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					 The Warrior
   Dr. Russell I. Johnson Middle School, 13603 Edwards Street, Westminster, CA 92683
   (714) 894-7244
 Heidi DeBritton, Principal                                 December 2009/ Jan 2010
 Shane Vinagupta Assistant Principal                        Volume 13, Issue 2

                             Principal’s Message: A Climate of Learning

         Johnson Middle School is a place where              in a positive, safe, threat-free environment. Respect
everyone is someone special. Our school is organized         and responsibility are strong components of our
and designed to facilitate and enable “teachers to teach     school, our discipline and philosophy. Students are
and students to learn.” The efforts of the staff to create   recognized for their positive behavior through our
a climate for learning at Johnson are reflected in the       Student of the Month awards. In addition, our school-
accomplishments and achievement of our students.             wide conflict management program ensures a safe and
         Our educational goal is to make learning so         orderly school environment because our students are
exciting that students will experience the joy of            trained in conflict resolution and help each other learn
discovering new ideas and building new skills and            how to solve conflict with words not violence.
develop a love of learning that will create and sustain               Home school communication provides parents
„life-long learners.” Student work and projects are          information about their children‟s school programs and
proudly displayed throughout the school and students         ways they can be involved and supportive of school
who complete their work on time are reinforced and           efforts. With the help of parents and the community,
praised by teachers.. Success cards and red warriors         the staff and parents have created a school at Johnson
are earned by students for academic and social               where a climate of learning is one of the primary
achievement.                                                 educational goals. We hope we have created a school
         Positive attitudes toward school and staff and      climate where the love of learning enables every child
long term changes in behavior are the staff‟s                at Johnson to experience personal success and develop
behavioral goals for each student. The staff focuses on      into life-long learners.
positive effective approaches in building self esteem        Sincerely,
by teaching children respect for themselves and others.      Mrs. DeBritton
Students are provided many opportunities to develop
and demonstrate self discipline and responsibility. At       PTA
Johnson we are fortunate to offer counseling for                     Our Johnson PTSA has been very busy
students as well as many after school programs               supporting our students and families. Our membership
including sports, and arts education. Leadership             drive is still going on and all parents are encouraged to
opportunities such as ASB, Peer Assistance League            join our PTA for $6.00. This money is used to support
and National Junior Honor Society allow students to be       programs for all students and staff including: PTA
involved in planning and implementing student                Reflections contest, Membership Dance, Graduation,
activities and community based service projects.             Honorary Service awards, Books fairs and more. Our
         The Johnson staff is deeply committed to            PTA has already hosted a fall book fair and
providing and maintaining a strong discipline policy         membership dance. Please take the time to join our
for students. Our Respect, Effort and Pride (REP)            fabulous PTA. PTA always welcomes parents who
discipline policy supports our belief that each student      want to be involved. Fifteen Johnson students had a
has the right to attend school to learn and to participate   blast in the Game Truck that they earned from the fall
                                                             fundraiser and 15 students won opportunity drawing
prizes for selling items. PTA provided refreshments        University Council for Educational Administrators
on our Family Asset Night on December 8. Please feel       Convention in Anaheim at the Marriott. We were very
free to contact our office and leave a message for our     honored to perform at this national convention of
President, Carla Bailey, if you would like to help.        educators.
                                                                   I would also like to close with the good news
Assistant Principal’s Message                              that the string program at Johnson has grown to 230
        Students have been doing an excellent job this     students which is up forty students from last year‟s
year demonstrating their Respect, Effort, and Pride.       enrollment and we now have three beginning string
These three ideas not only ensure your academic            groups, a string orchestra, advanced strings and string
success at Johnson, they also contribute to the            ensemble, with the school supplying all the
development of a safe school campus.                       instruments and materials needed for our students to
        In order to assist our students in developing a    benefit from the enriching effects and affects that
safe school campus, parents can commit to using the        music can instill from within.
appropriate drop-off and pick-up areas before and after
school. It is very important that parents not drop their   Music for the Sake of Music.
students off curb-side on Edwards Street due to the
dangers associated with stopping on the side of the        Jordan Woodruff
street. Obviously, it is critical to have students at
school on-time each day, but it is even more important     JMS After-School Clubs & Activities
for your children to arrive safely. Please remember                 Looking for something to do after school
that the middle lane at the drop off area is to be used    dismisses? Thanks, in part, to a substantial grant from
for movement only. Students may not be picked up           the City of Westminster the JMS campus is buzzing
from the middle lane. Parents need to pull over to the     with activities every day of the week.
center or the far right to pick up their student safely.            For example, the school‟s football and
        On a similar note, Mrs. DeBritton and Mr.          volleyball teams are in the midst of competing against
Vinagupta will be closely watching to make sure            Stacey MS and Warner MS in an effort to bring the
students riding bicycles to and from school are wearing    Westminster Superintendent‟s Cup trophy back to its
the appropriate safety gear. In particular, students       rightful home. Winter sports of boys and girls
riding bicycles, skateboards, or razor scooters must       basketball will be assembling soon, so start working on
wear a helmet. Not only is this a school rule, it is a     your jump shots!
law in Westminster that can result in an expensive fine             Looking beyond the athletic fields, the club and
from WPD if students are found violating.                  activities program at JMS rivals programs typically
                                                           found at the high school level. The schedule for these
A Message from Mr. Woodruff                                activities can be found on the JMS website at
        I would like to congratulate the students in our
performing String Ensemble here at Johnson Middle
School for their outstanding accomplishments.              National Junior Honor Society
         Last fall our String Ensemble out did                     The Honor society students sponsored a food
themselves at two Southern California School Band          drive which brought in over 20 boxes of food for
and Orchestra Association sanctioned music festivals.      families in the area. Food was delivered to Abrazaar
 The first of these festivals was at Kennedy High          where families could pick it up at their convenience.
School in Anaheim where they received unanimous            Thank you for all your efforts NJHS.
superior ratings and the second event was at a regional
music festival held in Oxnard, CA where they again         Dreams to Reality
received unanimous superior ratings from six judges.               On Sat. Nov 14, from 9- 3 pm at Stacey school,
        These are the highest possible ratings a school          th
                                                           275 8 grade girls and Girl Power girls attended the
can get, and none of the students who participated have    Dreams to Reality program. This program provided 30
had any private music lessons nor any instrumental         career presenters, a college panel, breakfast, lunch and
music lessons until sixth grade.                           snacks along with the Reality store for all girls. Each
        The Johnson String Ensemble also had the           girl experienced the Reality store and developed
pleasure in November of performing at the 23rd Annual      financial skills to match her career choice. A big thank
you to Girl Scouts, the Soroptimist Organization and         being dropped off on Edwards Street and parents doing
the Westminster School District for their generous           a U-turn in the middle of the street. This creates a
support of the program. Thank you too for all vendors        dangerous situation and we fear for the safety of our
and other support programs who helped to make this           families. All parents are directed to use the roundabout
day a success. All of the Johnson students truly             as a safe drop off and pick up area. Please remember
enjoyed the day and learned a lot about themselves and       that only a right hand turn can be made when exiting
career plans.                                                the roundabout drop off area. Westminster Police
                                                             Department will be monitoring our areas frequently for
Teen Truth Live Assembly                                     student safety. Please be careful when dropping off and
        Also on the topic of student safety, students        picking up your student. Everyone would be
were given an opportunity to listen to a speaker from        heartbroken if one of our students was injured or killed
Teen Truth Live. J.C. Pohl is a film maker who               due to a lack of proper follow through when dropping
decided to allow teens to share about the stresses of        a student off to school.
their adolescent lives using intimate first person film
documentaries. What he discovered is the truth behind        Geometry + JMS = Success!
the psychologically damaging effects of bullying and         Academically our programs are designed to meet the
the drastic ways in which the victims can respond. It        various academic needs of our diverse student
was a truly sobering experience and many students            population. We have intervention support built in to
were moved to tears experiencing this powerful               our block schedule, which allows for 90 minutes of
message. J.C. wanted to empower our students by              uninterrupted instruction and/or support. We also have
letting them know that they have the power to make a         enrichment electives such as technology, music, and
difference and help put a stop to bullying. By not           leadership. This is also our 1st year of having our very
being a voiceless victim or a non-reactive witness to        own Geometry class, which is filled with 28 of our
such acts, students should find the strength within them     brightest minds who show up faithfully every morning
to step-up and do what is right. All of us, staff            45 minutes before school starts to begin their studies.
included, walked out of the assemblies with a lot to         Mrs. McFall has her Geometry and honors Algebra
think about.                                                 students participate in Drexell University‟s Advanced
                                                             Problem Solving online program, and from that group
Student Absences or Tardies:                                 we are excited to report that a few have been
        The flu and cold season is here. Students who        recognized as exemplar thinkers. Notable students
have a fever of 100 degrees or higher must stay home         include Chi Nguyen, Christine Pham (twice), and Vi
until they are fever free for 24 hours with no               Pham (7 times!).
medication. All classrooms have soap or Purell hand
sanitizer and students are encouraged to use these as        High School Tutoring
they enter class. All staff have been trained on the             Mrs. Kwan has organized a high school tutoring
H1N1 virus and our nurse is monitoring ill students          program to help Johnson students with math
carefully. Please make sure your child is healthy by         independent practice, and other content areas. Invited
ensuring enough sleep each day along with a healthy          students have been assigned to a junior or senior high
diet. Students who are not sleeping well or eating           school student and meet with their tutor every Tuesday
poorly are often more likely to become ill and miss          and Thursday from 3 -4 pm. We are working closely
school. If you student is home ill, please call the office   with the high school to provide a smooth transition for
in the morning to clear the absence. All absences must       our students and to have them be academically
be cleared within 3 days or they become unexcused.           prepared to take the honors pathway should they
Tardies are only excused if a doctor‟s or dentist‟s note     choose too. Questions? Please contact Mrs. Kwan.
is shown. Getting up late or missing a ride to school is
not an excused tardy. More information may be found          Family Asset Night
in your student‟s planner.                                           On Dec. 8 at 6:30 pm, Johnson held its second
                                                             annual Family Asset Night. This night is designed to
School Safety                                                inform our families of the Forty Development assets
      Student safety is of the utmost importance. The        that help students become successful adults. All of our
Johnson staff is very concerned with students still          student clubs and groups presented information about
how they provide strong assets for all students.            Parent:                Trudy Pham
Students from a variety of clubs and programs such as       Parent:                Jackie Tran
PRIDE, Girl Power, and the National Junior Honor            Parent:                Judee Moua
Society, to name a few, presented to a crowded room         Parent                 Carla Bailey
of supportive family members and friends. Overall the       Teacher:               Phil Hunter
night was a huge success and was even accompanied           Classified Rep:        Patti Arnold
by Mr. Woodruff‟s String Ensemble playing select            Principal:             Heidi DeBritton
pieces from their repertoire.                               Assistant Principal: Shane Vinagupta
                                                            Teacher rep
Spelling Bee                                                        The dates for SSC are: 10/27. 11/16. 2/16, 5/4.
       The district Spelling Bee was held on                We meet in the Principal‟s office at 6 pm. The meeting
December 10th at Anderson Elementary. 8th grader            is open to any parent or community member.
Austin Nguyen earned the honors of representing the
Johnson Warriors and although he did not move on to         Important Dates to Remember:
the next round, we all very proud of his effort.                   Dec. 2          Student of the Month
Remember, he had to beat out over 700 students to be               Dec. 8          Asset Family Night
our school‟s representative and that in itself is a great          Dec. 10         Vision/ hearing Screening
accomplishment.                                                                    District Spelling Bee
                                                                   Dec 14          Progress Reports mailed
Holiday Cheer at JMS                                               Dec. 16         Winter Holiday Dance
         JMS planned many wonderful events for this                Dec 18          Last day for 2009!
holiday season. Students are finding their holiday                 Jan 4           School resumes
spirits through the annual door decorating contest and             Jan 5           PTA Bd. Mtg 9 am
sending each other holiday message grams.                          Jan 6           Student of the Month
         The Holiday dance planned for Wednesday,                  Jan 15          Non Student Day
December 16th was great fun and was accompanied by                 Jan 18          Martin Luther King Holiday
games, raffles, and refreshments. Leadership students              Feb. 5          2nd quarter ends.
even created their own dance playlist to DJ the dance
which saved purchasing an actual DJ.                                         JMS Office Information
         Students are also donating spare change for the
Pennies for Presents campaign to help needy families                School Hours: 7:45 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.
                                                                   (12:59 p.m. dismissal every Wednesday)
in the community have a good holiday. Staff has also
                                                                    Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
continued the Giving Tree project where presents are                   School Phone: (714) 894-7244
given to qualifying families.                                          School Fax:      (714) 379-0784

School Site Council                                                         Office Support Staff
        We are pleased to announce the member of            Diane Topor……………...……………...Office Manager
Johnson Middle School‟s School Site Council as              Nancy McKernan…………….………...............Registrar
elected by our parents and teachers in early October.       Susie Davidson ……………………………….Title I
The council consists of parents and teachers that will      Caroline Smith……………….………...Health Assistant
                                                            Mike Cue…………………………................Psychologist
serve a 2-year term in an advisory role working
                                                            Rita Neumann……………………...………….Counselor
together to revise the school plan and plan the school-     Pebby Deatherage……………….................School Nurse
based budget. In addition, they also revise and             Esperanza Morales………………...Community Liaison
establish goals for the School Safety Plan. Council         Janifer Tran………………………..Community Liaison
members are:

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