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                          HELD ON 21st APRIL 2009

Present:     Cllrs: C. Blake, C Goble (Chairman), P Jones, C Norris, M Thomas and B Tutt together
             with Paul James (Community Warden),

1.    APOLOGIES: Cllrs: Pilcher and Woodsford (Vice-Chairman), Gretel Stevens (PCSO) and
      Frederick Scales (District Councillor).

2.    DECLARATION OF PERSONAL INTERESTS                          None.

      The Minutes of the meeting held on 17th March 2009 were approved as a correct record and
      signed by the Chairman. Proposed by Cllr. Tutt and Cllr. Thomas.

        Speeding in Capel Street. Very close to operation of speed cameras being used.
        Decorative gates to be painted white by end of May.
        Trees in Satmar Lane removed.
        Drains in Winehouse Lane/Satmar Lane blocked.
        Dog Warden to attend May meeting.
        Tree Beatrice Road/Playing Field being cut back 22nd April.
        Common Land/Village Green Seminar reminder 14th May.
        Pot hole repairs B2011/Victoria Road to be carried out very soon.

      a) Neighbourhood Watch (Paul James – Community Warden)
         Still seeking a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.
         Minor calls reported to Crime Unit.
         Parking on footpaths and lorry parking Old Dover Road still a cause for concern and being
          followed up constantly for a solution.
         Return of the bulk waste collection service requested by residents. This could possibly be
          arranged for a cost to the Parish Council. 15 minutes at £23 reported to be the costs, i.e.
          one hour of the lorry could cost in the region of £92. Item to be placed in Grapevine to
          ascertain villagers’ views. Consideration to be given to the organisation of this.
         Grass cutting behind hall and edging. Spoke to Harmer Landscapes to meet with PJ to
          discuss requirements.
         Reinstatement of grass verge in Lancaster Avenue and repositioning of salt bin after
          drainage works to be reported to Highways.
      b) Village Hall Management Committee (Cllr Tutt)
         CCTV System covering playground area not working as efficiently as it could. Original
          system installed for post office. Due to no post office security required, this system is now
          mainly for village hall car park and play area security. Meeting to be arranged by Cllr:
          Goble with representative of Village Hall to ascertain new requirements and costs to
          improve system to meet those requirements. Proposed by Cllr. Blake, seconded by Cllr.
         Toilet refurbishment started.
         Fund raising reported: Dog Show (celebrity to open show still to be secured). Treasure
          Hunt in August and Garage Safari in September.
         Boot Fair profit £425. Farmers’ Market £592.69.
         100 Club still running
      c) Highways (Cllr Tutt)
         All items reported in programme of works with Highways.
         B2011/Winehouse Lane speeding traffic discussed following near fatal accident. 4 Other
          accidents reported within last month. Pressure on authorities to move speed limit signs still
          being pursued.
         Loss of post office and other facilities – talks with Sean Carter for help.
         B2011 Crossing – Cllr Jones investigating Lottery Millions funding.
     Email from resident on mirror and parking WInehouse Lane/Old Dover Road
     Concerns expressed on broken mirror and camper vehicle parking Winehouse Lane/Old Dover
     Road. Resolution: Clerk to write to Lighthouse Inn regarding mirror and vehicles parking on
     Old Dover Road constantly under investigating by Community Warden.
     Village Hall Management Committee
     Payment of electricity bills for post office room discussed further. It was agreed to pay £90.55
     from the remaining post office funds.
     Kent Highway Services
     Lorries damaging corner of Capel Street and B2011 grass verge. Clerk to contact Highway
     Services on realignment of this area.
     Dover District Council
     Confirmation received of precept of £13,500 paid into bank.
     Dover District Council
     Neighbourhood Forum meetings, help requested to run meetings and provide venue. Feed back
     to Dover District Council to include publicise events, but not to run meetings or provide venue.
     Kent County Council, Environment and Waste
     Changes to Definitive Map – Statements received. Footpaths over A20 re-routed.
     Other items received
       1. Ringmaster emails:
            Company St Johns Security
            Fly tipping KCC Clean Kent response
            Corgi register for approved gas fitters logo
       2. TS Alert Message from Kent Trading Standards
            Clean Kent Campaign 2009.
            Alarm company, awareness in Birchington
            Telephone scams on holidays being won
            Broadband checks in Folkestone area
            Childrens Welfare foundation charity collection
            Gutter clearance in Ashford are
            Gardening/Home improvement work – Billy Wood
            Alarm company telephone calls
            Call centres based in India – claims management company
       3. The Sustainable Communities Act in Kent email
       4. Kent Link Local Involvement Network
       5. Dover West Neighbourhood Forum – 2nd April
       6. Dover District Council Publicity for Planning Applications
       7. David Gasking, Dover Community Liaison Officer email – Carriageway Resurfacing
       8. Dover District Council – Plastic bottles only leaflet
       9. Dover District Compact Summary
       10. Active Dover Sports Development Seminar 29th April
       11. Equality and Human Rights Duties
       12. KCC Clean Kent Campaign
       13. Kent Police Clean Kent Campaign
       14. Information Commissioners Office – Freedom of Information Act CD Rom
       15. Kent County Playing Fields Association meeting 21st April
       16. Queensbury Shelters leaflet
       17. KCC Kent Health Watch leaflet
       18. KCC Home energy report
       19. Kent Association of Local Councils Information Day 19th May
       20. The Orchid newspaper of the Kent Downs AONB (Cllr Jones)
       21. Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust Virtual Panel – Focus Group to review
       22. Speed Networking event Tunbridge Wells 23rd April.
       23. Kent Link Bulletin – www.thekentlink.co.uk
      Parish Council Vacancy
      Letter of interest received from Mr Gerald Evans.
      Acceptance of co-option proposed by Cllr. Blake and seconded by Cllr. Jones.
      Mr Evans would attend meetings as from 21st July due to other commitments.

      The following cheques were approved and authorised:
      Proposed by Cllr. Blake and seconded by Cllr. Tutt.
                                                                              INVOICE         VAT
       Dover District Council – Grapevine Printing                               238.54        35.78
                                                                                 188.44        28.27
       Allianz Cornhill – Insurance                                             1577.98
       Viking Direct – Ink Cartridges                                             75.42         11.31
       D Reed – Litter Clearance                                                  70.83
       M Leppard – Salary and expenses                                           291.66
       Total                                                                    2442.87         75.36


      Applications Granted
      Great Satmar Farm – Erection of single storey extension to use as workshop
      33 Old Dover Road – Erection of rear conservatory extension.
      35 Avondale Road – Construction of hard standing.

      Applications Awaiting Decision
      Aldens Yard, rear of 71-79 Capel Street – change of use to repair and storage of motor vehicles.
      31 Capel Street – No further communication received requests to follow up by Cllr Scales.

      Applications passed to Committee
      Hope Farm, Crete Road East, Hawkinge – Engeering operations to enlarge windrow operational
      80 Capel Street – Erection of single storey rear extension (exisiting conservatory to be
      demolished). Resolved: Approved subject to drainage system outlined and surface water

        Antiques Fair / Boot Fair, July time, to raise funds for crossing discussed. Consideration to
         be given for volunteer help, Green Lane residents, planning and weather.
        Judo Club competition on playing field requested. Request to be put in writing.
        Play area broken surface under roundabout, together with missing goal end bolts reported to
         Wicksteed for quotation.
        Work at St Mary’s Church to start within week.

10.   DATE OF NEXT MEETING - Tuesday, 19th May 2009.