-duty security activities and carry a firearm during
           off-duty hours in his/her capacity as Security Officer or Contract Supervisor. When this
           documentation is provided to the Department, the Law Enforcement Officer or Correctional Officer
           will not be required to obtain a Class “D” and Class “G” license.
       D. Records Kept on File:
           The records indicated in Section 14.0 paragraph A. and B. above, will be kept on file and provided
           within twenty-four (24) hours, upon request by the Department.

       The Department will furnish, without cost to the Contractor, the following materials and equipment to be
       used in connection with the performance of this Contract:
       A. Forms:
           Required forms and other documentation used in reporting procedures at specific posts will be
           provided or approved by the Department.
       B. Keys:
           Keys for access to each site will be issued to Security Officers employed at those sites. Appropriate
           use of these keys is detailed in each facility's Post Orders. The Contractor is responsible for securing
           and maintaining the keys in good working condition. The Department will replace lost keys at the
           Contractor's expense.

       C. Replacement:
          The Contractor assumes full responsibility for all equipment issued by the Department to the
          Contractor solely for performance of the work contained herein. The Contractor will reimburse the
          Department, at current market rates, for all equipment that is lost, damaged, stolen, or otherwise
          unavailable. Upon termination of this Contract, all equipment will be returned to the Department in
          good operating condition, less reasonable wear and tear.

       A. Facility Post Orders:
          Post Orders are to be prepared, with reasonable and periodic updates for each individual post, with
          the advice and consent of the Department. Distribute copies of the Post Orders to the Department
          and to all field security personnel. Do not make any alterations to the Post Orders, unless such
          alterations are specifically approved by the Department.
       B. Working Materials:
          All working materials necessary for proper performance of this Contract, include, but are not limited
          to, bound Logbooks, notebooks, pens, and pencils supplied at no expense to the Department.
       C. Uniforms for Security Personnel:
          Security Personnel (Security Officers and Contract Supervisors) assigned to uniformed duty will
          wear uniforms of color and style approved in advance by the Department. Uniforms do not have to
          be new, but MUST be in good condition. Uniforms will consist of the following items, unless
          specific variations are approved by the Department:
           1) Trousers (all-season weight)
           2) Shirt/blouse (short or long sleeve)
           3) Belt - solid black
           4) Socks - solid black
           5) Shoes - solid black
           6) Hats – three (3)-inch-brim minimum, matching the uniforms in color (baseball type caps are not
           7) Shoulder patches lettered to indicate the identity of the Contractor will be worn on both
              shoulders of the uniform jacket and shirt. No other identification of the Contractor or employee
              shall be worn or displayed on the uniform.
           8) Name tags (to be worn over the right-breast shirt pocket).
           9) Badge (to be worn over the left-breast shirt pocket).
          10) Foul weather clothing, including raincoat, boots, and/or uniform jacket, will be required for
              those employees assigned to perform duties while exposed to cold and/or inclement weather
              conditions. All foul weather clothing must be identical in style and color for all security
              personnel, and marked with the Contractor's identification, logo, name, or insignia.
          11) All employees must wear clean, unwrinkled uniforms while on duty.
       D. Equipment for Security Officers and Contract Supervisors:
          All Security Officers and Contract Supervisors will carry the following equipment, unless
          specifically exempted from carrying such equipment, at all times while on duty:
          1) Firearm (At no time will firearms or ammunition be left in the Rest Area when the Security
             Guard is not present.)

           2) Handcuffs
           3) Cellular Telephone, Batteries and Chargers (including Air Time)
           4) Nightstick - Black plastic
           5) Equipment Belt - Black leather, police style, with carriers for other equipment
           6) Flashlight - One flashlight for each Security Officer assigned to work during darkness. The
              flashlight must be capable of using a minimum of 2 D cell batteries.
       E. Vehicular Equipment:
           Provide each Post/Location with a vehicle licensed, insured, and registered in the State of Florida for
           use by the on-duty Security Officers. Vehicles shall also be provided for Contract Supervisors and
           other employees to perform the requirements of this Contract. The vehicles shall be at the specified
           Post/Location in operational condition. No two wheel vehicles are allowed. The vehicle may be
           required to patrol areas designated by the Department or by the Post Orders. Vehicles shall consist
           of the following items, unless alternatives are approved by the Department. During times when
           Security Services are provided the vehicle will be parked in front of the Rest Area building where it
           can be easily seen by the public entering the rest room facilities.
           1) The Department will provide two (2) magnetic signs made of reflective material with
              the words REST AREA SECURITY to be placed on the sides of each vehicle.
           2) The Contractor may have a minimum of two (2) signs showing the Contractor's logo
              and information located on each vehicle. The Contractor's sign shall not be of a size
              larger than the "REST AREA SECURITY" signs.
               Vehicles shall have a model year no older than five (5) years from the current calendar
               year. Vehicles shall be clean, well-maintained in appearance and mechanically-sound in
           4) Lights, other than those provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle, shall be approved
              by the Department prior to use on this Contract.
           5) Equip all vehicles with a First Aid Kit and a Fire Extinguisher.
           The Department may approve the use of designated U-TURN areas (designated, "FOR OFFICIAL
           USE ONLY") only for the Contractor's vehicles marked "REST AREA SECURITY". Personal
           vehicles used by employees to travel to and from the site(s) shall not be permitted to use these
           designated U-TURN areas.

       Fines will be imposed on the Contractor for violations by personnel by deducting the appropriate
       amounts from the Contractor's subsequent monthly invoice for that location.
       Fines for violations will be levied for each shift period. If a Security Officer relieves or replaces another
       Security Officer during a shift and the relief Security Officer is in violation, then the relief Security
       Officer's shift shall be fined accordingly.
       The Department will provide written notice of a violation, and intent to impose fines. Bring any
       extenuating circumstances promptly to the Department's attention. All fines will be assessed by the
       Department and the Department's decisions are final.

       Repeated violations indicate a general incapacity on the part of the Contractor to perform in accordance
       with the Contract's requirements. The Contractor may be declared in default of the Contract due to
       repeated violations.

       Supplemental services or special equipment required by the Department at selected posts are to be
       compensated in an amount and manner negotiated and agreed upon by supplemental agreement, between
       the Contractor and the Department.