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					      THE FOUNTAIN
        The Newsletter of the Port Sunlight Residents and Conservation Society
         Issue No. 5                     Established 2004                 January 2006
Happy New Year and welcome to the fifth issue of The Fountain. This newsletter is published by
members of the Port Sunlight Residents and Conservation Society (PSRCS) for the benefit of all
those who live and work within the village or who have an association with the village of Port

Residents Society Meetings
PSRCS meetings are held at the Port Sunlight Social Club (formerly the Men’s Club) in the Lyceum.
With the kind consent of their committee the PSRCS hold regular meetings at 7.30pm in the Barnish
Lounge on the second Tuesday of each month. The Social Club management kindly extend the
bar facilities to our members for a post-meeting drink. The entrance is in Bridge Street near the
crossing over The Dell (the door inside the porch). Why not come along and join us? Next
meeting is on 14.02.06.

What is PSRCS about?
The Society was established in 2004 for a number of purposes, contained within its constitution, for
the public benefit of the Port Sunlight Conservation Area. The Committee meets monthly and
these meetings are open to all members and to those wishing to join. You do not have to play an
active role as a member but it shows that you care about Port Sunlight, benefit from the activities
of the Society and seek assistance if you need it. The more members we have the greater the
weight that our views carry. This was of particularly evident during the recent Public Enquiry
(please see The Fountain - Issue 4, September 2005).
If you do not live in the Village then you are most welcome to join us and play an active role in the
Society as an Associate Member. If you would like more information about joining PSRCS then you
can contact members by either writing to the society c/o Port Sunlight Social Club, Bridge Street
Port Sunlight. CH62 4UP or by e-mailing .

Committee Members
Geoff Carter - Chair
Ann Brockson – Vice Chair
Steve Thomas – Treasurer
Sharon Wilson & Gillian Dyche – Joint Society Secretary
Margaret Ambrose –Moore, Ann Benson, Pat Carter, Carole Carty, Paul Carty, Chris Dyche,
Margaret Glover, Brian Glover, Margaret Glover, Rachel Jones and Ron Muir.

So what’s on at the meetings?
Provisional meeting dates for 2005 -2006:
14th February 2006      14th March 2006               11th April 2006
 9th May 2006           13th June 2006                11th July 2006
 8th August 2006        12th September 2006       10th October 2006 (AGM)
PSRCS Meetings With PSVT
One or two members of the PSRCS meet with Lionel Bolland on behalf of the Port Sunlight Village
Trust (PSVT) on a regular basis. The establishment of this dialogue has been a positive
development. It has enabled both parties to work together in order to drive forward projects in
which mutual interest and benefit are recorded. In particular the subject of Village security has
been an ongoing hot topic of discussion and these meetings have acted as a catalyst to the
establishment of the Village Watch Scheme. In the future it is hoped that this partnership will focus
upon improving general road safety for both pedestrians and drivers alike. (Please see “Traffic and
road safety” article below).

PSRCS Meeting Minutes
If you are unable to attend a PSRCS Meeting then you can catch up with the news by reading the
meeting minutes. These and the subjects currently under discussion at the regular PSRCS and PSVT
meetings are posted on the Village notice boards. These are situated:
     At the corner of Bath Street and Greendale Road (outside the new teashop, the former Post
     On Church Drive (opposite the main entrance to Christ Church).
     On Boundary Road (almost opposite the British Legion).

If you would prefer to receive these items by email, then please register your interest by
contacting the PSRCS c/o Port Sunlight Social Club, Bridge Street or via our email address: . Please remember to include your name, address, e-mail address and if you
wish also your contact telephone number.

Traffic and Road Safety
Many residents have expressed grave concern over the high number of vehicles speeding
through the Village. Bolton and Greendale Roads have indeed become at times extremely
dangerous for the pedestrian to attempt to cross but residents have commented on this
widespread problem with almost every road in Port Sunlight being affected.
In 2004 a Traffic Survey was conducted along Bolton Road and during July 2005 a similar survey
conducted in Greendale Road. This more recent survey was undertaken in direct response to a
resident expressing their concern regarding the speed of traffic along Greendale Road by
contacting the police. The statistics are indeed shocking with speeds recorded of over 90 mph in
what is a 30mph maximum speed zone.
There are some things that we as residents can do about this problem before it is too late and a
tragedy occurs.
     As drivers we can ensure that we drive through our village safely and set a responsible
     We can also contact the police with regard to any particular road or area where you
        consider there to be e traffic or speeding problem.
We residents are in the best position to notify the appropriate authorities if speeding is taking
place in particular area. The police urge residents to formally record their concerns as the greater
the number of expressions of concern by members of the public on official record enables the
traffic police to apply for an increase in funding. An increase in funding is of course necessary in
order to improve the odds of the local police force combating this problem. The PSRCS are
working with PSVT in order to explore possible traffic calming strategies which might be suitably
employed in a very special environment such as Port Sunlight village. This includes the potential of
establishing a Park-and-Ride scheme based along Greendale Road. Initial discussions with
Merseytravel have proved to be positive but further consultation with the PSRCS and PSVT on
behalf of the residents is planned for the future.
If you wish to register a concern about speeding in the village then please contact the police with
details of roads and especially problematic times. The police Neighbourhood Inspector is:
Inspector Barr
Bromborough Police Station
Bromborough Village Road
CH62 7JG
Tel: 0151 777 2540 (direct line)
Fax 0151 777 2599 (general line)
If you have any suggestions for a traffic calming scheme suitable for use in the Village then please
do not hesitate to contact the PSRCS with your proposal. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sited on Greendale Road, adjacent to the Port Sunlight Railway Station entrance is a glass
recycling bin. Green, brown and clear glass may be safely and securely deposited here for
recycling. In addition to the bottle bank the local authority has recently introduced to Port
Sunlight a Green Waste from-the-door collection scheme.
The White Bags for Green Waste are supplied to enable the recycling of garden waste suitable for
composting e.g. grass cuttings, leaves etc. The bags will then be emptied on a fortnightly basis
(on the same day of the week as the wheelie bins). The waste will then be converted into
compost. This low cost compost is then available for the public to purchase from Warren Nursery,
Please don’t forget to use your Blue Bag, Waste Paper from-the-door collection scheme also.
These bags are also collected on a fortnightly basis. Please do not include cardboard or paper
that has adhesive / gum on it e.g. envelopes.

Can you cook?
As part of the PSVT’s Fundraising campaign for the Conservation of the Village War Memorial it is
planned that a cookbook is compiled of recipes provided by the residents. The cookbook will
then be sold with all profits going towards the War Memorial Conservation Fund. If you have any
scrumptious suggestions of recipes for inclusion then please contact the PSVT as soon as possible.

Former Bowling Green Appeal
The PSVT have requested the help of residents. Have you got any ideas for the use of or themes or
subjects for display suitable for the former bowling green opposite the British Legion? If you have,
then please send you ideas to the PSVT, Greendale Road.

What’s on in Port Sunlight?
Have you a club or society in which you are involved and would wish to promote in the next i ssue
of The Fountain? (Maybe even start up a new interest group). If so, please drop off your
submissions for the attention of the PSRCS via the Social Club or via email:
and we will be happy to do so.

May I have the next dance?
In response to an appeal in the last issue of The Fountain for Clubs and Societies active in the
village to get in contact we learnt that each Monday at 7.30pm an evening of Salsa Dancing
suitable for beginners to proficient dancers are welcomed at Greendale Road Bowling Club. Why
not go along and join in with the fun? You don’t need a partner and all ages from teens to the
young at heart can be found enjoying the music, dancing and the company. It might just be a
fun way to kick start a new exercise routine and keep that New Year’s resolution to get fit!
Port Sunlight Village Online
Have you surfed the internet and taken time to look at this website? Since the site’s inception in
1999 the site has received over 3 million visitors. The site includes photographs of the village,
information regarding the holiday cottages the PSVT has to let and it is hoped that in the future
you will also be able to read issues of The Fountain on this site.

Have You Ever Noticed...?
In the last issue of The Fountain we asked if you had ever noticed where in the Village a sphinx
may be found. For those who have not as yet been able to identify the site it is on the grass in
front of the houses in Bath Street overlooking The Dell.
So in this issue we set the question and pose the challenge for you to find a front door convex in
shape. There are two that exist in the Village. Keep a look out for either one or even both of them
until their locations are revealed in the next issue.

Until Next Time….
Thank you for taking the time to read this issue of The Fountain. In order for our continuing
effectiveness in representing Port Sunlight residents we continue to need your help. Our
membership is on the increase but if you are not as yet a member of PSRCS you will find an
application form attached below. Completed forms can be handed in at the Social Club or how
about just popping in to one of our monthly meetings? Even if you don’t have the time to take on
a larger role, by simply joining us at our monthly meetings you can keep in touch with events in
your local community and you will of course have the opportunity to raise any matter which may
be of concern to you.

                               PSRCS membership rates and details
Adult Residents £3.00 Juniors (Under 18 years of age) £1.00 Associates (non-residents) £2.00
Subscriptions are due annually.
Make cheques payable to: Port Sunlight Residents and Conservation Society
Return to: Steve Thomas, Treasurer, PSRCS c/o Port Sunlight Social Club, Bridge Street, Port Sunlight
CH62 4UP. Or contact the society at:

              Residents and Conservation Society Membership Application
I / We would like to join the Port Sunlight Residents and Conservation Society.

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Phone Number (optional):
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 E-mail (if available):
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