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					           Ready, Set, Go!
Rapid writing is a n instructional approach that is
designed to support the development of writing topics and
ideas while building sentence fluency.

Expectations for Rapid Writing:
Write about any topic you wish
Writing is thinking; write in silence
Keep your pen on the page
Write for the specified time (3 minutes)
                       Ready, Set, Go!
Look over your writing and select one aspect
  that you see is a strength in this piece of
  writing. Be prepared to identify this asset
  and share it with another participant.
This technique stops you from 'pre-editing' your work, and, thus, stifling your
   ideas or thoughts. It helps you get past your left brain 'inner critic' and tap into
   your right brain's creativity. This type of writing allows your ideas to flow
   without hindrance.

Editing is an important aspect of writing, but not while you are producing.
   Premature editing doesn't just make writing hard, it also makes it dead. It
   stifles your own innate 'voice'. Your 'voice' is what makes your writing
   uniquely yours.
                Pupil Pleasing Poetry
                        Group Poems
Cold    hungry rich     purple   lonely   white   tiny

Blue    love     hate   smooth red        free    hot

Crazy   black    loud   death    sweet    orange brave

Quiet   high     sick   soft     joy      pain    yellow

Sad     tired    ugly   gently   clean    empty   hope

Pink    fear     grey   beautiful old     loud    envy
                 Hot is…
Summer sand
Sticky armpits
Inside an oven
Life on Mars
Molten magma

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