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									             Sr. High Bahamas Mission Trip – July 10-17, 2010

1. How many students and adults are going on this trip?

   We will take 40 students and 10 adults, which already includes FPC staff
   members, Jeff Smith, Beth Cecil, and Patricia Webster on this mission trip.. Any
   student wishing to sign up for this trip must either fill out a registration form or
   contact the Youth Office to sign up. All students must have a non-refundable
   deposit of $200.00 turned in with their registration by Sunday, March 7 to hold a
   space. Every student registration received after the spaces are filled will be
   placed on a waiting list in the order received.

2. How and when will you travel?

   All mission participants will leave on Saturday, July 10 on a charter bus to
   Charlotte Douglas International Airport. We will fly non-stop via U.S. Airways to
   Nassau, Bahamas. We will return by a non-stop flight to Charlotte on Saturday,
   July 17 and will be picked up by a charter bus and driven back to the church.

3. What type of work will you be doing?

   Our group will begin constructing two new homes for the residents of the All
   Saints Camp, as well as finishing up two existing homes that were built last year,
   and working to repair broken concrete walkways that the residents use to walk
   to the restrooms and through the camp. All participants will have the
   opportunity to not only build homes that will improve the quality of life for the
   residents, but also to build relationships with the people who live there.

4. What does the trip cost and what does the cost include?

   The cost of the trip is $750 per person. This includes airfare, transportation to
   the airport, lodging, meals, travel insurance, and construction materials for the
   week. The cost does not include personal money for shopping, or dining out.

5. What must my child have to travel on this international trip?

   Every person traveling to Nassau will need to have a passport that will not
   expire within 6 months after our travel dates. You may apply for a passport
   through the U.S. Post Office Main Branch on Church Street. It may take up to 8
   weeks or so to receive it after the application has been sent, therefore,
   applications for a passport must be made by April 1, 2010. We must have a
   valid passport for every person by June 10 for airline ticketing. Each person
   attending must also have had a valid tetanus shot within the last 10 years and
   receive a Hepatitis A vaccination or a booster if necessary. Both Hepatitis A and
   tetanus vaccinations can either be scheduled through your family physician or
   scheduled at the health department.

6. You will be serving HIV/AIDS patients in the Bahamas; is there a risk of
   getting this disease?
   Our students and adult leaders are not at any risk of contracting the HIV virus
   through physical contact with the residents we will serve. HIV/AIDS can only be
   contracted through blood or sexual contact. All of the residents at the All Saints
   Camp receive medical treatment through government support, but we will not
   be treating them medically or be around them if they are being treated. No adult
   or student is at risk to touch, hug, or be in contact with these residents.

7. Is the All Saints Camp a safe place to work?

   Yes. The camp is off the main road and secluded. Our work groups will all be
   within earshot and two minutes of walking distance from one another. While
   the camp is in desperate need of renovation, the area is very safe.

8. Is the Bahamas Retreat Center a safe place for our child to stay for the

   Yes. The camp is only 5 minutes from the airport and is in a nicely developed
   area of the Bahamas. The camp is also very small (only 4 buildings) and is gated
   at night. Everyone will stay in bunk style housing (twin mattresses). We will
   worship in the evenings in the chapel and eat breakfast and dinner in the dining

9. What happens if my child gets injured and needs medical assistance? Will
   our insurance coverage cover any hospital expenses?

   Should your child get hurt, we will contact you immediately and take him/her to
   the hospital, which is less than 10 minutes from our work site. To ensure that
   everyone receives adequate care and to relieve anyone from healthcare issues
   regarding individual health insurance plans, we are requiring international
   insurance coverage on every person attending the trip. This has already been
   factored into the cost of the trip. This will ensure that if an emergency occurs,
   that all students and adults will not have any issues paying for and receiving
   adequate health care. For more information on this insurance coverage go to

10. How will the sign-up process work? If the trip fills up will you add more

   The trip is on a first-come first-serve basis for all sr. high students (current 9 th-
   12th grade students and their parents). Spots are only guaranteed when a
   registration form and deposit of $200 is submitted. After June 1, the deposit is
   non-refundable. Because we can only take 40 students, space is limited and
   commitments are highly important. Students will be put on a waiting list if their
   deposit is not turned in. The trip is only open to church members until March 7,
   and if all spaces are not filled at this time, friends of members will be allowed to
   attend. We are checking into the possibility of adding more spaces for adults
   should parents and other adults wish to go. Adults would be responsible for
   paying the organization fee of $600 and providing their own airfare. We hope to
   have more information about this in the near future.

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