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									Ealing Apprenticeships
May 2008

• Manifesto Commitment
• 100 new apprenticeships 2007/8
• Scrutiny panel decides roles and secures funding
• S106 funding 2007/8 = £376k
• Strategic Human Resources focus for recruitment &
  retention as identified in Local Government
  Workforce Strategy in 2007
• Ealing Council’s People Strategy 2006/11
• Widen range of opportunities
• Improve young people’s economic activity and skills
• Address Council occupational skills shortages,
  improved age profile - ‘grow your own’
• Increase in public sector apprenticeships
• Better skilled workforce
• Many skilled staff will retire in the next few years so
  initiative contributes to developing workforce in
Progress – Internal Scheme
•   Recruited 22 apprentices in the first year
•   Currently recruiting to 11 apprenticeship vacancies to start in September
    2008 and 6 + 4 more identified
•   First five apprentices approaching completion of their apprenticeship at
    NVQ level 2
•   Supervisors and mentors offered training in managing staff with little work
•   Each apprentice is matched to a mentor
•   Mentors offered accredited mentoring training at NVQ levels 2 and 3 for
    staff, including regular supervision sessions
•   Ongoing support meetings for apprentices, and supervisors
•   Established systems and processes for recruitment to Council and
    support for managers
  Progress – External Scheme
• SLA with Ealing Education Business Partnership to broker
  apprenticeships with Ealing employers (6 starts)
• Key employers event to promote free apprenticeship
• Constructors event held with Decent Homes contractors
  to broker places with Construction training providers
• Development of partnership with local training providers,
  Jobcentre Plus and Connexions

• Member and senior support very helpful
• Links with HR took time to establish to ensure
  smooth introduction of scheme.
• New strategic focus for HR in terms of recruitment &
• Clarity of roles critical – mentors, supervisors
• Written guidelines for all parties
• Use HR, CLD and Youth and Connexions services
  to help shape and aid mainstreaming
  Next steps

• Independent evaluation
• Lead contractor
• Exit strategy

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