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                                              OCOST         FIRM ADDRRESS ADDRESS2 CITY
A2-2237               AMRDEC(M) 364987
          Multispectral Solutions, Inc.        364945 $729,932 20300 Century Blvd. Germantown
A2-2276               ARDEC
          Physical Optics Corporation360102                                Technologies Division
                                               369897 $729,999 Information 20600 Gramercy Place, Bldg 100
A2-2277               ARDEC
          Physical Optics Corporation347735                                Technologies Division
                                               382253 $729,988 Information 20600 Gramercy Place, Bldg 100
A2-2283   Gestalt, LLCARDEC          538061                                Suite 302 King of Prussia
                                               191932 $729,993 680 American Ave
A2-2284               MRMC
          BioTraces, Inc.            365087                                Suite 200 Herndon
                                               364810 $729,897 13455 Sunrise Valley Drive
A2-2285               PEO EIS
          Eigent Technologies        480235    249765 $730,000 10 Cindy Lane          Holmdel
A2-2287               AMRDEC(A) 358017
          Stirling Dynamics Incorporated                                   Suite 205 Blvd NE
                                               371981 $729,998 4030 Lake WashingtonKirkland
A2-2289               AMRDEC(A) 360468                                                Cleveland
          Deformation Control Technology, Inc. 369445 $729,913 7261 Engle Road, Suite 105
A2-2291               PEO AMMO 399263
          American GNC Corporation             330715 $729,978 888 Easy Street        Simi Valley
A2-2292               ECBC           493085
          South Bay Science and Technology Corp236779 $729,864 7525 W. 81st St.,      Playa del Rey
A2-2294                 Group, Inc.
          The AthenaAMRDEC(M) 397203           332797 $730,000 3424 NW 31 Street      Gainesville
A2-2295                Extraction    483375
          Information CERDEC & Transport, Inc.                             Myer Drive
                                               246624 $729,999 1911 N. Ft. Suite 600 Arlington
A2-2296               ARDEC
          Chatten Associates, Inc. 449394                                  Suite 200 West
                                               280499 $729,893 1094 New Dehaven Avenue Conshohocken
A2-2300               TARDEC
          TRITON SYSTEMS, INC. 335184          394765 $729,949 200 TURNPIKE ROADChelmsford
A2-2301               ERDC
          TRITON SYSTEMS, INC. 347610          382342 $729,952 200 TURNPIKE ROADChelmsford
A2-2302               CERDEC         353871    374672 $728,543 93 Castilian Drive
          Agile Materials and Technologies, Inc.                                      Goleta
A2-2303               ARL            360549    368561 $729,110 93 Castilian Drive
          Agile Materials and Technologies, Inc.                                      Goleta
A2-2306               ARL
          TRITON SYSTEMS, INC. 347408          382570 $729,978 200 TURNPIKE ROADChelmsford
A2-2307   Touch of Life Technologies
                      MRMC           363866                                Montview Aurora
                                               365968 $729,834 12635 EastSuite 100 Boulevard
A2-2308               AMRDEC(M) 409409         320569
          Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company $729,978 3745A Studer               Casper
A2-2309               JSSEO
          Trident Systems Inc.       364414                                Suite 300
                                               364911 $729,325 10201 Lee Highway Fairfax
A2-2310               CERDEC
          Trident Systems Inc.       364674                                Suite 300
                                               364901 $729,575 10201 Lee Highway Fairfax
A2-2312               ARL
          Spectral Sciences, Inc. 362665       367290 $729,955 4 Fourth Avenue        Burlington
A2-2313               AMRDEC(M) 345609         384382 $729,991 6210 Keller's Church Road
          Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc.                               Pipersville
A2-2316               CERDEC
          Technest Holdings, Inc. 365014       364973 $729,987 10605 Concord St. #500 Kensington
A2-2317               ARL
          Bonner Motor Corp          371481    356088 $727,569 15230 Carrousel Way Rosemount
A2-2318   Physical Optics Corporation
                      NSC            359785                                           Torrance
                                                                           20600 Holography Division
                                               370205 $729,990 Electro-Optics andGramercy Place, Bldg 100
A2-2319               ARDEC          482614
          Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. (OKSI)  247363 $729,977 19805 Hamilton Ave Torrance
A2-2320               ARDEC          347403
          Mobile Intelligence Corporation                                  Suite 108 Livonia
                                               382597 $730,000 33150 Schoolcraft Road
A2-2321                              362041
          Mobile Intelligence Corporation
                      TARDEC                                               Suite 108 Livonia
                                               367959 $730,000 33150 Schoolcraft Road
A2-2323               AMRDEC(M) 364709
          NextGen Aeronautics                                              Suite 400
                                               364784 $729,493 2780 Skypark Drive Torrance
A2-2326               ARL
          Infoscitex Corporation     393379    336515 $729,894 303 Bear Hill Road     Waltham
A2-2329               PEO CS&CSS398078
          QED Services, Inc.                   331824 $729,902 30750 Bayview Dr       Gibraltar
A2-2332   Creare Inc. NSC            383649    346255 $729,904 P.O. Box 71            Hanover
A2-2336               AMRDEC(M) 309099         420852 $729,951 6210 Keller's Church Road
          Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc.                               Pipersville
A2-2337               ARL
          Lynntech, Inc.             333669                                           College Station
                                               396331 $730,000 7607 Eastmark Drive, Suite 102
A2-2339   MTS Technologies
                      TARDEC         431189                                Suite 1000
                                               297085 $728,274 2800 Shirlington Road Arlington
A2-2341               AMRDEC(M) 369305
          General Opto Solutions, LLC          359953 $729,258 1366 Ridge Master DriveState College
A2-2344   Lynntech, Inc.
                      MRMC           361561                                           College Station
                                               368439 $730,000 7607 Eastmark Drive, Suite 102
A2-2345   HYPRES. Inc.CERDEC         365201    364766 $729,967 175 Clearbrook Road Elmsford
A2-2348               AMRDEC(M) 364990
          21st Century Technologies Inc.                                    Center Parkway
                                               364997 $729,987 4515 SetonSuite 320 Austin
A2-2350               CERDEC
          Irvine Sensors Corporation 574646                                Building #4-108
                                               155134 $729,780 3001 Red Hill Avenue Costa Mesa
A2-2353   SAFE, Inc. TARDEC          440789                                            101
                                               289195 $729,984 5032 S. Ash Ave, SuiteTempe
A2-2354               CERDEC
          INFINIA CORPORATION 558591                                                  Kennewick
                                               171378 $729,969 6811 West Okanogan Avenue
A2-2357               ARDEC          412926
          FD Software Enterprises, LLC.        317010 $729,936 105 Greentree Drive Bangor
A2-2358               Systems, Inc. 449346
          TransTech ERDC                       280654 $730,000 1594 State Street      Schenectady
A2-2359   Gestalt, LLCCERDEC         548235                                Suite 302 King of Prussia
                                               181762 $729,997 680 American Ave
A2-2362               PEO GCS
          AeroVironment Inc.         406334                                           Monrovia
                                               323630 $729,964 181 W. Huntington Drive, Suite 202
A2-2363               AMRDEC(M) 341441         388550 $729,991 6210 Keller's Church Road
          Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc.                               Pipersville
A2-2364               ARL            513045
          JMARTechnologies, Research Division                                         San
                                               215055 $728,100 10905 Technology Place Diego
A2-2365               AMRDEC(M) 68273                                                 Jupiter
          Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc. 661551 $729,824 140 Intracoastal Pointe; Suite 301
A2-2366   TIAX LLC STTC              655759     74094 $729,853       15 Acorn Park           Cambridge
A2-2367   Translume TARDEC           398129    331851 $729,980       655 Phoenix Drive       Ann Arbor
A2-2369                CERDEC
          Silicon Photonics Group 306199       423349 $729,548       1489 S. Dove St.        Gilbert
A2-2370   BHTechnology, LLC
                       MRMC          378414    351514 $729,928                   suite
                                                                     400 Rella Blvd 110 suffern
A2-2371                              364924
          Michigan Engineering Services, LLC 364924 $729,848
                       TARDEC                                                    Suite 1900
                                                                     2890 Carpenter Road Ann Arbor
A2-2372                CERDEC        364577
          Hittite Microwave Corporation        364727 $729,304       20 Alpha Road           Chelmsford
A2-2373                Dynamics, Inc.
          Continuum AMRDEC(A) 361472           368367 $729,839       34 Lexington Avenue Ewing
A2-2374   Aesop, Inc.TARDEC          349809    378202 $728,011       One Merrill Crossing Bow
A2-2375   TIAX LLC CERDEC            430704    299081 $729,785       15 Acorn Park           Cambridge
A2-2379                ERDC
          Global Contour Ltd.        394121    335879 $730,000                               R
                                                                     1145 Ridge Road West ockwall
A2-2386                CERDEC
          ISX Corporation            375092    354908 $730,000                               Camarillo
                                                                     760 Paseo Camarillo, Ste. 401
A2-2395                CERDEC
          Arete Associates           527620    202307 $729,927       P.O. Box 6024           Sherman Oaks
A2-2396                ARDEC         365000
          MicroAssembly Technologies, Inc. 365000 $730,000                       Suite 109 Richmond
                                                                     3065 Richmond Parkway
A2-2398                ARI
          JXT Applications, Inc.     378928    351061 $729,989                               Beavercreek
                                                                     2673 Commons Blvd, Suite 20
A2-2399                AMRDEC(A) 458715
          Innovative Power Solutions, LLC      271152 $729,867       373 South Street        Eatontown
A2-2402                              364997
          Cornerstone Research Group, Inc. 364965 $729,962
                       TARDEC                                        2750 Indian Ripple Rd.Dayton
A2-2403   RE2, Inc. TARDEC           493602    236159 $729,761       32 Thirty-Ninth St.     Pittsburgh
A2-2404                CERDEC
          Physical Optics Corporation361169    368826 $729,995                   20600 Division
                                                                     Photonic Systems Gramercy Place, Bldg 100
A2-2407                              351296
          Kuehnle Agrosystems Company, LLC378702 $729,998
                       MRMC                                                      Suite 281
                                                                     2800 Woodlawn Drive Honolulu
A2-2409                AMRDEC(M)
          Impact Technologies, LLC373544       256166 $629,710       200 Canal View Blvd Rochester
A2-2410                STTC          401236
          Tactical Language Training, LLC      328719 $729,955                               Blvd #214
                                                                     13101 W. Washington Los Angeles
A2-2414                CERDEC
          Toyon Research Corp. 365000          365000 $730,000       Suite A                 Goleta
                                                                                 75 Aero Camino
A2-2420                CERDEC
          Modus Operandi, Inc.       359848    370152 $730,000       122 Fourth Avenue       Indialantic
A2-2422                              368768
          Micro Analysis and Design, Inc.
                       MRMC                    361232 $730,000                   East 300
                                                                     4949 Pearl Suite Circle Boulder
A2-2424                PEO Soldier
          Nova Engineering, Inc. 480225        249739 $729,964       5 Circle Freeway DriveCincinnati
A2-2427                PEO Missiles 365000
          Corvid Technologies, Inc.& Space     365000 $730,000                   Suite 170 Mooresville
                                                                     149 Plantation Ridge Dr.
A2-2429   Infoscitex Corporation
                       MRMC          331405    398481 $729,886       303 Bear Hill Road      Waltham
A2-2431                              489131
          Rechargeable Battery Corporation 240778 $729,909
                       NSC                                                       Suite 100E College Station
                                                                     809 University Drive East
A2-2434                PEO Soldier 364960
          Charles River Analytics Inc.         364772 $729,732       625 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge
A2-2436                AMRDEC(M) 367061
          Charles River Analytics Inc.         361686 $728,747       625 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge
A2-2439   Physical Optics Corporation
                       MRMC          360461    369532 $729,993                               Torrance
                                                                                 20600 Division
                                                                     Photonic Systems Gramercy Place, Bldg 100
A2-2444                              391314    338666
          Scientific Applications & Research Assoc., Inc. $729,980
                       ARDEC                                         6300 Gateway Dr.        Cypress
A2-2445   Senspex, Inc.TARDEC        374807    355120 $729,927                   Suite 105 Rio
                                                                     333 Rio Rancho Blvd. NE. Rancho
A2-2446                ARDEC
          Kutta Consulting, Inc.     485491    244480 $729,971                               Phoenix
                                                                     2525 W. Greenway Road, Suite 332
A2-2447                 Service Corporation
          TechnologyCERDEC           362547    362934 $725,481                   Suite 300 Los
                                                                     1900 S. Sepulveda Blvd Angeles
A2-2449                AMRDEC(M) 364042
          Surmet Corporation                   365958 $730,000       33 B Street             Burlington
A2-2451                AMRDEC(M) 379042
          Surmet Corporation                   350957 $729,999       33 B Street             Burlington
A2-2454                STTC
          CHI Systems, Inc.          364985    364998 $729,983                   Suite 300 Fort Washington
                                                                     1035 Virginia Drive
A2-2455                CERDEC
          Maxion Technologies, Inc.350224      379751 $729,975                               Hyattsville
                                                                     6525 Belcrest Road, Suite G60
A2-2459                ARDEC
          CHI Systems, Inc.          364997    365002 $729,999                   Suite 300 Fort Washington
                                                                     1035 Virginia Drive
A2-2461                ARDEC
          CHI Systems, Inc.          364991    364989 $729,980                   Suite 300 Fort Washington
                                                                     1035 Virginia Drive
A2-2463                AMRDEC(M) 491685
          Surmet Corporation                   238315 $730,000       33 B Street             Burlington
A2-2464   EcoPulse ARL               327359    402570 $729,929                   7844 Vervain Ct
                                                                     PO Box 528 (in zip code 22150)
A2-2470   Photronix CERDEC           364993    364993 $729,986       40 Amherst Avenue Waltham
A2-2472   ParaSym ARDEC              365000    365000 $730,000       1335 La Solana Dr       Altadena
A2-2474                ERDC
          Milbert Engineering, Inc. 342890     386715 $729,605       1835 Energy Park Drive  Saint Paul
A2-2477   Infoscitex Corporation
                       MRMC          342100    387781 $729,881       303 Bear Hill Road      Waltham
A2-2480                ERDC          358868
          Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.      371033 $729,901                               San Mateo
                                                                     951 Mariner's Island Blvd., STE 360
A2-2483   Cryptek, Inc TARDEC        728227           0 $728,227     1501-Moran Drive        Sterling
A2-2485                AMRDEC(M) 484822
          Breault Research Organization        245167 $729,989                   Suite 350
                                                                     6400 E. Grant Road Tucson
A2-2486                ARL
          Princeton Lightwave, Inc. 398152     331039 $729,191                                Suite 1
                                                                     2555 Route 130 South,Cranbury
A2-2488                CERDEC
          Toyon Research Corp. 350002          379997 $729,999       Suite A                 Goleta
                                                                                 75 Aero Camino
A2-2489   ConjuGon, Inc.
                       MRMC          728116            0   $728,116                            Madison
                                                                      505 S. Rosa Road, Suite 29
A2-2490   CFD Research Corporation
                       TARDEC        370597      359291    $729,888   215 Wynn Dr., 5th Floor  Huntsville
A2-2491   Physical Optics Corporation
                       NSC           353963      376028    $729,991                            Torrance
                                                                                   20600 Division
                                                                      Photonic Systems Gramercy Place, Bldg 100
A2-2492   PercepTek AMRDEC(A) 368492             360437    $728,929                            L
                                                                      12395 North Mead Way ittleton
A2-2493   soVoz, Inc. STTC           432107      297849    $729,956                Suite
                                                                      37 Station Drive A       Princeton Jct.
A2-2494                CERDEC
          Toyon Research Corp. 400000            330000    $730,000   Suite A                  Goleta
                                                                                   75 Aero Camino
A2-2498   Millennium Cell
                       TARDEC        418304      311327    $729,631   1 Industrial Way West Eatontown
A2-2500                CERDEC
          Oceanit Laboratories, Inc. 554370      175630    $730,000                            Honolulu
                                                                      828 Fort Street Mall, Suite 600
A2-2502                ARL           355000
          Universal Display Corporation          375000    $730,000   375 Phillips Blvd        Ewing
A2-2503   HYPRES. Inc. CERDEC        374592      355334    $729,926   175 Clearbrook Road Elmsford
A2-2505   Simmetrix, Inc.
                       ARL           354839      344594    $699,433                             Park Park
                                                                      10 Halfmoon ExecutiveCliftonDrive
A2-2510                              406235
          Advanced Engines Development Corp.
                       TARDEC                    323762    $729,997   4338 West Monarch Place  Milwaukee
A2-2513   Liuman Technologies
                       TARDEC        365000      365000    $730,000   3773 Viceroy Dr.         Okemos
A2-2517                 Systems & Actuators
          Milli SensorNSC            375117      354866    $729,983   93 Border Street         West Newton
A2-2521                CERDEC
          JEM Engineering, LLC       365010      364988    $729,998   8683 Cherry Lane         Laurel
A2-2522                ARL
          GENVAC AeroSpace Corp.     377138      352813    $729,951   110 Alpha Park           Cleveland
A2-2523                              389600
          International Mezzo Technologies, Inc340019
                       TARDEC                              $729,619   7167 Florda Blvd         Baton Rouge
A2-2528                AMRDEC(M) 340000
          Laserlith Corporation                  340000    $680,000   1440 Broadway, Suite 713 Oakland
A2-2529   Emitech, Inc ARDEC
                       T             354491      375337    $729,828   476 Locust St., suite 5 Fall River
A2-2537                ARL
          Materials Processing, Inc. 382747      347240    $729,987                            Fort Worth
                                                                      5069 Martin Luther King Freeway
A2-2539                AMRDEC(M) 458946
          Propagation Research Associates        271054    $730,000                Suite E
                                                                      1220 Kennestone Circle   Marietta
A2-2545                CERDEC
          Datatek Applications, Inc. 494580      235345    $729,925                Suite 100 Somerset
                                                                      379 Campus Drive
A2-2546   TS&I (Technology Solutions &364
                       NSC                           364
                                          Invention LLC)       $728   112 Clift Street         Mystic
A2-2547                ARDEC
          American GNC Corporation   385394      344558    $729,952   888 Easy Street          Simi Valley
A2-2548   IntraGraphix, LLC
                       MRMC          346258      383607    $729,865   1941 East Ramona Ave     Salt Lake City
A2-2550                CERDEC        364957
          Luna Innovations Incorporated          364950    $729,907                            B
                                                                      2851 Commerce Street lacksburg
A2-2551                ARDEC
          Aspen Systems, Inc.        374672      355169    $729,841   184 Cedar Hill Street Marlborough
A2-2552                AMRDEC(M) 364939
          Luna Innovations Incorporated          364973    $729,912                            B
                                                                      2851 Commerce Street lacksburg
A2-2555   VEXTEC Corporation
                       TARDEC        379964      349975    $729,939                            Brentwood
                                                                      750 Old Hickory Blvd, Building 2, Suite 270
A2-2559                ARDEC
          Omnitek Partners, LLC 365209           364525    $729,734   111 West Main Street Bay Shore
A2-2565                AMRDEC(M) 365185
          GrammaTech, Inc                        364786    $729,971   317 N. Aurora Street Ithaca
A2-2566                              365737
          Wright Materials Research Co.
                       NSC                       364263    $730,000   1187 Richfield Center Beavercreek
A2-2567                ARL
          Energy Research Company    459376      270624    $730,000   2571-A Arthur Kill Road  Staten Island
A2-2571                PEO C3T       364999
          DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation 365000            $729,999                 Clark Street
                                                                      1235 SouthSuite 400 Arlington
A2-2572                ERDC          364960
          Scientific Systems Company, Inc        364989    $729,949                            Woburn
                                                                      500 West Cummings Park - Ste 3000
A2-2573                ARL
          Physical Sciences Inc.     353217      376781    $729,998                            Andover
                                                                      20 New England Business Center
A2-2574                ERDC          Inc.
          Visual Learning Systems, 358430        371569    $729,999   P.O. Box 8226            Missoula
A2-2577   Creare Inc. ARL            438897      291099    $729,996   P.O. Box 71              Hanover
A2-2580                              416230
          Cleveland Medical Devices, Inc.
                       MRMC                      313703    $729,933                 Ave.
                                                                      4415 Euclid4th Floor Cleveland
A2-2581                AMRDEC(M) 285728          444271
          Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC)       $729,999                            Madison
                                                                      Space Center, 1212 Fourier Drive
A2-2583                MRMC
          ChemImage Corporation 492577           237404    $729,981   7301 Penn Avenue         Pittsburgh
A2-2585                CERDEC        414185
          Mayflower Communications Company, Inc. 315791    $729,976                            B
                                                                      20 Burlington Mall Road urlington
A2-2588                              365000
          MKP Structural Design Associates, Inc.
                       TARDEC                    365000    $730,000                Suite
                                                                      2500 Packard 105 Ann Arbor
A2-2590                PEO Inc.
          GS Engineering, GCS        386399      343601    $730,000   101 West Lakeshore Drive Houghton
A2-2593                AMRDEC(M) 365000
          Intelligent Automation, Inc.           365000    $730,000                Suite 400
                                                                      15400 Calhoun Drive Rockville
A2-2594   GS Engineering, Inc.
                       TARDEC        372534      357466    $730,000   101 West Lakeshore Drive Houghton
A2-2595                ARI           365000
          Intelligent Automation, Inc.           365000    $730,000                Suite 400
                                                                      15400 Calhoun Drive Rockville
A2-2596                ARDEC
          Agiltron Corporation       403786      326146    $729,932   15 Cabot Road            Woburn
A2-2597   Turing Associates, Inc. 351816
                       TARDEC                    378091    $729,907   1392 Honey Run DriveAnn Arbor
A2-2598   NanoDynamics-88, Inc. 421169
                       TARDEC                    308820    $729,989   34 East 29th Street      New York
A2-2599                TARDEC
          Quantum Signal, LLC        357781      372122    $729,903                Drive
                                                                      3741 Plaza Suite 1       Ann Arbor
A2-2600                CERDEC
          Oceanit Laboratories, Inc. 361325      368675    $730,000                            Honolulu
                                                                      828 Fort Street Mall Suite 600
A2-2601                ARL
          Systran Federal Corp.      364972     364973 $729,945                 Suite 210 Dayton
                                                                    4027 Colonel Glenn Highway
A2-2602                PEO STRI
          NAVSYS Corporation         459344     270632 $729,976     14960 Woodcarver Road   Colorado Springs
A2-2603   Inovamar LLC MRMC          491449     233997 $725,446     6006 Paxton Ct          San Jose
A2-2605                CERDEC
          Migma Systems, Inc.        364999     364999 $729,998     1600 Providence Highway Walpole
A2-2606                CERDEC
          Agiltron Corporation       369612     360322 $729,934     15 Cabot Road           Woburn
A2-2608                ARDEC         365139     364851
          Frontier Performance Polymers Corporation $729,990        26 Robert Street        Parsippany
A2-2609                ARL           361076
          Microwave Technologies Incorporated   368917 $729,993                             Burke
                                                                    5799L Burke Centre Parkway
A2-2618                AMRDEC(M) 364993
          M4 Engineering, Inc.                  364970 $729,963     2161 Gundry Avenue Signal Hill
A2-2619                ARL           376918
          Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc.     349606 $726,524                 Suite 320
                                                                    200 Westside Square Huntsville
A2-2624   Immunotope, Inc
                       MRMC          361014     368986 $730,000                 700 E.      Doylestown
                                                                    Jefferson Center Butler Avenue
A2-2625                ARL
          INTER Materials, LLC       424549     284490 $709,039     623 Muirfield Court     Richmond
A2-2628                AMRDEC(A) 365000
          Techno-Sciences, Inc.                 365000 $730,000                 9th Floor
                                                                    11785 Beltsville Drive Beltsville
A2-2630                 Inc.
          BioFactura,MRMC            380523     349243 $729,766                             Rockville
                                                                    9700 Great Seneca Highway
A2-2633   Mesoscopic Devices, LLC433244
                       TARDEC                   296734 $729,978                             Broomfield
                                                                    510 Compton Street, Suite 106
A2-2635                PEO IEW&S 369027
          NetCentric Technology, Inc            360586 $729,613                 Suite 4
                                                                    One Merdian Road        Eatontown
A2-2637                ARDEC
          Technest Holdings, Inc. 365000        365000 $730,000     10605 Concord St. #500  Kensington
A2-2638                Inc.
          Adiabatics, TARDEC         364743     364029 $728,772     3385 Commerce Drive Columbus
A2-2640   TDA Research, Inc.
                       NSC           361420     368580 $730,000     12345 W. 52nd Ave. Wheat Ridge
A2-2642                ARDEC         729914
          Coherent Logix, Incorporated                0 $729,914                 Capital 3, Suite Highway
                                                                    1120 SouthBuilding of Texas310
A2-2646                CERDEC
          Ultra-Scan Corporation 583763         145791 $729,554     4240 Ridge Lea Rd       Amherst
A2-2647                ARO           287435
          Simpson Weather Associates, Inc. 408723 $696,158          809 E. Jefferson StreetCharlottesville
A2-2648   Ziva Corporation
                       ARL           408188     321806 $729,994                 C-206
                                                                    6160 Lusk Blvd          San Diego
A2-2651                JPEO-CBD 423838
          Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc.        306070 $729,908                 6th
                                                                    3960 BroadwayFloor New York
A2-2652                CERDEC         LLC
          Black Forest Engineering, 449588      280291 $729,879                             Colorado Springs
                                                                    1879 Austin Bluffs Parkway
A2-2655                TARDEC
          Idetix Software Systems 263106        466891 $729,997     2399 E. Walton Blvd. Auburn Hills
A2-2657                AMRDEC(M)
          Materials Systems Inc. 442493         287446 $729,939     543 Great Road          Littleton
A2-2659                ARI
          Professional Services Group451471     278529 $730,000     PO Box 3390             Winter Park
A2-2660                ARDEC
          iRobot Corporation         411816     317708 $729,524     63 South Avenue         Burlington
A2-2662   Quantum Applied Science406209
                       MRMC                     323752
                                       and Research Inc. $729,961               Suite 107 San
                                                                    5764 Pacific Center Blvd Diego
A2-2663                CERDEC
          DigiVision, Inc.           364902     364902 $729,804     9295 Farnham Street San Diego
A2-2665   Vital Probes, Inc.
                       MRMC          298017     428290 $726,307     1300 Old Plank Road Mayfield
A2-2666                ARDEC         589502
          Personnel Protection Technologies LLC 140205 $729,707     50 Mollbrook Drive      Wilton
A2-2667   Physical Sciences Inc.
                       TARDEC        326111     403830 $729,941                             Andover
                                                                    20 New England Business Center
A2-2669                CERDEC
          DE Technologies Inc.       353870     376052 $729,922     3620 Horizon Drive      King of Prussia
A2-2674                AMRDEC(A)
          Aerodyn Engineering Inc. 370313       358857 $729,170     5220 West 79th Street Indianapolis
A2-2680                JSSEO
          Numerica Corporation       359215     370730 $729,945     PO Box 271246           Ft. Collins
A2-2681                ARDEC
          CAE Solutions Corporation  359172     369132 $728,304     40935 Camero Place Fremont
A2-2682                JPEO-CBD Inc.
          Quick Med Technologies, 275000        455000 $730,000     3427 SW 42nd Way Gainesville
A2-2683   InnoSys ARDEC              365008     364974 $729,982     3622 West 1820 SouthSalt Lake City
A2-2684                ARL
          Applied Spectra, Inc.      380070     349875 $729,945                  Road
                                                                    48834 KatoSuite 109A Fremont
A2-2685                CERDEC        371143
          Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.     358849 $729,992     2520 W. 237th Street Torrance
A2-2686                ARDEC         376641
          Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.     353351 $729,992     2520 W. 237th Street Torrance
A2-2687                ARL
          Physical Domains           221682     276300 $497,982     3700 Cedarbend Dr. Glendale
A2-2688                CERDEC        404221
          Altex Technologies Corporation        325779 $730,000     244 Sobrante Way        Sunnyvale
A2-2689                PEO Engineering, LLC 268196 $729,999
          Bodkin Design & Missiles & Space                          P.O. Box 81386          Wellesley
A2-2695   Sarcos Research Corporation
                       MRMC          384614     345312 $729,926     360 Wakara Way          Salt Lake City
A2-2698                Corporation
          CogniTech AMRDEC(M) 363007            366873 $729,880                 Suite 306
                                                                    1060 East 100 South Salt Lake City
A2-2699   Aptima, Inc. SC
                       N             365000     365000 $730,000                 Suite 1400 Woburn
                                                                    12 Gill Street
A2-2705                PEO EIS
          Williams-Pyro,Inc.         370359     359641 $730,000     200 Greenleaf St.       Fort Worth
A2-2706                               Inc.
          TransGenex Nanobiotech 275150
                       MRMC                     454848 $729,998                             Tampa
                                                                    3802 Spectrum Blvd, Suite #123
A2-2710                SMDC
          TRS Ceramics, Inc.         371303     358677 $729,980                             State
                                                                    2820 East College Avenue College
A2-2715                ERDC          374464     355399 (SPEC)
          Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation$729,863                   Suite 200
                                                                    101 West Sixth Street Austin
A2-2716               PEO Missiles & Space
                                   483020    246920 (SPEC)
          Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation$729,940              Suite 200
                                                                101 West Sixth Street Austin
A2-2718               ARDEC        374821    354914 (SPEC)
          Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation$729,735              Suite 200
                                                                101 West Sixth Street Austin
A2-2720               ARL
          Ultra Communications Inc 441260    288707 $729,967                          San Marcos
                                                                310 Via Vera Cruz, Suite 105
A2-2722               AMRDEC(M)
          Sienna Technologies, Inc.434525    295475 $730,000                Avenue NE
                                                                19501 144thSuite F-500Woodinville
A2-2724               ERDC
          RJ Lee Group, Inc        403868    325961 $729,829    350 Hochberg Road Monroeville
A2-2725               CERDEC
          EMAG Technologies, Inc. 364892     364892 $729,784               Suite 300
                                                                775 Technology Drive Ann Arbor
A2-2726               SMDC         364992
          Radiance Technologies Inc.         365006 $729,998    350 Wynn Drive        Huntsville
A2-2728   Filter Science, Inc.
                      TARDEC       419649    310351 $730,000               Suite D
                                                                31514 Yucaipa Blvd. Yucaipa
A2-2736   IAP Research, Inc.
                      TARDEC       444590    285409 $729,999    2763 Culver Avenue Dayton
A2-2739   VISCA, LLC  TARDEC       370330    357610 $727,940               Suite 950
                                                                2301 W. Big Beaver Troy
A2-2740               CERDEC       361398    365712 $727,110
          San Diego Research Center, Incorporated                          Ridge
                                                                6996 Mesa Suite ARoad San Diego
A2-2743               ERDC         356715    373062 $729,777
          San Diego Research Center, Incorporated                          Ridge
                                                                6996 Mesa Suite ARoad San Diego
A2-2746               ARDEC
          AMBP Tech Corporation 402564       327436 $730,000                Ave.
                                                                275 CooperSuite 112 Tonawanda
A2-2750               AMRDEC(A) 443754
          Advanced Optical Systems, Inc.     286161 $729,915               Suite 410
                                                                6767 Old Madison PikeHuntsville
          PROJECT PROJECT MANAGER_PHONE                        Minority Woman Owned
                                                  ENCODED EMAIL Owned           Veteran Owned
MD       20874     Lester A. Foster III
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
CA       90501-1821Brian Xu 310-320-3088             sutama@po&#09
                                                NO    YES        NO
CA       90501-1821Keehoon Kim 310-320-3088
                                                                        NO    YES        NO
PA       19406-1310Eric Wiseblatt
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
VA       20171-3296Andrzej K. Drukier
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
NJ       07733-2027Robert Warner
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
WA       98033-7870Robert Stirling
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
OH                 B.          440-234-8477
         44130-3479 Lynn Ferguson                    lynn.ferg&#11
                                NO         NO
CA       93065                   Lin
                                                                       YES     NO        NO
CA       90293-8808David B. Cohn
                                                                        NO     NO       YES
FL       32605-2165Jonathon D. Mellott
                                                                        NO    YES        NO
VA       22209     Francis Fung541-752-7473
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
PA       19428     Kent Massey 610-940-6040
                                                                        NO     NO       YES
MA       01824     James Gorman NO
                               978-250-4200                                    NO        NO
MA       01824     Yoojeong Kim978-250-4200
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
CA       93117                 8 NO
                   Roger Forse 05-968-5159                                     NO        NO
CA       93117                 8 NO
                   Roger Forse 05-968-5159                                     NO        NO
MA       01824                 
                   Karin Karg 978-250-4200                              NO     NO        NO
CO       80010                 
                   Karl Reinig 303-724-0514                             NO     NO        NO
WY       82604-1313John Wickman          jwckman@space-rockets.comNO
                               307-265-5895                                    NO        NO
VA       22030-2222Mark Roberts703-460-5881
                                                                        NO     NO       YES
VA       22030-2222Michael Stoddard
                                                                        NO     NO       YES
MA       01803-3304Prabhat Acharya
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
PA       18947-2010Neeraj Sinha215-766-1520
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
MD       20895     Steven Yi 301-962-6565            steven.yi&#06
                                       NO     NO        NO
MN       55068-1579Walter Schmied
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
CA                 Tin
         90501-1821 M. Aye 310-320-3088              sutama@po&#09
                                                NO    YES        NO
CA       90502-1341Nahum Gat310-756-0520             nahum@oks&#10
                                                NO     NO        NO
MI       48150-1646   
                   Douglas C. 734-367-0430                              NO     NO        NO
MI       48150-1646   
                   Douglas C. 734-367-0430                              NO     NO        NO
CA       90505                 3
                   Akhilesh Jha10-626-8374
                                                                       YES     NO        NO
MA       02451-1016            
                   Harris Gold781-890-1338                              NO     NO        NO
MI       48173                 734-669-6132
                   Dennis McNeely                    mcneelyd@&#11
                                NO        NO        NO
NH       03755     John M. Wilson
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
PA       18947-2010Neeraj Sinha215-766-1520
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
TX       77840                 
                   Alan Cisar 979-693-0017                              NO     NO        NO
VA       22206     Peter Knaze 814-262-3717
                                                                       YES     NO       YES
PA       16803-0001Claire (Fang) Luo
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
TX       77840     Anthony Giletto
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
NY       10523-1109            914-592-1190
                   Deepnarayan Gupta                   NO     NO        NO
TX       78759-5731Braxton Thomason
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
CA       92626-4532            714-444-8756
                   Medhat Azzazy                     mazzazy@i&#11
                                NO         NO        NO
AZ       85282-6842            480-820-2032
                   Stan Desjardins                   stan.desj&#09
                                NO        YES        NO
WA       99336-2374Songgang Qiu509-735-4700
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
PA       18013-2400Mary DeVito  NO
                               610-599-1108                                    NO        NO
NY       12304                 518-370-5558          rgamache@&#11
                   Ronald W. Gamache NO              NO        NO
PA       19406-1310Robert H. Pollack
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
CA       91016-3456Zaher Daboussi
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
PA       18947-2010Donald C. Kenzakowski, Jr.
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
CA       92127     Harry Rieger858-946-6800
                                                                        NO     NO        NO
FL       33477-5094Sue Cunningham
                                                                        NO    YES        NO
MA   02140-2390Robert Fricke
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
MI   48108-2201            Haddock NO
               Thomas F. 734-528-6135                                     NO        NO
AZ   85233                 
               John Tolle 480-235-4545                           NO       NO        NO
NY   10901     aron kain 845-369-6324            akain@bht&#10
                            NO         NO        NO
MI   48108     Nick Vlahopoulos
                                                                 NO      YES        NO
MA   01824                 9
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
NJ   08618-2302            609-538-0444          glen@cont&#10
               Glen R. Whitehouse    NO       NO        NO
NH   03304     James White 617-818-3332
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
MA   02140-2390            617-498-5819
               Allan Chertok                     chertok.a&#10
                            NO         NO        NO
TX   75087-3111            214-514-4085          jayceechu&#11
               Jaycee Howard Chung NO           NO        NO
CA   93010     David Van Brackle
                                           NO       NO        NO
CA   91413     James Murray520-571-8660
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
CA   94806     Michael Cohn510-758-2600
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
OH   45431-3804Mark Crabtree
                                                                 NO       NO       YES
NJ   07724-1863Scott Jacobs732-544-1075
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
OH   45440-3638            937-320-1877          dietschba&#06
               Benjamin A. Dietsch           NO       NO        NO
PA   15201     Jorgen Pedersen
                                                                 NO      YES        NO
CA   90501-1821            310-320-3088          sutama@po&#09
               Michael               NO      YES        NO
HI   96822-1843            808-753-5084          kasllc@ha&#11
               Michele Champagne            NO       NO        NO
NY   14623-2851            814-861-6273
               Carl S. Byington                  carl.byin&#10
                                     carl.byington@impact-tek.comNO       NO        NO
CA   90066     Andre Valente
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
CA   93117-3139Kenan O. Ezal
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
FL   32903     Tod Hagan 321-984-3370            thagan@mo&#10
                            NO          NO        NO
CO   80301-2477Angelia Sebok
                                                                 NO      YES        NO
OH   45246-1201            513-642-3000          georgev@n&#11
               George J. Valentino          NO       NO        NO
NC   28117     John Cogar704-799-6944            john.coga&#11
                            NO          NO        NO
MA   02451-1016James H. Goldie
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
TX   77840-1431Brendan Coffey
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
MA   02138-4555Jonathan D. Pfautz
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
MA   02138-4555Scott K. Ralph
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
CA   90501-1821Gregory Zeltser
                                                                 NO      YES        NO
CA   90630-4844Robert Koslover
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
NM   87124-1450Miguel Moreno
                                                                YES       NO        NO
AZ   85023     Tom Rychener602-896-1976
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
CA   90025-5659Alan Pieramico
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
MA   01803     Lee M. Goldman
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
MA   01803     Thomas J. Mroz
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
PA   19034-3107Jennifer Fowlkes
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
MD   20782     Richard P. Leavitt
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
PA   19034-3107Ken Graves858-618-1060            kgraves@c&#10
                                 NO       NO        NO
PA   19034-3107Ken Graves858-618-1060            kgraves@c&#10
                                 NO       NO        NO
MA   01803     Thomas J. Mroz
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
VA   22152     Nino R. Pereira
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
MA   02451-3261            7
               Phil Lamarre81-899-6924
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
CA   91001-2624Flavia Cardarelli
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
MN   55108     Randy L. Milbert
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
MA   02451-1016Vladimir Gilman
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
CA   94404     Terrance Goan
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
VA   20166-9309Edward Browdy
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
AZ   85715     Matthew Dubin
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
NJ   08512-3509Dmitri Garbuzov
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
CA   93117-3139Mark R. Meloon
                                                                 NO       NO        NO
WI   53719     Hideki Suzuki
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
AL   35805     Maciej Z. Pindera
                                                                 NO       YES       NO
CA   90501-1821            
               Ilya Agurok 310-320-3088                          NO       YES       NO
CO   80125                 720-344-1037
               Chris Debrunner                   chris.deb&#11
                                     chris.debrunner@perceptek-robotics.comNO       NO
NJ   08550                  Lane
               Stephen H. 609-799-8544
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
CA   93117-3139David B. Clark
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
NJ   07724                 Mohring NO
               Richard M. 732-544-5706                                     NO       NO
HI   96813                 
               Basil Scott 808-338-9000                          NO        NO       NO
NJ   08618     Teddy Zhou   NO
                           609-671-0980                                    NO       NO
NY   10523-1109Pavel Shevchenko
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
NY   12065     Ottmar Klaas518-348-1639
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
WI   53208-3126             Hirsch
               Nicholas R.414-342-1881
                                                                 NO        NO      YES
MI   48824-3800            
               Dahsin Liu 517-353-6716                           NO        NO       NO
MA   02465     Donato (Dan) Cardarelli
                                                                 NO        NO      YES
MD   20707     Derek Linden301-317-1070
                                                                YES       YES       NO
OH   44143                 440-646-9986          dayton@ge&#11
               James A. Dayton, Jr.            NO        NO       NO
LA   70806     Charles J. Becnel
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
CA   94612-2030Gina Kim 510-286-0154             laserlith&#09
                                    NO        NO       NO
MA   02720-5059I.A. Levitsky
                                                                 NO       YES       NO
TX   76119     Animesh Bose817-492-4446
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
GA   30066-6045            770-795-8181
               Susan F. Dugas                    susan.dug&#09
                            NO           NO       NO
NJ             Ed
     08873-1125 Jankiewicz 732-667-1080
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
CT   06355                 
               Bob Nilsen 860-857-2115                           NO        NO       NO
CA   93065-1812Eugene Levin805-582-0582
                                                                YES        NO       NO
UT             K.
     84108-3113 Shane Guillory
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
VA   24060-6657            540-552-5128
               Barry Polakowski                  submissio&#11
                            NO          NO
MA   01752-3017            508-481-5058          smukherje&#10
               Somesh K Mukherjee   YES        NO       NO
VA   24060-6657            540-552-5128
               Jonathan Graf                     submissio&#11
                            NO          NO
TN   37027     Animesh Dey 615-372-0299
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
NY   11706     Alex Treyger631-665-4008
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
NY   14850     David Melski607-273-7340
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
OH   45430-1120            9
               Seng C.
                                                                YES        NO       NO
NY   10309     Arel Weisberg
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
VA   22202     Jim Nolan 703-414-5002            jim.nolan&#06
                                       NO        NO      YES
MA   01801                 7
               Ssu-Hsin Yu 81-933-5355
                                          YES        NO       NO
MA   01810     Bryan V. Bergeron
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
MT   59807     Stuart Blundell
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
NH   03755                 603-643-3800          rjk@crear&#10
               Robert Kline-Schoder               NO        NO       NO
OH             Mo
     44103-3733 Modarres    NO
                           216-791-6720                                    NO       NO
WI   53717-1961Martin Chiaverini
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
PA   15208-2528            412-241-7335
               Charles Gardner                   cgardner@&#09
                            NO             NO       NO
MA   01803     Triveni Upadhyay
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
MI   48104-6827Zheng-Dong Ma
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
MI   49931-1841Glen Simula 906-482-1235
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
MD   20855     Vikram Manikonda
                                                                 NO       YES       NO
MI   49931-1841Glen Simula 906-482-1235
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
MD   20855     Jacqueline Haynes
                                                                 NO       YES       NO
MA   01801-1003Geoffrey Burnham
                                                                YES        NO       NO
MI   48103                 
               Gary Witus 734-665-4818                           NO        NO       NO
NY   10016-7918Chia-Gee Wang
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
MI   48108                 734-994-0028
               Mitchell M. Rohde                 cgwang@na&#11
                            NO            NO       NO
HI   96813                 8
               Ken Cheung
                                                                 NO        NO       NO
OH   45431-1672Dan Kien 937-429-9008             kcheung@o&#09
                            NO          NO       YES
CO   80921     Alison Brown719-481-4877
                                                                   NO    YES        NO
CA   95123     Philip Davies
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
MA   02081     Bo Ling     508-660-0328
                                                                  YES    YES        NO
MA   01801-1003Jack Salerno781-935-1200
                                                                  YES     NO        NO
NJ   07054-2933Jerry Chung 973-989-8464
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
VA   22015     Jose E. Velazco
                                                                  YES     NO        NO
CA   90755                 5
               Myles Baker 62-981-7797
                                                                   NO    YES        NO
AL   35801     J. Larry Pezzaniti
                                                                   NO    YES        NO
PA   18901-2607Ramila Philip
                                                                   NO    YES        NO
VA   23236     Francisco Folgar
                                                                  YES     NO        NO
MD   20705     Peter Chen240-790-0600            ffolgar@c&#11
                                      NO     NO        NO
MD   20850     Luis M. Branco
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
CO   80020-1651Joe Poshusta NO
                           303-466-6968                                  YES        NO
NJ   07724                 732-544-0888
               Samuel Nitzberg                   jposhusta&#06
                            NO       NO        NO
MD   20895     C. David Tunnell
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
IN   47201                 812-372-5052
               Philipe F. Saad                   philipesa&#09
                            YES       NO        NO
CO   80033-1916William L. Bell
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
TX   78746     David Gibson NO
                           512-382-8950                                   NO        NO
NY   14226-1016            716-832-6269
               John K. Schneider                 jschneide&#11
                            NO         NO        NO
VA   22902-5131George D. Emmitt
                                              NO     NO        NO
CA   92121-2740Anis Husain 858-735-2496
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
NY   10032                  Snyder
               Gretchen L.212-923-3344
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
CO   80918     Stephen Gaalema
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
MI   48326-1955Robert Kosnik
                                                                  YES     NO        NO
MA   01460     Barry Robinson
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
FL   32790-3390            407-628-2530          mark@psg-&#10
               Mark E. Koltko-Rivera               NO    YES        NO
MA   01803-4903Chris Jones 781-418-3146
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
CA   92121     Robert Matthews
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
CA   92123-1201Rick Hier 858-571-4700            rhier@dig&#10
                                     NO     NO        NO
PA   18433-1973            570-281-2505
               Vito G. DelVecchio                vdelvecch&#10
                            NO       NO        NO
CT   06897-7904Lester Kosowsky
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
MA   01810                 978-689-0003          agassouno&#11
               William Agassounon NO               NO        NO
PA   19406     Mark E Majerus
                                                                  YES     NO        NO
IN   46268                 317-334-1523
               David Lawrence                    dlawrence&#06
                            NO          NO        NO
CO   80527-1246Aubrey B. Poore
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
CA   94539-3730Douglas Stillman
                                                                   NO    YES        NO
FL   32608-2375Bernd Liesenfeld
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
UT   84104                 801-975-7399
               Larry Sadwick                     sadwick@i&#11
                            NO          YES        NO
CA   94538-7371Jong Yoo 408-888-0381             jyoo@appl&#10
                                  NO     NO        NO
CA   90505-5217            310-530-7130
               Igor Ternovskiy                   sbirpropo&#11
                            NO        NO        NO
CA   90505-5217            310-530-7130
               Igor Ternovskiy                   sbirpropo&#11
                            NO        NO        NO
CA   91214     Elayne Brown818-795-3247
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
CA   94086     Mehdi Namazian
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
MA   02481                 Bodkin
               W. Andrew
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
UT   84108                 801-581-0155          t.petelen&#12
               Tomasz J. Petelenz            NO     NO        NO
UT   84102     Jerome Soller
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
MA   01801                 7
               Kevin Gildea81-496-2400
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
TX   76107-1471             NO
               Jeff Tooley 817-872-1500                                  YES        NO
FL   33612-9446Weidong Xu  813-974-8569
                                                                   NO     NO        NO
PA   16801                 814-238-7485          wes@trste&#09
               Wesley Hackenberger         NO     NO        NO
TX   78701-2932Bradley Sallee
                                                                   NO     NO       YES
TX   78701-2932              
               Phillip Toler512-479-7732                           NO       NO       YES
TX   78701-2932Bradley Sallee512-479-7732
                                                                   NO       NO       YES
CA   92078     Charles Kuznia NO
                             760-420-3486                                   NO        NO
WA   98072-4423Ender Savrun  425-485-7272
                                                                   NO       NO        NO
PA   15146     Boyd Clark 724-325-1776             bclark@rj&#10
                                          NO       NO        NO
MI   48108     Alex Margomenos
                                                                   NO       NO        NO
AL   35805     Andrew Thies  256-489-8963
                                                                   NO       NO        NO
CA   92399-1659              909-389-0682
               Philip H. Schneider                 philschne&#10
                              NO       NO        NO
OH   45429-3723              937-296-1806          bhanu.che&#10
               Bhanumathi Chelluri          NO       NO        NO
MI   48084     Bill J. Harris248-840-6575
                                                                   NO       NO        NO
CA   92121-2933              Zhang
               Zhensheng 858-623-9424
                                                                   NO      YES        NO
CA   92121-2933Leonping Ma   858-623-9423
                                                                   NO      YES        NO
NY   14150                   716-447-2587
               Nehal S Chokshi                     nehalchok&#11
                                       nehalchokshi@ambptech.comNO          NO        NO
AL   35806     Stephen Granade
                                                                   NO       NO       YES
# of Employees
A04-025   ARDEC       365000   365000   $730,000
A04-258   TARDEC      728227        0   $728,227
A05-005   ARDEC       538061   191932   $729,993
A05-074   CERDEC      548235   181762   $729,997
A05-147   AMRDEC(M)   340000   340000   $680,000
A05-168   MRMC        492577   237404   $729,981
A05-216   STTC        401236   328719   $729,955
A05-219   TARDEC      357781   372122   $729,903
A05-229   TARDEC      263106   466891   $729,997
A2-2637               10605 Concord St. #500
          Technest Holdings, Inc.          KensingtonMD     20895                 321-676-4560
                                                                      C. David Tunnell
A2-2483   Cryptek, Inc1501-Moran Drive     Sterling   VA    20166-9309            571-434-2118
                                                                      Edward Browdy
A2-2283               680       Suite 302 King of Prussia
          Gestalt, LLC American Ave                   PA    19406-1310            856-614-5445
                                                                      Eric Wiseblatt
A2-2359               680       Suite 302 King of Prussia
          Gestalt, LLC American Ave                   PA    19406-1310            856-614-5447
                                                                      Robert H. Pollack
A2-2528               1440 Broadway, Suite 713
          Laserlith Corporation            Oakland CA       94612-2030Gina Kim 510-286-0154
A2-2583               7301 Penn Avenue
          ChemImage Corporation            Pittsburgh PA    15208-2528            412-241-7335
                                                                      Charles Gardner
A2-2410               13101 Training, LLC Blvd #214 C
          Tactical LanguageW. Washington Los Angeles A      90066                 310-621-1639
                                                                      Andre Valente
A2-2599               3741 LLC Drive
          Quantum Signal, Plaza Suite 1    Ann Arbor MI     48108                 734-994-0028
                                                                      Mitchell M. Rohde
A2-2655               2399 E. Walton Blvd. Auburn Hills
          Idetix Software Systems                     MI    48326-1955            248-373-9550
                                                                      Robert Kosnik
                   NO       NO   NO   200
ebrowdy@cryptek.comNO       NO   NO   128               This technology has a clear dual use in a number of comm
                                                                      Textile/Fabric the development of design and
                                            This SBIR proposal is concerned withMaterials, Micromechanical Mod
                   NO  NO   NO   180               A recent progress low-cost, reliable telescopeMirror, Sen
                                                                       robust, Laser, Scanning, Steered, Enemy Ide
                                            Based on our compact, Optical,in a proprietary Dual Source and enemy
                   NO    NO   NO   180               Rapid identification for Army programs such as imagery
                                            SAR imaging is a key capabilityof enemy activities from SARFuture Co
                                                                      SAR, change detection, radar, coherent, discri
                   N        NO   NO     8                             Cost developing exists in the and assembly P
                                                        Currently no on evaluation Missile design Multiple Purpos
                                            This SBIR effort focuses―integrated tool‖an innovative market that can
                   NO NO        NO    50               highly accurate, cell,cost, (CLAD)has rugged scales base
                                                                      load low low low ultrasonic, high accuracy, c
                                            A Combat Load Assessment Device cost,weight, been proposedthat w
                   NO       NO    NO     5               The this Small Business Innovative Researcha(SBIR) Pro
                                                                      MULTI-TASKED, all branches in warfighting
                                            The objective offluidic sensing will impactMEMS, MICROSYSTEMS, M NO
                   NO            NO     6               ECRS will fielded ground combat and combat be approac
                                            As the Army‘s current enable reliability decision making to support sys
                                                                      reliability, modeling, software, vehicle, design,
                 YES       NO   NO    11                              Benefits: Research Group Inc. fastening, up
                                            In this Phase II effort, Cornerstone(1) rapidarmor, armor (CRG) propo
                                                        Operationalcomposite appliqué release/replacement time
 bric Materials, Micromechanical Modeling, Optimization, Impact Simulation, Ballistic Impact, Virtual Testing, Protection Systems
aser, Scanning, Steered, Mirror, Sensor, Threat, Lidar
nge detection, radar, coherent, discrimination, CCD
uation Missile design and assembly Process-based cost models Web services Agent-based implementation Decision support tool
 ow cost, ultrasonic, high accuracy, weight, height
 modeling, software, vehicle, design, cost, prediction
e appliqué armor, armor fastening, up-armor, smart materials
ting, Protection Systems

ation Decision support tool

TOPIC                                 FIRM
A00-100   Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc.
A03-009   MicroAssembly Technologies, Inc.
A03-093   Technest Holdings, Inc.
A03-127   Scientific Systems Company, Inc
A04-013   Aspen Systems, Inc.
A04-018   Personnel Protection Technologies LLC
A04-038   Chatten Associates, Inc.
A04-049   Princeton Lightwave, Inc.
A04-053   EcoPulse
A04-057   Applied Spectra, Inc.
A04-058   Materials Processing, Inc.
A04-066   Simpson Weather Associates, Inc.
A04-083   Aerodyn Engineering Inc.
A04-094   Trident Systems Inc.
A04-095   DE Technologies Inc.
A04-114   Maxion Technologies, Inc.
A04-117   Black Forest Engineering, LLC
A04-124   Migma Systems, Inc.
A04-133   HYPRES. Inc.
A04-136   Luna Innovations Incorporated
A04-150   Triton Systems, Inc.
A04-151   Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.
A04-159   Multispectral Solutions, Inc.
A04-160   GrammaTech, Inc
A04-165   CogniTech Corporation
A04-165   Impact Technologies, LLC
A04-172   Florida Turbine Technologies, Inc.
A04-174   Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company
A04-192   Infoscitex Corporation
A04-194   BioTraces, Inc.
A04-197   Infoscitex Corporation
A04-212   Physical Optics Corporation
A04-214   Physical Optics Corporation
A04-217   Wright Materials Research Co.
A04-228   IAP Research, Inc.
A04-237   Michigan Engineering Services, LLC
A04-245   Mesoscopic Devices, LLC
A04-247   CFD Research Corporation
A04-248   International Mezzo Technologies, Inc
A04-258   Cryptek, Inc
A05-001   CAE Solutions Corporation
A05-001   ParaSym
A05-002   Omnitek Partners, LLC
A05-003   iRobot Corporation
A05-003   Kutta Consulting, Inc.
A05-003   Mobile Intelligence Corporation
A05-004   American GNC Corporation
A05-004   CHI Systems, Inc.
A05-005   CHI Systems, Inc.
A05-005   FD Software Enterprises, LLC.
A05-005   FD Software Enterprises, LLC.
A05-005   Physical Optics Corporation
A05-006   Agiltron Corporation
A05-007   Physical Optics Corporation
A05-010   Coherent Logix, Incorporated
A05-011   Frontier Performance Polymers Corporation
A05-012   Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc. (OKSI)
A05-014   Scientific Applications & Research Assoc., Inc.
A05-015   Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.
A05-019   AMBP Tech Corporation
A05-021   InnoSys
A05-022   Professional Services Group
A05-023   JXT Applications, Inc.
A05-025   Intelligent Automation, Inc.
A05-026   Agile Materials and Technologies, Inc.
A05-027   Systran Federal Corp.
A05-028   JMARTechnologies, Research Division
A05-033   Physical Domains
A05-034   Lynntech, Inc.
A05-037   Infoscitex Corporation
A05-038   Energy Research Company
A05-040   GENVAC AeroSpace Corp.
A05-040   Microwave Technologies Incorporated
A05-041   Creare Inc.
A05-042   Ultra Communications Inc
A05-042   Ziva Corporation
A05-043   INTER Materials, LLC
A05-044   Triton Systems, Inc.
A05-048   Physical Sciences Inc.
A05-050   Universal Display Corporation
A05-051   Simmetrix, Inc.
A05-053   Spectral Sciences, Inc.
A05-054   Bonner Motor Corp
A05-057   Advanced Optical Systems, Inc.
A05-058   Stirling Dynamics Incorporated
A05-061   Techno-Sciences, Inc.
A05-062   Innovative Power Solutions, LLC
A05-063   Deformation Control Technology, Inc.
A05-065   Continuum Dynamics, Inc.
A05-066   PercepTek
A05-068   Irvine Sensors Corporation
A05-069   HYPRES. Inc.
A05-071   Information Extraction & Transport, Inc.
A05-072   TIAX LLC
A05-073   ISX Corporation
A05-073   Toyon Research Corp.
A05-073   Toyon Research Corp.
A05-075   Altex Technologies Corporation
A05-079   Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.
A05-080   Oceanit Laboratories, Inc.
A05-088   Technology Service Corporation
A05-089   Toyon Research Corp.
A05-091   Physical Optics Corporation
A05-092   Agiltron Corporation
A05-094   Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc.
A05-095   DigiVision, Inc.
A05-097   Silicon Photonics Group
A05-099   Photronix
A05-100   Arete Associates
A05-102   Modus Operandi, Inc.
A05-103   Ultra-Scan Corporation
A05-105   Hittite Microwave Corporation
A05-106   Mayflower Communications Company, Inc.
A05-107   Agile Materials and Technologies, Inc.
A05-107   EMAG Technologies, Inc.
A05-110   Toyon Research Corp.
A05-111   Datatek Applications, Inc.
A05-112   JEM Engineering, LLC
A05-113   San Diego Research Center, Incorporated
A05-115   QED Services, Inc.
A05-116   South Bay Science and Technology Corp
A05-118   Eigent Technologies
A05-118   Williams-Pyro,Inc.
A05-119   Milbert Engineering, Inc.
A05-120   Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation (SPEC)
A05-121   Visual Learning Systems, Inc.
A05-123   San Diego Research Center, Incorporated
A05-124   Global Contour Ltd.
A05-125   TransTech Systems, Inc.
A05-126   RJ Lee Group, Inc
A05-128   GS Engineering, Inc.
A05-129   AeroVironment Inc.
A05-130   Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc.
A05-131   Quick Med Technologies, Inc.
A05-132   Numerica Corporation
A05-133   Trident Systems Inc.
A05-135   Propagation Research Associates
A05-136   Luna Innovations Incorporated
A05-136   The Athena Group, Inc.
A05-138   Materials Systems Inc.
A05-138   Surmet Corporation
A05-139   M4 Engineering, Inc.
A05-140   Sienna Technologies, Inc.
A05-141   Charles River Analytics Inc.
A05-142   General Opto Solutions, LLC
A05-144   Surmet Corporation
A05-144   Surmet Corporation
A05-150   21st Century Technologies Inc.
A05-151   Breault Research Organization
A05-156   Surmet Corporation
A05-158   Intelligent Automation, Inc.
A05-158   NextGen Aeronautics
A05-159   Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc.
A05-161   Sarcos Research Corporation
A05-162   Cleveland Medical Devices, Inc.
A05-162   IntraGraphix, LLC
A05-163   Quantum Applied Science and Research Inc.
A05-166   Physical Optics Corporation
A05-167   Lynntech, Inc.
A05-167   Lynntech, Inc.
A05-170   ConjuGon, Inc.
A05-171   Vital Probes, Inc.
A05-172   Touch of Life Technologies
A05-174   Micro Analysis and Design, Inc.
A05-175   Kuehnle Agrosystems Company, LLC
A05-176   BHTechnology, LLC
A05-177   TransGenex Nanobiotech Inc.
A05-179   BioFactura, Inc.
A05-180   Inovamar LLC
A05-181   Immunotope, Inc
A05-183   TS&I (Technology Solutions & Invention LLC)
A05-187   Aptima, Inc.
A05-192   Milli Sensor Systems & Actuators
A05-193   Creare Inc.
A05-195   Rechargeable Battery Corporation
A05-197   TDA Research, Inc.
A05-199   American GNC Corporation
A05-201   Corvid Technologies, Inc.
A05-202   Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC
A05-203   Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation (SPEC)
A05-204   DECISIVE ANALYTICS Corporation
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A05-206   Charles River Analytics Inc.
A05-207   Nova Engineering, Inc.
A05-208   Radiance Technologies Inc.
A05-209   TRS Ceramics, Inc.
A05-211   NAVSYS Corporation
A05-212   soVoz, Inc.
A05-213   TIAX LLC
A05-215   CHI Systems, Inc.
A05-215   CHI Systems, Inc.
A05-218   Triton Systems, Inc.
A05-219   Mobile Intelligence Corporation
A05-219   Mobile Intelligence Corporation
A05-219   Turing Associates, Inc.
A05-221   RE2, Inc.
A05-222   Physical Sciences Inc.
A05-223   Aesop, Inc.
A05-223   VISCA, LLC
A05-226   Emitech, Inc
A05-228   MTS Technologies
A05-228   VEXTEC Corporation
A05-228 VEXTEC Corporation
A05-233 Filter Science, Inc.
A05-236 NanoDynamics-88, Inc.
A05-237 Adiabatics, Inc.
A05-237 Advanced Engines Development Corp.
A05-240 GS Engineering, Inc.
A05-241 Millennium Cell
A05-243 Senspex, Inc.
A05-243 Translume
A05-244 Cornerstone Research Group, Inc.
A05-245 SAFE, Inc.
A05-246 Liuman Technologies
A05-246 MKP Structural Design Associates, Inc.
AF05-241 Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc.
MDA04-152Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc.
SB032-039Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation (SPEC)
X6.01    Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC)
Spectral Imaging of Aerosols
Mass Fabrication of Hermetic MEMS Micro Detonators
A Novel Motion Tracking Indicator Algorithm for Multiple Target Tracking
Robust Machine Learning for UXO Detection
Novel Use of Magnesium Composites to Reduce Weight of Mortar Systems
Near-Vehicle Situational Awareness and Omnidirectional Weapons Detection System
Soldier Universal Robot Controller
Highly Efficient, Power-Scalable Long-Wavelength Diode Laser Pumps for Eye-Safe Solid-State Laser Development
Modeling devices based on Isotopic Radiation
Novel n-pulse Approach for Revolutionary LIBS
Rifling of the Inner Diameter of Ceramic Tubes for Gun Barrel Applications
Airborne Doppler LIDAR Analyses and Adaptive Targeting System (ADLAATS)
Advanced Stress Measurement Technologies for Small Turbine Engines
C4ISR Architecture and Tactical Systems Planning Tool
Remote Controlled Mine Neutralizer
Quantum-Cascade-Laser-Based Systems for LWIR Military Applications
Uncooled Midwave Focal Plane Array (FPA) and Camera for RPG Detection
Robust IED and Landmine Detection Systems Using IR Images
High Frequency Bandpass ADC Technology for Digitization at Ka/EHF-Band RF
Computer Network Intrusion Tolerance and Survivability for Army Mobile Tactical Networks
Electrokinetic Chem/Bio Filter(1000-900)
Streamlining the Production and Visualization of Error-Free Geospatially Grounded Text Documents
Innovative and Cost Effective Obstacle Avoidance/Navigation for Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Software Anti-Tamper for Real-Time Systems
Shelf Life Prediction of Rocket Motors
Integrated Rocket Motor Life Prediction System
Highly Efficient Turbofan Engine Aero Design for Longer Range Munitions
A Pintle Nozzle With Thrust Vector Control
Self-Assembling System for Targeted Nanodelivery of Proteins (STOP)
Supersensitive Detection of Malaria
Electromechanically and Sensor Enhanced Endoscopic Tools
Flexible Guided Light Array Scanning Textile-Mounted Display
Solid-State LED Illumination System
Novel Lightweight Composite System for Anti-Personnel Blast Mine Protection
Continuous Dynamic Processing of Ceramic Tiles for Ground Vehicle Protection
Development of Blast Event Simulation
Compact Self-regenerating JP-8 Desulfurizer
Multiresolution Thermal Design/Signature Management Tool for Vehicle Electronics Packages
Cooling Objectives and Operative Leverage (COOL) Techniques
Ballistic Impact Dynamic Modeling of Fabric for New Protection Systems
Ballistic Impact Dynamic Modeling of Fabric for New Protection Systems
Novel Actuation Technologies for Guided Precision Munitions
An SOA Compliant Software Service to Allocate Targets to Assets with Quality of Service Guarantees
Multi-Platform Manned/Unmanned System-Mission Planner/Controller
Overseer: A Multi-Platform Manned/Unmanned System Mission Planner
Advanced Algorithms for Attack of Moving Targets (A3MT)
4D GIS-based Virtual Reality for Moving Target Prediction
Networked Intelligent Agents and Distributed Decision Aids for Net Centric Fires
Network Centric Early Warning System
CDAS Web Interface Services (CWIS)
High Performance and Low Cost Sniper Riflescope Detection Lidar
Autonomous Self-Configuring/Self-Regulating Smart Sensing Windscreen
Innovative Lightweight Small-Arm Polymer Cased Ammunition
Intelligent Night Scope
Disposable/Survivable Antenna Technology
Differential Geometry Based Image Resizing for Small Arms Targeting
Dielectric Materials Enhancement via Excimer Laser Processing
L-Band High Power Amplifiers for Directed Energy Weapons
Simulated Assessment for Personnel Selection
Establishing Selection Measures of Vigilance Performance
An IPD-based approach for Adaptable Story-based Leadership Training & Assessment
Materials Integration and Processing of Nonlinear Tunable Thin Films with Affordable Large Area Substrates to Promote Microw
Advanced Flexible Architecture for UWB Receivers
Multipulse Agile Laser Source for Real-Time Spark Spectrochemical Hazard Analysis in the Field
Retrodirective Noise Correlating Radar: Fast Detection of Small Projectiles Plus Imaging of the Scene
Lightweight High Yield Borazane-fed Hydrogen Generator
Low Parasitic Loss Solid Waste Preprocessor for Forward Waste to Energy Conversion
Optical Stand-Off Detection of Explosive Residue
Combined sub mm TWT and BWO with Biplanar Interdigital Circuit
Miniature Sub-millimeter Wave Magnetron Oscillator
Two-Way Bone Conduction Communication System for High Noise Environments
Active Alignment Correction with Vertical Cavity Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (VCSOA)
Alignment Tolerant Optical Connector with Active Regenerative Element
Low Cost Manufacturing of Ballistic Helmets
Spray Formed Aluminum Armor(1000-904)
New Ionic Salts for Green Insensitive Munitions Materials
Flexible and Conformal Environmental Barrier Technology for Displays
Polycrystalline Microstructure Reconstruction and Meshing
Rapid Multiple-Scattering Radiative Transfer Algorithm for Target Acquisition Weapons Software
Low Fuel-Consumption, High-Altitude Capable, Heavy-Fuel Internal Combustion (IC) Engine Concepts for Unmanned Air Vehic
Helicopter Remote Manipulation of External Slingloads (HERMES)
Active Control Inceptors Using Smart Material Motion Control
Structural Integrity Monitoring System
High Power Density Electric Generator for Army Rotorcraft
Design Tool for Fatigue Sensitive Steel Rotorcraft Components
Novel Eulerian Vorticity Transport Wake Module for Rotorcraft Flow Analysis
Obstacle Representation Database From Sensor Data
Image Intensifier Compatible Thermal Imaging System
Digital Interface between Multigigahertz Transceivers and Room Temperature Electronics
Command and Control (C2) Database Translation Application
Advanced Tactical 2 kW Stirling Power Sources for Cogeneration Applications
Advanced Tactical 2 KW Stirling Power Sources for Co-Generation Applications
Advanced Command and Control for Autonomous System Teams (ACCAST)
Decision Aid for Command and Control of Unmanned Assets
JP-8 Fueled Low Temperature Pre-Reformer and SOFC System (LTPR-SOFC) For Portable Applications
MEMS Technology for Sense Through the Wall Applications
Hostile Fire Indicator (HFI)
Automated Feature/Anomaly Extraction from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Coherent Change Detection (CCD) Imagery
Miniature Ultra-Tightly Coupled Software-Defined Navigation (SDN) System
Focusing X-ray Inspection System
Nano-Enabled Sampling for SERS-Based Trace Explosive Detection
Parametric Singularity Fusion Algorithm
A Single-Chip, Zero-Latency, Deblurring Anisoplanaticism Corrector for Army Video Applications
Large-Area Hybrid Substrates for HgCdTe Infrared Detectors
Development of Low Stress Ohmic Contacts to HgCdTe
Compact, Short-Pulse, SWIR Laser (1.5 micron) for Two- and Three-Dimensional Flash Imaging Sensor
Keystone: Refactoring Tools for SOA
Soldier-Borne Biometric Authentication System
Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Cluster 5 Power Amplifier
MIMO for Energy-Aware Distributed Mobile Wireless Systems (MEADoWS): A Cognitive Software Defined Radio (SDR) MIMO
Reduced Size Weight and Power Consumption for SATCOM Antennas
Reduced Size Weight and Power Consumption for SATCOM Antennas
Frequency-Agile, Endfire Phased Array
Mobile IPv6 in a Low Bandwidth Tactical Environment.
Ballistic Radomes for SATCOM Antennas
Seamless Soft Handoff Protocols
Army Ground Vehicle Roll-Over Elimination and Stability Improvements
Wide Spectrum Transmitter For A Combined Standoff Chem-Bio Sensor
Secure Data Rich Active Transponder Development
Data Rich Active Transponder Development
Geographically-Enabled Augmented Reality System for Dismounted Soldiers
Terrain Mapping LADAR (TML)
Automatic Extraction of Urban Features from Terrestrial LIDAR Systems
Self-Organizing, Energy Efficient, Scalable and Cost-Effective Wireless Backbone to Monitor and Administer Large Remote Do
Multifunctional Material Properties-based Smart Concrete Structural Self-sensing (MMP-SCSS) Technology
Near-Surface Rapid Soil Characterization System
Predicting the Behavior of Cracked Concrete Exposed to Contamination
High Temperature Bushings for Tracked Vehicles
High Power Density, and Efficient on Board Auxiliary Power Generation System
Development of Novel Glutamate Antagonists as Neural Protectants against Organophosphorus (OP) Compounds
Chemical Casualty Care: Wound Dressings Designed to Speed Wound Closure Following Debridement of Cutaneous Vesican
Network-Centric Multiple Frame Association for Distributed Multiple Target Tracking
Object Oriented Repository for the Management of Systems, Software, and Modeling and Simulation Data Structures
The Fast Algorithm for State Estimation (FASE) Software/Hardware-in-the-Loop (S/HWIL) for Real-Time Target Estimation
Hardware-Based Anti-Tamper Techniques
Amorphous Soft-Core Processor for Hardware Anti-Tamper
Near Net Shape Forming of Spinel Hemispherical Domes
Near Net Shape Forming of AlON or Spinel
Development of a Coupled Environment Code for Design Optimization of Missile Radomes
A Reliable Aluminum Nitride High Temperature Electronic Package for High Power Devices
Fusion Algorithm Creation for Advanced Detection via Evolution (FACADE)
Development of Ultra-Fast, Low grating lobe Optical Beam Scanners for Laser Radar (LADAR) Seeker
Application of an Infrared Transmitting Dielectric to Concave Spherical Surfaces
Dynamically Obfuscating Virtual Execution Engine (DOVE)
Transmitted Wavefront Metrology on Large Domes and Windows
Novel, Low Cost Fabrication Method for Multiseeker Domes with Integrated Metal Grid
Cost and Weight Optimization of a Missile Using a Genetic Algorithm
An Integrated and Extensible Cost Evaluation and Simulation System
Optimized Numerics for Missile Aero-Propulsive Flow Modeling on Massive Clustered Computational Resources
Development of Advanced Military Prosthetic Shoulder System
Ambulatory, Miniaturized, Automatic EEG Seizure Detector
Field Deployable Electroencephalogram (EEG) for Assessing Nonconvulsive Seizures
Wearable, Low Power Ballistic Impact Detection System
Dielectrophoretic Raman Scattering Biosensor
A Small, Portable, and Powerless Sterilization System for Medical/Dental Instruments
Fundamentally New Therapeutic for the Treatment of Acinetobacter Baumannii Wound Infections
Enhanced DNA Vaccine Delivery to Protect Against Biothreat Agents
Compartment Syndrome Simulator
Deployment Web-Based Interface Tool
Chloroplast Genetic Engineering to Produce Diagnostic Antigens and Vaccines
Field-Expedient Combat Load Assessment Device (CLAD)
Targeted Therapy for Neoplastic Diseases
Generation of Stable Eukaryotic Cell Lines Expressing High Yields of Therapeutic Human Antibodies Against Biowarfare Viral T
Pre-Hospital Trauma Data Collection and Mining
Autoantibodies as serum biomarkers for prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis
Inconspicuous Taggant for Combat Uniforms
Representing Entity Actions and Cue Taxonomies (REACT)
A Method of Improving Bias Stability of MEMS Inertial Instruments
Smart Snap Hook
Exothermic Nano Composite for Self-Contained Ration Heater
Self-Heating Group Ration
Miniaturized Smart Self-calibration Electronic Pointing Device
Insensitive Munitions Modeling and Simulation
Lightweight Infrared Optics
Integrated Total Asset Visibility System (ITAVS)
Bayesian Optimization Battle Command Analysis Tool (BOBCAT)
Policy Manager for Access Controls in a Tactical Environment
Data Processing and Audio/Visual Displays for Improving Situational Awareness (DAVIS)
Handheld Emission Detector (HED)
Agile Maneuvering Smart Projectiles for Enhanced Lethality Munitions
New Ferroelectric Components for FEG's and CDU's
Research on the Development of a Miniature, Low Power Global Positioning System (GPS)/Inertial Registration Device For Use
Control Interface for Driving Interactive Characters in Immersive Virtual Environments
Automatic Real-Time Magnetometer Error Compensation and Calibration
HapMed: Application of Haptics for Combat Medic Training
Novel Field Repair of Composite Armor(1000-899)
A JAUS-Compliant Self-Contained Autonomous Control Unit for UGVs
Supervisory Control for Unmanned Ground Vehicles
Small Robot Infrastructure Toolkit
Rapid Road Edge Detection Based on Biomimetic Image Processing
In-situ Measurement of Automotive Fluids Degradation by Micro-ESR Spectrometry
Multi-Tasked Microtechnology Based Sensor for Automotive Fluidic Analysis
Highly Sensitive and Selective Optochemical Sensors Based on Organic-Inorganic Nanocomposite for Real-Time, Standoff De
Novel Vehicle and Fleet Reliability & Cost Modeling Tools
Vehicle Enterprise Computational Reliability Software (ECRS)
Air Filter Integrity and Serviceability Testing
Silicon Carbide MOSFET
Advanced Military Diesel Engine Technologies Demonstrator
Compact Turbochargers for High Power Density Diesel Engines
Integrated Starter/Alternator for Military Tactical Vehicles
Hydrogen Production from Inorganic Compounds
Integrated flow cytometer for on-line, real-time unlabeled bio detection in potable water
Rapid Detection of Biological and Chemical Contaminants in Water with Evanescent field Coherent-Surface-Enhanced Raman
Smart, Rapid Release Fasteners for Appliqué Armor
An Innovative Mine Blast / IED Energy Attenuating Seat for use in Ground Vehicles
Design of Composite Vehicle Structures and Armors against Blast Attacks
Function-Oriented Material Design (FOMD) for Innovative Composite Structures against Land Explosives
Coupling of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Reentry Vehicle Surface Ablations, and In-Depth Conductions
Novel Experimental Collection of High Quality Missile Plume Flowfield Data & Model Validation
Army Robotic LADAR Software Development Platform
Advanced Vortex Hybrid Rocket Engine (AVHRE), NASA
There are a number of potential commercial and military applications for the development of a compact, multispectral imager in
The proposed SBIR Phase II project aims to develop a hermetic microdetonator that can be manufactured at low-cost using en
Technest Holdings Inc. proposes in this SBIR II effort to develop and prototype a real-time system with a novel Motion Tracking
Many of the areas designated for Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) and Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) are conta
Magnesium alloys have always been attractive to designers/Engineers due to their low density-only two thirds that of aluminum
This Phase II proposal addresses the Ground/Sea Vehicles, Sensors Technology Area and entails the development of a suite o
Chatten Associates proposes a research and development plan to improve the head-aimed vision system for remote operation
For Phase II of this program, Princeton Lightwave Inc. proposes to develop high power 1470 nm InGaAsP/InP diode laser array
Phase II proposes to do additional research on isomers, as needed to evaluate the promise of notional isomer-based and isom
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) is a powerful analytical sensor technology for military and civilian applications. A
Silicon nitride (Si3N4) based materials have the potential for use as rifled gun barrels that can provide a significant increase in b
The overall goal of this Phase II effort is to provide a computationally efficient software package called the Airborne Doppler Lid
Aerodyn Engineering proposes to develop a new concept in slip ring design that could operate up to 90,000 RPM with 50 conta
JCIDS is the critical beginning of the joint requirements process; and is a multi-architecture and cross-architecture intensive me
DE Technologies proposes herein to modify the shaped charge section of the M430A1 HEDP grenade to effect neutralization o
Maxion Technologies will extend the work accomplished during our Phase I effort to develop high-performance quantum-casca
Resistive bolometer capability has evolved such that low noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) can be achieved on a
Traditional landmine detection techniques are both dangerous and time consuming. Landmines can be square, round, cylindric
HYPRES proposes to develop a novel delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for use in military satellite communications
Luna Innovations and RTI International propose to merge SITAR with the Communications-Electronics Research, Developmen
Triton Systems, Inc. proposes to further develop an innovative low air resistance filter and duct liner technology, which has the
We will streamline the production of ‗self-mapping‘ documents through the tight integration of evidence-driven automated taggin
In Phase I, MSSI examined the performance and requirements of an Ultra Wideband (UWB) radar to provide small Unmanned
Adversaries reverse engineer weapons systems to replicate a system's advanced capabilities or discover its weaknesses. The
The US Army is responsible for the full life cycle of large numbers of composite rocket motors in various weapon systems. Mo
Impact Technologies, LLC is developing and demonstrating an Integrated Rocket Motor Life Prediction Software System called
Small expendable gas turbine engines historically suffer from poor specific fuel consumption (SFC) and high costs for military a
Tactical missiles need to control their speed and be able to steer to a wide variety of targets. They usually control their speed
Providing improved countermeasures to protect military personnel and the civilian population from biological warfare agents is a
Malaria currently affects 300-500 million people worldwide and leads to about 2 million deaths annually. Development of a vacc
Development of a computer-assisted, steerable, handheld laparoscopic tool is proposed to allow surgeons to navigate to locatio
To address the U.S. Army need for ultrathin, flexible, high-resolution electronic color displays on soldiers‘ uniforms and on inter
Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes to develop in Phase II an innovative Solid-State Illumination (SOSIL) system for U
Today it is estimated that there are 110 million active Anti-Personnel (AP) mines in the world, and nearly 20 million of these are
In proposed Phase II project IAP will develop a high rate, cost effective manufacturing method for producing silicon carbide (SiC
The design of Army vehicles to resist blast from mines or from explosive devices is of great interest in order to provide protectio
Sulfur compounds in JP-8 are a barrier to its use in fuel cells since sulfur poisons the catalysts used in fuel cells and fuel proce
We propose to develop a multi-resolution software tool for thermal design and management of heat generated in vehicles by m
The objective of this Phase II program is to develop and demonstrate a high performance heat exchanger technology for militar
This SBIR proposal is concerned with the development of design and analysis tools for the assessment of new protection syste
Fabrics are a key component in safety systems ranging from body armor to seat belts and airbags. Estimating the failure under
The primary objective of this project is the development of a number of novel actuators for guidance and control of smart and p
This project will develop a near real-time dynamic planning system (Asset Employment System, AES) that accepts requests for
In this proposal, Kutta capitalizes on existing DoD investments, its own hand-held UAV controller technology, and additional UG
iRobot will develop a Mission Planning module for the ARDEC MPC which will allow a single operator to enter a mission objecti
In Effects Based Operations (EBO), we apply the proper joint lethal and nonlethal effects to gain a desired outcome. At the tac
The objective of this project is to investigate and demonstrate the feasibility of 4D GIS Based Virtual Reality for Moving Target P
Physical Optics Corporation proposes to develop new Networked Intelligent Agents and Distributed Decision Aids (NIADDA) for
The overarching objective of this SBIR is to develop a Network Centric Early Warning System (NEWS). NEWS will integrate ex
The Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) has made Network-centric Joint Time Critical Targeting (TCT) a major focus. A major fe
The Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) has made Network-centric Joint Time Critical Targeting (TCT) a major focus. A major fe
To address the U.S. Army need for a dynamic smart miniature windscreen, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes to dev
The lessons learned in Iraq show that the weight burden has hindered the mobility and subsequently survivability of the soldiers
In today's asymmetric combat and urban operations, clutter and busy scenes complicate the ability of the warfighter to success
Application of high-power radiofrequency (HPRF) energy via placing an antenna directly near a hostile target enables delivery o
Providing a fast and accurate way to deliver target images to a small caliber autonomous projectile, using only a single camera
AMBP Tech in collaboration with the ESI of SUNY UB has demonstrated the improvement of surface flashover on dielectrics by
This Army SBIR program is on research and exploration for solutions to high power W-Band amplifiers for use in directed energ
To fulfill the Army‘s need for a simulation generator system for personnel selection, we proposed in Phase I to develop the Job-
A review of past research suggests that attempts to develop personnel selection tests for vigilance performance have not fully s
Intelligent Automation, Inc. proposes to develop Leadership Education through Evolutionary Development (LEED). LEED is a l
Agile has successfully demonstrated the ability to design and manufacture high performance, voltage controllable analog millim
UWB systems are promoted as a method of optimizing the limited bandwidth available for information transfer. However, UWB
The development of high energy lasers capable of double pulse operation using a single laser resonator is a critical subsystem
During the Phase II effort our primary objective is to demonstrate the X-band retrodirective noise correlating (RNC) radar out to
There is an urgent need for a stable and high energy density hydrogen source for portable military applications. With 19.6 wt%
Conversion of waste to useful fuel is an attractive alternative for forward deployed military units, not only to reduce the need for
Energy Research Company (ERCo) has developed and proven the feasibility of a novel and highly powerful sensor technology
The goal is to build a prototype tunable, nominally one-Watt, signal source, centered at 650 GHz, comprised of a backward wav
Microwave Technologies proposes the development of a revolutionary miniature submillimeter-wave magnetron oscillator (SMO
Bone conduction communication has the potential to offer many advantages for communication between Army personnel carry
In this Phase II SBIR proposal, Ziva proposes to demonstrate a prototype optical array connector between a board and a backp
We are developing a technology that embeds optical transceivers within backplane connectors. The goal is increase the bandw
One of the US Army‘s priority R&D areas has been focused on lightening the load carried by the soldier. Much of this concentr
Triton Systems Inc, (Triton) proposes to demonstrate enhanced ballistic protection and weightsavings of spray formed aluminum
Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI), ATK Thiokol (ATK), and Toxikon (Tox) propose to study new energetic ingredients as substitutes
A low-cost, high performance thin-film oxygen and moisture permeation barrier remains a critical issue to be solved for the succ
Thermo-mechanical processing of ceramics and metallic alloys, some polymers and composites comprised of a mixture of thes
Scene simulations are increasingly used for electro-optical sensor design, performance evaluation, and data analysis over a wi
Internal Combustion engines (IC) are bound in their ability to create power primarily by the volume of air an engine is able to de
Helicopter operations in low visibility conditions and sling load operations continue to add risk to aviation operations. If slingload
The prospect of using smart material technology for active inceptor motion systems is of high interest because of the potential c
Techno-Sciences, Inc. (TSi), in collaboration with the Smart Structures Laboratory of the Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center at th
The US Army helicopter fleet consists of upgraded helicopters that were originally designed in the 70‘s and 80‘s. The more elec
In modernizing its rotorcraft fleet, the US Army has identified the pressing need to increase the horsepower of existing rotorcraf
 Accurate performance prediction is essential to the development of Army rotorcraft as well as the support of flight operations.
PercepTek has developed a software package that will process 3D point data from a range sensors such as LADAR or stereo t
The primary objective of the overall project is to develop a system that incorporates our extremely lightweight, low power, small
HYPRES is developing Digital RF receivers and transceivers for direct conversion of wideband RF signals followed by all subse
A key challenge to network-centric warfare (NCW) is that current combat systems use a myriad of different message protocols,
Infinia Corporation proposes a demonstration of an operable lightweight Stirling Convertor Assembly (SCA) coupled to a JP-8 b
The Army Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM) seeks smaller and lighter equipment to meet the electric pow
In ACCAST Phase I, ISX and CMU jointly examined the issues involved in the command and control of unmanned, autonomou
Toyon Research Corporation proposes to develop an automated decision aid to allow commanders to make intelligent choices
Low temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC), operating on JP-8 and other distillate fuels, are the ideal power sources for al
This Phase II proposal presents the design and development approach for a distributed Doppler-radar network system for sens
In response to Army topic A052-080-1968, Oceanit Laboratories has proposed the Hostile Fire Detection System (HFDS), whic
In response to Army topic A052-080-1968, Oceanit Laboratories has proposed the Hostile Fire Detection System (HFDS), whic
The hardware and software architecture for an ultra-tightly coupled (UTC) Software-Defined Navigation (SDN) system has been
To meet the U.S. Army need for a device to confirm the presence of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), Physical Optics Corp
In Phase I, Agiltron has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering samplin
The Army is seeking the development of an innovative image-based fusion and target detection algorithm that can collate incom
We propose to develop a single-chip, zero-latency, video processor that (1) stabilizes the image and removes anisoplanaticism
The Silicon Photonics Group at Arizona State University, Raytheon Vision Systems and NVESD propose new approaches to bu
During the proposed Phase II effort we will manufacture novel ohmic contacts and measure the stress in the ohmic contacts by
A key near-term objective of the Mission Equipment Packages (MEP) for Class II Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) program is t
The U.S. Army has for many decades met the challenge of utilizing SIGINT and COMINT to control the battle space for Americ
Ultra-Scan proposes to develop a soldier-borne bioassurance system that facilitates identity and liveness sensing through ultra
For JTRS Cluster 5 radio terminals, the size/weight and power drain are critical parameters that determine man-portability of te
Mayflower‘s MEADoWS (MIMO for Energy-Aware Distributed Mobile Wireless Systems) technology is an energy-efficient and s
Agile has successfully demonstrated the ability to design and manufacture high performance, voltage controllable analog phase
Emerging military, space and commercial communications systems, are placing a high premium on low-cost, small size, weigh
Toyon Research Corporation has developed and patented reconfigurable antenna technology that represents a significant impr
Datatek Applications, Inc. proposes to execute a Phase II SBIR effort to build upon our successful Phase I SBIR program on th
Radomes mounted on tactical combat vehicles, such as the HMMWV, Stryker, and On-The-Move Future Combat Systems (FC
In Future Force battlefield networks service reliability and availability are key performance indicators. To achieve high reliability
The ability to safely deploy tactical vehicles is central to the Objective Force, and a capable suspension system is critical to enh
The phase II objective is to develop and deliver an integrated high power FAL CO2 laser. The approach is based on the Phase
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and the wireless infrastructure for tag communication has become key technology f
To increase RFID security while meeting performance, cost, and lifetime requirements, Williams-Pyro, Inc. is developing the Ac
The current United States Army Land Warrior soldier system incorporates an occluded head-mounted display (HMD) for presen
Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation (SPEC) proposes a compact 3D imaging Terrain Mapping LADAR (TML) senso
The U.S. Army requires automated feature extraction (AFE) software to collect 3D urban features from terrestrial LIDAR data in
San Diego Research Center (SDRC) proposes to continue to design, develop, and demonstrate SensorBoneTM system, a self
The purpose of the proposed SBIR Phase II project is to perform innovative real-time Smart Concrete structural self-sensing an
Soil strength, type, and moisture content are needed to properly assess the load carrying capacity of infrastructure under traffic
Concrete durability and its impact on life-cycle infrastructure costs and military readiness is a major societal issue. This SBIR P
Bushing degradation in tracked vehicles has attracted attention in the recent conflicts in hot, arid environments around the glob
Power generation at remote locations is increasingly important in providing support for logistic and combat operations. The trad
Organophosphorus (OP) cholinesterase inhibitors, like sarin, cause severe toxic symptoms, including convulsions, coma, and d
Quick-Med Technologies (QMT) has shown proof of concept for an advanced wound care dressing to speed healing of partial t
The coordinated use of these multiple distributed sensors by network communication has the potential to substantially improve
As the complexity and size of systems grow and subsystems become more specialized, the amount of design information that n
Propagation Research Associates, Inc., (PRA) proposes to develop a software/hardware-in-the-loop (S/HWIL) capability that w
To meet the challenge of preventing or delaying the reverse engineering or compromise of U.S. developed technologies embed
The loss of technological advantage due to the tamper and reverse engineering of digital computing hardware is a growing con
The current method for producing dome blanks for multimode optics is to spray dry powders, followed by isopressing around m
Within the next three years, the Joint Common Missile will be transitioned to full-scale production. Total U.S. procurements are
The proposed effort aims to develop to develop a software product for rapid design and optimization of missile radomes. This s
In the Phase I program Sienna Technologies, Inc. has successfully developed (i) a low temperature die attach process that is c
Sensor technology has advanced to the point where it is has become feasible to use multiple sensor modalities on the same pl
The objective of this Phase II effort is to develop an innovative, low cost, ultra-fast scanning speed laser radar (LADAR) seeker
The dome for the Joint Common Missile (JCM) program is required to have a patterned metal mesh buried between inner and
The United States Army is increasingly dependent on weapons platforms that rely on commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardwar
The economical fabrication of hemispherical missile domes is a key driver for the Joint Common Missile program. An essentia
The current method used to produce domes for multimode seeker optics is to bond dome shells together with specialized adhe
The cost incurred in developing and producing a product or process is one of the most important considerations. Surprisingly e
The cost incurred in developing and producing a product or process is one of the most important considerations. Surprisingly e
High-fidelity flowfield simulations of US Army interest for tactical and hypersonic missile aeropropulsive applications require rep
Sarcos Research Corporation proposes to develop a high performance, ActiveShoulderTM military prosthetic system that will e
This project is focused on developing an ambulatory, easy-to-attach EEG device with the capability of automatically detecting th
The goal of this program is to produce a small disposable forehead patch for quickly detecting non-convulsive seizures in an un
In the proposed project, QUASAR will build on the work of Steven Van Albert of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research an
To address the Army‘s need for a diagnostic system capable of simultaneously detecting and identifying up to 100 militarily rele
Lynntech proposes to develop a small, light-weight, and powerless steam sterilization system for the DOD to sterilize medical a
ConjuGon has developed a fundamentally new antibacterial technology that is able to kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The tech
The objective of this proposal is to demonstrate the effectiveness of bacterial ghosts (BG) with internally immobilized DNA mini
Touch of Life Technologies (ToLTech) proposes to develop a computer-based system to train diagnosis and treatment of Com
This proposal describes a tool to improve the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Lessons Learned system. This tool is a web
Plant chloroplasts are capable of producing significant quantities of high quality bioengineered proteins with biomedical applicat
Plant chloroplasts are capable of producing significant quantities of high quality bioengineered proteins with biomedical applicat
Identification of effective treatments is urgently needed to provide patients with better options in treating ovarian cancer, which a
The proposed effort aims to test the protective efficacy of full length VACV-specific human mAbs derived from a phage FAb co
Traumatic injury is a major public health and military problem. What physiological changes occur to trauma patients after injury
Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and second leading cause of cancer-related death in males. A highly
This development work will continue to explore innovative technologies to be added to textile fibers or fabrics used on combat u
Effective evaluation of human-machine systems requires accurate representations of human behavior. Human response to sup
MEMS gyroscopes are impractical for long-term navigation in part because of their bias instability. MSSA has introduced a me
U.S. Army mass tactical airborne operations occasionally experience the accidental towing of a parachutist due to improper par
RBC has developed a design concept and working model for an air-activated heater using nano-structured aluminum as fuel. I
U.S. Army staff at the Natick Soldier Center have developed a single-use self-heating group ration, the Unitized Group Ration –
During Phase I AGNC has investigated and proved the feasibility of an innovative configuration of Miniaturized Smart Self-calib
The objective of this proposal is to improve the computational tools identified in Phase 1 that will be useful in assessing rocket a
Bodkin Design & Engineering, LLC (BD&E) will develop a prototype uncooled LWIR optical system that reduces both weight an
Systems and Processes Engineering Corporation (SPEC) proposes a total asset visibility and management solution that suppo
The DDS and other tactical networks are highly dynamic and contain an unknown number of data sources at any point in time.
NetCentric Technology, Inc. is pleased to submit this proposal for the development of a policy manager for access controls. Ou
We propose to iteratively develop and evaluate audio cueing methods and integrate them into current Soldier systems using ou
Nova Engineering will develop and demonstrate prototype HED (Handheld Emission Detectors) in Phase II; the architecture of
The benefits of guided munitions have been demonstrated during conflicts in recent years. It is now commonplace to see bom
TRS Technologies has developed high energy density components for Ferroelectric Generators (FEG's) and Capacitive Discha
A solution is needed to support training operations in both an outdoor and indoor environment with precise 3-D positioning and
The effectiveness of training personnel in immersive 3D virtual environments is currently limited by control interfaces that requir
A magnetic auto-compensation portable base station (MAC-PBS) will be developed to measure geomagnetic field fluctuations w
The envisioned Phase II HapMed training system combines game-based simulation and haptic technologies to support pedago
The Phase I FRCA effort has developed a repair material ―Ballistic Bondo‖ and proven it capable of stopping small arms threats
We propose building an open architecture, JAUS-compliant, bolt-on controller for unmanned ground robots that provides auton
This project will produce an upgrade ―kit‖ for mobile robots with robotic arms. The kit provides supervisory control and/or augm
Military and Law Enforcement groups are increasingly relying on small robotic Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) to perform a
Many soldiers‘ lives and expensive equipment are lost annually due to rollover of Army vehicles. A recent Combat Readiness C
Aesop‘s Micro-ESR™ sensor is a miniature electron spin resonance (ESR) sensor designed to continuously measure oxidation
Aesop‘s Micro-ESR™ sensor is a miniature electron spin resonance (ESR) sensor designed to continuously measure oxidation
Emitech, Inc proposes to design and develop a novel, highly sensitive and selective optochemical sensor array based on organ
This project will develop methodologies and modeling tools to predict and evaluate reliability, performance, and cost as integrat
This project will develop methodologies and modeling tools to predict and evaluate reliability, performance, and cost as integrat
We propose developing a vehicle air-filter testing machine that is innovative and unique. Filters will be tested for leakage (struc
The wide bandgap Si/C MOSFET makes use of silicon-based superlattice Si/C constructed on an insulating Si/O superlattice.
Combining AED Corp. and its multi-disciplinary team‘s extensive and unique heavy fuel engine (HFE) hardware development e
A high-power density, Low Heat Rejection (LHR) diesel engine design for both traditional and hybrid Future Combat System (FC
Vehicles that are capable of acting as mobile generators can support the electrical needs of the mobile fighting force while redu
PEM fuel cells power sources offer numerous benefits over conventional power sources like batteries and diesel engines for a
A real-time, on-line monitor is needed both for environmental and potable water. In Michigan alone, billions of gallons of untreat
A novel sensor based upon Coherent-Surface-Enhanced Raman scattering (CSERS) is being proposed for rapid detection of b
A novel sensor based upon Coherent-Surface-Enhanced Raman scattering (CSERS) is being proposed for rapid detection of b
This proposal describes a Phase II SBIR program to develop, optimize, build and test an innovative energy attenuating seat for
Although there are some analytical tools available in the literature, they are not necessary aiming at blast survivability designs. A
The objective of the proposed program is to develop the advanced design methodologies, associated software modules, and p
The proposed Phase II program will lead to the development & demonstration of a highly optimized, fast-running 3D Reentry Ve
The accurate prediction of missile plume signatures within the afterburning shutdown regime plays a crucial role in the developm

Systems & Processes Engineering Corporation (SPEC) proposes a software development platform that will significantly advanc
ORBITEC proposes to develop a unique Advanced Vortex Hybrid Rocket Engine (AVHRE) to achieve a safe, highly-reliable, lo
The current effort will lead to a sensor for data collection of aerosols for chemical and biological warfare agents. Additional app
Beyond DoD applications, MEMS microdetonator technology has numerous industrial, automotive and aerospace applications,
The SmartMTI algorithm proposed in this SBIR has immediate application in a number of video surveillance applications rangin
It is anticipated that at the completion of Phase 2 several UXO identification algorithms will be available for both the GPR and th
This alloy can be used for Army‘s bi-pod leg applications and other military applications. Further, this material has future comm
The underlying technology studied under this topic will have significant applications in both the civilian and military environment
Chatten Associates has already sold a head-aimed vision system based on the hardware and software developed in Phase I. F
High-power, high-efficiency InP-based diode laser arrays emitting in the ~1470 nm wavelength range have emerged as a very p
A proper assessment of isomers and their possible applications ensures optimum allocation of resources to those concepts tha
There is a tremendous need for sensor technologies that can rapidly provide chemical analysis for a range of samples, includin
The success in this project will allow the affordable processing of silicon nitride gun barrel tubes with a uniform rifling twist on th
The airborne wind and aerosol data that will be processed, transmitted and visualized by ADLAATS could prove critical to the A
Rotating data transfer technology is an essential capability in engine development and the limits of current technology are a cru
 The immediate benefit will be to Army and Joint users performing the Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA) analyses: Functio
This munition would allow soldiers to effectively engage and neutralize IED-type targets at safe standoffs of several hundred m
A successful Phase II effort will result in the development of and availability to the IRCM community of sufficiently powerful QC
The prototype camera will provide a high performance MWIR/BBIR imaging capability to evaluate capabilities of future uncoole
The immediate benefits for Army is the automated surface/buried mine and IED detection applications found in ASTAMIDS pro
Digital-RF transceiver technology allows the elimination of a majority of expensive analog RF components, resulting in major sa
The commercial applications for a scalable intrusion tolerant architecture for distributed services are far reaching and could be
The proposed technology can replace more expensive HEPA filter systems for protection against CB threats. It will provide the
The GeoDoc application has significant commercialization potential in both government and non-government organizations tha
The high transmitter power radar developed in this effort can support the military market of obstacle detection sensing for smal
Many important military and commercial systems are real-time systems. The anti-tamper technology developed under this cont
Phase II will develop a suite of tools to support the cumulative damage modeling and assessment of tactical rocket motors. Th
The proposed Integrated Rocket Motor Life Prediction Software System will result in reduced risk and increased reliability in mi
The component technologies developed in this activity are an important step in the development of an innovative highly efficien
Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company‘s (WSPC) pintle nozzle with integral TVC could be used on almost every tactical m
The development of a nano technique for delivering protein based prophylactics and therapeutic drugs would clearly have signi
Development of a malaria vaccine is important for both humanitarian and national interest reasons. Better methods of monitorin
A steerable, handheld laparoscopic tool will expand the capabilities of minimally-invasive surgery and allow its use in a broader
Because of its flexibility, low power requirements, low cost, saturated colors, and video speed, the proposed display has a broa
The POC Solid-State Illumination (SOSIL) system is twice as efficient as conventional lighting systems, converting electrical po
The protective footwear developed in this research will be a great aid to humanitarian deminers. Some of the future application
Army, military, and commercial sectors will benefit from making high quality armor materials via a high rate production process
The end product will have a significant market potential. All over the world there is an increased interest in protecting personne
The desulfurization system developed in this project will be an enabling technology for fuel cells to operate on JP-8. The desulf
The unique, hierarchical suite of thermal analysis and design tools will significantly impact the thermal management and virtual
Mezzo expects to expand on the development of the heat exchanger technology outlined above by pursuing more advanced m
This technology has a clear dual use in a number of commercial applications in the industrial arena. This use will improve prod
With the completion of this project, the first tool for analyzing fabrics with dynamic adaptivity to properly resolve stress concentr
The proposed actuation devices have a wide range of military and applications. On the military side, the actuation system may
This technology will create the most advanced system available for providing real-time services for soldiers. The architecture w
Individual soldiers who operate UVs at a battalion, company, squad, or section level comprise the military target market for MM
The mission planner developed in this project will allow a simplified many-robots-to-one-operator relationship, greatly increasing
Full implementation of A3MT in Phase II will provide a highly leveragable and previously unavailable ability to reliably intercept o
The achievement of this project will lead to a commercial product, Enhanced Targets Prediction and 4D Visualization System, w
The proposed NIADDA techniques will strongly benefit both the military and commercial sectors. The NIADDA components wil
early detection warning system
Full implementation of CWIS, used with CDAS TCT, will provide a highly leveragable and previously unachievable ability to perf
Full implementation of CWIS, used with CDAS TCT, will provide a highly leveragable and previously unachievable ability to perf
The proposed AS4 will vastly improve operation of military communication devices such as cell phones, PDAs, and other portab
The success of this Phase II project can significantly advance the development of lightweight ammunition to accomplish Army's
The system under development will improve day & night operations of the mounted and dismounted soldier by providing intellig
The proposed antenna will be designed and built primarily for military purposes, to enable and enhance the flexible application
Faster and more accurate image resizing, transforming, and compression will improve the discrimination, detection, and detect
The benefit of the proposed Phase II work will be to realize significantly higher surface flashover strengths for dielectric materia
The directed energy W-Band sources has a number of potential applications. These potential applications include communicat
A fully functional J-PASS system will be the first simulation generation system available for use by users unskilled in progming o
The development of an effective vigilance selection battery will enable organizations to select and assign individuals to tasks ap
The IPD-based leadership training technology developed in this effort will have significant potential for both direct and indirect c
This technology can substantially reduce the cost of millimeter wave phased array antennas. Once the wafer antenna is design
The benefits of this new technology are many. Of significant note is that the AFEs and ADCs developed under this project will o
Commercial, double pulse lasers suitable for LIBS systems could find applications by military and civilian first responders for ap
The RNC radar has the ability to detect small projectiles (large caliber bullets, RPGs, etc.) in a relatively open battlefield scenar
Because they have a higher energy density than batteries, fuel cells are seeing increasing attention as power sources for porta
The primary uses of the preprocessing unit will be for military purposes to convert military field feeding waste to heat and electr
The ultimate benefit of this program will be the development of a stand-off detection system for unexploded ordnances. This ha
The BWO/TWT will become a critical component in the development of space-based spectroscopy, airport security, battlefield
If successful, compact SMO sources should efficiently provide coherent sub-millimeter wave radiation for many applications. O
Potential benefits of our proposed system include meeting the Army‘s need for high output, low leakage bone conduction comm
Ziva‘s optical backplane connector enables optical I/O between boards with gain, meets industry standard mechanical specs fo
Applications that require high bandwidth data communications in a that are severely restrict by physical volume, weight and pow
INTER Materials proposes to develop the use of an innovative, new process for cost-effectively molding light-weight thermoplas
The proposed spray formed aluminum program includes the ability to manufacture on a significant scale, very high performanc
The energetic ingredients will be appropriate as substitutes for RDX in munitions and propellant formulations. Benign (low toxic
The successful outcome of this Program will create many benefits in a variety of potential military and commercial applications.
The software developed in this project will enable detailed simulations of polycrystaline materials at the microstructural level. Be
The software toolkits, kURT-MS, and MODTRAN-kURT, will both be very fast, accurate and versatile bandpass radiation transp
The internal altitude compensation/pre-compression chamber is possible only by supplanting traditional internal combustion con
The payoff to the Army is a system that will improve efficiency, decrease, the number of accidents involving either ground crew
Development of active inceptors using smart material actuation has the potential to reduce unit costs, weight and mechanical c
Most maintenance programs rely on a safe life approach where components are replaced at prescribed times even though they
The technology developed as a result of the proposed effort will provide substantial increase in power density for electromagne
The physical characterization of the residual stresses developed in rotorcraft gears, bending fatigue assessment, and associate
A successful SBIR effort would produce a fully validated Eulerian wake module (VorTran-M) suitable for coupling to a wide vari
The proposed capability addresses a critical need of both current and future UAV systems. There is currently a discrepancy be
The primary beneficiary of this effort will initially be the government/military sector, primarily the Army. This research and devel
Deserialized Digital-RF transceiver technology enabled by this project provides several benefits include: (1) elimination of expe
A successful Phase II effort will result in a working prototype tool for semi-automatic integration of multiple databases and mess
The first cost of the Stirling, its ability to run on military logistics fuels, and field operating costs will provide substantial benefits r
Consumer, commercial, and government sectors have a need and desire for portable and grid backup power generators with th
Development and deployment of ACCAST will provide the following benefits: • Effective control and coordination of a team of h
Development of a decision aid that can assist a commander in controlling a heterogeneous mix of UMS cooperatively to investi
An efficient and compant LTPR-SOFC will provide a portable power generator that can meet several military and commercial a
The DoD will have a range of interest for the proposed technology, from bio-medical applications to surveillance and identificati
The HFDS will provide a cost-effective tool to help solve some of the most critical problems that beset the US military today. Gr
The HFDS will provide a cost-effective tool to help solve some of the most critical problems that beset the US military today. Gr
Ultra-tightly coupled software-defined navigation with Toyon‘s Miniature Integrated Direction-finding Attitude-determining Anti-ja
The military applications of POC‘s proposed FOCXI system will include detection, identification, and confirmation of the presenc
The use of this technology would be applicable to different areas of security/screening such as vehicles, port container, luggage
Commercial applications include remote sensing, medical image analysis, and imaging data mining. Military applications includ
The hardware we propose will have tremendous and immediate benefit to two major market segments (1) military vision system
Anticipated benefits of the research: HgCdTe (MCT) is the most widely utilized material in infrared focal plane arrays (FPA) an
The commercialization of this technology is straight forward. Development of any improvement to the ohmic contact process fo
The ultra-compact, robust, modular and scalable laser packaging approach developed under this program will enable deployme
Keystone yields a number of significant benefits for Army C4ISR systems, with immediate ROI for lifecycle maintenance activiti
Upon successful completion of this proposed Army Phase II SBIR initiative, Ultra-Scan will have developed a fully functional tur
Power amplifiers operating in the 900 MHz and 2 GHz bands will find applications in cellular and personal communications infra
In this era of untethered computing, wireless communications is ubiquitous: computers have Wi-Fi, consumer electronics have
The low cost module approach is critical to reducing overall array cost. The commercial market for phased arrays is highly pric
The wafer-scale antenna arrays develop in this SBIR project will have immediate applications in a variety of satellite communic
Toyon‘s reconfigurable phased array has the potential to significantly improve the performance of communications systems and
The advanced features to be developed and integrated in this Phase II program will be instrumental in advancing the Army tran
Ballistic radomes capable of working at X, Ka and/or Ku bands would be very useful for a wide range of military customers in al
There are several anticipated benefits from the research projects. It would be the first seamless soft handoff protocol, specifica
This unique technology porvides a new suspension platform which enhances occupant safety, reduces fuel consumption, minim
The 2xFAL laser will be a unique device that can be the basis for development of a wide range of military sensors for combined
The benefits of Eigent‘s ―defense in depth‖ hardware and software solution include the ability to maintain the DoD‘s standard ac
The final Accu-MEARS product promises to meet the urgent need for information security in RFID applications. From hospitals
1) The transparent head-mounted display (HMD) in Primordial Soldier will provide the soldier with an unobstructed view of the b
The Terrain Mapping LADAR (TML) will provide Army vehicles the ability to maneuver across unknown terrains under all enviro
The U.S. Army has a significant requirement for detailed, accurate and timely 3D urban models for the ground-based Warfighte
The transition prospect for SensorBone is extremely bright. The core technologies and intellectual properties to be developed u
Smart Concrete self-sensing possesses diversified applications, concrete structural health monitoring (damage detection and tr
As recognized in this solicitation, there are limitations of existing soil testing methods for military applications. In the broader ar
Annually, the toll paid for treatment or loss of service due to destructive corrosion or other forms of concrete deterioration amou
The increase in track bushing life due this technology will result in enormous monetary savings for the military as track is in the
An on-board auxiliary power generation system that can accommodate the load characteristics of communications, weapons, a
The proposed Phase II project aims to identify new and improved anticonvulsants for use against seizure activity elicited by ner
An advanced wound care dressing designed to speed healing of vesicant injury patients is being developed, specifically for app
The anticipated outcome of this development is a network-centric, decentralized, composite MHT multiple target tracker that ca
The advancements in engineering integration concepts proposed under this effort represent a major paradigm shift toward a se
State parameter estimation is essential to performance of a wide variety of applications and PRA foresees that the FASE techn
Athena will market the secure processing technology to both military and commercial consumers, focusing initially on military ap
A highly-secure hardware anti-tamper solution for FPGAs will provide advantages to many commercial sectors: • Embedded co
Successful completion of this program will result in a low cost solution to multimode dome fabrication. The commercial opport
MSI‘s Phase II SBIR program brings together its Phase I results, IRAD work in transparent ceramics and its established net-sha
The proposed software will result in a vast improvement in the radome design process. The analytical capability present within
The availability of a reliable packaging technology will expedite the insertion of WBG semiconductors into military and civilian ap
A wide array of potential applications exists for ATR-like automated object/pattern recognition including medical diagnosis, fore
The successful completion of this proposed research project will result in a major breakthrough in ultra-fast LADAR seeker tech
The goal of this program is to develop an affordable, durable, tri-mode seeker dome for the Joint Common Missile program. Th
DOVE has great commercial value because it will allow government and commercial entities to protect the intellectual property
The instrument that is being developed will enable full-aperture measurements of hemispherical missile domes to be accomplis
Successful completion of this program will result in a low cost solution to multimode dome fabrication. Additionally, improved o
A final implementation of the proposed concepts would provide tremendous benefits to industry and the Department of Defense
A final implementation of the proposed concepts would provide tremendous benefits to industry and the Department of Defense
The technology developed under this effort has direct relevance to ongoing Army and other DoD programs improving flowfield s
The proposed shoulder prosthesis will become a component of a new, lightweight, modular and affordable upper extremity pros
The program will develop a non-convulsive seizure detection device. Four commercial markets are anticipated: Hospital Emerg
Improvements to the standard of care for military and civilian victims of nerve agent exposure.
The system to be developed under this program has applicability in both the military and law enforcement communities. Real-tim
The successful completion of this project will result in the first label-free, reagent-free multipathogen detection platform. DIRAS
Steam-based sterilization technology is very popular because of its well-established history. This technology has potential cust
The problem of antibiotic resistance is quickly becoming a global, medical crisis. Bacterial infections that were once easily trea
Bacterial Ghosts (BG) combined with immobilized DNA minicircles offer several technical advantages over other DNA vaccine
Compartment Syndrome is a serious limb and potentially life threatening condition, making its proper diagnosis and treatment c
The long-term result of this project is a new approach to collecting, identifying, and distributing lessons learned. This web-base
The expression of transgenes in plant chloroplasts has the potential to significantly increase the production of antigens needed
The expression of transgenes in plant chloroplasts has the potential to significantly increase the production of antigens needed
TransGenex NanoBiotech (TGN) Inc. aims to leverage the latest advances in nanotechnology for potential biomedical applicatio
BioFactura, Inc. plans to develop and commercialize an orthopoxvirus immunotherapy consisting of a combination of geneticall
At the completion of our Phase I research project we will have developed a functional VSDR prototype. This device will underg
There is substantial evidence that the serum of cancer patients contains circulating levels of antibodies that recognize antigens
The anticipated benefits of the proposed technology are the specific parallel properties of the components developed with the fa
There are numerous commercial applications of knowledge elicitation techniques and improved behavior representation in the
MSSA's approach has the potential to improve the performance of MEMS inertial instruments to the range attained only in muc
The Smart Snap Hook will eliminate the risk of an undetected towed jumper in Army mass tactical parachute operations, preve
The products that will be developed from the proposed SBIR project are lightweight, self-contained, air-activated chemical heat
The proposed heater for the UGR-E will lead to a safe, effective and environmentally acceptable self-heating group ration, whic
In addition to mortars azimuth/heading and elevation angles measurement, the compact and low cost EPD system developed i
 All the major Missile Defense systems program offices have stated a desire to significantly reduce the development time and c
Lightweight infrared optics will have broad commercial applicability, including man-portable fire control and missile systems, as
SPEC‘s integrated total asset visibility and management system will maximize the effective utilization of a mix of Automatic Iden
Completion of Phase II of this SBIR will result in the development of a system for filtering and sorting information from the netw
policy manager for access control that provides a capability to develop authorization policy that supports enterprise access con
We see considerable promise in the commercial application of audio cueing methods, especially in domains characterized by in
Nova‘s HED will allow: (1) the detection and prosecution of deliberate and non-deliberate jammers and other RF emitters; (2) fo
Anticipated benefits: A significant cost savings should result from a successful development of this type of guidance. The cost
The high energy density pulsed power components produced on this program can be used for compact ferroelectric generators
The GI-WOS assembly technology will benefit the US warfighter by first providing a realistic indirect fire simulation that cannot b
Anticipated benefits include development of a wearable, Virtual Locomotion Control device and user interface for controlling the
Immediate benefit is for improving geometric pairing solutions. Other commercial solutions include applications for any type of
HapMed capitalizes on the benefits of medical simulation in general, including standardization - students can be exposed to a s
A successful Phase II program will show that Triton‘s Ballistic Bondo can provide the following benefits: restoring damaged arm
This robust system will be easily added to existing teleoperated vehicles since it is self-contained and does not require any spe
Improved control and reduced workload for mobile robots in (a) remote inspection of vehicles and suspicious objects for improv
The SRIT will immediately improve the capabilities of new and existing robotic UGVs. The expandability of our SRIT allows new
Military: The proposed system can be used to assist drivers of military vehicles in avoiding rollovers when maneuvering in comp
Aesop envisions extensive potential commercial applications including mounting sophisticated, networked onboard oil condition
Aesop envisions extensive potential commercial applications including mounting sophisticated, networked onboard oil condition
The proposed sensing technology will have many applications for military missions where the fast and standoff detection of veh
The resulting system is anticipated to provide reductions in over all life cycle costs for the Department of Defense (DoD) and in
The resulting system is anticipated to provide reductions in over all life cycle costs for the Department of Defense (DoD) and in
Being able to accurately determine the serviceability of a vehicle air filter will reduce filter replacement costs and extend engine
If the development of Si/C power MOSFETs is successful, it will expand the realm of silicon electronics and silicon chips, and h
High power, lightweight, fuel-efficient, low emissions, easy starting advanced diesel engines in the 200 to 600-hp range will hav
The hybrid propulsion technology or any of its components can be beneficial for application to a military hybrid electric vehicle (
The technology that will be developed during the Phase II ISA SBIR program by GS Engineering will enable integration of perm
The power system developed here will be applicable for a wide range of military and commercial applications that require a relia
The need for a low cost, unlabelled, field-deployable water surety system is clear. For the armed services, there is heavy relian
Senspex‘s handheld Raman system packaged with their novel CSERS probe would be a revolutionary approach to real-time, o
            Senspex‘s handheld Raman system packaged with their novel CSERS probe would be a revolutionary approach to real-time, o
            The underlying energy absorption technology will find application in seating systems of any type which require energy attenuatio
            This proposed project, if accomplished, will help to improve vehicle survivability and personnel safety. The end products from th
            The most important application of the proposed research is the Army‘s Future Combat Systems (FCS) for both manned and un
            The application of RVFM to supporting the development of planetary probes and related spacecraft missions is a natural extens
            The proposed data acquisition and modeling enhancements are directly applicable to both government and commercial activitie
            The development of the Army robotic software development platform will significantly reduce the cost of high performance LAD
            Hybrid motors for next generation strategic and tactical systems require higher regression rates than achievable with pure HTP

ftware development platform that will significantly advance the use of compact 3D imaging LADAR sensors and image processors for the U.
             Hybrid motors for next generation strategic and tactical systems require higher regression rates than achievable with pure HTP
multi-spectral imaging, aerosols, infrared, spectral discrimination, infrared imaging, long wave infrared
MEMS, hermetic, microdetonator, low, temperature, bonding, sealing, batch
multiple target tracking, Kalman filter, background modeling, feature tracking, optical flow, state machine, DSP.
UXO, detection, EMI, GPR, feature extraction, feature selection, statistical model
Magnesium, Corrosion, magnesium composites, high strength, Mortor, Bi-pod legs, lightweight
situational awareness, near-vehicle surveillance, sensor fusion, target detection and location, active millimeter wave radar, omn
head-aimed vision, robot, unmanned ground vehicle, remote operations, tele-operations
diode lasers, laser arrays, pump lasers, eye-safe, thermal management, broadened waveguide laser, diode pumped solid-state
isomer, nuclear energy, battery, cross section, x-ray, gamma ray
Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, LIBS, optical enhancement, standoff detection, sensor, laser ablation, continuous emi
Silicon nitride, powder injection molding, net shape forming, gun barrel, uniform rifling, debinding, feedstock, 5.56 mm gun barr
airborne, wind, aerosol, lidar, adaptive targeting, real-time, models
slip ring intermediate bearing assembly stress measurement strain gage turboshaft engine
JCIDS, Multi-architecture, cross-architecture, collaborative engineering environment, tool independent
shaped charge, M430A1, Mk 19, fluted liner, IED, landmine
Quantum Cascade Laser, Infrared Countermeasures, Wavelength Beam Combining, Mid-Infrared, Quantum Well, Bandgap En
Infrared, bolometer, camera, RPG, MWIR, FPA, imager
surface mine detection; buried mine detection; IED detection; classifier; Fourier Descriptor; Moment Invariant; image enhancem
Sigma-delta modulator, bandpass, cryogenic, multirate processing, channelizer, undersampling, oversampling
Intrusion Tolerance, Network Survivability, Mobile Networks, Tactical Networks, Intrusion Detection, Secure Networks, Secure
Electrokinetic gas generation, Thin film fabrication, HVAC filters, Gel electrolytes, CB agent decontamination, CB agent capture
GeoText, Mixed-initiative Interfaces, Geospatial Intelligence, Geographic Name Resolution, Geographic Visualization, Evidentia
Radar, Obstacle, Detection, UAV, Brownout, Altimeter, Low cost, Small
Anti-tamper, reverse engineering, real-time systems, software obfuscation
rocket, motor, cumulative damage, chemical aging, shelf life, failure, FEM Builder, monitoring
mLIFE™, Missile Reliability, Propellant Aging, Missile Shelf Life, Probability, Viscoelasticity, Finite Element Analysis
Small gas turbine engine, turbofan, improved efficiency, low cost combustor, munition, NLOS-LS, expendable engine, low fuel c
pintle nozzle, thrust vector control, TVC, solid rocket motor, tactical missile, thrust management, motor testing, cold flow testing
needle-free, nanodelivery, biological warfare agents, bioscavenger, biomacromolecules
Multiphoton detection, super-tracer, cytokines, immune profile, cerebral malaria, CM
endoscope, minimal access surgery, minimally invasive surgery, surgical robotics, laparoscopic tool, steerable, haptics
Liquid crystal, Waveguide switching fabric, Flexible, Polymer waveguide
Light fixture, solid-state light source, shelter illumination
 blast mine, footwear, microcellular foam, composite foam, shock attenuation, blast attenuating, lightweight, fragmentation
Silicon Carbide, Armor Tiles, DMC, Pressure less Sintering, DMC PS SiC, Ballistic Protection
landmine explosions, hydrocode, structural response, Army vehicles, occupant safety
Desulfurization, sulfur, JP-8, fuel cell, PEM, SOFC, adsorption, reformer, hydrogen
Rapid thermal prototyping, thermal design, thermal signature, complex electronics packages, multi-resolution simulations, CFD
Radiator, Heat Exchanger, Micro-channel, HMMWV, M1114, Condensor
Textile/Fabric Materials, Micromechanical Modeling, Optimization, Impact Simulation, Ballistic Impact, Virtual Testing, Protectio
Fabrics, failure, yarn, adaptivity, simulation, ballistics, constitutive modeling
Thrusters, Actuators, Guidance and Control, Precision Munitions, Guided Munitions
robotics, multi-agent task allocation, auction-based task allocation, automatic weapon targeting
UAV, UGV, PDA, JAUS, STANAG 4586, hand-held unmanned vehicle control, portable, hand-held
Robotics, Mission Planning, autonomous systems, multi-agent control, Unmanned Vehicles, software agents, artificial intelligen
Effects Based Operations, Time Critical Targeting, Object-oriented programming, Soldier Machine Interface
Moving target, Tracking, Prediction, Geographical Information System (GIS), Virtual Reality, Image Registration, Photogramme
Intelligent agent, Decision aid, Rule engine, AI, Soft computing, Distributed intelligence
Bayesian Network, intelligent agents, inteliigent mobile proxy, situation assessment, common operational picture
Web services, Time Critical Targeting, Object-oriented programming, Software Reuse, XML, JFCOM, USAF C2B
Web services, Time Critical Targeting, Object-oriented programming, Software Reuse, XML, JFCOM, USAF C2B
Windscreen, Wind noise, Miniature, Microphone, Acoustic, Sensor, Network
Lightweight, small arm, cartridge, polymer, M855, 5.56mm, Ball, Case
Thermal Infrared, Multispectral, Viewing Scope, Urban Operations, Color Display, Bayesian Likelihood Ratio Test, Neyman-Pea
Antenna, HPRF, Broadband, Directed energy weapons, HPM, DEW.
Sensors; Seekers; Target-Imaging; Image Compression; Transformation; Ammunition; Smart-projectiles
Excimer Laser Annealing, Gas Immersion Laser Doping, Dielectrics, Ceramics, Polymers and Surface Flashover
directed energy, W-Band, high power, microfabricated, low standby power, instant on, 95 GHz, 94 GHz
Job performance, simulation, assessment, personnel selection, methodology
Personnel selection test, Vigilance selection test, ―Vigilant Warrior‖, Performance predictor, Vigilance performance, Personality
Interactive Pedagogical Drama, role-playing characters, leadership competencies, SCROM-compliant web-based content deliv
wafer antenna, monolithically manufactured phased array, Ka band phased array, phase shifters, low cost phased array
Analog Front End, ADC, System-on-Chip, UWB, Geolocation, Radar, Software Radio, IPv6 Secure Data
Laser, double-pulse, LIBS, IED, man, portable, vehicle
retrodirective noise-correlating (RNC) radar, automatic detection, automatic tracking, ballistics defense, ultrafast detection, thre
Fuel Cell, Hydrogen, Borazane, Hydrogen Generator, Catalytic Hydrolysis, Hydrogen Supply, Portable Power Supply
Waste-to-energy conversion, preprocessing, military field feeding waste, food waste, packaging waste, size reduction, shreddin
Unexploded Ordinance Detection, IED, Remote Sensing, Standoff Detection
Backward Wave Oscillator, BWO, traveling wave tube, TWT, sub mm signal source, CVD diamond, silicon microfabrication, fie
High-power, miniature, sub-millimeter, oscillator, magnetron, vacuum.
Bone conduction, MEMS, communication, speech
Optical interconnects, optical amplifier, connectors, optical alignment, optical backplane
fiber optic transceiver, optical backplane connector, PCI Express, Fibre channel, missile form factor
Thermoplastic forming, ballistic helmets, low cost molding process, structural skins
Spray forming, spray casting, armor, military and ground vehicles, HMMWV
RDX alternatives, insensitive, green
OLED, phosphorescence, encapsulation, flexible, display, plastic substrate, metal substrate
polycrystalline microstructures, finite element, mesh generation, multiscale analysis, plasticity
Optical, atmospheric, multiple scattering, scene simulation, radiative transfer, kURT, DISORT, MODTRAN
Internal Combustion, Lapse Rate, Opposed Piston, Variable Compression, Variable Induction, Fixed Piston, Automatic Altitude
External load acquisition, slingloads, optical sensors, autonomous acquisition, brownout conditions, flight safety, sky cranes, vid
Active inceptor, smart materials, ultrasonic motor, motion control, force-feedback, fly-by-wire, flight controls, cyclic controller.
condition based maintenance, structural health monitoring, acousto-ultrasonic, energy harvesting, wireless
Power Density, Generator, Air Cooled, Longbow, Block III, Electromagnetic, PMG, Wound Rotor
laser shock peening, fatigue life, residual stress, steel, gears, design tool, finite element simulation
Rotorcraft aerodynamics, Eulerian, Vorticity Transport Model, CFD, Rotor wake, Numerical diffusion, Navier-Stokes, Primitive-V
octree, navigation, obstacle avoidance, world model, model representation
Optics, Thermal Imaging, Clip-On, Fused, Night Vision Goggle, NVG, Image Intensifier
transceiver, RSFQ, superconductor, digital-RF, MILSATCOM, polyphase filter
Schema, Alignment, Ontology, Message, Translation, Real-Time, Middleware, Database
Stirling, engine, cogeneration, combined heat and power (CHP), free-piston, tactical generator, environmental control
Free piston, Stirling engine, generator, thermally activated, CHP, co-generation, heating, cooling
unmanned systems, advanced algorithms, intelligent software agents, robotics, distributed command and control, FCS
Unmanned systems; Decision aid; Route planning; Autonomous systems; Cooperative control; Intelligent agents; Robotic entiti
JP8 Fuel, SOFC, low temperature, reforming, portable, power
Microwave Doppler Radar, Vital signs, Miniature, MEMS, RFIC, Intelligence Collection, Sensor Network, Sense-through-the-wa
Optical detection, IR sensor, Hostile Attack detection, MOST
Optical detection, IR sensor, Hostile Attack detection, MOST
Ultra-tightly coupled, GPS, INS, anti-jam GPS, attitude, direction-finding, TDOA, FDOA
Lobster eye X-ray focusing optics, X-ray backscattering imaging, Improvised explosive device, Concealment, X-ray transmissio
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), Raman probe, Trace detection, Raman scattering, Gold nanoparticle, Sampling,
image fusion, differential mapping, topology, infrared imaging
deblurring, anisoplanaticism corrector, real-time image enhancement, video enhancement, seeing corrector, tip-tilt corrector, im
HgCdTe, Silicon integration, GeSn, IR-FPA
HgCdTe, infrared, longwave, metals, contacts, detectors, arrays
eyesafe, flash ladar, 3D ladar, flash lidar, diode pumped, solid state, laser
Service Oriented Architecture, Metadata, Service Interface, Semantic Characterization, Legacy System Refactoring, Web Serv
Soldier-borne biometrics; biometric authentication; skin pattern recognition; multimodal biometrics; casualty detection; bioassur
Power Amplifier, Broadband Amplifier, Wide Band-Gap Devices, Gallium-Nitride, Portable Radios.
MIMO technology, Software Defined Radio, energy aware radio, cognitive MAC, location aware, collaborative processing, GPS
phased array, transmit/receive modules, phase shifters, low cost phased array
Antenna, Phased Array, Wafer-scale, Micro-cooling, Silicon Micromachining, Satellite Communications
Reconfigurable, Phased Array, Parasitic Control, Ferroelectrics, Frequency Agility, Hemispherical Scan Range, Ku-band, comm
IPv4-IPv6 Transition,IPv6,MIPv6,Wireless Networks, Mobility, Net-Centric Warfare, Tactical Devices
radome, ballistic, SATCOM, X band, Ka band, Ku band, WIN-T, OTM
Seamless soft handoff, mobile ad hoc networks, future force battlefield networks
safety, stability, rollover resistance, vehicle rollover prevention,active suspension, semi-active suspension, rough terrain mobilit
CO2 TEA laser, chemical detection, biological detection
data rich active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), light weight security, authentication, encryption, hashing, defense in dep
RFID, tags, readers, security, encryption
Geographic Information System, Augmented Reality, Soldier System, Battlefield Routing, Blue Force Tracking, Wearable Comp
LADAR, Terrain mapping, Range Measurements, Sensors
LIDAR, Automated Feature Extraction, 3D Urban Modeling, GIS, Remote Sensing
SensorBone, wireless sensor networks, wireless backbone, remote monitoring, remote data acquisition, environmental monitor
piezoresistivity, percolation, strain and damage detection, weighing in motion, structural health monitoring, intrusion detection, e
Soil strength, cone penetrometer, CBR, DCP, automatic, construction QC/QA tools
Concrete, cracking, durability, modeling, concrete deterioration, premature degradation of concrete, condition assessment
Track bushings, elastomers, polyurethane, compression ratio, stiffness, aspect ratio
Power generation, APU, power electronics, high power density
Key Words: Sarin, protein phosphorylation, NMDA-type glutamate receptor, convulsions, rats, midazolam, galmic, anticonvulsa
sulfur mustard, vesicant, wound healing, growth factors, protease inhibitors, nutrients, microbicidal
SIAP, Decentralized, Network-Centric, Multiple Hypothesis Tracking, IABM
Systems Engineering Process, Multi-Domain Data Integration, Model Driven Architectures (MDA), Data Models/Schema, Joint
State Estimation, Filter Transients, Real-time Estimation, Field Programmable Gate Array, Software-in-the-Loop, Hardware-in-t
anti-tamper (AT), system-on-a-chip (SoC), application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), cryptography, security, reverse enginee
Anti-tamper, reverse engineering, VLSI, ASIC, FPGA, hardware security, obfuscation
Spinel, Net Shape Processing, Hemispherical Domes, Slip Cast, Gel Cast
AlON, net-shape, injection molding, missile dome, armor, transparent
Radome,Optimization Software, Multi-Disciplinary Optimization, Electrical Performance and Assesment, Aerodynamics,Structu
Aluminum nitride, Ceramic, High temperature electronics, Power electronics, Wide bandgap device
Sensor Fusion, Evolutionary Algorithms, Multi-objective Optimization, Image Registration, Image Features, Target Detection, T
LADAR, optical beam scanner, optical phased array, optical amplifier, pulse repetition rate, optical communications, wireless ne
Alumnium-Oxy-Nitride (ALON), Missile domes, Joint Common Missile
Anti-Tamper, Embedded Software, Reverse Engineering, Hacking, Obfuscation, Exploitation, Disassembly, Decompile
Dome, transmitted wavefront, interferometry, hemisphere, ogive
Optical ceramics, spinel, multimode dome
Cost estimation, genetic algorithm, optimization, composite manufacturing, COTS
Cost estimation, genetic algorithm, optimization, composite manufacturing, COTS
Optimized Numerical Methods, Parallel Cluster, Dynamic Load Balancing, Scramjet Aeropropulsion, Missile Plume Simulations
prosthesis, shoulder, amputee, disarticulation, upper extremity.
seizure, non-convulsive, EEG, status epilepticus, nerve gas, automatic, field-deployable
nerve agent, chemical agent, seizure detection, non-convulsive status epilepticus, EEG, emergency response, treatment
ballistic impact detection, discrimination, wearable, low power, Future Force Warrior, blast detection, warfighter status monitorin
Reagent-free; label-free; simultaneous multipathogen detection
Steam Sterilization, Portable, Medical and Dental Instruments, Powerless, Exothermic Reactions, Endothermic Reactions
Acinetobacter baumannii, antibacterial, antibiotic resistance, antibiotic, bacteria, Gram negative, wound infections
Bacterial Ghost, pSIP Minicircle, DNA Vaccine, Bacillus anthracis, Yersinia pestis
Simulation, Haptics, Virtual Anatomy, Compartment Syndrome,Training
Lessons learned, Quality, Military Deployment, Latent Semantic Analysis, User Centered Design, Medical
hantavirus, diagnostics, vaccine, chloroplast
hantavirus, diagnostics, vaccine, chloroplast
Ovarian cancer, atrial natriuretic peptide, sleeping beauty, transposon, chitosan, nanoparticle, gene delivery, gene therapy
combination neutralizing monoclonal antibody therapeutic, mammalian cell expression, smallpox, vaccinia, monkeypox, in vitro
Combat Casualty, Life saving interventions, Pre-hospital continuous vital signs waveform collection, wireless vital signs downlo
Prostate cancer, diagnostics, autoantibody, biomarker, mass spectrometry, immunoprecipitation, bioinformatics, differential ana
tag, track, locate, inconspicuous, imager, wavelength, passive, retroreflect
Human behavior representation, suppression, MOUT, IWARS, cue-response framework, modeling and simulation, knowledge
Precision Airdrop, JPADS, Integrated IMU, Bias Stabilization, GPS-denied operation, MEMS
Towed parachutist, static line, snap hook, electronic monitoring
FRH, Flameless, Air-activated, MRE, Aluminum, NanoComposite
Group ration, Ration heater, Self-heating material
Electronic Pointing Device (EPD), Palm Navigator, Navigation, Mortars, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Fiber Optic Gyro(FOG
insensitive munitions, modeling and simulation, propellant modeling, computational physics
lightweight, infrared, optics, LWIR, reconnaissance, uncooled microbolometer, man-portable, targeting
Item Unique Identification (IUID) Electronic Product Codes (EPC) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Automatic Identificatio
Intelligent Agents, data mining, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Bayesian inference, Data Dissemination Service (DDS), O
Access Control, Authorization Policies, Distribute Common Ground System-Army, RBAC, Policy Decision Points, Army Battle C
Audio Cueing, Audio Alerts, Sonification, Situational Awareness, Land Warrior, FBCB2, Display Engineering, Dismounted Infan
Emission Detection; RF Receiver; Land Warrior; Digital Processing; User Interface
Piezo-electric, mortars, artillery, guidance
ferroelectric, antiferroelectric, shock, discharge, energy storage, pulse power, ferroelectric generator, IED
GPS, Inertial, attitude, orientation, Geometric pairing, TESS, Wireless
Virtual Environments 3D Graphics Inverse Kinematics Behavioral Animation Simulation Training Systems Man/Machine Interf
portable magnetic base station, compass correction, compass calibration, geomagnetic field fluctuations
Haptics, 91W10, Combat Medics, training, virtual environment, instructional design, game-based training, scenario based traini
armor repair, ceramic armor, RHA, aluminum armor, field repair, ballistic bondo, appliqué armor, LTAS
robotics, autonomous control unit, hand signals, vision-based navigation
augmented teleoperation, supervisory control, collaborative control
modular tool attachments, low DOF manipulator, adaptive OCU, JAUS dynamic registration, disposable hand controller, dual co
Rapid road edge detection, roadside terrain steepness assessment, ultra-fast biomimetic image processing, LWIR, laser, radar
electron spin resonance, Micro-ESR, oil analysis, preventative maintenance, extended oil drain interval, oil breakdown sensor
electron spin resonance, Micro-ESR, oil analysis, preventative maintenance, extended oil drain interval, oil breakdown sensor
explosives, sensors, IEDs, fluorescence quenching, porous silicon, microcavity
Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Performance Based Logistics, Life Cycle Costs, System Optimization, Stochastic Modelin
Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Performance Based Logistics, Life Cycle Costs, System Optimization, Stochastic Modelin
Air filter integrity, efficiency testing, leak detection, vehicle maintenance, cost reduction, service life.
Silicon carbide superlattice, Wide bandgap semiconductor, Power MOSFET, Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI)
High power-density, Low heat rejection, Common rail fuel injection, Fuel-efficient, Diesel engine, Hybrid propulsion, Commercia
High Power Density, Low Specific Heat Rejection, Modeling Simulation, High Temperature Lubricant, Hybrid Propulsion System
ISA, high output alternators, mobile power generation, hybrid vehicles, electronic control, batteries
Fuel cell, hydrogen on demand, sodium borohydride, field water, low signature, back-up power, hydrolysis, hydrogen
bio-detection, flow cytometer, water surety, on-line monitoring, real-time, glass, Mie scattering, unlabeled
Biological and chemical trace level detection, nanolithography, nanoparticles array, optical waveguides, SERS, evanescent field
             Biological and chemical trace level detection, nanolithography, nanoparticles array, optical waveguides, SERS, evanescent field
             IED, Mine Blast, Anti-Vehicular Mine, Seat, Ground Vehicle Seat, Energy Absoring Seat, Energy Attenuating Seat, Mine Blast S
             blast model, composite model, finite element analysis, topology control, fiber-preforms manufacture, composite vehicle structur
             Landmines, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), Composite Materials, Composite Armors, Applique Structures, Landmine-So
             Reentry Vehicle (RV), Thermal Protection System (TPS), Heatshield Materials, Ablation, In-Depth Conduction, Ionization, Rada
             Missile Plume IR Signature Scaling, Boost Phase Defense, Plume Afterburning Shutdown, Target Discrimination, Plume Ignitio
             LADAR, Laser Radar, 3D Imaging, Coherent Focal Plane Array, High Speed Detectors and Readouts, HyperX
             Hybrid rocket, safe, reliable, controllable-thrust, tactical, strategic, solid fuel, high regression rate

3D imaging LADAR sensors and image processors for the U.S. Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC)
                                                                         Hybrid rocket, safe, reliable, controllable-thrust, tactical, insensitiv
equire higher regression rates than achievable with pure HTPB and classical injection methods, while maintaining a high degree of strategic
e machine, DSP.

 ctive millimeter wave radar, omni-directional sensor, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), Multi-mission small robot

e laser, diode pumped solid-state laser

 r, laser ablation, continuous emission monitor
ng, feedstock, 5.56 mm gun barrel.

red, Quantum Well, Bandgap Engineering, IRCM

ment Invariant; image enhancement; Linear Matrix Inequality
g, oversampling
ction, Secure Networks, Secure Computing
contamination, CB agent capture.
 ographic Visualization, Evidential Reasoning, Geographic Markup, Metadata Verification

 ite Element Analysis
LS, expendable engine, low fuel consumption.
 t, motor testing, cold flow testing

c tool, steerable, haptics

ting, lightweight, fragmentation resistance

multi-resolution simulations, CFD, reduced models, artificial neural networks, ANN, multi-level simulations

 mpact, Virtual Testing, Protection Systems

oftware agents, artificial intelligence
hine Interface
 age Registration, Photogrammetry, Geospatial Technology
operational picture

 elihood Ratio Test, Neyman-Pearson criteria, Orthogonal Subspace Projection, RX Anomaly Detector

 Surface Flashover

  ilance performance, Personality, Individual differences, Mental resources
 mpliant web-based content delivery.
 rs, low cost phased array

 defense, ultrafast detection, three-dimensional imaging
 ortable Power Supply
 g waste, size reduction, shredding, pelletizing

mond, silicon microfabrication, field emission cathode

 Fixed Piston, Automatic Altitude Compensation
 ions, flight safety, sky cranes, video sensors
  ight controls, cyclic controller.

 usion, Navier-Stokes, Primitive-Variable

  environmental control

mmand and control, FCS
 Intelligent agents; Robotic entities; Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)

 Network, Sense-through-the-wall,
 Concealment, X-ray transmission
ng, Gold nanoparticle, Sampling, Collection systems, Vapor extraction,

 ing corrector, tip-tilt corrector, image reconstruction, image restoration

  System Refactoring, Web Services, Open Standards, C4ISR
 ics; casualty detection; bioassurance patch; disposable identity authentication; Future Force Warrior (FFW)

e, collaborative processing, GPS SAASM receiver, Size Weight And Power (SWAP).

cal Scan Range, Ku-band, communications antenna

suspension, rough terrain mobility, tactical maneuvers

 ryption, hashing, defense in depth, sensor network, add-on security module

Force Tracking, Wearable Computing, Head-Mounted Display, Personal Digital Assistant

quisition, environmental monitoring, habitat monitoring, tactical operations, connectionless networking (CN), energy harvest, sensor node pla
monitoring, intrusion detection, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding

 rete, condition assessment

 midazolam, galmic, anticonvulsant

 A), Data Models/Schema, Joint Collaborative Engineering Environment (JCEE), Integrated Architecture Behavior Model (IABM), Single Integ
 ware-in-the-Loop, Hardware-in-the-Loop, Data Fusion, Fire Control
graphy, security, reverse engineering, platform-based design

sesment, Aerodynamics,Structural Performance, Aerothermodynamics,Heat Transfer

ge Features, Target Detection, Target Identification
 ical communications, wireless networks, display.

Disassembly, Decompile

lsion, Missile Plume Simulations, Computational Efficiency, CFD
 ency response, treatment
ection, warfighter status monitoring

ns, Endothermic Reactions
e, wound infections

gene delivery, gene therapy
ox, vaccinia, monkeypox, in vitro and in vivo studies.
ction, wireless vital signs download, tele-triage, tele-monitoring
 n, bioinformatics, differential analysis, ELISA

eling and simulation, knowledge elicitation

Unit (IMU), Fiber Optic Gyro(FOG), Azimuth/heading and elevation, Testing

on (RFID) Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) Logistics Total Asset Visibility (TAV) In-Transit Visibility (ITAV) Supply Chain Manageme
 Dissemination Service (DDS), Ontology, Data Discovery, Collaborative Filtering
 y Decision Points, Army Battle Command Systems, NCES
y Engineering, Dismounted Infantry

ng Systems Man/Machine Interface Virtual Reality

ed training, scenario based training

sposable hand controller, dual communications package
e processing, LWIR, laser, radar, DSP, display
 interval, oil breakdown sensor
 interval, oil breakdown sensor

Optimization, Stochastic Modeling, Statistical Analysis
Optimization, Stochastic Modeling, Statistical Analysis

n-insulator (SOI)
e, Hybrid propulsion, Commercial base, FCS
ricant, Hybrid Propulsion System, Tribology, Future Combat System, Infinitely Variable Valve Timing

, hydrolysis, hydrogen

eguides, SERS, evanescent field, coherent surface plasmons, water contamination detection system.
eguides, SERS, evanescent field, coherent surface plasmons, water contamination detection system.
y Attenuating Seat, Mine Blast Seat
cture, composite vehicle structures, shock tube, blast testing, field blast test
pplique Structures, Landmine-Soil-Vehicle-Crew Interactions, Function-Oriented Material Design, Topology Optimization.
pth Conduction, Ionization, Radar Cross Section (RCS), Radio Frequency (RF) Attenuation
get Discrimination, Plume Ignition, Missile Tracking, Lifted Flames, Surrogate IR Signature Measurement
adouts, HyperX

nd Engineering Center (ARDEC) Intelligent Systems and Robotics Lab robotic applications. This software development platform will leverage
rollable-thrust, tactical, strategic, solid fuel, high regression rate
CN), energy harvest, sensor node platform, RF planning.

Behavior Model (IABM), Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP), Joint SIAP System Engineering Organization (JSSEO)
ility (ITAV) Supply Chain Management
ogy Optimization.

e development platform will leverage from LADAR system hardware and software components previously developed by SPEC, and will facili
ion (JSSEO)
ly developed by SPEC, and will facilitate the rapid development of algorithms for autonomous movement, automatic 3D mapping, automatic
nt, automatic 3D mapping, automatic target and threat identification, and the real time image processing and compression needed for a wirel
and compression needed for a wireless data interface. SPEC will utilize a compact eye safe scanning LADAR that sets a new standard in te
ADAR that sets a new standard in terms of size, performance, power, and weight.

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