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 BRITISH COLUMBIA                  BCIT LIBRARY                      bcit.ca/library

Where do I get my Library Card?
Your BCIT ID card is your Library Card.

Where do I get my BCIT ID Card?
At the Safety and Security office, SW1-1000.

YOUR LIBRARY ACCOUNT                                                                                         DID YOU KNOW…
                                                                                                             Drop-in workshops on
How do I access online books and articles from home/office?
                                                                                                             Google Power Searching,
You need to set up ‘Your Library Account’. ‘Your Library Account’ allows you to access your library
                                                                                                             Web 2.0 and more are
record information (holds, fines, checked out items), renew items and access online books and
                                                                                                             offered throughout
articles from off campus.
                                                                                                             the year. Watch for
Sounds good, how do I set it up?
Go to the Library Website and select ‘Login to Library Account’. Fill in your BCIT ID number                 HAVE YOU HEARD…
(i.e. A00123456) and choose a password of six digits. It can be letters or numbers, but not
                                                                                                             We will deliver requested
punctuation symbols, and don’t repeat digits. You will be prompted to enter your password twice.
                                                                                                             library books, DVDs and
                                                                                                             videos between campus
It doesn’t work – I’m getting a message that my record can’t be found.
                                                                                                             libraries and to the
We will need to add you to our database – please visit the Library Service Desk in person, with
                                                                                                             Downtown and Great
your BCIT ID card or phone us at 604.432.8370 or email us at libcirc@bcit.ca.
                                                                                                             Northern Way campuses?
FINDING MATERIALS                                                                                            Use the request button
How do I find books/videos/DVDs or articles at the Library?                                                  once you have located
For books, videos and DVDs try ‘Catalogue Quick Search’ on the library website.                              an item in the library
To search for journal articles select ‘Search the Databases’ on the library website.
                                                                                                             AND THAT’S
If you are not finding what you need, give us a call at 604.432.8371, stop by the Help Desk on               NOT ALL…
the main floor of the Library, or contact your subject librarian listed on the second page.                  Now you can find us on
                                                                                                             Facebook or follow us
LOANS FOR FACULTY AND STAFF                                                                                  on Twitter (twitter.com/
Books can be borrowed for a four week period. Items may be renewed unless holds have been                    bcitlib).
placed. High demand items may be recalled, but you are assured a loan period of at least two

RESERVES AND eRESERVES                                                                                       CONTACT INFO
How do I place an item on reserve?                                                                           Service Desk
You may place library materials or your own materials, such as books, photocopied articles, exams            T 604.432.8370
                                                                                                             E libcirc@bcit.ca
and videos or DVDs on Reserve for your students. You can choose from loan periods of 3 hours,
two days or one week.                                                                                        Help Desk
                                                                                                             T 604.432.8371
Please submit materials, together with a Reserve Material Request Form to the Service Desk at                E ebrarian@bcit.ca
your campus library. Forms are available at the Service Desk or from the Library website.
For more information contact Cheryl Stephenson at 604.431.4911
or email BCIT Course Reserves.                                                         Continued next page
                                                               Can I make readings, exams and other materials available
                                                               online for students?
David Pepper                                 604.432.8360
                                                               Course readings, notes and exams may be scanned and
                                                               placed online so they are available to students anytime via
                                                               the Library website.
Patricia Daum                                604.432.8508
                                                               For articles, the Library will attempt to obtain the
LEARNING COMMONS COORDINATOR                                   necessary copyright clearance – a cost may be involved.
Kathy Musial                                 604.432.8247      For further information please contact Cheryl Stephenson
                                                               at 604.431.4911 or 604.432.8370 or email BCIT Course
SUBJECT LIBRARIANS                                             Reserves.

Electronics/Electrical and Computer     Construction and the   Online articles from our ejournals can be linked and made
   Engineering and Broadcasting            Environment         available via eReserve
 Patricia Cumming                     Merilee MacKinnon        Print and electronic copies of course reserves can be
 604.453.4064                         604.432.8647             searched in the library catalogue by instructor name or
         Health Sciences                   Transportation      course code (eg. COMM 3200).
 Ana-Maria Ferrinho                   Bill Nadiger
 604.432.8546                         604.453.4042             Can I put full text articles available through the library
                                                               webpage on my course webpage?
         Manufacturing and                Computing and
                                                               Please see the research guide ‘Using Article Links from
        Industrial Processes             Academic Studies
                                                               EBSCO in your web courses’ available on the library website
 Jim Gormican                         Tony O’Kelly             under ‘Tips & Tutorials’ or contact your subject librarian.
 604.451.6961                         604.432.8764
             Marketing                  Business & Research    VIDEO/DVD BOOKING
 Linda Matsuba                        Lin Brander              How can I book a video to show to my class?
 604.451.6825                         604.432.8922             Videos/DVDs may be booked by BCIT faculty and staff for
                                                               teaching purposes up to six months in advance. Requests
* The library website has a complete list of librarians        may be submitted to the Circulation Department, Burnaby
  by program area. Find it under ‘Contact Us’.                 Campus in the following ways:

HOURS                                                          > In person

Burnaby Campus Library                                         > Via phone/voicemail: 604.432.8370
During term, the Library is open:                              > Via email: filmbook@bcit.ca
    Monday – Thursday                      0730 to 2230        > In writing (forms available at the Service Desk)
    Friday                                 0730 to 1700
                                                               Bookings are processed on a first-come, first served basis.
    Saturday & Sunday                      0900 to 1700
                                                               Self-booking is available through the library catalogue. Click
    ehPOD                   24 hours a day/7 days/week
                                                               on the Book this Material link above the call number box.
                                  (fall and spring terms)
                                                               Pickup pre-booked materials at the Service Desk.
Extended hours are offered during exam periods.
Reduced hours take effect during summer and holiday
                                                               I’ll need to book the A/V equipment too
                                                               Please phone A/V services 604.432.8780 or send them an
                                                               email avserves@bcit.ca.
BCIT Marine Campus (BMC) Library
During term, the Library is open:
    Monday – Friday                           0800 to 1600     INTERLIBRARY SERVICES
    Closed for lunch                          1300 to 1400     I need books/articles/videos/DVDs that you don’t have…
                                                               We will be happy to get them for you from another library.
Closed weekends; summer hours vary.                            Fill out an online interlibrary loan form on our website
                                                               with the details of the material you need, or contact the
Aerospace Technology Campus (ATC) Library                      Interlibrary Services Department directly at 604.432.8619
During term, the Library is open:                              or interlib@bcit.ca.
    Monday – Friday                           0730 to 1900
Closed weekends; summer hours vary.                            Interlibrary Services can also arrange video and DVD
                                                               previews and rentals from producers and distributors.
Changes to our regular term hours are posted on the
library website.
I know I am going to need a lot of material that is             COPYRIGHT
available at UBC and SFU
Faculty at BCIT are eligible for a UBC and SFU Library          I need to make copies for class — but I’m not sure if
card free of charge.                                            it’s legal
                                                                The Library makes available a BCIT Copyright Manual in
UBC Library cards can be obtained at the UBC Koerner            print and on our website under ‘Services For Faculty &
Library Circulation Desk. You will need your BCIT ID and        Staff/Copying & Copyright’. Check it out, and if you have
one other piece of photo ID.                                    further questions contact Patricia Daum at 604.432.8508
                                                                or via email.
SFU cards can be obtained at any SFU branch Library
Circulation/Loans desk. You will need your BCIT ID card
or pay slip as proof of employment at BCIT. The card is         BOOK, A/V AND JOURNAL PURCHASES
issued for one year and can be renewed every year.              The Library really should have…
                                                                We’d love to hear from you. The Library welcomes purchase
IN-DEPTH RESEARCH ASSISTANCE                                    suggestions — contact your subject librarian for your
                                                                program area regarding additions to the collection. There is
I have an applied research project and need extended
                                                                also a ‘Recommend a Title’ section under ‘Contact Us’ on
information searching
                                                                the library website.
Contact your subject librarian.

                                                                My students would like the textbook available in the Library
My students are doing a research project and will need
                                                                Textbooks are not purchased unless recommended by
research assistance
                                                                faculty for the reserve collection. Exceptions are titles that
Contact your subject librarian.
                                                                have earned a reputation as classics in their field or which
                                                                are the only or best source of information on a particular
I need to stay current in my subject area
To keep up to date with journal literature, try the alerting    DONATIONS
services available through the Library’s database
                                                                I’ve cleared out my office and I have a pile of books I’d like
subscriptions. Many of these articles are available full text
                                                                to donate
from your desktop.
                                                                Great! But keep in mind only material which falls into
Find out when new books, DVDs and videos that match             the collection development policy of the library will be
your interests are added to the BCIT Library collection by      accepted.
setting up preferred searches and/or alerts in the BCIT
Library catalogue.                                              ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD KNOW?
                                                                Part time instructors’ center
Full instructions on how to set up alerts are available on
                                                                Located on the main floor of the library, this room offers a
the Library website under Services for Faculty and Staff/
                                                                computer, desk and phone for P/T instructors to prepare for
email alerts. For more information please contact Deirdre
Grace at 604.431.4912.
LIBRARY INSTRUCTION                                             A staff photocopier is located on the 2nd floor of the
I would like my students to learn how to use the library        Library, in the journals section. Visit the Service Desk to
Great! Contact your subject librarian to arrange a library      obtain the access code.
research skills class.
                                                                Course Outlines
LEARNING COMMONS                                                The library maintains a bank of course outlines. These may
What is the Learning Commons?                                   be useful as preparation guidelines for new BCIT faculty
Located on the 3rd floor in the Burnaby Campus Library,         members teaching for the first time. Students applying
the Learning Commons is the site of various BCIT                to other institutions often need them too. Instructors are
services to enhance the student learning experience and         required to send their course outlines to the Library.
to help students succeed at BCIT. Services are free to
all BCIT students and include: Peer Tutoring, Peer Led
Conversation Groups, and Success Seminars. Tell your
students about Learning Commons services so they
can take a step toward maximizing their productivity as
learners. Visit the website at bcit.ca/learningcommons/ or
contact Kathy Musial at 604.432.8247.
  What should I do if
                                      what if?  If you’re at the library visit     If you’re not at the library

   I forgot my PIN/password?                      Service Desk                      Select the ‘Forgot you PIN?’ button from the login to
                                                                                    library account page on the library website.
                                                                                    Call us at 604.432.8370 or email libcirc@bcit.ca.

   I’m trying to set up my library account,       Service Desk                      Call us at 604.432.8370 or email us at libcirc@bcit.ca.
   but it’s not working

   I need to know when my books are               Service Desk                      Call us at 604.432.8370 or email libcirc@bcit.ca or
   due?                                                                             check ‘Your Library Account’ online.

   I need help renewing my books online?          Service Desk                      Call us at 604.432.8370 or email libcirc@bcit.ca.

   I have some questions                          Service Desk                      Call us at 604.432.8370 or email libcirc@bcit.ca.
   about my fines?

   I need material that’s not available at        Help Desk                         Call Interlibrary Services at 604.432.8619 or email
   BCIT Library?                                                                    interlib@bcit.ca. or use the online form

   I need help finding a book?                    Help Desk                         Call us at 604.432.8371.

   I need some help finding the                   Help Desk                         Call us at 604.432.8371 or contact your subject
   information I need?                                                              librarian.

   I’m having trouble accessing library                                             Call us at 604.432.8371.
   resources from off campus?

   I just need an address, statistic, quick       Help Desk                         Call us at 604.432.8371 or try ‘Ask a Librarian’ on the
   fact?                                                                            Library website.

   I want to put items on reserve/ereserve?       Service Desk                      Call Cheryl Stephenson at 604.431.4911 or email
                                                                                    BCIT Course Reserves.

   I want to put a full text article on my        Help Desk                         Call us at 604.432.8371 or check the guide on our
   course page?                                                                     website ‘Get Info/Get Help/Tips & Tutorials/Using Article
                                                                                    Links from Ebsco in your web course’.

   I want to book BCIT Library owned              Service Desk                      Call us at 604.432.8370, email: filmbook@bcit.ca or
   videos/DVDs for classroom use?                                                   try self-booking through the online catalogue.

   I’d like to set up a library research          Help Desk                         Contact your subject librarian – see page 2.
   skills class for my students?

   I need to know if making photocopies           Patricia Daum, Room 200H          Call Patricia Daum at 604.432.8508
   of certain material is legal.                  or the Help Desk
   I need information about Freedom of
   Information and Privacy.

   I’d like to encourage my students              Pick up a few flyers at the       Check for seminar details at the Learning Commons
   to attend seminars in the Learning             Tutor Desk on the third floor.    website at bcit.ca/learningcommons/seminars.
   Commons and/or peer tutoring?                                                    Check the peer tutoring webpages (bcit.ca/
                                                                                    learningcommons/peer) to find tutor details and

BRITISH COLUMBIA INSTITUTE                   BCIT LIBRARY                          bcit.ca/library
                                                                                                         JUNE 2009

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