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					                                                        CITY OF HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND
                                                    STATUS & INFORMATION REPORT NO. 26

                                                                                                      June 30, 2006

 To Mayor Bruchey and Members of the City Council:

                                              UPCOMING MEETINGS

                                                   ˜˜    JULY 2006   ˜˜

 Sunday         Monday          Tuesday                 Wednesday      Thursday              Friday        Saturday

2          3                4      Holiday          5                6                  7             8
                             City Offices Closed                     8 am-2 pm                        7 pm Music By
                                                                     Market In The                    The Lake @ City
                            Fireworks @                              Square                           Park Bandshell
                            Fairgrounds Park
                            6 pm Opening                             Thursday Noon
                            Ceremonies                               Plaza Party @
                            9:30 pm Fireworks                        University Plaza

9          10               11                      12               13                 14            15
                            4 pm Work Session                        Thursday Noon                    Saturday Shop
                                                                     Plaza Party @                    Hop
                                                                     University Plaza
                                                                                                      7 pm Music By
                                                                     5-9 pm Thursday                  The Lake @ City
                                                                     Night Out On The                 Park Bandshell

16         17               18                      19               20                 21            22
                            4 pm Work Session                        8 am-2 pm                        7 pm Music By
                                                                     Market In The                    The Lake @ City
                                                                     Square                           Park Bandshell

                                                                     Thursday Noon
                                                                     Plaza Party @
                                                                     University Plaza

23         24               25                      26               27                 28            29
                            7 pm Regular                             Thursday Noon
                            Session                                  Plaza Party @
                                                                     University Plaza

30         31

1.   Potterfield Pool:
     C Finishing up first session swim lessons tonight 102 participants; second session will begin July 3-13th with
         total of 86
     C 73 family passes
     C 31 individual passes
     C Pool parties: 11 completed and 26 booked

2.   Skate Park: Last week 27 paid participants at the Skate Park

3.   Web/Channel Six:
     • Fireworks at Fairgrounds Park show for Channel 6
     • Press Conference - Fireworks in the State of Maryland with State of Maryland, Fire Marshals, Washington
                                          STATUS & INFORMATION REPORT NO. 26

            County Emergency Services, City of Hagerstown Fire Marshals.
      •     Dog brochures approved and ordered.

4.    Press Releases: Staff distributed a traffic advisory regarding Memorial Boulevard closing due to weather
      conditions and a press release on the “Quackery” lecture at the Hager House.

5.    July 4th The Department is gearing up for Fireworks at Fairgrounds Park.

6.    Market: Lou Scally broadcast a live remote from City Market on Saturday, June 23 to promote upcoming features,
      especially Firecracker Specials which were going on that day and will continue this coming Saturday. Many
      vendors throughout Market offered their own specials advertised by a distinctive sign, complete with firecracker
      graphic watermark, announcing their participation. Two new vendor applications mailed out this week.

7.    Market in the Square Vendors were on the Square on Thursday, 29 June for a special 5th Thursday Market in
      the Square. With the weather, vendors are having some bumper crops and wanted the extra Market to offer their
      abundance to their Downtown customers. Regular 1st Thursday Market in the Square will be next week.

8.    Miss Maryland: Staff continues to work on the Miss Maryland Pageant which will be held in Hagerstown. Miss
      America will visit Hagerstown. We have not had the honor of Miss America visiting in over 20 years. The Mayor’s
      Luncheon is Friday, June 30.

9.    Hager House: Activity this week included:
      C Visitors: Staff provided tours to 50 persons. There were 12 tours of the House and 1 of the Museum.
      C Railroad Museum: Staff reports 125 visitors this week.
      C "Legends" Series: Ten people enjoyed John Nelson's lecture on "Laudanum!" In addition, staff completed
         writing the lecture entitled "Quackery" (a history of Morphine and Patent Medicines) to be given on July 11.
         Following this lecture will be the discussion, "Like Butchers In The Shambles" on July 25 which will focus on
         the treatment of Federal soldiers after the Battle of Antietam.
      C Craft Days: Staff painted spaces on the grounds and finalized assigning spaces to craftspersons. Mailings will
         be made to the vendors next week.
      C Trainee: Staff continues to train new tour guide Amy Groesbeck.
      C Unwelcome visitors: A six-foot long black snake was found in the attic of the Hager House on Wednesday.
         Needless to say, he was removed. That same day a groundhog was found in the cellar. He was sent packing,

1.    Rain Rain - Needless to say the recent rains have caused problems for our residents who in turn look to us to help
      them. As of today we don’t have the total count of incidents we responded to over the three or four day period but
      we do know the stack of reports to be finished is one and one half inches high. During a short two hour period
      early Tuesday afternoon when the rain was intense we probably responded to almost 40 incidents.

      We’ve responded to people trapped by high water, flooded basements, leaking roofs, electrical problems caused
      by the rain, activated automatic fire alarms systems and every once in a while actual fires that so far have been
      minor in nature. In most cases we’ve been able to help but some situations where high water is in a parking lot or
      running out of a stream into the house there is nothing we can do until the rain stops.

1.    Problem Areas. Recent call-outs included:
      Sun. (06-25) - 105 South Potomac Street. Total Outage. Found tree limb broken and laying on transformer
                       bank, causing both fuses to blow. Limb removed and replaced fuses. Time Out: 11.4 - 12.4.
           (06-25) - 115 North Mont Valla Avenue. Partial Outage. Tree rubbed against triplex, burning hot leg in
                       half. Replaced triplex. Time Out: 12.4 - 13.6.
           (06-25) - 320 McDowell Avenue. Tree on power lines. Found limbs laying on primaries. Trimmed
                       trees away from problem area. Time Out: 16.3 - 18.4.
     Mon. (06-26) - Commonwealth Avenue (Board of Education). Partial Outage. Replaced transformer fuse.
                       Time Out: 05:8 - 06:9.

     Tue.    (06-27)   -   857 Willow Circle. Reported transformer fire. Investigation at scene revealed no transformer

                                          STATUS & INFORMATION REPORT NO. 26

                          fire. Trees found burning on primary. Trimmed trees away from area and replaced (2) two
                          fuses. Time Out: 17.4 - 18.6.
           (06-27)    -   427 North Prospect Street. Wire reported down. Investigation at the scene revealed the wire
                          was a phone loop. Informed Verizon of problem. Time Out: 18. 9 - 19.0.
          (06-27)     -   299 Summit Avenue. Reconnect service for Billing Office. Customer cut off for non-payment.
                          Meter Serviceman was unable to reinstall the meter, so Lineworker was dispatched. Time
                          Out: 19.6 - 20.2.

2.   No Flooding Issues. Despite the heavy rains over the weekend and into the week, the department experienced
     no problems related to the flooding. Sunday evening’s storms brought some wind gusts that caused a few
     problems with tree limbs contacting wires. A total of (3) three outages were reported from these problems. As a
     precautionary measure, crews kept an eye on all of the transformer vaults downtown to make sure that the sump
     pumps were keeping ahead of the water. Luckily, all equipment operated as expected and no problems were

3.   Langley East HOA. The department was contacted by the Langley East Homeowners Association last week to
     attend their monthly meeting. The HOA wanted clarification from our representative on which lights were the
     responsibility of the City and which were the responsibility of the HOA. The City currently maintains the roadway
     lighting in this neighborhood, although the power for these lights is provided by Allegheny and billed to the City.
     Langley East’s parking lot lighting is maintained through a contract with Allegheny Power.

4.   Distribution (Recent Activity Included):
     • Continued with the street light pole painting project. Lights in Public Square were completed this week. Crews
         now move to the Unit Block of East Franklin Street and the Unit Block of South Potomac Street (weather
     • Pulling in primary and secondary cable at Gateway Crossing. Cut in cards received to install meters on (28)
         twenty-eight new units;
     • Performing annual inventory of Light Department stock rooms and trucks;
     • Various streetlight replacements, re-lampings, and renewals.

1.   Community Parks & Playgrounds - Applications with all required backup have been submitted to the
     Department of Natural Resources. We are requesting CP&P funding for the following projects, listed in priority
     order: 1) Potterfield Pool - larger replacement elevators to accommodate motorized wheelchairs; 2) Fairgrounds
     Park - irrigation system for all three soccer fields; 3) Fairgrounds Park - barrier free play equipment for our new
     south pavilion; and 4) City Park - barrier free play equipment for our new west pavilion. DNR will announce the
     awards in January 2007 and notifications will be mailed in February 2007. Last year, CP&P funded three projects
     at City Park - the west pavilion, renovations of the restrooms by the softball fields, and partial funding for the new
     restrooms near the Band Shell currently being constructed.

2.   Program Open Space - The Washington County Buildings, Grounds & Parks Department approved funding for
     the following projects: Fairgrounds Park - Grandstands Roof Repair; Fairgrounds Park - lights for the 1-mile
     walking trail and Wheaton Park - new restrooms. The next step is to submit the applications to DNR for their
     approval. Recent park projects funded by POS include tennis court lighting, playground equipment and a fountain
     at Pangborn Park; hockey rink lighting and two pavilions at Fairgrounds Park; a lake fountain and park benches at
     City Park.

3.   Rain Causes Flooding Conditions - Flooding conditions hit us twice - Sunday night and Tuesday night. Although
     all of our parks were affected, the golf course and stadium had the most flooding.

4.   Hagerstown Greens at Hamilton Run Golf Course: Several sections of the Hamilton Run bank were washed
     out, causing heavy flooding on Holes #2, #6 and #7. All three holes were covered with nearly 12" of water. The
     golf course was closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday while crews cleaned up trash, limbs and mud. On
     Thursday, the course reopened to walkers only.

                                         STATUS & INFORMATION REPORT NO. 26

5.   Municipal Stadium: The Town Run also runs along the Municipal Stadium. Rain waters overflowed the Town
     Run wall, flooding the entire interior of the stadium including the offices, clubhouse, concessions and field. The
     field and the concession areas were covered with approx. 24" of water; the offices were covered with 4-6" of water.
     With the help of the Suns’ staff, we pumped the water out and began drying the interior of several buildings.
     Wednesday night’s game was only delayed one hour.

6.   Parks & Playgrounds: The soil and mulch erosion was taken care of by cleaning up the areas and re-mulching.

7.   Hagerstown Neighborhood College - On June 19, Junior Mason explained the operations of the City’s Parks &
     Recreation Department to the Hagerstown Neighborhood College at the Fairgrounds PAL building. There was a
     question & answer session and a tour of the Grandstands was given.

8.   City Park New Restrooms - We installed the slider windows; our part is now on hold until the plumbers,
     electricians and brick masons complete their work.

9.   Routine Maintenance - Weekly routine maintenance includes, but not limited to, mowing grass, mulching,
     trimming and watering the existing plants and shrubbery as well as new landscaping. Maintenance also includes
     dragging the softball fields, repairing playground equipment and bleachers, maintaining walkways, trash collection,

1.   New Development Cases:
     C 1625 Dual Highway - Susquehanna Bank - addition
     C 226 North Locust Street - City of Hagerstown (Alms House, Lot 16) - simplified plat
     C 415-417 Reynolds Avenue - Steven Powell - simplified plat

2.   Planning Commission: The Planning Commission reviewed the following items on June 28:
     C Scarlet Hills Apartments - South Potomac Street - easement plat - approved.
     C Dr. Ali’s Medical Building - Howell Rod - final plat and site plan - approved.
     C Younger Motorcars - All Star Court - site plan for parking lot - approved.
     C Zenith Office Buildings - Sweeney Drive - site plan - approved.
     C Good Humor Breyers - Frederick Street - site plan for parking lot and pre-treatment facility modifications -
     C Jeff Crampton - 261 Frederick Street - site plan for storage units along alley - approved.
     C Snook Property - MD Route 144 - concept plan - approved.
     C Oak Hill Investments Rezoning - 115 Emmert Road - recommended approval to Mayor and Council
     C Discussion about potential annexation at Eastern Boulevard and Security Road - found the requested C2
         zoning to be unsuitable for the location and contrary to the City and County Comprehensive Plans.
     C Eastern Boulevard Annexation - found requested R2 zoning to be suitable given the recommendations of the
         City and County Comprehensive Plans; expressed concern about vehicular access to the site and the right-of-
         way widening needed for Eastern Boulevard.
     C Proposed Zoning Ordinance text amendment concerning planned office/mixed district - continued to another
     C Zoning Ordinance text amendment to adult book store definition - approved for scheduling of a public review
         meeting on July 26.
     C Election of officers - Doug Wright as Chair, Jim Stone as Vice-Chair.

3.   School for the Arts: The Board of Education’s consultant, Ardath Cade, arranged a meeting with State officials in
     Baltimore on June 29 to give us a chance to promote the School for the Arts project and to learn about available
     State funding opportunities. The Planning Director attended at Ardath’s request to provide a presentation on the
     project’s background and anticipated revitalization impacts from the project.

4.   Stadium Parking Easement: The County sent over a draft easement document on June 28 for the dedicated
     parking at the Health Department for stadium events. The parking easement was a condition of approval of the
     site plan for the Stadium, since without it the project would not have adequate parking per the Zoning Ordinance’s
     minimum parking standards for stadiums. Staff have forwarded the easement to the City Attorney for comment.
     Due to the unforeseen flooding problems and its impact on the County Public Works Department, Planning staff
     are agreeable to an extension of the July 1st deadline for the easement to be in place - provided that the easement
     is resolved in short order to avoid conflicts with the planned opening of the stadium.

                                              STATUS & INFORMATION REPORT NO. 26


                                  Other Criminal                                                                Search
     Calls for       CDS         Arrests (Including       Parking       Moving                DUI              Warrants
      Service       Arrests          Warrants)            Tickets      Violations                              Executed

      1,201            6                 53                 197            135                 4                   0

1.      SCU Drug Arrest (6/23): At 8:20 p.m. the Street Crimes Unit conducted an undercover operation targeting street
        level drug dealing in the south end of Hagerstown in the area of Locust Point. During the operation, an informant
        contacted a male later identified as Charles Warren Clark III, in the 400 block of South Potomac Street. Clark sold
        the informant $60 worth of crack cocaine. Detectives then moved in to make the arrest and as they did, Clark
        threw down a baggy that contained three more large pieces of crack cocaine. He was then taken into custody
        without incident and charged with distribution of crack cocaine and related offenses. Clark was also wanted by
        HPD on an outstanding warrant for three counts of 1st degree assault, three counts of second degree assault, and
        possession of a handgun.

2.      Sobriety Checkpoint (6/24): From 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. officers conducted a sobriety checkpoint in the 400 block of
        East Wilson Boulevard. As part of this operation, a police K-9 was utilized to detect the illegal transportation and
        possession of guns/explosives. As a result of this operation, 76 vehicles passed through the checkpoint. Two
        vehicles were scanned by Ofc. Wert and his K-9 partner with negative results. One person was arrested for DUI.
        Another person was charged with having an open container of alcohol in the passenger compartment of the
        vehicle and failure to obey a lawful order.

3.      Armed Robbery (6/24): At 1:50 a.m. officers responded to the unit block North Walnut Street for an armed
        robbery. The male victim reported he was robbed of cash by a man wielding a box-cutting knife. Based on the
        description provided by the victim, Reginald Duvall Daniels of 527 Washington Avenue was detained in the 100
        block of North Burhans Boulevard where he was positively identified as the robber by the victim. A box-cutting
        knife was located on Daniels, and he was charged with armed robbery, 1st and 2nd degree assaults, reckless
        endangerment and theft.

4.      1st Degree Assault (6/24): At 3:20 p.m., officers responded to the 700 block of Spruce Street for a reported fight
        in the street with one male having a handgun and a hatchet. Officers learned that Aaron Christopher Wolfkill of
        765 Spruce Street got into a verbal argument with some subjects in a vehicle. The argument escalated when
        Wolfkill threw a bottle at a male in the vehicle. The male threw the bottle back at Wolfkill who had retreated to his
        residence. Wolfkill then reappeared on the street threatening everyone with a handgun and a hatchet. Officers
        recovered both weapons and Wolfkill was taken in to custody without incident. The handgun turned out to be a BB
        gun. No injuries were reported.

5.      Vehicles Damaged (6/25): Numerous vehicles were damaged overnight in the Fairview Road, Glennwood
        Avenue and Outer Drive areas of Carroll Heights. Most of the damage consisted of windshield wipers being
        broken off the cars.

6.      Other News/Information:
        • On Tuesday, Chief Smith attended the Western Maryland Methamphetamine Summit. Representatives from
           the DEA and law enforcement agencies from Western Maryland met to discuss regional strategies for dealing
           with problems related to methamphetamine production and use.

        •     This week we received notification from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention that our
              application for funding under the Gun Violence Reduction Grant Program was approved. We have been
              awarded $82,944 to develop and implement strategies specifically intended to reduce gun related crime.
              Agencies throughout Maryland applied for the funding. Our application was the second highest rated grant
              application in the State. The application was prepared by Lt. Johnson (Planning and Research), and we are
              confident that his law enforcement experience was primarily responsible for the high rating.

                                          STATUS & INFORMATION REPORT NO. 26

1.   Wastewater Treatment Plant
                 Effluent Flow              Precipitation
                     (mgd)                    (inches)
     6/21/06           5.3
     6/22/06           5.2                       0.90
     6/23/06           5.1                       0.01
     6/24/06           5.0
     6/25/06           8.1                       2.43
     6/26/06          15.9                       2.34
     6/27/06          18.1                       2.80

     • Removed grease from primary tanks Sunday, Monday and Tuesday due to heavy rains.
     • Working on #5 in-plant pump for diversion flow (faulting out at the VFD). Checked parameters on #1 pump and
       compared. The amperage setting on #5 needed to be adjusted to 91.4 amps. Made change and will keep an
       eye on it. We will be checking into the SCADA system for proper communications.
     • Worked on operations return sludge pumps to run at other tanks not normally in operation.
     • Worked on inventory.
     • Poured concrete pad for the oxygen system instrument air compressor and pad between the two oxygen
       compressors (safety reasons).
     • Contractor is working on the grass seeding job.
     • Contractors blacktop crew in to complete valve boxes.
     • Replaced collection chain and scrappers for the thickener underflow system.
     • Heavy rains have kept everyone extra busy this week.

2.   Water Production
                 Plant Flows            River Level
     6/21/06         11.72              1.6
     6/22/06         11.47              1.5
     6/23/06         11.52              1.5
     6/24/06         10.90              1.5
     6/25/06         10.20              1.5
     6/26/06          9.85              2.8
     6/27/06         10.62              3.3
     6/28/06                            6.6

     • Repairs were made to the chlorination systems and chlorine analyzer at the West End Reservoir.
     • Two water plant employees are attending the Short Course in Emmitsburg this week.
     • Received 4.74" of rain over the weekend and 2.72" on Tuesday. The Potomac River is expected to crest at
       approximately 12' at 0800 on Friday, June 29. Currently, the raw turbidity is 100 ntu. We were on site at the
       Edgemont Dam Tuesday evening as torrential rains fell on the watershed. The Reservoir did overflow the
       spillway at a peak level of 1.4'. The streams quickly receded to an overflow level of 0.4', therefore, no action
       was taken to evacuate downstream residents.

3.   Sewer Collections
     • Three employees attending week long short course in Emmitsburg.
     • Smoke test in district #9. To date, we have completed 20 of the 34 districts.
     • Down load flow meters for flow study.
     • Manhole inspection in districts #33, 7, 13, 6, 34.
     • Heavy rains caused manhole surcharges throughout the sewer infrastructure, with two overflows totaling 7,500
     • Received new CCTV unit, hope to have unit on the road by this Friday.

4.   Laboratory
     • Because of blending at the wastewater plant, the lab collected upstream and downstream samples from the
       Antietam Creek.
     • Collected the third round of LT2 cryptosporidium samples on Tuesday. Both the Potomac and the Edgemont
       supplies were tested this month.
     • Continuing to collect Antietam stream samples because of high bacteria leaving the wastewater plant.

                                              STATUS & INFORMATION REPORT NO. 26

5.    Engineering
      Reviews:                            City        County
       Site Plan                             2
       Final Plat                            1

         Site Plans                          2
         Building Permits                    13       3
         Sewer Permits                       7

      Water Inspection: The 8" and the 4" water lines on Emerson Drive Phase 2 passed main test and bacteriological
                        test 06/22/06. Paradise Manor installed 495' of 8" water line in Phase 2 which passed main test
                        and bacteriological test and main was tied in Wednesday.

      Inspections:          Frederick Street main replacement, Airport Runway Extension, Hager’s Crossing, Paradise
                            Manor, Collegiate Acres

      Sewer Inspection: Am Liner Tri-State Grouting manhole inspection, Collegiate Acres, Marshall Street sewer
                        upgrade, Hillside Manor, Parkway Neuroscience

      Miscellaneous: • Our summer intern left on Friday, June 23. He did a lot of scanning and data entry for the
                       drawing database.
                     • The GIS proposals came back on June 28. We are currently reviewing them.

6.    Administration
      • Heavy rains fell on the Hagerstown area for several days, starting on Sunday, June 25, 2006. We recorded 7.57
        inches of rain at the WWTP during those three days. Plant flows peaked at about 30 mgd on the first two days,
        but the third day’s rain was so intense, the plant was not able to keep up. The plant experienced an overflow of
        approximately 537,000 gallons during a 9.5 hour period. The Collection System also experienced several minor
        overflows from surcharging manholes. Their overflows totaled approximately 7,500. The Collection System also
        had a few incidents where sewage backed up into several residents’ homes along Medway Road and Willard
        Street. Caroline has been notified and involved in the event of any possible insurance claims.
      • There were some very cooperative efforts between the Washington County Department of Water Quality and the
        Hagerstown wastewater division on June 27, 2006. At 9:00 PM we were contacted by Julie Pippel from
        Washington County. She said Greg Murray offered to allow all the flow that was coming from Pump Station #13
        to be diverted to the Conococheague WWTP. At 9:30 PM, both staffs met at the Newgate interceptor and began
        changing valves to transfer the flow. This transfer may have diverted as much as 500,000 gpd to the
        Conococheague WWTP, allowing the Hagerstown WWTP to lessen the overflow that was occurring due to the
        flooding in the area.


MONDAY. I do this real moron thing, it's called thinking, and I'm not a very good American because I like to form my own opinions. --
- George Carlin
TUESDAY. Solitude is independence. --- Hermann Hesse
WEDNESDAY. I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams. --- Madonna
THURSDAY. True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right. --- Brigham Young
FRIDAY. He is the Cat that walks by himself, and all places are alike to him. --- Rudyard Kipling
SATURDAY. Mickey Mouse is, to me, a symbol of independence. He was a means to an end. --- Walt Disney
SUNDAY. Independence? That's middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth. ---
George Bernard Shaw

                     City of Hagerstown Strategic Plan - Focus on the Quality of Life in Hagerstown

                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                        Bruce Zimmerman, City Administrator


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