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					R E V. J A S O N R U T H E R F O R D                              ’90
The Federated Church of Ashland

I attended Mississippi College as an undergraduate and majored in psychology, and attended The Baptist
Theological Seminary at Richmond, Virginia for Seminary. There I earned a Master’s of Divinity. I began
to think about God during my senior year at Jackson Academy and made a commitment to Christian
Ministry while at Mississippi College (MC). I describe my conversion to Christianity as something that
began during my senior year at JA and was a combination of having Christian friends and attending
worship services. My faith is a matter of the heart and the motivation I have flows from my conviction
to love God with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength, and my neighbor as Christ loves me. The
places in scripture that intersect my life personally are the Minor Prophets and the Gospels. In addition
to congregation life, I am active in ministry through interfaith groups working to bring renewed social
justice to all people. Boston has provided excellent opportunities to do this. Furthermore, I have been
active in ministry to children in poverty, family abuse centers, and numerous shelters in the Boston area.
My personal belief about ministry is that each and every one of us is desperate; the main difference in
people is that some of us recognize this and some of us do not. I believe this is what Jesus saw among
the people, and he ministered to people who were free to share and receive the love of God. Others
insulated themselves with greed, power, and prejudice and missed the greatest blessing they could ever
hope to have.

I have had life changing moments and they have been in both personal and professional circles. I worked
in a hospice as a chaplain during some of the time I was in seminary and one of the patients I saw had
not seen his children in forty years. I was able to reconnect him with two of his three children four
months before he died. I have ministered to people in various forms of crisis and believe that they have
taught me as much as I have taught them.

Our congregation is full of some of the most impressive people I have ever known. My job is to inspire
them in their hunger and thirst for righteousness.

MICHAEL SCARBROUGH                                          ’87
Awana Clubs International
Director of U.S. Programs

My team plans, develops, maintains and updates the programs of Awana (age-
targeted for toddlers through high school students) — designed to introduce
them to God’s Word through understanding and memorization so that they
might come to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. Some of the more popular
Awana programs are “Cubbies” for three to four year olds, “Sparks” for K-
2nd grade, and “Truth & Training” for 3rd-6th grade.

Our programs are used in approximately 12,000 churches across the U.S.
and also in Canada, parts of the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia, and on
military bases in many parts of the world. So, as a side note — the “U.S.” part
of my title is a bit of a misnomer; really we support English-speaking, First
World ministry environments. Awana has a counterpart International Program
team that serves approximately 4,000 churches in over 100 countries with
translated, culturally contextualized ministry program materials.

I realized in my English classes at JA that God had given me a gift of writing.
During college, as I took, enjoyed, and excelled at different types of writing
classes, I developed a desire to use that gifting to serve in Christian
ministry.My parents and my pastor and youth pastor at church in Jackson
were the greatest influences on my spiritual life up through my high school
years. However, I was also encouraged by John Evans and the Young Life
ministry at JA. John actually treated us like adults when I knew (even then) we
had a long way to go! Christian teachers like Judy McKeigney were also an
encouragement. Finally, God blessed me with a solid group of Christian friends
while at JA. Those guys had high standards and goals that pushed me to be my

The place God seems to be doing the most work these days is in my role as a
father. He’s awakening in my heart a multi-generational vision for my
home...that the choices I make today as a parent shape future generations. The
following quote has been quite thought-provoking for me: “You can see how
many seeds are in an apple, but you have no idea how many apples are in a
seed.” Our calling is to raise up a Godly generation of children (those “seeds”)
who will, in turn, seek to do the same. This is truly the greatest contribution
we can make to the Church until Christ returns.

28      j a c k s o n    a c a d e m y
JODY SCHMELZER                          ’96
Pinelake Baptist Church
Small Groups Pastor

God guided me into the ministry
first by giving me a heart for
people that did not have a
personal relationship with Christ.
I began to realize that even though
I was not in full time ministry,
God could use me in peoples lives.
So I began to get involved in my
local church through serving as a
leader in the small group ministry.
God also led me to many ministry
opportunities through my job in
the corporate world. I soon began
to realize that God was calling me
to serve him full time in ministry.
I had no idea what that would
look like but we decided to take a
step of faith and God provided a
great opportunity. I also try to
share God’s love with people by
being an example of a servant as
well as caring for and loving

God gives me the opportunity to
further His kingdom on earth by
sharing the truth of His love,
forgiveness,     joy,    peace    and
freedom that comes through a
personal relationship with Jesus.
God       also   gives   me      many
opportunities to build into the
lives of people so that they can
one day go out and share God’s
love with others.

                      KEVIN SHOEMAKER                             ’96
                                 Campus Crusade for Christ
                       Mississippi State University – Campus Director
                                     STARKVILLE, MISSISSIPPI

             After graduating from JA, I went to Ole Miss. During my first year God
             was just another thing on my radar to which I knew I should probably
             pay more attention. My second year at school I had some close friends
             pass away unexpectedly. This made me think a lot more about God and
             eternity. Though few knew, I was feeling a lot of tension over the
             direction my life was going, my relationship with Jesus, and spending
             many nights unable to sleep. My junior year a friend of mine who was
             involved with Campus Crusade began to ask me about my spiritual life.
             We began to meet up to talk about the gospel and how to live out the
             Christian life. I didn’t think that I would ever change and, to be honest,
             didn’t completely want to change. However God had already started
             changing me and shaping me into a new person. It wasn’t overnight and
             it was complicated and lonely at times, but I believe God was preparing
             me for ministry. When it came time to graduate, I wanted to spend some
             time learning more about how to communicate my faith, explain the
             gospel, and lead people to grow closer to God so I decided to go on staff
             with Campus Crusade for Christ. I was assigned to be on staff at Florida
             State University. I was there for four years and then in 2005 I became the
             Campus Director at Mississippi State. The most rewarding aspect of my
             job is seeing God bring people to salvation, seeing lives changed, and
             seeing students sent out all over the world with the gospel.

30   j a c k s o n   a c a d e m y
              God is teaching me that He supplies my strength and ability.
    I need to remember who is small (me) and who is great (God) and lean on Him.

I attend two prayer breakfasts
with teens, meet with them one-
on-one,     attend        a     Jr.    High    JENNIFER MAXWELL WHITE                                             ’98
fellowship time and a Sr. High                 Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church
                                               Youth Ministry Assistant
fellowship time, have a youth
                                               RIDGELAND, MISSISSIPPI
group, attend staff meetings and
do office hours.              We also do       took time to befriend me and teach me about the Lord. I am
special    events     –       nights    out,   thankful for their influence in my life and hope in some small
ultimate    frisbee       tournaments,         way that God can use me in the lives of our teenagers at Pear
football Fridays (where we go to a             Orchard.
local high school game), and
spend the night parties. We also               I am learning that balancing the demands of my job, my family
take about five trips a year (three            and my household is a daily struggle, and I am in need of
weekend retreats, two summer                   God’s wisdom. My Sunday School teacher recently taught
trips and one mission trip). In                from 1 Kings 3:6-9,    and I have returned to that scripture
addition I am married to a                     reading many times in the past few weeks. The passage talks
wonderful husband and have a                   about Solomon (the King of Israel) asking God to grant him
twenty month old daughter, Ellie.              wisdom. Solomon basically says to God “the job is big, I am
                                               small, You are great – give me wisdom.” How often I feel
Mr. Higgins, my seventh grade                  overwhelmed like Solomon but fail to ask for wisdom. I just
history teacher, taught me the                 wallow in the first two thoughts, groaning about the size of the
importance of God’s word, what                 task and my lack of ability to complete it. God is teaching me
it means to love students, and how             that He supplies my strength and ability. I need to remember
to spend time with them through                who is small (me) and who is great (God) and lean on Him. I
his Burger King Bible Studies and              can ask Him for wisdom and He will give it to me.
summer      rafting       trips.       Katie
Gilchrist, a JA grad and my young
life leader, let me into her life and
showed me what a daily walk
with the Lord looks like. Now
that I understand the patience and
sacrifice it takes to minister to
teenagers, I am amazed at all the
adults – at JA and elsewhere - who

                                     JAC K S O N               AC A D E M Y

                     Annual Report of Gifts
                                               2 0 0 6 - 2 0 0 7


Jackson Academy students recently                                                   committed more than $6.3 million to
entertained crowds in the wonderful                                                 make the Performing Arts Center a
production of The Music Man. All the         Bold Vision                            reality.
students involved, from the leads to the
stage crew, gave their all for three
outstanding shows.
                                             Bright Future                     These     families,  friends,
                                                                               organizations were each asked to
                                                   BY THE NUMBERS
                                                                               make JA their charitable priority –
Now, just imagine the talents and gifts    Number of $500,000 gift commitments after church commitments – over the
of our students being showcased in a                                           next three to five years. The JA
beautiful new auditorium. For smaller
                                                            28                 faculty and staff have also
                                             Number of $100,000+ gift commit-
“one-man” shows and one act plays, a                       ments               contributed in a big way with over
black box theater will offer students                       97                 half of them making a pledge for a
greater performance opportunities.         Number of gifts between $10,000 and total of $130,000.
Rehearsal halls for choral music and                     $99,999.
speech are also planned.                                   142                      If you are interested inlearning more
                                           Number of current parents making com-    about the Bold Vision Bright Future
                                                 mitments ($1.8 million)
The JA Board of Trustees is committed                                               campaign for Jackson Academy
to the construction of the new                             240                      please contact the Jackson Academy
                                            Number of gifts from non-current par-
centerpiece for Jackson Academy, the                ents ($4.5 million)             Development           Office       at
Performing Arts Center. To date, 391                                                601.364.5754. Or, go to the new JA
families,   individuals,   businesses,                      37                      website, for a
                                                   Number of volunteers
foundations,    and    friends   have                                               virtual tour.

    32    j a c k s o n      a c a d e m y
Bold Vision Bright Future
         ackson Academy is appreciative of the many families, faculty, friends, and organizations that have made
         a commitment to our Bold Vision Bright Future campaign. To date, more than $6.3 million has been
         raised toward construction of the Performing Arts Center. The list also includes gifts made in memory
  or in honor of a friend or loved one.

  Cliff & Jeana Adams               Mr. & Mrs. John Case                Feild Co-Operative Association, Inc.   Leigh & Jack Herrin
  Susie & Jeff Adcock               Mr. & Mrs. Donald Cassata           Mrs. Susan Ferrell                     Millie & Ray Higgins
  Tom & Anita Alexander             Mr. & Mrs. L. Scott Catington       Mrs. Margaret Ferriss                  Mrs. Judy Hilton
  Mrs. Nancy Alford                 Mr. & Mrs. John Chesney             Mrs. Dianna Finch                      Gloria & Stephen Hirn
  Mr. & Mrs. John Allin             Dr. & Mrs. Alfred P Chestnut
                                                        .               Fran & Bob Fioretti                    Dr. John T. Hontzas
  Dr. & Mrs. James P Almas
                      .             Mark & Cathy Chinn                  First Class Linen                      Ms. Stacy B. Hontzas
  Rhonda & Bobby Armstrong          Gary & Pam Cirilli                  First Presbyterian Church Day          Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Hosemann
  Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Arnold, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Don Clark                    School                             Mr. & Mrs. Paul Howell
  Dr. & Mrs. Bill Ashford           Mrs. Sandra Clark                   Greg & Robin Fiser                     Mr. & Mrs. John Hubbard
  Bill & Kameron Ball               Mr. & Mrs. David Cleland            Foam Sales & Marketing                 Doug & Cathy Hudgins
  Dee & Hilton Ball                 Philip & Angie Coburn               Shirley & Frank Fortenberry            Mr. Ay Hurst
  Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Ballew III       Mr. & Mrs. Jim Coggin               April & Mark Foster                    Mrs. Susan Ingram
  Jeff & Julie Barnett              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Coleman           Claiborne Frazier                      Mrs. Kathy Ingram
  Dr. & Mrs. Gene R. Barrett        Mrs. Marimae Coleman                Dr. & Mrs. Rodney French               Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Iupe, Sr.
  Mr. & Mrs. Clay Bartlett          Common Cents Solutions, Inc.        Mr. Robert B. Fuller                   JA Secondary Students Class of
  Mr. & Mrs. John Batte             Mrs. Helen E. Cook                  Steven & Deanna Funderburg                2000
  Mr. & Mrs. Bob Berman             Brett & Lisa Couch                  Denise & Bill Furr                     Jackson Academy Class of 2006
  Mr. & Mrs. Dom Bevalaque          Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Craig          Mr. & Mrs. Jim Furrh                   Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Jacobs
  Wendi & Tommy Blair               Bob & Jan Cragon                    Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Futvoye             Jackson Academy Association
  Blue Mountain College             Mickey & Gay Crosby                 Charles & Shoba Gaymes                 Randy & Paula James
  Lorraine & David Blount           Mrs. Barkie Crosland                Eliza & Rick Garraway                  Peter & Pat Jernberg
  Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Bowman         Mr. & Mrs. Ian Cross                Bill & Kathleen Geary                  George & Whit Johnson
  Mr. & Mrs. David Bowman           Mrs. Judith Crotty                  Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Geiger               Mr. & Mrs. William F. Johnson
  Durr & Robin Boyles               Mrs. Rita Curry                     Joe & Dee Gex                          Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Johnson
  Roger & Donna Bozarth             Mr. & Mrs. John Deer                Mrs. Jane Gibbons                      Mr. & Mrs. Larry Johnson
  Keith & Carol Branning            Mr. & Mrs. Joe Dehmer               Mr. & Mrs. Teddy Gibson                Bard & Jennifer Johnston
  Mr. & Mrs. Don Breazeale          Mr. Barrett Donahoe                 Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Gibson               Mr. & Mrs. Larry Jones
  Mr. & Mrs. Paul Breazeale         Mr. and Mrs. George Donald          Chad & Dawn Gnam                       Penny & David Jones
  Mrs. Doris Brickell               Mary & Bob Donnelly                 Mrs. George Godwin                     Miss Martha Jones
  Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Brocato     Mrs. Bobbie Downey                  Dr. Bobby Graham & Dr. Sharon          Mrs. Linda Jordan
  Mrs. Dottie Brown                 Phil & Emry Duckworth                   Martin                             Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ellis Joseph
  Mrs. Hugh Brown                   Mr. & Mrs. Hamp Dye                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Grantham             Dr. & Mrs. Roy Kellum
  Mr. William A. Brown              Mr. & Mrs. David E. Dyess           Mr. & Mrs. Charles Greenlee            Brandon & Foster Kennedy
  Holly & Brooks Buchanan           Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Eadie              Becky & Steve Greer                    Ed & Robin Kennedy
  Bill & Michelle Bunch             Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards              Grogan & Crews                         Mr. & Mrs. Troy Kestenbaum
  Bronwyn & Chris Burford           Mr. & Mrs. Mark Edwards             Mack & Beckie Haltom                   Becky & Dan Keuter
  Hope & Bob Burford                Mr. & Mrs. Larry Edwards            Mr. Les Hardin                         Mr. & Mrs. Earl Keyes
  John & Lind Bussey                Kathryn & Steve Edwards             Mrs. Mary Ellen Harris                 Sheila & Ricky Keyes
  Hunter & Suzanne Cade             John, Gail, Virginia, & Sandra      Dr. & Mrs. William J. Harris III       Jean & Bill King
  Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Cain              England                          Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hart                Tom & Gay Kirkland
  Mr. & Mrs. Rick Calhoon           Harriett & Mark Eppes               Mr. & Mrs. James Hart                  Judy & Tom Kirkpatrick
  Paul & Perrie Calhoun             Ergon Foundation, Inc.              Debra & Paul Hastings                  Mr. & Mrs. Clifton L. Kling
  Mr. & Mrs. Sam Cameron            Rusty & Val Ethridge                Mr. & Mrs. Joey Hawkins                Terrell & Donna Knight
  Debbie & William Campbell         Dr. & Mrs. Chris & Patty Ethridge   Mr. & Mrs. Rich Haydel                 Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Knighton
  Dr. David Carroll                 Mr. & Mrs. John Faust               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hederman III         Laura & Michael Kutcher

Bold Vision Bright Future
  Mrs. Linda Lambert                    Barbara & Perry Nations             Mrs. Patsy Robinson                   Laura & Cliff Torrence
  Mr. & Mrs. William W. Lampton         Mr. & Mrs. William Neely            Julianna & Ernest Ross                Mr. & Mrs. John Tracy
  Dr. & Mrs. Jeff LeDuff                Robert & Liz Neely                  Ralph & Jerri Ross                    John & Marguerite Travis
  Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lee                  Mr. & Mrs. Larry Nelson             Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Royals               Mr. & Mrs. David L. Traxler Jr.
  Lefoldt & Co., P.A.                   Mrs. Cheryl Nelson                  Buddy Savoie                          Mrs. Tahnya Tremonte
  Mrs. Alice Levy                       Dr. & Mrs. Gayle Nelson             Betty & Ron Scarbrough                Dr. & Mrs. J. Martin Tucker
  Stancie & Phillip Ley                 Dr. & Mrs. Herbert C. Nelson        Sam & Vicki Scott                     Chris & Sharon Tucker
  Robert L. Lloyd                       Dr. & Mrs. W.C. Nicholas            Mr. & Mrs. Nick Scully                Karlen & Ben Turbeville
  Mr. & Mrs. Stan Lodl                  Mr. & Mrs. Ken Noteboom             Ed & Barbara Sentell                  Jon & Pam Turner
  Laura & Tom Lohmeier                  Mr. & Mrs. Duane O'Neill            Paige & Craig Sessums                 Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Usey
  Mrs. Sarah Love                       Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Owen               Mrs. Josie Shanks                     Mr. & Mrs. Jody Varner
  Mr. John T.C. Low                     Mr. & Mrs. Bill Painter             Mrs. Tina Shaw                        Dr. Frank & Patti Wade
  Mrs. Ginny Low                        The Palmer Foundation               Mary & Randy Shell                    Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Wakefield
  John & Hayley Lundy                   Becky & Guy Parker                  Tim & Grace Shumaker                  Catherine Swayze Wallace
  Mrs. April Magee                      Dr. & Mrs. Joel G. Payne            Silver Management Company             Bill & Charlotte Waller
  Johnny & Sharon Maloney               Mr. & Mrs. Mark P Peach
                                                           .                Carol Ann & Robby Simmons             Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Walo
  Todd & Elaine Mangum                  Performance Marketing, Inc.         Kandy & Joe Sims                      Mr. & Mrs. Rod Ward
  Dr. & Mrs. Mike Maples                Dave & Beth Peterson                Deborah & Tom Skelton                 Mr. & Mrs. Roy Ward
  David & Susan Martin                  Mr. & Mrs. Robby Pettus             Mrs. Alice M. Skelton                 Bill & Cindy Warner
  Mrs. Maudelle Martin                  The Ed Phillips Family              Mrs. Billie Skipper                   Drs. Becky & Chris Waterer
  Steven & Julie McCartney              Mr. & Mrs. James W. Phillips        Mr. & Mrs. George Smith               Robert & Rebecca Watson
  Mr. Bill McCarty III                  Mr. & Mrs. Logan B. Phillips, Jr.   Mary Elizabeth & George Smith         Mark & Dianna Webb
  Mrs. W.B. McCarty                     Miss Taylor Phillips                Mr. Frank G. Smith                    Mr. & Mrs. Emmett Webb
  Mrs. Thomas McCord                    Judy & Gary Pickering               Roy & Amy Smith                       Walter & Susan Weems
  Mr. & Mrs. Dan McCraw                 Lan & Cindy Pickle                                .
                                                                            Mr. Thomas P Sneed                    Dr. & Mrs. Eric Wegener
  Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey McGee              Steve & Carol Pittman               Mr. & Mrs. Andy Solomon               Mr. & Mrs. Drew Weissinger
  Mr. & Mrs. John McGowan               Dee Dee & Michael Pond              Mr. & Mrs. Larry Spencer              Mr. & Mrs. Dick Welch
  Tara McGowan                          Rob & DeLeslie Porch                Rev. & Mrs. Harold Sprayberry         Mr. & Mrs. Erskine Wells
  Judy & Norton McKeigney               Mrs. Chesley Pruet                  St. Dominic - Jackson Memorial        Vic & Gigi Welsh
  Sue & Bill McKnight                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Puckett             Hospital                           Mr. & Mrs. Bobby West
  Mrs. Carolyn McLendon                 Mr. & Mrs. Gus Purviance            Sissy & Larry Stacy                   Mrs. Louise Wheeler
  Mike & Missy McMullan                 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Pyron              Mrs. Martha-Ryburn Stainton           Mrs. Beryl Williams
  Mr. & Mrs. Jesse McRight              Jana & Lee Ragland                  Mr. Jack Stanford                     Ms. Dorothy L. Williams
  Mr. & Mrs. C.E. McRoberts Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. John Raines              Mr. & Mrs. John Stevens               Mr. Joe Williams
  Tim & Beth McWilliams                 Mr. & Mrs. Dale Ramsey              Tom & Debi Stewart                    Mr. & Mrs. Ed Williford
  Mr. Jackie Meck & Dr. Shani Meck      Dr. & Mrs. Randy Ramsey             Dr. & Mrs. Harper Stone               Mark B. & Ashley E. Willson
  Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Inc.   Mary & Smiley Ratcliff              Dr. & Mrs. William E. Studdard, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Fred G. Wilson
  Mr. & Mrs. John Miller                Mr. & Mrs. William F. Ray           Brenda & Richard Sullivan             Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wilson
  Mr. & Mrs. Scott F. Miller            Regions Bank                        BeBe & John Sumner                    Mr. & Mrs. Terrell Wise
  Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Miner                Mr. Christopher Renberg             Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Sumrall              Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Witt
  Mississippi Blood Services            Mrs. Margery Render                 Sysco Food Service of Jackson         Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wolfe
  Margaret & Stuart Mitchell            Marsha & Ken Revere                 Tom & Rebecca Tardy                   Mr. & Mrs. Barry Woodward
  Bobby & Gerre Moak                    Mr. & Mrs. Jack Rhodes              Pat & Sherrye Taylor                  Patrice & John Worley
  Paul & Jeanne Moak                    Mr. & Mrs. Joe Rice                 Mr. & Mrs. Tim Temple                 Mr. & Mrs. Ellis Wright
  Beckie & Philip Moes                  Mr. & Mrs. Bill Ridgway             Mr. & Mrs. Jim Terry                  Mrs. Betty Wright
  Mrs. Eugenia Monsour                  Mr. & Mrs. C. R. Ridgway            Mr. & Mrs. Ward Thayer                Mr. & Mrs. Ben S. Yandell
  Miss Lois Montague                    Naomi & Bob Ridgway                 Danny & Leigh Thomas                  Mr. & Mrs. Wirt Yerger Jr.
  Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc.         Miss Julia Ridgway                  Col. & Mrs. Jerry Thomas              Mr. & Mrs. Donn Young
  Morgan Stanley Dean Witter            Mr. & Mrs. W. Bryant Ridgway        Dr. & Mrs. William Thompson           Donnie & Kathy Young
  Virginia & Fred Morris                Nerrell Ridley                      Mark A. & Lisa S. Thompson            Ann & Denny Zimmerman
  Mr. & Mrs. William Moss               Mr. & Mrs. Brian Rippee             Mrs. Mary Kay Hollis Thompson         Anonymous
  Mr. Pete Mundy                        George & Betsy Ritter               Mrs. Helen Thornton
  Mrs. Julie H. Murray                  Dr. & Mrs. Mike Robbins             Mr. & Mrs. Bo Tighe
  Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Nalty III       Judge & Mrs. Stuart Robinson        Mr. & Mrs. Jim Tohill

     34      j a c k s o n              a c a d e m y
From Our President
    As I routinely walk through the different divisions and departments at Jackson Academy, I see firsthand
    how our students benefit from the many gifts of our parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends who give
    so generously to our JA Annual Fund.

    Marilyn Royals is working with preschoolers on perceptual motor skills equipment, Anne Keenan in the
    junior high is explaining a math problem on a new “smart” board, and Harriett Eppes returns from the
    elementary computer lab with her class. All these learning tools were made possible by gifts to the
    Jackson Academy Annual Fund.

    So many of our JA families and friends give so generously of their time, talents, and financial resources
    each year. This Annual Report of Gifts is a way to recognize the many people who are making a
    difference in the daily education of our students by supporting the Annual Fund.

    We are sincerely grateful to the following individuals and families listed in this Annual Report of Gifts.

Annual Giving
  Founder’s Circle - ($10,000.00 +)      Becky and Chris Waterer               Joe and Dee Gex
  Ergon Foundation, Inc.                 Vic and Gigi Welsh                    Chad and Dawn Gnam
                                         Guy and Allison White                 Peggy and Larry Goldstein
  Honor Circle - ($5,000)                Mark and Ashley Edmonson Willson      Dr. Bobby Graham and Dr. Sharon
  Community Foundation of Greater                                                Martin
    Jackson                              Headmaster’s Circle - ($1,000.00 +)   Mitch and Becky Hannon
  (Mr. and Mrs. Larry Edwards and Lynn   Jim and Suzanne Almas                 Mr. and Mrs. David Houpt
    and Breck Hines)                     Dr. and Mrs. Vic Applewhite           Dan and Sarah Hughes
  Josh and Susan Dehmer (Ashleigh        Matthew and Tyler Armstrong           Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
    Park)                                Jeff and Julie Barnett                Ken and Gena Jones
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Don Breazeale            Ed and Robin Kennedy
  Benefactor’s Circle - ($2,500.00 +)    Paul and Perrie Calhoun               Dr. and Mrs. John L. Kennedy
  Phillip and Audra Bowman               Mr. and Mrs. Donald Clark Jr.         Nusrat and Tawfiq Khansur
  Rick and Ann Calhoon                   Alice and Rod Clement                 Dixon and Brette Kirk
  Mitzi Ferguson                         Cline Tours, Inc.                     Tim and Beverly Lawrence
  Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lee Howie           David and Beth Crasto                 John and Hayley Lundy
  Mr. and Mrs. William R. James          Keith and Elisabeth Culbertson        Robert L. and Patti Mailly
  Mr. and Mrs. Don Noblitt               Cameron and Jenna Diket               Johnny and Sharon Maloney
  Mary and Richard Puckett               Theo and Diane Dinkins                Joe and Debbie McCaskill
  Dr. and Mrs. Randy Ramsey              Mr. and Mrs. Mark Escude’             Tara McGowan
  Drs. Tim and Grace Shumaker            Exxon Mobil Corporation               Mr. and Mrs. Mart McMullan
  Ben and Karlen Turbeville              Gertrude C. Ford Foundation           Mike and Missy McMullan

Annual Giving                                                                      ANNUAL FUND
  Rush and Lesley Mosby               Loyalty Club - ($250.00 +)                    CHAIRMEN
  Lori and Chris Newcomb              Dr. and Mrs. Phillip K. Blevins
  Wade and Stacey Overstreet          Mr. and Mrs. Jim Coggin Jr.                   2006-2007
  Britton and Bryan Owen              Marimae C. Coleman
  Jay and Susan Pond                  Clay and Deborah Crystal                  PRESCHOOL CHAIRMEN
  John and Laurie Raines              Preston and Nancy Derivaux
  Kenneth and Lisa Reed               Hamp and Shannon Dye                     Tyler and Matt Armstrong
  Bill and Creed Ridgway              Dr. Joe and Kristal Golden
  Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rotolo        Pete and Suzy Hays                       E L E M E N TA R Y C H A I R M E N
  Frances W. Stewart                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Herrin
  Dr. and Mrs. Harper Stone           Mrs. Stacy A. Hontzas
                                                                               Dr. Chad and Dawn Gnam
  Allison and Timothy Usey            John and Adrienne Howie
  Mr. and Mrs. George R. Walker       Wendy Agnew Hutchins                      SECONDARY CHAIRMEN
  Bill and Cindy Warner               Herb and Becky Ivison                  Mary John and Blair Johnson
  Mark and Dianna Webb                Blair and Mary John Johnson
  Eric and Ruth West                  Pete and Angela Kestenbaum
  Doug and Melanie Wilson             Gidget K. King                          G R A N D PA R E N T C H A I R M E N
  Anonymous                           Tom and Gay Kirkland                 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Johnson
                                      Robert W. Knapp
  Leadership Circle - ($500.00 +)     Chet and Renee Lake
  Dr. and Mrs. William C. Ashford     Sarah Love                         Mr. and Mrs. Ron Carroll
  Philip and Sophia Azordegan         Joe and Linda Kaye McCoy           Jan Carter
  C.B. and Michele Berry              Melody and Barry McNair            Mr. and Mrs. Brent Cartwright
  Bill and Amy Bush                     .
                                      J.P and Trenton Milam              Mr. and Mrs. William G. Cheney Jr.
  Mr. and Mrs. L. Scott Catington     Bobby and Gerre Moak               Stuart and Lisa Chisholm
  Jim and Amy Coleman                 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell D. Monsour   Richard and Robyn Chunn
  George and Kaye Donald              Dave and Beth Peterson             Jay and Cori Ciaccio
  Entergy                             Robert and Sara Rasmussen          Gary and Pam Cirilli
  Rusty and Val Ethridge              William and Martha Ray             Susan Barnes Clark
  Rick and Eliza Garraway             George and Betsy Ritter            Dr. and Mrs. Lane G. Clower
  Dr. and Mrs. George Harmon          Lee and Kathryn Sams               Ronnie and Ginger Cockayne
  Beverly and Rufus Hendon            Barbara and Ed Sentell             Chris and Mona Couey
  Debby J. Hendrick                   Deryll and Sherry Stegall          Pat and Wanda Courter
  Rafe and Jennifer Hudson            Mr. and Mrs. Tim Temple            Michael and Amy Courtney
  Thomas and Bridgette Iupe           Marty and Robin Tucker             Bob and Jan Cragon
  Dr. and Mrs. Roy Kellum             John and Patrice Worley            Chris and Staci Crawford
  Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Kennedy        Betty S. Wright                    Lisa and Tommy Darnell
  Charlie and Amy Knighton            Anonymous                          Mr. Harper Davis
  Lash and Amanda Lacoste                                                James and Sandy Dement
  Drew and Davis McIntyre             Century Club - ($100.00 +)         Bob and Mary Donnelly
  Bobby and Rivers Mounger            Sayed Ahmed                        Madge Duke
  Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Neely        Tom and Anita Alexander            Laura and Derek Dyess
  Jimmy and Crystal Newquist          Steve and Chelye Amis              Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Edgecombe
  Ginger and Buddy Parham             Stacy and Mike Anderson            Ricky and Sherri Eiland
  Mr. Jim Payne                       Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arinder          John and Gail England
  Bob and Naomi Ridgway               Brent and Lori Barfield            Harriett and Mark Eppes
  Mike Robbins                        Michael and Barb Baumann           Mrs. Amy Frazier
  Tom and Rebecca Tardy               Richard and Jill Beneke            Mr. Claiborne Frazier
  Jody and Michelle Varner            David and Kate Bowman              Steve and Deanna Funderburg
  Douglas and Patricia Walo           Mr. and Mrs. Keith Branning        Brooke and Tammy Furrh
  Dr. and Mrs. Eric E. Wegener        Tommy and Susan Bruckner           Byron and Lissa Galloway
  Jerry and Cindy Woods               Kathleen and Luis Bruno            Debbie and Steve Garrett
                                      Patricia M. Burney                 Charles and Shoba Gaymes
                                      Marge Busching                     Maribeth and Teddy Gibson

    36    j a c k s o n       a c a d e m y
Annual Giving
  Kathy and Nelson Gibson             Tom Rhoden                           Woody York
  Becky and Steve Greer               Patrick and Louise Ridgeway          Anonymous
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Griffin      Dr. and Mrs. Gary A. Roberson
  Cameron and Suzanne Guild           Mr. and Mrs. Guy N. Rogers Jr.       Scholar’s Club - ($25.00 +)
  Donald and Sharron Guild            Jonathan and Dara Rogers             David and Cindy Adams
  Stan and Robin Hall                 Gene and David Ross                  Mr. and Mrs. Charlie R. Allen
  Mark and Susan Hardee               Corinne and Chuck Sampson            Hunter and Tina Arnold
  Les Hardin                          Ronald L. Scarbrough                 Hilton and Dee Ball
  Mr. and Mrs. John L. Harvey         Sam and Vicki Scott                  John and Amelie Black
  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hawks             Jerry and Stephanie Senter           Dr. John and Laurie Braun
  Mark and Jane Hinkle                Charlie and Janet Spain              Mike and Amy Brooks
  Dr. John Hontzas                    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Spence III   Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Burford III
  Dr. and Mrs. William P Howard       Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Stevens      General and Mrs. Dick Burney
  Charles and Grace Hull              Tom and Debi Stewart                 Mr. and Mrs. Jim M. Busby Jr.
  Bryan and Lisa Jameson              Bob and Patricia Strong              George and Leigh Barnett Butler
  Connie and Harrell Jeanes           Mr. and Mrs. John Sumner Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Cain
  Martin Jelliffe                     Andy and Allison Talley              Michael and Sylvia Caples
  Brad and Bethany Johnson            Larry and Cheryl Taylor              Amy and John Chesney
  Roy and Laura Jones                 Scot and Kimberly Thigpen                                .
                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Alfred P Chestnut
  Ken and Sue Kaiser                  Mr. and Mrs. Sherrell R. Thornton    Lamar and Steve Chustz
  Mr. and Mrs. Clifton L. Kling
  Mark and Andrea Lackey
  Jeff and Sherry Lang
  Geno and Angie Lee                                                       Ryan Mitchell, ninth-grade son of Shelby
  Larry J. and Jane Lee                                                    and Jo Ellen Mitchell, received the Andrew
  Dr. Phillip and Stancie Ley                                              Yoste Defore Annual Scholarship. The
  Mr. William J. Little Jr.                                                award was established by Mr. and Mrs.
  Mr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Mack                                              Wilson Defore, Sr., in memory of their
  Mr. and Mrs. Tom E. Maury                                                grandson, Andrew Defore, Class of 2002.
  Patricia and Justin McClure
  Perry and Beth McGaugh
                                                                           The scholarship, given in the form of
  Brian and Casey McGee
  Joe and Amy McGowan                                                      tuition credit, is awarded to an outstanding
  Mr. and Mrs. Devere McLennan                                             student who demonstrates the desire to
  Will and Jamie McNamara                                                  unselfishly serve others, who is dedicated to
  Tim and Beth McWilliams                                                  high achievement in academics and other
  Tommy and Lisa Miskelly                                                  activities, and is committed to a Godly and
  Mike and Kathy Morgan                                                    healthy lifestyle.
  Julie H. Murray
  Mr. and Mrs. Steve S. Nail
  Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Nalty III
  Lee and Kristen Nations             Mr. and Mrs. Bo S. Tighe Jr.         Tim and Betsy England Crawley
  Richard and Mary-Nell Newman        Meredith and Joel Travelstead        Anne and Shay Daly
  Gale H. Noel                        Mr. and Mrs. John Travis III         Guy and Genean Davant
  Dr. Greg and Beverly Oden           Jeff and Lea Turnipseed              Robert D. Davidson
  John N. Palmer                      Frank and Patti Wade                                        .
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles P Duckworth
  Becky and Guy Parker                Danny and Pam Walker                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edmonson
  Mr. and Mrs. Mark P Peach
                        .             Richard Warren                       Lisa and Brad Ewing
  Scott and Lulu Pedigo               Mr. and Mrs. Forbes L. Watson        Susan Ferrell
  Bryan and Carol Pittman             Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weems            Greg Fiser
  DeLeslie and Rob Porch              Bobby and Barbara West               Shirley and Frank Fortenberry
  Linda and Gus Purviance             Jeff and Suzy Wheeler                Mrs. Jane E. Gibbons
  Teaven and Barbara Redstone         Gary and Anita Wray                  Alan and Susan Goodman
  Thomas and Debbie Rhaly             Dr. Gongchao Yang                    Dr. and Mrs. William J. Harris III

Annual Giving
                                                                                     Jim and Audrey Wilkirson
THE SARAH, DAVID, & JOY HOWIE                                                        The Charles Witt Family
                                                                                     Paige and John Yoste
TEACHER APPRECIATION AWARD                                                           William and Katherine Youngblood
                                                 The Sarah, David, and Joy Howie     Dr. X. Zhou and Dr. Jinghe Mao
                                                 Teacher Appreciation Award was      Denny and Ann Zimmerman
                                                 established in 2001 to honor        Anonymous
                                                 Jackson Academy’s outstanding       Anonymous
                                                 faculty and annual valedictorian.
                                                 A monetary award is given to the    This Jackson Academy Annual Report of
                                                 valedictorian who is then asked     Gifts covers the fiscal year June 1, 2006, to
                                                 to select three teachers that       May 31, 2007. Despite making every effort
                                                 made an impact on his or her        to ensure the accuracy of the information,
                                                 life while at Jackson Academy.      we recognize that mistakes do occasionally
                                                 The teachers are given a            occur. We regret any errors or ommissions
                                                 monetary stipend as well. Last      and ask that you contact our development
From left: Joy H.
                                                 spring, JA valedictorian Lauren     office so that we can make the necessary
Hodges, Homer
Lee, Diana,
                                                 Wahl selected Sarah Ryburn          corrections.
David, and Sarah                                 Stainton, Bruce Sumrall, and
Howie.                                           Barbara Neely.

         John and Louise Hartlein            Barbara Neely                                  2007 Gifts of JA
         Paul D. and Debra Hastings          Greg and LeAnn Nethery
         Beth Hays                           Jeannette and Jimmy O’Mara
                                                                                     In honor of their 2007 graduating senior, the
         Mr. and Mrs. Ray Higgins            Mr. Mickey Parker                       following parents donated their Jackson
         John and Amy Hill                   Nancy Morse Parkes                      Academy membership to the school. Each of
         Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hines              Paul and Robbie Parrish                 the families received a rosewood desk clock
         Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hopkins     Bruce and Helene Payne                  with their family name and names of their JA
         Glynn Ingram                        Bruce and Joyce Plunkett                graduates engraved on a silver nameplate. We
         Susan Ingram                        William and Bethany Pyron               wish to thank the following families:
         Mr. and Mrs. Thad Irby              Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ratcliff
                                                                                            Mark and Sheryl Escude
         Michelle and David Jacobs           Frances and Chuck Ray
         Connie S. Jelliffe                  Judge and Mrs. Stuart Robinson                       Tiffany 2000
         Candace and Bill Jones              Martha Rogers                                     Mark Charles 2002
         Cindy Jordan                        Randy and Debra Rogers                                Clay 2007
         Anne Keenan                         Chadwick W. Russell
         Mike and Jann Kenney                Kevin and Shirley Scott                       Tawfiq and Nusrat Khansur
         Lance and Karen Klein               Craig and Paige Sessums                                Shad 2000
         Terrell and Donna Knight            Josie Shanks                                          Emaad 2007
         Robert and Lynda Lesley             Billie Skipper
         Tim and Donna Lindsay               Janette D. Smith                                Lesley and Rush Mosby
         Cynthia and Tim Mahaffey            Joe and Mina Spinosa                                   Will 2003
         Lisa Mahaffey                       Dr. Craig Stockmeier and                               Hallie 2007
         David and Susan Martin                 Dr. Grazyna Rajkowski
         Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Matlock        Richard and Brenda Sullivan                   Michael and Dee Dee Pond
         Mark and Kim McCormack              Mr. and Mrs. Lance Sullivan                           Dixie 2007
         Wes and Wendy McCubbins             Stacy and Ginger Thomas
         Mark and Beth McDowell              Mary Kay Thompson                               Bill and Creed Ridgway
         Rob and Leigh McKnight              David and Dana Traxler                                  Will 2004
         Heidi and Frank Melia               Don and Yonnie Waller                                   Kate 2007
         Edward and Martha Mizell            Mr. and Mrs. Eddy Waller
         Carla and Richard Moor              Angela Walter                                     Ruth and Eric West
         Jackye and Rodney Moore             Debbie and Mark Westbrook                            Shannon 2004
         Virginia A. Morris                  Phil and Rhonda Whitehead                             Haley 2006

            38      j a c k s o n    a c a d e m y
Alumni Gifts                                                                                Jackson Academy
  Mr. David Adams 1985                      Mr. Jonathan McCullough 2000
  Mr. Patrick Almas 2006                    Mr. Andrews McIntyre 1987                          Gifts-In-Kind
  Mr. Michael Anderson 1986                 Mrs. Melody Anderson McNair 1984                         2006-2007
  Dr. Austin Barrett 1999                   Mrs. Jackye Shanks Moore 1983
  Mr. Phillip Bowman 1986                   Mr. Lee Nations 1993
  Mrs. Leigh Barnett Butler 1989            Mrs. Kristen Kennedy Nations 1995                    Mr. Phillip Bowman
  Mr. Stephen Clay 1992                     Mrs. Ginger Dinkins Parham 1982                    Copper Roof and Gutters
  Mr. Ronald Cockayne Jr. 1983              Mr. Scott Pedigo 1990
  Dr. Edward Copeland 1991                  Mrs. Laura Payne Pennebaker 1997                  Mr. and Mrs. Tim Brown
  Mr. Harris Frazier 1991                   Mr. Logan Phillips 1998
                                                                                                  GE Camcorder, Case
  Mr. Alan Goodman 1984                     Mr. Robert Porch II 1983
                                                                                                  And Battery Charger
  Dr. Cameron Guild 1992                    Mrs. Frances Ridgway Ray 1989
  Mrs. Suzanne Greer Guild 1992             Mr. Blake Reeves 2001
  Mr. Brad Hatchett 1991                    Mr. Matt Reinhardt 1996                        Mr. and Mrs. John Christmas
  Mrs. Stacy Bozarth Hontzas 1989           Mr. Dan Richart 1983                                HP Deskjet 712C Printer
  Mrs. Caroline Keasler Jeffreys 1997       Mrs. Lauren Newton Roady 1997
  Mrs. Amanda Condra Jones 1985             Miss Amber Robinson 2007                               Mr. Kirk Hannon
  Mr. Michael Johnson 1992                  Miss Sarah Sams 2007
                                                                                                        KFC Meals
  Miss Emily Knight 2007                    Mr. Samuel Scott II 1985
  Mr. Charlie Knighton 1987                 Mr. Bill Sheffield 1984
  Mr. Barton Lampton 1997                   Mrs. London Luckett Simpson 1998
  Mrs. Kasey Sample Lemkin 1996             Mrs. Mary Kay Hollis Thompson 1983
  Mrs. Natalie Tinnin Lynch 1996            Dr. Meredith Montgomery Travelstead 1989
  Mrs. Cynthia Burney Mahaffey 1989         Mr. Robert Tyson 1987
  Miss Amy McCullough 1997                  Mr. Bradford Walker 2000
                                            Mrs. Ginger Van Skiver Wallace 1994
                                            Mrs. Jennifer Shotts Wellhausen 1996
                                            Mrs. Ashley Edmonson Willson 1987
        PreSchool/                          Mrs. Melanie Hollis Wilson 1984
                                            Mr. Stephen Worley 2007
    Elementary Teacher                      Mrs. Paige Dickerson Yoste 1988

        of the Year
                                                         The Harmon and Faye Bowman
                                                             Memorial Scholarship
                                                                                               The Harmon and Faye Bowman
                                                                                               Memorial Scholarship was awarded to
                                                                                               Ryan Jones at senior high Class Day
                                                                                               2007. Ryan is the son of Roy and
                                                                                               Laura Jones. The scholarship was
                                                                                               established by JA alumni Phillip
                                                                                               Bowman ’86 and Amy Bowman ’89 in
    Mrs. Susie Adcock was awarded the                                                          memory of their parents, Harmon and
    Preschool/Elementary Teacher of the                                                        Faye Bowman.
                                                                                               Amy and Phillip established the
    Year Award for 2006-2007. Mrs.
                                                                                                scholarship for Jackson Academy
    Adcock was also named Mississippi                                                           students with preference given to “a
    Private School Association Teacher of    senior high boy or girl who has demonstrated the personal characteristics that indicate
    the Year.                                the promise of success in personal endeavors.”
                                             Ryan, a JA senior, has his own landscaping business. Pictured left to right is Phillip
                                             Bowman, Audra Bowman and Ryan Jones.

Gifts From Our Grandparents
                                                                              Mrs. Patsy Caraway              Hilda and Ken Courtney
                                                                                   Dave Crasto                      Daniel Courtney
                                                                                   Taylor Crasto              Mr. and Mrs. Blythe B. Cragon
                                                                                   William Crasto                   Robert Cragon
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Cartledge    Mr. and. Mrs. Frank Crosthwait
                                                                                   Evan Cartledge                   Sandra England
                                                                              Mrs. Yolanda Cassola                  Virginia England
                                                                                   Ray Edward Stevens         Mrs. Mildred Crouere
                                                                                   Drury Stevens                    Emily Monsour
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chill      Mrs. Doris M. Crumbley
                                                                                   Allison Studdard                 Julia Morgan Stone
                                                                                   Natalie Studdard                 Harper Stone
                                                                              John and Barbara Christmas      Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Crystal
                                                                                   Annie Campbell                   David Crystal
                   JA GRANDPARENT CHAIRMEN                                    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Clark                  .
                                                                                                              Mr. Gerald P Crystal
JA Annual Fund grandparent chairmen for 2006-2007, Mr. and Mrs. William F.         Drew Clark                       Devon Erlich
Johnson, are joined by their grandchildren. They are Mary Blair Johnson,           Kendall Phillips                 Remi Erlich
Andrew Kennedy, Will Johnson, Daniel Kennedy and Matthew Kennedy.                  Locke Phillips                   Max Erlich
                                                                              Julie Cockayne                  Norma and Noel Cumbaa
       Mr. Fred L. Ahlers                       Logan Clinger                      Alex Cockayne                    Drew Moak
            Zackary Temple                Ruth L. Brent                            Jordan Cockayne                  Sykes Moak
            Madalyn Temple                      Kristian Brent                     Kendall Cockayne           Mr. Harper Davis
            Mack Temple                   Billie Ruth Brewer                       Reagan Rhodes                    Morgan Davis
            Isabel Temple                       Madison Warman                     Sam Rhodes                 Bill and Judi Deterly
       Mr. and Mrs. Chris Anzalone              Drake Warman                 Jim and Pat Coggin                     Regan Reardon
            Sydney Hays                   Becky and Joe Brister                    Caroline Coggin                  Maggie Cross
            Sophie Hays                         Hannah Hudson                Mr and Mrs. James Conerly        Theo and Diane Dinkins
       Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Arnold             Katherine Hudson                   Kathleen Giddens                 Matt Parham
            Steele Dehmer                 Dr. and Mrs. Jep Brock                   Abigail Giddens                  Ginny Parham
            Sydney Dehmer                       Emma Carroll Waller          Dr. Rodrick Conerly              Mr. and Mrs. Brad Dye
       Mr. and Mrs. John R. Arnold              Dannie Waller                      Madeline Mae Conerly             Nathan Dye
            Jessica Arnold                Charlie and Robyn Brown            Myrna and David Cook                   David Dye
            Regan Arnold                        Catherine Gibson                   Emily Mangum               Mr. and Mrs. Richard
       B.A. and Jane Atkins                     Mary Paxton Gibson                 Andrew Mangum              Edmonson
            Audra Atkins                        Dalton Gibson                Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cotten               Dray Willson
       Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ballard         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S.                   Caroline Childress               Turner Willson
            Heather Horner                Bruckner, Sr.                            Elizabeth Childress              Annalee Willson
            Abby Horner                         John Thomas Bruckner                                                Malon Stratton
            Price Horner
            Kendall Kirk
            John Sharp Kirk
       Dee and Hilton W. Ball
                                                      The Herschel Brickell Family
            Avery Anderson
            Reese Anderson
                                                      Endowed Scholarship
       Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Barnes                                                                     David Lewis, son of John and Anne Lewis,
            Gipson Clark                                                                              was the 2007-2008 recipient of the Herschel
       Kathryn Yerger Becker                                                                          Brickell Family Endowed Scholarship.
            Sarah Sams
       Jean and Monte Bee                                                                             Herschel Brickell was one of the founders of
            Miller McNamara                                                                           Jackson Academy. Established in 1997 by
       Dr. and Mrs. Carl Bernet                                                                       the family of Mr. Brickell, the scholarship is
            Heather Hays
       Derwood and Regina Boyles                                                                      presented to a rising tenth grade student who
            Gray Boyles                                                                               “possesses the personal qualities exemplified
            Connor Boyles                                                                             or admired by Herschel Brickell including
       Roger and Donna Bozarth
                                                                                                      good character, integrity, self discipline,
            Jonathan Hontzas
            William Hontzas                           individual initiative, independence, quest for knowledge, and a desire to achieve.”
            Ana Kelly Hontzas                         Pictured with David is Mrs. Doris Brickell, wife of Herschel Brickell.
            Evin Clinger

          40     j a c k s o n          a c a d e m y
Gifts From Our Grandparents
        Reeves Stratton              Debby J. Hendrick                       Brett Ward
  Mrs. Betty M. Edwards
        Elizabeth Edwards Smith
                                           Hunter Johns
                                           John David Hendrick
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Denny King
                                                                             Weston King
                                                                                                           The 20th Century
        Dr. Margaret Edwards
        Stephen Edwards
                                           Avery Hendrick
                                     Mr. and Mrs. Carl Herrin
                                                                             Katie King
                                                                       Robert W. Knapp
  Dr. and Mrs. Rudy Ehrensing              Carly Herrin                      Wren Knapp                       Scholarship
        John Louis Black             Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hester         Mrs. Janet Knellinger
        Madeleine Black                    Sara Thomas Easley                Jenny Rogers
  Mrs. Loyce Ellis                         Turner Easley               William and Norma Krapac
        Travis Donald                Shirley and Ralph Hines                 Megan Laird
        Taylor Donald                      Olivia Hines                      Will Laird
  Mrs. Billie Everett                      Kirkland Hines              Mrs. Betty H. Lake
        Max Everett                        Lil Hines                         Alex Lake
        Zack Everett                 Henry and Sandra Holman           Mrs. Ben Lampton
  Linda Finch                              Ryan Buchanan                     Katie Puckett
        John Thomas Bruckner               Holman Buchanan             Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Lampton II
  Mrs. Sarah D. Flanagan             Tommy and Ellen Hontzas                 Katie Lampton
        Josh Hinkle                        Jonathan Hontzas            Kathryn and Ed Lawler
  Adelaide and Les Fletcher                William Hontzas                   Janeanna Shell
        Walker Fletcher                    Ana Kelly Hontzas                 Jay Shell
        Daniel Fletcher              Virginia Peter Hoover             Mrs. Mildred Wasson Lawrence
        Blake Fletcher                     Wes Matlock                       Kellon Lawrence            The 20th Century Endowed
  Mrs. Jimmy Fowler                  Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Horner         Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lee            Scholarship was awarded this past
        Jay Fowler                         Heather Horner                    Tori Lee                   spring to Alyssa Anderson, daughter
  Mr. and Mrs. James B. Furrh, Jr.         Abby Horner                 Nancy and Jerry Lee
                                                                                                        of Rev. Mark and Karen Anderson.
        Mary Ashton Furrh                  Price Horner                      Ashley Sanders
  Shirley and Jack Geary                   Jill Horner                       Nancy Lee Sanders          The scholarship, given in the form of
        Will Geary                         Wesley Pinson               Bill and Shirley Lewis           tuition credit, is awarded each year
        Ryan Geary                   Mrs. Rolanda Howe                       Bradley Lewis              to a student who possesses
        Camp Geary                         Wren Knapp                        Braden Lewis               leadership skills, is well rounded in
  Becky and Steve Greer              Lonnie and Phyllis Howerton       Terry and Helen Manke            his or her academic and
        Sandon Guild                       Charles Moor                      Bradley Canton             extracurricular pursuits, and who
        Alex Guild                         Joshua Moor                       Chase Canton               comes from a Christian home.
        Maddox Greer                 Charles and Kicker Hull                 Brennan Canton
  Mr. Sydney E. Guest                      Quinn Bolls                 Mr. and Mrs. Ron Martin              Ridgely McIntyre
        Grace Childers                     Hull Bolls                        Jay Kucia
  Sharon Hall                        Art and Jeanie Inkster            Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Maxwell       Mr. and Mrs. Howard L.
        Hayden Hughes                      Peyton Thigpen                    Joseph Maxwell             McMillan Jr.
  Verdell Hanke                            Bowen Thigpen                     Turner Maxwell                  Katie Love Garraway
        Kelly Anne Hines             Jeff and Mary Nell Jeffreys             Duncan Maxwell                  Mary Hastings Garraway
  Dr. and Mrs. George H. Harmon            John Jeffreys               Mr. and Mrs. L. V. McClellan          West Garraway
        Mary Carol Davison                 Mary Riels Jeffreys               Tyler McClellan            Dr. and Mrs. Mart McMullan
        Turner Davison                     Ramsay Jeffreys                   Meredith McClellan              Jake Williams
  Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Hartness      Dorothy Jean Johns                Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick           Zach Williams
        Mary Beth Dyess                    Hunter Johns                      Avery Hederman                  Anna Kate Williams
        Ginny Dyess                  Mr. and Mrs. William F. Johnson         Erin Hederman                   Luke Williams
  Sherry and Joe Hawkins                   Will Johnson                Dr. and Mrs. John McCormick           Robert Crisler
        Hunter Hawkins                     Mary Blair Johnson                Hope Berry                      Jack Crisler
        Holly Hawkins                      Andrew Kennedy              Joe and Linda Kaye McCoy              Connor McMullan
  Mrs. Elsie S. Hawkinson                  Matthew Kennedy                   Sallie Kaye Streeter            Sam McMullan
        Casey Chinn                        Daniel Kennedy                    Anne Rivers Streeter       David and Angie McNamara
        Carly Chinn                  Ed and Robin Kennedy              Mrs. Patricia S. McEwen               Bee McNamara
        Conley Chinn                       Kennedy Nations                   Emily Plunkett                  Miller McNamara
  Jimmy and Lynda Hays               Earl and Hallie Keyes                   Jackson Plunkett                Kent McNamara
        Hays Rogers                        Marian Keyes                Mr. and Mrs. John McIntyre            Addison McNamara
        Max Rogers                         Franklin Keyes                    Taylor McInyre             Mrs. John W. McPherson
        Ellie Rogers                       Houston Keyes                     Catherine McIntyre              Georgia Gibson
  Pete and Susan Hays                      Krysten Keyes                     John McIntyre              Hugh and Reba McWilliams
        Sydney Hays                        Adam Keyes                        Andrews McIntyre                Hannah McWilliams
        Sophie Hays                        Ryan Ward                         Caroline McIntyre               Zack McWilliams

Gifts From Our Grandparents
  Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Miller    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Page          Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Ridgway, III   Dr. W. B. Thompson
        Max Milam                       Rachel Wade                     Anthony Ray                        Kayla Thompson
        John Scott Milam                Sarah Wade                      Amanda Ray                         William Thompson
  Mrs. Ruth Mills                 Mr. and Mrs. John Palmer         Mrs. Loise Risher                 Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Tucker
        Spencer Mills                   Justin McClure                  Sloan Chesney                      Ann Robin Tucker
        David Mills                     Claire McClure                  Wade Chesney                       Mary Grace Tucker
        Sarah Katherine Mills           Charlotte Palmer           Mr. and Mrs. Cohen E.                   Clara Beth Tucker
        Blake Mills               Mr. Jim Payne                    Robertson                               Sarah Martin Tucker
  Dr. and Mrs. S.W. Mitchell            Caroline Nall                   John Wilson                  Mr. Travis Vance
        Ryan Mitchell             John and Betty Philley           Martha Rogers                           Maribeth Barfield
  Alvin and Peggy Moak                  Will Taylor                     Emma Bruno                         Kaitlyn Barfield
        Drew Moak                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pickering   Sandra Dabbs Rogers                     Jake Barfield
        Sykes Moak                      Ross Pickering                  Hays Rogers                  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Waller
  Mr. and Mrs. Bob Moeller              Jack Pickering                  Max Rogers                         Clayton Waller
        Sonny Beneke                    Asher Pickering                 Ellie Rogers                       Emma Carroll Waller
        Ashley Lane Beneke              Harper Pickering           Sandy and Mary Helen Sams               Dannie Waller
        Drake Beneke              Mr. and Mrs. Austin Pierce            Sarah Sams                         Anne Overton Waller
        Charles Rand Beneke             Austin Ramey               Midge and Howard Samsel                 Lucy Waller
  Mr. and Mrs. Larry Morrison           Dylan Ramey                     Melissa Ramsey                     Don Waller
        Lauren Henderson          Bob Pillow Sr.                        Laura Ramsey                 Mrs. Delta Walton
        Ashlie Henderson                Rob Pillow                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sansing            Maggie Selph
  David and Betty Ann Morrow      Drs. James A. and Cynthia             Will Denny                   Ed and Eleanor Wettach
        Bailey Pond               Pitcock                               Matt Denny                         Hannah Collums
        Adam Pond                       Helen Mays                 Mr. and Mrs. Sherard R. Shaw            Emma Collums
  Mr. and Mrs. William D.         Marion B. Poirier                     Blair Shaw                   Mrs. Elizabeth M. White
  Mounger                               Ashley Varner                   Heather Shaw                       Will Maris
        Robert Mounger                  Will Varner                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Smith      Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Wilder
        Anne Rivers Mounger       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Porch               Ellen Elliott                      Tara Thompson
  Kathryn K. Murphey                    Caroline Porch                  Taylor Elliott                     Laney Thompson
        Will Parrish                    Avery Porch                     Rob Elliott                        Nathan Weissinger
  Jim and Marie Myers                   John Porch                 Kay W. Southern                         Connor Weissinger
        Christie Allen            Mrs. Carolyn Pryor                    Sarah Ellen Southern         Mr. and Mrs. John Williams
  Alonzo and Mary Neal                  Hallie Mosby                    Susanna Southern                   Kristen Blair
        Karley Bozeman                  Bailey Pryor               Jack and Laurin Stamm                   Mollie Blair
        Danielle Bozeman                Mary Morgan Pryor               Jack Collins                       Lee Blair
  Evelyn Jean Newcomb             Mr. and Mrs. Ben Puckett              Marimac Collins              Stan and Jean Winford
        Nick Newcomb                    Rob Puckett                     Riley Collins                      Trenton Winford
  Wayne and Carolyn Nix                 Katie Puckett              Lynda L. Street                         Brittan Winford
        John Parker Clark         Christie and Dale Ramsey              Taylor Elizabeth Hawks             Steven Winford
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noble            Ashley Gnam                Nanette and Joe Sutherland              Aiden Winford
        Bryn Noble                      Jack Gnam                       Claire Brabec                      Parker Winford
        Liv Noble                 Mary and Smiley Ratcliff              Merideth Brabec                    Keegan Winford
        Douglas Noble                   Tyler Winford                   Russ Brabec                        Olivia Winford
  Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy O’Mara             Ashley Winford             Mrs. Anthony Tattis               Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Wise
        Bryn Noble                      Trenton Winford                 Rachel Batte                       Mary Haley Hamm
        Liv Noble                       Steven Winford                  Jonathan Hontzas             W.A. and Anita Womack
        Douglas Noble                   Stephanie Ratcliff              William Hontzas                    Emily Sigler
  Bill and Susan Osborne                Spencer Ratcliff                Ana Kelly Hontzas            Mr. and Mrs. Ed Woods
        Christian Hughes          Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Ray              Anthony Ray                        Ashton Berry
        Noah Hughes                     Lauren Wakefield                Amanda Ray                   Betty S. Wright
        Addison Hughes                  Sarah Courter              Mrs. Eleanor Taylor                     Cole Phillips
        Ty Thompson                     Adam Ray                        Kevin Anthony                      Reese Phillips
        Hadley Thompson                 Alex Ray                   Frances Abraham Thomas            Mr. and Mrs. Ben S. Yandell
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard W.               Anna Katherine Ray              Zachary Dallaire                   R. J. Nalty
  Overbey                         Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rhoden               Samara Dallaire                    Ben Nalty
        Andrew Partridge                Lily Rhoden                     Aaron Dallairre                    Wilson Nalty
        Harrison Partridge        Bob and Naomi Ridgway                 Ilana Dallaire               Don and Brenda Young
  Mr. and Mrs. Sam Owen                 Anthony Ray                Jim and Linda Thomas                    Will Young
        Annie Owen                      Amanda Ray                      Gracy Thomas                       Allison Young
        Mary Ousley Owen

    42      j a c k s o n        a c a d e m y
Memorials 2006-2007
  John Leslie Albriton, Jr.
   (Father of John Albriton, III)
    Doris Brickell
  Mr. William David Ball, Sr.
                                                             Teacher Enrichment Award
   (Father of Bill Ball and Grandfather of
   Conner Beth Ball)
                                                                                                     The Teacher Enrichment Award for 2007 was
   Keith and Carol Branning
   Mary Donnelly                                                                                     presented to Steven McCartney. The award
   Becky and Steve Greer                                                                             comes from a class gift made by the Jackson
   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
   Anne Keenan                                                                                       Academy Class of 2001 given in honor of JA
   DeLeslie and Rob Porch                                                                            associate dean Bill Bunch. The JA Class of 2004
   Lynett Robinson
   Jan, Ronnie and the 2006-07                                                                       also donated a portion of their class gift to this
   Girls Varsity Basketball Team                                                                     special award.
  Mr. Loyal Bearss
   (Founder of Jackson Academy and
   Former Headmaster)
   Joseph Bearss
   Mr. and Mrs. Max Bearss
   Mary Donnelly                              Charlie, Janet, Chad, and Alex    Nick and Patty Scully                     Becky and Steve Greer
   Mr. Mike Duke                              Spain                             Barbara and Ed Sentell                    Anne Keenan
   Becky and Steve Greer                      Martha Thompson                   Josie Shanks                              DeLeslie and Rob Porch
   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg                Dana and David Traxler            Alice M. Skelton                          Lynett and Stuart Robinson
   Mrs. Donna M. King                        Mr. Forest M. Breazeale            Elsie C. Skelton                         Mrs. Doris Cooper
   Mr. and Mrs. Ron Scarbrough                (Father of Don Breazeale)         Frank G. Smith, III                       (Mother of Dee Ball)
   Anne Mireille Tyson                         Betty and John Allin                       .
                                                                                Thomas P Sneed                             Judy and Bubba Arnold
   Natasha L. Tyson                            Audra and Phillip Bowman         Bebe and John Sumner                       Tripp and Kim Arnold
   Robert S. Tyson                             Doris Brickell                   Jim and Margaret Tohill                    Carol and Keith Branning
   Mr. Harry Wanke                             John, Susan, and Robert Burt     Mark and Carolyn Wakefield                 Dr. and Mrs. Al Chestnut
   Mrs. Betty S. Wright                        Dr. and Mrs. Al Chesnut          Betty and Erskine Wells                    Mary Donnelly
   Mrs. Nancy Yonko                            Mr. and Mrs. David Cleland       The Charles Witt Family                    Becky and Steve Greer
  Mr. Milton C. Branning                       Helen Elizabeth “Libba” Cook    Mr. Dorian Bunch                            Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
   (Father of Keith Branning)                  Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Craig     (Father of Bill Bunch)                     Sarah Love
    Judy and Bubba Arnold and                  Barkie Crosland                  Michele and Bill Bunch                     Jackye Moore
    Family                                     Mary and Bob Donnelly           Mr. Natie Caraway                           DeLeslie and Rob Porch
    Kate and David Bowman                      Hamp and Shannon Dye             (Father of Beth Crasto and Grandfather     Josie Shanks
                                                                                of Dave, Taylor and William Crasto)
    Lamar and Steve Chustz                     Mr. and Mrs. Larry Edwards                                                Mrs. Polly Dawson
                                                                                Becky and Steve Greer
    Mrs. Marimae Coleman                       Mr. and Mrs. Steve Edwards                                                  Lynett and Stuart Robinson
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
    Dr. and Mrs. David Crasto                  Robert b. Fuller                                                          Ashleigh Arnold Dehmer
                                                                                Anne Keenan                               (JA Alumni, Daughter of Judy and
    Mary Donnelly                              Mr. and Mrs. James B. Furrh,
                                                                                David and Dana Traxler                    Bubba Arnold, Mother of Steele and
    Phil and Emry Duckworth                    Jr.                                                                        Sydney Dehmer and Former JA
                                                                               Mrs. Wilma L. Chittom
    Janis and Richard Edmonson                 Becky and Steve Greer            (Grandmother of DeLeslie Porch)           Teacher)
    Bill and Nancy Howard                      Jane and Paul Howell              Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg              Alan and Susan Goodman
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg                Paula and Randy James           Anna Carol Clark                           John and Suzanne Kinard
    Anne Keenan                                Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg      (Daughter of Don and Patty Clark)         Murray
    Judy and Tom Kirkpatrick                   Anne Keenan                      Mrs. Carolyn M. Nix                       Rob, DeLeslie, Caroline, Avery,
    Phil and Stancie Ley, Kristen,             Mr. and Mrs. Jesse McRight      Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Coincon                  and John Porch
    Jennifer and Michelle                      Gene and Sue McRoberts           (Grandparents of Michele Bunch)          Mr. Robert “Buddy” Ellis
    Jackye and Rodney Moore                    Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Miller      Michele and Bill Bunch                   (Grandfather of Missy McMullan)
    Barbara Neely                              Pete Mundy                      Mrs. Shirley Jackson                       Becky and Steve Greer
    Bruce, Helene, and Tommy                   Ben and Ashley Peebles          Coincon                                    DeLeslie and Rob Porch
                                                                                (Mother of Michele Bunch)                Mr. Clyde M. Finch
    Payne                                      Mr. and Mrs. James W.
                                               Phillips                          Michele and Bill Bunch                   (Father of Susan Bruckner and
    Rob, DeLeslie, Caroline, Avery,                                                                                       Grandfather of John Thomas Bruckner)
                                               DeLeslie and Rob Porch          Jewell Coker
    and John Porch                                                              (Mother of Linda Purviance)                Phil and Kathy Axton
    Stuart and Lynett Robinson                 Becky Thomas Pyron                Judy and Bubba Arnold                     Dianna Finch
    Josie Shanks                               Dr. and Mrs. Mike Robbins         Mary Donnelly                             Ken Finch

Memorials 2006-2007
   Judy Hilton
   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
   April Magee                                                     Preschool/Elementary Outstanding Teacher Award
   Bill McCarty, III
   Mrs. W.B. McCarty, Jr.
   Dan and Barbara McCraw
   Ken Morrow
   The Moss Family
   Linda and Jim Terry
   Col. and Mrs. Jerry A. Thomas                                                                               Debra Hastings, JA fifth-grade teacher,
   Martha Thompson                                                                                             received the Preschool/Elementary
   Mr. and Mrs. Dick Welch                                                                                     Outstanding Teacher Award for 2007. The
   Louise Wheeler
   Joe Williams
                                                                                                               award is given each year in memory of
   Mark, Ashley, Dray, Turner, and                                                                             Ashleigh Arnold Dehmer. A monetary
   AnnaLee Willson                                                                                             stipend is also given to the recipient from
  Mr. F.W. Garraway                                                                                            an anonymous donor.
    (Father of Rick Garraway and
    Grandfather of Katie Love, Mary
    Hastings and West Garraway)
   Beth and David Crasto
   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
  Mrs. Phyllis Harris
    (Mother of William Harris and
    Grandmother of Caroline, Will, and          Judy and Bubba Arnold                  Mrs. Raymond Nalty                         Betty and Erskine Wells
    Anna Rose Harris)                                                                    (Mother of Raymond Nalty and
                                                Michele and Bill Bunch                                                           Mr. James Roberts
    Mr. William Armstrong                                                                Grandmother of R.J., Ben, and Wilson     (Father of Jamie Wright and
                                                Becky and Steve Greer                    Nalty)
  Kevin Helfrich                                                                                                                  Grandfather of John Wright)
    (Son of Julie Helfrich)
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg             Mary Sydney Green                         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
    Tom and Gay Kirkland                        Anne Keenan                            Mr. Marvin Oxley                           Sarah Love
  Debbie Hamilton Hinton                        Sarah Love                              Judy and Bubba Arnold                     Mark and Carolyn Wakefield
    (Jackson Academy Alumni)                    Rob, DeLeslie, Caroline, Avery,         Anne Keenan                              Mr. Johnny Rogers
   Joel Brown                                   and John Porch                         Mrs. Janice Payne                          (Father of Hay, Max and Ellie Rogers)
  Mrs. Mae Ruth Ishee                         Mrs. Joyce Langford                        (Mother of Bruce Payne and                The Nelson Gibson Family
    (Aunt of Sheila Keyes)                      Judy and Bubba Arnold                    Grandmother of Tommy Payne)
                                                                                                                                   Pete and Susan Hays
   Becky and Steve Greer                        Karen and Annie Campbell                Becky and Steve Greer                    Dr. James L. Royals, Jr.
  Mr. Floyd Kimbrough                           John and Barbara Christmas              Stan, Jane, and Jim Lodl                  (Father of Mr. Jimmy Royals)
    (Brother-in-Law of Linda and Gus                                                   Mr. Bob Pope
                                                Josh, Steele, and Sydney                                                           Marimae Coleman
                                                Dehmer                                   (Father of Michelle Mills, and
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg                                                          Grandfather of Spencer, David, Sarah
                                                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
    DeLeslie and Rob Porch                    Mrs. Roy Noble Lee                         Katherine, and Blake Mills)             Sherard Shaw
                                                Lynn and Charles Witt                                                             (Husband of Tina Shaw and Father of
  Mrs. Frank (Midge) Kinard,                                                             Carol and Keith Branning                 Blair and Heather Shaw and Former JA
  Sr.                                         Tyler Lind                                 Mary Donnelly                            Coach)
                                                (Son of Mr. and Mrs. Marty Lind)
    (Grandmother of Suzanne Murray)                                                      Becky and Steve Greer                     Don and Missye Rhee
    Judy, Bubba, Tripp and Kim                 Mrs. Marimae Coleman
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg               Breazeale
    Arnold                                     Becky and Steve Greer
                                                                                         Jackye Moore                            Jake Spencer
    Keith and Carol Branning                  Mr. John McPherson
                                                (Father of Kathy Gibson)                 Rob, DeLeslie, Caroline, Avery,          (Son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spencer)
    Becky and Steve Greer                      The Nelson Gibson Family                  and John Porch                            The Branning Family
    Anne Keenan                               Mr. Robert Mills                           Linda and Gus Purviance                   Amy and John Chesney
    Rob, DeLeslie, Caroline, Avery,             (Father of Bob Mills, Grandfather of     Lynett Robinson                           Tom and Gay Kirkland
    and John Porch                              Spencer, David, Sarah Katherine, and     Josie Shanks                              Devere and Lawana
                                                Blake Mills)
  Perniece Stroud Knight                                                                 Martha Thompson                           McLennan
    The Charles Knight Family                   Mary Donnelly                          Dr. James R. Prather                        Mr. and Mrs. Gray Wiggers
  Zach Koestler                                 Becky and Steve Greer                    (Father of Leisha Pickering and         Brooks Jackson Thomas
    (Son of Naomi Lingle)                       Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg              Grandfather of Ross, Jack and Asher
                                                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Bo Johnson
                                                Anne Keenan                              Pickering)
   John and Patrice Worley                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wellborn
  Mr. Jim Lambert                               Rob, DeLeslie, Caroline, Avery,         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
                                                                                       Mrs. Becky Raggio                           Witt and Candy
    (Husband of Linda Lambert, Father of        and John Porch
    Katie Stringer, Jake Lambert, and Emily                                              (Wife of Dr. Don Raggio and Mother of   Mrs. Martha Thompson
                                                Lynett Robinson                          Neilson Raggio)                          (Jackson Academy Teacher)

     44        j a c k s o n                  a c a d e m y
Memorials 2006-2007
    Judy and Bubba Arnold              Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Smith
    The Branning Family                Jim and Linda Sudduth
    Amy and John Chesney, Sloan                    .
                                       Dr. William P Thompson
    and Wade                           Dr. Ancel C. Tipton
    Marimae Coleman                    Everyone at Trace Cleaners
    Charles and Kicker Hull            University of Mississippi
    Susan Ingram                       Medical Center Department of
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg        Family Medicine - Resident
    Linda Brasfield Jordan             Physicians
    Sarah Love
    Mike, Missy, Courtney, and
    Matthew McMullan
    Tim and Beth McWilliams
                                       Mark, Carolyn, and Lauren
                                       Lee Ann Yates
                                      Mrs. Grace Wofford
                                       (Mother of Sarah Love)
    Michelle and Bob Mills                                                     Dr. Gene Barrett
    Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Nix             Dee Ball
                                       Carol and Keith Branning                Michele and Bill Bunch
    Bruce, Helene, and Tommy
    Payne                              Mary Donnelly
    Rob, DeLeslie, Caroline, Avery,    Susan Ferrell                     Mr. and Mrs. Keith Branning
    and John Porch                     The Nelson Gibson Family               Dr. and Mrs. Al Chestnut
    Linda and Gus Purviance            Becky and Steve Greer
    Lynett and Stuart Robinson         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg           Gayle and Louis Guy
    Marilyn and Jimmy Royals and       Michelle and Bob Mills
                                                                              Becky and Steve Greer
    Family                             Jackye Moore
    Barbara and Ed Sentell             Linda and Gus Purviance
                                       Lynett and Stuart Robinson        Mrs. Dianne Pittman Holbert
    Dr. Bill Thompson
    Betty Wright                       Josie Shanks                           Dr. and Mrs. Al Chestnut
    Ann and Denny Zimmerman            Martha Thompson
  Dr. Larry Thornton                  Mr. Wade Worley                         Mr. Peter Jernberg
    (Husband of Helen Thornton)        (Brother of John Worley)
                                                                              Dr. and Mrs. Al Chestnut
   Michele and Bill Bunch              Keith and Carol Branning
                                       Mary Donnelly                        Frank and Sandra Crosthwait
  Mr. Dave Tucker
    (Father of Dana Fowler)            Becky and Steve Greer                 Dr. and Mrs. Mike Robbins
    Marimae Coleman                    Anne Keenan                               Martha Thompson
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg        DeLeslie and Rob Porch
    Lynett and Stuart Robinson        Mr. Dale Zimmerman                  Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pittman
  Carlena Horton Valentine             (Brother of Denny Zimmerman)
    (Step-Mother of Julie Murray)      Marimae Coleman                        Dr. and Mrs. Al Chesnut
    Keith and Carol Branning           Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
  Key Martin Webber                    Lynett and Stuart Robinson          Rosemary and Don Seago
    (Jackson Academy Alumni)           Martha Thompson                        Becky and Steve Greer
    Dr. and Mrs. Gene Barrett         Mrs. Doris A. Zimmerman
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Breazeale         (Mother of Denny Zimmerman)
                                                                           Chuck Smith and Family
    Amy and John Chesney                Marimae Coleman
    The Nelson Gibson Family            Kicker and Charles Hull              Hamp and Shannon Dye
    Susan Ingram                        Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jernberg         Lynett and Stuart Robinson
    Tom and Gay Kirkland
    Bobby and Mona Lenoir
    Bob, Michelle, Spencer, David,
    Sarah Katherine, and Blake
    Larry and Aileen Morrison
    George and Judy Potter
    Fay and Ervin Ray
    Dr. Heath Scott
    Grace and Tim Shumaker
    Nathan and Bobbie Simon

The Class of

 46   j a c k s o n   a c a d e m y
                                         Class          of 2007

                               College Choices
Austin Alexander                      Paige Gordy                       Tommy Payne
   University of Mississippi             University of Mississippi         Mississippi State University
Drew Amacker                          Hunter Harris                     Stephen Pollman
   Auburn University                     University of Mississippi         University of Southern
Austin Baker                          Morgan Harris                        Mississippi
   Mississippi State University          Holmes Community College       Dixie Pond
Karlnequa Ball                        Andrew Heard                         Millsaps College
   University of Southern                Mississippi State University   Elizabeth Queen
   Mississippi                        Emily Higdon                         Baylor University
John Walker Barfield                     University of Mississippi      Hilary Rawson
   Mississippi State University       Carlee Hill                          Mississippi College
Ben Barnett                              University of Mississippi      Kate Ridgway
   University of Mississippi          Keeton Houpt                         University of Mississippi
Annie Barraza                            Mississippi State University   Amber Robinson
   University of Mississippi          Ann Howard                           Mississippi College
Rachel Batte                             Mississippi College            Sarah Sams
   Mississippi State University       Imma Ingram                          University of Mississippi
J. L. Brooks                             Mississippi State University
                                      Kirsti Jackson                    John Sarris
   University of Mississippi                                               Mississippi State University
Max Busching                             University of Southern
                                         Mississippi                    Olivia Savage
   University of Mississippi                                               University of Mississippi
Neal Carroll                          Parker Jacobs
                                         Mississippi State University   Carrie Shumaker
   University of Mississippi                                               Baylor University
Drew Chisholm                         Nathan Jew
                                         University of Mississippi      Ashley Smith
   Mississippi State University                                            University of Mississippi
John Coleman                          Jonathan Josey
                                         Mississippi State University   Matthew Smith
   Mississippi State University                                            University of Mississippi
Taylor Coleman                        Andrew Kennedy
                                         University of Mississippi      Sarah Smith
   University of Mississippi                                               Mississippi State University
Daniel Coughlin                       Emaad Khansur
   University of Mississippi             University of Miami            Sarah Ellen Southern
Kaleigh Countiss                      Emily Knight                         University of Mississippi
   Holmes Community College
                                         Mississippi State University   Joseph Spinosa
Taylor Crockett                       Philip Kruger                        Mississippi State University
   Mississippi State University
                                         University of Mississippi      Ann Louise Stacy
                                      Alex Lake                            University of Mississippi
Chase Darnall                            University of Mississippi      Carly Stegall
   University of Mississippi          Preston Lang                         Mississippi College
Andrew Denson                            University of Mississippi
   Mississippi State University                                         Jonathan Stevens
                                      Kellon Lawrence                      Mississippi State University
Beth Derivaux                            Mississippi State University
   University of Mississippi                                            Allison Studdard
                                      Jennifer Ley                         Mississippi College
Samantha Egger                           Mississippi State University
   University of Mississippi                                            Mary Wesson Sullivan
                                      Will Maris                           University of Mississippi
Jordan Eiland                            Mississippi State University
   University of Mississippi                                            Jalessa Taylor
                                      Logan McDowell                       Mississippi College
Ellen Elliott                            Hinds Community College
   University of Mississippi                                            Mary Brook Traxler
                                      John McGowan                         University of Mississippi
Devon Erlich                             Mississippi State University
   University of Mississippi          Mims McLennan                     Ben Ulmer
Clay Escudé                                                                Mississippi State University
                                         University of Mississippi
   University of Mississippi          Miller McNamara                   Taylor Vickery
Dante Esposito                           University of Mississippi         University of Mississippi
   University of Mississippi          Spencer Mills                     Kristen Vise
Bryan Eure                               University of Mississippi         University of Mississippi
   Mississippi State University       Hallie Mosby                      Lauren Wahl
Harrison Garrett                         University of Mississippi         University of Virginia
   Mississippi State University       Hunter Murray                     Ryan Ward
Brent Gay                                Mississippi State University      Mississippi State University
   Hinds Community College            Hannah Neely                      Tyler Weir
Ryan Geary                               University of Mississippi         Hinds Community College
   University of Mississippi          Erica O’Leary                     John Wilson
Wesley George                            Samford University                Mississippi State University
   Hinds Community College            Hannah O’Leary                    Stephen Worley
Maggie Giffin                            Samford University                University of Mississippi
   Fashion Institute of Technology,   Alex Pace                         Kerry Zasoski
   New York                              Mississippi State University      Mississippi State University

                                      JACKSON ACADEMY

                                             Class of 2007

L A U R E N WA H L                                        It is the beginning of not only our schooling on our
VALEDICTORIAN                                             majors, but also of our schooling on the world and
                                                          on life, far from the comfort of our parents’ homes.
                                                          As you enter college, I encourage you not to think
                         My fellow classmates, as         of yourselves as freshman, but instead as first
                         we stand here today, we          years. Thomas Jefferson, like Einstein believed that
                         prepare to close the chapter     learning was a never-ending process, which is why
                         titled high school in our        students at the university Jefferson founded are
                         book of life. And yet as this    called first, second, third, and fourth years. In
                         chapter closes, a new one        Jefferson’s mind, being a “senior” did not mean
                         begins.   We    stand    here    that you ceased learning after graduation. Being a
                         tonight, prepared to begin       senior merely meant that you had reached your
                         an even greater chapter in       fourth year of learning, and that you would
                         our lives, that of college. In   continue to learn in the years following graduation.
three months time, we will pack up our belongings,        So, in the fall, instead of calling ourselves freshman
say goodbye to our friends and family, and plunge         with the goal of becoming seniors, we should call
head first into the exciting world of college.            ourselves first years with nothing more that the
Excited as some of us may be, however, we are not         goal of learning in mind.
there yet. As we sit here today, gathered for the last
time, as a senior class, I would like to present you      More important than never ceasing to learn,
with a challenge: regardless of where your life           however, is never ceasing to question. Don’t ever
takes you, never stop learning and never stop             stop being curious about the world around you.
questioning, for that is what will set our class          Einstein stated, “The important thing is not to stop
apart.                                                    questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for
                                                          existing.” I’m sure we all remember a time when
Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectual growth           we were much younger, and all we did was ask,
should commence at birth and cease only at                “Why?” or “What if?” Regardless of our parents’
death.” Do not look on our graduation from high           patient, or not so patient, answers our response
school as an end to learning, but instead as a            was always, “Why?” or another “What if?” Yet,
stepping stone to even greater avenues of learning.       somewhere along the way we lost that curiosity.

48       j a c k s o n    a c a d e m y
Somewhere on our journey through junior            stifle our curiosity, we will never reach the
high and high school we lost the urge to know      limits of our potential and will forever be
why or to know what if. We settled into a          counted as one of the ordinary.
comfortable acceptance of knowing exactly
what we were told to know and nothing more.        Many years ago I heard a young sick child ask,
But why did we lose our child-like curiosity?      “If a meteor hit a mountain, would it make a
Why do we no longer care to know more than         volcano?” To you and me that question seems
we are explicitly told. Let our years in college   utterly ridiculous. We know that a meteor
allow us to again explore this childlike           hitting a mountain wouldn’t make a volcano.
curiosity, for it is through curiosity and         But that, of course, is not the point. The point
innovation that some of the greatest modern        is that this child was curious and willing to
advances have been made.                           question, regardless of how unreasonable he
                                                   might sound. That’s what I would like to urge
Stop for a minute and consider what our            each of you to do as you embark on your
world would be like without the products           college journey.       Regain your childlike
gained from the curiosity and innovations of       curiosity: do not be afraid to ask the
just the past twenty five years. Most of us rely   ridiculous. Do not be afraid to ask questions
on our cell phones to keep in touch with           or to learn more that the bare minimum. Do
friends and family. We regularly check our         not be afraid to look around the next curb in
email using the internet and load picture after    the road or the next bend in the river. Life is
picture from parties and vacations onto our        too short to live in willful ignorance. As Dr.
computers from our digital cameras. Many of        Seuss wrote, “The more that you read, the
us plan on taking a laptop with us to college      more things you will know. The more that you
next year. Without the innovations of the past     learn, the more places you’ll go.” Your
twenty five years, however, none of these items    curiosity and your desire to learn can take you
would exist. There would be no cell phones,        far in life, if only you will let them.
no internet, no email. There would be no
digital cameras and certainly no laptops to        We have reached the end of high school. We
take to college. Additionally, there would be      have all the resources necessary to succeed in
no airbags in our car to deploy, and hundreds      college and the world beyond. It is up to each
of criminals would have avoided prosecution        of us, however, to use them. And so I challenge
due to a lack of DNA fingerprinting. In            you, class of 2007, to travel down the road
addition to these innovations, the advances in     that lies ahead with a greater curiosity and a
medicine have saved countless lives. Just as       greater thirst for knowledge that those who
these products of man’s curiosity have forever     have gone before us. In closing, I would like to
changed the world, so can ours. By again           echo more works of Dr. Seuss. “You have
pursuing our childlike curiosity during our        brains in your head. You have feet in your
college years, we can set ourselves apart from     shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction
the pack. We can attain greatness beyond our       you choose. You’re on your own. And you
wildest dreams and forever revolutionize the       know what you know. You are the guy who’ll
world around us. However, if we continue to        decide where to go.”

CARRIE SHUMAKER                                         We likewise as a class have not had an easy path to
                                                        travel to get where we are tonight. I think if we
                                                        could say anything about our education here at
                                                        Jackson Academy, it would be that it has been a
                        Mr.      Jernburg,       Mr.    challenging one, both in and out of the classroom.
                        Branning,    Dr.   Waterer,     We have been pushed to excel in all areas of life,
                        parents, teachers, friends,     and we have learned how to balance our time
                        and fellow classmates:          among many activities. In our time here we have
                                                        done everything from winning all kinds of
                        Louisa May Alcott once          championships to singing in musicals to building
                        said, “I’m not afraid of        houses for Habitat. Yet in addition to these things,
                        storms, for I’m learning        we have also tasted something of the real world.
                        how to sail my ship.”           We have been through first loves and first
                                                        heartbreaks, and we have experienced loss.       So
One of the most memorable trips I have ever taken       then, we need no longer fear the storms, for we
was a hiking trip with Mr. Sumrall to Waterton          have been learning, in a word, to “sail our ships,”
Park, Canada, a few summers ago, along with             and our education has been rich and varied.
about seven other students.     One day we were
given the opportunity to take an eleven mile hike to    Yet many other challenges await us in the future,
a hidden lake at the top of a mountain.         After   and the trail ahead of us is filled with many more
several hours of hiking a hard, steep trail, we         obstacles. The world we live in seems to get more
emerged at the top, where a breathtakingly-             complicated by the day, and our nation is in need
gorgeous lake set against the backdrop of still-        of people who will step up and be leaders. We live
more majestic mountains awaited us. Our group           in a world full of war and violence, a world where
stayed there for several hours, enjoying the            what feels good at the moment is often considered
stunning scenery and simply drinking in the             more important than the good of society. Yet this
wonder of Creation. The difficult hike to get to the    is the world which we are given to live in, and the
top was well worth the effort, for I suspect I will     burden falls to our generation alone to make it
see few places in my lifetime that will rival the       better. In the words of Vince Lombardi, “Leaders
beauty of that place.                                   aren’t born; they are made. And they are made just

50    j a c k s o n      a c a d e m y
                                                      “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning
                                                                how to sail my ship.”

                                                                 – Louisa May Alcott

like anything else, through hard work.” We have
already worked hard in our time here together, and I
am confident that we are well on our way to becoming
effective leaders, able to overcome any obstacles that
come our way, if only we choose to do so. The world
awaits our decision.

But for now, the task before us is to celebrate how far
we have come, to bask in the glow of our
accomplishments, to take in our last moments together
as a class. We sit, as it were, at the top of the mountain
tonight, and I think that the trip has been well worth
the effort. Along the way up, we have been shaped
into better people than when we began, by our
experiences, as well as by our teachers and friends.
Tonight is ours. We cannot change the rough roads of
the past that lie behind us, and we cannot know what
the future holds for us in the coming years, but we can
tonight behold the beauty that surrounds now - the
memories and friendships we have made here at
Jackson Academy. Let us treasure these last few hours
together before we depart for the last time.

I leave you with these words by C.L. Purdy: “The past
may be gone forever, and whatever the future holds,
our todays make the memories of tomorrow. So, my
friend, it is with all my heart that I send you my love,
hoping that you’ll always carry my smile with you, for
all we have meant to each other and for whatever the
future may hold.”

STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT                                   The children scatter to each of their respective
                                                         corners and the pastor is satisfied—until he notices
                                                         one little girl. She is seated in the middle of the
                         Thank you. Mr. Jernberg,        room with her hand raised. “Where,” she says, “do
                         Mr.     Branning,     distin-   the mermaids stand?” The preacher tells her that
                         guished faculty, fellow stu-    there are no mermaids. And the girl says “Yes there
                         dents and members of the        are. I am a mermaid.”
                         class of 2007, it seems
                         strange to me that I am         You see, this little girl knew who she was. She was
                         standing here. It seems like    determined to go wherever the mermaids were.
                         yesterday that we were sev-     But, where do the mermaids stand? What about all
                         enth graders, nervous           those who are different, who defy our stereotypes
                         about opening lockers and       and labels? “Answer that question,” said Fulghum,
                         Mrs. Murray’s science           “and you can build a school, a nation, or a whole
                         drawings. And now, after        world.” I challenge us, the class of 2007, to take
what seems at once like a moment and an eternity,        that one step further. Fulghum said answer that
we are seniors. We are the class of 2007, and we’ve      question and you can build a school, a nation, or a
come a long way from the shy seventh-graders in          world. But I believe that if you answer that
Mrs. Keenan’s class. We’ve won championships;            question—if you find out who you are—then you
we’ve received awards and honors. We’ve learned          can build a person. You can build your character;
about life, love, and loss. But now—today—we are         you can build a foundation on which you can
the seniors. We are the ones looking                                    follow your dreams.
back with longing at summers by the
pool and basketball in the driveway.                                    Someone once said that the best
But at the same time, we are looking                                    thing that one can do in life is to
ahead, at the new chapter of our lives                                  make your future worthy of your
spread out before us like a blank can-                                  dreams. We, as a class, have given
vas.                                                                    much thought to our future this year.
                                                                        In two weeks, we are leaving the
We would not be where we are today without the           school that many of us have attended for fourteen
support of others. First, I would like to thank the      years. We are leaving the place where we learned
teachers and administrators who have been with us        how to read and write and long divide and play
over our years at Jackson Academy. Teachers don’t        prisoner dodgeball. We are leaving the place where
teach for money or for fame, they teach out of love,     we made friends that we will have for a lifetime.
out of a desire to shape young people into mature        No one knows what our future beyond Jackson
adults. We have been blessed with teachers,              Academy will hold. No one knows what our
administrators and coaches who have been talented        successes will be, our failures, our dreams. I hope
educators and role models. I would also like to          that we will continue to learn, as we have been
thank our families, whose love and whose                 learning. But I challenge us not to limit our
sacrifices have allowed us to attend school here.        learning to that which is taught in a class, because
They have supported us through the successes and         the most important lessons are only learned in life.
failures of our lives. It is from our families that we   It is my hope that we learn about ourselves, that we
have learned who we are and who we should                learn about who we are and who we want to
become.                                                  become. And it is my hope for all of us that we defy
                                                         stereotype and make our futures worthy of our
There is a story, told by the author Robert              dreams. I hope that we can find where the
Fulghum, of a young pastor in a small church who         mermaids stand; that we can find who we want to
is asked to watch over some unruly children. After       be and become that person. I want us to be
trying unsuccessfully for some time to calm them         doctors, or writers, or lawyers, or artists, or actors,
down, he decides on a game. He marks off three           or businessmen, or firemen. But I want us to be
corners in the room and says “You have to decide         ourselves. Thank you, and may our futures always
now what you are—a giant, a wizard, or a dwarf.”         be worthy of our dreams.

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                                      Preschool Reminder
                                         Applications for JA’s K3 class are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
                                         There are twelve children in each class with a full time teacher and an assistant.
                                         There is one class of 3-day, and four classes of 5-day. Classes are grouped by
     In Memoriam                         birthdays. Please remember to apply when your child is born. Applications may
Dave Welch                               be downloaded from the JA website:

Dave Welch died August 15 at
his home in Denmark, Maine.
Dave served as trainer for the
football team at Jackson
Academy. He graduated from
Millsaps College with a B.S.
degree in biology. Dave was
married to Dr. Suzanne Dater
and is survived by his children,
Benjamin Walton Welch and
Madeline Bray Welch, his
parents, Dr. William Claude
Welch, Jr., and Patricia Bray
Welch of Brandon, and his
siblings. He was employed by
Lakes Environmental Association
as a specialist in invasive
plants, working extensively to
help preserve the integrity of
local lakes.

      Making JA                                         Rhodes Scholar Nominations from their colleges:
                                                             Aaron Graham ’04 – Mississippi College
                                                                 Jonathan Giurintano ’04 – Millsaps College

       proud                                            Perfect ACT and SAT:
                                                              Bowen Zhou ’08

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