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					                                          IETC Poster Tables
                                           November 19, 2009
                                   10:20 – 11:00 am in Main Hallway

Table 1
Title: The 3-Tool PLN
Presenter: Cheri Toledo, Associate Professor, Illinois State University
Description: We’re being bombarded with new online tools everyday and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.
Join us as we discuss how to build your personal learning network through the use of only 3 tools. A variety
of online tools and strategies for implementation will be shared.
Grade Focus: All
Table 2
Title: iTouch Literature
Presenters: Jeannine Wagner and Sondra Baker, River Trails School District 26
Student Presenters: Jillian Wagner and Grant Wagner
Description: Mobile technology has impacted how people communicate, connect, and now learn. This
presentation will elaborate on the uses of mobile technology, especially the iPod Touch, as a learning tool
that represents one-to-one computing.
Grade Focus: All
Table 3
Title: Using the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows and Hiren’s
Presenter: Mike Brehm, Paxton-Buckley-Loda CUSD #10
Description: We hear a lot about great tech tools available for free, but may not know what they are all
about. The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows and Hiren’s are two items that are a must for everyone’s toolbox.
See some of the handy applications in each and some of their more practical uses.
Table 4
Title: Welcome to Our Class
Presenters: Barb Sollenger and Sarah Masters, East Peoria District 86
Student Presenters: Paul Peterson and Kaylee Leach
Description: In Barb Sollenger’s second grade class, her students build community, practice
communication, and increase their technology skills while doing their “jobs”. They use their Flip camcorder
(videographer), digital camera (photographer), and media player (DJ) to document events throughout the
year to share with parents, relatives, and each other. Let these second graders welcome you to their class and
show you what excites them about technology.
Grade Focus: Elementary
Table 5
Title: Creative Technology Projects Using Office
Presenter: Roberta Thomas and Suzanne Conklin, PORTA Central
Description: Have you ever wondered if there are any other uses for PowerPoint than slideshows? This
session will show a variety of ways to use PowerPoint for student projects. These projects can be used in
multiple subject areas. Samples will be shown.
Grade Focus: All
Table 6
Title: Lesson Plans Made Easy with iCal
Presenter: Mary Creek, Ludwig School
Description: Are you looking for a new way to write and archive your lesson plans? Do you want to create
professional looking plans? Do you want to streamline the lesson planning process? Do you want to use
technology to differentiate instruction? This session will show you how!
Grade Focus: Elementary
Table 7
Title: Power Up Your iPod – How to Start a School Podcast
Presenter: Michael Jones and Linn McDonald, Bloomington Junior High School
Student Presenters: Steven Bradford and Keely Hynes
Description: Podcasting is any easy way for students and families to access content outside of the school
day. We will show you how to find already created podcasts focusing on content and staff development. We
will also demonstrate how to create podcast lessons using free programs to post via iTunes.
Grade Focus: All
Table 8
Title: Connecting to the Curriculum with Technology
Presenter: Karin Beil, Arlington Heights School District 25 (Retired)
Description: Popular stand-alone software and Internet resources, including Web 2.0 tools, will be used to
show a variety of easy, engaging activities and projects that demonstrate how technology is used to enhance
K-5 student learning in all areas of the curriculum.
Grade Focus: Elementary
Table 9
Title: Illinois State Museum’s Tech Academy
Presenter: Karli White and Mona Colburn, Illinois State Museum
Student Presenters: Mary Boesdorfer and Phillip Colburn
Description: Museum Tech Academy is a free, year-long summer and after school program where students
work with scientists to gain hands-on experiences in natural sciences, archaeology, and technology. For two
weeks in the summer, students explore outdoor Illinois and collect data at an archaeology site at the Center
for American Archeology.
Grade Focus: 6-12
Table 10
Title: WIKIs R Us Upgraded
Presenter: LouAnn Morrison and Laura Skorch, St. Mary School
Description: Excuses, excuses, excuses! “I left my spelling list in my locker” or “I guess my papers are
still in my bed” are common. By using classroom wikis, two elementary teachers have found these excuses
invalid. Are you curious about classroom wikis? Come and learn about the ease of use of this tool!
Grade Focus: All
Table 11
Title: Illinois Youth Internet Safety Contest
Presenters: Sarah Migas (OAG) and Marcia Johnson (ISBE)
Description: ISBE, The Office of the Illinois Attorney General, and The Governor’s Office are sponsoring
a statewide Internet Safety contest for students in grades 1-12.
Grade Focus: Grades 1-12
Table 12
Title: Weather Gone Wild! Nature’s Fury Presented Through iPhoto Books
Presenters: Jeanne Oyler and Wendy Flach, Springfield School District 186
Student Presenters: Mercedes Hartle and Tadarian Hobson
Description: Make learning about natural disasters more fun and exciting by integrating both Comic Life
and iPhoto to make amazing literary works of art. Students construct a photographic journey of the causes
and effects disasters have on our planet. This presentation incorporates science and language arts standards
to create iPhoto books.
Grade Focus: All
Table 13
Title: Technology and Resources for Arabic Language Acquisition
Presenter: Susan Labadi
Description: Educators of foreign languages considered critical for national security are facing limited
resources for instruction. Arabic language learners can benefit from a growing list of resources and
strategies, which will be highlighted by this presentation given by the former assistant principal of Islamic
Foundation School in Villa Park, IL. This school is the largest K-12 Islamic school in North America.
Grade Focus: K-12
Table 14
Title: Technology Planning in Illinois
Presenters: Patti Furlano, Associate Director LTC I south and Lori Whitman, LTC Director Area 2 East
Description: ISBE and the Learning Technology Centers will be on hand to provide information and
assistance with technology planning.
Table 15
Title: I Have A Digital Camera. Now What?
Presenters: Shannon Killion and Shay Nelson
Description: It seems that there’s a digital camera in almost every classroom these days, but they are rarely
used for more than candid snapshots. We will focus on ways you can use your digital camera, along with
free software, to enhance student learning, spark creativity and have fun.
Grade Focus: All