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SPEEDING UP                                                           Welcome
COMMUNITY                                                             by Bailie Helen Wright

SERVICE                                                               As Convener of Tayside
                                                                      Community Justice
                                                                      Authority (CJA) it is my
In October 2008, the Scottish Government announced                    pleasure to introduce
the awarding of additional funding across Scotland for                the first issue of
                                                                      Community Payback
local authority criminal justice social work services                 Tayside.
to improve the immediacy and speed with which
Community Service Orders (CSOs) are commenced                         The CJA is now in its 3rd year of operation
                                                                      and has successfully established a broad
and completed. This is seen as a key issue in the                     Partnership of agencies to work together
reducing re-offending agenda, and important in the                    to reduce reoffending in Tayside. Partners
eyes of the public in terms of “swift justice”.                       are involved in a number of initiatives which
                                                                      have been held up both locally and nationally
                                                                      as examples of good practice.
The Scottish Government’s target for commencement of
orders has recently been reduced from 21 to 5 working                 These include a number of projects being
                                                                      carried out by offenders serving community
days from sentencing, and the target for completion of                sentences. The agencies who provide these
orders reduced from 1 year to 6 months. Across the Tayside            services are making a real difference to local
Community Justice Authority area, community service teams             communities and everyone involved should
                                                                      be praised for their efforts. The work done
have been working hard to improve the immediacy and speed             by offenders contributes to improving the
with which CSOs are completed by offenders. An audit of               environment and quality of life of the people
the impact of the additional funding will be completed by             who live there and goes some way to
                                                                      repaying communities for the harm caused
the Scottish Government in 2010, but early indications from           by their offending behaviour.
Tayside suggest that we are already showing improvement
towards the revised targets.                                          By raising public awareness of the
                                                                      Community Payback work of offenders,
                                                                      Tayside CJA is helping to improve the
In addition, the Scottish Government plans to introduce a             public’s confidence in the criminal justice
new Community Payback Sentence which will enable the                  system, and contributing to the Scottish
                                                                      Government’s “Safer and Stronger” national
court to impose one or more of a range of requirements                outcome.
on the offender, for example: unpaid work which benefits
local communities; supervision; alcohol/drug interventions;           Bailie Helen Wright
and, attendance at specific programmes to address offending           Convener, Tayside
                                                                      Community Justice
behaviour. This new single order would replace Community              Authority.
Service, Probation and Supervised Attendance Orders –
approximately 1650 such orders are made annually across

Community Payback Tayside will keep readers updated and
informed about how Community Justice is working for local
communities in Tayside.

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IN THIS ISSUE                                     MORE THAN JUST A
                                                  CLEAN UP!
More Than Just a Clean Up! ..... 2
                                                  Community                                   The Community Payback Beach Clean
Community Facing -
The Modern Face of
                                                  Service Work                                Up directly benefited local residents and
                                                                                              all who use and appreciate a clean beach
Perth Prison............................... 3     Teams tackle                                environment. It also encouraged the
                                                                                              development of personal and practical
Angus Payback
                                                  marine litter                               skills that might hold future benefits for
                                                                                              those taking part.
Beryfield allotments
Clifftop Emergency Posts                          Teams of offenders on Community
                                                  Service Orders in Dundee, Angus, and        Glyn Lloyd, service manager, said the
The Elms Community Garden... 4                                                                work of criminal justice teams within
                                                  Perth and Kinross were paying back
                                                                                              local authorities “was vital to balance
Dundee Payback                                    their local communities in September by
                                                                                              appropriate and visible punishment with
St Ninians Episcopal Church                       tackling marine litter.                     the provision of additional support to
Linlathen Initiative                                                                          prevent re-offending.”
New Kirk Broughty Ferry.......... 5               Working alongside the Marine
                                                  Conservation Society, Criminal Justice      He added, “Participating in this year’s
Perth & Kinross Payback                           Social Work Services from each area         ‘Big Beachwatch Weekend’ was a
                                                  took part in a beach cleanup over the       forerunner for our participation in the
Craigie Allotments ..................... 6                                                    Keep Scotland Beautiful Spring Clean Up
Graffiti / Fly Posting Removal                    weekend of 19 / 20 September.
                                                                                              in April 2010.”
Additional Projects .................... 7
                                                  • Angus - a Community Service Work
                                                    team mixed with local volunteers on       Ann Saunders, Scottish Projects Officer
The Open Estate, Castle Huntly                                                                for the Marine Conservation Society
Tents are our Goal .................... 8           Elliot beach in Arbroath
                                                                                              said, “To have Criminal Justice Social
                                                  • Dundee - two Dundee teams were            Work Services taking part in Marine
                                                    involved in clearing a pebble beach       Conservation Society (MCS) Beachwatch
                                                    (west of Broughty Ferry Castle) and       2009 is a real benefit to us and the
                                                    surveying an 800 metre stretch east of    communities.”
                                                    the Castle.
                                                  • Perth and Kinross- litter blighting the   Dundee Clean up team member, Lisa said,
                                                    shoreline of Loch Leven was cleared.      “I’m almost finished now; it’s been really
                                                  • Across the area endless black bags        hard getting up on a Saturday after a week
                                                    were filled and larger items such as      at work, the beach does look better for it
Community Payback is published                                                                though.”
twice a year and provides                           exhausts, push chairs and tyres were
information about what offenders                                                              The 2008 MCS Beachwatch campaign
are doing to payback local                                                                    found that litter on our shores had
                                                  This cleanup sent out a strong and          increased by 110% since their first survey
communities in Tayside.                           visible Community Payback message to        in 1994.
                                                  local communities that people placed on
Community Payback requires                        community service orders will pay them      Thanks to the efforts of Community
offenders to repay some of the                    back for their actions by carrying out      Service Payback our shorelines are a bit
damage they have caused by their                  work that has a direct benefit to their     cleaner.
offending. We will regularly report               community.
on unpaid work being carried out
by offenders in local communities
across Tayside and seek your
support for these initiatives.

The visibility of Community Payback
is something which will enhance the
confidence of local communities
and improve public understanding
that projects and initiatives are
having a positive impact on

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       Community Facing -
       the modern face of
       Perth Prison
Perth Prison is the oldest functioning Prison in Scotland.       to an offender serving a short (under 4 year) sentence.
It was originally built to house Napoleonic prisoners of         Further protocols covering health care and employability
war and in more recent times has been one of the main            are being worked upon.
long term high security prisons in the Scottish Prison
System. In the past it has housed long term prisoners            Most of those who are sentenced to imprisonment in
from all over Scotland as well as remand and short term          Tayside will return to their communities in a relatively
prisoners from Tayside. But now its role is changing so          short space of time. Work to help them avoid offending
that it will in future be focused almost exclusively on the      on release does take place in the prison but the most
Tayside population.                                              important factors in achieving this are the support and
                                                                 facilities in the community. So the term “community
This will mean that almost all prisoners sentenced               facing prison” recognises that prisoners come from local
to imprisonment in the Tayside Community Justice                 communities and return there on release. Work with
Authority area will serve their sentence in Perth prison.        the communities through the new Alcohol and Drugs
Very long sentence prisoners will still spend some time          partnerships and the local authority criminal justice
after sentence in the National Induction Centre at Shotts        services build on the programmes and addictions support
but they will return after about a year to Perth. Some           services that are provided for prisoners during their
prisoners from Perth will progress to the Open Estate            sentences.
either at Castle Huntly or Noranside but most will serve
their whole sentence at Perth.                                   From outside the prison the public will still see the old
                                                                 Victorian facade but behind it are modern buildings fit
With a significant number of prisoners being released            for the 21st century. The final phase of re development
back into the Tayside communities every week it is               will include a purpose built visit facility essential to ensure
essential that everything possible is done to help these         that prisoners maintain and re establish their family and
men avoid returning to offending. The prison is tackling         social links as we know this makes a major contribution
this by building effective partnerships with the various         to reducing re-offending. But the modern buildings
agencies which provide support to people who have left           on their own can do little, we have to have a modern
prison.                                                          approach to reducing re-offending and this is what a
                                                                 community facing prison is all about.
A Prison community integration group involving a wide
range of these agencies has been set up and this group           Perth prison will continue to provide the Tayside
has already produced 2 inter agency protocols setting            communities with a safe and secure facility for serious
out how the agencies will work together to support               offenders but it will also improve their safety by working
prisoners through their sentence and on release.                 in partnership with those communities. This will ensure
                                                                 that when prisoners are eventually released the likelihood
The first 2 protocols cover substance misuse and                 of re-offending is greatly reduced. A Community facing
accommodation and spell out exactly what will happen             prison will thus make for a safer Tayside.

                                     tayside community justice authority - December 2009                                      3
ANGUS                                                     a newsletter from

Berryfield Allotments
Berryfields is the name of a community allotment site in the centre of
Carnoustie. A member of the project approached Steve, community
service supervisor asking for his advice on clearing the banks of a
small stream that runs throughout the length of their land. Steve
offered his assistance by explaining how to place a referral with our
department and the extensive range of services we can provide.
Steve and a team of offenders are now actively involved with the site
members clearing the banks of the stream and helping with any new
site directives. This project has proved highly successful, giving the
offenders a sense of ownership and a realisation of the good work
that can be achieved working alongside members of the community.

Clifftop Emergency
Posts, Arbroath
Angus Area Partnership asked for assistance to erect marker posts
between Arbroath and Auchmithie following the line of the cliff
top path. The 49 posts are individually numbered and spaced
approximately 100 metres apart. The purpose of the posts is to
help the emergency services get to the scene of an accident in the
shortest time possible. If an accident happens, any witness phoning
the emergency services can report the number on top of the nearest
post and that will give the coastguard, police, etc the quickest route
to that incident. The posts were erected and will be maintained by
the community service teams as an ongoing project.

The Elms Community
A new and exciting garden project has commenced and is currently
being cleared for development. The inspiration behind this
project is to engage the services of external agencies to work in
conjunction with the criminal justice team in the forming of a new
community garden. Although this project is in the early planning
stages, a significant degree of local interest has been expressed and
this support is most encouraging. A diverse utilisation of this plot
is envisaged - walkways; seating areas; erecting polly tunnels; and
providing garden plots for community use are just some of the ideas
being put forward.

A painting was designed by an offender who was placed on a
community service order to advertise and promote the possible
themes of this project. The offender clearly researched the area
of Arbroath before providing our department with a superb
gothic styled painting of the useable property. These schemes are
promoting a sense of pride and accomplishment for those individuals
on community payback, while illustrating the benefits to the
community of this type of disposal.

4                                      tayside community justice authority - December 2009
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St. Ninian’s Episcopal
In May , a work team of offenders on Community Service repainted
St. Ninian’s Church, a well known landmark on the East end of the
Kingsway. Mrs Strachan, the vestry secretary said, “The supervision
by Graham and Jim (the two work supervisors) was superb. The
workmanship is neat and tidy and people have already commented on
the building.”

The men and women offenders who were involved in this project
learned some painting and decorating skills. They also experienced
working as a team. As well as completing their hours of unpaid work,
the team have provided a refreshed building in pay back for their offences.

Linlathen Initiative
In June, Community Service teams were involved in partnership
working in the Linlathen area of the city. Their involvement is a result
of local responses to some of the serious issues that had arisen in the
vicinity of Lamond Place, which were brought to the attention of
the local councillor, Christina Roberts. Working with other agencies ,
Community Service Payback removed graffiti on homes, walls and roads.
Photographs taken of this work being undertaken demonstrate some of
the improvements made by offenders paying back the local community.

One of the local residents said, “They wern’t any bother, they just came
and got on with the job and went, I didnt think it was ever gonna get

New Kirk, Broughty
New Kirk Church is situated in Broughty Ferry. A team of offenders on
Community Service have repainted the railings outside the Church. This involved
taking the railings back to bare metal, priming, undercoating and finishing work.

Speaking on behalf of New Kirk Church , Mr David Watt said, “ The work done by
Community Service has saved us several thousands pounds, the lads
and lasses did an excellent job and were well supervised ... the church
now looks all the better for it”.

Local people have made several favourable comments on the quality of
the work. The team also benefited from some local quality assurance
procedures, where a retired local painter’s wife came to check that
the work teams were using the correct paint.

Research indicates that where Community Service work is recognised
by the public, and offenders see that their unpaid efforts are of benefit
and appreciated, then there is an improved chance of people not re-

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Craigie Allotment
Perth and Kinross Council’s Criminal Justice Services (Community
Service) in conjunction with Housing Services have been working
on an innovative community based project in Upper Craigie in
Perth since March 2008.

The site had been used previously as allotments but had fallen out
of use and had lain fallow for more than a decade.

Prior to Criminal Justice Services involvement it was used as
a dumping ground, many local residents had complained of
disturbances and vandalism.

The site has now been cleared of approximately 40 – 50 tonnes of
debris by community services offenders (this was all separated on
site and recycled at the Council’s Friarton waste depot) this debris
ranged from carpets and old toys to bicycles, beds and old
bottles etc

Areas of the site have been developed ie: a rockery/seating
area has been created. Now completely fenced off the site is
no longer a place where there is antisocial behaviour.

The project was handed over in April to a Community
Management Group who aims to maintain the site in
its restored condition possibly using all or part of it as a
Community garden. This group was set up with the assistance
of the Council’s Community Capacity Building Team.

The site has provided visible work for the Offenders on
Community Service and has also encouraged the development
and enhancement of the offenders’ skills and abilities.

The project was entered for the Perth and Kinross Council’s
Securing the Future Awards in the “Working with
Communities” category and won the Gold award.

Many positive comments were made about the site
by both offenders working on the project and also
residents from the surrounding area. The result, in the
words of one resident, is “Beautiful – a great site full of

One offender who worked on the project, said “working
up at Craigie with Colin, I felt like I was doing something

A Criminal Justice Services’ manager concluded, “The
project revisited the original concept of community service
when first set up in Perth and Kinross. Success in this
project has led to source a larger site for development.”

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Posting Removal
Our Community Service Team’s contribution within the Safer
City programme contributed to the presentation of an award.
Work carried out by community service offenders included
graffiti and fly-posting removal work which are ongoing

These works have assisted the Safer City Programme’s efforts
to enhance Perth city centre and have culminated in the
winning of a Regional Award from the Association of Town
Centre Management .

In addition our community service teams have been involved
with the “beautiful Perth” organisation. The “beautiful Perth”
organisation has charitable status with the remit of making
Perth a more attractive place for both residents and the many
tourists who visit throughout the year.

To help sustain the current high profile image of Perth
they manage the town’s efforts in the “Britain in Bloom”

In the past Perth has been chosen as a finalist to represent
Scotland in the Large Town/Small City Category of this
competition and has gone on to win the award.

To assist with the Perth bid our teams have helped deal with
the removal of unsightly fly-posters and the removal of graffiti
from all areas of the city.

In addition to the above the teams carried out a substantial
amount of work for the “beautiful Perth” organisation stripping
and recoating the existing wood barrier and pergola located
alongside the river at the “Norie-Miller Walk” part of Riverside
Park in Perth.

This work was part of a major upgrading of the whole
Riverside area of central Perth consisting of the Norie-Miller
Walk, the Rodney Gardens area and the Bellwood Park.

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                                                                                            Since their first involvement the staff and
The Open Estate, Castle Huntly                                                              resident population of the Open Estate have

Tents are our Goal
                                                                                            proven there is an established trust between
                                                                                            themselves GtCC, WER UK and Blacks
                                                                                            Leisure Group.

To promote reintegration and address           Many of the Batwa have no homes or           The inmates are happy to be involved
the impact of social exclusion the SPS         shelter, living hand to mouth in shrinking   in work that is meaningful, for example,
Open Estate is keen to endorse inmates         forests. The tents will provide shelter as   provides training and certification, but also
thinking of others. As a result our resident   they are helped to establish farms.          work with a clear end product. The tent
Chaplain proposed the idea of getting the                                                   initiative allows participants to feel a sense
population involved in more charitable/        In Uganda they have had a period of          of ownership and additionally encourages
volunteer work. Consequently inmates           severe drought causing food shortages and    them to think of others less fortunate.
and staff collected hundreds of football       in some places famine. Unfortunately they
shirts with the intention of passing these     predict floods now for the wet season        They have asked questions about the
on for the benefit of others. Glasgow          starting late September. The tents will be   project, discussed the hardships refugees
the Caring City (GtCC) was happy to            kept in readiness for the large number       face and what benefits there are in owning
get involved and a partnership was             of people that are expected to be made       a tent.
established.                                   homeless.
                                                                                            The first shipping container is ready,
On the 12th of June 2009, Blacks Leisure       In Southern Sudan WER are supporting         stacked with tents and educational
Group (BLG), owners of Millets, launched       agricultural training programmes but         materials and will be moved to the GtCC
an advertising campaign designed to            tents will be used as accommodation          depot in Glasgow. From there it will be
increase sales. Customers handing in           and storage for peoples joining the          transported by ship to Africa and on to its
their old tents to any of 230 stores           programme. They will usually stay for 2-3    final destination in the central regions.
throughout the country were offered            months at a time.
20% off the price of a new one. As a                                                        The Open Estate’s intention is to assist in
result, an estimated 2000 used tents were      We have a core of prisoners participating.   similar projects and continue to develop
collected. BLG offered to transfer these       All were initially asked to assist and an    the emerging partnership with GtCC and
used items to GtCC for use in supporting       explanation given about the initiative.      their wider partners. Of course we must
their aid projects worldwide (refugees and     Since commencement, others have asked        ensure our core business obligations are
displaced people).                             about the project and have indicated a       not diluted or hindered as a result.
                                               desire to help if required.
Due to the recent charitable work                                                           We are in negotiation with GtCC to
undertaken by the SPS Open Estate to           The main objectives when assembling          support future projects and have already
support GtCC’s Football4Life project in        the tents and checking them over are         been visited by three South African
South Africa the prison was invited to         to ensure they have no tears or these        football coaches who spoke with inmates
partner Blacks Leisure Group, GtCC and         must be repaired, they must have a full      about the Football4life project, with
World Emergency Relief UK to turn this         set of pegs, the flysheets are intact or     a training session thrown in for good
initiative into a reality.                     repaired and guy-ropes are present or        measure. Additionally a charity football
                                               replaced. Tents or tent components that      match with GtCC has been provisionally
The tent initiative will support Batwa         WER or GtCC cannot use because they          arranged for Sunday the 31st of January
people in Burundi. The Batwa people            are damaged or have parts missing will       2010. GtCC have secured the services of
(sometimes referred to as pygmies) are a       be used for spare parts and the leftover     two football coaches from Glasgow Celtic
marginalised ethnic group living within one    materials recycled.                          FC and are expecting similar players to
of the world’s poorest countries.                                                           make up their starting eleven.

    The success of Community Payback will be judged on the benefits it brings to local communities. We want
    suggestions from local citizens and community representatives about projects they would like Community
    Payback to tackle in their community. Your support is welcomed.
                                                                                                                                             Designed by DCC Public Relations - PB/12/09

    Angus - Phil Catherall, 9 Fergus Square, Arbroath. 01241 871161 - email catherallp@angus.gov.uk
    Dundee - Valerie Galloway, Friarfield House, Dundee. 01382 435033 - email valerie.galloway@dundeecity.gov.uk
    Perth & Kinross - referral forms are available from the CS Team, 01738 444244
    HMP Perth - Geoff Storer, 01738 622293
    HMP Castle Huntly - Bob Bartlett, 01738 360265

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