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					Swansea GP VTS Practice Profile 2005
Name of Practice                      Sketty and Killay Medical Centres
Name and address of Practice:         Goetre fawr Road
                                      SA2 7QP
                                      01792 201181

Details of Partners and Associates

Full-time Partners:

Dr Christopher Costello               MB BCh DRCOG DCH MRCGP
                                      FPCert    Registered 1982 (Wales)

Dr Christopher Julian Charles Johns   MB BS DRCOG DHSM
                                      Registered 1986 (London)

Dr John Anthony Rees Lewis            MB BCh
                                      Registered 1987 (Wales)

Dr Christopher Huw Mellor             MB BS DGM DRCOG DFPP MRCGP
                                      Registered 1988 (London)

Dr Stephen Donald Lewis               BM MRCGP
                                      Registered 1995 (Southampton)

Dr Matthew James Seager               MB BCh
                                      Registered 1997 (Wales)

Dr Lucy Katherine George              BSc MBBS DCH DRCOG MRCGP
                                      Registered 1998 (London)

Dr Zoë Caroline Musson                BM DRCOG DFFP MRCGP
                                      Registered 1998 (Southampton)

Dr Ian Robert Joslin                  MB BCh MRCGP
                                      Registered 1999 (Wales)
Part-time Partners:

Dr Bethan Williams                    MB BCh DRCOG MRCGP FPCert
                                      Registered 1981 (Wales)

Dr Jennifer Jane Hilliard             MB BS MRCGP
                                      Registered 1979 (London)
                                      MBBS (Lon 1996) MRCGP DRCOG
The accredited trainers                        Dr Chris Mellor

                                              Dr Lucy George and Dr Stephen Lewis
                                       are attending the Welsh new trainer’s course

Educationally based appointments

Dr Chris Mellor is an appraisal co-ordinator with responsibility for the appraisal process
in Bridgend, Vale of Glamorgan and Rhondda Cynon Taff. This is process is run
through the appraisal unit for general practice He is
currently studying for a Diploma/MSc in Medical Education.
Practice Profile (page2)

Name of Practice                               Sketty and Killay surgeries

Educational Commitments                                Lead Doctor (s)

GP Registrars (1)                                      Drs Chris Mellor/Lucy George
Postgrad assistants/clinical fellows (varies)          Dr Chris Mellor
Foundation Year 2 doctors (0)
Medical students (Swansea) (2)x(2)                     Dr Ian Joslin
Medical Students (Cardiff) (2x1x2)                     Dr Stephen Lewis

Other appointments

Dr Stephen Lewis is a clinical assistant Genitourinary Medicine Singleton Hospital
Dr Chris Johns has a special interest in Occupational Health.

Arrangements for training

Weekly daytime work and educational schedule for Registrar (incl. Usual half day
VTS ) Example of a typical week: In hour on call starts after about 2 months

                              AM                     2-4                  PM
       Mon                 Surgery            Study Time               Surgery
       Tues                Surgery               VTS                    VTS
       Wed                 Surgery            Study Time               Surgery
       Thurs               Tutorial           Study Time               Surgery
         Fri               Surgery            Study Time               Surgery

Description of range of teaching/learning methods supplied.

      2 week induction period
       Hot (case) Review once per week for first 3 months
      Weekly tutorial
      Methods employed include case discussion and reflection, video, MCQ and
       MEQ, use of internet to facilitate tutorials and preparation
      Practice has purchased several pieces of audio visual equipment to facilitate
       training including 1 digital camcorder, a SMARTBOARD for tutorials and video
       facilities for viewing videos

Practice Profile (page 3)

Name of Practice:                             Sketty and Killay Medical Centres

Arrangements for training (continued)

Practice’s schedule for Formative Assessment and methods employed

Month 1:       Needs assessment using discussion, MCQ and questionnaire
Months 1-3:    Hot Review sessions and tutorials
Months 2-10:   Video analysis and reflection
Month 4:       4 month review using VTS rating scales
Months 6-9:    MRCGP prep, with MEQ, MCQ and video work
Months 12:     End point assessment, Trainers report and GPR appraisal discussion
Months 1-12:   Weekly tutorial which helps to form assessment

Out of hours arrangements of Practice, and schedule regularly undertaken by

All practices have devolved responsibility for OOH care following the 2004 GP contract.
OOH is provided by Swansea Out of hours Service (S.O.S.) in Singleton Hospital and
GP registrars are now required to complete a minimum of 72 hours of OOH training,
with an approved educational supervisor, in a year. An accompanying workbook must be
used and filled out and shifts are organised by ringing the S.O.S. office each month when
the rota becomes available.

Availability of on-call accommodation for Registrar

Not relevant as all on call is provided from the S.O.S. emergency centre in Singleton

Practice characteristics and organisation

List size of practice- approximately 19,000

Nature of practice area (urban/rural/mixed) and geographical location
Semi-urban, with two roughly equal sized practices although Killay is the main
administrative site.

Description of main and branch surgeries

Two purpose built, modern, premises on two floors, one in Killay and the other in
Sketty. Both practices have about 9500 patients registered. There are 7 GP consulting
rooms consulting rooms in Killay with 3 treatment rooms. There is a physiotherapy
department upstairs accessed via a lift, along with chiropody. There are rooms for health
visitors and district nurses and the visiting ophthalmologist and a telemedicine
conferencing room . This building houses the data management team and the
administrative staff including the practice manager and assistant practice manager. There
are also shower facilities.
Sketty surgery has 6 consulting rooms with 2 treatment rooms and rooms for health
visitor and district nurses and the counsellor and mental health liaison nurse. The second
floor has kitchen and shower facilities with a tutorial room with library and audiovisual
facilities available.

Practice Profile (page 4)

Name of Practice:                                Sketty and Killay medical centres

Practice characteristics and organisation (continued)

Purchasing status (Fundholder/no/other)

No longer relevant at this time

Methods of note keeping employed

Paper light and moving towards paperless

Practice computer system

Uses windows based software (In Practice Systems), which has full HA/GP links,
Pathology links and has full desktop Internet access and hence email. Practice fully
utilises its scanner and scans all hospital letters and correspondence. All clinics and
consultations are entered onto the computer, all prescribing (acute/repeat) is
computerised and the practice has an IT lead to implement any changes.

Special clinics services provided by practice

       Ante Natal
       Asthma
       Baby
       Cardiovascular
       COPD
       Cryotherapy
      Diabetic
      Dietician
      Exercise Therapy
      Family Planning
      Health Promotion
      Mental Health
      Physiotherapy
      Well Woman
      Smoking cessation clinic

If you would like to come along for a chat and have a look around please feel free to give
us a ring, contact Else Ulvi (Practice Manager) on 201181, or email her at:

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