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      •the horrors of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
      •the abolitionists – Black, white, male, female
      •the role of the Church in both slavery and abolition
      •on the consequences of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and slavery, e.g.
               •the impact on commerce
      •to legacies of slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
      •by taking action to end modern forms of slavery
      •by working to effect healing and reconciliation
            Freedom quiz
• True or false? People used to take people
  from Africa and sell them as slaves to
  work in America and the Caribbean.

• True or false? Some Christians
  believed God agreed with the
  slave trade.

• True or false? Christians had nothing
  to do with the end of the slave trade.
            Freedom quiz
• How many years is it since the slave
  trade was abolished?
 200 years

• How many slaves are there in
  the world today?
 More than 12 million

• How many children are trafficked
  each year?
 1.2 million
                Slavery – the facts
1. In 1807 there were 4 million slaves.
   Today there are 12 million. (UNICEF 2003)
2. An estimated 1.2 million children
   are trafficked each year. (UNICEF 2003 )
3. 6-800,000 people are trafficked across
   international borders each year.
    (US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report 2005)

4. Approximately 80 per cent are women and
   girls. (US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report 2005)
5. Human trafficking is the third largest
   source of income in organised crime:
   after arms and drug trafficking.
    (UN office on drugs and crime.)
William Wilberforce

• Christian MP who lived 1759–1833
• Prime Minister William Pitt
  suggested Wilberforce take up the
  cause of abolishing slavery
• 1789 - first tried to pass
  abolition bill
• 1807 - abolition bill was
  finally passed
Olaudah Equiano

• Olaudah Equiano lived
• Kidnapped to be a slave at
  age 10
• Took 20 years to buy his freedom
• Campaigned in Britain for the
  abolition of slavery
          Shiney’s story
• Shiney had a traumatic childhood
• She was trafficked into Mumbai‟s
  red light district
• She was forced to work as a
  prostitute for nine years
• Jesus has transformed her life
  thanks to church-based work
  supported by Tearfund
   What is Tearfund doing?
Supporting local Christian organisations
involved in anti-trafficking work in
Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Nepal,
Philippines and Uganda:
   Campaigning to reduce human trafficking
    and punish perpetrators
   Raising awareness of the risks of
   Caring for those exploited through
        Inspirational words
„Unless God has raised you up for this very
thing, you will be worn out by the opposition
of men and devils. But if God be for you, who
can be against you?‟
John Wesley, writing to Wilberforce

„What makes any event important, unless by
its observation we become better and wiser,
and learn “to act justly, to love mercy and to
walk humbly before God”?‟
Olaudah Equiano, former slave and
campaigner against the slave trade

• A passionate faith
• A powerful seed
• A personal sacrifice
         What can you do?
Use the Freedom leaflet to:
• give regularly:
   – £17 a month could restore dignity for two
     trafficked girls every month
• pray
• campaign:
   – send the Stop the traffik postcard
   – Micah Challenge: support Blow the whistle
     Sunday – 20 May 2007 – and hold our
     government accountable on the Millennium
     Development Goals
Thank you for helping to
 bring justice for those
 trapped in modern day

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