East Sussex and Brighton _ Hove Waste and Minerals Development

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					East Sussex and Brighton & Hove Waste
  and Minerals Development Framework

     Sustainability Appraisal
  Scoping Report Stakeholder
                           March 2007
 Tony Cook             Rob Fraser
  Group Manager          Head of Planning
  Development, Waste     Strategy
  and Minerals           City Planning

 East Sussex County      Brighton & Hove City
 Council                 Council
 New planning system
                                 Planning and
 Core Strategy principles       Compulsory
                                 Purchase Act
 Sites document principles

 Waste and minerals issues in
  ES and B&H

 Sustainability Appraisal
New Planning System
Old system                     New system

 Regional Planning Guidance    Regional Spatial Strategy
  (RPG)                          (RSS)
 Structure Plans

 Minerals and Waste Local      Waste and Minerals
  Plans                          Development Framework

 Supplementary Planning        Supplementary Planning
  Guidance                       Document
Why change?
 Speed up preparation of

 Ensure plans are kept up-

 Achieve more effective
  community involvement

 Ensure right
  development, in the right
  place, at the right time
What is the Waste and Minerals
 Development Framework?
The Waste and Minerals Development

 Portfolio of Local Development
 Documents that set out the spatial
 strategy for an area
The Waste and Minerals Development
Adopted plans
Core Strategy
Site Allocations documents
Proposals map
Supplementary Planning Documents
Local Development Scheme
Statement of Community Involvement
Annual Monitoring Report
Core Strategy (i)
 Core Strategy should:

  Set out the key elements of the planning framework for
   the area;

  Be comprised of:
      Spatial Vision & Strategic Objectives
      Spatial Strategy
      Core policies
      Monitoring and implementation framework
Core Strategy (ii)
  Draw on any strategies of LPA and other organisations
   with land-use implications and provide integrated
   approach to their implementation;

  Set out long term spatial vision and strategic policies to
   deliver that vision;

  Be in general conformity with RSS; and

  Contain clear and concise policies for delivering the
Minerals Sites Document
 Will identify individual sites for mineral

 Will contain policies related to the specific sites

 Will consider sites for recycling/secondary aggregates
     The DPD process
Pre Production                          Production                         Examination     Adoption
                     SCI (Reg
                     28[1][b])                                                Reps on
  Evidence                                                                   Submitted
  Gathering                                                                  DPD (Regs
                                                                             29 & 31-33)
                        Pre Submission Community Involvement

                      Issues &           Consult on        Submission                        Report (Sect
     LD                                                                     Examination
                    Options (Reg          Preferred       to S of S (Reg                         22)
   Scheme                25)              Options               28)
                                          (Reg 26)
                                                                            Examination       Adoption
                                                                              (Reg 34)        (Reg 36)

                                   Sustainability Appraisal
                                                                                              Enter DPD
                                                                            Conformity         into LDF
                                                                            (Reg 30) &
                                                                           Soundness of
                                                                                           Report (Reg 48
          Process                                                                            & Sect 34)

Waste and Minerals in East
Sussex and Brighton & Hove
Waste – key issues (i)
 Review and build on the Waste
  Local Plan

 Consider local implications of
  RPG9 Waste and Minerals and
  the South East Plan

 Consider the remitted issues
  following on from the rejection
  of Inspector’s
  recommendations on the WLP

 Consider requirements up to
Waste – key issues (ii)
Waste – key issues (iii)
Waste – key issues (iv)
 Waste planning authorities must provide planning policy
  framework to manage:
       Non-inert waste
       Hazardous waste
       Inert waste
  for municipal, commercial & industrial, and construction
  & demolition wastes

 Waste management facilities are needed to enable
  recycling, composting, recovery, and disposal of waste
Minerals – key issues
 Aggregates - land &

 Clay, chalk and

 Oil and gas

 Secondary and
  recycled aggregates
Minerals Sites Document
 Sites to meet apportionment in South East Plan for
  production of primary aggregates (sand and gravel)

 Sites for other minerals

 Sites to meet apportionment for recycled and secondary
Sustainability Appraisal
   Scoping Report
Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

 WMDF must contribute towards achieving sustainable

 All planning documents must be assessed via a
  “Sustainability Appraisal”