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									             Quebec High School

   Cycle I, Team Meetings

         –   Who does what?
         –   How do we find the time?
         –   Where do we find the time?
         –   What’s on the agenda?
         –   Where do we go from here?
             Who Does What?

   Central Québec School Board

       Key People:
         – Mentor the implementation of the QEP in their
           respective schools.

       Domain Committees:
         – Cycle I teachers meet with colleagues in the same
         – Domain Committees can be compared to Learning
              Who Does What?

   Quebec High School

    QEP Leadership Team includes:

      - Principal, Mark Sutherland
      - Vice Principal, Marie-Andrée Poulin
      - Key Person, Tess LeBlanc
        Who Does What?

  Knowledge and pedagogical level
  -   Formed professional learning communities
  -   Furnishes articles to read and discuss
  –   Provides professional development
  –   Promotes team building and leadership
  –   Gave each teacher an organizational binder
                  Who does What?

   Vice Principal & Key Person:
    – Practical Level

          Set Cycle I team meeting dates
          Keep their ears to the ground; take the pulse
          Prepare the agendas for meetings
          Provide materials: reading material, organizers, activities
          Who does What?
                    School Board

                       Key People
                    Domain Committees

School Principal                   Vice Principal, Key Person
                                         & Cycle I team
 Fosters Pedagogy
    Knowledge,                          Strive to put into practice acquired
  Leadership and                           knowledge in order to develop
  Team Building                               teachers’ competencies.
     How do we Find the Time?

   What about scheduling meetings?

    – No changes were made to our schedules or to
      our teaching day.

    – The principal committed to release time.
       This is achieved using money from the Reform
        Budget decentralized by the school board.
    Where do we Find the Time?
   When?
        Knowledge and pedagogical level

        • 20 to 60 minutes of each monthly staff meeting
          is reserved for professional growth. (Full staff; Cycles 1 & 2)
        • Assures that staff members attend meetings.
        • Attends workshops himself and is part of the accompaniment
    Where do we Find the Time?
   When?
    – Vice Principal,Key Person & Cycle 1 Teams:
       Practical Level

       Two cycle I teams were formed (Cycle I)
       Each team meets once a month. (Cycle I)
        What’s on the Agenda?

   Organization and Outlook:
    – Carefully planned: agenda and minutes
    – Set meeting dates in advance
    – Small, incremental steps
    – Teams were created with care
    – Teachers leave with something to do
         – Reading, activity
      What’s on the Agenda?

 Vocabulary and concepts
 Competency: The competent student
 Curriculum Mapping
 Learning and Evaluation Situation (LES)
 Focus on Evaluation
    Where Do we Go From Here?

 Continue same format for Cycle I meetings
 Create Action Teams:
        Create LES and Evaluation Tools
        Mentor with teachers from other schools
        School Evaluation Committee
   Agendas:
        Evaluation
        Re-visit curriculum mapping
        Continue developing LES

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