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									1. Urban Infrastructure Project
                                                                                                                                                      Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                 Project Name                                                       Brief Introduction                                                                               Prestage Work                 Initiator         Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                        Mode        (10000 USD)
                                                       This project is located in Lingguandu of Changsha on the east side and Pailoukou on the
                                                       west side.This tunnel project runs separately through two main roads - Xiaoxiang Avenue
                                                       and Xiangjiang Road in Changsha criss-cross express road network. The tunnel connects
                                                       Laodong West Road on the east side and Xiaoxiang Avenue on the west side with the
                                                       downtown area of the east bank and the new town of the west bank in the middle. The
                                                       tunnel is about 3.4km long, with the use of single-tube two-tier structure. In the middle of                                     The planned design has      Changsha Ring Road        Yang Bo
          Tunnel Construction Project on Laodong       Xiang River, the shield construction will be adopted with the length of 1606m. The section        BT                              been finised. Now the         Construction         0731-5487055
1                                                                                                                                                                        24638
          Road in Changsha City                        of the shield construction is round with inner diameter Ф13.6m and outer diameter                Model                             design job is on its       Development Co.,       0731-5487063
                                                       Ф14.8m and 0.6m thickness. On the bank of the river, the open digging will be adopted.                                             presliminary stage.              Ltd.             13187037690
                                                       This project will cost approximately RMB1.7 billion in estimation and it plans to start in
                                                       2009 with construction period about 34 months. It is proposed to implement the
                                                       "enterprises invest in construction, using government funds to buy back”BT model. The
                                                       government will support a certain amount of land, a certain proportion of road and bridge
                                                       toll funds, city funds for basic construction budget and the relative resources.
                                                       According to "Changsha City Express rail transit construction planning", from 2008 to
                                                       2015 Rail Transit Construction Line 1,2 will be on the first phase with a total investment
                                                       of 22.17 billion yuan among which the government capital ratio is 43% and market                                                 The planned line of the                               Yang Bo
          The first phase of construction project of
                                                       financing is 57% . The first phase of Line 1 is 22.77 kilometers long with a total                PPP                           tunnel has been approved     Changsha Rail Transit   0731-5487055
2         Rail Transit Line No. 1,2 in Changsha                                                                                                                         321739
                                                       investment of about 11.345 billion yuan. The project will start in 2010, be built in 2015.       Model                            and line 2 will start as     Group Co., Ltd        0731-5487063
                                                       The first phase of the second Line is about 23.15 kilometers long, with a total investment                                          soon as possible                                 13187037690
                                                       of about 10.825 billion. It will be put into operation in 2013. The passengers are expected
                                                       to total up to 493,600 per day in 2016.
                                                       The project is located in the west of Changsha City including Wang Cheng County and the
                                                       surrounding areas. The bulks of goods will be transferred from the west of Xiang River                                                                       Wangcheng County
                                                       with the multifunction of loading and unloading, warehousing, transportation and others.                                           Project application,           Bereau of        Jiao Jiwei
          1000 tons Port Construction   on the west    The construction will be divided into two phases with designed 6 kilotonberths and 600                                          environmental assessment Communications and 13974916318 Deng
3                                                                                                                                                        EJV             4348
          bank of Xiang River                          meters long coastline and the annual capacity of 4,000,000 tons. In the first phase, it                                         and feasibility report have      Wangcheng          Fusheng
                                                       covers an area of 150 acres with 150 million yuan investment. It strives to be put into use                                           been finished.        Investment Promotion 0731-8062142
                                                       in 2009. In the second phase, it covers an area of 150 acres with the investment of 150                                                                            Bureau
                                                       million . It will be put into operation in the 2010.
                                                                                                                                                                                          The project has been
                                                                                                                                                                                         approved by Municipal
                                                                                                                                                      Cooperation                           Government and                                  Yang Kaiping
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Hunan Longxiang
                                                                                                                                                       mode for                        Provincial Transportation                            13907316425
4         Bus Center in Wangchengpo                                                                                                                                      13328                                        Transportation
                                                                                                                                                      commercial                       department on the basis of                           Luo Jianwen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Development Co. Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                         part                          transportation center plan.                          13507446688
                                                                                                                                                                                        The planned bidding will
                                                                                                                                                                                             be on the way.
Note:In the table,WOI=Wholly-Owned Investment;EJV=Equity Joint Venture;CJV=Contractual Joint Venture
1. Urban Infrastructure Project
                                                                                                                                                   Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                 Project Name                                                    Brief Introduction                                                                                Prestage Work                  Initiator           Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                      Mode       (10000 USD)
5         Baishidong       Water        Reservation New Reservoir has the storage reservoir about 45480000m2.The functions of the new EJV                      7792                 The feasibility report,       Changsha County       Zhang Dengwu
          Construction                               reservoir are irrigation, flood control and water supply. The construction of reservoir CJV                                    people        rearragement    Xingsha         Water 13974914382
                                                     construction will provide water for the drought in the north of Changsha County and                                            plan,planned land use,        Conservancy
                                                     supplement ecological river water for Lao Dao River area of Changsha County. It provides                                       planned area, forest land     Construction
                                                     emergency back-up water for people and tourism development, etc.. The improved                                                 use format, environment       Investment Co., Ltd.
                                                     irrigation area will be 3.524 million mu and the new irrigation area will be added 1.417                                       assessment and so on have
                                                     million mu.                                                                                                                    almost been finished
6         The first phase of construction project in The total scale of the project is 120,000 cubic meters / day. It will be divided into three BOT           986                  Feasibility report has been   Wangcheng Tongguan Zhao Yongchao
          second water plant in Wangcheng County construction periods. The water supply of the first phase is 40,000 cubic meters / day. The CJV                                    finished and approved by      Economic               0731-8207777
                                                     main construction contents are: (1) construction of water facilities will be built by 120,000                                  Changsha               City   Development      Zone 13808439171
                                                     cubic meters / scale construction every day; (2) purification factory will be constructed                                      Development and Reform        Recycling Economy
                                                     according to 120000 cubic meter / per day in plan and 40,000 cubic meters / every day in                                       Committee. The planned        Development       and
                                                     construction; (3) construction of the transmission and distribution network of water pipes.                                    design and drawings will      Construction Co., Ltd.
                                                     In the first phase, the total investment is about 68 million yuan (including two, three                                        be completed.
                                                     shared facilities construction), construction period is 2 years and it will be completed and
                                                     put into production by the end of 2010.
7         Jinzhou     Water     Treatment      Plant The water plant will be constructed together with the whole development of Jinzhou New WOI                1143                 Location has been chosen.     Ningxiang     Jinzhou    Ou          Chaobo
          Construction in Ningxiang                  area.                                                                                         EJV                                                            New              Area    13875869678
                                                                                                                                                   CJV                                                            Administrative           Liu Yin
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Committee                0731-8981888
8         First Phase Construction of second The total construction of the project is 90,000 cubic meters / day. Construction will be BOT                     3423                  The feasibility report of     Wangcheng Tongguan       Zhao Yongchao
          sewage treatment plant in Wang Cheng divided in three phase. The first construction phase of the project is 30,000 cubic meters /                                         the project has been          Economic                 0731-8207777
          County                               day. They are mainly the construction of sewage plant and the laying of sewage trunk                                                 finished and appoved by       Development      Zone    13808439171
                                               pipes with construction period of 2 years. It is expected to completed and put into                                                  Changsha Development          Recycling Economy
                                               production in 2010. After the first phase of this project put into production, they mainly                                           and Reform Committee.         Development       and
                                               focus on the industrial sewage in economic development zone of Wangcheng Tongguan                                                    The designed plan and         Construction Co., Ltd.
                                               circular economy industrial base and the domestic sewage in Tongguan and the two East                                                drawings are to be
                                               Side towns. At the same time, the wastewater treatment plant used Accreditation A2 / O +                                             finished.
                                               MBR technology to reuse the standard water for enterprises, municipal government and
                                               construction by the approvement of Changsha City Development and Reform Commission
                                               with the annual sales income over 36 million yuan. The investment of the first phase is
1. Urban Infrastructure Project
                                                                                                                                                  Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                Project Name                                                   Brief Introduction                                                                                Prestage Work              Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                     Mode       (10000 USD)
9         Sewage treatment plant construction in   Three industrial parks including Muyun, Huanghua, Mao Tang have been equipped with BOT                     5797                 Budget and feasibility Changsha     County Luo Wei
          Mu-Yun, Huanghua, Mao Tang Industrial    the sewage treatment plant. The location of the treatment plant in Mu Yun has been chosen                                       study report have been Bureau of Commerce 0731-4011083
          Park                                     in Da Xing village with planned areas about 200 mu and construction treatment ability                                           finished.a                                 0731-4013303(FAX)
                                                   about 60000 tons/day in the short-term and 180000 tons/day in the long term. The location
                                                   of the treatment plant in Huanghua will be chosen in Gui Gong Du with the planned area
                                                   of 150 mu and construction treatment about 40000 tons/day in the short-term and 120000
                                                   tons/day in the long-term. The loacation of Ansha treatment plant is chosen in Shui Tang
                                                   Yuan with planned areas about 100 mu and designed construction treatment abilities about
                                                   20000 tons/day in the short term and 100000 tons/day in the long term.
10        Sewage Teatment Plant in NingXiang       The project is located in the south of the thrid ring of East road. The west of the project is CJV         2899                 The feasibility report and Ningxiang     County Peng Fei
          County Economic Development Zone         Wei River. The first phase of the project covers the areas of 85 mu and has the designed                                        plan has been approved.    Economic               0731-8981777
                                                   sewage treatment abilities about 50000 tons/day. In the second phase, it convers the area                                                                  Development Zone       13975852752
                                                   of 120 mu with the designed treatment abilities about 100000 tons/day and total                                                                                                   Luo        Quangen
                                                   investment about 0.2 billion Yuan.                                                                                                                                                13517407869
11        Heating supply Construction Project      The project occupies an area of about 40 acres with a total investment of RMB120 million BOT               1739                 The feasibility report has Wangcheng Tongguan Zhao Yongchao
                                                   yuan and the overall heating area of 30,000 square meters. The scale for heating is 120                                         been      finished     and Economic               0731-8207777
                                                   tons / hour; the heating supply systems is including 2300 meters steam pipes, the main                                          approved by Wang Chen Development            Zone 13808439171
                                                   exchange stations, secondary stations, regulator stations and a heating service department.                                     County Development and Recycling economy
                                                   By the users' demand, the facilities fees, ancillary fees and user fees of steam wil will be                                    Reform Committee.          development        and
                                                   charged with the annual direct economic benefits of up to RMB43,200,000 .                                                                                  construction Co., Ltd.
12        Wangcheng County Domestic Garbage        12 vertical or horizontal compression garbage transit stations will be built with a total EJV              513                  The feasibility study, Wangcheng           Urban Shu Yong
          Transit and Transfer Station Project     building area of 1166 square meters;The construction of county trash transfer stations will CJV                                 environmental              Management Bureau 0731-8079479
                                                   cover 30 mu with the design of 500 tons of garbage treatment per day and with a total                                           assessment,plan        and
                                                   building area of 8870 square meters.                                                                                            design have been finished.
1. Urban Infrastructure Project
                                                                                                                                             Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                   Project Name                                                  Brief Introduction                                                                             Prestage Work                  Initiator           Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                Mode       (10000 USD)
13      Wangcheng Tongguan circular economy The project is planned to build five primary and secondary roads. The Content of the BT                      3562                 It has been approved by        Wangcheng Tongguan Zhao Yongchao
        industrial base road network construction construction is the subgrade construction works (including earthworks formation,                                            the County Development         Economic               0731-8207777
        project                                   subgrade protection, vertical drainage, etc.), road works (including cement stabilized                                      and Reform Commission          Development       Zone 13808439171
                                                  gravel the grass-roots level, asphalt surface and tamping the sidewalk), culverts and                                       and the feasibilities report   Recycling economy
                                                  drainage works (including bridges and culverts, stormwater and sewage pipes, etc. ), other                                  has been finshed. It will      development        and
                                                  work (including the collection of compensation, security, facilities, environmental                                         start to build as soon as      construction Co., Ltd.
                                                  greening, lighting engineering, etc.). The project will give the reward by other means of                                   possible.
14      Chigang Road in Wangcheng                 Lei Gao Highway - Maqiao Henan road, with a total length 3.4km, and the width of 36m, WOI              993                  It is on the way and the Wangcheng                    Liu Rigang
                                                  It is the city main road and the first level of Highway.                                   EJV                              design is to be finished.      Construction           0731-8068768
                                                                                                                                             CJV                                                             Investment      and
15      Wangcheng Road Nan Yan Line               First phase: Railway Station - Star City West road. Second phase: Star City West Road- WOI            5073                  It is on the way and the Construction                 Liu Rigang
                                                  Gold Village. The first phase is 2 km and the second phase is 6.2 kilometers, with a total EJV                              design is to be finished.      Investment      and    0731-8068769
                                                  length of 8.2 kilometers and the width of 48 meters, according to the standard of the first CJV                                                            Development
                                                  grade road construction.                                                                                                                                   Corporation       in
16      319 State Road Extension Improvement It has a total length of 14505m. Modified standards will be followed       for the urban class EJV         7246                  The               feasibility, Wangcheng County       Zeng Zhaosu
        Project                              Ⅰ trunk road.                                                                                  CJV                               environmental assessment, Highway                     13974952632
                                                                                                                                                                              plan and design has been Administraton Bureau
17      Xiangjiang Road Wangcheng section         It has a total length of 34269.7m among which 2680m is the Class I main road and EJV                  29036                 The               feasibility, Wangcheng    Traffic   Jiao Jiwei
                                                  31589.7m for Class II roads. It sets up nine bridges with 430meters.             CJV                                        environmental assessment, Construction                13974916318
                                                                                                                                                                              plan and design has been Investment Co., Ltd.
18      Ningxiang County Road 319 State Line To further improve the urban infrastructure construction in Ningxiang and to enhance the WOI               3143                  Feasibility report and Ningxiang            County    Zhang Tianri
        project                              taste of city, it is planned to build a beltway road connecting the 319 line. All the EJV                                        approvement and land use Urban Construction           13548543777
                                             Ningxiang vehicles are going beltway line. Engineering has the length of about 3 km, of CJV                                      format have been finished. Investment Co. Ltd.
                                             which Liu Zi Zhou Bridge is about 1.3 kilometers.
2. Agriculture, Forest, and Water Conservancy Project
                                                                                                                                                  Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                 Project Name                                                       Brief Introduction                                                                           Prestage Work                 Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                    Mode        (10000 USD)
1         Hunan Agricultural Product Quality           It is planned that 100 acres of city land will be used in Ningxiang County second ring WOI             1727                 The project feasibility      Ningxiang     County Ou     Chao          Bo
          Safety Supervision and Test Center in        South Road to build a 5 story building as the Center Building for detecting. After the CJV                                  study has been finished      Investment Promotion 13875869678
          Ningxiang                                    completion of the detecting building, the plant must meet the inspection requirements of                                    and RMB1.7 million yuan      and      Cooperation
                                                       the industry of agricultural products, livestock products, fishery products and other food                                  treasury bonds has been      Bureau
                                                       modernization with the building area of 5000m2. Another administration office and                                           issued.
                                                       reception space construction and the hospital district roads, plaza, green and water,
                                                       electricity in the testing center will be built too.
2         Eco-agriculture demonstration zone in        This project involves four village along the Jinzhou Road in Bairuopu section EJV                      3882                 The           environmental Bairuopu     Town Peng Shuping
          Bairuopu of Wangcheng County                 (Bairuopu, Qitian Temple, Da Tang, Guangmin) and Sanyi Village in the Golden Town. It CJV                                   assessment, plan and Government              in 13037312876
                                                       is planned to build one zone(modern agricultural demonstration zone), six parks (Leisure                                    feasibility study have been Wangcheng County
                                                       and Tourism Park etc.), three bases (pollution-free vegetables, flowers, fruits), one area                                  finished.
                                                       (support service area).
3         The fourth stage construction project of     The pig factory and the pig growing demostration factory will be built and the biological    EJV       725                  The land has been            Hunan       Guangan Xiang Yu
          Hundreds of safe pork industrialization      fertilizer plant with the annual capacity of 10000 tons will be built.                                                      approved     with      the   Biological          0731-6807957
                                                                                                                                                                                   advanced technology in       Technology Co. Ltd. 13974961282
4         Flour processing       and     by-products 30000 tons flour will be processed and 30000 tons of fresh dough will be outputed EJV                   464                   Development and Reform       Changsha Kai Xue Lu Qi
          comprehensive use                          annually.The wheat bran dietary fiber is 12,500 tons, wheat germ oil 100 tons and CJV                                         Commission[2005]             Cereals,    Oils     & 0731-4391797
                                                     lipoprotein powder 1000 tons. The total area of the new buildings is 17,304 square meters.                                    No.1182.            Hunan    Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.   13808420066
                                                     A new flour and by-product plant, a flour processing plant, a food processing plant, a                                        Development and Reform
                                                     food storage plant, a materials plant,a machine repair workshop and three squat silos will                                    Commission          [2005]
                                                     be built. 183 Units of production equipment and instruments will be added.                                                    No.430 will be issued with
                                                                                                                                                                                   the total investment of
                                                                                                                                                                                   RMB30 million.
5         10 million mu high quality organic rice The scope of the project: the project is located in Changsha County, Wangcheng,                     EJV    1739                  Changsha Development         Hunan Jinxia Grain Mao Shi Wu
          cultivation    base    construction    and Ningxiang County and Liuyang city with 2 years project construction period. Construction         CJV                          and Reform Commission        Industry Co., Ltd. 0731-4133977
          development project                        Content: the construction of a new base for breeding and demostration with the area of                                        Doc. (2008) No. 704                             13974972688
                                                     200 acres; construction of seed breeding base with the area of 2000 acres; construction of
                                                     1 million mu high-grade organic rice production demonstration bases; construction of 9
                                                     million mu high-grade rice production base; high-grade organic, non - hazards rice
                                                     processing base; society technical services system.
6         50000 tons fine rice production line 1. the expansion of quality rice production lines with annual production capacity of 50,000            EJV    609                   Ning Industry Doc.(2006)     Hunan Weihong Rice Huang Weihong
          expansion project                          tons. 2. the newly built bran oil refining production line with annual capacity of 4000          CJV                          No. 29 with the total        Industry Co., Ltd.      0731-7838765
                                                     tons . 3, the implementation of 10 million acres land transfer projects.                                                      investment of 12 million .                           13607499653
7         Rice,     Sweet     Potatoes    Processing Project is located in Chunhua Town in Changsha County. It covers an area of 260 acres            EJV    4541                  Changsha           County    Chenzhou           City Zhou Zhigup
          Industrializaion                           with the total investment of 5 million. It will be completed in three phases. In the first and   CJV                          Development and Reform       YuXiang       Noodles 0731-4011646
                                                     second phase, the total investment is 0.3 billion with the 60000 m2 civil works. 21                                           Commission Doc.(2008)        Co., Ltd.(Changsha 13574852289
                                                     production lines of instant rice noodles, fresh wet rice noodles, fortified noodles, sweet                                    No.114                       County)
                                                     potato noodles, and all kinds of noodles will be built with the annual annual output of
                                                     89,000 tons and the annual output value of 680 million; 20 acres base for the rice
                                                     processing and 2 million acres of sweet potato base have been completed. The total
                                                     investment is about 0.2 billion so as to build a leisure farm with the combination of
                                                     ecological agriculture, tourism agriculture, cycling agriculture.
2. Agriculture, Forest, and Water Conservancy Project
                                                                                                                                                   Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                 Project Name                                                      Brief Introduction                                                                             Prestage Work                Initiator           Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                      Mode       (10000 USD)
8         Qingshan Grape Industry Park                 It is planned to build three wine factories and 20 wine houses. The newly promoted grape WOI            3043                 Feasibility study has been Qinshanpu Town in Li Lianghui
                                                       areas covers more than 6,000 acres. According to build a "ten miles Grape Valley, millions EJV                               finished                   Changsha County   0731-6462917
                                                       of acres vineyard" grape growing zone. The agricultural tour zone which characterize as CJV
                                                       "one valley one tast, one valley one spCJVality" will be formed.
9         Wangcheng           County           Jingang The main content of construction are reserving storage project, highquality rice production EJV         1646                 The feasibility study,       Wangcheng County Liu Anxiang
          high-quality grain industrialization         lines, by-product processing infrastructures, highquality rice base and other related CJV                                    environmental assessment,    Grain Bureau     13975112926
                                                       facilities.It covers an area of 110.42 acres with building area of 32,660 square meters.                                     plan, and design have been
10        Double-low hybrid rapeseed breeding new The project belongs to no. 6 Hunan agricultural breeding leading double-low hybrid                EJV       775                                         Liuyang
                                                                                                                                                                                    Normal temperature seed           Modern Wang Dafa
          varieties industrialization demonstration rapeseed new varieties with the advanced technology; By the seed breeding, processing,          CJV                                                   Agriculture
                                                                                                                                                                                    banks and storage houses            Park 0731-3404466
          project                                   mechanization, quality standardization and marketing information, the gap of seed                                               have been completed   Management
                                                    industrilizaion in the south has been fulfilled.                                                                                                      Committee
11        Chicken      embryo       egg   industry By using scientific methods, mass production of chicken embryo eggs have been                    CJV       870                   The location has been Liuyang     Modern Wang Dafa
          development project                       produced. And by the use of this Method, the chicken embryo eggs and series of food have                                        chosen.               Agriculture   Park 0731-3404466
                                                    been made with delicious taste, containing high protein, high iron, high-phosphorus, high                                                             Management         0731-3407588
                                                    zinc, high calcium, twenty kinds of amino acids,low-fat and low heat energy. They are                                                                 Committee
                                                    good for pregnant women, athletes, the senior person, children and patients. The project is
                                                    located in the mordern agricultural park with 40 mu of land.
12        Fruits, vegetables juice project with It covers 150 mu with the building area about 60000 square meters. It is planned to build 4         WOI       1413                  In the phase of feasibility Liuyang     Modern Wang Dafa
          annual output of 15000 tons               production lines.                                                                               EJV                             study                       Agriculture   Park 0731-3404466
                                                                                                                                                    CJV                                                         Management
13        GR-18       modified    starch  aquasorb GR-18 aquasorb is a a new type of agricultural production of chemical fertilizers which          EJV       2950                  In the phase of feasibility Liuyang     Modern Wang Dafa
          industrial operation project              takes the sweet potatoes as raw materials to prevent desertification, transformation of the     CJV                             study and approvement       Agriculture   Park 0731-3404466
                                                    desert. It uses patented technology. Research and development units have cooperated with                                                                    Management
                                                    Liuyang High-tech Agriculture International Ltd. to establish liuyang Guangyu Oasis                                                                         Committee
                                                    Technology Development Company Limited. In the view of the spCJVal effects, the
                                                    National sand preventing Commission dCJVded to help sell GR-18 aquasorb. The project
                                                    intended to introduce a system intelligent production equipment to achieve GR-18
                                                    aquasorb with the annual production capacity of 40,000 tons .
14        Green additives in animal feed additives, The project is developed independently by Liuyang Manufacturing Industry Base.The               EJV       435                   Investment 3200000 USD Liuyang                     Chen Chaohui
          veterinary drugs to replace antibiotics newly developed "crystal apple, red apple, Le Bai copper" and other products have been            CJV                             has been completed.    Manufacturing               Liu Laihong
          industrialization                         fully completed in the test and can be successful. Compared to the traditional feed                                                                    Industry               Base 0731-3208888
                                                    addictives, it will reduce the cost of 20% -30%. This product is known as a green additive                                                             Management
                                                    which is hi-tech green product and it can reduce the use of arsenic in animal feeding as                                                               Committee
                                                    well as antibiotics (Arsenic is a toxic additive agents and it has a greater harm to humans).
                                                    It has achieved green farming standards to solve the problem of the abusement of the
                                                    arsenic and antibiotics.
2. Agriculture, Forest, and Water Conservancy Project
                                                                                                                                           Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                                       Brief Introduction                                                                       Prestage Work                  Initiator             Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                              Mode       (10000 USD)
15      Production of Non-toxic biodegradable Non-toxic biodegradable polymer films takes the non-toxic composition as the main raw WOI                935                  Under Construction.         Liuyang       Modern        Wang Dafa
        film                                       material with variety and quantity of the factory agent by the process of blowing. This EJV                                                          Agriculture     Park        0731-3404466
                                                   film can be liquefied natural degradation into non-toxic product under the normal CJV                                                                Management
                                                   temperature.                                                                                                                                         Committee
16      Development       and      application  of Building the factory and production line.                                               EJV         1435                 The project is on the trial Liuyang       Modern        Wang Dafa
        Sepiolite long-term fertilizer industry                                                                                            CJV                              operation phase.            Agriculture     Park        0731-3404466
17      Ningxiang Traditional Food Manufacture Ningxiang is a large agricultural county rich in raw materials with some traditional WOI                   429               The location has been Ningxiang           County        Ou          Chaobo
        Project                                agricultural products. It has the condition for the production of green food, excavation and EJV                             chosen.                     Investment Promotion        13875869678
                                               promoting the traditional food. It is potential to develop new food.                         CJV                                                         and
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Co-operation Bureau
18      Ningxiang Special Fruits Base               Ningxiang County People's Government proposed to build a fruit base with the areas of           WOI   571               The location has been Ningxiang           County        Ou         Chaobo
                                                    10000 acres. It mainly includes barren hill land development and water circuit supporting       CJV                     chosen.                     Investment Promotion        0731-8980036
                                                    facilities construction and seed base construction. Ningxiang is to create high-quality                                                             and
                                                    brand. Ningxiang County has set up a high-quality fruit development company or a                                                                    Co-operation Bureau
                                                    professional cooperative to build a sound marketing network. This project will choose five
                                                    main towns such as Huilong Pu and take "one river two banks and three continents"as the
19      10,000 acres high quality tea seed oil      1. The project will build 200000 acres of high-quality tea seed oil base (12 0000 acres for     EJV   696               The         environmental     Changsha      Grand Fang Zehua
        industralizaiton      and    supporting     improvement and 80000 acres expansion).After the implementation of the project, it              CJV                     assessment    has    been     Jinzhou Development 0731-6390938
        processing line development                 may increase 210,600,000 incomes and the people living in the county will increase 285                                  finished. The first phase     of       Agricultural 13875948929
                                                    yuan on average;                                                                                                        design and the land use       Science          and
                                                    2. It has the construction area of 120.8 acres. The tea seed oil plant with annual output of                            have been approved.           Technology Co., Ltd.
                                                    20,000 tons will be built.                                                 3.The tea seed oil                                                         (Changsha County)
                                                    base (200 acres Datao base in the east of Hengyang city) and maitanance traning base will
                                                    be built and a processing plant for research and extension will be set up.
20      4000 tons Refined tea seed oil with the     1, refined tea oil processing base with an annual output of 4000 tons and refining              EJV   870               The          environmental    Good             Flavor   Wang Jun
        and 5000 tons high grade vinegar annually   workshop and irrigation production line will be set up.                                         CJV                     assessment and land use       Industrial                0731-6809296-818
        industralization development project        2,20000 acres of tea seed oil base will be constructed.                                                                 format will be finished.      Development        Co.,   13908455486
                                                    3, high-grade vinegar production line, fermentation base and grain storage will be                                      The investment of 3500        Ltd.        (Changsha
                                                    constructed.                                                                                                            has been finished.            County)
21      2000 tons annual output refined tea seed    This project covers an area of 67 acres (not including 100 acres of plant land ). Project       EJV   853               The leveling of the land      Liuyang City Jiu Dao      Huang Ping
        oil industralizaion project                 Construction Content: 1. tea seed growing base (planting); 2. 2000 tons annual output           CJV                     and project feasibility and   vegetable oil factory     0731-3408238
                                                    refined tea oil processing plant; 3. supporting plant; 4, public works.                                                 the registration of the
                                                                                                                                                                            project have been finished.
                                                                                                                                                                            Now the factory is under
                                                                                                                                                                            the construction.
22      Liuyang High Output Oil Tea Sead Base In Tun Kou, Sha Shi, 50000 acres high output oil tea base will be built.                              WOI   1449              In the phase of feasibility   Liuyang City Forestry Zou Hongjiang
        Development                                                                                                                                 CJV                                                   Bureau                0731-3606700
2. Agriculture, Forest, and Water Conservancy Project
                                                                                                                                          Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                                       Brief Introduction                                                                      Prestage Work             Initiator           Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                            Mode        (10000 USD)
23      Ningxiang County High Quality Oil Tea Ningxiang is traditional large agricultural county rich in oil tea resources. Ningxiang WOI             4571                 The location has already Ningxiang Investment Ou          Chaobo
        Development Project                    County People's Government plan to develop the high quality project in those area which CJV                                 been chosen.             Promotion and        13875869678
                                               are rich in their resources such as Yujiaao, Zifu,Huangcai, Meitanba for the rational                                                                Co-operation Bureau
                                               development and utilization of high-quality resources. The total planning area is 100000
                                               acres and planting area is 90,000 acres. In the first phase, 25000 acres will be built and
                                               30000 acres for planting will be constructed.
24      Comprehensive      Development     for It is located beside Kaiyuan Road which is 27km away from Changsha city. It is beside WOI              8261                                          Liuyang
                                                                                                                                                                           In the phase of feasibility              City    Zou Hongjiang
        Beisheng Mountain Resource             Yua-Ru highway. It covers the area of 10000 acres with 8 ponds and 14 kilometers water CJV                                                           Mountain      Project   0731-3606700
                                               areas.                                                                                                                                               Command Office of
                                                                                                                                                                                                    the utilization of
25      10000 acres for tea planting and Wei Mountain is located in the west of Ning Xiang County with a good biological                           WOI   1429              The location has already Ningxiang Investment    Liu      Guanglin
        processing base in Ning Xiang County     environment.Weishan is famous for Maojian tea which belongs to Yunwu Tea. It is one of            CJV                     been chosen.             Promotion and           0731-8980039
                                                 the top ten tea in China. The tea is rich in essential elements of selenium and zinc with the                                                       Co-operation Bureau
                                                 average selenium 205ppm. The planting area has only 3,000 acres with a great room for
                                                 development. And local tea has a long history with a rich experience for tea planting
                                                 which has laid a good foundation for tea development.
26      150000 acres bamboo base construction Ningxiang now has 8 million acres of bamboo production base with a dense distribution.                     714               The location has already Ningxiang Investment Liu      Guanglin
        and processing construction in Ningxiang In recent years, China has carried out the project of returning farmland to forest and            CJV                     been chosen.             Promotion and        0731-8980040
        County                                   Ningxiang County was included in one of key projects. With the project of returning                                                                Co-operation Bureau
                                                 farmland to forest, the country speeds up the rural industrial structure adjustment and
                                                 quickens the rapid development of bamboo industry in line with national policies. With
                                                 the vigorous development of the catering industry and the demand for bamboo products,
                                                 market is prosperous with a significant economic benefits.
27      10000 acres flower base in Ningxiang Flower planting, tourism projects, as well as research and development center, processing                   4286              The location has already Ningxiang Investment Zeng       Fenmin
        County                                   centers, distribution market will be constructed as a whole.The intelligent automatic             WOI                     been chosen.             Promotion and        0731 - 8980039
                                                 control of greenhouse construction, greenhouse planting, packing workshop, cold storage           CJV                                              Co-operation Bureau 13875833738
                                                 room, research exhibition center, flowers, food hall, flower gardening exhibition hall and
                                                 other facilities will be built. Through the efforts of about three years, the flower industrial
                                                 garden has been completed in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan regions as the largest
                                                 flower production, processing, research and development, sales markets and scenic spots
                                                 for sightseeing.
3. Industrial and High-tech Project
                                                                                                                                                 Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                Project Name                                                     Brief Introduction                                                                              Prestage Work                Initiator            Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                   Mode        (10000 USD)
1         Auto Gearbox Project                      Relying on the advantages of casting in our city and the basis of the auto parts               EJV       2000                 The project is in the phase Changsha Economic Ma Xin
                                                    enterprises,the development of automobile gearbox projects, on the one hand, is able to                                       of planning.                and    Technological 0731-4020182
                                                    meet our country's manufactrue requirement. On the other hand,it is able to upgrade the                                                                   Development     Co., 0731-4020036
                                                    city's enterprise and city image. The introduction of auto gearbox technology has targeted                                                                Ltd.
                                                    the domestic automobile gearbox production gap and through existing sales channels
                                                    moldel, the car gearbox will be develped for sales.
2         Special auto and auto body production     It is planned to build a new assembly production lines, logistics warehousing, tooling R &     Tech      1449                 Feasibility           study Changsha    Changfu Wu Yan
                                                    D center, punching centers and welding centers with a set of electrophoresis, paint and Introduction                          completed                   Auto Body Ltd.      0731-6806156
                                                    wastewater treatment facility and an interior line. After the completion of the project, it
                                                    will reach an annual output of 5000 special cars and 10,000 sets of the car body.
3         The production of Auto Intelligent crash Auto intelligent crash protection systems are developed to prevent and reduce traffic           EJV       1967                 Feasibility study and Changsha    County              He Kejian
          protection system                         accidents and reduce accident losses with complete independent intellectual property                                          technology team have Bureau of Commerce               13973253178
                                                    right. It has made an invention patent, 3 utility model patents. The project plans to build                                   been      finished.      The                          Guo Lianguang
                                                    auto intelligent crash protection systems and other automotive safety electronics. It is                                      equipment       has     been                          15073200559
                                                    planned to be divided into three phases for the base construction. In the first phase,60                                      chosen. The wireless                                  029-85608606
                                                    acres of land will be used with the investment of 135,720,000 yuan and 34,581 square                                          channel permission has
                                                    meters house will be built and 370 sets of equipment will be purchased. It will reach the                                     been applied. The sample
                                                    production capacity of 50,000 sets of products; In the second phase of construction, it will                                  has been developed and
                                                    reach the production capacity of 10 million sets of products ; In the third phase, based on                                   the product is on the trial.
                                                    market demand and financial construction, the production capacity will reach more than
                                                    350,000 sets. At that time, a scale of 500,000 sets of products will be formed with about
                                                    six billion yuan in sales revenue.
4         500000 sets annual output of auto digital The main construction contents are: (1) it will use the land about 14562 square meters to      Increase 580                   RMB 50million yuan has Hunan                Jiutian   Li Xiaoping
          meters industrialization                  build the new production plant, office buildings, staff accommodation for work shift and share                                been        inputed.      The Technology Ltd.         0731-8919919
                                                    10,014 square meters supporting system; (2) it will introduce the key production and capital                                  products are produced in                              13808472109
                                                    testing equipment to build the lab for development of the auto meters and the production                                      bulks with RMB 30million
                                                    line.(3) an annual production capacity of 500,000 cars figure instrument will be built.                                       yuan sales income.
5         CMMB Chip and terminal manufacturer At present, there is only a few companies which are capable of developing the mobile Increase                  1188                 it is in the phase of sales   Hunan Guoke Radio,      Xhang Yan
          Industrializationindustrialization        multimedia chips. It has a small-market competition. The market share gain a foothold in share                                                              Film and Television     0731-8218867
                                                    the domestic top three. The main target markets are the production of mobile phone, PMP, capital                                                            Science           and   13687385563
                                                    MP4, GPS, laptop, digital cameras and other terminal manufacturers. The output of the                                                                       Technology Co., Ltd.
                                                    production will reach five million and the annual sales income will reach 400 million
3. Industrial and High-tech Project
                                                                                                                                                       Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                 Project Name                                                       Brief Introduction                                                                                Prestage Work              Initiator         Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                         Mode        (10000 USD)
6         Beidou No.2 (COMPASS) satellite               In recent years, with the rapid development of satellite navigation and positioning Increase               810                  The feasibility study has Hunan Chuang Yue Shen Ruoyao
          navigation and position products signal       technology in our country , "the application of satellite navigation and positioning industry share                             been finished. And the Electronics          15084854008
          circular Design and Industrialization         and communications systems industrialization project" have been included in one of the capital                                  sample has been on the Technology Co., Ltd.
                                                        state's key new product projects and National High-tech Industries Demonstration Project.                                       trial.
                                                        The application of Beidou satellite navigation and positioning products industry include
                                                        the following four aspects: (1) Beidou generation I, second generation satellite navigation
                                                        and positioning signal processing integrated circuit research and development and
                                                        production; (b)Based on the integrated circuits above, the Beidou Series satellite
                                                        navigation and positioning of the user terminal machine production systems has formed
                                                        the platform of large quantity, low cost, and high effectiveness of their own intellectual
                                                        property rights of satellite navigation and positioning terminal industrialization; (c) Facing
                                                        the future third generation (3G) mobile communications platform will be constructed with
                                                        with high-prCJVsion, high reliability terminal products.It will form mass production
                                                        capacity in our country wide to promote the applicaton of the satellite navigation and
                                                        positioning system time in the telecommunications, electricity and other basic industry.
7         The production      of   small   hydraulic    In the first phase of this project, 30 million yuan will be invested mainly for the expansion EJV          600                  In phase of feasibility Hunan Nine Five He Qing
          excavators                                    of production scale. The monthly production capability will be up to 50 sets; In the second CJV                                 report.                 Heavy Industries Co., 13308405385
                                                        phase,70million yuan will be invested mainly for land acquisition, new plant construction                                                               Ltd.
                                                        so as to further improve the monthly production capacity to more than 200 Units.
8         Intelligent non-excavation drill production   The project will produce a widely used natural gas, communications, water, intelligent EJV                 725                  The budget report and Hunan First Heavy Li Gang
                                                        non-excavation drill of electricity trenchless laying of pipelines to address the problem and                                   feasibility study have been Machinery Co., Ltd. 0731-6293138
                                                        caused by traffic congestion and environmental protection as well as traditional laying of Technology                           finished.                                       0731-6293868(Fax)
                                                        pipeline. The major construction equipment is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly Cooperation
                                                        modern high-tech equipment.It is designed to reach the annual production of 200 sets.
9         High-grade CNC machine tools and              Project construction main content: a. the second phase project of the new general plant Technology 2250                         The first phase of this Hunan          Zhongda Wei Jianxin
          precision gear development                    with a building area of 11,624 ㎡; b. a new prCJVse machinery processing production Cooperation                                  project has been finished. Chuang Yuan CNC 0731-4878398
                                                        line:300 sets of prCJVse machine parts box and 300 sets of prCJVse machinary, 150 sets                                                                     equipment Ltd.
                                                        of high prCJVsion spindle. c. a new gear assembly line; an annual output of 380 units
                                                        High-end CNC machine tools; d, one high-end CNC machine tools production line; an
                                                        annual output of 10 millions of highgrade spiral bevel gear.
3. Industrial and High-tech Project
                                                                                                                                                Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                   Project Name                                                   Brief Introduction                                                                               Prestage Work                 Initiator         Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                  Mode        (10000 USD)
10      Nonferrous         Metal        Processing The project is based on Hunan Nonferrous Metals Group. Through the various sub-groups WOI                52174                The project has been listed Hunan    Nonferrous    Pei Junhong
        Industrialization Base Construction        (sub-) companies, large enterprises, universities, research institutes of non-ferrous EJV                                     into"2009 tenth products Metals        Holdings    13875898018
                                                   resources in an effective integration of scientific research, the project will form a highly                                  project in Changsha City". Group Co., Ltd.         Zou         Sanlin
                                                   efficient non-ferrous metals research and innovation chain with the intensive utilization of                                  The feasibility report and                         8056928
                                                   the human resource, complete scientific research facilities. The research and output are                                      environmental assessment                           15084799319
                                                   combined together with the synergy of scientific research, and scientific management. The                                     have been approved.
                                                   project plans to cover an area of 2200 acres with the land use of 989 acres. After it is put
                                                   into operation, the output will be up to 150 billion yuan with 2-5 billion taxes. The major
                                                   construction project includes the new non-ferrous Materials Research Institute, the
                                                   relevant pilot base, an incubator, the base for industrialization projects and related
                                                   facilities. In the 3-5 years, it strives to become the domestic first-class construction and
                                                   internationally renowned non-ferrous metals research base, information center, center for
                                                   talented people with the original products, new materials, new products, new equipment
                                                   transfer, incubation base and high-tech industry base so as to transfer the scientific and
                                                   technological project from R & D, incubation integration to industry for the economic
                                                   development. All that will greatly support the technology and provide the industrialization
                                                   with a good platform and base.
11      Immunization        Diagnostic      Agents Main contents: National Engineering Laboratory of Immunization Diagnostic Agents Increase                1159                 National land, planning,      Hunan      King     of Jin Yan
        Industrialization                          will be built.The production base will be constructed. The company has a biological share                                     environmental assessment,     Biological             0731-4877395 Zhou
                                                   products, blood products, chemicals production base and a Technology Park of biological capital                               project approval have been    Engineering Co., Ltd. Songhua
                                                   products.                                                                                                                     finished. The chip design                            13975121256
                                                                                                                                                                                 has been finished and it is
                                                                                                                                                                                 on the trial.
12      Food Safty Rapid Detection and the It has independent intellectual property rights - clinical chemistry and enzymology series        Increase      507                   Land use and project       Hunan      King     Da Jin Yan
        products development of the medical for rapid detection of medical products, mainly for medical diagnosis, food safety, rapid        share                               approval      have    been Biological             0731-4877395 Zhou
        diagnosis rapid detection           detection of food ingredients, rapid detection of food-borne infectious diseases,                capital                             finished.                  Engineering Co., Ltd. Songhua
                                            environmental monitoring products, rapid detection of alcohol in the drivers.                                                                                                          13975121256
13      Dam piping leak detector            Dam piping leak detector uses advanced theory of the flow field and break the constraints        Risk          725                   This product has already Hunan             Jishan Zeng Tuxin
                                            of the traditional methods of geophysical exploration. By the practical application, it is       Investment                          gained     the    national high-tech Co., Ltd.    13607437365 Jiang
                                            proved that it is very effective in flood prevention. The project has received the support       Increase                            invention patent and the                          Zhenhua 2909081
                                            from National Development and Reform Commission, the State Human Department. It is               Share                               first prize of Hunan
                                            led by technology promotion center in Water Resources Department.The revenue is                  EJV                                 Technology      Promotion
                                            expected to reach 1.2 billion yuan and profits 60 million yuan, paid taxes about 12 million      CJV                                 and the second prize of
                                            yuan.                                                                                                                                Invention in Educational
                                                                                                                                                                                 Department. The product
                                                                                                                                                                                 has been put into the
                                                                                                                                                                                 practical use in the
                                                                                                                                                                                 flooding control.
3. Industrial and High-tech Project
                                                                                                                                                      Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                   Project Name                                                       Brief Introduction                                                                                Prestage Work                 Initiator         Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                        Mode        (10000 USD)
14      A new generation of electronic, electrical     The project takes natural quartz ore as raw material powder with the use of three core EJV                 1078                 4million yuan has been put Hunan Jinma Silicon Li Zhou
        quasi-spherical silica powder (50,000 t / a)   technology of the high purification, ultra-fine grinding of granulation and complex CJV                                         into the product research Industry Co., Ltd.   0731-3668788
        Industrial Engineering Project                 modified function. It includes six main workshop such as the physical beneficiation,                                            and development. It is on                      13397518988
                                                       ultrafine grinding, chemical treatment, washing drying, calcination conversion and                                              the trial. Part of the
                                                       composite modified. It will build a 50,000 t / a high-purity ultra-fine quasi-spherical silica                                  products have been sold.
                                                       powder and spCJVal silicon material deep processing plant.The project occupies an area of
                                                       20,000 m2 with building area of more than 8400 m2, annual production capacity of
                                                       quasi-spherical electron class microsilica 20,000 t / a, electrician quasi-spherical silica
                                                       powder 10,000 t / a, ordinary quasi-spherical silica powder 15,000 t / a and extinction
                                                       agent, titanium dioxide and silicon-based conductive composite silica powder spCJVal
                                                       Materials. They are four categories with 20 20 varieties of products.
15      Doped lithium iron phosphate production        The doped lithium iron phosphate in the company has made breakthroughs in research and EJV                 2000                 It is in the phase of Hunan Ruixiang New Hu Guorong
                                                       development. The grams capacity of the model battery is 150mAh (Tsinghua University                                             planning.             Materials Co., Ltd. 0731-4067875
                                                       has verified it), conductive properties is three times more than pure lithium iron
                                                       phosphate. Lithium iron phosphate will become a new generation of cathode active
                                                       material so as to promote the rapid development of green energy.
16      Hunan Rare Earth and Energy Saving             In Long Ping High-Tech Park in Hunan Institute of Rare Earth Metal Materials,the New EJV                   1284                 2million yuan will be put Hunan Institute of Weng Guoqing
        Lamp Production Line Construction              Material Industrialization Base will be built with a factory buildingarea of 22,000 square CJV                                  into operation in the Rare Earth Metal 0731-5661510
                                                       meters. An annual production capacity of 200 tons rare earth trichromatic phosphors and                                         building of the new Materials
                                                       an annual output of rare-earth 50 million energy-saving lamp production lines will be                                           factory.
17      An annual output of 1,000 tons of sintered     Hunan Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation in Wangcheng county, Gao tang town,the EJV                    2374                 In the phase of land         Hunan Institute of Weng Guoqing
        NdFeB permanent magnet Materials               deep processing of nonferrous metal production base covers an area of 150 acres with an CJV                                     collection. 10 millions of   Rare Earth Metal 0731-5661510
        production line Construction                   annual output of 1,000 tons of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet material production                                              raw materials have been      Materials
                                                       lines.                                                                                                                          put into operation.
18      Ningxiang annual production capacity of        This project has the annual output of 40,000 tons and the annual output value will reach 7 EJV             2623                 The lab base has been        Hunan Hongyu Wear Zhu Hongyu
        40,000 tons of high wear-resistant alloy       million with a total investment 181 million yuan. 28,000 tons Cr-Mn-W Cast Iron CJV                                             built with the research      Resistant         New 15807316886
        castings production project                    Grinding Antiwear Ball will be produced. 12,000 tons of cone crusher motor (be) cone                                            input about 10 million       Materials Co., Ltd.
                                                       liner, vertical roller grinding mill, engineering machinery wear-resistant parts and Slurry
                                                       Flow will be produced.
3. Industrial and High-tech Project
                                                                                                                                                 Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                   Project Name                                                     Brief Introduction                                                                             Prestage Work                Initiator        Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                    Mode       (10000 USD)
19      Gravity pressurized water machine      According to the existing basic structure and principles of single-cylinder positive              Risk        4348                 The     national    patent   Hunan       Energy Liu Xiangdong
                                               displacement Cycling pump, the non-gravity will be used to promote water storage                  Investment                       invention has been gained    Technology         13807319200
                                               cylinder piston up and down so as to reach the effect of sending water by gravity. It has         Increase                         and     the     production   Development   Co.,
                                               overcame the deficiency of the traditional reliance on energy to send water; energy-saving        Share                            stimulator    has    been    Ltd.
                                               rate will reach more than 70%. It can be widely used in high-rise water sending, water            EJV                              produced.
                                               storage and water drainage. It has formed a variety of purposes in different types of             CJV
20      Water Storage Electronic and heating Electro-optical dual-energy storage-type water heaters are heated to set lighting with              Risk         17391               It has gained the national Hunan       Energy Liu Xiangdong
        Project                                double effect of lightening and energy-saving functions. By the spCJVal effect of light           Investment                       invention patent and it is Technology         13807319200
                                               source,it is not only able to heat (or auxiliarily heat) reservoir buckets of water as to reach   EJV                              on the trial.              Development   Co.,
                                               the water heaters effect but also use the advanced fiber optic guided technology to               CJV                                                         Ltd.
                                               applicate the optical transmission technology, security, environmental protection, energy
                                               saving light source fiber-optic lighting in home, hotels, public services and commercial
                                               city and a variety of places, and so on.
21      Miki emu oil products                  "Miki emu oil products" using the most advanced bio-technology,is a high-tech biological          Increase     1200                Having negotiation with Hunan           Miki Feng tiebin
                                               product with the main active ingredients of biological materials. The project is divided          share                            many             investment Biological       0731-4872858
                                               into two phases. In the first phase, the investment is 12 million yuan with the construction                                       organization. It has no Technology Co. Ltd.
                                               of 2500 square meters 300,000 cosmetics and drugs production workshop. It takes the                                                suitble partner at present.
                                               form of leasing plant to construct. In the second phase, the investment is 18 million yuan
                                               for developing domestic and international markets so as to create famous brand strategy
                                               and expand production scale.
22      Industrialization of large-scale laser This project is scheduled from March 2009 to March 2010 by the use of the existing plant          Increase     580                 10 million yuan has been Hunan        Haorun Pan Youyi
        equipment                              of about 2000 square meters. The semiconductors for all-solid-state micro-laser                   the                              put into operation.      Technology Co. Ltd. 0731-2874638
                                               technology has been improved as to make large-scale laser processing equipment.                   share
23      Smart Ball                             The whole concept of the project, which is a national patent with independent intellectual        EJV          435                 Small batch production Hunan           Keer Jin Ying
                                               property rights, is innovative. The product can be used for the intellectual development          CJV                              realised.              High-Tech Co., Ltd.  13187096077
                                               and integration of sports fitness of primary and middle school students. The company has                                                                                       13080569178
                                               realised small batch production. It is planned to invest 30 million yuan to build factories
                                               and production lines.
3. Industrial and High-tech Project
                                                                                                                                                Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                   Project Name                                                   Brief Introduction                                                                              Prestage Work               Initiator           Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                   Mode       (10000 USD)
24      Recycling of Waste Materials               Annual recycling amount of 5000 tons of waste circuit board, annual output of 1,000 tons EJV             1449                 Land has been reserved for Hunan Wanrong Tech. Zhang Jihui
                                                   of electrolytic copper, 4000 tons of polymer materials products, 88 tons of prCJVous                                          Investment                 Co.Ltd              0731-2791068
                                                   metals. Building area: 4400 ㎡. The project is divided into two phases. In the first phase
                                                   of the project we plan to invest 30 million yuan (including 10 million Yuan as liquidity) to
                                                   construct the Changsha Waste Recycling General PCB Demonstration Center. The
                                                   construction period of the project is one year, after which the production will begin with
                                                   an annual output value reaching 70 million Yuan.
25      Recycling and Reuse of city wastes         The project collects solid medical waste in the city and professionalizes in the collection, Risk        725                  Various kinds of recyling Changsha     Sanchao Liu Xinchao
                                                   transportation, treatment, disposal and recycling,such waste and other living garbages for Investment                         facilities for urban waste Machinery Production 13874882479
                                                   comprehensive utilization.                                                                   Increase                         have been developed and Co.Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                Share                            are being promoted for
                                                                                                                                                EJV                              utilization
26      Cooperative Development of Standard The project aims mainly at the construction of standard plants (including some Owned                            7246                 The project land is        Management              Chen           Jiao
        Factory Buildings                          non-standard factory buildings), standard warehouse, office and living facilities. The total                                  officially granted and     Committee of Jinxia     13007317368
                                                   area of the project is 340 acres with a construction area of 340,000m2(the total building                                     awaits the completion of   Economic
                                                   area of standard plant and non-standard factory buildings ≥250000m2).                                                         demolish work.             Development Zone
27      The Preparation of Ultrafine Cemented The project uses monomer or metal oxides as raw materials and required quantity of Risk                       580                  The research work is       Changsha       Weihui   Zhou Hongwei
        Carbide Material and Its Industrialization carbon.Through tje adding of aldehydes as carbonation promoter to reduce energy Investment                                    finished. The project is   High-Tech         New   0731-2788188
                                                   consumption, product size; and improve the efficiency. Products with a vanadium, Increase                                     ready for utilization.     Material Co. Ltd.
                                                   chromium purity of ≥ 99% can be produced. After the completion of the project, an Share
                                                   annual output of 640 tons of ultrafine or nanocrystalline cemented carbide material is EJV
                                                   possible with a net profit of more than 50 million yuan.                                     CJV
28      Research and Production of Multifunction The project applies the international advanced "cross-linking curing at room temperature" Increase         725                  600000 Yuan for research Changsha Jijiawang Ouyang Rui
        Dope                                       and "nano" technology, researches and improves the formulation and gives the dope Share                                       and 680000 Yuan for Tech. Development 0731-5059412
                                                   high-performance, unique function and diversity through rational scientific formulas.                                         infrastructure have been Co. Ltd.           13317480168
                                                                                                                                                                                 put into investment.
3. Industrial and High-tech Project
                                                                                                                                           Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                   Project Name                                                  Brief Introduction                                                                           Prestage Work                  Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                             Mode        (10000 USD)
29      Bohua Prodcution Center of Information The project includes the following two parts: Part I: Bohua product information security R Increase     818                  More than 4 million Yuan Changsha          Bohua Tang Yuqing
        Security                               & D and production center construction project. This part has an invest amout of about 60 Share                              has     been     put   into Tech.Co., Ltd.       0731-899199-617
                                               million yuan, including: P2P development, production detection, line construction,etc. The                                   investment.      Production                      13907488158
                                               construction period is about 2 years and the investment recovery period is about 4.5 years;                                  sales in small scale.                            Wen De
                                               Part II: the construction of Bohua information security services and the training center,                                                                                     0731-2814567
                                               including: the construction of network information security training (Changsha) center in                                                                                     13317315166
                                               central China; the construction of information security and management services;
                                               multi-purpose building and training services and other constructions. The scale of
                                               investment in the project is about 40 million yuan with about 2.5 years construction period
                                               and investment recovery period is about 5 years.
30      Improvement of Austempered Ductile Ink Through the use of isothermal quenching and surface heat treatment process,ordinary ink Increase        1232                 Technology          transfer   Changsha      Jinlong Huang Wei
        Production Lines                       casting production line can be transformed into austempered ductile ink production lines. Share                              negotiation     is     being   Casting     Industrial 0731-6207888
                                                                                                                                                                            carried out. A total amout     Co.,Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                                            of 50 million Yuan for
                                                                                                                                                                            R&D, 20 million Yuan for
31      Aluminum Alloy                       Juding from the current market demand, with the increase of China's booming automotive          EJV       1000                 Project is planning            Xinyangguang          Tan Jun
        Die-casting Project                  industry and die-casting demand in export markets, the die-casting industry is very                                                                           Aluminum Co., Ltd     0731-4060591
                                             prosperous and its products are very popularo.It has entered the "Bosch", "Changfeng
                                             Cheetah "," Sanyi"," Shanhe Intelligent, ""Meidi passenger car ","Zhonglian Heavy
                                             Technology "and" Rongda Automotive Electronics "matching system.
32      Granite mining and processing     at (1) According to the functions, plants will be constructed in different areas. The plant area   WOI       800                  Planning and feasibility Town Government of Chen                     Fang
        Dingziwan, Changsha                  and mining area will be connected with 1000 meters of light rail line and other factory         EJV                            study completed          Dingzi,Wangcheng   13787177558
                                             roads, water supply, drainage, electricity, greening and other public facilities. (2) the       CJV                                                     County
                                             introduction of full range of granite mirror processing production lines and stone
                                             mining equipment from the Italian Marini Co. with an annual production capacity of
                                             200,000 square meters.
33      Ministry of Health Key Laboratory of Construction of the first high-performance magnetic nanoparticles CDNA adriamycin               Shares    543                  Under Construction             Management            Wang Dahui
        Nano-biotechnology industry base     treatment of liver cancer research base. After the project completion, the annual sale is       equity                                                        Committee          of 0731-3218338
                                             expected to be 200 million yuan.                                                                holding                                                       Liuyang     National
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Biology      Industry
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Base, Changsha
3. Industrial and High-tech Project
                                                                                                                                  Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                   Project Name                                                Brief Introduction                                                                   Prestage Work            Initiator             Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                     Mode       (10000 USD)
34      National virus biology biotechnology For recombinant human interferon a-2b blowing agent, recombinant human interferon Shares         667                  Under Construction   Hunan              Anbang    Wang Dahui
        industry base, National Engineering B-1b, growth hormone oral spray series project development. After project completion, equity                                                Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd      0731-3218338
        Research Center of Industrialization Base the annual production value will reach RMB 500 million yuan.                    holding                                               in   Liuyang      National
                                                                                                                                                                                        Biology Industrial Base
35      Production base of proprietary Chinese The company has independent intellectual property rights in the production of             Shares    675             Under Construction   Liuyang          Huanada     Wang Dahui
        medicines                              gynecological medicine new drugs (National III) "Gonghuan Yangxue Particles." The         equity                                         Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd      0731-3218338
                                               project occupies an area of 60 acres and went through the National GMP certification in   holding                                        in   Liuyang      National
                                               October 2002.                                                                                                                            Biology Industrial Base
36      Construction of Base for Intestinal A national intestinal medicine Qingkelong Tablet and its raw materials have been             Shares    678             Under Construction   Liuyang              Dibo    Wang Dahui
        Medicine                               developed and a intestinal drug production base is set up at the park. The drug has       equity                                         Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd      0731-3218338
                                               passed GMP certification and is expected to reach an annual sales of over 100 million     holding                                        in   Liuyang      National
                                               yuan.                                                                                                                                    Biology Industrial Base
37      SOD Development of Biological Product A gastrointestinal drug production base 2ill be set up at the park. Its trypsin, stomach Shares      678             Under Construction   Liuyang                      Wang Dahui
                                               enzymes and pther products are exported to Japan and other countries. The stomach       equity                                           Development&Investment       0731-3218338
                                               enzyme tablets was awarded the first prize of best medical products in Hunan province.  holding                                          Co., Ltd for National
                                               The project occupies an area of 60 acres and passed GMP certification in January 2004.  overall                                          Biology Industrial Base
38      Production of Soft Bag Large Infusion The main development and production of the project is non-PVC film soft bag large Shares             681             Under Construction   Hunan           Kangyuan Wang Dahui
        Products                              infusion products. The project covers an area of 52 acres and has passed National GMP equity                                              Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 0731-3218338
                                              inspection. It is expected to produce 10 million bags annually.                          holding                                          Liuyang           National
                                                                                                                                       overall                                          Biological Industrial Base
39      Hydrogen-air fuel cell battery        Hydrogen-air fuel cell battery, eg. proton exchange membrane fuel cell, is hydrogen ions EJV         725             Under Construction   Management Committee Wang Dahui
                                              allowed through the proton exchange as the electrolyte, so that hydrogen gas in the                                                       of Liuyang National 0731-3218338
                                              catalyst through membrane and oxygen in the air to restore reflect happened to produce                                                    Biology Industry Base,
                                              electron transfer and generate water. It is a fully environment-friendly green energy.                                                    Hunan
3. Industrial and High-tech Project
                                                                                                                                         Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                   Project Name                                                Brief Introduction                                                                          Prestage Work                Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                            Mode       (10000 USD)
40      Ningxiang Project of Production of The project is located in Ningxiang paper industrial park with an available land area of WOI              7500                 The planning    work    is Management           Lu Haoming
        500,000 Tons of Renewable Paper    560 acres. The water, electricity, road, telecommunications, sewage and other basic EJV                                        done.                      Committee of Paper 0731-8980039
                                           facilities in the park are complete. It is proposed to introduce large-scale paper production CJV                                                         Industry Park of the 13975868227
                                           enterprises whose products are mainly wrapping paper and other documetory papers. At                                                                      Economy
                                           the same time deep processing enterprises are also welcome. The total investment of the                                                                   Development Zone in
                                           project is 500 million Yuan. It is expected to reach a production capacity of 500,000 tons                                                                Ningxiang, Hunan
                                           and can achieve an annual revenue of 1.4 billion Yuan with good economic and social
41      Ningxiang Beer City                Food industry is the key industry to the development of Ningxiang's economy. In 2003, WOI                 7143                 Location has been chosen.   Management             Peng       Zhiyong
                                           Qingdao Beer was introduced with the annual output of more than 100,000 tons. It is                                                                        Committee of the       13874890159
                                           proposed to introduce large-scale beer manufacturers in cooperation with the Tsingtao                                                                      Economy
                                           Brewery to expand the market. Independent beer manufactors can also be set up to create                                                                    Development Zone of
                                           biggest beer city in the central region of China.                                                                                                          Ningxiang
42      Production Base for New Building Ningxiang is the "town of construction materials" in Hunan. More than 60 percent of the WOI                 14286                Location has been chosen.   Ningxiang     County   Ou          Chaobo
        Materials in Ningxiang County      building materials in Changsha and the surrounding market is manufactured in Ningxiang. EJV                                                                Investment Promotion   13875869678
                                           The leading building materials manufacturers that invested in Ningxiang include                                                                            Bureau
                                           Zhaoshan Xinxing Cement, Zhejiang Zhongcai Group and other enterprises. The project
                                           seeks other enterprises for cooperation to make Ningxiang building materials industries
                                           bigger and stronger. Independent investment is also welcome.
43      Cooperative Development Refractory Daolin Town is rich in refractory clay resources. More than 85 million tons of effective WOI              801                  Location has been chosen.   Government        of Tang      Chaoqun
        Production in Ningxiang            reserves are detected in Daolin, making it an important reserving area nationwide. Now 19 EJV                                                              Daolin    Town    of 13874890798
                                           plants of refractory materials have been developed, their products are exported outside the                                                                Ningxiang
                                           province. There is a existing group of high and mid-level technical personnel and
                                           practitioners, a huge marketing team and a reliable marketing network, with large demand
                                           inside and outside the province. To build a large-scale high-grade refractory material plant
                                           has huge potentials and good prospects.
3. Industrial and High-tech Project
                                                                                                                                                Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                   Project Name                                                    Brief Introduction                                                                             Prestage Work                Initiator        Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                  Mode        (10000 USD)
44      Electrical Industry Street in Ningxiang     The out put of electrical industry in Ningxiang has a scale of 3.548 billion yuan. The WOI              1429                 Location has been chosen.   Ningxiang Economic Peng       Zhiyong
                                                    Ningxiang Economic Development Zone plans to build a Electrical Industry Street EJV                                                                      Development Zone   13874890159
                                                    covering an area of about two square kilometers, focusing on the introduction of machine
                                                    production enterprises as well as mechanical and electrical supporting enterprise.
45      Production Base for Home Appliances in      Home appliance manufactur is one of the pillar industries in Ningxiang. With Hualiang WOI               14286                Location has been chosen.   Ningxiang Economic Peng       Zhiyong
        Ningxiang                                   Zhongyi as the leading enterprise, a large number of small and medium-sized home EJV                                                                     Development Zone   13874890159
                                                    appliances manufacturing enterprises have settled in Ningxiang. It is now planned to CJV
                                                    introduce large enterprises that are willing to cooperate with Ningxiang in the fields of
                                                    technology, capital and Ningxiang. Independent home appliance manufacturers are
                                                    also welcome.
46      Electronic Equipment Production Park in     Electrical and Mechanical Services Industry is the key industry for the development of WOI              14286                Location has been chosen.   Ningxiang Economic Peng       Zhiyong
        Ningxiang County                            Ningxiang. Xiangdian Changsha electric pump plantis the biggest production base in EJV                                                                   Development Zone   13874890159
                                                    Hunan; Changgao Group is currently the major production plant of isolating switches in CJV
                                                    Hunan Province and also a "double high" enterprise. The project intends to attract
                                                    industries on downstream manufacturers (mainly steel, copper, copper alloy, silver, battery
                                                    bottle, non-ferrous alloys, electrical components, auxiliary materials, etc.) to invest and
                                                    build factories in the cooperative construction of electricity equipment industrial park.
47      Production Base for Wind            Power   Changsha Precision Instrument Factory plans to build a wind power equipment EJV                         2857                 Location has been chosen.   Ningxiang Economic Peng       Zhiyong
        Equipment in Ningxiang County               manufacturing base in Ningxiang. The project site is Ningxiang Electrical Street at the CJV                                                              Development Zone   13874890159
                                                    Economic Development Zone of Ningxiang with an area of 200 acres of land. Further land                                                                                      Ou          Chaobo
                                                    can be reserved for the second phase. The main content for the construction is wind                                                                                         13875869678
                                                    turbines cut red machining, insulated handle and assembly and other new international
                                                    leading production technology. After the project completion, the annual output can reach
                                                    up to 500 million yuan.
48      Shengdexi Clothing Park in Ningxiang        The Shengdexi Clothing Industry Park is located in Ningxiang Jinzhou New District and EJV               1429                 Under Construction          Hunan       Dongfang Ou          Chaobo
        County                                      covers an area of 200 acres. Now the project has been officially launched. It is planned CJV                                                             Fashion Co.,Ltd.     13875869678
                                                    to build the biggest production base of high-end menswear in Hunan.
4. Commercial Trading, Logistics and Service Projects
                                                                                                                                               Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                Project Name                                                   Brief Introduction                                                                              Prestage Work                 Initiator         Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                 Mode        (10000 USD)
1         West Plaza Underground Shopping Center Changsha New Railway Station is located at Liluo County of Yuhua District. Its West CJV                   1500                 The project has been Changsha             Track    Yang Bo
          of Changsha New Railway Station at Plaza has a length about 550 meters north-south and east-west width of 180 meters with a Rent                                      approved and is started at Transport Group Co.,    0731-5487055
          Wuhan-Guangzhou Passenger Line         total land area of about 10 hectares. It is a transport hub plaza of high-speed railways, etc.                                 the beginning of 2008. By Ltd.                     0731-5487063
                                                 subways, and bus transfers. Matching facilities surrounding the plaza are bus station,                                         the end of 2009 it will                            13187037690
                                                 long-distance stations, subway stations, parking, underground shopping malls and other                                         begin the test run. Total
                                                 functional areas. The underground shopping arcade has a ground elevation of -5m, height                                        amount of investment
                                                 5m, a building area of about 13,500m2, net flow channel area of about 3500m2and                                                reaches 1.08 billion Yuan,
                                                 commercial area of about 10000m2 . In the future the region will become a transport hub.                                       of which 170 million Yuan
                                                 The passenger volume of the new railway station in Changsha is expected to reach 24.04                                         is completed.
                                                 million people in 2018. In the long-term, visitors are amounted to 35,910,000 in 2028. The
                                                 plaza is approriated of using large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, chain and other
                                                 operations to provide specialty products, tourism, casual dining and other services.
2         Riverside Metro                        The Riverside Metro uses a total of about 720 hectares of land with an integrated volume 1.               560268               Infrastructure        under Changsha       Xiandao Duan             Peng
                                                 rate of about 2.5-3.5. It covers an area east from the Xiangjiang River, west from the Investment                              construction                Investment     Holding 15873178605
                                                 Yinshan Road,north from the second city ring road and south from Xiaoxiang Zui. It has with                                                                Co., Ltd.              8989854
                                                 three major functions: Finance General Business District, Commercial Center, and arable
                                                 Riverside noble eco-residential project. The financial business district covers a zone of land
                                                 about 60 hectares of land with an integrated volume rate of 3.5. Bounded by the 2.
                                                 Xiangjiang River in the east, it is only 1500 meters to the municipal government in the Complete
                                                 west. To the north it is near North Castle Ruins Park. The park has a total input development
                                                 15,206,580,000 Yuan;The Riverside noble residential ecological project has a total area after
                                                 of about 230 hectares, volume rate of about 2.1-3.5. It has about 8 kilometers of waterfront approval
                                                 shoreline and will become one of the most livable regions in future Changsha. The project
                                                 has complete supporting infrastructures ranging from commercial, financial, medical,
                                                 schools, restaurants, and sports center facilities with a total input 38,961,060,000 Yuan.
                                                 The Commercial Center has a total building area of about 10.5 hectares with a volume rate
                                                 of about 0.8-2.0. The Planning District is next to the to the financial and business district
                                                 and will include pedestrian street, set brand department stores, brand stores, specialty
                                                 brands and features trend shops, film and television, entertainment, catering and so on into
                                                 a commercial complex with a total investment 1,859,140,000 Yuan.
3         The Third Phase of Xianing New Port    5 kiloton berths (up to 2000 tons) will be constructed. In them two berths of container CJV               7246                 Feasibility          study    Plan and experts         Shi Daoguo
                                                 handling and three loading and unloading grocery items. Another two berths for working                                         completed and passed          inspection completed, 13908464378
                                                 boats are to be built.                                                                                                         experts         evaluation.   waiting for official
                                                                                                                                                                                Environmental assessment      approval
                                                                                                                                                                                has been finished
4         Lugu Yintan Shopping Center               The project plans to be situated at Dongfanghong road hatchback operating space,south of Overall 43478                      The project has completed     Management         Gong Shiyang
                                                    the 3rd. Fenglin Road (Changning Road), and north to Pine Mountain Road with a total Development                            overall planning and is       Committee       of 0731-8995616
                                                    distance of about 3.2 kilometers, land width ranging from 20.2-107.1 meter with a total                                     going       through   the     Changsha High-Tech
                                                    net area of land approximately 760 acres. The total building area is about 1,000,000 square                                 construction           of     Industry Park
                                                    meters and the area ratio (overall) is 2.0. The construction will include shopping malls,                                   infrastructure.
                                                    office space, restaurants, entertainment facilities, financial centers, advanced residentials
                                                    and so on.
4. Commercial Trading, Logistics and Service Projects
                                                                                                                                              Cooperation     Total Investment
    No.                Project Name                                                    Brief Introduction                                                                              Prestage Work              Initiator            Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                Mode          (10000 USD)
5         Development of Yili Logistics Park The Yili Logistics Park is built by and from the investments of Hunan Yili Co., Ltd.The                        28000                The third phase will be Hunan Yili Co., Ltd.       Li Jiazheng
                                             park plans to cover a total area of 2300 acres. It is located in the heart of the three cities   CJV                                started in 2009 and is                             0731-2628826
                                             Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan. Four special railway lines and the main artery of the                                               going      through     the                         13875985989
                                             Jing-Guang Railroad line have been built. The first phase of the project is the Hunan Steel                                         planning process. The
                                             Market which has an area of 51.8 acres opened in Oct. 2003. The second phase has seen                                               project is scheduled to be
                                             the completion of 120000 m2 of newly added construction area, 300000 m2 of storage and                                              completed within two
                                             1.2 km of railway. Two railway level crossings, 11 steel machining lines have been                                                  years.
                                             reconstructed, logistics establishments within the park have been improved and the
                                             construction of an information share system is started.
6         Construction of Hunan Jinshan Food 1, Construction of a grain warehouse with 100,000 tons capacity, 4000 square meters and                        1774                 The project is officially Hunan         Jinshan    Jiang               Yi
          Processing and Logistics System    building of a logistics center and commodity inspection & quarantine area;                       EJV                                approved. A total amount Cereals,     Oils     &   13548537298
                                             2, Construction of a high-grade rice production line with an annual processing capacity          CJV                                of 46.41 million Yuan has Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.     Jin Yalin
                                             of 120,000 tons and a parboiled rice processing plantnnual with a processing capacity of                                            been invested.                                     0731-4011646
                                             40,000 tons;                                                                                                                                                                           13808473149
                                             3, Construction of a rice bran oil base utilization with an annual capacity of 7,000 tons;
                                             4,Construction of a new 500KW rice husk power plant and a production base of activated
                                             5, Construction of a new e-commerce platform with a supporting car team and the
                                             construction of logistics distribution at Changsha East Station for the 3rd railway line.
                                             6, Construction of a new industrialization R & D center, the introduction of state-level
                                             scientific research institutions in order to build a food technology incubator platform.
7         Hunan Jinxia Food Logistics Park   The project plans a construction of a warehouse with a capacity of 51,700 t; a 37,800 t                        9855                 The project is officially Hunan Jinxia Food Mao Shiwu
                                             revolving warehouse; a 18000 m3 vegetable oil tank and a 5393 m2 filling workshop. It            WOI                                approved at the municipal Industry Co., Ltd. 0731-4133977
                                             also includs the construction of a 28901 m2 multi-purpose distribution warehouses; a             EJV                                level and is waiting for the                 13974972688
                                             14426 m2 logistics house; 15924 m2 awning rail, rail line with a length of 4.4km and a           CJV                                approval of the Railway
                                             rice processing plant with a daily capaity of 150t.                                                                                 Ministry. Total amount of
                                             The project plans to construct warehouse, liquidity positions, rail and awning rails,                                               200 million Yuan has been
                                             logistics distribution, vegetable oil tank and the filling plant, rice plant and other                                              invested.
                                             production facilities and auxiliary production facilities, office and outdoor engineering and
                                             living facilities.
8         Changsha Gaoxing Logistics Parkt   The Gaoxing Logistics Park project is a "big Hexi" regional logistics hub serving 3 +5           EJV           28986                The project is undergoing Hunan               Heli Huang Yongguang
                                             city group with a radiation to the central south region at the national level.It is a            CJV                                planning process.         Dongsheng          Group 0731-5052818
                                             large-scale integrated environment logistics hub professionalizing in the operation of                                                                        Co., Ltd.                15874201314
                                             logistics for industrial and commercial enterprises.The project plans to build: a large-scale
                                             logistics infrastructure platform; a large-scale logistics information service platform; a
                                             commerce transactions logistics platform; a corporate headquarters logistics platform; and
                                             other logistics and value-added service platforms.

9         Shiji Jinyuan Shopping Center             The project covers an area of 10 acres including a 4-storey shopping mall with a total area WOI         8696                 Construction started.     Hunan     Xiangshui Wang Yongjun
                                                    of about 250,000 square meters. A 76,000 square meters hotel project is also included.      EJV                                                        Yajing Real Estate 0731-2345908
                                                    CJV                                                                                         CJV                                                        Co., Ltd.
4. Commercial Trading, Logistics and Service Projects
                                                                                                                                                Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                                    Brief Introduction                                                                               Prestage Work                  Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                  Mode        (10000 USD)
10      Kaile International City                   It is an integrated commercial real estate and residential project with five-star hotels and WOI         14493                Demolition            work Hunan Shengchangan Cheng Xuqiao
                                                   office buildings, shopping malls and luxury residential community. The total project area EJV                                 completed                  Real Estate Co., Ltd. 0731-2968705
                                                   is 46,000 ㎡ with a total paln construction area of 240,000 square meters for commercial CJV                                                                                    13350892018
                                                   and residential construction, and general hotels.                                                                                                                              Zhou Yangmei

11      Jiading International Commerce Center      100,000 square meters, 218 meter super-high grade office space, 30,000 square meters WOI                28986                 The planning is expected       Hunan           Jiading Lu Yibin
                                                   24-hour business space, 60,000 square meters of flagship business street, and 70,000 EJV                                      to be finished by the end      Development        Co., 0731-2196906
                                                   square meters of residential with high-tech innovation.                              CJV                                      of March. The apply will       Ltd., Hunan Xinhua 13574199658
                                                                                                                                                                                 be handed submitted in         Printing Co., Ltd.
12      Hunan Xinxing International Business Hunan Xinxing International Commercial Building, "(tentative name) is a modern                                8600                  Tender      process     and    Tender process and Liu Maosheng
        Center                                  business center with hotel, offices, apartments and commercial facilities. The project site   EJV                                matching      infrastructure   matching                13786165728
                                                is located at the south-east corner junction of the Furong north-south trunk road (60 meter   CJV                                finished. Planning will be     infrastructure
                                                wide) and the Dianli Road (37 meter wide) of the junction and the northwest corner of                                            taken soon.                    finished.      Planning
                                                the Tianxin District Administration, sharing 80 acres of lakes garden with the government                                                                       will be taken soon.
                                                at Tianxin District, Changsha. The building height: 73m, architecture density ≤35%,
                                                building floor area ratio ≤ 5.5, green ratio ≥ 35%. The total building area is 120,000
                                                square meters, the red line area 38 acres with 25 net acres of land.
13      CITIC City Plaza                        The project is located in Hunan Tianxin environmental protection industrial park and is       EJV          14000                 The project is officially      Changsha      Tianxin Li Yuanqing
                                                commercial designed by the United States GLC Commerciao Design Co. The CITIC                  CJV                                approved      and    under     Industry Park; Hunan 0731-5890675
                                                Shenzhen (Group) Company spent one billion yuan for the development of the project                                               construction. Total amount     CITIC Holding Co.,
                                                covering about 216 acres with a total building area of about 300,000 square meters. The                                          of 306.56 million Yuan has     Ltd.
                                                project site is adjacent to Hunan Province Tianxin Districkt Government and the main                                             been invested.
                                                road in Changsha Furong South Road and State Road 107 at the intersection. The traffic is
                                                very convenient since Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan in Hunan Province are integrated
                                                into the center of the city. The project has been included to the Changsha municipal and
                                                Hunan provincial key projects for two consecutive years. It is also a key project for the
                                                integration of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan. It plans to build a world-class shopping
                                                mall which will mainly include large supermarkets and top department store brands.
14      Development of office and housing area The corporate headquarter office and service space is located south of Wan Po Road and at      WOI          2101                  1. Land has been reserved Hunan Environmental        Mo Wei
        of the headquarter of the Environmental the both sides of Wanjiali Road at the park's core area. It covers an area of 912 acres,      EJV                                by the Municipal Land Protection Sciences            0731-5079666
        Sciences Park                           divided into four sections that can be developed to office administration, research           CJV                                Reserve      Center.     2. Park                     Gan Shengjun
                                                management, culture and finance, hotel market and other projects areas. The Residential                                          Demolition in the park has                           0731-5880388
                                                development sites are located at the both sides of Shaoshan Road covering an area of 1200                                        been completed. 3. The                               13875944211
                                                mu that are suitable for the construction of residential communities.                                                            apply for the construction
                                                                                                                                                                                 of some administrative
                                                                                                                                                                                 and housing land has been
                                                                                                                                                                                 submitted. 4. Another
                                                                                                                                                                                 1000 mu of land area for
                                                                                                                                                                                 comprehensive use are
                                                                                                                                                                                 being negotiated.
4. Commercial Trading, Logistics and Service Projects
                                                                                                                                              Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                                     Brief Introduction                                                                           Prestage Work                  Initiator            Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                Mode        (10000 USD)
15      Logistics Basement       for   Changsha, The Base is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of the Beijing-Zhuhai WOI                7246                 1.     Land   has     been Hunan Environment Mo Wei
        Zhuzhou and Xiangtan                     High-speed and high-speed beltway. It planns an area of 620 mu with construction to EJV                                       collected. 2. Demolition Protection Sciences 0731-5079666
                                                 warehousing, distribution, distribution function and extend the interim logistics, data CJV                                   partly    completed;     3. Industry Park    13875944211
                                                 exchange functions, transport functions of the modern logistics entities, supporting the                                      Environmental Evaluation
                                                 establishment of cargo stowage centers, logistics distribution center, the flow of machining                                  is being carried out; 4.
                                                 centers, container trans-shipment center planning and design of the annual handling                                           Feasibility   is     being
                                                 capacity of cargo more than five million tons.                                                                                evaluated.

16      Changsha      Jiangbei   Logistics    and The project relies mainly on ports, railways and highways to construct a bonded         WOI            2899                  The project has acquired     Management           Wen Jie
        Distribution Center                       integrated logistics warehousing, distribution and distribution of major trading center EJV                                  permission     from    the   Committee         of 13707484702
                                                  project center for Hunan and other central province. The total land covers 173 acres with a                                  government. The land can     Changsha      Jinxia
                                                  total planning construction area of 108,830 square meters.                              and                                  be bought after demolition   Development Zone
                                                                                                                                          share                                work is completed.
17      Hunan Jinxia logistics center construction The major construction project is divided into three phases: a major platform for the WOI             2899                  The project is located in Management           Hou         Linxin
        projects of public information             implementation of basic design and construction; construction of implementation system CJV                                  the Venture Mansion of Committee            of 13755137008
                                                   for center management; construction of a major bulk commodities electronic trading                                          the Development Zone      Changsha      Jinxia
                                                   system such as members personalized service system.                                                                                                   Development Zone

18      Cooperative Development of Enrui The project relies on roads, railways, water and other inter-modal matching facilities in the WOI               4348                  Demolition and other Management               Wen Jie
        Trading Center for Production Means park to develope chemical products trading center, steel distribution and trading center, EJV                                      preparing work completed Committee         of 13707484702
                                            paper trading center, residential building materials trading centers and other trading CJV                                                                  Changsha      Jinxia
                                            centers such as engineering machinery major trading centers providing various categories                                                                    Development Zone
                                            of means of production, warehousing, processing, distribution, trading, information,
                                            value-added services in Hunan Province. The project aims at building a large intergrated
                                            logistics platform for business,cash and information flow. The project uses 1000 acres of
                                            land including 200 acres for external cooperation.

19      Overall Relocation of Changsha Kaixue 1, an annual output of 30,000 tons of wheat flour production line; 2, flour, rice                          1449                  The project plans to be      Changsha       Kaixue     Lu Qi
        Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Co., Ltd.  deep-processing production line of a number of articles.                          EJV                                            built within Changsha        Cereals,    Oils     &    0731-4391797
                                                                                                                                CJV                                            Jinxia Development Zone      Foodstuffs         Co.,   13808420066
                                                                                                                                                                               with an area of 91 mu.       Ltd.(Kaifu District)
20      Development of the Dongtang Business The Dongtang shopping district is one of the busiest and maturest commercial centers in                     43478                 A special committee is set   Yuhua          District   Zhou Hong
        Circle                               Changsha. The shopping district is located in the core area of the city, at the interchange of WOI                                up for preliminary work.     Bureau of Investment      0731-5880388
                                             the Laodong Road and Shaoshan Road.There is now a total area of 235.8 acres availbale EJV                                                                      Promotion                 13786191218
                                             for exploitation including the International Machine Design and Research Institute (52 CJV                                                                                               Xun Weiyang
                                             acres),the Dongtang transaction terminal (20 acres), Changsha City Worker's Cultural                                                                                                     13874951100
                                             Palace (56 acres), InBev beer Pak Ltd. (62 mu ), Jiuzhitang Pharmaceutical (33.8
                                             acres),Huangtuling Dormitory (12 acres) and other five enterprises and institutions and an
                                             old residential area, of which about 130 acres are planned for commercial and financial
                                             use, the rest is for cultural and sports facilities. Based on town planning requirements,
                                             combined with the current situation of the Dongtang district,we now wish to introduce
                                             developers to meet the demands of existing office units, residents resettlement and related
                                             supporting facilities construction based on the overall development and construction of the
                                             demolition of modern business buildings to introduct star hotels, brand stores ,
                                             professional office space and other projects.
4. Commercial Trading, Logistics and Service Projects
                                                                                                                                                   Cooperation      Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                                      Brief Introduction                                                                                  Prestage Work               Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                     Mode           (10000 USD)
21      Wujiang International Commerce Plaza       The project is bounded by the Heping Road in the north,Furong South Road in the east,                          40000                Project          proposal Bureau of Commerce Zhou Shiqiu
                                                   Yichun Road in the west, and Heili Road in the south.It is divided into two pieces and has EJV                                      completed and the land of Tianxin District   0731-5129066
                                                   a total land area of 130 acres.The land is planned to be constructed into the largest CJV                                           requesition and prestage                     13973185185
                                                   commercial plaza in Hunan Province. The land includs a large-scale commercial plaza,                                                planning under way.
                                                   five-star hotels, office buildings, apartments, recreational facilities as one of the
                                                   large-scale commercial projects.

22      Modern Business Center                     The project is located within the Hunan Tianxin environmental protection industrial park.                      4000                 Infrastructure outside the Changsha        Tianxin Zhong Hui
                                                   The project is at the west side of the Furong South Road, and covers an area of 43 mu with      EJV                                 project land is completed. Industrial Park         0731-5476615
                                                   a floor area ratio of 2.0. The green rate of the project is 38 percent and has 22 meters high   CJV
                                                   building restrictions. The nature of the land is commercial land. At present, the land is
                                                   surrounded by CITIC plaza, and other CITIC high-end hotes, thus the land has a very high
                                                   commercial value. It is planned to be developed into a modern business center with
                                                   headquarters center, commercial business, hotels and other forms.
23      Xingsha Super Shopping Mall                Proposed construction area of more than 200,000 square meters of shopping mall.                 WOI            14493                Planning                  Xingcheng            Ren Yongsheng
                                                   Medium containing high-end department stores, amusement centers, food courts, cinemas,          EJV                                                           Construction         0731-4011081
                                                   etc. General facilities.                                                                        CJV                                                           Investment      Co.,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ltd.,Changsha County

24      Reconstruction and Improvement    of The project is located in Huanghua town of Changsha County. On the basis of the 37 acres                             754                  The project is officially Changsha      County Zhou Zhiguo
        Huanghua Storehouse                  of land that belongs tothe state-owned Tianhua company and stores with a capacity of                  EJV                                 approved.                 Tianhua          Grain 0731-4011646
                                             12,000 tons,another 30 acres of land have been colletect to expand the Huanghua                       CJV                                                           Trading Co.,Ltd.       13574852289
                                             Storehouse. 17 million Yuan will be invested into the first phase of the project that has a
                                             total investment of 52 million yuan with a total building area of 19760m2.The capacity of
                                             the storehouses will be expanded to 40,000 tons to make the total storage capacity 52,000
                                             tons. Three new rice production lines with the processing capacity of 100,000 tons will be
                                             added and six high-quality rice base with an area of 200000 mu will be constructed. After
                                             completion the project will form a fully functional state-owned center storehouse in
25      Xingsha International Convention and The project plans a construction of the biggest International Convention and Exhibition                              28986                The project is undergoing Xingcheng            Ren Yongsheng
        Exhibition Center                    Center in the central south region in Xingsha, Changsha to fill the blank of Changsha in              Construction                        the planning process      Construction         0731-4011081
                                             exhibition industry. The main part of Xingsha International Convention and Exhibition                 and                                                           Investment      Co.,
                                             Center is the international exhibition center with the international conference center as a           Operation                                                     Ltd.,Changsha County
                                             supplement with supporting plaza, hotels, entertainment centers and so on. The
                                             construction includs an area of 150,000 square meters of indoor exhibition halls and above
                                             (each single column-free exhibition hall is more than 10,000 square meters) and an area of
                                             120,000 square meters outdoor exhibition plaza accessable for large container trucks. It
                                             has all kinds of specifications offices and information centers, festival plaza, and large
                                             parking lot, five-star hotels and supporting restaurants, entertainment facilities.
4. Commercial Trading, Logistics and Service Projects
                                                                                                                                                 Cooperation     Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                                      Brief Introduction                                                                                Prestage Work                   Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                   Mode          (10000 USD)
26      Construction and upgrading of some grain According to national policy regaring rice transportation and logistics, interim storehouses                  580                  The project is near the         Liuyang          Grain Lu Leqing
        interim storehouses                      are to be built at Yongan grain storage and Baiyi grain storehouse (each with a capacity of EJV                                    State Road 319 and only 7       Trading Co.,Ltd.       0731-3649598
                                                 20000 tons to meet the needs of our city and surrounding county, city transit food CJV                                             km       to      Huanghua                              13574897098
                                                 logistics. Total investment 40 million yuan.                                                                                       International Airport with
                                                                                                                                                                                    23 existing storehouses
                                                                                                                                                                                    and a effective capacity of
                                                                                                                                                                                    77000 tons. Apply for
                                                                                                                                                                                    environmental evalation is
                                                                                                                                                                                    handed in.
27      Hunan Liuyang Baiyi Food Logistics Park The project occupies an area of 70,000 square meters, and has eight existing standard food       EJV           1594                 The project is at the list of   Liuyang          Grain Li Qiwen
        Project                                 warehouses with a total area of 11,000 square meters. Liuyang Baiyi Food Logistics Park          CJV                                key projects of the             Trading Co.,Ltd.       Chen Bibo
                                                plans to build a modern logistics park in accordance with the standards meeting industry                                            Liuyang          Municipal                             0731-3679288
                                                demands. In accordance with the principle of fast and efficient functions, facilities, and                                          Government, the Food
                                                industrial concentration, we carry out a good scientific planning of the logistics park. After                                      Bureaus of Changsha and
                                                its construction, the park will be divided into multi-functional business areas, grain storage                                      Hunan.
                                                areas, logistics and distribution areas, market trading areas, food feed trading centers,
                                                information centers and food logistics centers.
28      Hengshi Food Storehouse and Logistics ①5 million tons of grain storage; ②500 meters railway line and freight stations; ③2                EJV           745                  The project is officially Ningxiang  County He Jianwen
        Park in Ningxiang County, Hunan         Mega Factories.                                                                                  CJV                                approved and 25 million Grain Bureau        0731-7881333
                                                                                                                                                                                    Yuan has been invested.                     13607499021

29      Yuxing Market in Ningxiang County           The project is located in the new area of Yutan Town, Ningxiang County of the city of WOI                  8571                 The project is approved.        Ningxiang Investment Song        Shuren
                                                    Changsha. It reaches eastward to the State Road 319, westward to the 2nd Ring Road, CJV                                                                         Bureau               13787115051
                                                    northward to Kangxi Road and southward to Yuxing Road. It is situated in the combining
                                                    part of the new and old city of Ningxiang County. The total planning area covers 300
                                                    mu,which are mainly paddy fields now. Also here is some hilly areas and living spaces.
                                                    The project includs logistics centers, warehousing, information technology centers, the
                                                    management center of services, agricultural market, flower market, farm machinery sales
                                                    and service centers and other supporting facilities.

30      "One River, Two Riverbanks and Three The planning area covers 56,773 mu that will be constructed to Ningxiang RBD core WOI                             42857                Planning completed              Ningxiang        City Zhang       Tianri
        Island" in Ningxiang County          zone, ecological sustainable development community, Ningxiang noble Tours EJV                                                                                          Construction          13548543777
                                             Entertainment District, Ningxiang business district, and Ningxiang core landscape area. CJV                                                                            Investment Co.,Ltd
                                             The artificial wetland area is 3,000 mu. The project can be constructed in different phases.
5.Entertainment and Tourism
                                                                                                                                       Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                 Project Name                                                    Brief Introduction                                                                   Prestage Work               Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                          Mode       (10000 USD)
1         Hunan QianLong Lake National Wetland It covers an area of 9.2 km2, including relative accessories such as ecological nursery EJV         9564                 First phase project has Changsha QianLong Shenglin Tan
          Park                                 area, popular scince area,entertainment area, management service area and so on.        CJV                              been finished,including 6 Lake    Ecological 0731-8342818
                                                                                                                                                                        business meeting rooms, Tourism Co., Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                                        20 villas and more than 10
                                                                                                                                                                        recreational projects and
                                                                                                                                                                        rewarded as 3A tourist

2         Investment Promotion of Second Phase Changsha DaMing Ecological Mountain Villa, next to QingZu Lake Golf                              EJV   2899              First phase project has Hunan       TongChao Yi Luo
          Development of      Changsha DaMing Course,Changsha University and Hunan Radio and TV Culture Industry Park,is located in             CJV                     been finished and second Investment Co., Ltd. 0731-4711672
          Ecological Mountain Villa            DaMing village, LaoDaoHe town, KaiFu district, Changsha city where has beautiful                                         phase expansion project
                                               scenery and nice weather.It is a first grade place in Changsha for tourism, entertainment                                is in planning.
                                               and recuperation. The first phase project covers an area of 200 mu and has invested RMB
                                               30 million.A holiday hotel of 5000m2 with entertainment facilities such as tennis court,
                                               basketball court,fishing pond has been finished.The hotel runs well at present. The second
                                               phase project plans to use 400 mu land for constructing holiday apartment, villa,
                                               recuperation center and accessory facilities.
3         Lotus "Harmonious" Culture Park      This project, with a planned area of 15 km2, is located in Lotus town. It includes the           WOI   21962             Planning and designing, Yuelu             District Zhijun Liu
                                               construction of natural ecological scenic spots and Buddism culture scenic spots such as         EJV                     feasibility study have been Investment Promotion 13807496900
                                               Changsha Weather Park, Big Stone Wall Scenic Spot, WuFengQiao Bank Ecological                                            finished.                   Bureau of Changsha
                                               Ariculture Tourist Zone, Lotus Mountain Forest Park, LongDong Village Buddism Culture
                                               Tourist Zone, MaoLiChong Ecological Holiday Village and so on.By utilizing the
                                               differences between rural and urban area,this project tries to attrct tourists by letting them
                                               experience products in farm, letting farm support products, and using specialities and
                                               finally change the traditional production agriculture to modern urban agriculture.
                                               Therefore Lotus town will be built to be a Lotus Urban Farm which will be an example of
                                               resource-conserving and environment-friendly society construction in rural area.
4         ShengYi Park                         Rural land circulation model zone,being constructed according to national 5A scenic spot         EJV   21962             Part      of     the     land Hunan ShengYi Park Zili Li
                                               standard, includes hotel,drift, tourism agriculture, accessory facilities and infrastructures    CJV                     circulation,reception         Investment      Real 13574859239
                                               around the zone.                                                                                                         facitities and infrastructure Estate Co., Ltd
                                                                                                                                                                        in the park has been

5         FuRong District MaWangDui Site Park        This project is planned to build a West Han Dynasty Changsha Country MaWangDui Site WOI          80933             Application approved.        MaWangDui Han Zhihua Zheng
                                                     Park.The park whose centre is MaWangDui Han Tombs covers an area of about 300 mu EJV                                                         Tomb               Site 13017317529
                                                     with 12 units including MaWangDui Sanitarium. The core area consists of three functional                                                     Application
                                                          ( site
                                                     areas: 1) reservation area. It covers an area of about 192 mu and special attention was                                                      Office,FuRong
                                                     paid to grave protection. (2)cultural relic display area.A museum covering an area of                                                        district, Changsha city
                                                     about 90 mu is constructed to display the cultural relic of MaWangDui Han Tomb.(3)
                                                     cultural relic research area.MaWangDui Han Tomb Culture Research Institution covering
                                                     an area of 18 mu will be a centre of "MaWangDui Han Tomb Science" through
                                                     multidisciplinary and multifield research cooperation.
5.Entertainment and Tourism
                                                                                                                                            Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                Project Name                                                    Brief Introduction                                                                          Prestage Work                    Initiator         Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                               Mode       (10000 USD)
6         Liuyang River Scenic Belt                 This project is along Liuyang River, north from Renmin Road Liuyang River Bridge and WOI            4348                 1、Feasibilility analysis of      Changsha         Land Hong Zhou
                                                    south to Xiangfu Road Liuyang River Bridge. It has a whole length of 12.3km, extends EJV                                 the project done.                Exploration Co.,Ltd.  13786191218
                                                    30-50m along the bank to west and covers an area of about 900 mu. Sight belt is next to CJV                              2      、        Construction                           Guanxiao Qi
                                                    Wuhan-Guangzhou and Shanghai-Kunmin high speed railway station area.The project                                          headquarter established.                               0731-5880388
                                                    planned to build it to be a tourism, entertainment and shopping integrated ecological                                    Commanders are leaders                                 13508490326
                                                    tourism area by utilizing the beautiful scenery of Liuyang River bank and combining the                                  at county level appointed
                                                    construction of flood prevention forest belt.                                                                            by district government and
                                                                                                                                                                             members are government
                                                                                                                                                                             department.They are in
                                                                                                                                                                             charge of the afersale
                                                                                                                                                                             service and making survey
                                                                                                                                                                             among       residents    and
                                                                                                                                                                             getting the statistics.
7         Cherry Blossom Hotspring         Holiday Cherry blossom hotspring, located in the east of Changsha,covering an area of more than EJV          1000                 A series project such as         Hunan        Cherry Junfei Liu
          Mountain Villa Expansion                 100000m2, is a large scale hotspring tourism area in Changsha.Now it wants to find a CJV                                  hotspring shower in or out       Blossom   Hotspring 0731-2755188
                                                   partner to further develop it and build it to be a comprehensive recreation center for Financing                          of                        the    Mountain Villa Co., 0731-2755189(Fax)
                                                   entertainment, food, hotspring, fishing, wedding photograph, hotel, ecological tourism and                                house,accommodation has          Ltd
                                                   etc.                                                                                                                      accomplished and been
                                                                                                                                                                             put into use.
8         Protection and Development of ShaPing 1、Improve the situation of ShaPing old street such as the sanitation, sight, virescence and    WOI      2900                 Changsha Planning and            Hunan       ShaPing Yinxin Chen
          Hunan Emboidery Origin                so on; Adjust the appearance of the shop and use the uniform advertisement.2、   Increase the   EJV                           Design Institute offers the      Hunan     Emboidery 13507431289
                                                number of Hunan embroidery shops. 3、Planning to construct ShaPing Hunan embroidery             CJV                           old street transform plan        Development
                                                culture plaza. It plans to use an area of 25-30 mu at southeast of ShaPing Hunan                                             which will be put into           Corporate
                                                embroidery Pailou to construct a multifunctional plaza that can be used to park big sized                                    practice        in      early
                                                bus and also exhibit Hunan embroidery culture.It will be a Scenic spot where you can see                                     September.
                                                embroidery show, visit Hunan embroidery museum, relax yourself,and go shopping.
9         Kaifusi Road Tourism Development      This project is located in the downtown area of Changsha where enjoys convenient               WOI      3792                 In this district there are big   Kaifu         District Qingchun Li
                                                transportation. It is in Wujialing business circle, opposite to Changsha culture               EJV                           size supermarket XinYiJia        Investment Promotion 0731-4472218
                                                core(Changsha museum, library and music hall),and next to KaiFu Temple which is only           CJV                           Kaifu branch, high rank          Bureau of Changsha 13908473940
                                                200m away from XiangRiver sight Belt. The land for this project is business using land,                                      entertainment            place   city                   Zongqi Liu
                                                the use right of which can be got legally through Changsha State Land Bureau's bid                                           NuoYaFangZhou, ZiFeng                                   13203107698
                                                invitation, auction and permission.Infrustructure has been constructed in the 2005 Kaifusi                                   Park and so on which are
                                                Road expanding project.This project is mainly for well-known hotel, restaurant and                                           advantages to develop this
                                                entertainment enterprises in China.                                                                                          district to be religious
                                                                                                                                                                             tourism               cultural
                                                                                                                                                                             entertainment center.It is a
                                                                                                                                                                             profitable project which is
                                                                                                                                                                             fit to develop high rank
                                                                                                                                                                             hotel, restaurant, and
                                                                                                                                                                             entertainment place.
5.Entertainment and Tourism
                                                                                                                        Cooperation     Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                       Brief Introduction                                                                              Prestage Work                          Initiator            Liaison Person
                                                                                                                          Mode          (10000 USD)
10      Construction of Kafusi Religious Culture This project covers an area of 187 mu, including KaiFuSi WOI                         10000                1、In 2003 KaiFu District Government           Kaifu         District Qingchun Li
        Block                                    expanding project, KaiFuSi citizen culture plaza investment EJV                                           invested RMB 10 million to expand             Investment Promotion 0731-4472218
                                                 promotion project and so on. In the first half of 2009 the KaiFuSi CJV                                    KaiFuSi Road. In 2005, the expansion          Bureau of Changsha 13908473940
                                                 citizen plaza will be constructed and put into use and the                                                finished and the stone street reappears.2、    city                   Zongqi Liu
                                                 improvement of the surroundings will be finished.                                                         KaiFu District Religious Bureau, Tourism                             13203107698
                                                                                                                                                           Bureau and XinHe Street Office assist
                                                                                                                                                           KaiFu Temple to repair the temple and 8
                                                                                                                                                           of       16        sight     spots      has
                                                                                                                                                           accomplished.Meanwhile street office
                                                                                                                                                           help      the   improvement        of   the
11      Qingquan Temple Ecological Tourism This project is located in Taoyang village,Dongjin town,Yuhua WOI                          4000~6000            1 、 Feasibility research report and           Hunan Environment         Hong Zhou
        Park                               district. It covers an area of 1600 mu, including 830 mu upland, EJV                                            application for aprrovement finished          Protection      Science   13786191218
                                           120 mu water surface and 650 mu farmland.Qingquan Temple CJV                                                    2、Environmental effect evaluating report      and        Technology     Wei Mo
                                           Ecological Tourism Park is one of "Five Golden Flowers" key                                                     and application for approvement is in the     Industrial Park           0731-5079666
                                           projects in Changsha.There the forest coverage rate is high,                                                    process                                                                 13875944211
                                           surroundings is good, natural resource is abundant and the                                                      3、Preparation for inviting public bidding
                                           QingQuan Temple enjoys the reputation of "North is KaiFu,                                                       is in the process.
                                           south is QingQuan".This project plans to improve the situation of                                               4、Adjustment of land utility planning is
                                           the farmhouses, adjust the structure of forest and farmland and                                                 in the process
                                           add some accessories and build it to be a multifunctional                                                       5 、 Have reached an agreement with
                                           ecological tourism park which has special farm, special plant,                                                  Muyun town,Changsha county on
                                           sport facilities and so on.                                                                                     boundary
                                                                                                                                                           6、Negotiated several times with partners
                                                                                                                                                           and reach an agreement.
12      Meixi     Lake     Ecological     Tourism This project is located in the core area of DaHeXi pilot zone,                      43924                Planning and design and water                 Yuelu         District Zhiyong Zeng
        International Exhibition Center           south of Changsha-Ningxiang highway, west of the second ring EJV                                         conservancy is carrying out. Integrated       Investment Promotion 13808455847
                                                  road, east of Huangqiao highway. It is the core space carrier of CJV                                     development has initiated and scientific      Bureau
                                                  service improvement of pilot zone.                                                                       research has been approved.

13      Guofan Zeng Culture Park                   It is located in FuLongShan, Tongxi village, Pingtang town.It CJV                  2899                 Planning                                      Yuelu         District Zhiguo Xie
                                                   will renovate the cemetery of 0.5 km2 and develop the nearby                                                                                          Investment Promotion 13975828709
                                                   land.                                                                                                                                                 Bureau
5.Entertainment and Tourism
                                                                                                                                     Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                                  Brief Introduction                                                                      Prestage Work               Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                       Mode        (10000 USD)
14      Longdong Buddism Culture Tourism Area It is located in LongDong village Lotus town with two famous temples(LiuHe Temple and WOI          4348                 General planning finished   Yuelu         District Yongzhi Peng
                                              LingRui Temple)and covers an area of 13,12kn2.This village is Changsha's modern EJV                                                                 Investment Promotion 13875854110
                                              countryside construction model where infrustructure is well constructed and scenery is                                                              Bureau
                                              beautiful. It can be developed to be a Buddism culture experiencing center and
                                              countryside life experiencing base.

15      Baxizhou Ecological Tourism Area        It is 100m away from Tangji town west bank of Xiang River, next to fourth circl HuoXing WOI           7246            Planning                    Yuelu         District Zhiguo Xie
                                                highway in the planning. The above water area is 1200 mu and it is in the ecological CJV                                                          Investment Promotion 13975828709
                                                tourism sight spot development project.                                                                                                           Bureau

16      Quanshui Lake Forest Park               Quanshui Lake whose reserve capability is 10.4 million m3, located in the southeast of WOI            7246            Planning                    Yuelu         District Xingzhi Zhong
                                                Changsha, 35km away from urban area,next to 319 highway.It covers an area of 18.8km2 EJV                                                          Investment Promotion 13755109277
                                                and has beutiful scenery and special landscape.This project plans to build it to be a                                                             Bureau
                                                multi-functional holiday villa with water park, sight seeing spot, summer resort,
                                                entertainment facilities and villa.

17      Dashanchong Forest Park Development     Dashanchong forest park belongs to Changsha county's national forest.It covers an area of WOI         1014            Feasibility study and Changsha      County Yongsheng               Ren
                                                419.4 hektare, including 15.9 hektare waterland.In 2006 it has been approved to build a                               planning finished and Investment Promotion 4011081
                                                provincial level forest park by Hunan Province Government.Quality of natural resources                                vulcanization of the road Bureau           Hui Ren
                                                in Dashanchong forest park levels at second grade. The transportation there is convenient,                            to the park of the first                   0731-4010021
                                                S207 highway passing by the gate, 20 km away from Huanghua International Airport. The                                 phase project finished.                    13874888638
                                                capacity of the established business reception center is thirty thousand people.The present
                                                plan includes construction of three areas: sight spot service area, popular science
                                                education area, and reception area,and the long term plan includes entertainment area and
                                                summer resort.Government will invest plants, protection, and infrustructure construction
                                                and hotel, restaurant and entertainment facilities will attract investment.
18      Xinjiang Ecological Industrial Park     It plans to cover an area of 1500 mu.First phase comprehensive reception facilities has EJV           1757            Feasibility study finished Xinjiang Ecological Wenxue Shi
                                                been finished. It still needs to perfect the reception facilities and develop the water tourism CJV                   and environmental effect Agriculture Industrial 13574859239
                                                area at the upper Laodao River.                                                                                       evaluation          report Park Co.,Ltd

19      Protection and Development of Bronze Construct a theme culture park and use Changsha Bronze Guanware as the center.                  EJV      2000            Part of the water and road Wangcheng County Delin Wen
        Guanware Culture Park                                                                                                                CJV                      surface project finished Bronze      Guanware 13973148076
                                                                                                                                                                      and the project initiated. Office of Changsha,
5.Entertainment and Tourism
                                                                                                                                      Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                 Project Name                                                   Brief Introduction                                                                       Prestage Work                   Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                         Mode       (10000 USD)
20      Yingzhu Mountain       Tourism     Area It plans to furthere develop the comprehensive tourism area with summer resort, sight WOI         1200                 Business plan report and Changsha         County Zhiming Li
        Development                             seeing, entertainment,culture education functions.                                    EJV                              feasibility research report Investment Promotion 0731-6400024
                                                                                                                                      CJV                              finished.                   Bureau

21      Fengmeiling Tourism Development           It plans to develop FengMeiLing tourism area to be a comprehensive tourism area which WOI       2174                 Business plan report and Changsha         County Jiangang Yang
                                                  functions mainly as summer resort and sight seeing spot,but also entertainment, culture EJV                          feasibility research report Investment Promotion 0731-6745582
                                                  education place.                                                                        CJV                          finished.                   Bureau

22      Taogong Temple Historical and Cultural On the basisi of Liuyang River sight belt, it plans to construct a theme tourism project WOI       3000                 It is good for use of Hunan     Langli      Industrial Yan Wu
        Block Development                      which takes Taogong temple as the center.It will renovate the old buildings and and EJV                                 Taoism culture resource,        Community              0731-6806156
                                               amplify the existed history culture and business speciality by using existed resources. A CJV                           propagandize        Hunan's     Administrative
                                               comprehensive business trade zone where people can go shopping, entertainment, and live                                 culture     tourism      and    Commission of Langli
                                               will be constructed.The project will reappear the 8 scenic spot in Lijiang, develop the                                 quicken the development         Town,Changsha
                                               nearby real estate and create the natural and ecological living environment.                                            of the third industry which     County
                                                                                                                                                                       takes     business     trade,
                                                                                                                                                                       tourism,and culture as its
                                                                                                                                                                       theme. It has a history of
                                                                                                                                                                       1500 years and in 2007 it
                                                                                                                                                                       held an anniversary.
23      Changsha Jinggang Ancient         Villige Jinggang is located at northeast of Wangcheng county,next to west bank of Xiang River, WOI      5797                 Feasibility study report        Wangcheng County Haoyu She
        Holiday Resort Development                west of Tongguan,24km away from urban area of Changsha. It covers an area of more CJV                                finished and the project        Investment Promotion Ping Liu
                                                  than 37.63hektare and has a population of 4000.It was a natural harbour and had a                                    proposal approved.              Bureau               0731-8300007
                                                  reputation of "small Hankou" and "small Hongkong". Jinggang, Jinshi and Hongjiang
                                                  were three prosperous towns in Hunan at the middle of Republic of China.Because of the
                                                  well protected historic relics and long history, it becomes the patriotism education base
                                                  and a famous town where you can entertain yourself and spend holoday.The project plans
                                                  to renovate the stone street, rebuild Ziyun Palace, BaYinTang(Ningxiang office),
                                                  HongTaiFang,WangShouGong(Jiangxi office),expand Yangsi Temple,and rebuild the
                                                  house projecting over water, Lujiang theatre, tea house and restaurant according to their
                                                  original appearance. It will renew the package of the special handicraft such as Xiantai
                                                  smoked bean curd, paper umbrella, and Jianglou cloth shoes and try to form a special food
                                                  and speciality shopping industry. By utilizing the aquatic product of Xiang River the
                                                  project tries to form a "aquatic product street".It will also establish a film industry base
                                                  which contians ancient battlefield where Guofan Zeng jump into the river, the Eighth
                                                  Route Army crossing Xiang River,and scenes of Republic of China. The expected annual
                                                  profit is RMB 8-12 million.
5.Entertainment and Tourism
                                                                                                                                             Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                   Project Name                                                   Brief Introduction                                                                            Prestage Work                  Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                Mode       (10000 USD)
24      Development of Binjiang New City of This project is located in Wangcheng Xiang River sight belt, next to Xiang River in the         WOI          652174               Already planned                Wangcheng County Weijun Zeng
        Wangcheng, Changsha                 east,near Yuelu district in the south and adjacent to Jinxing Road in the west,north to         CJV                                                              Investment Promotion Changfu Liu
                                            Gaoshaji and it covers Xingcheng town and Gaotangling town of Wangcheng county. The             Unified                                                          Bureau               0731-8068488
                                            land for this project is in the "GaoXing" block according to Changsha 2020 overall              development
                                            planning.According to Changsha pilot zone plan, Wangcheng belongs to Changsha urban             Development
                                            area construction project. Land for this project enjoys convenient transportation.Daily         according
                                            water supply capacity is 150000 t and water supply pipes are already in this area. And          to
                                            110kv power station, fuel pipe, TV cable,broadband, telecommunication facilities has well       district
                                            equipped, bus stations and parks construction are in the plan.Moon island, Daigong              or
                                            Temple, Beijingcheng site, Gushan forest park are all potential tourism programme. The          project
                                            nearby real estate develops fast,corporations such as Changsha Rose Gardern, Pearl of
                                            East,WoLongWan are developing their buildings.Binjiang new city will be built to be a
                                            modern ecological and multifunctional city following the principle of high standard
                                            planning, design and development.
25      Xixinchan Tourism Area              It plans to build a Buddism culture park which can be used for culture tourism, business EJV                 2500                 Scenic spots such as           Changsha       Jinxing Junli Ouyang
                                            entertainment,agricultural tourism. It includes the construction of the temple, experiencing CJV                                  Xixinchan            Temple,   Cultural     Tourism 0731-8384958
                                            zone, Buddism museum, charity fund building and so on.                                                                            Wofoucanyue,                   Industrial        Park
                                                                                                                                                                              Jinguitanshui            and   Administrative
                                                                                                                                                                              Longnvchugong have been        Commission
26      Changsha Shutangshan      Xun     Ouyang It will renovate part of "Shutang" 8 scenic spots, construct the accessories and develop the WOI        1800                 Project initiation, planning   Wangcheng County Gang Wu
        Cultural Park                            high rank uptown near Xiang River.                                                           EJV                             feasibility                    Investment Promotion 13874948918
                                                                                                                                              CJV                             research,vulcanization of      Bureau
                                                                                                                                                                              the nearby road has been

27      Liuyang River Tourism Development          It will take the advantages of Liuyang's famous river, songs, people, products and use WOI            14641                Project planning finished      Liuyang      Tourism Hua Tan
                                                   Daweishan national forest park,Liuyang red tourism, Liuyang River ten miles sight belt EJV                                                                Bureau               0731-3672703
                                                   and 100 miles flower corridor as links to form the new strategic tourism layout "west is CJV                                                                                   13787067660
                                                   Zhangjiajie, east is Liuyang River".

28      Unified Development       of    Xiangxing This project is 1.5 km away from Liudong Road and 43 km away from Liuyang urban WOI                    565                  Expansion                      Liuyang       Dahu Famduo Kong
        Tourism Area                              area.At present roads have been all vulcanized, and the transportation is convenient. It has                                                               Investment      and 13607449089
                                                  a reputation of "small sized Guilin".                                                                                                                      Development Co.,Ltd

29      Fireworks       Museum         Accessories Firework exhibition hall, enterprise products exhibition hall, firework manufacturing EJV             707                  Expansion                      Wenjiashi   Memorial Sinong Xun
        Construction                               process display hall, big sized parking area, firework setting place.                                                                                     Hall                 0731-3771919
5.Entertainment and Tourism
                                                                                                                                              Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                 Project Name                                                    Brief Introduction                                                                              Prestage Work                Initiator        Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                 Mode       (10000 USD)
30      Danxia Lake Tourism Development           On the basis of Zhouluo scenic spot, Zhouluo drift and Shizhu Peak, the project which WOI               870                  In the feasibility study Liuyang      Upland Hongjiang Zou
                                                  characterizes as "speciality, ruggedness and quiet" will develop water park, holiday villa, CJV                              stage                    Resource     Utility 0731-3606700
                                                  fishing, adventure, rock climbing,sand beach adventure, sand beach sport,and ecological                                                               Headquarters

31      Dongyang JiuPaoLong Ecological Manor It next to south of Liuyang industrial park, 800 m away from the exit of Yueyang-Rucheng WOI                870                   In the feasibility study Liuyang      Upland Hongjiang Zou
        Development                          expressway and Changsha-Liuyang expressway.It covers an area of more than 5000 mu.       CJV                                      stage                    Resource     Utility 0731-3606700

32      Daguang Lake Integrated Development       Daguanghu's tourism resources is abundant. It covers an area of 3500 mu, with large scale WOI          1107                  In the feasibility study Liuyang      Upland Hongjiang Zou
                                                  of primitive forest and abudant animal and plant resources. The climate there is                                             stage                    Resource     Utility 0731-3606700
                                                  comfortable. It will be a hotspring recuperation holiday resort.                                                                                      Headquarters

33      Yanxi Hotspring Integrated Development    This project includes: construction of hotspring recuperation holiday resort, Fuling water WOI         1300                  In the feasibility study Liuyang Investment Yucheng Ou
                                                  reservoir and sight belt and industrialization of upland agriculture and development of EJV                                  stage                    Promotion Bureau   0731-3940083
                                                  green product.                                                                             CJV

34      HuangLongXia      Ecological    Tourism A ecological tourism area which will cost you 2-3 days within the area of Gugang WOI                     1449                  First phase finished         Liuyang      Upland Hongjiang Zou
        Development                             Zhongping, Baogai Temple, Meitian Lake and Gugang will be built. In the tourism area CJV                                                                    Resource     Utility 0731-3606700
                                                you can play ecological drifting, adventure in SuXi,forest adventure, outside sport and                                                                     Headquarters
                                                experience Buddism culture.

35      Liuyang River JiaZhou Island Integrated Jiazhou Island is the biggest plant covered island and the only island that has inhabitents WOI          1449                  First               phase    Liuyang      Upland Hongjiang Zou
        Development                             in Liuyang River.The island covers an area of 240 mu and nearby development zone CJV                                           planning,ecological          Resource     Utility 0731-3606700
                                                covers an area of 710 mu. The highest point of this island is 52.5 m.                                                          plant,and    rural    life   Headquarters
                                                                                                                                                                               experiencing farm has
36      TianMaShan Park Development in the Tianmashan Park, the key project of Liuiyang urban area construction will be the biggest WOI                  2029                  In the feasibility study Liuyang Lotus Office    Jiacheng Zhang
        Urban Area of Liuyang City             park in Liuyang downtown area.                                                               EJV                                stage                    Investment       and    0731-3611970
                                                                                                                                            CJV                                                         Development Co.,Ltd.
37      FanChiMa Lake Sport and Holiday Resort This project locates in Shashi town with beautiful natural surroundings. The water there is WOI           2609                  In the feasibility study Liuyang      Upland     Hongjiang Zou
                                               clear. The lake covers an area of 2.7 millon m2. Cima Lake was surrounded by mountains CJV                                      stage                    Resource      Utility   0731-3606700
                                               and primitive forest which forms the beautiful ecological scenic spot with the reputation of                                                             Headquarters
                                               "magic mirror".
5.Entertainment and Tourism
                                                                                                                                        Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                 Project Name                                                    Brief Introduction                                                                       Prestage Work               Initiator        Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                          Mode        (10000 USD)
38      Unified Development     of DaWeiShan It is located in the east of Liuyang city, 156 km away from Changsha.It has a forest of 70 WOI         4070                 Expansion                  Liuyang Investment Feng'e Liu
        National Forest Park                 thousand mu. It ranks second in the tourism area of Hunan and is rewarded as Civilized EJV                                                             Promotion Bureau   0731-3488188
                                             Forest Park at provincial and national level and National 3A Tourism Area.

39      Integrated Development of ChuanTangHu It is located in Xijiang town,covering an area of 1500 mu, 6km away from Liuyang urban WOI            5217                 In the feasibility study Liuyang      Upland Hongjiang Zou
        Area                                  area.The center of this project is Chuantang Lake which is surrounded by mountains,                                        stage                    Resource     Utility 0731-3606700
                                              covered by plants, full of island and rewarded as "King's place" and "a place with tiger                                                            Headquarters
                                              and dragon". It is the best block for Liuyang to be built as a "second best living place".

40      FengShui Peninsula Development            It is located at the exit of Liuyang River, southwest of Liuyang urban area.Liuyang River WOI     6272                 Already     in   the   city Liuyang Investment Wu Wang
                                                  passes by this area along Xihushan with a shape “V”. This project can utilize Liuyang CJV                              planning                    Promotion Bureau   0731-3602228
                                                  River acrossing the area and the natural mountain to build a entertainment zone and new
                                                  uptown area.

41      Integrated Development of DaoWuShan Liuyang DaoWuShan is a national 3A tourism zone and is open to the public. WOI                          6522                 Part of the infrustructure Liuyang      Upland Hongjiang Zou
        Area                                DaoWuShan, with beautiful sceneries, is a well known Chinese Buddism Zen holly CJV                                           is in the construction     Resource     Utility 0731-3606700
                                            land.This project will develop it to be a multifunctional tourism zone where you can go to                                                              Headquarters
                                            have a fun, experience Buddism culture,and pay a visit. And it will be the best place for
                                            visiting in Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan zone.

42      Jiaoxi WanFengHu Development         The project covers an area of about 8500 mu and Wangfeng Lake covers 1200 mu whose             WOI     10870                In the feasibility study Liuyang      Upland Hongjiang Zou
                                             average water conservancy capability is about 7 million m3 and maxim capabilty is about        CJV                          stage                    Resource     Utility 0731-3606700
                                             10.16 million. The whole water surface of WanFeng Lake is about 29.5 km2. It will be                                                                 Headquarters
                                             built to be the back gardern of "Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Zone" where can be used for
                                             recuperation, sports, visiting, higher education,scientific research training and high rank
43      Energy Conseving and Environment It covers an area of 7000 mu, including 2000 mu central demonstration area and 5000 mu             EJV     51900                Planning finished and part Ningxiang County Juan Wang
        Friendly Society Pilot Zone GuanShan modern agriculture visiting area. It will be built to be a national 5A tourism area and well   CJV                          of the project has been Tourism Bureau      13975879779
        Cultural Tourism Demonstration Base  known socialism modern countryside model village.                                                                           aprroved
5.Entertainment and Tourism
                                                                                                                                            Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                 Project Name                                                   Brief Introduction                                                                             Prestage Work                Initiator        Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                              Mode        (10000 USD)
44      HuiTang Hotspring International Holiday It will construct Huatian city in middle area, Xianmu hotspring, Jinquan mountain villa, EJV            75292/               Part of the subproject is Ningxiang      County Gangyi Ye
        Resort Construction                     electric sanitarium expansion, and Huitang infrustructure.Construction of Huatian city in CJV           70000                under the construction and Investment Promotion 13548621148
                                                middle area needs an investment of RMB 4 billion to build a large sized international                                        Xianmu hotspring, electric Bureau
                                                conference holiday center, public golf court, tennis court, large sized amusement park,                                      sanitarium, land using and
                                                wetland park and hotellike villa, high rank uptown area.Xianmu hotspring project will                                        environment          effect
                                                develop hotspring tourism holiday resort, international business holiday resort and high                                     evaluation report have
                                                level hotel according to 5A standard. Electronic sanitarium expansion refers to perfect the                                  been approved
                                                multifunctional reception center where can be used for medical treatment, training,
                                                meeting, tourism and health preserving.
45      Hunan Tourists Distribution Center      Ningxiang's tourism resource is abundant. In recent years, Ningxiang has made use of the WOI            8571                 Site Selection    proposal Ningxiang     County Juan             Wang
                                                ten thousand Budda in MiYinChan Temple, QianFo Solution Cavity, CJV                                                          finished                   Investment Promotion 13975879779
                                                SiYangFangZun,Huitang magic water and Shaoqi former residence to build as "hometown                                                                     Bureau
                                                of hotspring","hometown of hero","bronze culture center of south China" and
                                                "international Buddism culture center". Every year it attrcts more than 4 million
                                                tourists.To strengthen the tourism industry and improve the tourism service, it plans to
                                                choose Dafutang village HuaMingLou town Ningxiang county to construct tourists
                                                distribution center. This project includes Hunan tourism display area, Hunan tourism
                                                shopping area, Hunan leisure center,Dafutang Guchu castle and so on.
46      Hunan International Language and It will be a comprehensive and multifunctional cultre programme.It is a closed WOI                             21429                Site Selection    proposal Ningxiang     County Guojun Li
        Culture City                            international language school which imitates different languge communities. This project CJV                                 finished                   Investment Promotion 0731-8980033
                                                tries to build a base gathering many world wide known language teaching and training                                                                    Bureau
                                                institutions. The base has 5 functions: international language teaching and research,
                                                international languge and culture exchange, visiting, foreign language summer campus for
                                                primary and middle school student and film making.It will provide services for consumers
                                                such as visiting, entertainment, business trade and cultural artwork exchange.
47      Ningxiang Entertianment Farm            The project is to develop Hunan tourism market,especially the development of Changsha WOI               2857                 Site Selection    proposal Ningxiang     County Guojun Li
                                                zhuzhou Xiangtan zone and Xiangxi area, build the countryside tourism destination, high CJV                                  finished                   Investment Promotion 0731-8980033
                                                rank tourism holiday resort and new countryside construction model.It will have such                                                                    Bureau
                                                fuctions as receprion, entertainmnet, and accommodation. It utilizes the surrounding
                                                resources and combines with the real estate development to develop the fruit and
                                                vegetable market.This project includes Tanzichong village,Huaminglou town, Ningxiang
                                                county, and XiangshanChong,Xiaduopu town,Ningxiang county.

48      Ningxiang XiaDuoPu Industry Landscape     This project covers an area from Ningxiang BiGuiYuan to super agriculture base(25 km WOI              2857                 Planning and site selected   Ningxiang     County Guojun Li
                                                  from Changsha).It takes the advatage of the natural scenes of Xiaduopu, bamboo sea, CJV                                                                 Investment Promotion 0731-8980034
                                                  green agriculture base to develop tourism.The project will promote investment for                                                                       Bureau
                                                  construction of infrustructure, scenic spot layout and industry base.
5.Entertainment and Tourism
                                                                                                                                           Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                 Project Name                                                   Brief Introduction                                                                           Prestage Work               Initiator        Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                             Mode        (10000 USD)
49      Ningxiang LiuShaHe Group                 Liusha River is located in the southeast of Ningxiang, 62 km from Ningxiang, 40 km from WOI           2214                 Project proposal document Ningxiang     County Guojun Li
                                                 Loudi, and 80 km from Changsha.It covers an area of 140.57 km2.This project will choose CJV                                finished                  Investment Promotion 0731-8980035
                                                 Liushahe town and Monkey Mountain to develop boiling water earthen pot culture, a kind                                                               Bureau               13786131199
                                                 of cooking culture.There is Liushahe pig known as "panda pig";FuSi hill,one of "10 scenic
                                                 spots in Ningxiang"; Liushahe nutritious rice wine and more than 100 kinds of herbal.It
                                                 plans to improve the integral image of Liushahe and form a tourism destination in
                                                 Ningxiang even in Hunan.

50      Ningxiang Weishan Scenic Spot Bronze More than 2000 bronzes(including more than 10 national cultural relics) such as               Wholly      2143                 Site selected and cultural Weishan Scenic Spot Meichun         Song
        Culture Sightseeing Area             SiYangFangZun was unearthened at Western Zhou Dynasty ancient city site Tanheli               or                               relic protected            Administrative      13517499093
                                             Huangcai Ningxiang. The site, with a history of 3000 years, also known as "bronze             partial                                                     Commission
                                             cunlture center in south China", was rewared as one of the 10 new archaeological              owned
                                             discoveries in 2004 and already applied to be a national cultural protection unit. This       CJV
                                             project plans to build a bronze culture tourism zone by renovating the ancient city of
                                             Western Zhou Dynasty and Zhaizishan battlefield and building bronze culture house and
                                             remembrancer manufacturing center.
51      Ningxiang Weishan Scenic Spot Dashan It is located in Weishan scenic spot Huangcai town, covering an area of 9800                  Wholly      571                  First phase survey finished Weishan Scenic Spot Meichun        Song
        Ecological Park Development          mu.Coverage rate of primitive forest is more than 90%. There are 100 kinds of wild            or                                                           Administrative      13517499093
                                             animals and 300 kinds of wild plants. The good environment, beautiful scenery and             partial                                                      Commission
                                             natural sight such as SanGuanMen, BaiYePo makes it to be the natural oxygen bar that the      owned
                                             urban dweller is longing. The project plans to develop this area.                             CJV

52      Ningxiang Xinshan Park Construction      The site of this project is at the southeast of Ningxiang county, within the area formed by WOI       3203                 Feasibility study     and Ningxiang     County Shuren          Song
                                                 the county's firt ring road,319 national highway, Yuxing Road, second ring south road and EJV                              planning finished         Investment Promotion 13787115051
                                                 Baima Road.It plans to use an area of 800 mu. The planned construction area is 35000m2 CJV                                                           Bureau
                                                 and construction area for aaccessories such as market management is 7000m2.This project
                                                 refers to 2 area(Yutan town and Baimaqiao village), including entertainment zone, flower
                                                 and plants area, amusement park, man made scenic spot, and mountain villa.

53      LanYueGu Park                            This project includes construction of Blue Moon Park, and cultivation of the park culture WOI         1500                 Planning   and      design Hunan      Ningxiang Fei Peng
                                                 and entertainment center. The area of Blue Moon Park is 9900 m2.                          CJV                              finished                   Economic             0731-8981777
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Development    Zone 13975852752
6.Social Work
                                                                                                                                               Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                Project Name                                                     Brief Introduction                                                                            Prestage Work                    Initiator            Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                  Mode       (10000 USD)
1         Kaihui Yang Memorial                      It plans to use a land of 1500 mu and construct as per national 4A scenic spot standard.   EJV         337                  The memorial has been Kaihui Yang Memorial                Qunyi Hu
                                                                                                                                               CJV                              one of the 100 national red                               13574139571
                                                                                                                                                                                sight spots construction
                                                                                                                                                                                project. The construction
                                                                                                                                                                                of some sight spots and
                                                                                                                                                                                reception facilities have
                                                                                                                                                                                been finished.

2         Changsha Vocational Education Base        It covers an area of 1100 mu and the total construction area is 348,000 m2. The number CJV              21500               The application of this        Changsha      Municipal Zhiguo Liu
                                                    of enrolled students reaches 28,000.The base consists of six branch schools including                                       project has been basically     Education Bureau        0731-4435858
                                                    the school of Business Trade, Information , Electronics, Electromechanics, Arts and                                         finished. The demolition,                              13808464661 Yang
                                                    modern service and a public service center. The base will be put in use in 2009. Now we                                     supply of water, electricity                           Gao 13874887480
                                                    hope to find partners for base construction and equipment purchase.                                                         and road and ground
                                                                                                                                                                                leveling     have      been
                                                                                                                                                                                beenalready completed.
                                                                                                                                                                                The construction bid
                                                                                                                                                                                invitation is processing
3         Changsha New Radio and TV Center Located at Yuetang Village, Guitang Office,Yuhua district,the center covers an area of 66 CJV                    6442                This program has been          Changsha Radio and TV Xinmin He
          Construction                     mu. There will be Radio and TV Building, Network Data Switching Center and Movie Equipment                                           initiated by Changsha          Group                 0731-5393161
                                           and TV Culture Square and etc. The total construction area is 107,000 m2 and the import                                              Development and Reform
                                           planned investment reaches RMB 0.46 billion. We aims to turn the new Radio and TV                                                    Committee.              The
                                           Center into a cultural landmark with high starting point, high standard, good quality and                                            requisition of land has
                                           first-class function. We also try to complete the primary construction by 2009 so that the                                           been completed and the
                                           center can be put into use in 2012. This is the key cultural construction program of                                                 construction plan has been
                                           Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.                                                                         approved       by        the
                                                                                                                                                                                government.             The
                                                                                                                                                                                preliminary design has
                                                                                                                                                                                been finished and the shop
                                                                                                                                                                                drawing is processing
4         Changsha     QingZuHu       International The first phase of the center covers 106 mu. The reserved space for the second phase WOI                3478                Negotiating with many          Changsha       QingZuHu    Ting Deng
          Exhibition Center                         reaches 112 mu. The total construction area is about 40,000 m2, including 9000 m2 for EJV                                   enterprises to vitalize        Ecological Science and     0731-4871168
                                                    the main exhibition hall ,6000 m2 for the first floor of the subsidiary exhibition hall with CJV                            the exhibition center and      Technology(industry)Park   13808474000
                                                    a 9.5m height ,5000 m2 for the second floor of the subsidiary exhibition hall with a 14m                                    reserved land                  Administrative             Xiang Zu
                                                    height .Its inner exhibition area is more than 20000 m2 which is sufficient for more than                                                                  Commission                 0731-4871168
                                                    2000 international standard exhibition booths. It can server for real estate fair ,logistics                                                                                          1354967179
                                                    products exhibition, import and export goods exhibition, important international
                                                    conference and other important reception activities.

5         Changsha Museum, Library,and Music This project covers an area of 200 mu and the total construction area is 150000 m2, WOI                        19657               The relocation and project Kaifu District Investment      Qingchun Li
          Hall                               including 22000 m2 for the museum, 26000 m2 for the library and 20000 m2 for the EJV                                               plan submission has been Promotion Bureau                 0731-4472218
                                             music hall.                                                                         CJV                                            applied and the foundation                                13908473940
                                                                                                                                                                                construction has begun for                                Zongqi Liu
                                                                                                                                                                                the museum and halls.                                     13203107698
6.Social Work
                                                                                                                                             Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                Project Name                                                  Brief Introduction                                                                             Prestage Work               Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                Mode       (10000 USD)
6         Liuyang Museum                           The site has been selected and the feasibility study has been approved by the Development EJV         696                  Location selected           Liuyang Investment Haihua Chu
                                                   and Reform Committee of Changsha City. The Development and Reform Bureau of CJV                                                                        Promotion Bureau   0731-3634383
                                                   Changsha City has brought this program into the annual investment plan.

7         National Biological Industry       Base The first school of this community will be built up with the investment of RMB 30 million WOI          812                  Supply       of    water,   Changsha     National Dahui Wang
          Vocational Technical College            in the first phase, occupying 300 mu area and 150 mu each phase in order to enroll the CJV                                  electricity and road and    Biological    Industry 0731-3218338
                                                  children of the base and the nearby inhabitants.                                                                            ground leveling already     Base    Development
                                                                                                                                                                              completed.                  and        Investment
8         Ningxiang Museum                   Ningxiang enjoys the fame as the "Bronzes Culture Center of Southern China". Since the        WOI           714                  The planning has been Ningxiang       County Guojun Li
                                             1930s a large number of relics of Shang and Zhou Dynasty have been unearthed. The total       EJV                                finished   and   invest Investment Promotion 0731-8980033
                                             number reaches 11435 among which the number of Grade one relics is 21, that of Grade          CJV                                promotion documents are Bureau
                                             two is more than 200, that of Grade three is more than 800.As estimated, the number of                                           ready.
                                             relics scattered in the hand of individuals is more than 63000. The large quantity, the
                                             variety and quality of the cultural relics in Ningxiang are rare both at home and abroad.
                                             The museum is planned to locate at the core area of "one river, two sides and three small
                                             islands". We plan to develop an antiques center and a leisure center which will take the
                                             museum as its core and combine with the walking street out of the museum and the
                                             antiques market. Both of them are bound to be well-known in Hunan and even in China.
                                             (This project is combined with the project of bronzes sightseeing project)
9         Ningxiang Culture and Sport Center The theme and background of this projct is Hunan culture's long history, ample content,       WOI           1429                 Location selected and the Ningxiang       County Tianri    Zhang
          Construction                       spCJVal charm,and outstanding influence.The center integrates culture, art, sport, leisure,   CJV                                project has been initiated. Urban Construction 13548543777
                                             entertainment, tourism and accommodation function. This center,a multifunctional one                                                                         Investment Co.,Ltd
                                             will meet the need of the market and become a well known project in Hunan and even in

10        Ningxiang Vocational Education Center    This project will be located at Xiaduopu village(Ningxiang No.12 Middle School). The WOI              1570                 The project has been Ningxiang           County Chaobp                Ou
                                                   area of the scholl is 70 mu and 147 mu will be added. The project will use 7500 m2 for 2 CJV                               initiated and planning and Investment Promotion 13875869678
                                                   teaching buildings, 11000 m2 for 3 labratories, 3500 m2 for 2 libraries,office buildings                                   design is under way.       Bureau
                                                   and reprot hall, 10800 m2 for 3 apartments, 4000 m2 for gymnasium, 4500 m2 for
                                                   classroom building, 3500 m2 for service building and 5000 m2 for some other use. The
                                                   total construction area is 49800 m2.
7. Industrial Park Construction Project
                                                                                                                                                 Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                Project Name                                                       Brief Introduction                                                                            Prestage Work                  Initiator           Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                   Mode        (10000 USD)
1         Electronic     Information       Industry This project is one of the key industry of Changsha economic development zone.We plan EJV                28985                The investment plan is still Changsha Economic Xin Ma
          Accessories Park Project                  to promote investment for accessory industries.Water, electricity, gas supply,transportation                                  in the planning and there and         Technique 0731-4020182
                                                    construction and ground leveling has finished.The project plans to use an area of 1000 mu.                                    is no detailed investment Development Co., Ltd 0731-4020036
                                                                                                                                                                                  amount yet.

2         Changsha Hi-tech Area New Material Make full use of the talents and techniques in new material field, we will further promote Venture                   2899            Preliminary planning has      Changsha      Hi-tech Shiyang Gong
          Industry Park                      the research results' turning into real products, perfect the new material industry alliance capital                                 been      finished. Some      Industry Development 0731-8995616
                                             and finally form a battery material, hard material and synthetic material industrial chain. EJV                                      battery material, hard        Zone Administrative
                                             This project will provide new material technique service, build standard factory, and build                                          material and synthetic        Commission
                                             a top rank new material industry park.                                                                                               material     projects   are
                                                                                                                                                                                  already in the park.
3         Changsha Hi-tech Zone           Electronic Take advantage of the eletronic information enterprises and the research institutions and Venture            4348            This project plans to use     Changsha      Hi-tech Shiyang Gong
          Information Industrial Park                talents surrounding the zone, we will develop service outsourcing, software engineering, capital                             an area of 10 km2, and        Industry Development 0731-8995616
                                                     cartoon, electronic devices and large scale integrated circuit and etc. and form a electronic EJV                            1600 mu has requisitioned.    Zone Administrative
                                                     information industry cluster.The expected output of the electronic information industry                                      Business negotiation with     Commission
                                                     can reach RMB 50 billion.                                                                                                    Zhongdian and Huitian is
                                                                                                                                                                                  carrying out.
4         Longping Torch Innovation Center           Longping Torch Innovation Center is set up for the need of promoting the development of           CJV        13000           153,296 m2 has been           Changsha       Hi-tech   Caihong Zhang
                                                     SME and scientific and technical renovation. Longping Torch Innovation Center, a                  Leasing                    constructed            and    Indstry Development      13707498433
                                                     provincial level innovation center and Hunan returned overseas student innovation center,                                    investment promotion is       Zone        Longping     Ti            Chen
                                                     has Hunan Guangfa Longping innovation center, Longping hybrid rice international                                             under way.                    Hi-tech          Park    13278894700
                                                     building, Jindan scinence and technology innovation building, Hunan Jingda innovation                                                                      Administrative
                                                     park, Longping agriculture science and technology building, Longping innovation                                                                            Commission
                                                     building.Covering an area of 270 mu, among which 350,000 m2 is for construction area,
                                                     the center is the biggest innovation center in Hunan and even in central south of China.
                                                     The center can be divided into standard production area, headquarter office area, resarch
                                                     area, products display area, laboratory area and daily life service area according to their
                                                     different functions. It is large enough for hundreds of enterprises and scientific reaserch
5         Longping Headquarter Base Construction     National level Longping hi-tech park is located in east of FuRong district of Changsha,           WOI        72464           General planning of the Longping     Hi-tech Zhuo Chen
                                                     east from Changsha county, adjacent to Liuyang River in south, west to Beijing-Zhuhai             CJV                        headquarter base has been Park Administrative 0731-4693698
                                                     expressway and north to Changsha economic development zone.The name of the park                   Transfer                   finished and demolition Commission
                                                     comes after Longping Yuan, "father of hybrid rice" and academician of China National              of                         and          infrustructure
                                                     Engineering Resarch Institute. The park enjoys all preferential policies for national             property                   construction has been
                                                     development zone and flexible policies at disrict level. What's more, it has 3000 mu land         right                      launched.
                                                     legally. This project plans to attract the top 500 international and national enterprises,large
                                                     sized listed companies and some well known enterprises to build their headquarters,
                                                     research and development center,marketing center and accounting center in the
                                                     park.Meanwhile, it will also invite some service industry such as finance, business trade,
                                                     education and etc to build a modern industrialized city.
7. Industrial Park Construction Project
                                                                                                                                      Cooperation   Total Investment
    No.                 Project Name                                                    Brief Introduction                                                                          Prestage Work             Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                        Mode        (10000 USD)
6         Unified Development of National Investors will be in charge of the pipeline,vulcanization, virescence and lightening of the WOI         2609                         Under construction       Changsha   National Dafa Wang
          Biological Industry Base Roads  road with a length of 10 km which is within an area of 3 km2 of South Park, south of 319                                                                      Biological Industry 0731-3218338
                                          national highway. The park will provide business using land, comprehensive using land,                                                                        Base Administrative
                                          industry using land along the road for investors as payment.                                                                                                  Commission

7         Unified Development of Industrial There will be an ecological food area,about 1.5-2 km2, at the west of base core area. It WOI                        500000         There already exists large Changsha   National Dafa Wang
          Expanding Zone of National Biological will invite natural food and healthy product enterprises.In the eastern park there will be a                                   scale enterprises.         Biological Industry 0731-3218338
          Industry Base                         biological environment friendly park whose planning area is 3.5 km2. And the first phase                                                                  Base Administrative
                                                project is 1 km2, mainly including environment friendly industrial area, environment                                                                      Commission
                                                friendly scientific research area and environment friendly living area.
8         Western and Southern Park Accessories of Western park third phase project is located in western park of Changsha National              Profit of      10083          Planning                 Changsha   National Xianhu Zhang
          National Biological Industry Base        Biological Industry Base, the core of Liuyang industrial new city, north of 319 national      100%                                                   Biological Industry 0731-3282118
                                                   highway, south of Laodao River. It covers an area of 2079.42 mu, accessory road 5.12 km.      investment                                             Base Administrative
                                                   According to the estimation, the investment will be RMB 454.989 million. It plans to          as a                                                   Commission
                                                   launch in 2009 and finish in 2011.                                                            construction
                                                   Southern park first phase project locates in southern park of Changsha National Biological    agent
                                                   Industry Base, south of 319 national highway, west of connection of Hunghua-Pingjiang
                                                   expressway and 319 national highway. It covers an area of 1069.05 mu,accessory road
                                                   3.08 km. According to estimation, the investment will be RMB 240.718 million. The
                                                   project will be launched in 2009 and finished in 2011.
9         Hunan 9+2 Science and Technology Park 1、Invest for the construction of the accessories of 9+2 science and technology park, eg.         Whole block 72464             First phase construction Changsha   National Xianhu Zhang
          Project                                  Road, pipelines, standard factory and ect.                                                    development                   finished.                Biological Industry 0731-3282118
                                                   2、Purchase land for factory construction.At present the park will provide land at the price                                                          Base Administrative
                                                   of RMB 160000/ mu.                                                                                                                                   Commission
                                                   3、Part of the land will be used for industrial using and comprehensive using. Developer
                                                   will have some investment promotion autonomy and can get part of the profit of the land.

10        Guangfu Industrial Park                    This project will mainly develop electronic information industry, biological medicine CJV                  50000          First phase demolition Changsha       Tianxin   Hui Zhong
                                                     industry,business economy and so on.                                                                       (invest more   which is for industry Industrial Park           0731-5476613
                                                                                                                                                                than US 40     development has finished                        13574159988
                                                                                                                                                                million for    and the land for second                         Yin Li
                                                                                                                                                                a single       phase is for construction.                      13974808301
7. Industrial Park Construction Project
                                                                                                                                             Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                                   Brief Introduction                                                                             Prestage Work                    Initiator        Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                 Mode      (10000 USD)
11      Changsha Jinxia Headquarter Economic This project is located in Changsha Jinxia economic development zone, northeast of the WOI                  8696                 Project     proposal        is Changsha     Jinxia Jie Wen
        Park Construction                       cross of Furong North Road and Xinglian West Road, next to Xiufeng Mountain theme CJV                                         processing and the land Economic                   Linag Chen
                                                park and E'Yang Mountain theme park, 3 km away from Jinxia logistics park. With good                                          requesition      will      be Development Zone     0731-8482558
                                                environment, convenient transportation and perfect accessories, it is the first choice for                                    finished in the first half of
                                                business office. The project plans to build a Changsha Jinxia headquarter economic circle.                                    the year.
                                                This project covers an area of 300 mu, and planned construction area is 200,000 m2. It
                                                will attract enterprises headquarters into the park through office leasing and whole floor
                                                sale.Changsha Jinxia Economic Development Zone Development and Construction
                                                Company will be in charge of the investment promotion and some professional
                                                infrustructure management company in charge of the management. The expected annual
                                                profit is RMB 0.8 billion and annual tax income RMB 50 million.
12      Yuelu Science and Technology Industrial It is located in the southwest of Changsha, next to Yuelu Mountain in north.It takes you CJV             2319                 Expansion of the project is Hanpu Science and Ruoping Zhu
        Park(Hanpu Industrial Park)             only 10 minutes to drive to the downtown area of Changsha. The trunk road such as                                             processing.                 Technology Industrial 13908494579
                                                Changsha-Xiangtan Western Highway, Changsha-Huaminglou Highway cross this area.                                                                           Park
                                                The planned area of the park is 21 km2, and the perspective long-term plan is 60
                                                km2.There is a land with an area of 3000 mu , including 600 mu reserved land used for
                                                science and technology service and production base.
13      Hunan Tongxin Car Accessorial Industry It is located in Changsha Jiangbei industry park. It will mainly develop spare parts of cars. Factory     7174                 The project is initiated in      Changsha      County Tiewen Tao
        Park                                    The park gathers a large number of enterprises producing spare parts of cars and logistics leasing                            August 2005 and is the           Investment Promotion 0731-6264256
                                                enterprises whose leader is Hunan Tongxin Industrial Corporation. Through zero Purchase                                       key project of Changsha          Bureau
                                                inventory strategy, the cost is lowered, the industrial chain is perfected and the SME the land                               county in 2005-2008. The
                                                cluster in Changsha county become stronger and stronger.Planned area for this project is and build                            water, electricity and road
                                                527.502 mu(127.502 mu has been constructed,400 mu is newlt added)              ,the total factory by                          supply      and      ground
                                                construction area is 150000 m2.                                                              itself                           leveling of 487 mu land
                                                                                                                                                                              for first phase project has
                                                                                                                                                                              finished. At present 6
                                                                                                                                                                              enterprises have signed the
                                                                                                                                                                              contract to enter the park.
14      Changsha Indusry Establishment Base       Planned area for this community is 3.5 km2. This plan will pay much attention to cast Equity        8696                    Water,            electricity,   Changsha      County Zili Tao
                                                  industry through Changsha Golden Dragon Cast Co., Ltd.                                participation                         telephone service supply         Investment Promotion 0731-6202158
                                                                                                                                        Equity                                runs well and the ground         Bureau
                                                                                                                                        control                               has leveled.

15      SME Wangcheng Innovation Center           Wangcheng economic development zone and Changsha Golden Real Estate Company will EJV                  2899                  The land using has been          Wangcheng Economic Jiaoxing Zhou
                                                  cooperate to develop an area of 300 mu for construction of SME innovation center.This CJV                                   preliminary approved and         Development    Zone 0731-8068778
                                                  project will provide high quality service to attract profitable SME.                                                        the using plan is still in the   Administrative
                                                                                                                                                                              design.                          Commission
7. Industrial Park Construction Project
                                                                                                                           Cooperation     Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                          Brief Introduction                                                                             Prestage Work                          Initiator           Liaison Person
                                                                                                                             Mode          (10000 USD)
16      Hunan      Wangcheng              Economic It will mainly introduce enterprises funded by Taiwanees and WOI                      10000                Initiation, planning, feasibility research,   Hunan     Wangcheng Jiaoxing Zhou
        Development Zone                           develop food processing, biological medicine industry. It will be EJV                                      water and electricity supply net,and          Economic            0731-8074108
                                                   built to be an open profitable and ecological zone in middle west of CJV                                   transportation construction of the            Development    Zone 13755090418
                                                   China and even across China.                                                                               project have finished. There exists more      Administrative
                                                                                                                                                              than 100 large and medium sized               Commission
                                                                                                                                                              enterprises in the park.

17      Hunan      Wangcheng      Economic The total planned area is 10.7 km2. The project includes ground WOI                           57971                Initiation,     scientific     research,      Hunan    Wangcheng     Haiqiang Feng
        Development Zone Tongguan Recycling leveling, construction of infrustructures such as drainage system, EJV                                            planning,and      environment     effect      Economic               0731-8204738
        Economy Industrial Base             electricity supply system, network and some accessories, including CJV                                            evaluation of part of the infrustructure      Development    Zone
                                            transportation, sewage treatment factory and industry using water                                                 construction has finished.                    Tongguan Recycling
                                            plant.                                                                                                                                                          Economy Industrial
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Base Investment and
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Development Co.,Ltd
18      Liuyang     Kaiyuan    Western    Road This project is located in Yong'an town, Liuyang county, Hunan          WOI               9913                 Integrated planning has finished              Liuyang      Upland    Hongjiang Zou
        Liangxiang Industry Development Project province, 3 km away from downtown area. It covers an area of           CJV                                                                                  Resource     Utility   0731-3606700
                                                2850 mu, water, electricity and road supply well equiped and                                                                                                Headquarter
                                                infrustructure well constructed.Based on Hunan national high-tech
                                                development zone, Changsha national economic development zone,
                                                Changsha national biological industry base, Liuyang manufacturing
                                                industry, this project will attract some high-tech industry, new
                                                energy programme, scientific research programme into this area to
                                                build a high rank uptown area and business reception center.Cost
                                                for land and infrustructure construction is about RMB 0.684 billion.
19      Changsha Liuyang Lotus New Industrial Liuyang Lotus New Industrial Area is located in Lotus street office,     WOI               13623                The requisition of 300 mu land for first      Liuyang       County Guilin Chen
        Area Development Project                3 km away from Liuyang Changsha. Integrate planned area is 10          Equity                                 phase project has finished and the            Investment Promotion 0731-3665326
                                                km2 and the core area is 3.2 km2, at the exit of Changsha-Liuyang      control                                compensation fee has paid to the              Bureau               13975832397
                                                expressway. 319、106 national highway cross this area and western       BOT                                    peasants.The application of the land
                                                and eastern ring road pass by. It is 40 km away from Huanghua                                                 using has been aprroved and the land
                                                International Airport and 60 km from railway station. Besides it has                                          leveling and the transformation of radio
                                                modern medical treatment, education, and transportation                                                       and TV, electric wires has finished. The
                                                system.This project is the key project of Liuyang county. To use the                                          infrustructure in the community is
                                                land scientifically and reasonablely, we will invite investors to                                             under construction.The community has
                                                develop this project.                                                                                         already     invited    14     packaging
                                                                                                                                                              enterprises and food enterprises, among
                                                                                                                                                              which 6 are in production and 8 are
                                                                                                                                                              under construction.
20      Dingzi Industrial Park Construction          It covers an area of 12 km2.This project will mainly develop WOI                    65217                The net within the area has finished and      Wangcheng County Fang                  Chen
                                                     logistics, high-tech industry, new material research, energy saving EJV                                  the water and electricity supply is           Investment Promotion 13787177558
                                                     industry and biological engineering.                                CJV                                  becoming perfect.                             Bureau
7. Industrial Park Construction Project
                                                                                                                                     Cooperation   Total Investment
 No.                  Project Name                                                   Brief Introduction                                                                     Prestage Work                 Initiator          Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                        Mode       (10000 USD)
21      Liuyang Guankou Industrial Community The project, covering an area of 528000 m2,will be developed in two phases. It builts 6 WOI         1159                 First phase coanstruction Liuayng      Guankou Ming Peng
        Infrustructure Construction          trunk roads with 10.6 km length and 32 m width and drainage pipe with 23.7 km length. EJV                                has finished.             Industrial Community 0731-3645589
                                             Water and electricity supply system and drainage system have equipped.                  CJV                                                        Development       and
                                                                                                                                                                                                Construction Co.,Ltd

22      Liuyang Modern Agriculture      Park Liuyang Modern Agriculture Park construction has been approved and initiated in 1999 by         Financing      5290      Under construction            Liuyang       Modern Lizhi Xun
        Infrustructure Construction            Hunan Planning Committee, Hunan Construction Committee and Hunan National Land                for                                                    Agriculture     Park 0731-3408238
                                               Ministry. In 2002 it is rewarded as provincial level agriculture park by Hunan Science and    expoitation                                            Administrative
                                               Technology Ministry, and "Agricultural Science Education Center" by Hunan Communist           and get                                                Commission
                                               Party Committee.Meanwhile it has signed long term cooperation agreement with ten              fixed return
                                               universities such as China Agriculture University, Hunan Agriculture University. With 6
                                               years development, agricultral products processing enterprises develops fast. There are 25
                                               enterprises in the park whose total profit reach RMB 210 bullion.
23      Ningxiang Jinzhou New Area Share Jinzhou New Area is 15 km away from Changsha high-tech development zone, having                     EJV            11429     The community has run Jinzhou New               Area Ying Liu
        Cooperation                            railway, expressway, highway and road connected with Changsha. It is one of the               CJV                      for years successfully and Administrative            0731-8981888
                                               development zones whose cost is the lowest and environment is the best around                                          the relative subproject has Commission
                                               Changsha.It will mainly develop industry, but also business trade and real estate.The                                  initiated.
                                               project would like to invite investors to construct the infrustructure and comprehensive
                                               use the land and the investor will get part of the tax income and land developing right as
24      Hunan Ningxiang Economic Development Construction of the main park of the development zone.It covers an area of 10 km2. Water        EJV            7143      The community has run         Economic            Zhiyong           Peng
        Zone Share Cooperation                 and electricity supply system, transportation, communication facilities, network, TV, fixed   CJV                      for years successfully and    Development    Zone 13874890159
                                               fuel, drainage system are well equipped.This project would like to invite the strategic                                the relative subproject has   Administrative
                                               investors to construct the accessories and promote investigation and develop the land. And                             initiated.                    Commission
                                               investors will get part of the tax income and land developing right as payment.
25      Ningxiang      Dacheng                                                                           and
                                    Industrial The planned using land for this community is 2300 mu, the first phase is 600 mu. This         CJV            1429      Industrial community has Ningxiang        County Ying        Zhang
        Community Development                  community is the only one held by a village in the county. RMB 20 million has been            WOI                      run for years successfully. Investment Promotion 13507401289
                                               invested for the construction of the infrustructure in the main park. Water and electricity                                                        Bureau
                                               supply system, transportation, communication facilities, network, TV, drainage system are
                                               well equiped. There are 15 enterprises, most of which are new material and mechanism
                                               production enterprises in the community. The project want to invite the advanced
                                               manufacturing enterprises to locate in this community.
26      Ningxiang Huaminglou Manufacture Changsha-Huitang highway shortened the distance between Huaminglou and Changsha to                  CJV            2857      Site  is     preliminarily Ningxiang     County Fuguang      Zhang
        Industry Base                          20 km. The project plans to attract some prosperous manufacturing enterprises to              WOI                      dCJVded.                   Investment Promotion 0731-7094088
                                               Huaminglou and form a new manufacturing base in western Changsha.                                                                                 Bureau

27      Ningxiang Economic Development Zone It is located in the east of Hunan Ningxiagn economic development zone, east from Wei            Profit of      1500      Planning    and      design Hunan    Ningxiang Fei Peng
        Ningxiang Administrative Commission River, west to Xieyuan Road, south from second ring eastern road and north to third ring         100%                     finished                    Economic           0731-8981777
        Building                            eastern road.This project includes the construction of administration center of Ningxiang         investment                                          Development Zone   13975852752
                                            economic development zone, including the main building(offices, rest rooms, small sized          for the
                                            meeting room), meeting center and culture center. Blue Moon Valley administration center         exploitation
                                            covers an area of m2,and office building 50288.43 m2。                                            of the
                                                                                                                                             nearby land
                                                                                                                                             as an agent
8.Real Estate
                                                                                                                                                   Cooperation    Total Investment
    No.                Project Name                                                      Brief Introduction                                                                                Prestage Work               Initiator           Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                                     Mode         (10000 USD)
1         Changsha Huangxing Beilu Development        This project, with a length of 3 km, extends from Changsha commercial center Wuyi CJV                    Land price            National       land    use Changsha                Chengchao Hu
          Project                                     Square to Panjiaping Road. Parallels to Furong Middle Road in east and crosses with river                is about              certificate already in the Changchang         Real 13007495932
                                                      bank sight belt in west, its transportation is very convenient.Along two sides of                        USD 478.26            hand.Two        sides   of Estate Co.,Ltd
                                                      Huangxing Northern Road there are 12-16 medium and large sized real estate projects.                     millon,and            Huangxing North Road
                                                      The land of this project is for business using. Commercial walking street, supermarket, big              the rest              has been developed and
                                                      sized department store, high rank hotel, professional office building, hospitals, apartments             depending             the rest of the land
                                                      will be built.                                                                                           on the                undeveloped.
2         Changsha QingZuHu       Center   District   The project locates at the Qingzhu Lake Ecological Technological Park and it lies to the WOI             Land price            Land using planning has Changsha QingZuHu          Ting Deng
          Development Project                         west of Shuanggui Road ,Qiuchang Road ,to the east of Qingchen Road and Xingyue                            is about            been adjusted.          Ecological (Science        0731-4871168
                                                      Road. Excellent educational resources like Qingzhuhuxiang No.1 Foreign Language                          USD 101.45                                    and                        13808474000
                                                      Middle School an Zhounan Middle School surround the project. The nearby pubic                            millon,                                       Technology)Industrial      Xiang Zu
                                                      facilities like the cinema ,the hospital and the exhibition center are put into use. The                 and the rest                                  Park Administrative        0731-4871168
                                                      transportation networks accessing to all the directions have already formed. The                           depending                                   Commission                 13549671797
                                                      infrastructures of water, electricity and natural gas have finished according to the                       on the
                                                      government standard. Thus it is suitable for developing advanced real estate. The land of                  construction
                                                      this project belongs to Reservation Center of Changsha City and is used for construction .               situation.
                                                      It is planned for residential district with a total area of 818.6mu (The actual space is
                                                      calculated by the mid line )Plot Ratio is 1.5 .Open space ratio is more than 4.0%. The
                                                      height limit is 45m.
3         Hongshan        Administration     Land     This project is located at north of Liuyang River, west of Jinma Road, south of Puyuan WOI               Land price is         Planning finished.         Changsha Hongshan Pingfan      Duan
          Expoitation Project                         Road, east of Wanjiali Road, covering an area of about 600 mu. The land of this project is                 about USD                                      Administration    4558013
                                                      national owned land, floor area ratio ≥?,greening rate ≥40%.                                             200 millon,                                                        Songbai Yi
                                                                                                                                                               and the rest                                                       0731-4251489
                                                                                                                                                               depending                                                          13975819687
                                                                                                                                                               on the
4         Financial Center Construction               It is located in the east of Hunan Ningxiang economic development zone and opposite to WOI               1500                  Planning    and      design Hunan    Ningxiang Fei Peng
                                                      Jinzhou new area, east from Wei River, west to Xieyuan Road, south from second ring CJV                                        finished.                   Economic           0731-8981777
                                                      eastern road and north to third ring eastern road. Blue Moon Valley Headquarter                                                                            Development Zone   13975852752
                                                      (commercial center) will be built. This project will build science and technology center
                                                      around administration center and 5 star hotel.Blue Moon Valley Headquarter's culture
                                                      center covers an area of 12922 m2 and science and technology center 37984 m2.
5         Area From Xiangchun Road to No.8            East from Beizheng Road, west to Xiangjiang Road, south from Xiangchun Road and EJV                      34558                 Initiation and planning Kaifu District City Xiaoyang Wang
          Middle School                               north to provincial Shihuajian, this project covers an area of 85 mu and 67000 m2 needs to Financing                           blue line has finished. Construction      and 13975126518
                                                      be demolished. It is in the Huangxing North Road business circle and will be the new                                                                   Investment Co.,Ltd
                                                      CBD business center.

6         HuangTuTang Project                         East from Yingbin Road, west to Jiucaiyuan North Road, next to Wuyi Road and connect WOI                 43478                 Initiation and planning Chengdong Twilight Bin                    Peng
                                                      with Bayi Road, this project covers an area of 119 mu and 185008 needs to be demolished.                                       blue line has finished and Zone Transformation 13307491157
                                                      It is in the CBD commercial center. It can develop high rank business project as well as                                       planning adjustment and Company                0731-4439857
                                                      hotel, restaurant, cultural entertainment and business offices.                                                                proving is under progress.
8.Real Estate
                                                                                                                                   Cooperation     Total Investment
    No.      Project Name                                               Brief Introduction                                                                                       Prestage Work                      Initiator        Liaison Person
                                                                                                                                     Mode          (10000 USD)
7         DongPaiLou Project      North to Dongpailou Road, south to Jiefang Middle Road, west from Huangxing Middle Road and WOI                100000               Initiation,    environment     effect Chengdong Twilight Bin               Peng
                                  next to Cai'e Road in the east, the project covers an area of 165 mu and 230000 m2 needs to be                                      evaluation, planning keypoints,and Zone Transformation 13307491157
                                  demolished. It is in the CBD commercial circle where large sized shopping mall, high rank hotel,                                    invest red line have finished.        Company            0731-4439857
                                  and apartment will be built.

8         FengQuan      Gujin Next to Huangxing Road walking street in the west, Cai'e South Road in the east, south to Rinming WOI              72464                Initiation and planning blue line has Chengdong Twilight Bin               Peng
          Project              West Road and next to Jiefang West Road in north, it covers an area of 157 mu. It is in the CBD                                        finished and planning adjustment Zone Transformation 13307491157
                               commercial circle, including Baiguo Park. It will be developed according to the mode of Shanghai                                       and proving is under progress.        Company            0731-4439857
                               New World Bar.
9         Chanyang     Village Next to Chezhan Road in the west, Beijing-Guangzhou railway in the east, Renmin Road in the WOI                   86957                Initiation and planning blue line has Chengdong Twilight Bin               Peng
          No.1 Project         south, railway station in the north,it covers an area of 360 mu and 557078 m2 needs to be                                              finished and planning adjustment Zone Transformation 13307491157
                               demolished. This project is in the CBD commercial circle. The project will introduce promising                                         and proving is under progress.        Company            0731-443985
                               business group into this area which will be built as a modern building both for business and living .

10        Tongzipo         Board East from Rongyin Road high tech area, next to Wangling Park in the south, connecting with EJV                  42857                Initiation,     environment     effect   Yuelu New City Low Zhengwen            Liu
          House                  Tongzipo Road in the north and west to Yingcai Park, this project covers an area of 266 mu and Financing                             evaluation and planninng blue line       Cost         House 13469046681
                                 207,000 ㎡ needs to be demolished. It is suitable to develop high rank hotel, large sized business WOI                                has      finished     and    planning    Construction     and
                                 and retail.                                                                                                                          adjustment and proving is under          Development Co., Ltd
11        Zhongshan        Xilu This project is located in old urban area, east from Fanchengdi and Huangxing Road, west to EJV                  472000               Initiation reply, national land using
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Changsha       Xinhe     Jichun         Shen
          Twilight         Zone Xiangjiang Road, south from Wuyi Road and north to Yingpan Road. It covers an area of 711 mu Financing                                certificate and construction land  Triangle         Zone    0731-2828078
          Transformation        and 720000 m2 needs to be demolished.                                                        WOI                                      certificate is under progress.     Development       and
          Project                                                                                                                                                                                        Construction Co., Ltd
12        Wangyue          Lake East from Xiaoxiang Road, next to Wuyi West Road, Fenglin Road, connecting with WOI                              213235               Initiation, demolishment, planning Changsha     Binjiang    Zehui        Chen
          Twilight         Zone Longwanggang Bank in the north, west to Binhu Road, it covers an area of 1186 mu and 1.18                                             land blue line and red line has New                  City   13507491377
          Transformation        million needs to be demolished. It is located in the Changsha urban commercial center. It is suitable                                 finished and uptown area is under International business    0731-8867798
                                to develop big sized shopping mall, high rank hotel, ecological residence.                                                            progress.                          Trade Center Project
13        Northern    Railway     East from Yaozheng Street, west to Furong Road, south from Xique Bridge, north to Wujialing, the WOI           220588               Initiation and planning blue line has Kaifu District Urban Xiaoyang Wang
          Station      District   project covers an area of 1828.35 mu and 1157500 m2 needs to be demolished.It is next to Furong                                     finished.                             Construction      and 13975126518
          Twilight       Zone     Road and plans to be built as the commercial street.                                                                                                                      Investment Co.,Ltd
14        Changsha     FuRong     Changsha Furong CBD, located in the core area of Changsha City, east from Shaoshan Road, west CJV              320522               At present, results of planning     People's             Bin Peng
          CBD      Investment     to Huangxing Road, next to Renmin Road and connecting with Bayi Road and Zhongshan Road,                                            adjustment within CBD has been Government            of 13307491157
          Promotion Project       covers an area of 2.7 km2.It coordinate the area of about 7 km2, north to Yingpan Road, east to                                     compiled and it is being examined Furong       District,
                                  Chezhan Road, south to Chengnan Road and west to Yanjiang Road. CBD has attrated a large                                            by municipal planning bureau.     Changsha City
                                  group of top 500 international enterprises and gathered about 60% of the city's business buildings
                                  and commercial institutions and 70% of the star hotels.There are 15 projects in Changsha Furong
                                  CBD, covering an area of 1005 mu and 1729366 m2 needs to be demolished. The cost for
                                  demolishment is about RMB 1.5 billion. This project is suitable to develop high rank hotel,
                                  intellectualized office building, shopping mall and so on. And all these projects enjoy preferencial
                                  policy for transformation of shanty town and Furong district's economic encouragement
                                  preferencial policy.
9. Title and Operation Right Transfer
No.         Project Name                           Project Content                                                                   Project Location           Cooperation Way                         Initiator                     Liaison & Tel

1          Changsha Baihequan Trading Co.,LtD      The company is located beside 2nd ring road of Changsha City with land            End of Lushan South        Land use rigth transfer             &   Changsha          Municipal   Liaison: Yin Wenlong
                                                   use area of 12705 squaremeters and the building area of 3,500                     Road, Changsha             cooperative development                 Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
                                                   squaremeters. It is proper for projets of real estate development and may                                                                            Management Center             Liaison:Chen Ziqiang
                                                   be used for product development by using current factory workshops.                                                                                  Changsha          Baihequan   0731-8911328
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Trading Co., Ltd
2          Changsha     Broadcasting        and    It covers an area of 2.9mu. It has suspended the production without               No.1 Yichating, Tianxin    Transfer of land and house assets       Changsha          Municipal   liaison:Yin Wenlong
           Communication Industrial Co.,Ltd        business operation till now.                                                      District                                                           Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Management Center             Liaison:Tang Ronglin
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Changsha Broadcasting     13055168508
                                                                                                                                                                                                        and         Communication
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Industrial Co., Ltd
3          Changsha Boiler Plant Co.,       Ltd    The plant was established in June 2006, based on system change of                 No. 908, Zhongyi Road      State owned stock right transfer        Changsha          Municipal   Liaison:Yin Wenlong
           Industry Investment Promotion           original Changsha Boiler Plant, with the land coverage 154,500 square             (Section  1),   Yuhua                                              Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
                                                   meters and 910 staff members and workers. It has State A Grade Boiler             District                                                           Management Center             Liaison:Peng Yicheng
                                                   Manufacturing Licence, I & II class pressure container design and                                                                                    Changsha Boiler Plant Co.,    13574103158
                                                   manufacturing Licence. As the largest boiler manufacturer in Hunan, the                                                                              Ltd
                                                   leading Products include tweleve series and 320 specifications, such as
                                                   industry boiler, electricity station boiler, pressure container etc. The factor
                                                   tory workshop was put into operation in 2005, and large part of the
                                                   manufactuering eqiupment were purchased in recent years. The
                                                   registration capital is RMB176,478,400 with state owned stock RMB
                                                   172,278,400, sharing 97.76% intotal stock. In order to realize state owned
                                                   capital retreat in order and develop boiler industry quickly,the company
                                                   need to introduce fund and new management concept.
4          Changsha      Carburetor        Plant   It sorted out all employees labor contract relation in 2001, located at           No.13, Xiaolinzichong,     Jiont venture, share right transfer,    Changsha       Municipal      Liaison:Yin Wenlong
           Industry Investment Promotion           Xiaolinzichong, Yuhua District, with land coverage 8.14mu,owning land             Yuhua District, Changsha   expand stock by investing capital,      Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
                                                   area 54 mu in Xingsha Distict with 2400 square meters of workshop built                                      debt bearing merger etc.                Management Center             Liaison:Wang Houde
                                                   for automobile spare parts and components,electromechanical                                                                                          Changsha Carburetor Plant     1380 8478878
                                                   products.The enterprise plans to introduce fund to develop auto parts
5          Changsha      Huanghua(International    The land covers 30square kilometers and construction areas 2.5square              Huanghua        Town,      EJV, CJV, WOI adopted.                  Changsha        Municipal     Yin Wenlong
           Airport) Industry Zone Project          kilometers.It is proper for investing large-scale production with leading         Changsha County                                                    Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
           Investment Promotion                    products of prnting, packing, automobile spare parts, mechanical                                                                                     Management Center             Liu Junfei
                                                   processing and plastic mould etc.                                                                                                                    Changsha County Property      13808491198
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Right Trading Management
6          Changsha Towel Chinlon Plant land       Due to this industry affected by international environment, the enterprise        Shilingtang, West Bank     Debt bearing merger or cooperative      Changsha        Municipal     Liaison: Yin Wenlong
           Investment Promotion                    fixed manufacturing cost is too high, so the industry structure need to be        of Xiangjiang River,       development                             Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
                                                   adjusted. It is intended to transfer 148mu land of production used for            Changsha                                                           Management Center             Liaison:Zou Canrong
                                                   enterprise system reform.                                                                                                                            Changsha Towel Chinlon        0731-8623888
7          Changsha     Art Printing Co., Ltd      Huanghua Printing Industry Park 20mu of idle land is for investment               Huanghua       Industry    Cooperative operation or Property       Changsha        Municipal     Liaison: Yin Wenlong
           Huanghua     Industry Park    Base      introduction and development.                                                     Park,Changsha County       right transfer                          Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
           Investment Promotion                                                                                                                                                                         Management Center             Liaison:He Jianhui
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Changsha Art Printing Co,.    0731-2755268
9. Title and Operation Right Transfer
No.         Project Name                          Project Content                                                              Project Location           Cooperation Way                         Initiator                     Liaison & Tel

8          Ansha Town Maotang Industry Park       It covers 1.2 square kilometers with construction areas 1000mu. It is        Ansha Town, Changsha       EJV, CJV, WOI adopted.                  Changsha       Municipal      Liaison: Yin Wenlong
           Project Investment of Changsha         planned to develop environment friendly industry and morden warehouse        County                                                             Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
           County                                 & logistics.                                                                                                                                    Management Center             Liaison:Yi Zhizhun
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Changsha County Property      13974954328
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Right Trading Management
9          Ansha Town Maotang Industry Park       It intends to establish Peace & Friendly Culture Tourism Spot, which         Ansha Town, Changsha       EJV, CJV, WOI adopted.                  Changsha       Municipal      Yin Wenlong
           Peace & Friendly Culture Tourism       locates at Peace Village, Ansha Town of Changsha County, the hometown        County                                                             Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
           Development Project Investment of      of former Premier of State Council Zhu Rongji.                                                                                                  Management Center             Yi Zhizhun
           Changsha County                                                                                                                                                                        Changsha County Property      13974954328
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Right Trading Management
10         Ansha Town Maotang Industry Park       The scenic spots are as five dragon splashing water, big dragon hole, Nine   Ansha Town, Changsha       EJV, CJV, WOI adopted.                  Changsha       Municipal      Yin Wenlong
           Wulong Lake Tourism Development        door cave, Shapo nunnery, Crescent island, toad stone etc. The estimated     County                                                             Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
           Project of Changsha County             project total invetment is RMB 298,870,000.                                                                                                     Management Center             Yi Zhizhun
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Changsha County Property      13974954328
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Right Trading Management
11         Ansha Town Maotang Industry Park       It adopts method of attracting foreign investment to build Maotangpu new     Ansha Town, Changsha       EJV, CJV, WOI adopted.                  Changsha       Municipal      Yin Wenlong
           Project Investment of Changsha         area trunk road.                                                             County                                                             Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
           County                                                                                                                                                                                 Management Center             Yi Zhizhun
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Changsha County Property      13974954328
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Right Trading Management
12         Changsha Bearing Plant Industry        The plant covers an area of 400 mu, 14 kilomenters away from                 Huanghua        Town,      Proprty right complete transfer or      Changsha       Municipal      Yin Wenlong
           Project Investment Promotion           Huanghua International Airport and 13 kilometers from Changsha railway       Changsha County            land complete transfer                  Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
                                                  station with convenient transportation. It has 1,348 employees currently,                                                                       Management Center             Zhang Yueqiang
                                                  retired staff number is 1,019. The company is intended to remise land for                                                                       Changsha Bearing Plant        13908466820
                                                  state enterprise employees resettlement and to introduce the new project
                                                  to develop bearing inductry.
13         Daming Ecological Recreation Co.,      It covers 200,000 squaremeters with construction area of 6,500               Daming Village,            Share      transfer,     Proportional   Changsha         Municipal    Yin Wenlong
           Ltd stock right Investment             squaremeters. The current annual operation revenue is above RMB              Laodaohe Town              negotiation                             Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
                                                  7,000,000.                                                                   Of Changsha                                                        Management Center             Zhang Weiming
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Daming          Ecological    0731-4726971
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Recreation Co,.Ltd
14         Hunan Electrical Appliance Factory     It covers land of 70mu,and the commercial and trade base on Chengnan         No.69,Tiyuan               Land complete transfer                  Changsha         Municipal    Yin Wenlong
           Land Investment Introduction           Road covers 3.07mu. The current total employees is 390 persons, retirees     Road,Yuhua District                                                Property Right Trading        0731-2258045
                                                  are 273 persons. It is intended to remise the land and settle down the                                                                          Management Center             Jiang Shu
                                                  employees.                                                                                                                                      Hunan Electrical Appliance    0731-5597426
15         Hunan Jimeng Pharmaceutical Co,.Ltd.   Hunan Jimeng Pharmaceutical Co,.Ltd. Share transfer or whole transfer.       Liuyang       Biological   Purchase             shares,holding     Changsha           National   Liaison:He Kun
           Share Tansfer or                                                                                                    Medicine Park,Hunan        shares,whole perchase                   Biological Industry Base      0731-3280338
           Whole Transfer                                                                                                                                                                         Mnagement Comminitee
9. Title and Operation Right Transfer
No.         Project Name                              Project Content                                                              Project Location          Cooperation Way     Initiator                              Liaison & Tel

16         Hunan Changsha         Ship     Building   It covers an area of 310.000 squaremeters with floor space of                No.298,Zhouwei            Increasing shares   Changsha Municipal Property Right      Yin Wenlong
           Factory                                    110.000squaremeters,mian products include repair and construct               Road,Guanshaling, Yuelu                       Trading Management Center              0731-2258045
                                                      ship,produce steel structure and pressure container,machinery processing     District,                                     Hunan Changsha Ship Building Factory   Wang Yong
                                                      etc.The current total employees is 840 persons,retirees are 1106 persons.    Changsha                                                                             0731-2491699
17         Ningxiang County             Nitrogenous   It halted the production and it is proper for real estate development with   Yutan Town,               Whole transfer      Changsha Municipal Property Right      Liaison:Yin Wenlong
           Fertilizer Factory                         land coverage 174,300 squaremeters and floor space 42,500 square             Ningxiang County                              Trading Management Center              0731-2258045
                                                      meters.                                                                                                                    Ningxiang County Property Right        Liasion:
                                                                                                                                                                                 Trading Management Center              Zhao Guanghui
18         Ningxiang County Radiator Factory          It closed down and is proper for production factory or real estate           Yutan Town,               Whole transfer      Changsha Municipal Property Right      Liaison:
                                                      development with land coverage 26,200 squaremeters and floor space           Ningxiang County                              Trading Management Center              Yin Wenlong
                                                      4,978 squaremeters.                                                                                                        Ningxiang County Property Right        0731-2258045
                                                                                                                                                                                 Trading Management Center              Liaison:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Zhao Guanghui
19         Ningxiang County Shuangshiling             It produces common portland cement with land coverage 138,276                Datunying Village,        Whole transfer      Changsha Municipal Property Right      Liaison: Yin Wenlong
           Building Material Factory                  squaremeters and building area 24,279squaremetrs.                            Ningxiang county                              Trading Management Center              0731-2258045
                                                                                                                                                                                 Ningxiang County Property Right        Liaison:Zhao Guanghui
                                                                                                                                                                                 Trading Management Center              13874956025
20         Ningxiang County        No.2 Cement        It produces common portland cement with land coverage 248,353                Shuangfupu       Town,    Whole transfer      Changsha Municipal Property Right      Liaison:Yin Wenlong
           Factory                                    squaremeters and building area 39,062 squaremetrs.                           Ningxiang County                              Trading Management Center              0731-2258045
                                                                                                                                                                                 Ningxiang County Property Right        Liaison:
                                                                                                                                                                                 Trading Management Center              Zhao Guanghui
21         Ningxiang County        No.1 Cement        It produces common portland cement with land coverage 86,732                 Meitanba Town,            Whole transfer      Changsha Municipal Property Right      Liaison:
           Factory                                    squaremeters and building area 29,105 squaremetrs.                           Ningxiang County                              Trading Management Center              Yin Wenlong
                                                                                                                                                                                 Ningxiang County Property Right        0731-2258045
                                                                                                                                                                                 Trading Management Center              Liaison:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Zhao Guanghui
22         Ningxiang County Printing Factory          It is proper for dealing trademark, books and periodicals printing with      Yutan Town,               Whole transfer      Changsha Municipal Property Right      Yin Wenlong
                                                      land coverage 3,273 squaremeters and building area 6,785squaremeters.        Ningxiang County                              Trading Management Center              0731-2258045
                                                                                                                                                                                 Ningxiang County Property Right        Zhao Guanghui
                                                                                                                                                                                 Trading Management Center              13874956025
9. Title and Operation Right Transfer
No.         Project Name                              Project Content                                                            Project Location             Cooperation Way           Initiator                                 Liaison & Tel

23         Ningxiang County Paper Mill                It is proper for real estate development with land coverage 25,614         Yutan Town,                  Whole transfer            Changsha Municipal Property Right         Yin Wenlong
                                                      squaremeters and building area 4,800 square meters.                        Ningxiang County                                       Trading Management Center                 0731-2258045
                                                                                                                                                                                        Ningxiang County Property Right           Zhao Guanghui
                                                                                                                                                                                        Trading Management Center                 13874956025
24         Daily used ceramics, tableware, tea set,   The annual sales revenue is RMB 20,000,000. After investment               Tongguan            Town,    Leasing             or    Changsha Municipal Property Right         Liaison: Yin Wenlong
           ceramics as presents (the First            introduction, the estimated annual sales revenue will be doubled and       Wangcheng          County,   cooperative operation     Trading Management Center                 0731-2258045
           Cauterize Ceramics Factory of Hunan        annual profit will reach RMB 5,000,000.                                    Changsha                                               The First Cauterize Ceramics Factory of   Liaison:Qin Daozhu
           Tongguan        Ceramics       General                                                                                                                                       Hunan     Tongguan Ceramics General       0731-8202022
           Company)                                                                                                                                                                     Company
25         Tongguan "Fengyuan" Brand glazed           The current factory is leased to an employee in operation,and annual       Tongguan            Town,    Property right transfer   Changsha Municipal Property Right         Liaison: Yin Wenlong
           tile products (No. 6 Factory of Hunan      output value is RMB3.200.000.                                              Wangcheng          County,   or         cooperative    Trading Management Center                 0731-2258045
           Ceramics General Company)                                                                                             Changsha                     operation                 No. 6 Factory of Hunan Tongguan           Liasion:Qin Daozhu
                                                                                                                                                                                        Ceramics General Company                  0731-8202022
26         Shuguang Electronics Group Co,.Ltd         It     covers      164.400squaremeters        and       floor      space   No.476        Renming        State-owned               Changsha Municipal Property Right         Liaison:Yin Wenlong
           State-owned Share Transfer                 106.980squarementers,major      products    include     tungsten     and   Road,Changsha                Share transfer            Trading Management Center                 0731-2258045
                                                      molybdenum,electron gun,electron tube, power-drive machine,processing                                                             Shuguang Electronics Group Co,.Ltd        Liaison:Li Qiulin
                                                      income, electron tube mainly for export, other products soled in
                                                      domestic market. There are 1125 employees, 2784 retired persons.
27         Hunan Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co,.Ltd       Hunan Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co,.Ltd share transfer or whole transfer.     Liuyang       Biological     Purchase                  Changsha National Biological Industry     Liaison:He Kun
           Share Transfer or Whole Transfer                                                                                      Medicine Park,Hunan          shares,holding            Base Management Committee                 0731-3280338
                                                                                                                                                              shares,whole perchase

28         Hunan    Xuanxia    Pharmaceutical         Hunan Xuanxia Pharmaceutical Co,.Ltd share transfer or whole transfer.     Liuyang        Biological    Purchase                  Changsha National Biological Industry     Liaison:He Kun
           Co,.Ltd Share Transfer or Whole                                                                                       Medicine Park, Hunan         shares,holding            Base Management Committee                 0731-3280338
           Transfer                                                                                                                                           shares,whole perchase

29         Hunan Zhengtai Jinhu Pharmaceutical        Hunan Zhengtai Jinhu Pharmaceutical Co,.Ltd.share transfer or whole        Liuyang       Biological     Purchase                  Changsha National Biological Industry     Liaison:He Kun
           Co,.Ltd.Share Transfer or Whole            transfer.                                                                  Medicine Park,Hunan          shares,holding            Base Management Committee                 0731-3280338
           Transfer                                                                                                                                           shares,whole perchase
9. Title and Operation Right Transfer
No.         Project Name                              Project Content                                                              Project Location           Cooperation Way         Initiator                                  Liaison & Tel

30         Weite(Hunan)Pharmaceutical                 Weite(Hunan)Pharmaceutical Co,.Ltd.Share Transfer or Whole Transfer          Liuyang       Biological   Purchase                Changsha National Biological Industry      Liaison:He Kun
           Co,.Ltd.Share Transfer or         Whole                                                                                 Medicine Park,Hunan        shares,holding          Base Management Committee                  0731-3280338
           Transfer                                                                                                                                           shares,whole perchase

31         Engineering Machinery          Hydraulic   It is located at No.125,Xiazhushan Residing Area,Yingpengling.It is near     Yuelu District,            Whole Transfer          Yingpengling Street Office, Changsha       Liaison:Xie Yingzi
           Parts Factory Site                         North Bridgehead,West Bank,and faces Yingtai Textile Mill gate,on East       Changsha                                                                                      13548975158
                                                      near Xianxiang Road.It covers 3.76mu and plant building area
                                                      1.600squaremeters,office         building     300squaremeters,bungalow
32         Chuangye    Building         Cooperative   It intends to consturct advanced first grade office building,It will adopt   Jinxia        Economic     CJV                     Changsha Jinxia Economic Development       Liaison:Wen Jie
           Development                                concentrated perfect real estate management mode and advanced service        Devolopment                                        Zone Management Committee                  13707484702
                                                      platform to build the office and commercial building. It covers total 19mu   Zone,Changsha

33         Enterprise Idle Assets Utilization         It     covers     6.670squaremeters         and      workshop        area    Chunhua Town,              CJV, property right     Changwang Tanner Factory                   Liaison:
                                                      2.000squaremeters,mainly introducing light industry project.                 Changsha County            transfer, leasing                                                  Chen Guangming

34         Enterprise Idle Asstes Utilization         It    covers        33.350squaremeters   and      workshop     area          Chunhua Town,              CJV, property right     Wangfeng Shoes Company                     Liaison:Yu Jianjia
                                                      14.000squaremeters.Plant's water and power supply facilities are             Changsha County            transfer, leasing                                                  13974937298
                                                      completely.It may focus on introducing light industry and machinery
                                                      production project.
35         Enterprise Idle Asstes Utilization         It covers 30mu,4 workshops with area 12.000 squaremeters.Plant's water       Beishan Town,              CJV, property right     Beishan Tiansheng Auto Parts Company.      Liaison:
                                                      and power supply facilities are complete.                                    Changsha County            transfer, leasing                                                  Yang Jiangang

36         Enterprise Idle Assets Utilization         It covers 20mu,2 workshops with 4000squaremeters.                            Beishan Town,              CJV, property right     Beishan Town       Dazhi   Auto    Parts   Liaison:
                                                                                                                                   Changsha County            transfer, leasing       Company.                                   Yang Jiangang

37         Enterprise Idle Assets Utilization         The plant covers 4.000squaremeters,with an office building,a domitory        Gaoqiao Town,              CJV, property right     Hongfa Printing Industry Co,.Ltd           Liaison:
                                                      and a dining hall.Water, electrical and living installations are complete.   Changsha County            transfer, leasing                                                  Zhou Yiming

38         Enterprise Idle Assets Utilization         The land is state-owned, covering 18mu,with 3.400squaremeters for plant      Huangxing Town,            CJV, property right     Changsha Huida Organic Silicon Factory     Liaison:
                                                      and office buikding.                                                         Changsha County            transfer, leasing                                                  Huang Houyin
9. Title and Operation Right Transfer
No.         Project Name                         Project Content                                                               Project Location         Cooperation Way           Initiator                                 Liaison & Tel

39         Enterprise Idle Assets Utilization    The land is state-owned, covering 26mu with 3.500squaremeters for             Huangxing Town,          CJV, property right       Changsha Suburb Chemical Plant            Liaison:
                                                 office and plant building.                                                    Changsha County          transfer, leasing                                                   Huang Houyin

40         Enterprise Idle Assets Utilization    Collective land covers 24mu,with 4.500squaremeters for plant and office       Huangxing Town,          CJV, property right       Changsha Xuhua Chemical Plant             Liaison:
                                                 building.Water, power and road facilities are available.It has 1 set of       Changsha County          transfer, leasing                                                   Huang Houyin
                                                 160KV transfomer and complete devices.                                                                                                                                     0731-6880028

41         Tianhong.Tianfu Commercial Building   The building is 75 meters high,18 floors,the first to three floors are used   Tianxin Districr,        Leasing                   Changsha       Municipal     Utilities    Liaison:Peng Jiulin
                                                 for shops.It covers 6mu with floor space nearly 2.000squaremeters.It is       Changsha                                           Construction    and      Development      0731-4117515
                                                 proper for hotel,office building,institution office.                                                                             Company.                                  Liaison:Du Haoran
42         Tianxin District Ecology New City     Hunan Tiancheng Real Estate Devolopment Company intends to sell 11            Tianxin Districr,        Land transfer             Changsha Tianxin District Bureau of       Liaison:Zhang Hao
                                                 blocks of land in Tianxin District Ecology New City.                          Changsha                                           Commerce                                  13808486428

43         Ferment Produce New Type Medical      With hyperactivity saccharomycete ferment,optimizing reaction                 Changsha Economic and    Property right transfer   Hunan Fulaige Biological Technology       Liaison:
           Medium Acyl-7-ACA(D-7ACA)             condition,improving extraction and purification,fossilization and other       Technical Developoment                             Co,.Ltd                                   Zeng Hongyu
                                                 down straem processes to produce esterase with hyperactivity & good           Zone                                                                                         0731-2791977
                                                 stability; and constantly bring forth new ideas and prefect the production
                                                 technology of D-7-ACA, shorten the period of react and production.The
                                                 products Moore yield coeeficient is increased to 88.5%,and it purity is
                                                 above 98.5%.
44         Xianfeng Village Farmers Productive   The project is located at Xianfeng Village, Tianxin environmental             Xianfeng Village,Datuo   Leasing,EJV               Changsha Tianxin Industry Park            Liaison:Zhang Wei
           Settlement Land Project               industry park. Its main road ,the 1st enviromental road is on the North       Town,Tianxin                                       Datuo   Town      Xiangfeng    Villager   0731-6950430
                                                 side.Covering an area of 256mu,and cubage rate is 1.2.Greening rate is        District,Changsha                                  Committee of Changsha Tianxin District
                                                 35%,and the building is limited in 15 meters high,and its nature is village
                                                 coollective land,and the neighboring land has already introduced Huayu
                                                 Machinery Trading City and CITIC headquarter economy park.It is
                                                 planned to introduce commerical and logistics project.

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