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					                             Overview of the Enlisted Record Brief.
                                             Updated 20080126 by SFC CHARLES T. MURSCH

NOTE: At the time of this printing there is no regulation governing the ERB.

     1. Define the ERB.

        (a) It contains personal information, qualification skills, training, and assignment history.

        (b) It is an automated data form created during the Soldier’s in processing at the reception station.

        (c) It is a management tool used in making decisions regarding utilization of Soldiers.

       (d) It is corrected or updated using automated systems by personnel from Department of the Army Human Resources Command
(HRC), Finance, and the Adjutant General Corps.

     2. The ERB is broken down into an administrative heading and 10 sections.

      (a)   Administrative Heading
      (b)   SECTION I – Assignment Information
      (c)   SECTION II – Security Data
      (d)   SECTION III – Service Data
      (e)   SECTION IV – Personal / Family Data
      (f)   SECTION V – Foreign Language
      (g)   SECTION VI – Military Education
      (h)   SECTION VII – Civilian Education
      (i)   SECTION VIII – Awards and Decorations
      (j)   SECTION IX – Assignment Information
      (k)   SECTION X - Remarks

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                                                Enlisted Record Brief - Heading

                                     BRIEF DATE: 20100322        NAME: SMITH, SNUFFY ELMER


                                                          Figure 1 – ERB Heading.

1. Administrative Heading

   (a) BRIEF DATE – report generated on this date.

   (b) NAME - name (Last, first, middle)

                                                     Enlisted Record Brief – Heading

                                           RANK- DOR     SFC        20000601        PMOS   42A

                                                                Current Rank and
                                                                Date of Rank

                                                     Figure 2 - ERB Heading (cont).

(c) RANK/DOR – current rank and date of rank

(d) PMOS - Primary Military Occupational Specialty

                                                 Enlisted Record Brief – Heading

                                     SSN       111-11-1111                COMPONENT: REGULAR

                                                              Soldier’s Social Security Number
                                                              and Component

                                                     Figure 3 - ERB Heading (cont).

(e) SSN - social security number

(f) COMPONENT - Regular Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard

                Section I     – Assignment Information

  SECTION I – Assignment Information

                                                           #S -          1
  OS/Deployment Combat Duty
                                                           #L -          1
    Start-End Date               CT       MO   TS   TT

  20030318-20060314              GM       36   1    L               #        M
  20030506-20040407              IZ       11   1    C      C        2        17
  20020417-20020930              AF       6    1    C      O        1        7
  20000415-20001004              BK        6   1    O      R        0        0
                                                          TOT: 24

                  Dwell Time                             DEROS
        Start                  20040407
   Month - Days             42 Mo 19 Days                20060315

                                                                  Figure 4-ERB Section I.


   (a) OS/Deployment Combat Duty

       Start-End Date – Year, month, and day departed and returned from overseas

       CT - Country

       MO - Number of months on that assignment

       TS – Tour Status

       TT – Tour Type

   (b) # of TOURS (AR 614-30)

       #S - Number of short tours

       #L - Number of long tours

        # - Number of tours

        M – Number of months

        C – Combat Tour
             A combat deployment is defined as an operation in a designated combat zone that warrants the wear of the combat patch (see AR 670-1, chapter 28-17)

        O – Operational Tour
             Operational Deployments (non-combat) are certain overseas deployments -- other than those designated as combat deployments -- such as
             peacekeeping/enforcement overseas (for example, Balkans, Guantanamo Bay, etc).

        R – Dependent Restricted Tour
             Dependent restricted tour areas are stipulated as such in AR 614-30 and one qualifies for the credit whether or not one has dependents.

    (c) Dwell Time – (MILPER message 06-004)

    Dwell Time is defined as the time a Soldier spends at home station between combat deployments, operational deployments (non-combat), or dependent restricted tours.

        Start – Year, month, and day
                 By default, eMILPO will calculate the Dwell Time based on the Basic Active Service Date (BASD), Pay Entry Basic Date (PEBD) o r Date of Initial Entry Into
                 Military Service (DIEMS) date
.                The Dwell Time counter is set to zero in eMILPO while deployed. Upon return, your HR Specialist records your Overseas Assignment End
                 Date (OSAED) and then the dwell time counter starts.

        DEROS - Date Eligible to Return from Overseas

        DROS - Date Returned from Overseas

                                              Section I   – Assignment Information Cont’d

                                   Date dependents Arrived OS

                                   PMOS       42A                                           SQI              H SP

                                   SMOS        42L                                          PDSI/YRMO         /

                                   Bonus MOS                                                ASI              A3

                                   Bonus Enlist Elig Dt                                           20111001

                                   Promotion Points/YRMO

                                   Prev Promotion Points/YRMO

                                   Prom Seq #                                               Prom Select Dt

                                   Promotion MOS

                                                          Figure 5 - ERB Section I (cont).

(c) Date dependents arrived overseas

(d) PMOS - Primary MOS awarded

(e) SMOS - Secondary MOS awarded (If applicable)

(f) BONUS MOS - The MOS the Soldier received an enlistment/re-enlistment bonus. Therefore, on the Unit Manning Report, slot the Soldier against this

(g) BONUS ENL ELIG DATE - Bonus enlistment eligibility date.

(h) PROMOTION POINTS/YRMO - The number of promotion points a Soldier who is competing for promotion to SGT or SSG and the effective year and

(i) PREV PROMOTION POINTS/YRMO – The previous number of promotion points a Soldier who is competing for promotion to SGT or SSG and the
effective year and month.

(j) PROM SEQ # - promotion sequence number, the number given to a senior NCO when selected for promotion to SFC and higher.

(k) PROMOTION MOS - promotion MOS (the promotable MOS for a Soldier identified for promotion).

(l) SQI - Special Qualification Identifier, this is MOS immaterial, meaning that any MOS can obtain any SQI.

(m) PDSI/YRMO – Professional Development Skill Identifier – year and month

(n) ASI - Additional Skill Identifier, a code used to identify any additional skills pertinent to the Soldier’s MOS obtained through military schooling.

(o) PROM SELECT DT - promotion selection date (date of promotion)

                                                Section I    – Assignment Information Cont’d

                                   ASVAB               Test # / Dt                        ASVAB1 / 19950301

                                   GT           120    ELEC          115       FOOD            117   TECH       121

                                   ADMIN       111     FA            121       COMMO           117

                                   CMBT         121    MECH          114       MAINT           115

                                   Delay Separation Reason

                                   AEA / DT
                                   Flag Code                                Flag Start Dt            Flag Expiration Dt

                                                       NOTE: Figure 6 - ERB Section I (cont).

(o) ASVAB - test information and scores from most recent Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

(p) TEST DT - Date (year and month) that the ASVAB was completed

   GT =              General Technical         ELEC =               Electronics           FOOD =          Food              TECH =            Technical
   ADMIN =           Clerical                  FA =                 Field Artillery       COMMO =         Communications
   CMBT =            Combat                    MECH =               Mechanical            MAINT =         Maintenance

(q) Delay Sep Reason - Reason for delay in separation code

(r) AEA/DT - Assignment Eligibility Availability code and the expiration date (AR 614-200, AR 614-5)

(s) FLAG CODE/FLAG START DT/FLAG EXPIRATION DT – Contains information on Suspension of Favorable Personnel Actions (FLAG) currently
invoked against a Soldier. (AR 600-8-2)

                                                Section II – Security Data

                                      PSI Status:          TS-SCI              Fld Det PS Stat: TS-INT-SC

                                       PSI Invest INIT:                                     20060328

                                       PSI Invest Compl:                                    20070907


                                                               Figure 7 - ERB Section II.


   (a) PSI Status - Personal Security Investigation Status

   (b) Fld Det PS Stat - Field Determined Personal Security Status

   (c) PSI Invest INIT - Personal Security Investigation Initiated

   (d) PSI Invest Compl - Personal Security Investigation Completed

                      SECTION III       –   Service Data

 BASD     19960823          PEBD        19960823      BESD       19960823

  ETS     20160823          DIEMS       19960628      Reenl   Elig/Prohib   10

 # Days Lost             AGCM      Dt   20050823      AGCM      Elig   Dt   20080822

                                                               Figure 8 - ERB Section III.


   (a) BASD - Basic Active Service Date

   (b) PEBD - Pay Entry Basic Date

   (c) BESD - Basic Entry Service Date

   (d) ETS - Expiration Term of Service

   (e) DIEMS - Date Initial Entry Military Service, the first time a person committed to military service, this includes entry into the delayed entry program.

   (f) REEN PROHIB - Reenlistment eligibility code

   (g) TIME LOST - Lists periods, in turns of time when a Soldier did not receive credit for svc.

                     A = Desertion, B = Absence without authority, C = Military Confinement, E = Abuse of drugs or alcohol,
                     F = Disease or injury as a result of misconduct, G = Civil confinement, D = Confinement prior to conviction of crime

   (h) AGCM/DT - Army Good Conduct Medal date

   (i) AGCM ELIG DT - Eligibility date for the next award of the Good Conduct Medal (3 year increments)

                SECTION III – Service Data
                PVT               PV2            PFC            SPC-CPL

 DOR                                         19960823 19980401
                SGT               SSG            SFC            MSG-1SG

 DOR         20000401 20020901

 DOR                SGM - CSM

                                                     Figure 9 - ERB Section III (cont).

(j) DOR - Lists each rank and date of rank (DOR) respectively

  SECTION IV – Personal/Family Data
 Date of Birth     19780531               Birthplace MI
 Country of Citz     US                   Sex/Race
 No of Dependent                           MALE / CAUCAS
 Adults/Children                          Religion
 1/1                                       BAPT CH OTHER
 Maritial Status                           Spouse Birthplace/Citz
 PULHES                                    Height/Weight
              111111                                77/208

 EFMP Dt                                  #Cmd Sponsored 0

 Physical Category                        APFT Dt P/F Score
  A                                          200710/PASSED/281
 Last Physical Exam                       MMRB Results/Dt

                                                          Figure 10 - ERB Section IV.


   (a) DATE OF BIRTH - date of birth

   (b) BIRTHPLACE - the state/country of birth

   (c) CTRY OF CITZ - country of citizenship

   (d) SEX/RACE - sex and race of the Soldier

   (e) NO OF DEPENDENTS ADULTS/CHILDREN – Indicates the number of dependents adults and children

   (f) RELIGION - religious preference of the Soldier
(g) MARITAL STATUS – A = Annulled, D = Divorced, I = Interlocutory Decree, L = Legally Separated, M = Married, S = Single, W = Widowed,
                     Z = Unknown, P = Sole Parent

(h) SP Birthplace/CITZ – spouse’s birthplace and citizenship

(i) PULHES - Physical, Upper Extremities, Lower Extremities, Hearing, Eyes, Psychiatric

(j) HEIGHT/WEIGHT – Identifies height and weight of Soldier

(k) EFMP/DT - Exceptional Family Member Program and date of enrollment

(l) # COMD Sponsored - number of dependents that are command sponsored

(m) PHYS CAT - Physical category code (There are 7 codes listed on page 2 of the handout)

(n) APFT DT/ P/F Score - Army Physical Fitness Test date and pass or fail indicator

(o) LAST PHYISCAL EXAM - date of last physical exam

(p) MMRB Results/ Dt – MOS Medical Review Board date

                                                Section IV        – Personal/Family Data

                                        Home of Record
                                         TAMPA, FL
                                        Mailing Address: 4550 PARADE FIELD LANE
                                                               FORT MEADE, MD 20755-0000

                                        Mil Spouse SSN / MPC

                                        Svc Comp / DoD

                                        Emergency Data Verified Date 20070403

                                                     Figure 11 - ERB Section IV (cont).

(q) HOME OF RECORD - city and state where the Soldier lived at the time of entry into the military

(r) MAILING ADDRESS - the current mailing address of the Soldier

   (s) MIL SPOUSE SSN/MPC - military spouse social security number and military personnel class code

   (t) SVC COMP/DOD - service component and department of military spouse

   (u) Emergency Data Verified - date the emergency data (DD Form 93) was verified

  SECTION V – Foreign Language
 Language                   Read                   Listen            Speak
 SPANISH                     26                     26

 DLAB 91

                                                              Figure 12 - ERB Section V.


   (a) Language - language code that was tested

   (b) Read - score on reading portion of language test

   (c) Listen - score on listening portion of language test

   (d) Speak - score on speaking portion of language test

  SECTION VI – Military Education
 COURSE                                                      Year
 ACTION OFCR DEVPT CRS                                       2008
 ADVANCE NCO CRS (ANCOC)                                     2007
 HUMAN RESOURCE MGMT CRS                                     2005
 SUPERVISOR DEV                                              2005
 EO LEADERS                                                  2004
 BASIC NCO CRS (BNCOC)                                       2001
 UNIT PREVENTION LEADER (UPL)                                2000
 WARRIOR LEADER CRS                                          1999
 AIRBORNE                                                    1997
 BMQ 20070228/DA FORM 5790(M16)/40
 Correspondence CRS Total # Hrs 999

                                                            Figure 13 - ERB Section VI.


   (a) MEL/MES - Military education level and status (NCOES). If Soldier has only been selected it will state "selectee" after the school.

   (b) Course/Year - list of courses and year of attendance

   (c) BMQ – Basic Marksmanship Qualification, YYYYMMDD / DA Form, Weapon / Score

   (d) CORRESPONDENCE COURSES – Indicates the total number of hours of correspondence Course completed.

 Level Completed     3 YR COLL                                Yr          2002
 Institution         CAMPBELL UNIVERSITY,NC
                                                              Yr          2002
                     ARTS & SCIENCES
 Institution                                                  Yr
 Number Of Semester Hours Completed                                  91

                        Technical Certification
  Course Name                                         Dt Certified    Dt Expires

 CERTIFIED RECORDS MANAGER (CRM)                      20071021

                                                           Figure 14 - ERB Section VII.

(8) SECTION VII - CIVILIAN EDUCATION - Lists the highest level and year completed.

   (a) Level Completed -

   (b) Institution attended -

   (c) Technical Certification

  SECTION VIII – Awards and Decorations
 BSM                1       GWOTEM             1
 MSM                2       GWOTSM             1
 ARCOM              5       ASR                1
 AAM                3       NATOMDL            1
 VUA                1
 ASUA               1       CAB                1
 AGCM               4       PRCHTBAD           1
 NDSM               1       DRV/MECH           1
 AFEM               1       BMQB               1
 NOPDR              3       MQBM-GR E          1
 OSR                2
 MOVSM              1
 ACM                1

                                                   Figure 15 - ERB Section VIII.

    List of awards, badges, and decorations with number of award.

   (a) Award Codes:

   (b) Award Classification Codes:

                                                      Section IX – Assignment History

                               Date of Loss           Date of Last PCS          SECTION IX – Assignment Information                Date of Last NCOER 20080601

                               ASGT       From       Mo Unit No          Organization        Station    Loc Comd         Duty Title         DMOS      ASI        Lang

                               CURRENT    20090118        WAGAA           0200001ARCAVALRY   FT DRUM    US   FC       SR PER SEG            42A3O      OO         YY
                               1ST Prev   20070203   24   WDEJA0          0021AGREPLC DET    SULLIVAN   GM   EB       H.R. NCO             42A2O      OO         YY
                               2ND Prev   20010201   60   W1PTAA         0507CSSUPPORT GRP   FT BRAGG   US   FC       H.R. SPC             42A1O      OO         YY

                                                            Most current assignment is
                                                            listed first.

                                                                               Figure 16 - ERB Section IX.

(10) SECTION IX - ASSIGNMENT HISTORY - Each assignment is listed with the most recent assignment first.

   (a) Date of Loss – indicates the date that a Soldier is expected to report to a gaining installation.

   (b) Date of Last PCS – indicates the date of the last permanent change of station (PCS)

   (c) Date of Last NCOER - Provides the date of the last NCO evaluation report.

   (e) FROM - the date the Soldier started the assignment

   (f) MO - the number of months

   (g) UNIT NO - The Unit Identification Code (UIC)

   (h) Organization - the name of the unit

   (i) Station – where the organization is geographically located

   (j) LOC – US for stateside location or country code for overseas
   (k) Comd - Major command code

   (k) Duty Title - title of assigned duty position

   (l) DMOS - Duty MOS

   (m) ASI – Duty Additional Skill Identifier

   (n) LANG – Duty Language Identifier

                                                                Section X - Remarks

                                                        HIV DATE: 200807
                                                        RGMT AFIL: CORPAG
                                                        DATE OF LAST PHOTO: 200905

                                                             Figure 17 - ERB Section X.


   (a) HIV YRMO – Current HIV testing year and month

   (b) RGMT AFL - Regimental Affiliation



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