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									                         Salina HOG Proficiency Course

One of the best ways to develop and maintain motorcycle proficiency skills is to
practice slow riding control and technique. Unfortunately, few of us ever do that,
due in part to the time and effort involved in setting up practice locations and

Thanks to some dedicated assistance from Del Palmer and Robert Lambert, we
now have a Proficiency Course available for our members to use. Hopefully, this
can be maintained with once per year re-painting. The course is located towards
the Southern End of the old runway just off Markley Road. Plans are to have
some Club activities in this area, but feel free to check the facilities out on your
own. We may eventually have one or two additional exercises available.

The proficiency course currently consists of five different exercises:

   Cornering range
   The “Iron Cross” or Intersection Exercise
   A Circle exercise
   Offset Cone Weave
   Slow Ride

The following pages have illustrations of each, and a brief description of how they
are to be used. As always exercise caution, wear appropriate safety gear, and
ride within your ability while performing these exercises. Remember that big
advances come with a series of small steps. This is a public use area, and as a
result there may be sand, dirt, or other debris on the surface.

The Cornering Range:

The cornering range is shown on the following page, and consists of a 7’ wide
riding path with a number of curves and corners. The goal is to, first, complete
the course without touching any of the border lines, and second, to do so as
rapidly as possible. A proficient target time would be about 40 seconds.

Point “A”: Come to a complete stop, with at least one foot on the ground, before
continuing into the left hand right angle turn.

Point “B”: A left hand changing radius curve.

Point “C”: Come to a complete stop, with at least one foot on the ground, before
proceeding into the right hand right angle turn.

Point “D”: A right hand changing radius curve
Point “E”: “Quick Stop” area. Accelerate out of the last curve to the brake
marker (a small tick mark on each side of the riding path). Apply brakes to make
a “quick” or “panic” stop, without locking the wheels. At full stop, place one or
both feet on the ground before proceeding to the exit.
The “Iron Cross” and Circle exercises:

The Iron Cross and Circle exercises are combined in one location, just north of
the Cornering range.

The Iron cross is a series of right, left and U-turns within a constricted area.
Approximately 24’ is available to make each u-turn. As a matter of perspective,
almost any production motorcycle is capable of turning within 18 feet, with an
advanced rider.

To perform this exercise, enter at any on of the legs. The idea is to follow the
path designated by the arrows in the illustration, without going outside the
boundary line. The exercise should be performed in both directions.
The Circle Exercise is located in the Intersection of the Cross. This is a 24’
circle. The idea is to be able to ride within the circle, without touching the
boundary lines.

Offset Cone weave.:

This exercise helps develop quick transitions, and requires the ability to ride
smooth teardrop shaped turns. This is located just to the north of the Cross, at
the east edge of the runway. It doesn’t look like much—just a series of white
dots painted on the surface to mark the location of the cones. The purpose is to
ride around the cones in a back and forth fashion, without disturbing the cones.
There should be about a 7’ gate at each cone.

Slow ride:

This is two more or less parallel lines painted on one of the old airport markers
just south of the Cornering range. The purpose is to ride between the lines at a
slow walking pace, without touching either line.

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