At the monthly meeting of the Hanborough Parish Council held at 7.15 pm on Tuesday 14 October
2008 in the Welcome Room of Methodist Church, the following were present:

                                 Mr Peter Brittin (Chairman)
       Mrs Jeanette Braybrooke-Tucker            Mr George Gasiorowski
       Mr Steve Griffiths                        Dr Peter Hacking
       Mrs Jane Lewis                            Mr Michael Rogers
       Mr Peter Thorn                            Mrs Janet Witcomb
       Mr Colin Dingwall (District Councillor)   Mr Toby Morris (District Councillor)

88.Apologies for Absence.
Apologies were received from County Councillor Mrs Louise Chapman, Mrs Gill Battams, Mr Hugh
Burton and Mrs Laura Rostron,

89.Declarations of Interest.
Mrs Jeanette Braybrooke-Tucker: Personal and Prejudicial as Treasurer of HPFA.

90.Minutes of the last meeting.
The Minutes of the Meeting of 9 September were approved as a true record of the meeting.

91.Matters arising from the minutes.
91.1. Estimates for installing the Christmas Tree lights. (76.5.)
One estimate had been received, the PC was awaiting a second estimate.
91.2. Purchasing the PA system (76.6)
The Finance Officer reported that he had had a response from the insurance company to his
The insurance company was unable to comment on the proposed conditions of hire but did state
that when the PA system was on loan to a third party it would not be covered by the Council’s
insurance. The insurance cover would only apply whilst it was in the custody of the Parish Council.
Agreed: Members decided that community events underwritten by the PC and with Councillors
involved, such as the Hanborough Show and Musical Fireworks, would come into this category.
91.3. Church Hanborough Barn vandalism. (79.2.)
The string binding on all but three of Mr Falloon’s hay bales had been removed by vandals. Mrs
Witcomb had herself witnessed vandals jumping on the garage roof and reported it as it was
happening. Members agreed that it was concerning that the Police hadn’t responded to catch the
youngsters in the act.
Agreed: this concern would be raised when the new Witney Commander came to speak.
91.4. Safety concerns at the Church Road pedestrian crossing. (80.3.)
PCSO Phil Workman had attended a site meeting with the School Crossing Patrol Officer, Mrs
Partlett, her OCC Manager and the Clerk. This had proved a useful meeting. PCSO Phil Workman
proposed the following measures to improve the safety of Mrs Partlett and the children when using
the crossing:
    o More frequent visits of the PCSOs to the site between 8.15 am and 8.30 am to observe
         driver behaviour.
    o Installation of a speed monitoring box which would record speed of vehicles and time of
         day. This should identify the degree of any speeding problems and time of day when they
         mostly occurred.
    o Use of the mobile speed indicator to guide drivers’ behaviour.
PCSO Tina Townshend had arranged to attend the site meeting but had been admitted to hospital
as an emergency.
Agreed: The Clerk would send the PC’s good wishes for her recovery.

92. Dell Project: Presentation of the Feasibility Study.
The Chairman invited Mr Allsopp to present the feasibility ground plan he had drawn up to convert
the Dell from a picnic area into a performance area with permanent stage.
Members appreciated that the plan clearly addressed the restrictions of the site and successfully
incorporated the features required for a performance area. They noted the following:
     The trees and shrub growth on the bank adjacent to the Children’s Playground would be
         removed and a hedge planted in their place, directly behind the stage. Fully grown the
         hedge would act as a buffer reducing the visual and sound impact of the Playground on the
         performance area.
     For any performance, extra facilities providing lighting and toilets would need to be
     The plan was an effective design, maximising the space available for performers, audience
         and remaining green area, in a restricted site.
     The PC should now consider the costs and benefits and come to a view whether to go to the
         next stage and put the project forward for public consultation.
Agreed: At the November Meeting the PC would discuss the proposed project further on the basis
of Mr Allsopp’s design and vote whether to take the project forward to the next stage..
Agreed: Comments would be sought from OCC Education Department and WODC Leader +
Department before further action could be taken.

93. Affordable Housing.
District Councillor Colin Dingwall confirmed that the Rural Exception site project would go ahead
and would provide 20 Hanborough reserved homes and 4 for Blenheim employees. OCC and
Cottsway staff had met on 7 October to compare the two access options. The task now was to
estimate the relative costs and finalise the planning application.
OCC had no objection to an access either via the Coffin Path or via Riely Close. It would be useful to
know whether the PC had a preference as to access route.
Members commented that the Riely Close hammer head was vulnerable to flooding and
considerable engineering work had been recommended in the recent WODC Flood Review. There
were safety concerns about increasing the congestion in Riely Close given the school access.
Agreed: If the Coffin Path access was viable the PC had a preference for that access on safety
94. Financial Matters.
94.1. Accounts for Payment.
Agreed: Members approved the flowing monthly schedule of accounts for payment.
Data Protection Act

.2. September receipts.

                 cemetery fees                            120.00
                 bank interest                              2.39
                 OCC bus shelter grant                  1,030.00
                 VAT refund                             1,155.93
                 WODC interst                             583.47
                                    Total receipts      2,891.79

94.3. Risk Assessment Report.
Members discussed the Risk Assessment Report presented by the Finance Officer.
Agreed: Members approved the Annual Risk Assessment.

95. Highways and Footpaths.

95.1. Site meeting at the Co-op Roundabout with Paul Wilson, Deputy Engineer, Northern
The site meeting had been very useful and thorough.
Mr Wilson had observed the problems created by traffic behaviour of cars approaching from
Witney. He suggested the following improvements.
     Install a ‘Give Way’ sign and road marking to ensure that traffic from Witney paused at the
         roundabout rather than proceeding as if it was a carriageway unimpeded by a roundabout.
     The roundabout could be highlighted further by adjacent line painting.
Other site meeting matters:
a. Uneven Footway/Cycleway.
Mr Wilson closely inspected the footway and appreciated that there were some sections which
would make wheelchair users and cyclists feel insecure and uncomfortable.
He agreed to schedule a request for remedial work. No date could be assigned yet for the pre-
requisite survey owing to budget constraints
b. Dropped Kerbs.
Work needed to improve the kerbs for wheelchair access opposite Surgery, at New Road and by the
Three Horseshoes would be fast tracked.
Mr Wilson also noted the following for action:
    A large pothole by the butchers.
    Dirty and obscured signs at the Combe Turn.
95.2. Proposal to improve the access and parking facilities at the Shopping Parade.
Mr Wilson reported that Highways was proposing to contribute funds to help tidy this area. He was
keen to remove the kerbing around the gravel and tarmac section and provide orderly parking bays.
He was approaching the shop owners to suggest joint action.
The Clerk had confirmed that the PC was keen to see such an improvement and subsequently had
spoken to John Cox at Co-op Headquarters. The C0-op would comment once he had received
detailed plans from Highways.
Agreed: The Clerk would inform Paul Wilson that the PC would be able to discuss detailed support
for this initiative once Members had seen the plans.

95.3. Church Road.
The Neighbourhood Action Group meeting of 23 September to discuss speeding and parking issues
in Church Road had been poorly attended. The Police had requested more residents to join the
NAG to represent the needs of Hanborough. The Group met every six weeks. The current
Hanborough representative would appreciate a job-share colleague to cover for him when absent
from the parish.
Last year PC Members had not been allowed to join the NAG as PC representatives; but the good
news was that this restriction had been removed, Parish Councillors were now welcome.
Mr Peter Thorn had attended recent meeting and was happy to act as the PC representative and
report regularly.
Agreed: The PC appointed Mr Thorn to be the NAG representative for the Council.
95.4. Footpaths and Footways.
a. The vegetation along the Church Road footway to Church Hanborough needed further
strimming. It was impeding pushchairs and wheelchairs.
Agreed: The Clerk would request extra strimming.
b. The access to the Church Road footway installed for the disabled resident at Midway Cottage was
unusable; it had been damaged by lorries and buses was no longer level enough for her electric
buggy to negotiate.
Agreed: The Clerk would request repairs.
c. Weeds were undermining the kerbstones along the A4095 approaching Bladon.
Agreed: the Clerk would inform Highways as a matter of road safety even though this was just
outside the Parish.

d. The Access to the Falloon Farm had been damaged.
e. The Hurdeswell cul de sacs were still awaiting sweeping by small machinery.
Agreed: the Clerk would follow these matters up.
f. Lighting for properties 29-35 Abelwood Road.
The area lighting engineer had met the Clerk on site. He reported that OCC could not take any
action as that section of Abelwood was un-adopted. If it were adopted then he could assess whether
an electricity source was available but the PC would need to find approximately £800 for a new
light to be installed. Once installed the OCC would fund its running costs. The Clerk was
investigating the matter further.
g. The bulb lighting the sign warning of the Post Office hump approached from the direction of
Witney was flickering.
Agreed: The Clerk would follow this up.

95.5. Other matters: Parking at the Co-op.
Vehicles without blue badges were parking in the disabled parking bays, including a police car on
one occasion. Other vehicles were parking partly on the footway or on the access road.
Agreed: The Clerk would write to the Co-op to discuss possible ways of preventing these problems.

96. Village Amenities.
a. Leisure Facilities Management Report.
The Pit.
The steps had once again been chopped about. This had been reported to the Police as criminal
Children’s Playground.
No safety matters to report.
Multi Sports Court.
Nothing to report.
A post near the Hurdeswell post box was damaged.
Agreed: The Clerk would contact Eddy Lacey.

b. Playing Fields Matters.
Two fund-raising events were coming up.
1. 14 November Ladies Night.
2. A Disco in December.

New Members had joined the HPFA Committee. The Hanborough Ball had been a great success
and another ball would be arranged for next year.
c. Reports from other community groups. Nothing reported.
d. Other community initiatives.
The Remembrance Parade would take place on Sunday 9 November.
Agreed: Mr Rogers would lay the wreath at the War Memorial on behalf of the Parish Council.

97. Application to provide a pharmacy at the Surgery, 56, Churchill Way.
The PC had been invited to make representations about this application. Members agreed that this
would greatly benefit the Parish. They regretted that the pharmacy hours would not extend beyond
6.30 pm but welcomed the possibility that the surgery might open on a Saturday morning.
Agreed: The Clerk would confirm the PC’s strong support for a pharmacy on the grounds of
‘necessity and desirability and ask for extended weekday closing hours to be considered.

98. Community Police Matters.

The vandalism of the Pit steps had been reported as a crime. Hacking of the steps had been
reported several times. This vandalism was a particular concern because an axe-like implement
must have been used to create the damage.

99. Planning

99.1. Comments made on recent planning applications.

08/1337/P/FP. Erection of rear conservatory. 158 Main Road Long Hanborough
The Hanborough Parish Council has the following comments to make on the above application.

08/1382/P/FP. Erection of two storey and single storey extensions. 54 Pinsley Road Long
The Parish Council feels that the proposed extensions are an improvement to the property, they do
not disadvantage the neighbouring properties. The parish Council supports this application.

08/1537/P/FP. Erection of single and two storey rear extensions. 25 Church Road Long
The Parish Council has no comments to make on this application.

100. Transport Matters.

OCC had agreed with the Oxfordshire Rural Community Council that parishes should appoint a
transport representative to act as first line of communication on transport matters. Fortunately
Hanborough already enjoyed the services of Mr Wilkins. He did not think it necessary for the
representative to be on the PC as he already liaised closely with the Clerk.

A tenant had accidentally damaged a neighbouring tenant’s private fencing when strimming.
Although the tenant responsible had mitigated the damage and carried out repairs to the fence, the
fence owner did not feel that the matter was entirely resolved.
Agreed: Although the PC had no power to intervene in private matters, the Finance Officer would
check with the National Allotments’ Association for any relevant legal guidance.

102. Cemetery Administration.
Strimmed grass had ruined silk flowers soon after being placed on a grave. Although artificial
flowers were not normally allowed, Members agreed that issues of grave maintenance were a very
sensitive matter. At the same time a strimmer was needed to cut round headstones, grass scatter
was unavoidable.
Agreed: The Finance Officer would follow this sensitive matter up.
103. Report of Clerk.
       Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust was holding a series of public meetings to discuss its
        Strategy for 2008-2009. Councillors were invited. They would also have the opportunity to
        comment in writing.
       WODC had circulated information about grants available to support initiatives benefitting
        young people. The information would be published in the Hanborough Herald.

104. Report of District Councillor.
No further matters to report.

Suspension of Standing Orders.
Agreed: Members approved the suspension of Standing Orders so that the business of the evening
could be completed.

105. Report of County Councillor.
Mrs Braybrooke-Tucker confirmed that Mrs Chapman had given up part of a weekend to assist with
the forms being completed by the junior football team. This was greatly appreciated.

The meeting ended at 9.37 pm

The next ordinary meeting of the Hanborough Parish Council would be held at 7.15pm on Tuesday
11 November 2008.

The Chairman 11 November 2008


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