Forces and Motion Exam

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					Forces and Motion                                 Name:_____________________________
True/False (1 point each)
Circle “T” if you believe the statement is true and “F” if you think it is false.

1. T       F     A heavier object will fall faster than a light object of the same size and shape.

2. T       F     An acceleration is a change in velocity.

3. T       F     An object that is not moving has no momentum.

4. T       F     An object that is not moving has no inertia.

5. T       F     A moving object will continue to move unless an outside force acts on it.

6. T       F     Gravity causes objects to fall at constant velocities.

7. T       F     An object with more mass is takes more force to accelerate it.

8. T       F     Every object pulls every other object with some gravity.

9. T       F     A brick would slide further on ice than on wood because there is less friction.

10. T      F     A heavier object has more momentum than a lighter object moving at the same

Multiple Choice Section (1 point each)
Circle the letter of the response you believe best concludes the statement.

11. An open piece of paper falls slower than one that is crumpled up because
        a. It has less mass
        b. Gravity pulls on it less
        c. It has more air resistance
        d. It has less volume

12. A falling object eventually slows down because
        a. Gravity isn’t as strong at higher speeds
        b. The force of air resistance balances the force of gravity
        c. As it gets closer the gravity is less
        d. Inertia and gravity

13. If you push a book across a table it stops because
         a. It no longer has a force applied to it
         b. Friction slows it down and stops it
         c. Inertia says it should stay at rest
         d. Gravity increases

14. Velocity is a combination of
        a. Speed in a direction
        b. Acceleration and force
        c. Time and acceleration
        d. Mass and momentum
Numbers 15-20 apply to the graph below.                                             15. From 0 to 3 seconds the object
                                                                                           a. speeding up
                                                                                           b. slowing down
                                                                                           c. not moving
                                                                                           d. moving at a constant
                                              Object X                                         velocity

                                                                                    16. From 3 to 9 seconds the
                 15                                                                     object is
                 14                                                                         a. speeding up
                 13                                                                         b. slowing down
                 12                                                                         c. not moving
                                                                                            d. moving at a constant
                 11                                                                              velocity
  distance (m)

                  9                                                                 17. From time 9 to 12 seconds
                  8                                                                     the object is
                  7                                                                         a. Is moving at a the
                  6                                                                             same velocity as it is
                                                                                                from 3 to 9 seconds
                                                                                            b. Is moving at a the
                                                                                                same speed as it is
                  3                                                                             from 3 to 9 seconds
                  2                                                                         c. Is moving in the same
                  1                                                                             direction as it is from 3
                  0                                                                             to 9 seconds
                      0   1   2   3   4   5    6    7    8    9 10 11 12 13 14 15           d. Is accelerating

                                                   time (s)                         18. From 12 to 15 seconds this
                                                                                        object is
                                                                                            a. speeding up
                                                                                            b. slowing down
                                                                                            c. not moving
                                                                                            d. moving at a constant

                                                                                    19. This graph is likely of a
                                                                                            a. flying plane
                                                                                            b. bouncing ball
                                                                                            c. person jumping out of
                                                                                                a plane
                                                                                            d. car going down a ramp

                                                                                    20. This object likely has balanced
                                                                                        forces acting on it from
                                                                                            a. 0 to 3 seconds
                                                                                            b. 3 to 9 seconds
                                                                                            c. 12 to 15 seconds
                                                                                            d. 0 to 15 seconds
Short Answer (3 points each)

21. An car has a mass of 500 kg and is accelerated at 4 m/s2. How much force
   does this require?

22. An ice skater pushes off the wall along the rink with 180N and is accelerated
   at 3 m/s2. What is the mass of the skater?

23. A 800 kg truck moves down a road at a velocity of 15 m/s. How much
   momentum does it have?

24. I (Mr. Klapp) have a mass of 115 kg. How much force do I push down on the
   floor with?

25. When you are in the back seat of a car and the car suddenly turns to the
    right what happens to you and why?
Please graph the following set of data on the back of this sheet:

                                   Object Y
                      Time (seconds)        Distance (m)
                             0                   0.0
                             1                  0.25
                             2                  0.75
                             3                   1.5
                             4                   2.5
                             5                  3.75
                             6                  5.25
                             7                   7.0
                             8                   9.0
                             9                  11.0
                            10                  13.0
                            11                  15.0
                            12                  15.0
                            13                  15.0
                            14                  15.0
                            15                  15.0