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									Mobile Computing                                              Useful Phone Numbers and URLs:                                   Rensselaer's web site:
All undergraduates at Rensselaer are required to have a (visitors)
laptop computer that meets Rensselaer’s specifications. (internal)
                    Laptop computers are used both in         VCC Help Desk: (518) 276-7777
                    and out of the classroom. Almost  
                    every class has a computer element        DotCIO web site:
                    and nearly all courses use electronic
                    information (the syllabus, reading        Rensselaer Libraries

                    lists, class notes, assignments, etc.).
                    Most faculty utilize the advanced         Campus Computer Store: (518) 276-8152
                    functionality of RPILMS to provide
                    course materials online.

Through the Mobile Computing
Program, we offer our students a
powerful laptop loaded with
                                                              ARC: Academic and Research Computing
                                                              DotCIO: Division of the Chief Information Officer
software at an excellent price,
along with on-campus support
for both hardware and software.
                                                              RCR: Rensselaer Computer Repair
                                                              RCS: Rensselaer Computing System
                                                              VCC: Voorhees Computing Center
                             Using a laptop computer,
                             you can work from
                             virtually anywhere.
                             Network connections and
                             power outlets are available
                             in many public areas all
                             across campus including
                             Folsom Library, the
Voorhees Computing Center (VCC) and laptop
classrooms. Every room in the residence halls also
includes network access for each resident at no
additional charge. Wireless access is available in a                      Voorhees Computing Center
continually growing number of locations across the
campus, including residence halls.

Division of the Chief Information Officer                                        A publication of                                               Academic and Research Computing
Services provided by DotCIO include: maintenance of                         Voorhees Computing Center
computer labs and classrooms; administration of the                       Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
campus network; maintenance/development of
Rensselaer’s on-line campus-wide information system,
RPInfo; consulting services; computer repair facilities.

                                                                                                     Spring 2008
  Support for Campus Computing                                     Using the Campus Network
                                                                                                                        Remote Access
                     Academic and Research Computing         Each member of the Rensselaer community receives an        Using a personal computer off-campus, you can connect
                     (ARC) provides computing services       account that allows access to the campus network, the      to the campus network via a high-speed connection
                     and assistance for faculty, students,   Internet, and electronic mail.                             available through a cable modem service such as Road
                     and staff.                                                                                         Runner.
The Help Desk                                                Students, faculty, and staff regularly use                                      e-mail to exchange messages with colleagues,               Library Services
The Help Desk in the main lobby of the VCC combines          family, and friends on and off campus.           
consulting services and computer account support and is                                                                 The Rensselaer Libraries provide information in many
open every day but                                           Webmail allows e-mail access anytime you                   formats, and capitalize on the Institute's "highly-wired"
Saturday, including                                          have access to a web browser.                              environment to make much of it accessible over the
evening hours. Student                                                                                                  campus network. RensSearch is the web gateway for the
consultants answer your                                      The RESPITE anti-spam service helps control spam.          Rensselaer Libraries. The Libraries provide a broad
computing questions,                                                                                                    range of on-line resources, including a fully-automated
which you may submit in                                      Printing                                                   library catalog, research databases, electronic journals,
person, by telephone (ext.                                                                                              and reference tools. You can configure your own “My
7777), or via e-mail to                                                                                                 RensSearch” page with links to the services you use
                                                             Connected to the network (using a laptop computer, ARC staff members provide more                                                                                                               most. A pioneer in
                                                             personal computer, or workstation), you may access the
in-depth consulting help.                                                                                                                                     electronic class
                                                             public printers located in every computer classroom and
                                                             in public computing labs, public areas, and residence                                            reserves, the
The Campus Computer Store                                    halls. In addition to black and white self-service laser   Libraries offer this service providing network access to                                 printers, color and duplex printing options are also       scanned materials for nearly all campus classroom
The Campus Computer Store on the main floor of the           available.                                                 instruction and interactive learning. The staff at the
VCC (ext. 8152) sells hardware and software at low                                                                      Reference Desk in the main lobby of Folsom Library
educational prices. There is a showroom with a variety       Several color plotters for producing posters and large     will be glad to help you use their services.
of products on display and a helpful staff to assist you.    diagrams are also available.
                                                                                                                        Administrative Information
Rensselaer Computer Repair                                   Rensselaer on the Web                                                                                          On the Admissions web pages, you will find answers
RCR is located on the lower level of the VCC. Trained,       Rensselaer's homepage (for visitors) is located at         to many of your questions about applying to Rensselaer,
factory-certified technicians provide warranty service Select "RPInfo" to access the campus-        including how to apply on-line. Check out the on-line
for Rensselaer laptop computers. RCR also provides           wide information system (designed for the Rensselaer       Rensselaer catalog at
warranty service facilities for Dell and Apple desktop       community) to view                               
computers and many types of printers.                                                                         
                                                                        information from academic departments

                                                                        campus directories                              Using the Student
Developing Computer Skills                                              computing services information                  Information System,
There are many ways for students to acquire computer                    campus services and activities                  enrolled students
skills, beginning with computing sessions during the                    the Libraries' on-line catalog and research     register on-line for
first week of classes. On the Help Desk web site at                     databases                                       courses, as well as complete the add/drop process. It is, you can find instructions,                     campus notices and events                       also possible to view grades and display and update
documentation, and other helpful hints. There will also                 regional information                            personal information from the Office of Student Records
be in-class instruction on software packages specific to                                                                and Financial Services.
your field of study.                                         Students are given space for personal web pages.

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