ON MONDAY 26th JANUARY 2009

           In the Chair:      Councillor W Graham

           Members Present: Councillors M Black, O Black, S Blaney, H A Harding, G Hartin,
                            C McCambridge, A P McConaghy, R D McDonnell, R A McIlroy,
                            O McMullan, C McShane, P McShane, C Newcombe.

           Also Present:      Mr R G Lewis, Clerk and Chief Executive

                              Mr P Mawdsley, Head of Environmental Health and Enforcement

                              Mr D Kelly, Head of Building Control

                              Mrs E Mulholland, Head of Development

                              Mrs L McAreavey, Member Services/Clerical Officer

                              Ms Julie McMath, Planning Service

                              Ms Norma Evans, NH&SC Trust

                              Ms Margaret Mulholland, NH&SC Trust

                              Ms Bronagh Scott, NH&SC Trust

                              Ms Breige Donaghy, NH&SC Trust

                              Mr Jim Stewart, NH&SC Trust


           Apologies were received on behalf of Councillor D McAllister.

           Chairman‟s Business

           Councillor Graham stated that the following motion had been issued from the UUP

           “This Council calls upon the Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP to take immediate
           steps to ensure that members of and investors in the Presbyterian Mutual Society are
           covered by the same financial guarantee scheme as those savers with deposits in UK

                                                   1                            26th January 2009
           After discussion,

                Councillor Graham proposed,
                Seconded by Councillor Harding,
                “That Council support and endorse this motion.”

           Councillor O Black stated that she was not in agreement with this motion and informed
           members that it would create a precedent. She stated that this society had brought this
           upon themselves through speculation and informed members that she did not feel that it
           was within the remit of the Prime Minister to ask the tax payer to pay for this. She
           stated that she understood why the banks were being supported as the bedrock of the
           economy but stated that this motion should not be supported.

           Councillor Harding stated that regardless of responsibility she felt that this motion
           should be supported. She stated that a lot of these people were elderly.

           Councillor O Black stated that many people had been affected by the economic
           downturn and stated that shares had been lost and that people had negative equity in
           their properties.

           Councillor Graham stated that the Prime Minister had guaranteed offshore banks that
           were not British at all.

           Councillor McIlroy stated that it was hard to understand Councillor O Black as these
           were elderly people and rate payers.

           Councillor Newcombe entered the meeting at this point.

           Councillor Blaney stated that he supported this motion but informed members that this
           had been bad workmanship; he stated that the organisers had a lot to answer for.

           On a vote being taken, there were ten votes for and none against the proposal which
           was carried.

           David Wallace leaving

           Councillor Graham stated that at a recent DPP meeting it was announced that David
           Wallace was leaving as district commander and that it had been suggested that a
           reception be held to mark this occasion.

           After discussion, it was agreed that a finger buffet would be provided in the Mayors
           Parlour to mark the occasion of David Wallace leaving as District Commander.


                                                    2                              26th January 2009
           The minutes of the Council Meeting held on 22nd December 2008 having been
           circulated, was taken as read.

           After discussion,

                Councillor McConaghy proposed,
                Seconded by Councillor M Black and resolved,
                “That the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 22nd December 2008 be

           HELD ON 22nd DECEMBER 2008

           Roads Maintenance

           Councillor McIlroy enquired if there had been any correspondence from Roads Service
           regarding the proposed abandonment of roads.

           The Clerk stated that the reply would be circulated at the next Council meeting.

           NH&SC TRUST

           Councillor Graham welcomed Mr James Stewart, chairman of NHSCT and Ms Evans,
           Chief Executive and her staff to the meeting.

           Mr Stewart stated that on behalf of the trust he would like to thank Council for the
           opportunity to come and make their presentation. He informed members that the first
           task of the new trust had been to achieve savings of 3% each year for the next three
           years. He stated that these cuts would save £45 millions for reinvestment. He informed
           members that a key area for change was to be provisions for the elderly. He stated that
           the homes listed were not for closure but earmarked for replacement due to poor
           infrastructure and numerous double rooms. He informed members that these would be
           replaced with modern new built homes such as in Carrickfergus or the Brooke in
           Coleraine. He stated that the key message was that these new homes would be modern,
           easy to maintain and of benefit to the community. He stated that Ms Bronagh Scott
           would now make the presentation.

           Ms Scott stated that the presentation was in relation to the reprovision of residential
           homes. She informed members that the proposal was to replace five statutory
           residential homes with supported living accommodation/homes in the same locality.
           Provision of more homehelp/domiciliary support and „telecare‟ to enable people to live
           in their own home for longer as this was what older people had stated that they wanted.
           With the provision also for people who needed nursing home care to best meet their
           needs. She stated that this was a mix of models of care.

                                                     3                              26th January 2009
Ms Scott informed members that the current situation was that the Trust had nine
residential homes for older people across their area to run and manage. She stated that
these nine were home to about 300 people with 275 being permanent residents. She
informed members that all of the homes were built in the 1970‟s and so were 30 to 40
years old and therefore required modernisation. She stated that at the time they were
built they would have adopted the best model for providing support to older people who
couldn‟t manage in their own homes but stated that these now required replacement
with a more modern fit for purpose model.

Ms Scott stated that in replacing the homes for older people with new modern homes
and services certain areas had to be considered. She stated that some of the homes had
single and some shared bed rooms. She stated they had shared bathrooms, not ensuites,
shared communal dining and living areas with no chance of privacy and that there were
no rooms for guests or visitors to stay over.

She informed members that the residents were not ill but may be frail and vulnerable
and in need of support. They were mostly people able to live quite independently with
some support for daily living tasks and some care needs. She informed members that
residential homes were not nursing homes and that people were cared for with a degree
of independence.

Ms Scott stated that these existing homes had relatively poor building accommodation
standards compared to the modern homes today. She stated that the quality of care
provided was very high and much valued but that the point had been reached whereby
replacement was necessary with modern day standards. She stated that the Trust
believed they could do better.

Ms Scott stated that the Trust wished to replace up to 5 of the 9 homes with new
modern homes and services. She stated that this would mean developing „supported
living‟ accommodation in the locality coupled with more domiciliary care services and
telecare in peoples own homes so more people could live in their own home longer.

Ms Scott stated that supported living homes could be provided in different ways but
that many would be a group of homes, with their own front door, with private
bedrooms, private living and dining space, private bathrooms and with access to some
shared meeting or communal areas with support that can be called upon according to
level of need.

She informed members that with the issue of paying for supported living
accommodation to date the building of most new homes had been paid for by the
Department of Social Development working with the Housing Executive. She stated
that examples of these were Barnhalt in Carrickfergus and The Brook in Coleraine. Ms
Scott stated that the homes/complex were then run or managed by a Housing
Association such as Fold and residents became tenants and pay rent for their home
through income called Housing Benefit. She informed members that the Housing
Executive provided some funding for some housing support to the tenants and the Trust

                                         4                              26th January 2009
provided some homehelp or domiciliary care she stated that sometimes the independent
provider would do this too. She informed members that sometimes existing homes or
accommodation could be added to or enhanced to provide supported living. Ms Scott
stated that with homes such as the Brook in Coleraine there were residents with a range
of care needs.

Ms Scott stated that in answer to the question of funding, the Trust had advised the
DSD/Housing Executive that there was a need to replace some of the residential homes
as a top priority. She informed members that the funding to do this hadn‟t been
confirmed yet and it was known that this was likely to be restricted and have many
demands upon it. She stated that the Trust would keep this as a top priority with
DSD/Housing Executive and informed members that it may also be possible that some
of the independent providers such as housing associations might be willing to bring
their funding or bring existing accommodation up to these standards to deliver these
new types of schemes if DSD funding isn‟t completely available. She stated that part
of the consultation was about finding out if this could be possible.

Ms Scott referred to where and how the replacement services would be provided and
informed members that new supported living accommodation and services could be
provided, within the same locality, through a range of options including new built
supported housing on the same site as the existing residential home or if that wasn‟t
possible perhaps on another site in the locality. She stated that there may be existing
accommodation or other schemes in the locality that could adopt supported living

She informed members that the Trust would also look to older people living in their
own home and adding telecare and support to enable people to stay at home for longer.

Ms Scott stated that that Trust were aiming to replace 5 homes with the ultimate
ambition to replace and modernise all homes. She outlined the homes for replacement
as Lisgarel, Larne, Greenisland House, Greenisland, Clonmore, Newtownabbey,
Rosedale, Antrim and Rathmoyle Home, Ballycastle. She stated that these homes had
been rated on a scoring system and proposed for change.

Ms Scott stated that despite the challenges the Trust owed it to older people to try. She
informed members that the Trust needed to replace homes and not like for like. She
stated that if it was not done now, in ten years time the homes would be 40 – 50 years
old with living conditions or surroundings that we would not accept in our own homes.

She informed members that with ambition and commitment the Trust believed that they
could do better for their older people.

Councillor McCambridge stated that it was not technology which older people needed
for care it was the comfort of other human beings. She informed members that
reassurance was required that if Rathmoyle was to be changed and updated the current

                                          5                               26th January 2009
residents would be allowed to remain at the site in Ballycastle. She enquired if the
home would be replaced in Ballycastle.

Ms Evans stated that any replacement would be in Ballycastle and informed members
that representatives from the Trust had met with the staff of Rathmoyle this afternoon.
She stated that the accommodation at Rathmoyle housed 39 people and that 18 shared
rooms. Ms Evans stated that if it was required and more convenient when reprovision
was being considered there could be a number of units in Ballycastle, the Glens and

Ms Evans stated that with the Brook in Coleraine the home was replaced on site but she
stated that this may be different for Rathmoyle as the site itself was very small and in
all probability no suitable for the facilities required. She stated that the Trust were
willing to enter into partnership with Housing Associations, Council or other
partnerships in order to gain a site for this provision.

Councillor McCambridge asked if in the meantime Rathmoyle would close.

In reply Mr Stewart stated that until there was an alternative available the residents
would stay in Rathmoyle. He informed members that there was no downside to this
and that all of the developments would be positive and in the best interest for residents.

In reply to Councillor McCambridge, Ms Evans stated that she urged members to see
the Brook in Coleraine in terms of provision. She stated that they would not see better.
She informed members however that any provision in Ballycastle would be bespoke.
She stated that there would be no reduction in service and no reduction in staffing.

Councillor Harding stated that Trust representatives would appreciate the shock of
residents and staff at the proposed closure of Rathmoyle and informed them that
reassurance was required.

Ms Evans stated that she had been at Rathmoyle this afternoon and had given staff a
briefing and reassurance. He stated that the Trust accepted that the way this issue had
been presented was not good and that it had been handled badly following the headline
in the newspaper that Rathmoyle was closing.

Councillor M Black stated that the downside was the way in which this issue had been
handled. She stated that she had met with senior members of staff for reassurance and
informed members that having seen the Brook in Coleraine it was the kind of place she
herself would like to retire to. She enquired about a timeframe for reprovision.

Ms Evans stated that the Brook had taken 3 years and Barnhalt Cottages 2 years but
stated that this was a different economic climate.

In reply to Councillor Newcombe, Ms Evans stated that the residents in Rathmoyle
could be reassessed.

                                           6                              26th January 2009
Councillor Newcombe enquired if some residents could be returned to the community.

Ms Knight stated that in considering the timeframe, intake of future residents would be
less and admissions would be monitored in relation to the reprovision. She stated that
temporary respite could be considered.

Mr Stewart stated that lots of residents preferred to stay in their homes as long as they
possibly can and that this should be facilitated. He stated that extra help could be
employed to meet their aspirations.

In reply to Councillor Newcombe, Ms Scott stated that within the Barnhalt environment
some residents were able to move out of nursing care and into supported living
accommodation. She stated that a strategy would be developed after having talked with
older people this was found to be what they wanted, to stay at home for as long as they

Councillor Newcombe stated that the preamble to this had been frightening and
informed members that as of tonight a statement should be issued to the general public
to allay these fears.

Councillor McIlroy agreed and stated that the headline was Rathmoyle to close. He
enquired why there had been no statement to qualify this headline.

Mr Stewart stated that this was a consultation process and that nothing would be done
without co-operation. He informed members that through the CSR there would be a
three year period to reconfigure with a possible reinvestment of £44million. He stated
that their work with the elderly was only one part of this and informed members that
the Trust‟s objective was not to close but to replace old buildings

Ms Evans stated that monies reinvested would go to different areas such as ambulance
provision, fire and rescue, radiotherapy, Altnagelvin, health and social care. She stated
that rather than raw savings the funds would go into front line services.

In reply to Councillor McIlroy, Ms Evans stated that older people remaining in their
own homes with care provided would be a more efficient use of funds.

Councillor Blaney enquired about the level of care for elderly residents in their own

Ms Evans informed members that at present home care provision was at a minimum of
time and quality due to the bulk of funds being spent on residential care. She stated
that some of these resources should be moved to accommodate care in the home.

                                          7                               26th January 2009
In reply to Councillor Blaney, Ms Evans stated that there was a bill of £17.8 million for
management and that if every manager was sacked there would still be a shortfall on
required savings.

Councillor Blaney stated that there was plenty of ground to build onto Rathmoyle.

Mr Stewart stated that on getting to that stage the Trust would be delighted with this
finding but informed members that he was not sure if there was sufficient space.

In reply to Councillor C McShane, Ms Evans stated that reprovision did not have to be
like for like and would be bespoke and to meet needs.

Councillor C McShane enquired about meals on wheels and job displacement. She
asked for assurance that if this should go ahead Rathmoyle remain open and

Ms Evans stated that this would be the case and informed members that if there was
any change to this it would come back to Council for consultation. She stated that there
would be an agreement on a reasonable time frame and a „step up step down‟
arrangement for respite. She informed members that as this progressed with the
winding down of respite there would be a build up of community services.

In reply to Councillor C McShane, Ms Evans stated that there would be no compulsory
redundancies of staff.

In reply to Councillor McDonnell, Ms Scott stated that care would be based on needs
demographic. She stated that some may increase with older people wanting to remain
at home for as long as possible. She stated that it was amazing what the new
technology could achieve in terms of support for this.

Councillor McMullan enquired as to how this could be brought forward without the
relevant reports and statistics available for Council. He informed members that there
would be a rise in the elderly population and in the coastal area a lot more people were
retiring. He enquired how this scoring was carried out and informed members that he
would like to see a scoring matrix.

Ms Evans stated that 9 of the rooms at Rathmoyle were shared and that there were
problems with disability access.

Councillor McMullan stated that this could be changed.

Mr Stewart stated that there was no privacy for the residents.

In reply to Councillor McMullan‟s queries, Ms Evans stated that this was a
consultation. She stated that a model of care was required for the 21st century. She
stated that if challenges could be met and agreement reached in principle the Trust

                                           8                              26th January 2009
could be allowed to work this up and come back to Council with an idea of what this
might look like.

Mr Stewart stated that the Trust were being open and honest and transparent in their
plan to replace what was currently there at present.

Councillor McMullan stated that he was not in disagreement but informed members
that he would like to see plans and a lot more information.

Ms Scott stated that the plans were at a very early stage and that with an agreement in
principle the Trust would be able to work with Council to get an idea of the needs of
the area.

Councillor McMullan enquired about the provision of the Day Centre.

Mr Stewart stated that under the CSR services were not to be taken away and that the
Trust would be happy to agree to the retention of this.

Mr Robert Coulter, MLA, present in the gallery was permitted to speak.

He stated that as far as he could see in relation to the rumours of closure, these had been
dealt with by representatives of the Trust. He informed members that it had been made
clear that Rathmoyle would not close until another facility was in place. He stated that
it had also been made clear that there would always be residential accommodation in
the area and that residents would not be made to move out to their own homes unless
they wanted to go. He informed members that the Trust was also willing to work in co-
operation with the community and to allow everyone to have a stake in this.

Mr Coulter thanked Council for allowing him to speak and stated that he thanked the
Trust also and assured Council that he felt the Trust was being honest in what they were
trying to do.

Councillor McCambridge stated that this was an opportunity to begin with a new slate
and informed members that it was important that Councillors put their heads together to
identify possible sites for this new development.

Councillor M Black agreed and stated that we should trust in the Trust.

Councillor McMullan stated that members needed to find out what would happen in
Glenmona, he stated that there were three strands for consideration, Rathmoyle, the
Day Centre and Glenmona.

Ms Evans stated that she would come back to Councillor McMullan on this issue as she
was not up to speed with the situation at Glenmona.

                                           9                               26th January 2009
           Councillor Graham thanked representatives of the Trust and stated that he looked
           forward to meeting with them again.

           Mr Stewart thanked Council and stated that he hoped that this was the first meeting of

           It was agreed that the meeting would be adjourned for five minutes.


           On reconvening the meeting, Councillor Graham welcomed Ms Julie McMath,
           Planning Officer to the meeting.

           E/2007/0145/F McFall Construction, 196 Whiterock Road, Dunseverick, Bushmills.
           Location, lands approximately 30m SE of St. Thomas‟ Church, Church Bay, Rathlin
           Island. Proposed construction of 5 no. cottages and removal of existing boundary wall
           to facilitate access.

           E/2007/0444/F Mr D Keys, C/O MI Architects, Rathgael Chambers, 10 The Diamond,
           Coleraine, BT52 1DE. Location 16-20 Main Street, Mosside. Proposed redevelopment
           of existing site to provide retail unit and 6 no. one bedroom apartments.

           E/2008/0105/F Burgrave Investments, C/O GM Design Associates Ltd, 22 Lodge
           Road, Coleraine, BT52 1NB. Location, former nursing home, 16 Strandview Park,
           Cushendun. Proposed alterations and extension to existing vacant nursing home (listed
           building) to provide 4 no waterfront apartments and 4no. duplex apartments to rear.

           E/2008/0124/LB Burgrave apartments, C/O GM Design associates Ltd, 22 Lodge
           Road, Coleraine, BT52 1NB. Location, former Glendun Nursing Home, 16 Strandview
           Park, Cushendun. Proposed alteration and extension to existing listed property to
           provide 4 no. waterside apartments.

           There were no objections to the above four applications, these were recommended for

           E/2008/0141/F Mr L Black, C/O Diamond Design Studio, 2d The Diamond,
           Ballycastle, BT54 6AW. Location, 60m west of 15 Magheramore Road, Ballycastle.
           Proposed replacement dwelling.

           Ms McMath stated that this application was recommended for refusal due to being
           contrary to policies CTY1 and CTY3 of DPPS 21. Sustainable development in the
           countryside and did not merit being considered as an exceptional case, as the dwelling
           which it was proposed to replace was an important element of being made structurally
           sound and improved.

                                                    10                            26th January 2009
Councillor C McShane requested that this application be deferred for one month to
allow for further information.

In reply to Councillor McDonnell, Ms McMath stated that she was not aware of any list
of vernacular buildings but that each was judged by its own merit.

After discussion, it was agreed to defer this application for one month to allow for
further information.

E/2008/0282/F Mr & Mrs D Fox, 11 Downview Avenue, Belfast, BT15 4EZ.
Location, 11 Prospect Court, Cushendall. Proposed two storey gable extension &
associated alterations (inc. new garden)

E/2008/0289/F Mr Freeman, C/O Agent. Location north of 12 Ballynarry Road,
Ballymoney. Proposed construction and erection of above ground proprietary slurry
storage tank on prepared concrete.

E/2008/0305/O Mr D G McSparran, C/O GM Design Associates Ltd, 22 Lodge Road,
Coleraine, BT52 1NB. Location adjoining 95 Knocknacarry Road (off Layde Road)
Knocknacarry. Proposed site for dwelling.

E/2008/0306/F Old Bushmills Distillery Co Ltd, 2 Distillery Road, Bushmills, BT57
8XH. Location, Old Bushmills Distillery to manhole off Seaport Avenue Portballintrae
via Woodvale, Market Square & Dunluce Road, Bushmills and Ballaghmore Road.
Proposed replacement land line from Old Bushmills Distillery to Portballintrae –
Amended proposal to supersede planning approval E/2007/0152/F.

There were no objections to the above four applications, they were recommended for

E/2008/0307/LB Mr P Kane, 1 Klondyke Terrace, Bushmills, BT57 8QN. Location,
100 and 102 Main Street, Bushmills. Proposed 2 storey rear extension to existing
dwelling (no 100) Renovations and extension to existing shop on ground floor, change
of use from shop to flats on first floor and extension on first floor to provide additional
floor space for flat (No 102)

E/2008/0317/F Mr P Kane, C/O Fleming McKernan Associates, 1 Upper Abbey Street,
Coleraine, BT52 1BF. Location, 100 & 102 Main Street, Bushmills. Proposed
demolition of existing rear return and renovations & 2 storey rear extension shop on
ground floor and dwelling on first floor (No 102)

Ms McMath stated that these applications were recommended for refusal due to being
contrary to policies BH7 and BH8 of the Department‟s Planning Policy Statement 6:
Planning, Archaeology and the Built Heritage in that the building was listed under
article 42 of the Planning (NI) Order 1991 and the change of use and associated works

                                           11                              26th January 2009
would, if permitted, detract from it‟s appearance, character and setting and result in a
loss of its architectural and historic integrity.

Councillor McConaghy stated that he was disappointed with this refusal as the THI had
spent considerable time looking at this project. He informed members that there had
been support from a senior member of the planning service for this upgrade of a
dilapidated building with a grant from THI. He stated that nothing now would happen
and that this would be a downgrade for Bushmills.

Councillor Graham stated that he was also disappointed and confirmed that Ken
Bustard, of Planning Service had been present and in support of the application.

Ms McMath stated that the refusal reason had come from NIEA historic branch as this
was a listed building.

Councillor McIlroy stated that with the appearance of this building today any works
would only enhance this. He informed members that he failed to understand that this
was stopped as this would have made the building right and an attraction to the area.

Councillor McConaghy requested that this application be deferred for one month to
allow for further information.

This was agreed.

After further discussion, it was also agreed that a letter would be sent to NIEA to
express Council‟s opinion on the refusal for this application.

E/2008/0321/F DCAL, Interpoint, 20-24 York Street, Belfast, BT15 1AQ. Location,
River Bush Salmon Station 21 Church Street, Bushmills. Proposed alterations and
extensions replacing flat roofs with pitched roofs – existing smolt and salmon trap

E/2008/0324/F Elliot, 14 Dalriada Park, Cushendall. Location, 14 Dalriada Park,
Cushendall. Proposed 2 storey side extension for kitchen/dining with bedroom over
dormer to front elevation.

E/2008/0338/F 1600, 510 8th Avenue SW, Clagary, Alberta, Canada, T2P3S8.
Location, field South of Ballinlea House, 68 Ballinlea Road, Maghernahar, Ballycastle,
BT54 6JL. Proposed completion and testing an exploratory well of 2700m depth for
hydrocarbons under DETI licence issued to Connaught Energy Ltd in Feb ‟05.
Temporary car parking, offices and rig equipment on site. Retention of stone surfaced
site until decision of well status after completion/testing operations

E/2008/0344/F Mr McAlinden, 50 Ann Street, Ballycastle, BT54 6AD. Location, 30a
Castle Street, Ballycastle. Proposed single storey extension for storage of plumbing

                                         12                              26th January 2009
E/2008/0347/F Mr R Gordon, C/O RMA, 1 Sloans Court, Queen Street, Ballymena.
Location, approximately 50m west of 18 Craigalappan Road, Ballintoy. Proposed
retrospective garage.

E/2008/0355/F Mr A Craig, 35 Moyle Road, Ballycastle, BT54 6LG. Location, 35
Moyle Road, Ballycastle. Proposed new front porch.

E/2008/0357/F Mr A McPeake, Head of Technical Services, Moyle District Council,
Sheskburn House, 7 Mary Street, Ballycastle, BT54 6QH. Location, Ballycastle and
Rathlin Island Ferry Harbours. Proposed new pontoons and access bridges at
Ballycastle and Rathlin. New passenger waiting shelter at Rathlin.

E/2008/0360/F Mr & Mrs T McGowan, 6 Coleraine Road, Ballymoney, BT53 6BP.
Location, 1 Drumavoley Road, Ballycastle. Proposed conservatory extension to rear

E/2008/0362/F Mr & Mrs O‟Boyle, 17 Bayview Park, Glenariff, Co Antrim. Location,
17 Bayview Park, Glenariff. Proposed single storey rear extension and associated

E/2008/0363/F Mr D McCormisck, 50 Strandview Road, Ballycastle. Location, 50
Strandview Road, Ballycastle. Proposed two storey side extension for dining

E/2008/0364/F Gaelectric Developments Ltd, Unit 4, Block 1, Clogheen Business
Park, Blarney Road, Cork, Ireland. Location, lands between Castelcatt Road and
Cloonty Wood, Derrykeighan, Ballymoney, Co Antrim.

There were no objections to the above eleven applications, they were recommended for

Deferred Applications

E/2007/0024/O Mr M McSparran, 96 Knocknacarry Road, Cushendun, Ballymnea,
BT44 0NT. Location, adjacent to 45 Knocknacarry Road, Cushendun. Proposed site
for retirement dwelling.

E/2008/0024/RM Mr G McAuley, C/O Hunter Associates, 8 Charlotte Street,
Ballymoney, BT53 6AY. Location, opposite 37 Coolkeeran Road, Armoy. Proposed
new dwelling.

There were no objections to the above two applications, they were recommended for

Councillor C McShane left the meeting at this stage.

                                         13                          26th January 2009
           Councillor McDonnell referred to the Streamline process and asked if these would
           appear on the schedule somewhere.

           Ms McMath stated that there would be notification once per month through a
           Streamlined list.

           Councillor McDonnell enquired if these would appear on the minutes or if Council
           would have a corporate opportunity to consider these.

           Ms McMath stated that any application could be removed from this list at any time and
           go through the normal procedure.

           Councillor McDonnell enquired if a list could be added to the normal schedule.

           Ms McMath stated that there would be no benefit to the Streamline process if this was
           the case.

           Councillor Graham thanked Ms McMath and she left the meeting at this point.


           The Building Control Report, having been circulated, was taken as read.

           The Clerk stated that in the absence of the Head of Building Control he would take this

           After discussion,

                Councillor M Black proposed,
                Seconded by Councillor McIlroy and resolved,
                “That the Building Control Report be adopted.”


           The Environmental Health and Enforcement Report, having been circulated, was taken
           as read.

           Delegation of Statutory Powers

           The Head of Environmental Health and Enforcement (HEE) stated that Moyle District
           Council, in exercise of its powers under Section 47(A) of the Local Government Act
           1972 as amended by Article 26 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions)
           (NI) Order 1985, HEREBY DELEGATES to those officers listed below the powers
           conferred in the following articles of the Private Tenancies (NI) Order 2006; Article 21,
           Consultation with NIHE, Article 34, Duty to inform tenant of landlord‟s application to

                                                     14                              26th January 2009
           have dwelling house inspected and Article 35, Duty to inform landlord of tenant‟s
           application to have a dwelling house inspected to Charlotte Barr.

           After discussion,

                Councillor Harding proposed,
                Seconded by Councillor O Black and resolved,
                “That the delegation of statutory powers in relation to Charlotte Barr would be


           The HEE stated that the following offences had been detected in the District.

           He informed members that a dog as kept at an address in White Hall Court, Ballycastle
           without a valid licence contrary to Article 17(1) of the Dogs (NI) Order 1983 on 14th
           November 2008 was observed straying at White Hall Avenue, Ballycastle contrary to
           Article 22(1) of the Dogs ((NI) Order 1983.

           The HEE stated that the opportunity to discharge the above offences by payment of
           fixed penalties was offered but they were not paid and the dog has yet to be relicensed.

           After discussion, it was agreed that the institution of legal proceedings would be
           actioned regarding this dog.

           After discussion,

                Councillor O Black proposed,
                Seconded by M Black and resolved,
                “That the Environmental Health and Enforcement Report be adopted.”


           The Development Services Report, having been circulated, was taken as read.

           Rural White Paper (RWP)

           The Head of Development Services (HDS) stated that as Council were aware there was
           a proposal from the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Michelle
           Gildernew to develop a rural white paper and the Assembly Executive had agreed to
           support this.
           She informed members that to ensure that this was an inclusive process, the Minister
           had set up a stakeholder group (including NILGA) to assist in the development of the
           proposals and to deliver an agreed approach to achieving a sustainable future for rural

                                                    15                              26th January 2009
The HDS stated that NILGA had had some informal discussions about what local
government priorities would be for a RWP and had developed a document setting out a
number of potential issues which could be addressed by it.

She stated that members were asked to consider this paper to establish if the issues
included were correct or if any issues should be added or removed. She informed
members that the intention was to develop a robust set of local government priorities to
assist in the ongoing RWP work, preferably prior to the next stakeholder group meeting
on 16th February 2009.

Councillor C McShane returned to the meeting.

Councillor McDonnell stated that there had been a failure to emphasise the need for
Planners to be more flexible in permitting rural housing. He stated that everyone
needed their own house and that the policy of replacement would not cover the need for

Councillor McMullan stated that in the current year there were still areas where there
was no running water or sewage connection. He informed members that isolated rural
areas were still behind. He stated that these were areas of deprivation and that the
countryside was being discriminated against.

The HDS stated that she had made note of this.

After discussion, it was agreed that Council would endorse the Rural White Paper and
that issues raised by Councillors would be added by the HDS.

Planning Policy Statement 21

The HDS stated that as discussed at a previous meeting, a quotation had now been
received from Strategic Planning to assist the Council with their response to DOE
regarding PPS21.

She informed members that the proposal was to facilitate a workshop at which they
would discuss the meaning and implication of each element of the policy and record the
opinion of members. She stated that this would then be collated into a draft document
for the final approval of Council prior to submission.

Councillor O Black enquired if the workshop could be rearranged for an evening.

The HDS stated that this could be looked into.

After discussion, it was agreed to approve the appointment of Strategic Planning for the

Good Relations Grant Scheme

                                         16                              26th January 2009
The HDS stated that an application for a Good Relations Grant had been received from
the Glens & Dalriada U3A group comprising people of the older generation and
including members from various backgrounds and traditions.

She informed members that within their proposed 2-day event, the group planned to
examine the Irish & Scottish heritage of this region through a series of lectures,
workshops and discussions, including: Language & dialects, Early immigrants from
Scotland, the Planter & the Gael and Shared musical traditions.

She stated that the aim of the event was to provide a forum to explore the cultural
diversity of the region in the hope that this would contribute towards a better
knowledge of each other‟s traditions and increased mutual understanding and tolerance.

She informed members that an invitation to participate would be extended to U3A
groups in other parts of Northern Ireland, but Moyle beneficiaries of this event would
be in the region of 100+

After discussion,

     Councillor O Black proposed,
     Seconded by Councillor Harding and resolved,
     “That Glens and Dalriada U3A be awarded a Good Relations Grant .”

Seeding Grant Application – Moyle Alternative Drum Community

The HDS stated that an application for a Seeding Grant had been received from Moyle
Alternative Drum Community. She informed members that the group was set up in
April 2008 with the aim of providing drum education and the opportunity for people of
all ages and abilities, to have fun while working together to make and perform
alternative drums. She stated that the group had applied for a Seeding Grant which
would contribute towards set up costs, transport of equipment and venue hire.

After discussion,

     Councillor O Black proposed,
     Seconded by Councillor Harding and resolved,
     “That Moyle Alternative Drum Community be awarded a Seeding Grant.”

Voluntary Contributions Grant Application – Ballycastle Women‟s Health &
Encouragement Network (WHEN)

The HDS stated that an application had been received for a Voluntary Contributions
Grant from Ballycastle WHEN. She stated that the group aimed to provide support to
women, particularly those who were separated, divorced or widowed, through social,
creative and therapeutic activity. She informed members that the group intended to hold

                                         17                             26th January 2009
a workshop, delivered by Parents Advice Centre, for local parents of teenagers, to help
them learn techniques for working with their children. She informed members that it
was intended that a group of 14 parents from the Moyle area would benefit from the

After discussion,

     Councillor O Black proposed,
     Seconded by Councillor Harding and resolved,
     “That Ballycastle Women‟s Health and Encouragement Network (WHEN) be
     awarded a Voluntary Contributions grant.”

Voluntary Contributions Grant Application – Ballintoy Young at Heart Club

The HDS stated that an application had been received for a Voluntary Contributions
Grant for Ballintoy Young at Heart Club who aims to provide somewhere for the
elderly to meet and enjoy companionship, crafts and talks together. She informed
members that the Club intended to carry out a programme of arts activities, during 18
sessions over the next 9 months, including mosaics, watercolours and acrylics.

After discussion,

     Councillor O Black proposed,
     Seconded by Councillor Harding and resolved,
     “That the Ballintoy Young at Heart Club be awarded a Voluntary Contributions

Elected Members Training

The HDS stated that in December 2008 most Elected Members attended two training
sessions that concentrated on their role as a Councillor and how they should use their
position to focus political influence towards collective development issues.

She informed members that the training was put into practice shortly after the sessions
when a delegation from the Council met with the DETI policy unit and were given the
opportunity to get a fuller picture of what the Departments plans are for telecoms in the
future particularly in rural areas like the Moyle District.

She stated that as a result of the lobbying, DETI had agreed a funding package with
Avanti Communications Group plc to undertake a 3G mobile broadband trial in
Ballintoy, she informed members that this trial would use existing satellite
infrastructure to examine the opportunities to deliver a range of high speed broadband
services. She stated that Avanti had also undertaken to examine the opportunities post-
trial for delivery of a commercial service.

                                          18                              26th January 2009
She stated that DETI was also investigating issues relating to broadband service
provision in Moycraig Road and Glenariff areas of the district.

After discussion, it was agreed that the HDS would look into the lack of mobile phone
reception at Glenshesk and Glenariff.

The HDS stated that with reference to this she would ask that that retrospective
approval would be given for Councillors Blaney, Graham and C McShane to include
the lobbying as an approved duty.

After discussion,

     Councillor Harding proposed,
     Seconded by Councillor McConaghy and resolved,
     “That the lobbying be regarded as an approved duty.”

Bushmills Residents and Environmental Forum

The HDS stated that the new mural was awaiting installation, weather permitting.

Councillor McIlroy enquired as to why this had not been carried out to date. He
informed members that the artist had been paid and asked if someone else could put this
in place.

The HDS stated that final payment had not yet been made for this service. She
informed members that this was frustrating.

Councillor Graham asked if a time limit could be placed on the artist.

After discussion,

     Councillor McIlroy proposed,
     Seconded by Councillor McConaghy and resolved,
     “That a time limit of one month would be placed upon the artist for the erection of
     the mural at Dundarave. If this was not completed in this time the work would be
     given to someone else.”

Spreading Wings Final Quarter

The HDS stated that work was on-going for this final quarter of the Spreading Wings
Partnership. She informed members that a schedule for this last part of the programme
was agreed with the Arts Council at the close of December 2008. She stated that the
work includeed planning for „Stars - a Ballycastle Nativity. Current work on this
project included drama workshops in the two secondary schools (facilitated by Damien
Gorman) with others to be arranged beyond the schools; sponsorship exploration with

                                          19                             26th January 2009
           commercial    and     theatrical   partners;     development        of    a      website
           (www.ballycastlenativity.com) and raising the profile of the project.

           The HDS stated that the quarter would include an event organized with the Good
           Relations Officer as a community arts celebration of cultural diversity, scheduled for

           She stated that team-building, stilt making and costume preparation was planned and
           on-going with the stilt-walkers trained in Ballycastle.

           The HDS stated that a closing event for the Spreading Wings Partnership was being
           planned for early March.

           She informed members that meanwhile, conversations continue, with the support of the
           Arts Development Officer, concerning the possible future of the Four Swans Festival,
           Halloween and Christmas events that had been strengthened through Spreading Wings.

           Councillor M Black remarked upon all the good work carried out through the Spreading
           Wings programme and enquired if Council could afford to keep this project and
           member of staff on.

           The HDS stated that they were attempting to pick out elements and retain events such
           as the Halloween festival. She informed members however that this position had been
           100% funded and that it was an expensive project and stated that she did not think this
           would be possible in the rates.

           Councillor M Black informed members of her disappointment.

           After discussion,

                Councillor McConaghy proposed,
                Seconded by Councillor Graham and resolved,
                “That the Development Services report be adopted.”

           Councillor McConaghy left the meeting.


           NILGA Local Government Annual Conference and Exhibition, Leading Change,
           Serving Citizens. To be held on 26th and 27th February 2009 at Armagh City Hotel

           After discussion,

                Councillor Graham proposed,
                Seconded by Councillor O Black and resolved,

                                                    20                              26th January 2009
                “That Councillors Blaney, Harding and McIlroy be nominated to attend the
                NILGA Local Government Annual Conference and Exhibition.”

           Northern Ireland Housing Conference 2009, Addressing Housing Needs in the current
           economic climate. To be held on 24th March 2009 at the Stormont Hotel, Belfast

           There were no nominations to attend this conference.

           Councillor Harding left the meeting.


           The Clerk stated applications had been received under the Licensing (NI) Order 1996
           and Betting, Gaming, Lotteries and Amusements (NI) Order 1985 for the following:

           Distillers Arms, transfer of licence.

           There were no objections to the above applications.


           There were no documents for signing and sealing.


           Councillor McDonnell left the meeting at this point.

           Letter dated 7th January 2009 from NILGA regarding the cost of home heating oil

           This letter was noted.

           Letter dated 13th January 2009 from the Department of Health, Social Services and
           Public Safety in reply to Council‟s letter of 17th December regarding the First
           Responder Scheme and ambulance provision in Ballymena

           Councillor McMullan asked that this item be placed on the Agenda for the next

           This was agreed.

           Letter dated 16th January 2009 from the Northern Ireland Assembly regarding an
           Inquiry into Obesity

           This letter was noted.

                                                    21                           26th January 2009
Letter dated 25th January 2009 from Pobal An Chaistil regarding use of the Mayor‟s

After discussion, it was agreed that Pobal An Chaistil would be permitted use of the
Mayors Parlour on 12th March in order to launch the results of a recent survey on
„Attitudes Towards the Gaelic Language.‟ It was also agreed that there would be a
charge of £25 for the use of this facility.

The Clerk stated that the Rates Agenda had been circulated for the meeting of 27th
January 2009 at 7:00pm

Councillor McDonnell returned to the meeting.

Brickkiln Waste visit

Councillor Graham stated that a visit had been arranged to Brickkiln Waste Limited on
Wednesday 28th January 2009.

Councillors P McShane, McMullan and McIlroy gave their apologies.

The Clerk stated that any members wishing to attend should contact the HTS.

                         The meeting concluded at 9:55pm


                     CLERK & CHIEF EXECUTIVE

                                        22                            26th January 2009

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