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									                  WEDNESDAY WORD
Volume 42, Issue 19                                        January 13, 2010
________    ________________________________________________________________

       John the Baptist baptized with water but he said one more powerful than him would
       come who would baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire. That one is Jesus.
       When we were called into God’s family through the waters of baptism, it was so
       much more than water. It was the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit
       working through the Sacrament of Baptism. Daily we remind ourselves of our
       baptism and the grace we receive through it. Good works have been prepared for
       us by God, not that we earn our salvation but that we have been called to a life of
       service. Securing Each Child’s Future – For a Life of Service our 2009-10 theme
       focuses to this fact and the daily reality of the ministry of our school’s ministry.


       1.     Reenrollment forms along with the 2010-11 Tuition/Fee Structure were
              distributed Monday, December 7. They are also posted on edline and can be
              found in the School Information section of the Home page.

       2.     The preschool and elementary tuition increase for 2010-11 is a modest increase of
              approximately 3.5 % to ensure the high quality education Atonement offers but fit
              within family budgets. This is a far lower increase than in the past few years.

       3.     The reenrollment period extends through this Friday, January 15.

       4.     Applications for children of families holding membership at Atonement followed
              by siblings of non-member students currently enrolled at Atonement should also
              be submitted during the enrollment period. After this Friday, January 15, any
              open enrollment spots left over from reenrollment will be filled by these
              categories in this priority order.

       5.     Beginning Tuesday, January 19, open enrollment to the community will begin
              with all remaining open spots. (NOTE: A family not holding membership in a
              local Christian congregation making application to enroll a student in Atonement
              is encouraged to attend a "Life with God" during the year that the child is enroll at

       It is our desire that all families reenroll for the 2010-11 term. We are proud of our
       Christian program and the high SAT scores of our students. Atonement continues
       to hold a high reputation amongst area high schools. However, if you are planning
       to not enroll, there is a space on the reenrollment to indicate this and if you would
       kindly indicate the reasons, this would be helpful to us as we make preparations for
       the new term. Should you have any questions, please call Mr. Molin at ext. 156.

       Please bear in mind that subsequent to this Friday, January 15 we can no longer
       assure spaces for current 2009-10 students.
       Wednesday, January 27, 5:00 – 8:00 pm. Families will be able to tour the school,
       speak with teachers, meet with Board of Christian Education members/other school
       advocates, obtain enrollment information, and meet with the principal in Assembly
       Room 2 at 7:30 pm. Refreshments will be available. If you know of families who
       would enjoy exploring the type of full time Christian education that ALS offers, this
       is a relaxed, fun filled setting to learn more about the program. Call the school
       office for more information. Thanks.

      GRADES 5-8 SPELLING BEE was held last Wednesday, January 6. Participants
       were as follows:
       5th and 6th Grades:
       Leo Orth
       1st- Connor McCarthy
       Lauren Sellers
       2nd-Caroline Crowell
       Deborah Alvarenga
       Katie Mattio

       7th and 8th Grades:
       Caitlin Hellmers
       Rachel Nguyen
       Wilson Li
       1st- Mitchel Bodden
       2nd- Gabby Koester
       Nicole Champagne

       Congratulations to our participants and the winners.

                             “FREE” SAINTS BLACK & GOLD
                                     T-SHIRT/JEAN DAY!!!!!!!!

                           AND JEANS ON
                      FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2010

        However, students will not be allowed to just wear jeans. Jeans can only be worn if
black, gold and/or Saints shirts/jerseys are worn. SNEAKERS/TENNIS SHOES WILL BE
if students choose not to participate, then regular uniform pieces and uniform shoes must
be worn.

      QUARTER 2 REPORT CARD DAY is this Friday, January 15. All tuition/fee
       accounts must be current in order to receive report cards and keep your edline

      SAFETY PATROL WEEK OF JANUARY 19 – 22, 2010
       Grade 5: Jayson Adair, Brandon Blackwell, Rachel Brown
       Grade 6: Miranda Roussel, Mariah Steffen, Jared Stevens, Adrianna Wilbert ,

       from age 2 through adults. Sunday School begins each Sunday at 9:15 am.
       Midweek Bible Classes are also available. Please call the church office for more
       information. All, whether Atonement members or not, are invited.

      THE LENTEN SEASON IS COMING. The Lent, Holy Week, and Easter Theme is
       The Spirit Anointed Christ…..

       Mid-week Wednesday Worship Services (7:00 pm); a dinner (fried chicken tenders,
       macaroni/cheese, green peas, and dessert) will precede service on February 24, 6:00
       pm as some of our Mardi Gras Madness IV Basketball Tournament guests will be
       joining us. The other services may feature a preceding dinner if there is sufficient
       interest. Watch for more information in future editions of Wednesday Word.

       February 17 (Ash Wednesday)               for Mercy
       February 24                               to Preach Good News to the Poor
       March 3                                   to Heal the Broken Hearted
       March 10                                  to Preach Deliverance to Captives
       March 17                                  to Recover the Sight to the Blind
       March 24                                  to Free the Bruised

       February services located in the Worship Center/Gym.

       Locations of March services TBD based on whether dinners are served. Watch
       future editions of Wednesday Word for more information.

       March 28 (Palm Sunday) [services are normal times in usual locations]
       April 1 (Maundy Thursday, 7:00 pm)      for Mercy
       April 2 (Good Friday, 7:00 pm)          to Proclaim the Jubilee

       April 1 and 2 services will be located in the Worship Center/Gym.

                                    Save the Date!!!
                                  Lutheran High School
                                  Gryphon Gala XXXIII
                                  “Shaken Not Stirred”
                                     March 27, 2010
                             Atonement Lutheran Church Gym

PIANO CLASSES ages 7 through 90 welcome
FREE INTRODUCTION CLASS for "Simply Music" program
TONIGHT, Wednesday, January 13, 7:00 pm in the school music room;
New revolutionary breakthrough methodology from Australia to learn to play songs on the piano
immediately before learning to read music; Blues, Pop, Classical, Gospel and Jazz. Lynnette
Molin just received her teacher's license after training with Simply Music.
If you are interested in the program after seeing the introduction, the new classes start the first
week of February and will be held at Atonement.
Call Lynnette at 504-309-9127.

                                    SCHOOL CALENDAR

January 15                            Saints Day (see special dress details above)
January 15                            Quarter 2 Report Card Day; all tuition/fee accounts
                                      must be current to receive report card and maintain
                                      your edline account
January 18                            NO SCHOOL/MLK Day
January 21                            Youth Choir/Winter Sports Pictures, 1:00 pm,
                                      Assembly Room 2
February 4-5                          LSAL Basketball Tournament @ ALS
February 15-17                        Mardi Gras Holidays/NO SCHOOL
February 25-27                        Mardi Gras Madness IV Lutheran Regional Basketball
                                      Tournament @ ALS
March 7-13                            National Lutheran Schools Week
March 19                              LHS Academic Rally

1.  Thanks with Mr. Louie Messina, father of Louie Messina (Grade 6), who suffers from
    arthritis but is doing better as his medication is working. Also he suffers from COPD and
    other complications.

2.     Mrs. Kay Blackwell, grandmother of Mikey and Caroline Alleman (Grade 1).

3.     A.J. Simmons (Grade 8), who is suffering from Wegener’s Disease, a rare autoimmune
       system disorder.

4.     Ms. Jammie Varnado, Alexis and Claiborne Varnado’s (Grade 2 and Preschool 4
       respectively) grandmother, who has stage 4 lung cancer and has begun radiation and
       chemotherapy treatments.

5.     The grandfather of Emily Clark (Grade 3) who has been diagnosed with pancreatic
       cancer who has completed chemotherapy and radiation. He needs to regain the 30
       pounds he lost so that he can be prepared for upcoming surgery.

6.     Ms. Ardoth Mueller, Ms. Marian Collins, and Ms. Janet Schmitz, sisters of school office
       volunteer, Mrs. Donna Reis, as they suffer from various illnesses. Also Ms. Linda
       Knight, mother-in-law of Donna Reis’s daughter who is in the final stages of cancer and
       Ms. Treschelle Reis, the daughter of Donna’s husband Mr. Tommy Reis.

7.     Expectant mothers – Mrs. Katie Burmaster, mother of Kyle Crumb (Grade 6) and Mrs.
       Joelle Mouriz, mother of Blaine and Christian Mouriz (Kindergarten and Preschool 3).

8.     Thanks with Mrs. Florence Molin, mother of Mr. Molin (Principal), whose cancer seems
       to be responding to on-going chemotherapy treatments.
9.     Mrs. Barbara Althage, wife of Mr. Rich Althage (former ALS Principal and current
       Athletic Director of Salem Lutheran School, Gretna) whose cancer has returned and is
       undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

10.    The uncle of Mitchell McMickens (Grade 5) who was injured in a Florida industrial
       accident but is recovering.

11.    Thanks with Mr. Gary Krosch, uncle of Louie Messina (Grade 8) and brother of Mrs.
       Judy Messina (Atonement Bookkeeper) who has experienced a major recovery from his
       broken vertebrae and reports very positive progress .

12.    The family of Mr. Joseph Alaniz, grandfather of our School Secretary, Ms. Dolores Silva,
       who passed away last Sunday, December 27. The funeral was held last Thursday,
       December 31 in Wichita Falls, TX.

13.    Mr. Stan Wallace, grandfather of Mark Wester (Grade 5), who is recovering from recent
       triple bypass surgery.

14.    Mr. Kirby Shaffer, grandfather of Lindsey and Madison Shaffer (Grades 8 and 4
       respectively), who is suffering from a brain tumor.

15.    Mrs. Melanie Stringer, mother of Sullivan Stringer (Kindergarten), who will soon have
       gallbladder surgery.


Practice Schedule (Basketball is after school until 5:30 pm):

Mondays and Wednesdays: Senior Basketball Teams
Boys Coach – Mr. Mike Welch © 417-6453
Girls Coach – Mr. Doug Molin, ext. 156, home 309-9127, and © 390-0422

Tuesdays and Fridays: Junior Basketball Teams
Boys Coach – Mr. Nick Koester © 481-4199 – Mrs. Kathy Koester cell
Girls Coach – Mr. Bill Staples © 251-1187

Thursdays: Senior Cheerleading (4:40-6:00 pm)
Coach – Mrs. Michelle Curry © 812-5767

2009-10 Atonement Lutheran School Basketball Schedule
Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Draft 8 (Changes in bold with cheerleading added in bold also)

Date                 Gym                   Team                          Time

Friday, Jan. 15      ALS                   Victory        Sr. Boys       4:00 pm

Cheerleaders present.

Saturday, Jan. 16    ALS                   Salem          Jr. Girls      9:00 am
                                                          Jr. Boys       10:00 am
                                                          Sr. Boys       11:00 am
Salem does not have a Sr. Girls Team. Cheerleaders will be present for all games.

Wednesday, Jan. 20 Crescent City           Crescent City Jr. Girls    3:30 pm
                                                         Sr. Girls    4:30 pm
This is a change as the original game was scheduled for January 29. Also the times have
changed. The Jr. Girls will depart from the school lobby dressed out for their game at 2:45
pm. No cheerleading.

4828 Utica Avenue, Metairie, LA 70006 (885-4700)
From ALS: Turn right from the ALS parking lot onto Riverside Drive. After the four way stop
the name of the street changes to Ackle St. When reaching the T at Apollo Drive, turn right onto
Apollo. Follow it around and it will become W. Canal Ave. Take it to Veterans Boulevard and
turn right onto Veterans at the signal light. Take Veterans to Transcontinental Drive and turn
right onto Transcontinental Drive. Take a left at Utica Avenue (if you go under the I-10 on
Transcontinental you have gone too far and need to make a U-turn). The church and the school
will be on the right.

Wednesday, Jan. 20    ALS                    St. Paul     Jr. Boys         4:30 pm
                                                          Sr. Boys         5:30 pm
St. Paul does not have either Girls Team. No cheerleading.

Friday, Jan. 22       ALS                    Memorial       Sr. Girls      3:30 pm
                                                            Sr. Boys       4:30 pm

Make up games from December 11 postponement. Non Sr. Girl basketball players cheer.

Saturday, Jan. 23     Faith                  Faith          Sr. Girls      9:00 am
                                                            Sr. Boys       10:15 am
Non Sr. Girl basketball players cheer.

300 Colonial Club Drive, Harahan (737-9554)
Take David Drive south which turns into Hickory/Dickory. Continue to Colonial Club Drive
(Harahan Lions Club is on the left; Harahan Playground is on the right) and turn right. Follow
Colonial Club Drive towards the river. Faith will be on the right, one block before Jefferson

Monday, Jan. 25       ALS                    Fisher         Sr. Girls      4:00 pm

Non Sr. Girl basketball players cheer.

Tuesday, Jan. 26      Victory                Victory        Jr. Girls      4:00 pm
                                                            Sr. Girls      5:00 pm

The Jr. Girls will depart from the school lobby dressed out for their game at 3:30 pm. No
cheerleading for these games.

5708 Airline Drive, Metairie (733-5087)
Along Airline (US Highway 61) next to the New Orleans Saints Training Facility and across the
street from the Travelodge Motel.
Wednesday, Jan. 27 ALS                       Sacred Heart Jr. Girls        4:30 pm
                                                          Sr. Girls        5:30 pm

This is the original date from previous schedules. In Draft 7 it was moved to January 19
but has now moved back to this date. Notice that the Jr. Girls play first. This is also a
switch from January 19 along with the times (older schedule had this order of teams and
times). No cheerleading for these games.

Saturday, Jan. 30     Salem                  Salem          Jr. Girls      9:00 am
                                                            Jr. Boys       10:00 am
                                                            Sr. Boys       11:00 am

Salem does not have a Sr. Girls Team. Cheerleaders present for all games.

418 Fourth Street, Gretna (School Office 367-5144)
Take either bridge and get onto the elevated portion of the Westbank Expressway. Exit at
Lafayette and go north toward the river. Turn right on 5th Street. Salem will be on the left.
There may be parking in front of the gym or else turn right on Amelia Street and park by the
neutral ground.

Monday, Feb. 1        ALS                    Faith          Sr. Girls      4:00 pm
                                                            Sr. Boys       5:30 pm
Non Sr. Girl basketball players cheer.

Wednesday, Feb. 3 ALS                        St. Paul       Jr. Boys       4:30 pm
                                                            Sr. Boys       5:30 pm

This is a make up for the Wednesday, January 6 postponement. St. Paul does not have
either Girls Team. Cheerleaders present.

Thursday, February 4 – Saturday, February 6 LSAL Sr. Tournament; brackets based on league
                     ALS                   TBD          Sr. Girls     TBD
                                                        Sr. Boys      TBD
Cheering TBD.

Monday, Feb. 8        ALS                    Victory        Jr. Girls      4:00 pm
                                                            Sr. Girls      5:00 pm
No cheerleading.

Tuesday, Feb. 9       ALS                    Mt. Carmel     Sr. Girls      4:15 pm

Non Sr. Girl basketball players cheer.
                  Lutheran Regional Basketball Tournament
                          Mardi Gras Madness IV
                           February 25-27, 2010
Watch for more tournament information to be distributed and posted on edline for downloading
purposes. We need your help. If you have any questions, please call Mr. Molin, ext. 156.
Schedule of Events
Wednesday Night, February 24, 2010 – Arrival of Participating Schools

Thursday, February 25, 2010
       1:30 PM --- 1st vs. Atonement (Girls)
       2:45 PM --- SSLS vs. Atonement (Boys)
       4:00 PM --- 1st vs. Grace (Boys)
       5:15 PM --- SSLS vs. Grace (Girls)
       6:30 PM --- Atonement vs. Concordia (Girls)
       7:45 PM --- Atonement vs. Concordia (Boys)

Friday, February 26, 2010
        1:30 PM --- Grace vs. Atonement (Girls)
        2:45 PM --- Concordia vs. 1st (Boys)
        4:00 PM --- Concordia vs. SSLS (Girls)
        5:15 PM --- Grace vs. SSLS (Boys)
        6:30 PM --- 1st vs. Concordia (Girls)
        7:45 PM --- 1st vs. Atonement (Boys)

Saturday, February 27, 2010
        8:00 AM --- Cheerleading Competition
        8:45 AM --- SSLS vs. 1st (Girls)
        9:30 AM --- Grace vs. Concordia (Boys)
        10:45AM --- Concordia vs. Grace (Girls)
        12:00 PM --- SSLS vs. 1st (Boys)
        1:15 PM --- SSLS vs. Atonement (Girls)
        2:30 PM --- Atonement vs. Grace (Boys)
        3:45 PM --- Grace vs. 1st (Girls)
        5:00 PM --- Concordia vs. SSLS (Boys)

At a 20 point difference in the score, the clock becomes a running clock with the exception of time outs
and free throws. We will be playing 7 minute quarters, 5 minute half times, with 3 minute overtimes.

Awards – Immediately following last game (approximately 6:15 p.m.)
       Closing of Tournament – Following Awards
        8:00 – 10:30 p.m. --- Youth Dance in Gym
        8:00 – 10:00 p.m. --- Adult Gathering at the Upper Room (3rd Floor of Gym)

Sunday, February 28, 2010
       You are invited to attend Church and Sunday School here at Atonement Worship Center/Gym.
       The following is our schedule of worship events.

         8:00 AM --- Worship Service
         9:15 AM --- Sunday School
        10:30 AM --- Worship Service

Cheerlead plus cheerleading competition.
2009-10 YEARBOOK INFO: We need digital pictures from school events for the 2009-
2010 school year for the Atonement yearbook. The yearbook committee will be led by
Mrs. Barbara Koenig, Ms. Emily Guynn, and Mrs. Lisa Kibler. Please send a maximum of
5 digital pictures per email to and specify the month, event, and
grade(s) in the subject line of your email. If you have questions, please email us at
yearbook Thanks in advance for your help!

Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman by: Beth Moore (10 sessions) - Location: Home of
Sarah Smith (456-6114) *home study guide available, but not required for this class*
Drop off the kids in carpool and join other Atonement moms for coffee, continental
breakfast and Beth Moore. She peels back the layers of history and shows an applicable
story of Esther in our pressured lives. Plant an eternal seed…Invite a friend to bible

BIBLE STUDY: Starting Sunday, Jan. 10 at 9:15 a.m (sharp). Each lesson is 60 minutes
long. The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob Bible study by
Beth Moore. It is a 10-week DVD series with optional workbook. Participants will explore
concepts such as blessing, covenant, and promise, and the bearing each has on a New
Testament believer’s life today. Group members will also explore the Hebrew names of
God introduced on the early pages of Scripture.

Thursday, Jan. 14                  Friday, Jan. 15              Monday, Jan. 18
Turkey w/Rice & Gravy              Pizza                        NO SCHOOL – MARTIN
Green salad                        Salad                        LUTHER KING DAY
Applesauce                         Pears
French bread                       Milk
Yellow cake

Tuesday, Jan. 19                   Wednesday, Jan. 20
Nachos w/Cheese & Chili            Hamburger on Bun
Corn                               Fries
Peaches                            Lettuce & tomato cup
King Cake                          Fruit
Milk                               Milk

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