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									  Versatile large and small-piece feeder
  for sheets, duvet covers and table linen

Logic Plus
        with new pivotable “Soft-Touch”
        spreading clamps
Typical installations

                                               SMALL-PIECE FOLD & STACK                        SMALL-PIECE FOLD & STACK

        LARGE-PIECE FOLDER &                     LARGE-PIECE FOLDER &                           LARGE-PIECE FOLDER &
              STACKER                                  STACKER                                        STACKER

             IRONER                                    IRONER                                          IRONER

              FEEDER                                   FEEDER                                          FEEDER

Large-piece feeding in 1&2 lanes with   Large-piece feeding in 1&2 lanes with         Small-piece feeding in 4 lanes.
delivery conveyors between 3 feeding    delivery conveyors between 4 feeding          The top moves away, and the inlet
stations                                stations, and the possibillity to feed        conveyor is lowered. Delivery of linen
                                        small pieces                                  to the operators by trolleys

Versatile large-piece and small-piece feeder

                                                                                 3 or 4 height-adjustable feeding stations for
                                                                                 feeding of large pieces in 1-lane, 2-lanes, or
                                                                                 combined 1&2-lanes.

                                                                                 3, 4, or 5 lanes for small pieces.

  Logic Plus in large-piece mode                                                 Logic Plus Automatic for automatic feeding of
                                                                                 large pieces from the Jenrail 2000 Automatic
                                                                                 remote feeding system.

                                                                                 1150 pieces in 1-lane operation*
                                                                                 2200 pieces in 2-lane operation*

                                                                                 * Max. capacity depends on the linen size, and
                                                                                  the number of feeding stations and the number
  Logic Plus in small-piece mode                                                  of spreading clamps of the feeder.



                                             Laundries demand high productivity
                                             expressed in pieces per operator hour. This is
                                             why flatwork finishing systems are designed
                                             to work at increasingly high speeds, and
                                             the operators in front of the feeders have to
                                             make many repetitive movements.

  Versatile large and small-piece feeder     Feeders can be designed in a way that
                                             reduces the operators physical stress
  for sheets, duvet covers and table linen
                                             considerably, without sacrifying speed

Logic Plus                                   and quality. JENSEN took the best features
                                             of its well-known feeders, in respect
                                             of productivity and quality (spreading,
        with new pivotable “Soft-Touch”      centering, vacuum, and transfer systems),
        spreading clamps                     and developed the new Logic Plus feeder,
                                             combining the unique height-adjustable
                                             feeding concepts of the Jenfeed Logic range
                                             with the state-of-the-art feeding quality of
                                             the Jenfeed Variant range.

     Feeding step-by-step

    1     Two corners are clipped into the height-
          adjustable feeding clamps                             4

     2)   The Soft-Touch spreading clamps are
          positioned in a vertical receiving

    3     Transfer from feeding clamps to the
          Soft-Touch spreading clamps

    4)    The Soft-Touch spreading clamps pivot
          to a horizontal position and start
          spreading the linen

    5     Fast, yet gently spreading of the linen
          onto the vacuum beam

    6     When releasing the corner of the linen
          to the vacuum beam, the clamps move
          sideways, and straighten out the
          corners of the linen.

The latest evolution of                                                                                      The new and unique pivotable
JENSEN feeders                                                                                               ”Soft-Touch” spreading clamp

The successful installation of more than                   The high transfer position of the leading         Optimum grip
700 Logic feeders and 850 Variant feeders                  edge in combination with a high vacuumbox         The new ”Soft-Touch” spreading clamp fea-
was the basis of the development of the                    ensures optimum treatment of the side and         tures new possibillities compared to traditio-
new Logic Plus feeder with ”Soft-Touch”                    rear edges and optimum feeding speed as           nal spreading clamps, as it works by means
spreading clamp                                            the vacuum box allows the feeding of a new        of an air cushion. When receiving the linen,
                                                           piece while treating the rear edge of the         the fixation of corners in the spreading clamp
Optimum ergonomics                                         previous piece.                                   is gently applied by different air pressures,
Individually adjustable feeding height                                                                       and automatically adapts to various linen
well-known from the Jenfeed Logic range                    Optimum transfer technique                        thicknesses according to category, ensuring
was introduced by JENSEN in 1992. The                      The transfer of the leading edge is carried       at all time optimum grip to the linen.
concept is still unique in the market (*) and              out by a new pivotable set of ”Soft-Touch”
has optimized feeding ergonomics for the                   spreading clamps, which pivot from a vertical     Optimum delivering angle
operator considerable.                                     position to a horizontal position to take the     The clamp´s ability to pivot from a vertical
                                                           weight of the leading edge and ensure a           receiving position to a horisontal transfer
Visual inspection possible                                 straight leading edge. In 1-lane operation,       position ensure a straight leading edge, and
In the large-piece mode for sheets, duvet                  the linen is transferred from each of the         a brush on the clamps will straighten out cor-
covers and table linen, all operators are able             feeding stations to one set of spreading          ners when the clamp moves sideways during
to follow the complete feeding operation and               clamps which move to the centre of the            transfer of the linen to the vacuum beam.
supervise the quality while standing in                    machine and spread the linen. In 2-lane
front of the machine. Since the pieces are                 operation you can choose to have 1 or 2
lifted from the feeding to the spreading and               sets of spreading clamps depending on the
transfer positions, no pit in the floor is needed          number of feeding stations and the required
when feeding linen up to 2000 mm.                          feeding speed.

                                  (*) Patented by JENSEN
Large-piece mode                                                             Small-piece mode

Optimum feeding speed is                                                      Optimum working conditions
obtained by the vacuum box,                                                   in front of the machine is
sucking the rear edge of the                                                  ensured by moving the entire
linen (A) down and away, thus                                                 top of the feeder away in
enabling a new piece (C) to be                                                small-piece mode.
spread and transferred.

Versatile large-piece and
small-piece feeder

Large-piece mode                               Small-piece mode
Like any JENSEN feeder the Logic Plus feeder   In small-piece mode the top of the feeder
can be configured to meet different require-   (1) moves back, and the feeding clamps (2)
ments in terms of quality and speed.           move up. The position of the inlet conveyor
                                               (3) controls the position of the pick-up rollers
Features of the Jenfeed Logic Plus for large   (4), and the vacuum box (5), which all move
pieces and small pieces:                       down in small-piece mode. The spreading
A) Vacuum box                                  belts (6) used in large-piece mode only, stop,
B) Feeding clamp                               while the spreading plates (7), are activated
C) Spreading belts (large pieces)              in each lane. Each lane is supplied with its
C) Spreading plates (small pieces)             own spreading plate, which can be coupled
D) Pick-up roller                              to work in more lanes, the feature being
E) Leading edge sensor bar                     well-known from the Jenfeed Variant range.
F) Spreading brushes                           By moving the top of the feeder away in
G) Soft-Touch spreading clamp                  small-piece mode, no mechanical parts are
H) Vacuum beam                                 placed above the operators when they stand
I) Inlet conveyor                              in front of the machine.
J) Stretch conveyor
K) Spreading brushes
L) Delivery conveyor
Automated systems shall be easy to operate.
Touch-Screen operating panel with
multi-language and visualizisation of
actual operation and production data
is the solution

                                                            Standard operation panel

JENTROL 266M PLC and control system                 Visualization of actual production                Installation
Accurate feeding requires ultra fast and            Visualization of actual production compared       JENSEN will be pleased to provide layouts
accurate control, and the JENTROL 266 M             to planned per station is an excellent tool       and technical data describing your project.
PLC-control system represents the latest and        enabling you to adjust production speed           To ensure correct performance, installation
most advanced PLC-control system with touch         according to expected during the day.             should be carried out by an autorized JENSEN
screen, allowing optimum control of the             All data can be exported to e.g. a spreadsheet.   distributor or a JENSEN engineer.
feeding parameters.
On high-quality ironer lines especially, it is an   Detailed information of up to 99 different        JENSEN provides support service through
all-important factor to ensure the accuracy of      categories informing:                             a worldwide network of highly qualified
the feeding, spreading, and vacuum functions,                                                         distributors, all with their own maintenance
and the right speed and control through the         • Minutes in operation since reset of category    and spare parts services.
entire ironer line in general.                      • Piece count per category
                                                    • Piece count in total                            Call us …
Prepared for the JENVIEW MIS system                 • Piece count per station                         JENSEN provides a complete range of
The JENTROL 266M control system features            • Piece count, rewash                             equipment to the industrial laundries,
a fast and accurate processor, an easy-to-          • Piece count, repair                             delivered and installed according to your
use man-machine interface, multi-language           • Events                                          specifications. Please do not hesitate to
facilities and an option for remote system           (Jam/Recent Alarms/Errors)                       contact us for further advice and information.
service. In addition it can also store data on
historic events, and give detailed information
of up to 99 different categories.                                                                     Local Contact

The JENTROL 266M is prepared for the state-of-
the-art JENVIEW management information
system comprising real-time visualization                                                                       www.jensen-group.com
of production status, resources, and
maintenance status.

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